Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 16, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 16, 1896
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' J THE LOQANSPOHT JOURNAL VOL. XXI. LOGANSPORT INDIANA, WEMESMT MORNING. SEPTEMBER 16.1896- NO. 222. Wet Weather Garments Mackintoshes Tours is the chance to get a reliable water proof mackintosh at a Bargain Price. We came in possession of some standard garments much under price. We place on sale Today 50 Misses Plaid Serge Mackintoshes, worth $2.50 for $1.85 35 Misses Double Texture Garments, Full Military Cape, worth $5.50 for $3.48 Ladies' all Wool Cashimere, Double Text- ture, Military or Double Cape with velvet collar, rain proof, worth $10.50 for $6.48 A lot of 20 Silk Lined Garments, elegantly made, the very latest sty.es and each garment guaranteed, worth from $12.00 to $15.00 for $9,48 VOTES TO SPARE. Republican Ticket in Maine Electee by Large Majority. Uncertainty Surrounding New .York Democratic Convention—Quiet pay at Canton. A Mackintosh Bargain is yours for the asking. WILER & WISE Au'g-usto, Me., Sept. 15. — Ke turns from 19 of the 20 cities and 231 towns gives Towers, 63,285, and Frank; 25,142. This iu three-quarters of the total vote of the state. The same cities and tpwns in 1892 g-ave Cleaves, 62,290. and John-son, 41,341. The republican 'gain Jn the cities was 19 per cent., and the democratic loss \vas 35'/i per cent. In the towns the republican gain was 22 per cent, and the democratic loss 41 per cent. If the percentage holds- in the towns to heai 1 from the republican total vote will be 02,500 and the democrat- 'ic vote, 33,500, making the republican plurality, 411,000. . •': . The democratic vote in 1S92 was 55,397, and in HS94, 30,021. • The vote for the populist candidate and Mr. Clifford are included in about, 5,200 scattering, 'Mr. Clifford- receiving. less than..'l,006'.C The total vote figured up abojyk'Vi&yoo'o. •- ' " • In the/; ooigfressioual districts Sir, Heed '•isVi'fcoltfc.ted by 10,399 plurality, a g-uin •D£'3j6o6,''and Mr. Dinjrle.v by about the sa'm^>';plurii]ity. Mr, Milliken'had 409 and4ii Broadway. 306 Fourth 5 + reet. You Are Taking No Chances In buying your footwear of us. You can rest assured you ore getting the about ItfipOOfVjind Mr. Boutclle had an increa>:efeplii'mlity. The republicans carried eyery-Jcounty, elected all of the I senators iuji3,VT40. out of 151 representatives. '.''.i'? 1 . 1 . 1 . 1 -,' • . . •' Belfast/lteV.'.^Sept. 15.— The returns from Waldo' *bcrity, complete except Freedom, g'ive^.l'owers (rep.), 1,777 plurality. TSo^wissinjf town may carry it up to l.SOOi Every republican officer in the-;coxiuty is elected. Belmont is the on/y/'to'Vyn that went democratic. Portland^-Me:,. Sept, 15. — The returns 1 indicate thnijthe republicans have clect- dd the entii'eVBeiKite, carrying every county.- TljSifeJ,Was no democrat in the last senate;"^afe'3' there will be none in' this. The ret^nli so far received indicate. that tiro^lumso of representatives latest style the best quality and a perfect fit. Now as to prices— just rend a few of them. Its money In your pocket to do it. Men's dress shoes .................................... OSc to $2.50. • Men's -working shoes ................................... OSc to $1.98 toddies' dress shoos ...................... ............... OSc to $2.50 Ladies, house slippers. '. ............... '. ....................... 4Sc •'.';'• Children's school shoes. i... ....... :./. ................ 75c to $1.25 Get a writing pad and ruler with each pair. We warrant onr goods. E. M. Walden & Company, 315 Fourth Street. It ft expected that a large delegation from Maine-will come to,Canton within thojijextweek. • _ . •, .'•The commercial travelers of Gin cinnati nnd vicinity, 1,000 strong, will visit AfajYMcKinley on Saturday next. The: Can ton. commercial travelers arranging- to pive their Cincinnati brethren-a'handsome reception. APPEALS TO UNCLE SAM. P. .J- Tyuiin, the Irish "InTlHciblo/. A»lcl . . ...Protection at American Citizen. ,'• 'Paris. Sept. 15. — P. J, Tynan, the Irish.'/Invincible" who was arrested at ^Boulogne on Sunday, has appealed, to United States Ambassador Eustis and nYso.jjbp President Cleveland, demanding the protection of the United-States goverataent as an American citizen. •Glasgow, Sept. 15.—Edward r.ell, the " dyjinmite conspirator, who was 'd here^on Saturday, has made a. •stiiternent'.through his lawyer, in which 'he-says that he is a nntivu of Harlem, Nv'Yi iHe left New York city on August 19'-foT; ; Antwerp," from which place he' went to .Berlin, Inter to London and •finhHy baiiie fo Glasgow, It was his intention', he .says, to sail from Liverpool Jot "New York Tuesday. Bell admits thivtJie is aoriember of an -Irish club in York,-but--denies that he is asso- oiii til J' with any conspiracy, The in- criminating'documents found in ,l>is jon, he says, were not found iu the Jijy.ntor'y'bf the hotel in which he • stopping-, as was stated Monday, jut -wtre dropped by somebody in a I music'hall where'he pic'ke'd TEAPPED AT LAST. A Persistent Robber of the Mails at Detroit Arrested. Thefts Continued Over a Fifteen Month*—Clever Detecting the Guilty Period of Work in Man. OUR FALL WOOLENS ARRIVED, This Fall there are many new departures from the old run of patterns, and we have them all. We will show you this season the Largest, Host Stylish Most Attractive and EXCLUSIVE line of Woolens in the city. Early selections gives you the cream of the stock. Carl W. Keller, tailor and Draper. 311 Harket Street 5ee Our Prices on Granite Ware. 4 QUART SAUCE PAN ' 6 QUART SAtf CD PAN 8 QUART SAUCE PAN • 10 QUART SAUCE PAN 12 QUART SAUCE PAN 6 QUART MILK PAN v 4 QUART COFFEE POT 50c 6PINTTEAPOT 35c NO. 28 WASH PAN - 20c NO. 30 WASH PAN.... 25c CUSPIDORS : .- 28lr T.J. FLANIGAN, 3loflarket Street 25c 85 40c 50c 85c 15c Natural Gas Rates. Partail payments annual *ates begiij October 1st .896, Consumers desiring to avail themselver of the annual rate, on the basis of six payments should arrange to have their stoves connected by thatdate in order to be on time. Co, will stand l£$'republicans nnd 5 democrats, exactiy'^the *aiue as in the '-• legislature. In Arodstpck coiinty the democrat hod. two representatives. Iti&notcer tain that they have more than one now but the Van Buren district is given th benefit of the doubt. William Dicke; is classed as a dcinocrat, but he was on both tickets. Lewiston, Me.i Sept. 15.—The Lewis ton Journal has received returns from 312 cities, towns nnd plantations in Maine, which voted Monday as follows Powers (rep.), CO,1C8; Frauk (dem.) 27,345'; Bateman (pop.), 1,001;. Ladd .(pro.), 1,489; Clifford (sound .money) 519.' The republican plurality iu these 312 towns is 41.823. . . . The remaining-183 to.wns and planta tiona will increase the plurality to between 45,000 nnd 50,000, The Journal 1 ! returns show that the house will consist of 145 republicans and 6 democrats,, while the senate is solidly republican. Democrat* of Jf«w' York. Buffalo, N, Y., Sept. 15.—The throngs that usually precede state conventions in a presidential year were still abseni Tuesday morning and but for the presence of several hundred members of the National Builders' and American Health associations the city would be deserted. Not until Tammany cohorts on their five special trains arrived at nigfit did the town assume a convention aspect. 'The- forenoon trains brought in democratic leaders and delegates by twoa and threes. After the men had conferred with the leaders who ^vere already here some light was thrown upon what will probably be done at the convention. In the first place there is littlfe hope of Senator Hill's coming here. His alternate, .Lawrence T. Fassett, is here, and will carry out the instructions of voting for Bryan nnd the Chicago platform, which the senior' senator refused to do. John C.'Sheehan, who was iii Albany Tuesday conferring with Senator Hill, will be here Tuesday evening, nnd will probably be the most influential leader here. Tammany's silver .tongued .orator, Thomas F. Grady, will probably be the temporary chairman of the convention. : The .permanent chairman has not yet been decided upon. Maj; Hinkley has beeto asked to retain his' place as cn'alritian of the state commit- •, Itotterdura, Sept. 15.—John F. Kearley, ji-li.as Wiillabe, tlie all-.'ged dynn- initor',.who is under arrest here, was cx- 4mineii by. the police officers Tuesday morning-, but.he declined to answer any s \y,hatever. A letii^r dateil at 3oul6gne was found in his pockets, and s -'presi'mied .to have been written by 'yn'dn.-'In the letter the writer tells •Wallace", and Haines, the other sup- lOsetT'-'clyhamiter arrested here: ''If 'ou-dh-Je not go to Scotland now, conie •to'"Bbilflog'ne. "• Then we will talk our .p'hi'n' over. Cowardice cannot be toler 1 - 'lited'-ainongst. our brotherhood." : '-Ldi'tclon, Sept. 3")i—A disj;atch from Briissiils-'to the. Pall Mall Gazette savs i*' sum of '£,?.0no sterling: w.-is iri the possession of Kearney, the S'llegwl • dynamiter. when he was. ,ix'- rested at Eotterdajnl .The money was in notes. •-'•'•- ....•-.-. . • • > MEET AT PITTSBURGH. Superior Council of Ancient Accepted Scot* Huh Kite Mnnoni Enjoying It-elr. Pittsburgh,Pit.,Sept. 15.—-The eighty- fourth''conclave of the supreme council, Aacieut Accepted Scottish Rite Masons- of thethirty-third and lastdegree,north- ern jurisdiction of America, met in Masonic teinple, Fifth avenue, Tuesday morning.'- There are about 300 members in attendance. These, with their wii'ea and families, number in all nbout500 visitors from.'.ih'e states cast of the Missis-, sippi riveivjind north of, Virginia.- The proceedings, of.theconclave.began Tv.cs- day mbrnili'g.in the conferring of the de- grec-'upoh-'mpve Uia'n' a score of caniii- dtttes'blected at the hist meeting. The visitors!•frill be entertained until Thursday-.''" : Tuesday -the ladies were driven thrbtig'H : ' ; the parks, and afterward, luhched'-'at the residence of-Mrs F.' Jarvis Adams. . At night there was a rcteptio'nMri Pittsburgh Carnegie Music hall; with; a concert by *he Mozart club. Wednesday ii river excursion will be taken; a'n'd in the evening a banquet-will follow at- the Monongshela house. TKufUday a special train will take the visitdrs't'o Carnegie JEomcstead steel ivorks rind Wc'stinghouse industries. Biulnet- Portion of a Town Ueitroyed. Vinceimcs, .Ind., Sept. 15.—A special [rom-F/reclandsville, in Knox county, says.that almost the entire business portion.of that town was destroyed by fire.Tuesday morning. Besides the business -.lipjise's, several residences wera jurned,..-leaving^ many families home- ess.. The damage is estimated at$SO,- O00'.thus ; .far,,and the fire is still burn- ng..,;lt;is thought to be under control, lowever, and'.but little additional damage, will'result; The origin of the fire is unknown... ' . Seek Bxtradltlbn of Alleged Murderer. ; Woodst'oelc,' ; bnt.,.Sept. IS. — George Jn'denvood was before Judge Finkle. lueBdoy I in extradition proceedings instituted "by United States Deputy farBhal Maioch,. who recently arrived ere ; -for'the-purpose of taking the ol- eged'murderer, Underwood, baek ^yitll iiifl'-tp'' l Housto]i 1> Tex. Underwood is' the murder of a man Chicago, Sept. 15.—Harry Larnway, porter at the Union depot in Detroit, Mich., was. Monday night caught in the net of robbing United States mail pouches and placed'undcr arrest. For months there has been a leak in the postal service between this country and Canada, which the detectives were unable to locate. Suspicion, however, pointed to Laraway, and after much difficulty ihe crimes were traced to him. • ' Inspector Stuart said Tucsdtiy that Laraway's thefts had extended over a period of Ij months and there is no telling- how many letters he has stolen. Monday night, alone, he took 43. Complaints have been coming- in for months past from Canadian correspondents of ^hica'pro banks and a quiet Surveillance was instituted. Extra precautions were taken hi the matter of sealing >ouches and mec were concealed in the cars, but nothing wrong was discovered. Then it was found that the 'sacl;s'had bec'n cut open and i-escwed with soiled thread. Men \vcre detailed to follow the vans on bicycles, others rode on the roofs of the baggage cars and watched the clerks, and it was at last decided that the work was done in a little brick building in the Union depot at Detroit, where the mail is transferred. Laraway, , a Canadian, worked there at night, but could not be watohed, as there was but one door and 110 window. A special compartment was built adjoining, but proved impracticable. At last a tunnel under the building was made, and the dispatch announcing the capture of Laraway in the very act of cutting open a sack proves how succe ssful this plan was. INDIAJS 7 A NEWS. \ jToldia Brief by Dlspatohas from* Various Localities. Boy Rerealu a Btory of Murder. Fort Wayne, Ind., Sept. 15.—A lad named Bowen told Humane Officer Schlaudrof' a sensational story. He said that about three weeks ago ha was stolen from his home at Midland, Mich., by a man named George Stiver, nnd was kept in subjection until they arrived in Fort Wayne. The sensational feature of the lad's peculiar story is the statement that Stiver lulled a railroad detective near Vicksburg-, Mich., a few days ago while the officer was trying; to force him to leave the company's property. The detective was buried by Stiver, who compelled Eowen, who is only 11 years old, to kneel on the grave and swear never to reveal the secret. Stiver was arrested, and is being held on .1 charge of abduction pending 1 an investigation by the officers of the more serious charge. STEWARD SUICIDES. Then the Fa»»en|rer» of Steamer Hold litmellt Concert tor Hl« Widow. Quarantine's. I.,. Sept. 15.—There was a supposed suicide on board the American line steamer JVew York which arrived at un early hour Tuesday morn ing I'roiu Southampton. George.Citndy one of, the deck stewards, wns reported missing- Monday morning.-.A thorough search was made, but no trace .of him could be found, and he is supposed | to "riavcjumped.oVerboard fluringthe early morning'hours. • • ' A grand concert was given in Uie salon'Monday evening for the benefit.'ol Sandy's widow and orphans; at.wb;ch Hon. J. >B, Fpraker and.Hon. James Smith, Jr., -senator from 'New Jersey, presided./ .The handsome sum of $5i7 was netted, at'the concert, ond 1 ihe nmount will be handed over to Mrs. Candy when the Xe'w York returns to Southampton. Cnndy was 27 years of age, and resided, nt the latter port. May Develop Into a Murder. JefEersonville, Ind.. Sept. 13.—A murder will probably develop from tbe wreck on the Air Line, near TazeweJI ast week, Thomas Anderson and George Wilcox, of New Albany, were on the train. M"r. Anderson went into the baggage car to see a friend just jefore the wreck occurred. Not finding him, be was about to leave, when he ?aw a roan strike another with a club. The man fell unconscious, and all attempts to revive him were unsuccessful. That car was being used as a saloon. Just then the wreck occurred, and afterward the man who was at- lacked was listed as one killed in the wreck, and his body carried away. The railroad company will doubtless investigate the affair. Mr. Anderson is perfectly reliable. Say Mob Law Ii Incited. Terre Haute, Ind., Sept. 15. — The Northwest Indiana Methodist conference, after a sharp debate, adopted a resolution offered by Mr. Colvin, of Fowler, in effect that.the condition of political unrest, like a sheet of lightning, is a threat of a storm, and that ai demagogues are frantically endeavoring tO'arrny labor against capital mob law is incited, and itis proposed toover- throw organic law; therefore th« prayerful attention of thn people is demanded. Dr. Hickman offered a resolution of sympathy with the Armenians an'd one with the Cubans, the latter one 'expressing a hope-that C'lba would become a slar in the galaxy of the re[public," which expression was warmly applauded. . ' ' Alleged. EmbVzxlcr Caught.- Ter 4 re Haute, Ind., Sept. 15.—A man said to'be Lawrence A. Culver, accused 'of being 1 the absconding, president of a. Logan county bank; was arrested ou a Vandalia west-bound train Monday. He is charged with taking $30;000 in 1SS2, and with being a fugitive during the four years succeeding the alleged embezzlement. He refuses to talk. tee, but lfe-'l(iisi declined to do so, as his views ar,e!-Tibt Jn accord with those who are shapes;,' tJie,.course of the democracy. Hiiijguecesspr will probably "be Elliot Oa^fprth, formerly 'of •'Bate' bridge, Wo^dEVNew York city. •''-•' The sVtu^ti'qnlin regard to tlie,ticket was no clearer^Tuesday than Monday. John Boydr^aiter is still : talked- of, jut the silver'ii}^ are not.enthusiastic over • him. Owing,'to the .uncertainty of .the candidat^sCjttnd programme;' the convention -is lyfcsly to rl 'P over two days. .. • .'vYi "'"..•.' CHllon ftt Clinton. ... Cantou," ,'-',0.',-', ;5 ; ept. 15.. — Hon. 'B. ^C. Kereris, of St/'jijjitfs, Gen. H..L..Eurnett, of Xew Yp'rk^-K^d, Abner McKinley BT-, rived at 11 .p'pl^ejc 'Tuesday..'morning' Logansport & Wabash 317 & 319 Pearl Street. tj^rty p drove at once to the Sid^ucb, A smnS"delG^,i%ipn fromMarshallai.id,.. Battle. Creek,.^Cft}i;i',,. called ,en Maj..McKinley .'durmg^^pl mornirj'g.' ,'Thci'c' were no s'peecile;? 1 .,' ,,. ..'„„',. 1 'Among Maj. 'licKinley's other'collcrls..' .was Bishop J.' C. Hnr'tx.cll, of Congo,' Airtca.^- • • .' ' -•••>":• •-•, ameaJ'Hebuck in Houston. The ca.se waa-adjctarned'until Wednesday. President Acquitted. - Je'ffexsonyille,. lud., Sept. 15. — The '.trial jfl^Dr: W.-E.-Breyfogle, of New Al- .bainy.,, ^-president of the Monon rail- Mud, ,QP . the charges of forgery and cnjbezzieqijent in connection with the failijEe^ oj'^the J'ew Albany -Banking. cbinpanj-, resulted Tuesday ir. a ver- •rtict of'ntetjulttal. Several other indicif- w.cre continued; S'ii'jD&d Away tram nbm'p. , Koipinft';ind.,:.S(;p't:':ii3.— T. L. W.vkcs, a-merphinyt'o'f.tJiis.cJty.-djed at St. Paul, Muin^abelng; .taken sick while attend; ing the;.(^i'A. R.. encampment, 'When 16 yenTsi;o'ld'. : he.;'enlisted in the Thirty- first Qblo regiment as drummer boy. ' t ..''Dapfrntern of. the Globe. . ' . ..Syraeusej !lnd.,,.Sept. .35. — A ]5augh- ter§"bT'TTiQ: Globe .garrison was , insti- ith-75. charter members. g O f ;siioe Belern, -3, :> !i 1 ..: Sept. 15.— Miller. & SehalTer, shoe dealers, failed Tuesdiit- on three executions for $3,311. Gluts Manufacturers Confer. Cincinnati, Sept. 15: — An informal conference of glass manufacturers was held. Tuesday morning at the Eurnet house. Representatives were present from the Pittsburgh Wii'dow Glass company and the Western Window Glass company, of Indiana, who were authorized to spealc for the g-lass companies of both Indiana and Pennsylvania. The object of the meeting wns to discuss trade conditions an'l if possible agree upon some action with respect to tbe output for the coming year, _____ _ ' M.111* Rounne. Johnstown,. Pa., Sept. in.— After a shut-down of n.i;ie clays 3,000 men have resumed work at the Cumbria mills;',' General Manager Pierce states that the steel works, open hearth, blooming' mill No. 1, mil mill and three blast furnaces are the departments which hav resumed. At the time of the shur down it was announced that the slum] in business was only temporary am the early resumption WHS expected. KniJruiirt Lund* Approved. Washing-ton, Sept. 15.— The secretary of the interior has approved the following railroiul selections: Southern Pa cific railroad, 5,381 acres in the Visalia (Cal.)-land district; Central Pacific railroad, successor to the California &, Oregon rnilroad, 3,676 acres in the Redding- (Cnl.) land district, and another list of 160 acres to the same company in the same district. Cloien Up the Rouil. Wabash, Ind., Sept.. 15.— G. B. Swet- ser, receiver of the Chicago, Indiana & Eastern irailrbad, has .stopped all trains :and indefinitely suspended tl>ebperatlo.n •of the road, which has been running at 'a loss. He has asked for a court order .to sell the rolling- stock snd pay presa- ,ing claims. Canadian Failure. ' Hamilton, Ont., Sept. 15,— John Mc- : rherson <£'Co., manufacturers of boots and shoes, suspended payment Tues33figS2Bfral of Cuba Liabilities estimated at $175,000. The 'Bank of Jfontreal is the fir^n's heaviest .creditor, its claim being for $125,000, S-JO,000 of which is secured. Diphtheria at Elkhnrt. Elkhart, Ind., Sept. 15. —- Eleven deaths have occurred in this city from diphtheria within the past seven days, and an epidemic is threatened. Several of the city schools ha\e been closed owing to the increasing number ol cases. It is expected, -that the entire schools of the city will have to be closed if the contagion is not checked. Bank PrefllUcnt*Dloo* Philadelphia, Sept. 15.— James. B, 'Doyle, president o$^Jhe_Northwestern national bank of : lK)_^$§nnd a well- knqwn business man, died Tuesday at Atlantic City after n lingering iJlnera. Ke -was CO years of age. Opening of the State Fair. Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. .15.— While Monday was the opening day of the Indiana «tate fair, the attendance was exceedingly light. To-day will see the fair well in hand. Indications point to successful exhibition. Horse racing- will be the afternoon feature of each day of the fair. A Destructive storm. ' Warsaw, Ind., Sept. 15.. — A heavy windstorm struck this locality and a large brick factory in this city, owned the firm of Eosenstock & Shields, vas blown completely down. Numerous barns and .other buildings over the country are reported demolished. Jay County Ki-Soldlen. Portland, Ind., Sept. 15.— At tbe annual reunion here of the ex-soldiers of Jay county the following officers were fleeted r President, John W. Headington; vice presidents, one from each township; secretary, Levi L. Gilpin; assistant. secrets^}', William Green. I'lireoun ifafce l"»»t Flight* Elwood, Ind.,%ept. 15.— The El wood Homing society sant six carrier pigeons to ^fontrose, 111., n distance of 150 miles, where they were turned loose and made the trip :n less than four hours, being delayed some on account of the dense fog. ' A Musician Killed, Elwood, Ind., Sept. 15. — Information reached here that Ed Porter, a young musician of this city who has been. in Kentucky, wa§ killed at Ewing. Ky., last Friday while attempt-. ng- 10 bo.ird a troin. Denied by TVejlcr. Havana, Sept. 15. — The c.-iptain gen- Gen. Weylcr, denounces us entirely false the statement con- ained in n Madrid dispatch to the effect hat he (Con. Weyler) had cabled to fndrid that 33 insurgents confined ia- he Cnbanas fortress and Morro castlo- •••ere'shot Sunday. . 'Mu'ncie, Ind.. Si-pt. 15.— David £. Mil- rr has been rciease'd from jail in this i--v, where he has been confined since une S 'on- the charge of embez/.Jemint, \'i -n,-,f,4>'

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