Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 22, 1909 · Page 7
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 7

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 22, 1909
Page 7
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MASTERFUL ADDRESS. Mrs. J. J. Morgan Enthralled Her Listerera at the Long Beach Ebell Club. Long Beach Telegram: Mrs. J. J. Morgan ahd Miss Winnifred Rohrer were the whole program at the Ebell club on Monday, but they were all that was necessary to make the day stand forth in memory as one of the best of the year. Adjectives would only weaken the effect of an effort at a description of Mjflf? Rohrer's playing. Her Interpretation of the Strauss "Reverie," McDowell's Polonaise and tho Chopin Nocturne were absolutely perfect and her audience was not at all stinted in its manifestations of approval. Mrs. Morgan's exquisitely modulated voice, distinct enunciation and clear-cut sentences; her deep insight ahd scholarly presentation of her theme "Theatrical Tendencies and the New Drama," held her audience enthralled. Mrs. Morgan traced the evolution of the drama from prehistoric times to the present. Her talk was filled with rhetorical eloquence which would take stenographic art to reproduce in its perfection. The gist of it was that the theater had been and is one of the most abused of our public amusements, and -that playwright and player tell us they are giving us exactly what the public demands. While the penny arcade, the celluloid drama and vaudeville are not necessarily bad the tendencies are not elevating either to mind or morals. - The actor's church alliance, was organized ten'years ago in New York City for the purpose of elevating the stage and drama; chapters have been formed in many cities but none in the west. The greatest reform of the society has been the closing of the iSun- dhy theater in many of our cities The Temple auditorium in Los Angeles is to all. practical purposes a church theatre. People who worship there seem to feel no incongruity in seeing the pastor stand on Sunday where the actor stood on Saturday. Mrs. Morgan touched on the change for the better in the social life of the actor folk. Every good actor ap- the octor folk. Every good actor appearing in Los Angeles the past year has been invited to address the best women's clubs and has also talked before the schools. The time has *QBS_J53L w Ji6n a girl says good-by to social prestige when she appears before the' footlights, and Mrs. Morgan questioned if there were anyone who thought that Madame Modjeska was less a mother, less a wife, because she was queen of the stage. A few of Mrs. Morgan's epigramatic sentences interspersed in her eloquent talk follow; The custom of dramatizing novels is passing away; it may be because we have so many good playwrights. The primary object of all art, especially the drama, is to please. The drama has always been considered the highest form of literature. The last few years the taste in drama has been tending toward the Ibsonian style. The future of the drama is likely to be pictorial and platic. Drama as an addition to literature is not dead nor is it dying. Mrs. Morgan closed her intensley interesting talk with the quotation: All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances and one man in his time plays many parts. CHURCH WORKER CALLED HOME. had always remained a Methodist, and at the time of his death was a member of the University Methodist Church. After he was Injured Mr. Smith gradually failed. Three monthn ago ! came a decided change for the worse, and for a week before he pased away h<? was unconscious. He leaves a widow, two daughters, Mrs. White, wife of Rev. H. W. White of Covina, and Miss, Elsie Smith, and three sons, Keri C., Cecil H., and Wilfred E. Smith. The funeral was held at the University Methodist Church Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Rev. E. A. Healy officiated. The tennis tournament of the Suburban Athletic League, which was held at Harvard School, Los Angeles, Saturday, May 15, resulted in the Co vlna representatives, Seldon Wilson and Hoyt Leisure, securing second place in the men's doubles. Friday evening, May 28, in the auditorium of the Los Angeles High School, the question as to whether Covina High School or Hollywood shall possess the championship debating cup for Southern California will be settled. The question for this championship debate is "Resolved, that the present distribution of power between state and federal government calls for re-adjustment in the direction of further centralization of power."::Covina debaters will be Walter Aseheubren- ner and Mary Elledge, who will affirm. ARTHUR BIXI5Y, NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE AT PRIVATE SALE. In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of J.os Angeles. In thf matter of the estate of Almira Lyon, deceased. Notice Is hereby given that in pursuance of an order of said Superior Court made on the 17th day of May, 1909, in the above entitled matter the undersigned, E. P. Warner, executor of the estate of Almtra Lyon, deceased, will sell at private sale to the high est bidder for gold coin of the United States, (subject to confirmation of said Superior Court) on or after tie 8th day of June, 1909, at the law office of A. M. Ponce, rooms 7 and 8, Ueed Building, in the City of Covina. County of Los Angeles, State of California. (At which place offers or bids will bo received). All the rights, tit If and interests of said Almira Lyon, deceased, at. the time of her death and nil the right, title and interest which tho isatcl estate has since acquired by operation of law or otherwise, in and to the following real estate, described an follows, to-wlt: Tho north-west, quarter (V,), of the south-east quarter (VI), of the northwest qtnrter (Vi). of Section eight (S), Township one (1) S. range 9 west S. B. M. in Hie County of Los Angeles, S.tate of California. Terms of said sale are as follows: Ten (10) per cent of the purchase price, payable at time of sale, and forty (40) per cent payable at. confirmation of sale by above entitled court, balance payable on or before one year from date of confirmation with interest and secured by mortgage on said property. E. P. WARNER. Executor of the estate of Almira Lyon, deceased. A. M. PENCE, attorney for administrator. First publication, May 22, 1900. G-5 C. W. Tucker's Studio, Covina, Cal. ft For Sale—Span of five year old mare mules, weight 2670; also wagon and harness. Can be seen on East Center, near Citrus avenue. Phono 200. tf Death Results From Injury Sustained Long Ago. Albert Henry Smith, a resident of Los Angeles, for the past fifteen years, father of Mrs. H. W. White, of this city, died Monday as the result of an injury sustained In a street-car accident more than four years ago. He was 55 years old and had led an active life as a local preacher, church worker and business man. He was once president of the Christian Endeavor Society of San Luis Obispo county. Mr. Smith was born on the Island of Ciuernsey. As a young man lie was .prominent in athletics, and for several years held the fifty and one-hundred- mile records tin the old-fashioned, high-wheeled bicycles. Il<; mad* twenty-two miles in an ho>ir, and the feat was considered remarkable. He <-uinu to California wli"-n '.','•' years old and settled in Han Fr;»<<-i.-:< <;. Later he removed to Han f.ui>- OUinpo, when; for ten years lie '•'. ;is :s'i|i-rm ti-ndfiit c,; tl:o Sa.i i.m•: i/i/isjio I i^bt ill.!.? ('oiii|r..!,y. After !:•• <-;>u\>- '<<> f.os AncfrK'.-: !.»• was for niiii- yi--f.- ;,.^<.- i-iati'd -.viiii lie f.o.-; An/.'( !'•:, (»;«.-> ;n.<J Klo-'t ri-- ('( i:,!.,iny. When nuiif yi.iiiig Mr. H,i, ; .'i; jMi'-<i the Mi-r'nodis' • hurt h. 1>>- v.;..-, :• .-.) rn< •-.• :i(l V in- ; U- .'if <•! lll'l'i li',ji,:i itini '.'.::- ,'t \iff- i-ifi'-r lit ''i" !'!'•• ••'>yf-ri;ui < h'ir< :i This wan. rorsifl'-red a.a h.ji,"r. a.r h- Suggestive Questions on the Sunday Schooi Lesson by Rev. Dr, Linscott for the International Newspaper Bible Study Club. May 23, 1909. The Council of Jerusalem. Acts xv: 1-35. Golden Text—We believe that through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ we shall be saved, even as they. Acts xv.ll. Verses 1-3—Are good men liable to hold wrong opinions? When good men differ in opinion what is the better way in order to reach an understanding? When a professed Christian gets angry with another Christian, on a mere matter of opinion, ha» he or' not, backslidden from the love of God, and what spirit does it show? Circumcision no doubt originated from supposed purposes of health', and physical cleanliness, and afterwards became a national institution of the Jews. State when God first made circumcision the sign, or token, of the covenant between him and Abraham and his seed, and to whom the rite of circumcision and God's conven- ant extended. (See Gen. xvll.) Is circumcision now essential to salvation? Is the belief of any doctrine essential to salvation? Verses 6-11—Ts experience of God and his dealings with us, conclusive proof of the will of God in the matters which the experience covers? Is thorough discussion In church courts, a perfectly right way to arrive at the will of God on any matter? Were those who taught that circumcision was essential to salvation, as well as being narrow, necessarily untrue men? What Is the difference between the "yoke" of the law and the "yoke" of Jesus? (v. 10.) Verse 12— Recall some of the won- ders done through Paul and Barnabas, among the Gentiles, and say what bearing they had upon the dispute concerning circumcision? Verses 13-21—Who was James, who next, addressed the council? James, the brother of Jesus, was the president of the council; it is probable that his address was of the nature of the judgment of the council on this question? Verses 22-29—There seems to have been no formal motion passed by the council, but they appear to have reached an unanimous decision- ns outlined in the address of the president; say whether we are bound to take this decision as the voice of God. In what particulars is the great wisdom of the council shown in settling this dispute? Were each of the commandments given in verse 20 Intended to be of lasting obligation, or were sonio of them only temporary? Prom whom are Christians to get guidance on all matters in this day? Versos .'{O-.'ifi—There never will be a time when disputes may not occur, in the church and between individuals; how should they always be settled? Did thin trouble In the church help it or hurt it, and does find always over-rule trouble, whoever may be the cause of it, for tho good of hiH children? Lesson for Sunday, May HO, HtO!). Believing and Doing. JamoH 11:14-20. P.VRON HOT SPRINGS Within easy roach of San Francisco Wonderful curative properties of the miir! and miner;;! baths and waters. KeachH from J.os Angeles through the San Joac|iiin Valley. Information at SOUTIIKRN' PACIFIC OFFICFS. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, CAL, We curry a full line of Builders' Hardware Our ools and Cutlery are from the best manufacturers Sec our Stoves, Heaters and Ranges of every description Washing Mothines end House Furnishings Painters' Supplies W*re Mattinjj and Pottery ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Columbia Land and Water Company, principal place of business, Covina, Rowland Township, County of Los Angeles, State of California. Xotlco Is hereby given that. nt. a meeting of the directors, held on Ihe eleventh day of May, 1009, an assessment of 500 cents per share was levied upon the capital stock of the above named corporation, payable Immediately to the secretary, at the office of the company at Covlnn, County of Los Angeles, State of California. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the 14th day of June, 1009, will be delinquent and advertised for sale at public auction, and unless payment Is made before, will be sold on the 7(.h day of July, 1900, at. 2 o'clock in the afternoon, at the office of the company In Coviun, County of Los Angeles, State of California, to pay tho delimuient assessment, together with tho coat of advertising and expense of sale. ,T. H. MATTH10WS. Secretary. Covlnn, Cal., May 11, 1000. N. n.—This assessment Is levied to pay part of expense of new 20-Uu-h well and deep well pump. Stockholders' Meeting. To the stockholders of the Monday Afternoon Club: Please take notice that, the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Monday Afternoon Club will bo held in the Womans Club House, in the City of Covina, Los Angeles County, California, on Monday, t.ho I! 1st day of purpose of electing directors, and for May, 100!), at .1 o'clock, p. in., for the the transaction of nuch other business as may properly come before the meeting, CLAKA ri. RATIOK1N, Secretary. Christopher' Cream Quality THE GREATEST SELLER OF ANY AMERICAN ICE CREAM No other cream is so satisfying, so smooth, so delicious. No other cream is so universally popular. No other "just as good" cream can be sold at our prices. Try ft. C, F, CLAPP SOLE AGENT * I ! I I x •*'^*^4Mfr*4M^4 N t*$<gHX M >*'K"^ CHEAP-RATE EXCURSIONS TO THE EAST. Summer 1909 TICKETS WILL BE SOLD TO THE FOLLOWING POINTS AT RATES AND ON DATES MADE (SUBJECT TO CHANGE). Atchlson, Kan $ fio.00 Baltimore, Md 107.50 Boston, Mass 11 o.r>0 Chicago, 111 72.r>0 Colorado Swings, Colo , r>f>,00 Denver,- Colo 5f,.0i) Diiluth, Minn T'.i.iiO Houston, Texas lio.oo KansnH City, Mo no.00 Leavenworth, Man. tiO.OO Memphis, Tenn 07.50 Miueola, Texas 00.00 Minneapolis, Minn 7;i,50 Montreal, Quebec I O8.r>0 Omaha, Neb 00,00 Philadelphia, Pa I OS,50 New Orleans, La 07.50 New Yc>' L k. N. Y | OS.50 Pueblo, Colo nil,00 St. Joseph, Mo fiO.OO St. Louts, Mo 117.50 St. Paul, Minn 73.50 Toronto, Ontario , 05,70 Washington, 1). C 107.50 DATES OF SALES. To Colorado j.oints .lime- -7 to .Inly (ilh, Inclusive; Auuusl !l to M 111 elusive. To all other points—May '2'J. .'II; .Mine I In •( Inclusive, M to 10 In elusive. i>r>, :>(',, and 'J7; .Inly I (<i 7 Inclusive; Si'i'l'-mlnT 7 to 10 Incl'i- slvo, 1,'i, I-I, 15. Hoturn limit—-(''or May, .luuc and July wil<>M. three monlliH afler dale of Kiilo; for .AugUHt. and September Hiilon, October III, IflOO, FOR VARIOUS NATIONAL CONVENTIONS TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AS FOLLOWS: City, N. J,--•American Medical Association. Sell May III to Juno -I. Knte, $ 100.01). Louisville, Ky.—Mystic Hhrlno Imperial Council. He.ll May III to June, 4. Rale, $7li.05. Cincinnati, O.—North American (JymiuiHlli; Union. Soil June, 14 and IT.. Rate, $70.HO. Denver, Colo.- -National ICducut.lonal A'twoelaUon. Sell Juno 27 to July C. Unto, $55.00. St.. Paul, Minn.—ChrUitlan lOndeavor. Soil Juno 24 to 27, 29 and July 1 to 7. Rate, ?7!5.r.O. Minneapolis, Minn.—Y.P.C.U. TJnlverBiiHtit. Soil July 1- to 7. Hato, $73.50. AlaBka-Yiikon-Pacinc Exposition, Seattle, Wn.Bh.~-Juno 1. to October 1C, 1909. Dates of sale—May 25 lo Sept, 30, Inclusive. Hates, going via Southern Pacific and Portland and re-turning samo route, J4C.20. Alsa other rates via other routes. Stop-overt* allowed afc Intormedlato points going or returning. For further Information call on, write or phono to D. B. SCHENCK, AGENT, COVINA Home Phone 144 G. L. TRAVIS, COMMERCIAL AGENT, POMONA. SOUTH E RN PACIFIC * I ? ? T I I t I PLA YOUR VACATION NOW at our expense A cirorcic OP FOUR FREE TRIPS IS SEATTLE ,D YOU DURINO ALASKA- YUKON-HXPO5HION YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK YOSEMITE VALLEY LAKE TAHOE ALL YOUR EXPENSES PAID IK YOU IfAA'K KKJKNDS IN THK KAST WHO WANT TO VISIT TIIK PACIFI COAST WJ<; CAN Ah'KANCK J'J ". This is your Opportunity I' <ir complete information a SUNSET TRAVEL CLUB 0111 !(,, Klnod 1. S.ui Kranri ,ro

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