Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 25, 1945 · Page 17
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 17

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 25, 1945
Page 17
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SUNDAY TIMES. CUMHKKLANl), MD., SUNDAY, FEMUJARY 25, 19-15% TWENTY-ONE LaSalle And Allegany In Return Clash Friday Night Explorers Need 17 •• M-' : rr\ ri Victory 1 o top ' • • - : ?•... * ; A City Diadem Uiulefcntctl Blue and Gold! ^TAPPING ON THE JJufa Over Gmipobcllo F a v O r <> <l Fmu ; a ( the Fort Hill-Allegany 111 rj<} mn TTr-U.^.. * :. • _ . _ . . / , i - • --•*- » v^-t v m*i--^i;n;gc(*i.J same . Friday niyht at Fort .Hill found to/cheer aix>i star even goes EO far as to pick'the 1 junior league's most valuable player; Detroit's -Dick" Wabfiekl.i ilorcr Fans Respect Campers Recall Disaster iu Finale of 19-13 Season— All ei rauy Hosl to Ridgeley Tomorrow Any all game.; 1 I look out for the Cubs'Bill * As was/expected. Allegany led all! 1 " Ihc Na'.ional. : - i the way-and the highlight of .the! "I am fcvling fine in this so-called: encounter .was-the Sentinel's spurt w >'d West climate," Ule former; in the third Quarter which carried Keyser manager continues,. "and l! CilUKCir ACQUIUES 3900.000 RLTl'ERT ESTATE FOR 835,00 Ni-w York, Feb. 24.—Eagle's Rest, the beautiful estate- of the late Col. Jacob Ruppcrt, was acquired by a Greek Church organization for a reported $35.000. The New York breww who (in p ned the Yankees, according? to his attorney, put $900.000 in ' the property on the Hudson opposite West Point to"mr»ke it.a show place. The chiirclv'did not obtain all'tho : rich interior furnishlntrs,: but did take over an electric pipe organ, them to within three points of Conch ''Bin" Bowers' tos-sers. The Campers staged a i>o<xl defensive show, limiting Fort Hill to three fielders i nine in nil, but erratic and Uieir come up to expec'tai!- iw High (Continued (rein Pa°e 20) terf:m, 22-20. Don Lilya scored 'Bohby' CavantinEh se>vp n points for the. victor.'and R. lc " ' '--' up 12; points iorj hope to be back home before too iong. . 'Jack 1 Murphy, Herb'Ba'lIe'y,"cotlon'|Stc-n!p. marked d « ieils c wnverert I in the thin! stnrv ii ll " a ! n this summer. Once, the game)^'d *a a tie. score at the quarter{ carted to boi.'ih ihpl^ 1 * iil!o R flow's blood, it seemsjand.half but dropped back in the; - ' • ' '-"'- 1 third period, regiswhiR four points| minus at the close of that period High Campers might still be entor- regards to all my friends and in the final period were able; lo score only one point. land and Kood luck. 1 owers.. c qun wou eave thei two learns knotted at three vIc-j afte V . !lftv lng three ( -1 1 ] • r 11 • ' ' '. : ,arv< k r Iti I rips Douglass Quint Sparkc-U In Jim Williams and.Ear! Ri'rlnum, V.IKI M*i!V<l 16 and. : i^ |v.»:!i-.::,. :: ' n-.-ix-'i'l'>•(•! v. . Coachi 'Karl lirftcey'i carver. Itiijli hoopmsh l"<xlt. Hii:h qil:!'.! i; i ; ,oj»-r Msiriboru F>'i~ I'KV nlijht or. tin 1 (•'lo.ltitvk sU'Ci!*. vi>Ul'.. ;'. T;u-' K-K-u.b .su^ipfd avrny to RJr o-.irlv- k'nts rtiii". v en- ne\tr hi'H<i«ri, il:i' qiliirii-r >.• .\\.~-x showing'. T-'J, l(j-!l :-|i:ii -:- If-, iX-rtUtr I'Uikt'V WKA Hie. ioM-:-' )<-.u i: ^ .v\>ri-r with..11 Thi- ly .-. • wiii nii-ct hi a ic- 1 :i':j,;li: Of tlpl-tn; u v< ;i:iuiV; Cftrvor ••:•,: 'Va.i'-'Hish hi H T:;-.SUi(c AUi-^ .ii::»:. Tin- 'Tp'lt A' S ! -1u n I.INK l-'OK TWO—Gene Shaw,.of .AJlegiiny .hisl'.. has Just Uifcfji-a rebound; the W-ket 6\er- ; .AlU'sany-Foi't nil! giur,*. Frlci.-iy iijflu 'I'lii'ir Foil >!;.'. b;i,;V:<'t.. •s ; (IO>'Kl : , Hill; in renr. of him Bill. ,SM'::<" . A!1<vc!i!;\ :ir.i! Cilfl •• ,': : Johh Bachniiiii, Alle^nv with '•!} show-ir. on !»;-,•.<*>. Wack oi «orie S and one -ibnc* np^."A!«-^ ^™*£*ffi '^±. ^^.S^™*^ playoff would then be 'necessary to c l ua -' icr decide the issue. . • . LaSalle : ;is rolling nloiiy or, the. crest of a. 21-game whining streak; and will.naturally .be favored toi ii H H: fi-o . i i>. ir P-I4- .:•! r<: i't.< C-l J-t «.|t 0-0 0.0 • 0-0 (< r i* 5'i l> I! 3-lV Si Giant . football team -after!'?. Souirr?. T . . Cox's low flelcl-gonl ibisl w« due ^ c&^Rnte^™^^ " c ' £.'!« n ^ f:y -° ef ;^. g ^ tor ^» j |£fSi ^^: or so re«; £ R^T'\. ? .:: Whileman roamed j ireutennnt 0 lBst'"Noveml)er ft at' FW k ^ r ' ! "''''' ' gunrc!. F.r;. 0-3 o-i 0-1 : n-o 1-3 0-0 0-0 - c 2 H .2 1 .amond spearhead-| rc!nl tation. writing sports history in Tlie Explore;-? wore In? the attack wiih some bulls-eve: I big black headlines at the Washing-! ST. .IOHNS tiieir first muh-feated .season back Gold Ml for boards. Circumstances Icrent this yoar. must win to annex rh »s in 1S43 the Expiorrrs '"crs of the flag pri> finale. . . ... j pulled, out of their seats by The end of .the 1945' basket trail • unexpected report but the dull »c-l Is rapidly nearing. Several dlflrictjtion on the court enabled them toi quints dropped the curtain last week [sit comfortably the re,=t of the and more nre their regular seas an o u tdo6vh a ii did iin• ».-rii-fini hinnm did. not re.,eh full bloom Sentinels Go <o Davis •-.'; Fort Hill, which dropped s 41-30 terdict to AHeg'aiiy Friday, will bow lack 5-3 JT 12 16—17 U 32— Y, former local independent basketball! and Softball star, is plnyiui- a ler.'d- ing role in the aerial, sho'.v in the cm of the court picture: Tuescsyi E ^ r °P ean ihep.tre and has the ribbons to.prove it. A . radio operator-on .one of ' He didn't really discover how to;J' 1 , raul ' handle his 245 "pounds uniil theJM. cox""' f . 1943 peason. But ir. college he'-was I J. Lease, c ". g-ood enoueh Grantland Rice's Al!-Easlem eleven 1 of ; 1940 and was given honorable \rrny Air Forces' big C-47s in fi Carrier squadron, he sports Air Medal with two cluster's All- American i r>r '"''' ?lrrll IJlozis didn't, care much for foor- R nleht when the locals invade Davis. W. Va., for a rettu-n with the Davis Wildcats. Tlie Sentinels dropped the Wcs Virginians, here by a 47-28' count .. -~ .—. -—=-• •- --•; XT- i • \ - , • j , , i'" c unsuccessful championship>riti the season .with-.a victor. Hickic. who was emplnyerl In '.hei. stnrsrz : e with , h p o ,. een Rllv Pqc v. R LaSalle will' .warm up for the] advenUir.g depru'traent (if The' er « "" : • ' ' crucial Friday.-encounter by plr.y-i^'Ms he/ore ••£ipR»!g a .coatraef: B! , Jzis . des]) - ile hls . wifU , pub ,j citVt w IM^, f :;i? on wo sticces-sive days. T^ir.o:--''° P is ^ on Uncle «•>'« ^ =••• »/>o,,,,. . . . -".. ._ • row, the Explorers emertair: B:ir:onji"ore thnn two on the Snint'S: ccuiri', anct TMesclnyioverseas almost lii'^ht, Beall L"; slati'ti to be the i-uvs: jboen nrbtiri'd in te'am.i The Explorers wero victfjrioiiKl'nir citie.s and.' towns in Ehglanc!. t: 'd - O ne o;' the over all both teams iri'previou? j,;vFrance; Belgiuni, Holland, Gibraltar,; :.4/rK-tt,-CcrsJc.R. hiKi. iraJv; .. .. • {•> 'P.ESIiyTERIAN.. . fit-rcc—-Herbolcsh rimer. f Plays Allcsany only {j'ajne. prior oieeiin? . LaSalle is'.the jotust wit-hj^ P.iQgeley's BlacfeYifiwsw • ri-.™r-.r r ™-:' m^ht on'the Carnpobello ;:ie C;impers spilled the Black- i~ l of the home-and-home serie. 1 ; at Ridgeley and will be favored to repeat. •*• :. -• In addition to the contests here, two other tussles are on tap in j the district tomorrow. Romney isj scheduled to play host to the Berke-' ley Springs Indians and Petersburg skip over to Wardensville for train In? type). * 1 > 1 ' lliTil -«?F ft ' tals OOow.o Paris . 'Friday'' wriMs, "ami I'ni j. .| < -° n . f' fons-:ird tr. visitin.qr . theL^J.- -"i:.-. Berlins befon ,., ianfi Jiinlli irreens, but holed - from* -. .^ a \ €llt It.'s not too i the twelfth " lor an as we have wooden floors, walls and' a door. .' To help pass the dull evc-j" have succeeded in securing ' ?O}t ' s understand Jim Blller (former; Times printer) is over here. I ranj across his name in a Bed Cross •« kJAJLJ V¥CJi t,W 1» tH l^CIJO V IJ1C JUi ,. . , _ , Potomac Valley conference tiff. M lrector 5' in London some time ago. The big conference game of thel r . sl 'PP°f e tlle olc! nome town hnsn c ,_i- ...pj..^.,,.. . ,,_"_, ^__ ,^. _ changed much in the past year and I sure would enjoy seeing a few intra-city basketball games. Hope Allegany is riding the top this year." , incidentally, Is listed for Tuesday at Keyser where Conch Fred "Tack" Clark's Golden Tornado Tulnt -will trade buckets with the Moorefteld Yellow Jackets. .Keyser capttired the conference th.impionship Friday night by hand- Ing Ridgeley a 28-17 setback at Rld- ieley but the Tornado hoop artists «-e eager to finish with a perfect loop'season of 10 victories. The schedule for the week folfews: • Monday—Barton at LaSnUs, Rld- Z*ley at Allegany, Berkeley Springs *' Romney, Petersburg at Wardens- The "baseball bug" usually doesn't do any nibbling before March but par, the same as his first nnd stands 7 strokes behind the leader at 138. : Tied with Nelson at 138 are Leonard Dodson of San Francisco, Cal., Set. E. J. rDiitch) Harrison of Little Rock, Ark., and Fred Haas, Jr., the New Orleans amateur. Zone Defense (Continued from Paje 30) and down under the basket. Geatz with Joe Carbacio, well-known in- shot eight baskets and two out of four foul shots for the high Individual score of the game. Jack Steiner. the wlcry center on the visiting FIRST METHODIST" .!["^! o team, made five buckets and his only foul shot for 11 points. LaSalle made five of and Altoona ST. MARKS CENTRE STREET Referee—Stotler nnd wh&rton. : Hrace Mettiodlit G. C. Lattimer. f G D. Wtmer, c ..!.!...!....... 1 R. Stevenson, g ••;.. i H. Lpfew. g i " R lnes ; .;. o Dronks Totals ..n Ylrtl .•Htltiadist C. B. Shrout. f i B. Rogers. I • j P. Lease, c o D. Shrout, g' o D. Crabtree. g o Lowde.-mllt o Totnls .,-..- :.,. 3 3-6 Score by Pej-.'odj GRACE ^rETHODIST Reteree—Wharton and Stol>r. F.o. 3-7 . 0-0 0-4 1-2 0-1 1-1 0-0 0-0 0-0 s-is :•; F.G. n< 0-0 2 1-1 f o-o r, o-o o 2-7 -j 0-0 r Brethren - ....,— Beall at LsSalle, Fort Hill at Davis, Tliomas at Coalton, c «ntral at Barton, Capon Bridge at Rcmtiey (PVC), Belington at Par- m dependent tosser from Keyser, it's different—Joe can talk baseball the year around, and does. Now residing In Phoenix, . Ariz., because of his health, Joe sends us n communique containing a very optimistic note for the coming campaign. He not only think.'; the!Presentations. . , . ... _ „....„.,„ ., majors will be in operation In 19451 Tonight was the second of a 1 home I a. Dlcken. K ; ......; o o but predicts the Chicago Cubs will!« nd home booking by.:' the.' : 'two ' '"'" win the National League pennant.[schools, the first game having also F.G. !•]. • !••"•••••**• I^«-^TL. *.w Lrviira oreinrrn (i. J- ,<> t*]. Its ten foul offerings U. stotier. < r, o-t. ; converted seven of 12 i J- if a "? ma . n ' ' 3 c -° . 'E. Frcelinii. c 1 1^3 i • " ,-;. ; . • JIT. Summrrkump, R ,, 3 p.] jpns, P.ldgelej 7 at Bruce, Bedford at Franklin at Greenbfink, at Keyser (PVC). —Thomas at Oakland. . at University (Morgan- wwn). . :::. • nuirsda-y—Shenandoah College at "Snklln, Berkeley Springs at Paw ?a T, Romney At Petersburg (PVC). Friday—Allegany at LaSalle. Bos 7 »fll at Bedford, Piedmont at Bruce, Parsons at Coalton., : [NORTH CAROLINA "We are having warm weather icre in the 'Valley of the Sun'; in fact, it's good enough to start playing baseball," Joe states. ...'- "The won by LaSalle on its "home court a few weeks aog. Lineups and score: JJI 5 i^,*.ji.^«ij, LJLJC* jv<ik\.o. ... rflilrnlne f game seems very much tn doubt ntlnca'ti. i ... Siclncr, c Shaffer. $ 4 Miliirn, 1 B < UrcVer litlb) ] Harl (sub' 3 this time but I still ihlnk it will survive; it Just wouldn't be summer without. It. "Watch those Chicago Cubs this year. They can't be denied ; year nfter year. They usually Jose their chances in the spring by playing like amateurs but I'm :nrtain this will be their year. I think they have the best balanced club in the majors and Charley Grimm's tie-j^' 1 !''^ e '•••• termination may spell the dHfer-jsiin<icns.'ij".'.!!!'.'.'.!!!!!!!i G. r.c. rt.-. . i 3-3 c IB 11 MaHoy fsubl Cnrrnl! isuhj ....;....; CICHinan (»ub| Totals ...:. .: Altonni Calholic DinicAn. f nirriej-. i cnce. Take thnt bnd early R17ATC TUTVI? Ad 3O c '" ce - ' " K€ """"y "'"t- °" a efir '.v KK/AJ3 JJUKfc, 4-y-,-}» [start, and they'll win the pennnnt Raleigh, N. C.. Feb. 34 OT—North ar nlina University's Tnr Heels to. .Shi. defeated Duke's Blue Devils l; a '" 38 and won the Southern Conr' r «ice baskotbal] championship.. A I nit ''''•' nf 4 ' 000 Packed Memorial Au- by 10 games. "In the American Leasrue, I believe those pesky Detroit Ti&ers will win the flag In a walk—too much hilling and pitching, phis plenty of experience." ' : . , • - - Joe, who Is ft keen observer in for the tournament final.Udriition to being a shrewd : -pilot. Foothall Men May Have lo Pitch Simpson, N. Y., Feb. 24—Among the first to greet Lt.-Comdr. Red ^'r, new athletic officer at Sampson Naval Training center, were ' "" football colleagues—BufT Donclll, formerly of buqucsr.r. and conch 6 *t year's Cleveland Rnms, and Don Magnano, who played halfback ler at Saint Mary's and later Jor the Chicago Bears. They were the brecas about football when Strndcr suddenly exclaimed: •;•.. , 5. y Cats, the baseball season's coming up. Most of last year's squad A 'nli ^ U ^ ' n ^' riwn " > including pitcher* Johnny Vander Meer and ITal lf - Say, how good CRn you guy, pitch?' 1 : . nurkharl (subI 0 Stcvrns fsuht , 0 TuUI . Score by Periods t.A SALLE . . . 1-1 1-3 0-1 0-0 . 3 0-0 4 o-o ^ 0-0 0 o-o q 5-10 c: r.c. rn. 0-0 3 1-1 C 1-1 3 4-1 a 0-3 1 1-3 J 0-0 0 0-0 0 J. Llfht ..... ; ---- .... ...... 0 K. Turner .......-;..;,....,. o J. Turner o.-: o-o o-o . \V. AVhartrn '....'..'..'.';'.". 0 I'. Gotl '.'.. 0 0-0 o-e c-o Totnt.t . St. l.uVr» 3-S HO BT. M.TOONA CATHOLIC . . Fleferf e—Max*f 11 n::d U 9 1-12 31 13 18—37 BASKETBALL SCORES : BCHOI.ASTI'- I.«9illf 61. Aitoina CoMnllc 37. \V«tl Vlr»lnl» 50, Plti «T. • Temple 39, renn St«tf 31. Dtlnbrldld ft. Nivy JO. : Army H, N«»- York (I. 'SI:- .• Cornrll. Mldthlpmen M. Ith»ci J, Kimme], c R. Dlxon! 8 • .\forior H»le Ljnn Touls by 3T. LUKES 0-i 0-3 1-3 O-t 0-0 e-r, o-<? 1-1 0-1 0-0 3-11 if IS J«—< 7 n—i ('Jlrirr Mrthodllt K. Comfr. f D. .Rhndef. ( H. Ithnrtfs. c .'. JV Hshrr. E tl. Krsner. u B, Arrlni,tnn Turner . ..,..;..; Q Ji Jewell P J. VnnMe'er ..,.....; o J. Dlrlil o TtHBl« ... ....,, 3« Trinity Mnhndln d. n. I.eishty. t ;.;.,.- 0 H ninirr, [ ., .......;,...,. J 'P. Low-cry, f. ...,'...;.. I iH. Dlehl, g .. ..i.,..;;.i..,. 0 0-9 0-1 o-o > (1-0 0-0 1-5 0-D p-n o-o O-o o-o i-t *; r.r,. riv . - . Wmhlnirton Collrjf <9, L.'y'ol* « ; ' . , ____ ......., Tfnnrssce 57, Mu:r»r Slute Tcichfrs 31. ]D. Frye. r. ........ :.,.... .. 1 Norfnll:; Nnvil •: Trulntng Button Ji'Ilnwuer ........ .,..;..,.,. ;d ' Camp Br^idforrl !L- Bcrnnton X St. non«ren(ure. ' Norfolk AAB m Rlclir ond AAP. . • .• flatjlhfrn CAnTrrrnc Tonrnpy : • Fln«li ; .. Horth Ctroilnt 40, Dukt 3«. . '' : 0-0 •o-o 1-1 P-o : n-o- o-o Tol»ln Sctirf Ii CAI.VAR TKINITY Hrfrrrf— liy Pfrinds . •••:.. V MKTHODIST ... n . for the High Schoo Crowd. ; We've got the clothes that the boys want for spring. Colorful and gay, they have the traditional Schwarzenbach quality in every garment. You will like iheir smart lines their full cut and careful tailoring. See them tomorrow. Prep Suits from $21.50 Glen plaids, covcrii, tweeds and caisimeres in btavni, lani and greys. Sires 33 (o 36*. Cadet Suits from $12.95 Tweerfi. c/icvior$, c1c. y in herringbones, piaidi and mtxturtt in greys, blues, lanz and broTtr. Sties ]2 fo 15. Leisure Coats Cadet sizes 12 to 18 from :$8.95 Prep sizes 33 to 38 from . $ 1 0.95 The popular /'oc*elj in tveed hodf *ith levfio 1 color jle*v« er solid color fiih Iveed sleeves. BOYS' SHOP —• SECOND FLOOR "Blue Angels for Purple Hearts" Inquire WAC Recruiting S^Gf!o^, 314 Post Office Building, Cumberland Quality since 1869

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