The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1968 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1968
Page 4
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RythevflM (Ark.y Courier Hews — Monday, June 19, 199" f*t* .... MONDAY, JUNE 10, 2:00 BEYOND THE EARTH Planetary Motion Through Kepler. The complex world of astronomy. 2:30 ALL ABOARD Back From The Cobbler With A Mystery Suitcase. 8:00 JOURNEY ......... The Romantic Road. Highlights of Germany. 3:30 THE BIG PICTURE .... Weekly Report. The U. S. Army in action around the world. 4:00 WHAT'S NEW ... Indian Dances. Authenic dan ces, performed as they are today in the Southwest. 4:30 AUTO MECHANICS . . Automatic Transmission. Mr. Pinette takes viewers inside the mechanism of an automatic transmission to explain the principle of the "fluid coupling." 5:00 FOLK GUITAR This lesson is devoted to music reading, Laura teaches the G scale. Her guest on this lesson is classical guitarist George Olczak, 8:30 EASTERN WISDOM AND ....MODERN LIFE ... ... ... • The Silent Mind. The themes of Eastern philosophy and their applicatioa to modern life. 6:00 200 YEARS OF WOOD...:WINDS Outdoor Music Moves Indoors The development of the wood• winds. • ' • '. 6:30 WHAT'S NEW,.. ....... Indian Dances. Authenic dances, performed as they are today in the Southwest. 7:00 ALL ABOARD ... .. Back From The Cobbler With A Mystery Suitcase. 7:30 CHANNEL 10 TRAVELS The Romantic Road. Highlights of Germany. 8:00 THE FACE OF SWEDEN The Just Society. The life and culture of Sweden. 8:30 THE FRENCH CHEF Veal Scallops. How to choose and cook tender veal 9:00 NET JOURNAL ... The Volunteers. An Intertel documentary, produced by Rediffusion Television Ltd London, on the work of four young English volunteers in the African country of Malawi. The program documents their successes and frustra. tions in an effort at improving the health, education, am interracial understanding of this native people. .... TUESDAY, JUNE II .... 2:00 BEYOND THE-EARTH .. Applications of Gravitational Theory. A non - technical survey of the worlds beyohc our own. 2:30 ALL ABOARD Children Feel Like Flying In The Springtime. 3:00 JOURNEY ... ,~ ... Wild Rivers. 3:30 THE FRENCH CHEF Veal Scallops, How to choose and cook tender veal. 4:00 WHT'S NEW Celtbrated Coin Collections Roger Andersen shows sev eral well - known coin col lections, and classifies the different types of collections 4:30 NET JOURNAL ...... The Volunteers. The work of four young English, volunteers in the African country of Ma lawi. 5:30 EASTERN. WISDOM AND ', ....MODERN LIFE | Eastern philosophy in modern life. 6:00 200 YEARS OF WOOD....WINDS ... Winds and Strings. Development of the woodwinds; the Philadelphia Woodwind Quintet performs for the program. 6:30 MISTEROGERS' . .NEIGH- ....BORHOOD ... Can You Imagine How Many Things "B" stands for Today? King Friday plays Charades. 7:00 ALL ABOARD ... Children Feel Like Flying in The Springtime. 7:30 CHANNEL 10 TRAVELS.. Wild Rivers. . . 8:00 THE AMERICAN BUSI....NESS SYSTEM . How It Evolved. The history of the market system as it developed in this country. 8:30 NET SYMPHONIES .... The American Symphony in concert. J:30 CHALLENGE ... . Working with Radiation, The excitement of scientific research. Guests are staff mem : bers of the Argonne Laboratories. 1C NORTH 4832 V 964 • S3 + A109V8 WEST P A ST AQJ103 A 95 4 VQ1032 VKJ7 4K96 4QJ42 * Q 5 ; +K.82 SOUTH (D) *AK7 VA85 • A JO 8 7 + J43 East-West vulnerable West North East Sonth 1N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening leid—4 Q JACQBY ON BRIDGE standard fashion. South should win the first spade, since ,h« does not want to give the de- tense time to start on another, suit, Then South should lead his three of dubs. If West is not alert, West will play the five and dummy's nine will force East's king." . . . Jim: "From then on, there will be no way for the defense to keep declarer from making four club tricks in addition to his own top cards, He will make two no-truinp unless the defense fouls up its discarding and lets him steal a ninth trick somewhere." Oswald: "If West is alert, he will see that his queen of clubs isn't going to be worth anything if left in his hand True, if East started with jack- eight-deuce of clubs, South could rise with dummy's ace of clubs and finesse successfully against the jabk, but then South would have no way to get back to dummy for the last two clubs," Jim: "If West does play the queen and South rises with dum my's ace, South will lose his contract, His correct play is to let the queen hold and let Easts king make the next club trick, whereupon South will make one no-trump, but pot the overtrick." One Way or Another: How to Tell The Hims from the Hers By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) - It is nice to know, where you're with another person, what sex that person is. Men, for example, tradional- y feel more free to be themselves, are more at ease, tven speak in a different manner if they are in the company of oth- A Sneaky 'Waste' Of a High Card Oswald: "There are lots of iridge plays that come up all he time in one form or an- jther. -These are . sometimes jailed 'book' plays because hey either have been or should lave been discussed in a book some time or other." Jim: "One of these plays occurs when a defender apparently wastes a high card. Some- imes he does this in order to ieep out of the lead, on other occasions to give the declarer entry problems." Oswald: "Let's look at a simile case of this. South has a lormal opening no-trump, and in a duplicate game the chances are that .every South player would open one no-trump and slay the hand right there against a spade opening. The play would start out in fairly Q—Is there any article in the charter of statehood :pf Texas that grants privileges not given to other.states? A — The special privileges which are accorded to Texas by its constitution/are the reserved right to all public land of -the state, and the right to subdivide into not more than five states. er men. They ire also usually more boisterous »nd lesi boyish. Women, on the other hand, when in the company of women show just the opposite traits, They are more ill at ease, less free to be themselves, and in many cases profoundly less feminine and fun-worthy. One of the increasing problems of civilization is how to tell one sex from the other. The pas- slon for Conformity appears to be gradually destroying many of th* recognizable differences between the sexes. Here are a few guldemarks that help the Interested bystander distinguish the hlrns from the hers: If it likes, while swigging something straight from a paper cup, to stand in the backyard and brag about the barbecue sauce it has concocted, It Is a man. If It would rather go to an indoor cocktail party and gab what it doesn't know about baseball and politics, it is woman. Does it punch you in the ribs while it tells a merry story? Has to be a buck. Ppes it place • soft but infinitely restraining hand upon your arm while it tell you its troubles? Has to be a doa, The one that says, "Let's have another one," can be iafe< ly described K male, The one that inquires, "Oh, do you really think I should?" it undoubtedly female. Out to the incinerator to deliver the garbage with a grim air of resignation trudges the husband. Out to the incinerator with a burst of oratory, "This isn't the way it happens in the apartment next door—after all, SHE! is married to a civilized man," walks a burdened wife. Poet, jt *:«ejt love, at a bon« and a mystery that muit jw'irtv. tn for granted? That's tht eternal lad, Must it be assured of love and dots it demand Jhal Jove's mystery be expres»«d">ia words, however larhe and un»; helpful, as well as in conduct, however eloquently mutual! That's the eternal lass. THE EXTRA CARE WE TAKE TAKES EXTRA CARE QF YOU I SI JSEPH HERE TONIGHT will be the Timesman Quartet of Houston who will appear at First Assembly of God Church, Seventh and Ash. The meeting is open to the public, the Rev, Marvin Haley announced. The Pacific Isle of Nauru, the newest of the world's growing family of nations, cnce was; called "the loneliest island in a lonely sea." The eight • square- mile atoll west of the Gilbert Islands just south of th* Kqua- tor had statehood approved by the United Nation*, effective Jan. It. A Health Report From at EXCESS SUN CAN AGE YOUR SKIN The American Medical Association published a report in their journal which stated that, "There Is indisputable evidence that continues exposure to the «un weathen and ates the skin . , . Th» connective tissues of the skin undergoes degenerative changes ... Some of theie changes are pre- mallgnant, the end result of which can be ikin cancer . . . Complete immunity to the effecl» of the sun I* non-existent.". Gently apply » good wntan preparation, to leraen out the dangerous ultra-violet rayi. D» not forcibly rub thin protection Into the skin. Alter iun eipoture, rub into the skin a food nourishing cream to replace some of the natural oil burnt out by the iun. Let us help you select a good product, TOUR DOCTOB CAN PHONE US when you need a medicine. Pick up your prescription If shopping nearby, or we will deliver promptly with- nut extra charge. A great many people entrust us with their prescriptions. M»y we compound and dispense yours? ' Plaza ^sf Drugs PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER Ph. PO 3-4507 Blythivill* ^^l^lv^v * m ^_^^I^H^BV Sugar SAVE ISe! ^T ,. ~. Gandi Cane With $5 or More Additional Purchases, Excluding Beer and Tobaccos. Limit One. 5-LB. BAG SAVE offfec Edwards All Grinds. Vacuum Packed Coffee. Why Pay More? 1-1,8. TIN SAVE GOLD BOND STAMPS EVERYDAY! » M • Coldbrook, JL 1-X4J. Margarine soiidpack,.......o «<» Orange Juice T^F™** .5 "m. White Bread ^,.4 "£££ I Safeway Coffee p Souna.... J B«« < Shopping Safeway is a perfect wa Y to your savings! Perfect because, while getting low, money-saving prices, you also get top quality 'foods in all departments throughout the store. Homemakers find their food dollar? buy more every time at Safeway. We invite you to come and discover for yourself the many advantages of shopping here. Watch your savings grow! Amberstone CLOSEOUT SALE! if Dinner Plata .. if Dessert Dish if Saucer if Coffee Cup if Bread and Butter Plate Only 29 NO PURCHASE Ea- REKJUIRHD! HURRY! SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED! Safeway Quality Foods at Money-Saving Prizes ... Bel-air Regular or Pink, Our Low Price.| Lemonade Enchilada Dinners French Fries Frozen Sherbet Banquet Frozen, Beef & Chew* , 6-0*. .. Tin 12-Ow-. Pkfr Mr. C. Frozen. Save on This! Lucerne Party Vz-Cal. Pride Assorted Ctn. SAVE 16c Lb.! & Hot Dog. Skylark Fresh Bun« .„..„; 10' 39' W 59* $1 8-C*. Megs, S And Garden-Fresh Cucumbers . . . Center Rib Chops BIG BUY! Save EXTRA BIG at This Safeway Low Price!... 2 17 18 to 22 Swiss Steak • Bologna Watermelons Pound..«,. Orange Juice ft. 39c • D if> AH Smok-A-Roma DO'COII Sliced, 2-Lb. fl.lS COME IW%ND YOU'LL COMEX3UT BETTER" Toilet Soap Jr. Meats 2 5 SM7c Heinz Assorted Varieties 2 3 t°' 57c Cheer, for . l-Lb.,4-0«. Laundry or Dishes ........ Meg. Hi Meat Dinners 4</z-Oc. $1 The : Light, All- Purpose Salad Oil h.,g-0«, CT.. iti. 3/C New! Detergent Paper TOWelS Bounty Absorbent .. Deodorant Soap !^ ...... 2 83c Dinners BIG BUY! Banquet Frozen Mexican Dinners, Our Low Price . . . 125-Cr. ..Rolf 3 5c mom.

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