Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 28, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1943
Page 4
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v J,'.?Vj H o re s Y : A'ft TWO p s, ^ R K-A-N § A Wednesday,: April 28, 1943: f bf «ra~-^ W***f a*** Alex. H. VftahbUtfi) lint* Star buildino. 2(2-214 South Walnut ~, .*!**< Hopa ; .Arte, ^ , : . PALMtK, rt*JKI«mT ,. . SHBORN, Editor and PubfUhtr ntefcd as second class matter at the toff Ice- at Hop*,, .Arkansas, under the ! dt Mafch 3, J897. Pfesi %&**»— e<ns ssce es ||NEAJ— Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass*n: ,--S»rtist"rt#tr«n Ratd' (AlwoVs Payable In AoVoncer. 6» city carrier, pit week iSc; Hetrtpstead, Nevada, Howard, Milter and gitifayerte counties, $3.50 pef year; elie- »here $6.50. feMSmW if The AMotlattd Print The PSsottated Press Is exciustvety entitled to llhft Use for tepublic«tion of all news dis- ^fches credited to ft or not otherwise B,^.(kilted In this paper and also the loial Jttews published herein. ; < Notional Advertising Representative— Mkahsoj Dollies, Inc.; MerripFiti; Teriri.,' Sfettek Building; CMcogo, 400 North Mich- loan Avenue,- New York,City; 292 Madison AY*.; Detroit, MFch, 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; QlCtahbfrRf CitV, 414 Tefmihol IBdg.; New Orleans. 722 Union St.. ••: Hold Everything r»ti8Pnifet. «e.,r^. nb. tt» cxr. o«. "Where 1 bagged that one really was darkest Africal* THE GREMLINS Guadalcanal Diary Hitd 0hfft«- of-the-Moilth BY RICHARb TREQAikli tUUftYKAVIONS If I; B. HAIILTON JjWlfVj f * ' Lurfwftr' *^ ^ VL'' .* ^tf-UM' 1 "^" 1 . *„ ~itf/-- IV 1 - T • -j^aa^. ^^ t,'- s .;*;;SW'»; i- *ji^i IL^SA^'x*H "Our men Stood up arid'knocked them off." "U'sihg his good hand, he kept on spOrtiHg lead." "Arrival of our air support was a beautiful sight.' 1 "The neWs from the front was a'shock." ONLVTEM/BUT. WAIT UNTIL/pU HEAR HIM iPLAV A 5RAHMS CONCERTO/ ff &*' f-28 S3V uV^i . if; AUGUST 20-1 dropped in at the com- JL' mahd post of Capt. Lyrran D. Sjjurlikk, of Lincoln, Net)., this morning to hear his story of the iMataiiihaii raid. He said the' hardest part of the advance by his forces had been the push" through intrenched positions oh the Village outskirts'. When the enemy trenches had been cleaned outj one by one, the-Japs made 'a last dtspenuc bayonet charge. "Our men took pretty careful aim and knocked them off," Capt. Spurlock said. "Sonie of our people even stood up and fired offhand'at thd Japs, in the middle of the charge'." Ptobably the outstanding hero of the attack had been P.F.C. Nicholas Silco, a tough scrapper from Brooklyn. While going to work with his automatic rifle on a machine guri nCst, Silc6 was shot three times; one bullet hit him in the chest, a second in tlie groin, and the third shat- teftd his hand, ripping two fingers clean away. That might have knocked out a lesser man, but not Sileo. He kept on spurting lend into the Jap nest, using his good hand to pull the'trigger. This afternoon the Marines on this island enjoyed a long-awaited treat; it was the pleasure of seeing our air support arrive. "That's the most be'ailtifiil sight I've ever seen," said one Marine as the plants roared in. FttlbAY, AUGUST 21-At about 2:30 this •morning, we were awakened by the sound of heavy firing coming from the East. I got dressed and hurried to Col. Hunt's command post where a group had already gathered, Considering that this probably was the long-awaited Jap! jnvfl- sion attempt, everyone seemed in high good humor/ "Wait until our planes, hit those babies at dawn," said': Lieut* Sncll. "Won't they be surprised!" At six o'clock the sky was beginning to lighten in'the East, and We heard.the sound of airplane engines, i-m, said Lieut. Wilson, "planes!" He rubbed his hands, as before a feast. Oiir planes were beginning \o warm lip. We had been trying to get through a call to find out what was happening. Now, Lieut. Wilson got an'ariswcr, *"Thc firing was our prearranged barrages,' he rcpbrtcd. • ''The enemy front is the Teharu." It was a,shock to hear the news; for if the Jap front lay on the Tciiahf River, then probably a formidable in'vasfoii force'was only-three i or four miles from the airport, trying to .break through. (Continued tomorrow) Drawing cophisht, 10U, by King FentunS Syndicate, Inc. Text copyright, 1943, by lUmJom House, Inc. Distributed by Klnir Features Syndicate in co.Q»crution,wltli the bobl<-6f-thc.Month Club, Inc. FUNNY BUSINESS p.;-,,,.,;.. .,, ^\ •v:' OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams ce^HTB^N^sfayfeiiNc.J "I,t's our .toufihenins-up course tor jeep drivers> b^^y-Teooo GOSH.' Y /XHH...THE.I?S A. 1 THCXJGHT VOU LOTTK FVjONNES AN' WWo OUT ON / MU6HSZOOM PlCKtQ.5 TH' HIGH 6E/V5 < OUT. T'DW... KM' SNE. BV THIS TIME.... A CAN'T GIT ^^O^NHEG.E5 Wr-UT Vy\ BEEN J VN'.TH FKT LfXD!E5 DIN' ALL OAVP Ji U<5!N' IT FEG. A. • ». ( . <a v^C J-EQOE5 APE. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople ' WHEN'S SOUR POP' oi.r» \S A i OF . POWERFUL. OF HIS I SPENDING OF W1S LIF LOOKING AT MOSB RESEATS BUS WAR' BONOS PR&CTICM- 30KE& Stl OF COURSE. & :V -^^, •*&>•* Wash Tubbs They Certainly Do! By Roy Crane ^d Ryder Now What? By Fred Harmon THERE'S THE; TTHEV SAY HE'P, NEVER . FEU.OW WHO \ FLOWW A MULTI-MOTORED BROUGHT BACK A PLANE BEFORE^ THERAMBUIW6 W^itflBK^ HAt> T ° ROBERT OM TWO H^gPlB MAKE A EN6IWES AFTER MBmapHI BELLV BOTH PILOT AMD im* T.\ 'J\. .LANPIN^. C0'?\ior HAP ./•','. jm&*. TOO SEEN KILLED WELL,EASy;\OF<3ETTlN6HOME,SlJH ^ WHAT WERE ypy \ ..,#k,MO;wi6iHIN6 fOR THIWKIN6 OP'THERE 1 COtibOY ,£fTARKE AMP WITH ALL THOSE. I A SQUADRON O' VELLOW N05E5 A P-38'5 ' DIVIW6 AT YOU?> T. M. BCC. U. S. PAT. Off.J r 1 DON'T WONDER. 1 T>ARE S YOU HAVE MORE APPRECIATIOM OF THE PAW6ERS ANP PIFFICUL- TIES OUR BOMBARDMENT <5ROUP5 FACE EVERY PAY.,. OFTEN WITHOUT FISHTER SUPPORT.,.THEY PE5ER\JE A LOT OF CREDIT T LCOPR. 1943 | Donald Duck The Equestrian! By Walt Disney G'WAN, MY MONEVS AS GOOD tf$ ANV8OOVB! WHAtr Y'MEAN/ ^V WON'T SEUU V DONT UOOK , ATHLETIC ENOUGH. SOML^ITS HARD WORK. RIDIM 1 •THIS .HORSE 6ft, IHL VJl K«cr PnJxAq* WitW Kifto Iwmd • _ _ [£F " ' — - Blondie .4-28 N OKAY, IF Y CAM THE HARt3ER\GIVE IT A GOOD. IT IS T'RiDEJ^—-i^2Ss HOME EM, THE BETTER I LIKE IT! THE CASH, 1 WEBB'S-1 THE . MORSE?} 3HT BEHIND THE FENCE 4 V BETTEP BE READY FOt? SOME FT" EXERCISE.! !*• '' ^'Jl-' f- ' -.'• ;-»i'f'V ••-*" !' >' M'fs' CuinhK(4 Iv Kng FnreRi ayft&w.te THAI'S'Tri' REASON FOrVVw-WT A HORSE.' BACKISl'. UP, ENGINEER.' R VJlSH W VO\FE - - ^f HORSE .' A V10ULP hIMD LIKE^, THUNDER- </ VTHAT.' , YEAH,BUT IT AWT TRAir^ RULES FOR us STOPPlKf BET^EEr OONCTIONS--- COVsiDOT- i^pr y.ie \\' <^- _ IF 1 VJAS, S'OU'RE NOT TEAf'NEb \\ \ V-JOOLDsyT UP WITH TH' I^OUH IRMrt/ LOCK. W SADDLE I ROBBERS' VOL) J[ HOR.SE. N fOOR f ' -'--'-"LSS r--^\StOCK. CAR,— it •jft. ^^ , (NO'.r-pLTS FDR. SUIT , LET'S GIT A SECONDS,*" Popeye "Mother of Poll!" Thrmble Theater IAHOV! MISS APRIL MAE dUNET ALA<5 i 11 UDANKiA TALX TO VA - IT'S> ALAS! ^ [IMPORT NK^^ ' tff. TAM I 6O POWW -NIIOIX MO.. *J WITH Mau TO see ) rv n V,^tAv TUP BURGLAR SS 'OU STAY UP MERE WITH Open House at the Bumsteads! By Chic Young i?i^n *i—'w i«—' «-i*i. THE BURGLAR PAPPV ? kAAMA/ <«j« (Mi K t F l(«4<*. hi . WortJ njliu i P@@.1H(©©/ ^r p ^ ^ PAPA V/OKJT LET ME X KNOWS SEETHEBUR6LAR j'T K £j? s Y S ' luc-rciruwiv > HE'S SO . * [PISAPPOIMTEP #-28. PON'f FEEL SO 0APLY, • DEAR. MAYBE A < BURGLAR WIU-GpME ^ SOME OTHER MI6HT Boots and Her Buddies Hello! By Edgar Martin i--._li:- HY.O HVO \ v —^ Cl TV\OU6V\T- g rv J-i- I/IL Q. ^ SynJiuic. lilt ^WoilJ lijttm SOOFVDAME.AIM'T SHE? THA'SOW ^ CCOUMTOF^HE'SA •SUUELL. ACTRE6K, I'LL "~ ~" CURTAIN'S TAkE PLAC CURTAILS UP ALAS! ALAS! THE (DORLTJ UJAS MV OUSTER,BUT I TMIM ( ontHA A\, CHOKED OKI THE l&Lftt OF wAT6R?j PEARL..'; L*;***— Alley Oop Ready for the Table By V. T. Howlin FEB. PETE'S X I'M NOT SUUE. BUT I s SAKE; DOC, A THINK rv'6 A PARACHUTE WHAT IS THAT I BOMB... AND IF IT IS, ^THIN6? / WE CAN'T BE TOO FAS ' AVslKV WHEN IT HITS/ ^ LOOK THING .NW POTATOE5.' SAG.DEN/.' WASHED THKT 3 \»i v. tf 1 . • ,)!-?^?>^i!'- ; : \' COPP. Freckles and His Friends From Headquarters? By Merrill Blosier FA^AE HAS FINALLY \ HEY, FRECK — SOME REACHED US. WEATBALL / / MAM PHONED AND ' WANTS YOU AND LARD TO GO AND SEE HM WHO WAS HE? , NOT SO SURF . 1 sor HIS NAWE RIGHT, BUT THF LAST PART SOUNDED LIKE JHAW- &'%*. «"5 !E ,*} •-• AMP THE FIRST PART- SOUNDED LIWT MORGAN!

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