The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 14, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1977
Page 4
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'TAPE 4—WAUOATPOK-NEWS <CONy.). SATURDAY, : 3OLV-gQ, :•" BACK AGAIN Fubllnhocl ICvory Evening C/Cxcopt Sunday} by THK NAUOATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAUGATUCK, CONN. RUDOLPH M. >tENNICK, Proaldont and PuoHaher JTelnphone* 2228 jjnd 2229—All Departments^ Entered no ooconcl cltui.i mutter nt tho post olflco In Naugivtuck, Conn, _^___ 1 month SUBSCRIPTION RATE3 Payable In Advance ........ Jl.OO 1 Year J12.00 I4*ixib«r: Tho American Newspaper Publishers „..„.. Tho N. E. Dolly Newspaper Pub, Aaa'n The Conn. Newnpnper publnhora Aaii'n SATURDAY, JULY 20, Aid For Schools Teachers throughout the country arc heartened those vacation months by the National J'JducaLion Association's drive for an immediate two-billion dollar federal-aid hill and an additional two billion dollars in federal funds for the nation's Do You Remember? From the F-Uea of the Naugatuck New* 20 Years Ago Thomas Lonry, who was "employed at Lake Quas- aapuug, visited his homo on Lewis street. o—O—o Mr. nnd Mrs. Rocco Sabia took up residence in Beacon Kails, after spending a two wccko' honeymoon In Montreal, Canada, o—O—o 30 Years Ago Mlas Lillian Bceloy of Gorman, street vacationed at Laurel Beach. o—O—o Mrs, Tryon Smith and children of Church street visited relatives (n Andover, Conn. . Higher salaries, the a.s.soeiation insists, bo paid to solve the present grave teacher shortage. Members of the profcsr nion wlio left for military and war industry services must be indnwd by adequate pay to return to the school room, The present heavy teaching load, due to the shortage and increased enrollments, discourages new recruits. The association further wants equalization of educational opportunity bc- <,wcen states, which would include a. public school building program sadly needed in many sections. Local and shite resources in many .states are inadequate to jnwure uniform educational standards, according to Dr. Jfalph Mc.Donafd', the N. K A. '» .secretary of higher education. Hf points out that both Jiussia and England, tiro spending many times as much HH this country per child for education, viewed in teitris of natural resources. The New ir'ork State Teachers 1 Association suggests that $.'5,0(JU .should be the minimum annual teacher pay, Nothing more fundamentally important to tin; United .States could come bo- fore ('ongrcss than this whole subject of schools Tor its children. The war has aggravated u condition that long needed righting. Around The Clock NOON IN THE HIGH MEADOW The sun fcols hot on the back of my neck AM I .settle down on some huy, brown n'nd dried, To Raze nt the yfeiv spread far and wide Across to the hills, purplish blue: in the haze. Before me the valley sleeps in the sun And all around the bees merrily huni, While the crickets chirp their love of the heat As I dream away hours I'll oft wish to repeat. Sen that .splendid bift maple, so cool a green, And there a red barn, old but neat; While cows arc Riming, calm, at peace. I thanlc God I'm In Ithe country enjoying the heat. 1 M. C, G, Hawaiian Diversity Hawaii can talk about itself again. Thi' military secrecy of the war years is over, and for the first time since .1.041 the Honolulu ('hamber of (,'omrnercq has been able to resume publication of its information booklet called "Hawaii Facts and Figures," The islands, which at the height of the war had ,'}|fi,OOU military and civilian personnel of the armed forces, are now picking up (he old ways of business. So we learn that last year 1()3,Ktt. acres, of sugar cane were harvested, that members of the Pineapple (!rowers Association packed nearly 18,()()(),()()() of fruit, that nearly 8,000,000 pounds of coffee were produced. Kvi-n more interesting is the list of all products manufactured and produced in Hawaii, because! it includes so many things not ordinarily associated with the islands. Awnings and hedsprings, for example, bricks, concrete and fences, knives, macaroni, optical goods, salt, soap, wigs and wrapping paper. Any group of people as far from other sources of supply as Hawaii is beginning to produce for their owji needs, but the rest of the world seldom hears of more than the pineapple, sugar and tourist business there. Bill Schmelcke is official scorekeeper for the high-riding American Legion team Banana splits have made their postwar comeback. But omigosh at what a price When Ed Farren and Jack Kingsley come back from their trip to Canada they may bring Donald Morrissey here to spend a few weeks as their guest. C'apt. Antho?iy Mjilone is boss of. the police department now that Chief John J. G'oimley is on vacation Joe Triano and Frank Edmonds, classmates and outstanding athletes, at NHS ,werc seen shaking jjnnds and reminiscing the other t!a y Tt was their fiiyt meeting in main' vears. HEALTH ALL FOR Week Otf Jufy 21 Expect Church Mortgage To Be Cleared Tomorrow Farm Factories On a farm near Marietta, Oa., a roan •vvlio worked in a bomber plant during the war is making aluminum fnrnitiu'e. He started a few months ago with ten employes in a barn and now haw 100- workers and five farm buildings. De-centrnlix.ation of industry is being practiced in .many places. Manufacturers have learned that fanners, from long training in varied tasks, learn factory techniques quickly. They provide a ready labor supply during their off-season periods. For the year-round workers, a factory on a farm must, be a plcasontcr place than many city plants. Also, farm-t'ac- tories permit workers to maintain homes in tho country with space for gardens and living space. The factory-toHhc-fann movement is bound to grow in popularity. Apprentice Seaman Joseph A. Santore, son of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony 'Santore, 53 Scott street, is receiving training at the U. S. Navy; Training 'Center, Bainbridge, Md. The local boy left .New Haven last Friday after induction into the service His address is Joseph A. Santore, A. S., 208-03-00, Co. 4632 Barracks 416L, U S. Navy Training Center, Bainbridge, Md. .Cue .of the finest talks we've heard of late was that of Pat Keliey the other night at Sullivan's Inn, the occasion being a testimonial in his honor by former fellow-employes of the Naugatuck Chemical .Co Mr, and Mrs. Ed Han- Jey are waiting for the day flicy'll be residents of Glendale Phil. Walker- is watting for August 10—the day he starts his annual vacation. Orchid of the week belongs to John Brecn for undertaking a big job, -but a job that he's well qualified to'-handle, The well-known Church street merchant is working day and night around the clock to guarantee the success of the Welcome Home program here September 2 He deserves more than a word of commendation He deserves the enthusiastic and unstinting support of the entire community. It Is expected announcement will bc made at tomorrow morning's service at the Methodist clrurch. that the Mortgage Retirement cam- 7a.if,'n has come to a successful conclusion. Hei-beit Johnson, treasurer of the drive, has been assured the balance needed will bo contributed by tomorrow. Edgar has been chairman of tho committee \vor!<- i in# to clear off the debt of 20 | years standing. Plans are underway by the committee for a Victory cclcbratio;i and Mortgage burning, wliieh will bc announced in the near future. The Naugatuck Methodist church, Meadow street, Rev. T. Bradley Lpngstaff .pastor. Service of dfvinc worship, sermon, "Th'; Breaking- Point," 10:06 a. m. Special music for the service includes tho orffan First Church ; of Christ Scientist WATERBTJRY Sunday service JOM3 a. in. (Afternoon .service omitted during Judy and August.) Sunday school 10:'I5 o.. m. Wednesday evening meeting: at S o'clock. • .'Life" will be tho. subject of tho Lesson-Sermon for Sunday, July 21, 1946. The Golden Text is from Psalms 11S:17, 27. "I shall not die. but live, and declare the works of the Lord , . . God is the Lord, which hath showed us light." Selections'from the Bible include the following:- ". , , the Lord is the St. MichaeA'g (Episcopal) Rev. \Vinfrcd B. Langhorst t. vi tji^; j^ivi^v; in ui uuy f> tllC OI J-TEin prelude played by Kenneth Barratt stl ' cn ^ th of n '.V ]i -^; of whom shall and a violin.duet by Harold -" (J bo afraid? " (Psalms 27:1. and T. Bradley Cong-staff. The Woman's Society of Christian Service will hold its July mooting- this Wednesday, July 24, in -the form of a covered dish family supper at the. home of Mr. and Mrs. Noble Fassott, Beacon Valley road. Supper will bo at 0 p. m. A brief business mating-, will be held after suppc! u-ith Mrs. Ralph Floyd, vice-president, in chai-g-c. The service.", for Sunday, July 21, Jlfth Sunday after Trinity, and the week following- arc: 7:30 n. m. Holy Communion, 11:00 a. m. Morning- prayer and sermon. Ushers: Henry Grieder. Theodora Grieder, Raymond Hanks, C. Arthur Fager. Offertory: "Lord, We Pray Thee"—Roberts. Tuesday: G:-15 p. m. Altos and sopranos. Wednesday: 5:00 p, m. Parish mooting-in the parish house. Thursday: 3:00 i. m, Ho:y Communion, Friday, 7:00' p. m. Boys' choir. 7;l, r > p. m. Girls' choir, 7:30 p. m. Emirc choir. Simian or Sunburn? Atany people think summer in terms of simian. Unfortunately, in their cnthuaia«m for a healthy ton they sometimes forget that an'over dose of anything-, oven of sun, may be dangerous. Children need sunshiny and air to grow up sturdy and . Men need, light and sunshine to keep healthy. But too much gun- shine nt one time can be dangerous and shou'lf. be avoided. Suntah may look healthy and it may enhance one's looks—but don't rush nature In getting it. Too much exposure' to the sun over a short period of time can have painful consequences. The sun can burn as severely as a man-made fire. No one would deliberately burn iTnseJf with a hot coal. Why, then, expose ontnelf to being burned by the sun? During .vacation or week-end trips to the shore, the sun should be taken in .small doses, at least until the skin has become accustomed to the heat of the Sun's rays. It should be remembered, too that some types of skin burn 'much more readily than others. People whose,, skin burns easily should he very careful to avoid direct exposure to ttje sun. Sunburn can be as dangerous as an ordinary burn. It may cause the skin to blister, or may bring on a headache, nausea and fever It calls for treatment just as a burn from a fire docs. If one knocks his hand against a hot stove and f s severely, it is unfortunate, but it is an accident If one hurries to the beach the first warm day of summer and del.bera.tely lies in fee sun for hours, it is no accident if he is burned. The burn is the result of inexcusable carelessness. Sunburn cnn be avoided. If the 1S token in small doses at the nning of summer or at the Beginning of the vacation, it can be aKen .,n increasingly Jarge doses is the dnys pass without i- unninK bo rj s ,< of being burned. Gradual exposure to the sun is moro apt f ari to suntan instead of blister The person who is careless o onwiful nnd is beguiled into Joit nngr in the sun for a long stretch the first day of his outing mus CCI to suffer a burn. He ahou' emembor, that, that ,he bur must be treated a » any olh ° e: . ™, of ourn. Applicauons of plain bah mg to da and water or of a greasv salve W iH provide re«ef. A* burn '• "f. Just a Io ^' affair. It m:iy up set the entire system. The patient drink' ?"' Jn a C °°' "»~ •""» <Jnnk of liquids and cat only Jight foods. Bather than -o through Army Seeks 300 'T Former WACS For Overseas Duty Three hundred former mnmbors or the Women's Army Corps nro ho- fng sought .by tho u. S . Army for duty in the European theater of Operations. Applicants for phllit- Applications, addressed to The Adjutant General's Office, may he made at any Army Recruiting Office, hut al) applications must hr- forwarded before August 7 in in" Enlistment is for. tho duration plus .si* month., and initial alignmen >« , PC °" Trcater ons is guaranteed. T '' c . milit "''y clasKiilcntion of needed specialties arc: type-writer Operator C237WClcrk 7^ stT V os1) ~ Administmivc Kc « (o02) Telephone Switchboard Opor- - " Pull u d^tRlj.s nrc arilabl Army Recruiting Station in wit! erbury at 36 North Main stre i PROMPT WATCH and JEWELRY REPAIRING William Schpero JKWELER 180 Church Street Immanuel Lutheran Church Itcv. Harold Lucas, Pastor lO.'-IJj a. m.—Worship Service. _„., i - •-- •.»•—•«. (Psalms 27:2.. Correlative passages fiom Die Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to tho'Scrip- tures." by.. Mary Baker Eddy, include the following: (p. 2S9-32-2) "Because .Life is God, Life must bc eternal, tfe!f-existent. Life Is the everlasting I AM, the Being who was and is and shall lie, whom nothing can erase," St. Mary's (Roman Ciithollc) JRcv. Thomas M. Grttllti BETHANY Bethany Mission. MHSS will be celebrated in tho State Police academy Sunday morning- at 10 o'clock. WEDDING CAKES And Other Special Baking A SpocinHy CITY BAKERY B. P. STOl'PAVr, Prop. •'- Street Telephone 3678 AUTOMATIC JO-Tiilie Mahogany Cnhinet H.-idio $42.00 (Gets All .Stations) ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE SO SOUTH MAIJf ST. TEL. 6162 XaugittTjclt, Conn. BOUGHT SOLD Kent ;i Trailer and Do Jol> Yourself.' ORANGE TRAILER RENTAL SERVICE TEIyKPHONK XmiEnlurk SOUS Idler In Unlnn clly llnnlniiro Hide. Congregational llov. Edward R. llnnce Morning .worship will be heir) _ . at 13 - Q 'r:lock. The minister, Rev The Masses at St. Mary's 'church | ^GoU^n^'' "'" ^^ "" are celebrated at 7:30, 9:30 and M?,,? T , lla.m. ! , r . Mu3ic: Introductory voluntary, in G Minor," Bach; Johnnie Boiirbas i.s one of tlic latest members of the Marino Corps League. The John Grants of Cliff street have returned from their vacation in Maine Mike LaFavo is an ardent follower of the midget races .... Carl Houdlc-y has been discharged from Wa- torhnry hospital, -\vhero he was under treatment several weeks. A veteran writes to tell us he likes THE NEWS, Jack Darby's Sports Chatterbox and this column. . . Thankyu. . . . Pom, Dot and Little Joe, you guessed it, the Como family, postcard from Rocka' way Beach, N. Y., to- tell us, "Having- a swell time on our'vacation. Will see you soon." . St. Francis' (Roman Catholic) Kcr. I'util F. Kcutln/j, 1'ustor Masses will be celebrated in St. Francis' cfiurch Sunday morning at 7, S, 9, 10 and 11 o'clock. St.Hedwig's (Polish Konmn Cutliollc) Rev. S, F. JV'nlcwujk The Mnsscs nt St. Hcdwig's church will he celebrated nt 6:30 8, 0:30 and 11 a. m. The regular weekly vc.-iper service -will bc at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon. St. Anthony's (Roman Catholic) I'rospcct, Conn, Manses will bc. celebrated at St. Anthony's church in Prospect Sunday morning at 0 and 11 o'clock. Holy Saviour (follsh National Catholic) Kov. LOU!H Kaczorowskl '*" u g u o In G "Adagio," Mendelssohn; anthem "O Praise tho" Lord," Tsclwilcowslty: offertory, -'Jcsi! Joy of Man's Desiring." Bach; concluding voluntary, -To < Dcum Laudamus," Claussman. Tuesday cyenin~, adult choir hoarsal. 7:30 o'clock. Bethany Christ Church Kov. Winfrcid 1,,-mg-liorst The (service for Sunday, July 2:, fifth Sunday after Trinity ii as follows: 0:30 ;i. m. Holy Communion sermon. ' Masses celebrated at 8 a, m. and 10:30 a, m. Hillside .Congregational Rov, Paul ~\V, Peterson Tho ?crvlcc of divine .worship wil bo held at the Hillside Conpro tlonn.1 church Sunduy July •>) , 11 o'clock. Dr. Peter P. p'erson national secretary O f the depart mcnt or Youna: Pcoplo.'s and Sun day school work of the Evangelica Misalon Covenant church will b( tho pucst minister. Mr. Person ha. been the t-ucst speaker'at tho jun for camps at ;cromivcll this ycar Mlss Maiticll.i .Johnson of Chicago ill., a. dclcfi-ate.-to the Qiiadrennf.Y convention .it Cromwell, wil! b, (JUest soloist. "' . , . Salem Lutheran Abbreviated business tmmcs iirc fiu,, for people \vho c;in remember wlmt thej- monn. Bob Lowell is enjoying- his annual vacation from the .U. S. Rubber Co Spec Spadola and Mike Brodorick of The Nc\vs staff-are keeping local postal workers biisy with cards, they're sending from New Preston Mustn't forget'Richie Koland is also in on that camping trip. People .nro reported .now OR swarming to Canada to get cooled off in such numbers that they jnst keep -the -wea-ther'hot. St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran 13 Curtis Street, Rev. O. H. Bertram, Pastor Sunday, schoo! 9:30; divine worship 10:30. Text.: .John'l, 13, '•• Theme: "Come: Follow Me, The Saviour Spake." Adult lecture course, Tuesday, 8 p.. m. • . Children's Instruction, Thursday' 10:30. . , • . .-'•-, Sunday school picnic, .Saturday" 1:30. : . : : -' Tho Lutheran Hour every' Sunday, WICC and W.ONS, . 12:30' WATR, 4. p: m. - Synod) VVIUiam B. Frcndljcrsr, Pustor Fifth Sunday After Trinity The Draught of Fishes <Lk. 5:1-11). . • . : Ushers— Phillip : Swanson, Robert G. Anderson. ., . 10:00" a. m.-r^nglish service. Soloist—Mrs. Miles Berry " •3:00 "p. m. —Hartford' District Lutheran-Brotherhood Outing. WEDDING GIFT SPECIAL ELKCTBIC PlSnCOrATOBS ~ with : chrome '.tray, supar and- creamer, H" "" ; . M: WOLFF .83 .X-BAJTO ST., WTHKY, STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 18-20 Park Place Open Dully Until 1 A, M. • DAIXY LUNCHEONS • AND ni-NNKJftS • A J.A CAKTE MENU Dining Room, Food Bar nnd Booth. Service Full Liquor License *~»""^*"»^ > »^»'^^^^*'^i4 RADIOS AT SWAN'S - Tel. 3574 IS Church. St. — E»t. X925 —• CHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY Tel. 22ID i» SOUTH MAIN STREET (ftitponKi* Niiucnitirk Kiirnlinri* On.) 1-nreorj- liciliilr Service ,m All Mnkrs or Hailici Srls. rrnnipf Srrvlro III Kniwniililf TTIc.-,,. I,,,i,.»i BQ,,I,,,nonl fnr Hndin Kopiilr Work. ABI'IIC.V rirr \\VM.lnchounr RmllOM "ml Kl<-c(rlc Admiral Kuillns nnd rbniimcrnpliH XfcwiirMViinirr und Snnnru Knillni. rulirn Cm- Unillds sold, rnninllrd ftnd Scrvlrrd LEBON'fl VK.VETIAW BWJVD i R&P METAL WORKS 0!) SO. MAIN STREET (Hour) Expert Wcldln/r of All Type* ForfinK, Sheet Metal nnd Ornamental Steel JVork " TrlcnbODB B.V7 FOR FURS! ! — BUV NOW AND SAVE — on N. Main S(., 7(5 rirld St. Waltrlmrj- - Tul. S-2JKJ ar' 4-sltS R&P METAL WORKS 93 SO. MAIN Si.-R.EET (Bear) Expert Wcldln«r of All Types Forfflns;, Sheet Metal and "Ornamental Steel Work Telephone 6377' WHITE FISH MARKET JOSEPH CABRAL, Prop. 8 South Main St. , icpst soloctlon of salt and- wnter' fish -at rices. THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson BuUdlnr Naucatuck. Conn. REGISTER NOW FAJ.r, TKRM HBGINS SKI'T, n HiixlnrrtN Aritnlntntrnllon, Arrount- ins, CLEARANCE ox MERCHANDISE SUMMER BUY HER1C and SAVE! ! NAT'S 410 North Main St. Union City TEL. 61.W Fall Term Opens Sept. 3 THE PERRY SCHOOL A f cr for Terry \\ny Trntnlnc \Vafivlmr>- IIPK Holtrp 1'iiy" ELECTRIC BEVKRAGB COOLERS FOR STORKS Electric Appliance Co. 1144 HiilAivIn St. \Vn(. — Trl. H-1242 t COttEGK Z4 .Central ,.A,vc. ..... . Watcrbury HUDSON I SALES — SERVICE General Autpnjotyve Repaljrii B-M MOTORS INC. ' 80-82 SOUTH MAIN ST. . Telephone 6441 TOTE GRILLS Tho. Complete Outdoor Fireplaces ALL TYTES OF RADIO RErAIR WORK Order Your Hot Point Electric Appliances HAWLEY HARDWARE IOZ CHUBCH ST. Telepliouo *088 RUN HUNG ^RESTAURANT 344 . KAST VAIN STRBKT - CHOW MK1N And <)lli« Ol>lnm< < TnnA To lltlko Hflinr. Open Unlly 11 a. m. tn I n. m. Stittiriliiy to 2 'n. .m. v Sundn.v 1& Noon lo 1 n. m. For $400 you can pet » FURNACE and OIL BURNER ,36 Months To Fay The WATERBURY SEATING Co. i Homo S4-86 SPRING ST. 'IT

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