Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 25, 1945 · Page 16
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 16

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 25, 1945
Page 16
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§>pi»riB , Fefnnry 25, Joe REVERIES^ PAbT. PRESENT. FUTURE ~ IsY ROSS PRYSOCK. ,= i -Alto* •0.27 'A-;>;;-h ;f>ct«'<l fay 'cli U bccm 'committ*!? in O' .": •J U game was not iirf also two sanies to lie pUycd tway. oue with Bedford and lhe tilht-r Jt \Vt-stmont. Zone Defensei^ c ' 100 ^ Sportsmanship Aiwird. At Banquet Here On March 11 Other sc'hools In Uie district thixt: Throutth-i are etpeeted 'to ciofe their seasons | -><".'("-or("iirwR. the wmlng week, or -whof .>,««" hivs'rioted f -^°V ' a ^ Fr^y evening..ta-i NoBarrier Local Shooters " jieri .last week; Berkeley Springs, scheduled -lor 'J'"]closing tomorrow evening; Ridge,.^ I ley, Romr.ey, i' MnorefleJd, B*all, "'"•Davis, Thwnas'-'arid Fort HiU zie.xt iy nisht; Parsons on VVed-| II. McAuley McEvcr, Prii,.]]>f ' ew Is :Lpiit and Head Coaoli > ~ at VPI To Be Principal :§ e t B> r C O 111 6 1' S/E. Markets Meet Pirates Sl. Mary's Wildcats Top St. Patrick Tigers, 18-11 St. Mary's-Wildcat cngers scored an 18-11 -victory over the Sc. Patrick Til TT fklflllllfV Tisers >' €sterda >' on tiie SS - Peter & AH J-AlvtlLlJ-J-llCJ. Paul court. France Murphy had 10 points for.the while Burke and Vocke each had iour tallies for The lineups: ,: ; Siiead Scores 8-Uiider Par In 2nd Round f , of Play Hint never j o! tne three clvy high schools will j Two Ambitious Teams in Mitlgel League Fighting "| s -,; »,„,.., In S S T pn<riif> for Secoml Plttcfc *" Ke ""' ' ill o. o. rjiu"utx t 'iv,h,.-' e P.,,,,,- n Thri'iilrm-d After-. ..' : • ward , . . , ihlj> i npw iav anri Pipiimoni 'Petersburg, , , ' " •» r • ' i tendered by Cumberland Cou JoiV-u" InUr^ n n± i£r!P« »"* OakS nm SldaylJAItOOlia Marksiliail Knights'..of Columbus, carrying ' ! Unless postponed games have been _, ' re-scheduled and imreporterf. these 'l>Cll O< jsi;ho<ils will be 'through ' with the •Hia.wn's scheduled paying by the i end o! this week. . • be awarded the..Scholastic Basket- Rov Comer Shools 20 Bi\i•bail Sportsmanship award in Sun-' day, March 11. at a dinner to'be. Council, out who limW u(H>n joiiii ip as one uf th* hi»!.-'•-1 .ittfthutfi i,t any r<ral »,ii>; .A player, mtelit b< ou(^(.iii<?>ui; i» 1'li at.iliir «" 's'.&f- puint-j. «n lhe bashflbull rd'.ir'., but uiiS<-« l>e is a s c ' ( "' *l)or: in rvci y s'-fi 1 ^, he Is ini?*- Itss fri- Rfpaten »! all cl.»lm.< lo tin- tiiithrst tumors nt thf r-" 11 ''- ' a " annual custom originated by the cmev. cUib, a <c=x years ago. This announcement was made yesterday by Stan Freivrell, grund knight'of ICeatZ Hitjh Scorer for! the Cumberland council. Oris-h: -.iiv •i-Mvu'.: :iv W';f'i i.;-- ; . r'."i bflt 1 !!. "•• •: *or T .\ 't: :', i>> t^-l ' Club 'Bobbie Stakemi iHas His Best ilGanic Of \ 7 Lural Train VJ'ilh 18 Pi)inls— LiiSiiile .Makes •5 of JO Fouls At the banquet to be served at I the'Knights"'pi Columbus home on (North/Mechanic stri'c:, the principal kcls for Calvary Mclluxl- :: ist in Victory over : : 'Trinitv 1- : ' Today's Came _ Revrimera iSoiua End MIDGET LKAGUE OF CLVBS W. -.: .... 1" .• 15 ../- 'SVNO.1V SCHOOL I.E.VOVE in; ^*« ^^7^'Loi-ul Lad Breaks Tic Thai S IMI il R ;Moiintuiiieprs STANDING OK Cl.l-BS IV. L. Calvary Methodist, i: o St ^auVs '- 'V . 12 1 B5. John's. ..-•.'.': 10 3 Un:»<--i Brelhrrr. ' a < t •> 5 7 9 1U 9 10 10 Port Hill PBC Froslburg ..... AMfgnay PBC . 10 1 ^ .3 .850 .350 .3=6 .100 Cartv, ( e ... Murphy, z • • Ferret:, g KJdto:i. sub G. , 1 . U . 1 F.G. fll. •0-3 C-0 0 0-4 o-i io 0-0 o-o -. SI Tilrtcli'i Coi\ler. Pel. : : OA.MV.S TOMORROW • :. '• 1.000 for! !IU! vs. DijiIorr-MJ '1 p. m.V . :• Fros:b'Jrg vs. Alles-iny PSC t2 p. m.) Rcvf-r.uers vs. B:g Five (3 p. m.l Souih End v.-. Plta'.cs u p. m.) .5bV I : . • •.'.•••'. ' o — •?"3I • A.headHrier for the Sunday af'.er- " 5S ^ licon playing in the- Midget. Basket- 62 to '27. Tlie visitors out- i the'! local team alter .the Select llnuor Player A cohiinittee of citizens who. fol-: p:n.\.::s toi hi wi lo L« m ;" 'ry b< P» Pi •r »r In hi m fr fi h( fe h( fe ;K!I the 6 TJvis^ due t« the fact minv of 1»'.«.: of the C'w^<". (lult -j;-c ub-scnt trom t!i>- ri!y." -.•inn- in the service vl Ihf-ir (.iii'.'lry, some in Iw-ar jobs In.r.iriou% Tuirts ?|f tlie cwuntry, rfducins the ininibcr ot- m«»n- kns t^. .1 m?rp hnntiful,' Cnro- t!«r ! .ni!l Kiil^lits "f Cttiuirbn.*. rock ovor t\\r- award with tb(- i-«>n*.?i>t «( IhP remain- Ins;. m.">i'»-;-« i>' th« I'afry club, ajirt will . niitiiu;'- mattln; the JVc'f.nljii T. Alieatt to ', Defeat Pill, 50-47 ifi.rst : few minutes of pby,;. moving: low scholastic;, sports closely. - : will i' into -the 'lead: In the first canto and have a 'report on the players of the ' ' Mor«aistown, W. Vii;.'-Feb West VirgJuia Un!versity':.i'nrncd:.ihe;?«sjd. extending U as they v.-er.i slong. Tl:e:t.hree' 4'J lo 9^-:T lie . v have • been. ' Jol- iocal' tioi's vrerc';- way oiT an their-lovlng'th'e.'players and tcanis closely [p;vssiRg,':althouRh'.when t.hcy. aot {he j and • wiU reach -'a dfcision on. the . 2-1 i/P'-'-'i-.rjporiunity, ' their shwling wiisimost .outstanding .player for good ' - Vest Side Trounces •,:. Dingle Wildcats, 32-18 We^t Side cageis scored a 32-H ^iMu'^gu^wm'^The^amr^: «^^ °^ ^ Di "= le Wildc ^ "" ween the Pirates nnd South End yesterday. - on the Allegany High court,with Gene Porter pacing th attack With eight 'points. Gary Lay sub . o o-v r.. r.a. . 1 -: -.3-5 . C 1-5 ; 2 ' -0-2 . 0 : 0-1 . 1 ! :'0-0 . 0 0-0 'IB Totsis' ...... . Rtiferci!— Leo. 3-n i : •'; : . Yrsicrday's Kc?>ulL» 'St. John's 2}. Tirace lUpuss 13. Fir-iV Baptist .31. !>.iv i Memorial 1". SI.-rmil'a-;3, Pr«i:y:i-r:j:i 20. . -St. Miik'j 13.-'Cent-? s:rvs'. 15. .'Ciritce MethiiiilTt -~>. !•"•-••'- :.u-:h«li»t 9. •United Br?.:h:fn -so. H:. dike's 1C. Calvat? -V'lhoilist 37. Trinity Meihudls man bagged 10 tallies for tlie loser, sportsmanship by time for the ban- Gli iv ai - v MoU°ociLu B-isketbaill 1 ^ 11 '"" «'«'league leading Reve-in.-H«ey. t ."......'..'.'........ .„ the Pitt Panthers fcrnight;.. C^h > Sl.cum of Jhe, Ctun-Jouet. Get^th^work down to two ^^ lea, .he^ntrMjS-^^^^ tables <,n the Pitt Pamirs wmgi t; ^«<-» ^^ "^"'" "'^^•tisti piavcrs' from:, each .team is the scorins n 50-^7 victory in a. hara-i ^e: and l^m ^ a '; ™£\rt he '"Rt step, andVfrom the« six play- fought concp.-.t before .some 4900:tutes m t..e Mird rcf 1 ^,"-^'-"^jers. the one reost duwtancliiis will spectators at tlw Mountaineer field ; ast five mum*so^,'^ ^ ;« J VV'" be - sclectfd . -. » : .. .Markets. Tlie Markets icajii has occupied second . place through t'no season, and the Pirates, on their upwara swing, have been retting The lincu p s: opponents back in .regular •• svyle.! *.. The Bucs are now m third placejp 0 " e r r ./ V 0-3 and have, alms for going further.jnatch*sofi." :.'!...'.'.!!!".!!!! 2 The mceiihg of these two clubs c , 3 close the afternoon program at SS'^^jj. 8 g";;'.";;;;;"'."" 2 Peter and Paul's school court at Phares,-'-sub ""!!.II'!"!!I'.! i 4 6;cl6ck. '•';..': :': : ...- '-'I T • ', .';. 77 The Markets are now two gamesjn in ^ l ,*' s '—. .'"'"'—o 0-0 1-2 1-2 F.a. PI 0-2 • Q-O 1-2 . 0-0 Mountaineers. . on . Wed- was plaved with a hill LaSalle ! u « ^lectKi. p - Be i! lor-^V scoring ^e a'AT>rd has. been one of the Bel., 1JCa. scoring 'slar. was ht-lc by. the tight man to; n'tsduy night were defeated'55-34) FH-^O,^- a ^ e tL;f o\M££ ^S^flSi'-^e Barters,-ai,d,wn S |^ J\ 111" LIK.1IL liiUll W [.,'•, 1-1- ] 1 I defeh** -UiroHphoiJt.! r«i-'«hol« ic circus £ receiu and this, season, there was _ — , __. ^ ;inc.x;^jit:5 \iiiii mi; *. t* *.*k.«.** »T **u ii»»t«.,Q STC3rin' 7 cn z 0 •' 0-0 YMCA Sunday.School leaeue with- ! won their las', ten battles. The twols. uuctat. E .,'....!!"".!'.'.!'. o : . 1-2 out a defeat'-during the season*teanis have • met twice before this Layman, iub ••••••J _^°_ marring its splendid record. Vester-j". a ^°''' ^^j^'ff,.^^eamp 27"-19 and To ,l als _•_'••'••. —: "• 2 ' 6 cthers-imerest in carrying on-the " . . - nite of the game,| awardt took- U up. and" the result bucket, shot for two j . that cruhjbtfvland council, ' h«i'r«<r si* ' Colombus tnilents selnct- .^... 'in'the'.'lfusd when West was .rsfver. -behind Jiie tank n two-pointer throui;ri the . • •• . ; n uo tun w \_iu_mu.-\., II^LILI ^vjni i^ii, two. minutes. gcne,i Knight5 '. of coUirnbus st«ppc-d into "ed.-the' score an«! t he,breach-{uid will carry on for the ward. Jack Siemer (-v-.u.)..., „..•.„ rd „„.'..,_; ' . : . day the Calvary iec.rn swamped] Ulc seconc j wem lo the Pirates 18-15. Trinity. Methodist, with a score pi; Fort- HiU PEG . and -Diplomats avalanche proo'brlions, 57 to 8, and!open today's program at 1 o'clock. - Tne diplomats are tied with Roeder s fourth place and the ranks in the lower Frcstburg . and Allegany 2 o'clock, and while can't exchange y's verdiot.'the Frost- move up a notch if _- - - .team loses, as they Presbyterian who lost yesterday s| nTe li^ for sixth position. ' The other outstanding gamo i of e afternoon will be that between •} tocky Golfer Displaces MacSpaden nl Top At Top Al Pensucola iu Near-Perfect Pulling -' By SK1PFER PATRICK r. PehJacolti. Fla., Feb. 24 WPj— ,ocky Siiead scored .a econd round a-unrier: par 64 today o':feplhcf; Harold Uug) McSpaden s .leader in the S6.5CO Pen.sacoln pen goli tournament after 36-holes •f play... ' .- . The Hot Springs. Va., slammer :ombiii?d near-perfect putting with lis tremendous driving game to bring his two-day total to 131, throe .trokes better than McSpaden who ilipped to a 2-under par 70 after setting the pace in the first rounr; with a 64. Sommv., socking his fifth winur circuit win, m.:ide 11 pars fi birdi I. ithd got an eagle'-on the 508-yh i 12th hole. He; was on every gre J-, .11 par nnd was consistent in sinking short putts. ilcSpaden. \v\io has a half-way total of 134, chalked up a st^a:^ ring 01" 16 pars nnri a couple r: raie,s for a '34-38-10. . Claude Harmon of Grosse Pour, 1 :. Mich., duplicated the 8-under p.->r 64 reglstcred-iby MrSpaden yesterday and Snead; today, and climbe-ri into a tie with Snm Byvd, DeU;o!'. Midi., and Craig Wood. Mamaroneck. N. V. for a third piace u; at 137. '.'.-.. Harmon missed 'a 20-foot putt o:: the 18th hole'by a fraction of n:i ("Continued on Page 21. Col. 3) Original award group.- Tickets for the dinner will • be placed on sale ; within a f e* days. alter; that: potni, but Pitt tied the;hoop; In rapid succession . Kurl and Mr. Fretwell said yesterday th'atjtiou of the previous week althoughjteam being given the decision on a and game. . .... . . . , Grace Baptist and Grace Method- \ ist also exchanged portions, with j Revcnuers .and the Big Five, wtiich the Methodist advancing, to seventh jj^ 'scheduled to gee under -way at 3* place and. Baptists dropping W] o'clock.-' Thcso two clubs have metj eighth. Episcopal, retained it-s 'posi- j twice before.this season, the Boeder 1 , it was idfe yesterday. . , with'onlv.twiniiiutes left to;play, j quarter -.rid rnuirsp. the iwy . I H , VT5fe X eller. Pil^burgh center, s<-6r-jfront. 33-0. • • -••-• '-- -' -- — •• ""• withinl l,;tSa)le Hits tnnsf MX .. wh'i N in \vm. To Him will ne. pr("--rnH'# a'wai'h, iul a tlinn"r to ii» MTvcd Ij.v lhe Iwal co>i«i- r.ii K. «[ C. on Sunday. March tl ,it ihc Knis-'i'v >••{ folumlras li'niiiv nu North ,M<-i-)::inic'street." A( lli^ tlinnfr tln't-i- will'bf'the thn-i- io'-aJ ba.-UetUii!l' coafhts ' aiut nihcrs prmrttinrnv in the spirts wurirf. .^ T:,"'ci-r:::'i:U^« of rhc' ; K. of .C, ro- .r;; ••:, vl'-iis? 'Jor .'Jie ri!Jiner.jto9«. !«ri a- ntlci goal w.put Pitt- witliin rijie-pfrfnl-: of West Viririnia.' -56—15.| > HoWvsjr 'w'aUhall :caane . through ^ with t'-A-o'-slrnitrht field goals to'put| n " n ^" the vtmr.'e' on ice, ' the Jjast with gold watches, tender- led as the Sportsmanship award. .V5 wenr, to y.-ork on the'have looked upon winning the token quint in trie second -qtiarter,Ins one of their mast outstanding "ie first't'-hree minutes of\a'inents, ani others have as- the secure went to 23-10'pired for the.token throughout, the Boll fouled years, with • the result that local scholastic sports have been played clean manner. Tlie games 40 points, a .new individual higV. a. single game, when .he. marked that- number of-points in the gaine[ with: Calvary . Methodist .against F p £ T ^with -LfiSalle on top\ '• in. for one point and j'rom theii on, '' I protest anci the final game was j j A new league scoring mark \vasj taken 'by the Revenuers. 27-21. established when Hoy Comer scored: Calvarv Beats Barloii Reserve,]! Trinity Methodist, : ihe - game final | calvary Methodist basketball team score being 57 to. 3. The former]of the Sunday School League, 1 de-i| league record was-held by M. Coxj/eated Barton Hig-h School Reserves! of St.-Paul's with 37 points.- Comer!jn : the preliminary game .to the; scored 20 baskets . yesterday, al- -, Barton-Benll varsity game Friday | H. 'NT- (••!••• ''-'lijtr, R>itJ ire is well »L i.-.r ri-,;.j im.-i-.'ion. h-V,"!! 1 .,' hiid roc--'-'- 1 " ? i^!'-'- cUi !--<;.'-:- : .--i:cx- -,<sth toys m'y*'??r.\;*--'i"".' ;•-•:••..'. 'Ho v;.T:v n> VFI in 1P35.S.*!"" ." .','... .--.«!, anii h r <i-'st":«-!:i'i'«»" - h to his! Tct-ita ,,:_ . rri rm;: ,!r;ipv \;;uil K-n.. He;^- ^ tV;-••. ;-.''ir,t, to Nr^vilv O:<-':i::n Vr ' i ", l ''^,."^^" m v, -•-;• i<'~ t'ie 'Mart, o:' :!'•* l^'is-.aip.'ti, score s'on've<:l uini! fa. half time sometimes have beeji: rough, : but in night, 29-23. Kiddy sparked the Barton boys with five baskets, and scor-l ing ho'nors were shared for. Calvary thoush he missed three foul shots in as many attempts.. : . E. Frceland, with. 15 points, helped Brethren to beat St. Luke's, by" Ufvnrif-s, Kesner ar.d Arrington Grace Methodist . turnedju'ith three baskets each. Summary:) thodisfc back, 27-9, with C.jc»iv»ry jitihoais-. G re rts.; scoring 15 points : for hisi"- f"'°f cs - ' •• high points. S:. _Mark 1 sj f " c ' t "'nger ',". hr- ; >!-aa-!l .imu r.eci' \'.> VPI ar.d ri*r= >-V:f ttaitll. . -. . ~ " p.ftstert: TC::J- 34-18. , The zone cie!r.'".>e of the -Altoonaj members founded the award, arid "rc'r K ca-.-l<luint was wide «pen nt times Jor-the.) they saw the game played hard-but "• i sharp playing LaSalie .players, who j clean. ; . ;' ,! w. K.i go . thrpusrh for .shots from the sidej At the banquet to be held on '(Continued- on Page si, Col. 3) I March 11. coaches ot the thrc-e local honored and called on for short talks. Candidates for the award will'also,be honored guests. . The banquet is open for the public, both men nnd women. . '• TOTALS Score »l Quarters 13 21 29:| 12 17 23' HiutUfi!;j:iSI K now movine Hv'iinHi Hii' t«urTi:imcnl or final f t->ti- in JFi-.i'T P'ii* nf Uir> ' -rn ' :n if and course, . . r-i. Of .,. .^n bv ri-ntr of l-Tftki-l- <in.rfr^ !>••- r-'-Kt miintt), biil- :ir-.l ivvo v, i-..'V.s will see rev Recent Sale of Yankees Leaves'. New York Boys With A Big Empty Feeling | ' '''' ' WRITER WHO GREW UP WORSHIPPING RUPPERTMEX SAYS TEAM JT1LL NEVER BE THE SAME TO THE By SIIXNEIT. SCHECHTMAN T AGAIN "New York, Feb. 24—1 s'-0-:<i in o oivinto front of th* Ruppcrt Brewery on ' Hilrd avenue the nlternoon Bauc •iut-h sieueci one ol hU Vrasfball con- building lot of my but into tlie sunshine' willi a; had lienn sold to I-irry THacI'lisi!, filled'my eye.4 and <i spine-tiaglingiwerc alive ^-' h.ippy sinrli; on his chubby face,'Dun Topping and Del Webb. .sensation rolled up and down my | trolled the Y airtoj raphcd niy first baseball. ;''-• ciw. ,ir."''.Sr.-.- ! u"tli:ti lime trortr, with Coi. Jake Buppert. A« ^U h-e'R v:;:,:! in a-jiMtc - ( £io«; in frof "< tH " h "« -i.- 'i-cri .«-vri--'=i-hcv^; •.vi'.irr.'.her yciirs with 'o'ioc'-"nV,M-i 'K> ^:i^ pndir.cig'hr^rhciod friends to see my •• ..V'ii-p- •-'•">'• -V {'•".•' -!;"!•»>- j£a\orlro: ballplayers come out. after •-/-r.'Vhor-'i> ',!-." a r:nf"T(-7^e!l.heir talks with the colonel. Of course, all of us kids always we would aUTays cheer and run tol His sicle. I'll never Tor^et the day he. g lu - e t he power, and tradltian of j [fo c Yankeis may 'still remain under . I the now .'regime. The', new. owners ^ ve j^e f an s all the "' wij'mers hnci unc i cr the old RUppert lynasty. But, the Yankees from now on' -won't be the jome for the kids iT?ve a ! .'i!)r;in:7iPTiti, fi'S.? of "h.'trcl waited for the Uabe to «itli Hi-- y . ilie. season en«J» wiili rrli«'iJol< ; fl'- eamc'.anrl Jakes' p _lfii\ •place. '»f tl| e i;i - -it coiirt gainf unlll tho ail- \i-nt nf liir basrtaU .^--asiit), ns j , ;;;nHin is iH^'cn t« trni* ?'•. ^ fteM ^ccor^pli.^hT* 1 *'!!! s : hf rp. .-\r--o!-- t!i«i river:! a<ul Uirnash |i-.r- West V}r!.hi.1:i - ('Tritory. tln-tr Wilt *.tr intrf'-t cnrrird rlnii-,- unlit thi* t/-3ir>s cillii-r full liy »)>(>: wnT«h!(:-i|llirinj; (5ic. tiff: tin^-il (r'r- rpitiiuliii ' tminu'ys, or ii >• ci'iiii < iit»u-;H In niU'nm-r to <|.i> i'i>i:*1 .-.taces - 1" be hi'lrt in >i'>r?iintnv.*h in initl -.March. inn polo coat ajid fameil rap '- saw' Ihc' hii CUES \ rrovrix DEFEATS BKALL Jl/NIOU FTIG.H There was somotliing about thej ma y Yankees aaid Kuth and Rupperfc's 1 -- '• Brcwei-j' that- held a special plnc«s| in .all our heart.s—wliich we hate to Jose—anil will nc-vcr ioiset./ 1'arl Of Si(ieiv:ilks. Etc. The o!c! Yankee.s. as I knew'them', were piirt of a area;, baseball dynasty. They were par 'of i Crpsaj>tov:r I'M.-ke^' ' n-lsh the jiinl'-T high school tfftrn fin ally broke even ! Ucall hish Junior var.«lty ; ( . ;>y nc,si:r< out- :'. >irV:i'!r,ined Bcall ?iulnt bv th« .v;ore of 30-2R. L-a.-t we-ck the Beail fjiun-, was mi top 33-24. Allan the Rtciewalks of New York, of us Viirts grcwiDg up here in t'ie I' city. There was an empty frelins In Hie pit of my stomach when I tirsi hciirrt the new." that the Y:mkcrs of my home town. It's like waking "P <iar to alive ^.s lone as tlicy cnn-. Yankees. XOK- they .Tre:J back. I saw Babe Ruth drapV hisjjrone. arms around Lou's broad shoulders as-thousands of far.s shoiiied and fiinl that you've lost your closest friend— tlifi most precious part of your lift. .... ; - Hcuiier. was the leading -<:»r'er.'- with . 12 .po;n;.= Hc».H '. -\fcorerl mc-st. n' t -Tii'.t v Vl'.h five -.Iw.'ifcot 1 >y.-, s Wf n' in t^l-'*- S'^tiri stamps' d-.irin? ,!,„' <^ rs '; Nelson of the ' lowers '. .The Tioall th-.ire romnin S <: P.t: tit i! r.". a r.ri ,'.-1.'" biit si third icrl.fni(l TFr/i.s I'orllim Shoot Gone aa'<? the aayK.o: Babe Ruth. as;U Birle Combs and Bob Meusel me. trie outfield, and I^ou Gehrip;,--Toriy Laweri, . Mark Koenig and ; Joe Dugah .In the infleid. Nov.;" they are just n nit-rnnry"of hsppy boy- hond days. ' '••• I rccncmlirr tiie any.Miller Hu?- giiis paj.ved away and the day Joe McCarthy took over n.> manngcr. :•• I san- Lou stroll slo-.vly down the dugout *teps nnd into the darkness. • Balie And His limners I saw Babe Ruth hit home runs in the .stndumi and other ball parks. And every time no hit one, I felt that, he /was .hitting it for me. Every time Babe tipped his cap as he went over home plate after bang-iris out a roundrtripper, I felt as;U tliat cap vnis being tipped to ' No matter what good h?.ppens : inj thn .stadium In Lhe. years to come!I under Lhe llacPhail set-up—ic willII not be the same old Yankee doings.[I The Curn'ucrlai-.'l Rifle .nnd Pistol club delt-iH.eri For: Hill club Tliiirs- day at the locai jSvinory range by la'pins, the- official .*<:otrs tKring 800 to 782 The' match conducted under thP'-'sw^-wT.'hliJ f.i! .t nt ant! 1; •': cV TV • to tv , V,'. V:s H~\!\~ it- ion ot , rri ,, ri!i-,ve.'.'-: ! -'V :: opponents", and win 30-^H _ Tlicise were the New York Yankees i I knew 'iirid loved/The new. Yankees may still win iK-nnant-s biic they won't lie the s n m L-. without Ruppert, Barrcv,- and al! ihe Te.^t. ... j I can still fro Tony La/./eri .stairU! it; the biili on i he way to a twin-! iny killing. I' era-, still see Red Holfe; un. third nnri Frunk Cra-'eHl • atj short—r'.'cnn stlii see (lie ?mile;6n; Jake Rti'ppuri'R face ns he watched i - - - - box! We.-tern i..w-ws: iritis in Hit iiiap.-ii^ruJ'Rif'.e an'i Pi-^tjl Leasue re able to o'.it'.r.r.t j-n-RIi NTmiiri O. White, statistical 'officer RX wUne^ and A. Flflier, W. \ : Burfou! antl-N. White \<C. W. Jone-.s .wa.s htah :-"orer with si 176.-to spark the Cumjjerinnd club '•.and C- J-.utlim t.-'pprd tlie Hcortng Hint July; 4th, when the funs saiil f.ircurll 'to the Lite T.ou G'rhrUr :>' <!><• stailiinn. I was thrre when I.ou s:il<I; "CoiUy I con- sidc-r myself (lie Inckic-ft tin- in the, world." 1 too, iras lui^ky—lo be tliere.j Ruppcrt, Ed Barrow his boys' from his third sea t. anil BPS-PAINT •Best Paini Sold Kor the beat In paint i alwii« come to Ffnple* H»Tdw»rf. ; . :• • \\'r AUo Carry FLATLUX The nrn^atlnnal oil base 'iraM- p»prr patnt. tl'i wuhable. llrautiful colors. .; As T heard those words, tears j.'Mct'nrlliy . w'rre my youth—they] 1 were somcthinirr to Inve clearly. They/'* PEOPLES HARDWARE for. S. George at Union tor ti:r iflii-!^.;;',:-.;. •y-.['-'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. r .'.'/.\ i-; o-i 1-2 f--'J tf< 0-fi icr the Fort Fill r!«!)'. -shoot er Pi C- Ul di bt 1C st V, pi In r\ M n-.n.s tw'vtr'ril over ihf 50 foot ciis- :.nnr«. Scores: . CnmbTlnnJ riuS «nd Tlilal If. 171) KINfSKH FOU II.AC.G ,. New YovV:. Fi'ii. 2-t.~PorcMt Kfaw. -\lk-ff.iny Campfrs liavr three p.'hfp^tifij fi:imf!( on (Heir cal- tM'.hir that may he playnl clthrr i»':ci' i.r lu-fi>rp llie closo of. tlir ••<•:;• tui,. .itNmiith tlirrr H notli- tti« rtnfimtr .ihout lliu. (}nr with '-Sotjirr-ii't WM to:1i:ive •'lirfn'plsvcil bi-rr In b«r h\it nliirh ira.«( pntlponrcl : ilur (0 >»rt wf.tlhi.T l^;lt jwe- ' ' tt>m\ni(', • AHi'irariy ' pl.iyrrl it' first narnr with the l^-im n( !lie. eourl but lhe relurn TOTALS Attention Retail Liquor Dealers Beginning Monday, February 26fh, all retail liquor dealers of Atie- ganyXounty are urged to, clear their tables at 11:45 and advis* their patrons to be prepared to leave at 11:55. "".'•. ' ; ' ,' •" ,''• '.:.' - - » ' • • • * -' . ' . ' ., - This is in accordance with the request of War Mobilizer Jamei Byrnes to save fuel and a step in winning the war. We urge your full cooperation. . .i > Allegany County Retail Liquor Dealers Assn. 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