Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 29, 1909 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 29, 1909
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Mulder, Mr*. H. F. H.FABRICK-HARDWARE - H. FABRICK PLUMBING LEADING GAB VOL, 3T COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY. MAY 20, 1909. PROFESSIONAL CARDS *^^^•^^ B ^^X^X^*'V^^x^x%x%^"M^t-^^x^*'^ H ^^x%^%x^ 1 ^^ >x ^ I *'^x%, PR. STEVENS OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Phone 298—Argus Block Dr. Olinda K. Stevens Tuesdays and Fridays PR. J. C. GOODELL, OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Office, First National Bank Bldg. Hours 9 to 4. Phones: Res. 250. Office 175. REED & JENNINGS, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS J. D. RBBD G. D. JENNINGS 8-10 a at 10-12 m 2-4 p m, 7-8 p m 4-6 p m Office* in Reed blk., Phone 40. Residence of Dr. Reed E. Badillo st. Phone 48; Residence of Dr. Jennings on Reynolds addition, E. Badillo St. Phone 299. COVINA, CAL. F, J. CLINE, —DENTIST— Office hours: 8:30 to 12, 1 to 4. Home Phone 47 Office: Bank Blk., - Covina, Cal. PR. W. W. SCHIFFMAN DENTIST Over Argus Office " Covina, Cal. Phone 184 M< *"' ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Notary Public Phone 1039 I Reed Block Covina, Cal. QEO. L,. SANDERS, ATTORNEY AT L/AW Offices 325-333-335 Wilcox Building, Telephone, Home 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL. LLOYD W. WELLS ' OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Ccvina, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Office, over Warner, WhHsel & Co.'s store. Hours, 12 to 5. S. Spring St., Los Angeles, Cal. COMMITTEES NAMED. City Trustees Name Large Body to Arrange Fourth of July Program. •The City Trustees met in regular session on Tuesday evening, with Trustees Lahee, Potter and Warner in their usual places. Ordinance No. 55 for the vacation of an alley was read for the first time. The bond of S. Douglas, for City Recorder, was accepted and ordered filed. The following demands were allowed and ordered paid: J. Burden, $27.50; Hutchison Bros., $4.50; M. L. Men- nert, $38.40; A. J. Rooks, $5.95; B. C. Prentlss, $18.25; all for street work; F. C. Dessery, $70, surveying and map work; W. P. Marshall, recorder's fees. The following committee was named to confer with the Highway Commissioners in the matter of securing the early construction of the Covina portion of the proposed good roads: A. P. Kerckhoff, chairman; J. D. Reed, W. P. Watts, J. O. Houser, B. L. Reynolds, Dan Reichard, W. M. Grfswold, E. P. Warner, Geo. \V. Griffiths. A committee was alao named to arrange for a program for the Fourth of July celebration which is proposed to be held in Covina this year: K. H. Lahee, Howard Douglas, (.'. F. Clapp, H. Libby, Clarence Allison, H. L. Marshall, C'. W. Potter. Dr. Goodeli. Prof. Groom, Karl Leebrick, Andrew Me- Allen, J. L. Matthews, H. X. Wells, M. L. Mehnert, Robt. Philleo, Geo. <'overt. R. B. Fairly, R. A. Welch. Ben Kiercher had the middle finger of his left hand split open by a bu/./. »av; Tuesday afternoon DOUBLE SECRET KNOT. AMPHION'S OPEN NIGHT. Young Covina People Wedded Two Months Gone and Announce Facts This Week. Four minds with but the single thought of marriage journeyed to San Francisco from Covina on March 20. Behind them they left unsuspecting parents and friends who thought that the happy events would occur sometime in the near future, but were not "In on the secret" of what was to come. The young people were Arthur Beardslee and Miss* Josephine Stumpf and George Covert and Miss Gail Leech, all well known and popular residents in this locality. While the two pairs of petitioners before the altar of Hymen were not "pooling their interests," so to speak, they confided in each other, and the solemn knots binding them in the holiest of bonds were tied in the city of the Golden Gate. The four parties concerned kept their secret well from March 20th until this week, when it was announced that they were ready to go to housekeeping. Congratulations have been pouring in upon them since that time. Mr. and, Mrs. Beardslee have left for a short honeymoon at Matllija hot springs in the north, and on their return will occupy a residence prepared | is on e of pleasing demureness and for them on the splendid orange grove taste, like some perfect instrument, which has been 1 Mi 1 . Beardslce's care, and which he has kept up for his mo- Glee Club From Los Angeles State Normal Furnished Fine Program Last Evening. Into the life of the business man, the professional drudge, and into the atmosphere of the workaday world, a fragrant flower waa thrown last night. The delicate favor came from the ladles of the State Normal School Glee Club, who were here at the behest of the Amphion Club, the annual affair when the community Is invited to share in some of the good things for which this organization is responsible. The Glee Club was secured through the efforts of Dr. Thorpe, chairman of the State Normal board of trustees. The Womans Club House filled with Amphion members and their guests from Glendora, Axusa, Irwindale and Covina, and the entertainment committee had made the hall attractive with fioral decorations and pepper boughs. President Nye of Glendora had charge of the program. The Glee Club is composed of twenty-five of the young ladies of the school, under the direction of Miss Jennie Hagan, principal of music. So delicately and beautifully has she trained the ladies in the finer gradations of choral singing, that the effect While it might be somewhat beside the fact, the general ensemble effect ther. Miss Stumpf has been for some j reminded one of a passage of music time'employed in the local telephone fo! ' fluto und violincello, full and mel- exchange. Mr. Covert is well known as one of low and modulated to a nicety. "Should He Upbraid," from "The the youngest and most successful real .Taming of the'Shrew;'.'(Bishop) open- estate men In this section, having j ed the concert. This,single, part arioso come here from the north with his mo- j for chorus was pleasing, but lacking ther. His bride, Miss Gail Leech, has of course in fullness, but the second been attending Woodbury business number, beginning with "Primrose," college in Los Angeles, and yesterday (Greig), and having for its second part graduated with her class with high j "Ashes of Roses," by Woodman, he- marks of credit. Mr. Covert says trayed the technique of careful train- that he will continue to make his home ing. It was in this number last men- In Covina. Miss Leech is the daugh- tioned that the audience became ac- ter of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Leech of , qualnted with the real efficiency of Irwindale and Miss Stumpf the daugh-1 Miss Hasan's training. The encore ter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Stumpf, both j was the old classic, "Sally in Our families being well known ranchers ' Alley." From the lighter standpoint of in this vicinity. purely modern music, the next mini- her, "Little Papoose," pleaned at per Diversified Program. j haps no other in the first part of the Mrs. Gilmore's entertainment, for program did. for it was rendered with which she has been preparing for' a most happy understanding of the some time, bids fair to be one of the author's idea. interesting affairs of the season. The Miss Myrtle Jones, sister of the concert will be held in the Womans new president of the State Normal a Club House, Friday evening, June 4. young lady of the most pleasing pros- Mrs. Gilmore has selected several art-. ence with her trained, modulated Hoists to assist her who are known to ' prano voice, sang "A Gypay Mulden " have exceptional merit. Mrs. Gilmore's by Parker, and "Florlan's Love Song'" work has come to be fully appreciated by Godard. At the decided evidence's here, and the concert will moot v/lth of appreciation by the audience Him undoubted success. Mrs. Stickney will rendered the ballad, "Cherry Ripe " be vocal soloist for the evening. Her | j,, the number by' the chorus "l)c- work has been praised by some of the hind the Uittit-e," by Clmdwlck tin- best critics In this part of the state, heaviness of the alto wan noticeable The program follows: Overture, following number, "Tho With lyric orchestra; vocal solo, Mrs. Stick- Uie ik-Ncate Air," by Arm- \ H •„, ,,|,j ney; reading. "The Dividing Fence," , favorite here, and waa vlKoraualy up- Mrs. Gilmore; vocal solo. Mra. Stick- plaudod. The splendid effect at the ney; reading, Mrs. Gilmore; vocal ,. lf)80 of ,, ttUy 8ta , r , H ..,,,„,.,, , ,„,,, solo, Mrs. Stickney; reading, "King t) y," brought forth a decided »\ Kn of Robert of Sicily" (Longfellow) Mrs. ,,u, a aure. In this aon« (he ,, )0 st per- Gilmore; piano, Mr. Alec Anderson; ,,,,.(. harmony waa shown. reading, ; The second portion of the program WJIH devoted to Tonnyaon'a "The Lady selection, lyric orchestra; Mrs. Gilmore. Special Sale of Millinery. of Hhalotf," wet. to music, by liendall. .The soprano aoloa '.y ;M|HK Kdith ffurat Special sale of Millinery during the Wtm , ^specially fin,. wll || e tll(l ,„,,„ month of June at Mlaa Keckard'a mil- am] dlfn(; , lU HOIJf , fjf „„„„.„, wh|( . (l linery store. come* ne-ir H,«. , . i i .1 I • OH...M UK- ( ., U | <lt t | 1( , n . ll( |j t j oll All pattern hata, the nf.-wcat models, : a a portrayed by Misa Delta Kat, n a great variety of children'a I'"*" K ave the production ita rightful touch and flowers will be sold at w per cent of aadneaa. Mian baton's voice waa not I'Uiite under control at first owing to A n< ; w line of auto veiling ia on the an attack of atago fright, but thia fact 6 " :< /'"'y brought out the beauty of the | voice in the latter portion of her ao/ig. Whatever may be. aaid in praiae of and their directreaa, there \ too much emphasia placed Poatofflce will be open from :> to 10 "' ^ K5 """ Hi '« *<^ "' '-"aa Myrtle Ulewett at piano. Miwa filewett j H one on the dollar. A n< ; w line c way from New York. Stores Close Memorial Day. By unanimous consent all plaica of ln( . tjuslnesa will be closed in Covina on ,, caniif. Monday to celebrate Memorial day. m Loses Finger at First Joint. K. I.. Jackson, master plumber, lont l";rfoct, ayinjjat.het.ic. ac- thar ever aHainted a pro- in this locality. \\'tiij(; jxjnch tie first, joint of the little finder of his ;ih(J •' collation waa bein« aerved the h-t't hand in the cog.-> of a wiiidniill >'"'"ig iaiJiea gathered around the wnich lie wad repairing for ./. H. Tripp I'iai.o ami :,aiiK riome dear t>l<\ cheat- on Citrus avenue, yesterday atleriioon. '•'•''•• ll( I he coilege caujj,urf. IN MEMORIAM. Soldiers Who Fought in Civil War Will Be Honored Tomorrow and Monday. It is with n feeling of considerable satisfaction that the members of the association having in charge the Memorial day exercises announce the completed program prepared In honor of the veterans of the Civil war. The program Is much mort> "vrleil aim elaborate than In former years. President N. D. Mussey of the association Is well pleased with the response to his request for cooperation in this work. On Sunday (tomorrow) afternoon at 3 o'clock the veterans from Glendora, Azusa and Covina will ansemble In a body at the Christian Church, Covina, and a Memorial day address will be delivered by Rev. Harry W. White of the Covina Methodist Church. Special arrangements have been made to seat the crowds of people who will come from the different points of the valley. A main quartet will render numbers appropriate for the occasion. The principal address in commemoration of the country's great struggle will take place In Oaktlale cemetery on Monday morning, beginning at 10 o'clock. President Mussey on this occasion, will announce that a project IH well on foot for tae ruining of funds to purchase a suitable soldiers' monument to be erected In Oakdale cemetery. W. Q. Custer has offered to give a lot to be set apart as the burial place of soldiers, where the shaft may be erected. >, A specidl deputation #111 be sent to FairmounZ cemetery in the foothills above Glen|ora, where many soldiers' graves are ^ocated. The Monday program follows: Bugle nsembly call. Selection by Covina Union High School band, Prof. ,Groom, director. Remarks by President IS'. I). Muasey. Invocation. Selection by inalo (jiiartet, "The Silent. Tents of Green," I!. L. MurHlmll, Roy Blanclmrd, William Lee, H. N. Wells. Extracts from G.A.ll. ritimliHl.ic HOC- vice. Selection by the hand. Lincoln's Gettysburg Addroaa, by Fred ('. Ciioinhnrlen. Selection, "Sloop, ConmuloH, Sloop," male quartet. Memorial day address by Mr. Frank S. Forbes of Los Angelea. RemarkK In regard to the erection of a Holdlcru* monument, by I'roHldent \. D. Mussey. America, by the audience, led by band. Benediction. HI re wing of flowera on I lie graven of the comrades. Note Ladies and gentlemen am re- fjucHted to bring flowora to he placed on the graven. Doctor Leaves for the East. After nine yeara of successful practice In Covlnu, Dr. (toxie K. HutcH left yesterday for her forinor home In \Vaiiheon, Ohio. For the paat year Dr. Hates ban been in III health, and it IIHH been deemed wlae by phyHlclans whom ahe eonaulted that ahe ahould make tlila change. Hlnce undergoing a aevere operation her condition ban ateadily Improved, and with rent her ultimate recovery la t:ow aaanred. Hhe la a lady who command?, the reapect. and ("Heem of all who come In con- tack with her, both In her profeaalon- a! and social life, and It la carm-atly hoped that some day ahe will return to Covina. Telephones Out of Commission, By a atray bullet fired by aome unknov, n party, fifty Heta of wlrea of the Home Telephone Company lead Into Glendora were put. out of com miaalon early on Wednesday n-iorninK The bi;ll»-t cut the main cable. ThiH j rer Klfv,-. htiooiin;;, i/i addiiioii to caua j inK Heriou.-i incrdiK-niejK (. \i, i|,e aub ' Kcriti'-i s, ' '*:'.< tin: local comjiany over; fifty <ln!!aiH 10 rej>air the cable. Store will be closed all day Monday next, May 31, Memorial Day. DIRECTORS OFKICRKS G. E. Anrloraon Marco If. Hullimm W. II. IIOUJDAY, I'ri-Hldont C. P. Clnnp H. M. lloiiMcii- MAKCO'lf. IIKM^MAM, Vlcu 1'ri-a. .1. It. Elliott J. O. HouHur 3. It. KtJ.IOTr, Vlcn I'roii. W. II. IIoMiiJuy C. Mi!iiofiio A. I'. Korckhort W. M. OUISWOIJ.), CUH|I|OI- Capital and Surplus $90,000.oo Covina \Dalley Savings ffianh Covina, Cal. DIK RCTOKS < ) V \t [ CKHS flno. K. Anilormm W. II. Ifi.lllilny A. I'. KEKCKHOI' 1 !' 1 , I'rimlilnnt J. It. Klllotl II. M. IloiiHor II. M. IIOIJHKII, Vl<tit I'nmliiqnt Mum, H. Hollinun A. I'. Kmrldmir VV, M. (JIUHWOUJ, Caxhlor Capital and Surplus $42,000.oo Home's Grocery S) niwberrirH l-'UKHIf KVKHY DAY (j f,,,. Ofir, f, f or yf,,. » ................ |;i(! per II) Trade Here! l''rehll I'eftH. We Treat You Fair! ','r Camp Rincon (iK.M OK 'J'lIK SAN (JAHHIKL CAN VOX lf> aili|iiarler-j i'l.r lishin^' HI Ilie \\Vsl l-'ork, N'orlli l-'orli, |{eai- iillil J*e\'||'s ('jinyn/is. A/I lilt-ill |'ur iUI Ollli/iu'. eilhei" lii<ard;/i<,' at tin- liolcl nr c;imj>iii!/. 'I'lic lies! of e\ e|-\ Iliiny; in seasKii. Stii^e leaves A/ii>,ii at !»;)() a.m. Oilier ri^s or sa<li|l>: Il0f.,c,s i-iui |,i- e/|i_';ij.'eil |,y | e|i-|il|(ill i li X '.','2, A/lisa Of ililf||VSS H. D. BRIGG8, Manager AZUSA, CAL.

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