Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 22, 1909 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 22, 1909
Page 6
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GOV. JOSEPH W. FOLK GREETED BY OVERFLOWING AUDIENCE His Address Last Evening, "The Era of Con science/' the Crowning Feature of the Lyceum Course. Oov. Joseph W. Folk, of Mlsflourl, with thin gambling, and licensed It, who reached California yenterday } tho proc.-eedn going to the State Fair, morning, arrived In Covlna laftt even- \ One of the first things I did when 1 he- ing at 6:30 o'clock, accompanied by | came governor was to recommend that Mayor Lahee, who met the distinguished visitor In I/js Angelen. Here they were greeted by a committee and the state support Its fair by proper ap 1 proprlation; that the law licensing this form of gambling be repealed, escorted to Hotel Vendome, where an j and In its place a law be enacted rnak- inforrnnl reception was held until the j lug the registration of a bet on n hour of the lecture In the club-house. • horse-race a felony. After a hard fight Kvery Inch of space of this largo building was occupied and the party was heartily cheered as they entered. The speaker was introduced by Mayor Lahee. He said in part: It. lias been your good fortune to witness the birth of a. new epoch In our national life, which Is now In profess of development. There have been great movements along moral lines In dnys gone by, but they were merely local, brought on by local conditions, which died away with the causes (.hat gave them birth. The vampires of graft, should be driven away to remain for a season, arid then return after the Ktorms of public Indignation had spent Its fury. Today presents a situation of brighter promise to the vision, The ethical awakening shows signs of be-j corning universal and lasting, Instead of local and transitory. From the yes- terda> of six-years ago today Is a revolution li: the conscience of men. Conscience Is the faculty In man whereby he distinguishes right from wrong, and which Imperatively commands iind obligates him to do the right and abstain from the wrong. Whi'ii that, faculty is lacking the man IH said to be conscienceless. A conscience Is needed for the public, as i well as for the Individual, whereby the j right is til-proved and the wrong condemned. Conscience Is the sense we speak of It now is the moral sense of the public—It. Is educated public opinion. Up to a few years ago tho public was considered as a stupid, ignorant creature, void of understanding, and incapable of protecting Itself. That the public has eyes that, can see, and ears that can hear, and a conscience that can tell right from wrong, is a thought of comparatively recent origin. Some financiers and many professional politicians do not understand It even now, and with strange; blindness fall to perceive the strength of the moral !de:i. What n remarkable change has come over the American people (luring the last six yours! Tilings arc not, tolerated for a moment now that ii half doxeu years ago worn Kiibmilted to in wllence. Then bribery was t)n! common and accepted l.hiiiK all over the land; not that all men giive bribes, or that a majority of UK- olllclals look bribes, but it was KCII- f-nilly regarded either with indllTer- (ii:ce or despair. Men gave bribes and thought nothing of It; men accepted bribes nnd boasted of the fact; legislative halls were made dens of thieves, while I lie comicUmco of the people wan asleep. Then came the revelations, and the people awoke to a rcalixatiou of Hie fact I hat no government can long exist where olllclal acts ciin be bought and sold like merchan dise. They renli/ed that a government by corrupt Ion was not a government representative of the people, but was ii go\ eminent by the few with wealth enough to purchase olllcial favors. FIDIII one end of the land to the oilier there lias been it civic awakening, and 11 slern demand to stamp out the offense that strikes at the henrl of free government. Hix years ago men would give and take bribes and still pride themselves on their honesty. They have learned better than that now. Thai public conscience has taught them heller, il has not been Icmii since men hii;h up In I In- commercial world deemed it «'ii- thvly proper to accept rebates from r.ulripuds contrary to law. They Meemed unconscious of any wrong. H v, as rigbl, iiccordfug to their Ilidits. they suid. lull these lights, as we be lit-ve, liuu 1 now been forever distinguished, and In their stead bla/.e i white lights of conscience. Look at the subject of gambling. oi:e of the greatesl of \ices. Il bus onlv been a few Veal's since I ace I r.icK gambling, and gambling of oilier kinds Were not considered as iiivohing moral wrong. The public conscience be giiu lii reali/..- Ihe lad that race inn k gambling is a prolilic breeder ot crime, and a cornipier of youth When I was prosecuting allunicy ai Hi. l.niii.s I SHU a constant stream ol young men passing through I he criminal courts on their way to the i-e l-ntiary, made emhc/./lers and lliie\es by the alluring gamblinu nf the racetrack. Tin- Male \\ar- 1 In i ai t lie: .- : liip this law was enacted, and It has been enforced since It became a law three years ago. The results have been so satisfactory that no one would dare attempt to bring back the days of the state taking this gambling rakeoff. It Is said that when this law was recommended that its passage would destroy the breeding of fine horses in the stale. Those who favored Its passage urged that the breeding of fine horses did not depend upon gambling. That they were correct has been demonstrated by the fact that there have been more linn horses raised In our state without gambling than when gamhllng'on horse-racing was allowed. JOxeopt where the officials, whose Ideas to public and private acts has been brought about because good people have gotten Into politics; and | there they must stay, or the advantages already gained will be lost. Under our system of government every citizen should be a politician In the sense that he depends upon poll- tics for a living. The liquor traffic affords another striking Illustration of the growth of the public conscience. Not many years ago the saloons felt the tjelvcs above the law; they defied the author- itites of the city or state, and If an official became so bold as to demand that they obey the law like anyone else, such was their political power that they replaced him at the next election with one more subservient to their will. They are now learning that they must do business according to law or they will not be allowed to do business at all. In places where they had no option but to obey the law they are professing a wholesome respect for the law. In some places the lesson has been taught thoroughly and In others they are still learning It. The public conscience is teaching a respect for law on the part of all. The people have learned that, in a republic the government rests entirely upon the law which the people makf for Hiemselvon through their representatives. The only soverign we have In this country is law. If the law IH not enforced then the liberty of a majority of the people to make duty It is to enforce the law are cor- I law is taken away to the extent that, rupt.f.'d, to give the privilege of lawlessness to this class, the open gaming house, so common In nearly all the larger cities a few years ago, has disappeared under the assaults of the moral sense of the people. Stock and grain gambling are under the ban of this era of conscience. That this form of gambling Is Injurious to public morals all must admit, that the penitentiaries reap an annual harvest of embe/./Jers from it. no one can deny. The transactions that amount to gambling on the rise or fall of the market should be prohibited, and severely punished wherever they may fake place, and with them will go one of the greatest evils of our country. The bucket shop Is already condemn- their will Is nullified. Liberty to make laws does not. mean license to break laws. License In not liberty. Liberty to make our own laws carries with it. the duty to observe them. H is a false idea of liberty that would have it imply drunkeniH'Hs, anarchism and unbridled wickedness. One might say that this is not a free country because j and in lie is not permitted to shoot game out to defy of season, to conduct lotteries, gamble ed, and if the stock exchanges do not clean themselves of gambling they will be cleaned out by the people, for conscience baa written that gambling must go. It has not been long since it was n. common idea that directors of corporations were privileged to do lawless things that as individuals they would not think of doing. The public conscience lin.s awakened to tho fact that a corporation consists merely of Individuals exercising charter powers from a state. The corporation (.hose individuals conduct Is no better or worse than the Individuals composing the corporation. The people are beginning to know that contempt of law is no less reprehensible when plotted over a directors' table than when shouted under a red (lag at an anarchists' molding, and they frequently stand related as cause and effect. Corporations have been loo often used us masks to conceal the crimes of Individuals. Tho era of conscience demands the same standard of morality for corporations as Is required of the Individuals that compose them. The elimination of watered slocks and inflated values is not an unreasonable demand of the public conscience. Ite- causc they are unjust to tin and compel the public to pay dividends on fictitious values, the public protests against them, and this same conscience, with its sense of justice would as readily assert Itself to pro- led against unfairness toward the individual aggregated under the form and lictlon of a corporation as it would to protect against the injustlc toward the individual cill/en. Take the case of public service corporations — railroads, street car companies and lighting companies, for instance. A few years ago Ihe idea thai they had the right to charge whatever I hey could get was not seriously controverted Now it is gen erally conceded that rights which must I Ihe case of I lie ordinary corporation ciiinpelition llxes its charges upon a reasonable basis. Where a corpora lion has a monoply of some public util ity, as a public service corporal ion must ha\e. the people must either pay the rate lixi'il by the monoply. or ii>. without the service, if there is tie regulation by law. In such instances the law should step in anil supply lite regulation which ordinarily is dune ii> compel il ml,. Ill the era of conscience [he people are ivali/.ing thai the go\ eminent of duiduals aggiegaled under the form ai.d lluil ihe> can lake it into llieir o u n hand* u I;. • i:. \ < • i' (11 e \ u i * 11 i u do so. and make the government juM as ginul as lliev desire, or jnsl as bad as ih'.-y permit il in Income. U'luii l>.a* I.ecu ai i nmplislicd in applying or do other things which are, permitted in some countries. This IH a mistaken view. Under our form of government liberty moans law properly enforced, otherwise each might interpret, liberty to suit his own purposes. So this public conscience gees on, day by 'Jay. corroding some evil, and day after day remedying some wrong. Its energies have been extended from the domain of the public wrong-doer to that of the private wrong-doer, arid after probing into the workings of nuicalB of every kind it has commenced to assail the deeper evil of special privilege. Conscience revolts against privilege, whether It be the privilege of lawlessness or the special privilege conferred by the law. It mutters not whether that privilege bo In the form of a tariff, so arranged IIH to foster monopoly, or a trust to control the prices of the necessities of life, or rebates to favored shippers, or the running of saloons or gambling houses contrary to law. These things arc prohibited by the moral law,- -the law of conscience. There tire some who object to the exposure of wrongdoing on the ground that it hurts the city or state, or injures business. CM vie disease can no more be cured by hiding it than physical disease. There is no secret remedy known for It. No state can be hurt, by the enforcement of law; no honest business can be hurt by eradicating Its evil. Whenever a class of wrongdoers Is attacked they always cry that business Is being Injured, public I This view is not shared by those who would do away with evil practices in business. Nevertheless it deceives many good men Into opposing tho prosecution of wrongdoing. The until who says that the depression in the industrial world Is caused by punishing crooks argues that there can bo no such tiling as honest prosperity, and that Ihe prosperity we had was that of the burglar and pickpocket. It would be more accurate to charge depression to the crooks rather (ban lo their prosecution. The prosperity that rests on wrongdoing is not tho right kind of prosperity. If the country had lo ciiodse between great prosperity coupled with crookedness, ami Ibe public has i less prosperity ami more honesty, it respected. In 'would undoubtedly take the latter. \Vhilo every wrong In business should be prosecuted, care of course should bo taken not to destroy t'io good with the had. 1 do mean eau!ion in punishing wrorn. 'ml care, lesi in striking blindly lit \\rongdoing the innocent be injured with Hie gri'ly. Tho man who would expose and punish no wrongdoing is an extremist, as well ;is the man \\lio \\oul.l pull down (lie :;ood in order t!te easier to uet I In- bad. Il takes no judgment lo extremist. t>Mi In \\eigh ihin; In ileiermine the bad and I ei|lli re 1 houulil Uiid i sil'e. sail i,ul men, lint I he evil m business, bill I he e'. ildoer ness. The oiilv way In >iop public 01 private, is to lii::n. ami let the poop!' :'a.->. ai.- ai e I'ubit. ii > edy for civic wrongs, for through the | exposure, the public concslence Is aroused, and the remedy for malefactors of every kind after all Is In the conscience of the people. The penitentiaries might be filled with wrongdoers, but if the people were Indifferent evil would go on Just the same. On the other hand, very few violators of law of high degree might wear striper/, yet If the people were arotiaed wrongdoing can be ended by the mighty power of the public conscience. With the national conscience clean fhe national life must be clean. No, I do not believe ft hurts either a state, a nation or business to punish wrongdoing. The era of conscience has for Its ideals charity, brotherhood and equal rights. It is the ideal that makes the life of a free people. The war of revolution has not won so much by shot and shell as by the idea of liberty In the hearts of the American people. Take away the ideals of America and the strength of the nation will be gone. We are, made and governed by the things we cherish, and the public life of a nation is but a reflection of its private life. Here between the two great oceans We have founded an empire such as no conqueror of old ever dreamed of, but the greatness of a nation does not consist of mere extent, of territory, nor in the strength of its battleships, but In the purity of Its ideals, and in the intensity of its devotion to those things that make for equal rights, that make for justice, that make for morality throughout the world. In this era of conscience—the most important in the history of our nation —let us maintain inviolate the principle of popular self-government, and recognize the largest, liberty of the individual citi/.en consistent with law and order; unite in enforcing the laws counteracting any attempt them. Let us not array one class against the other, but preserve the rights of all by causing each to respect the rights of the other. Let us not seek as a remedy for existing evils less democracy, but more tle- mooracy; not more money, but more nanhood; not more cunning, but noro conscience. BOINHA/n & RITCHA Cement Contractors LET US FIGURE ON ANYTHING IN THE CEMENT LINE SIDEWALKS AND CURBS OUR SPECIALTY We are experienced cement men and employ only skilled help. Home phone 1067 Covina Orange Groves We have a large clientage buying good orange groves. If you want a quick sale, list your grove with us. "IT PAYS TO SEE US" EDWARDS & WILDEY CO. 232 Laughlin Bldg., Los Angeles D. W. McDonald, Covina representative Home phone 1295, Covina Gilmore Recital. An evening of enjoyment was had by the large audience present at Mrs. Gilmore's recital of her pupils In expression work, given in the high school andltorlum, Friday evening, May 14. The program waa varied, humor being interwoven with pathos, and gaiety with the deeper emotions. Albino Power's reading was given with true dramatic effect. The Misses Luella and Leola Roberts were delightful in their little human nature and character sketches. Walter Hopner's reading, illustrating the noble character and actions of a brave, kindhearted soldier in the War of the Rebellion, was given with a feeling and power which clearly indicates his ability along that line. The Lyric orchestra gave selections between readings. The violin and clarinet duet bd Hen Sisson and Grant Chapman was well rendered. LOOK! LISTEN! If you want to see that nice new AUTO Laundry Delivery Wagon, just drop a card to Lor beer Bros.' Pomona Steam Laundry, the ablest and most up-to-date laundrymen in the valley, and tell them to call for your laundry or give you their price on work. We call Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Work strictly up-to-date. 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