Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 25, 1945 · Page 15
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 15

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 25, 1945
Page 15
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"Hotel Berlin" Previews ( In Berlin, Pa., and Mil. Simultaneous world premieres in me U. S. towns named Berlin will be held by Warner Bros, for "Hotel Berlin," timely screen drama which the company is rushing into release co-incident with the Allied drive on the German capital. The film, based on the best-seller by Vickl Baum, Will be premiered in *' w York, New Jersey, Alabama, Veorgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Faye Emerson, Helmut Dantine, Raymond Massey, Andrea King and Peter Lorre head the cast of "Hotel Berlin." : SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, AID., SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1945 NINETEEN . Broadway' lo Portray Founder of "Variety" Abel Green, editor of "Variety," show business publication, has completed story conferences in Hollywood with producer Arthur Schwartz arid writer Sam Hellman In connection with Warner Bros.' forthcoming film, "Mr. Broadway." The screen story is based on the life of the late Sime Silverman, -! founder and publisher of "Variety," 1 T/ho was an intimate of star and isovice alike on Broadway. Colorful D'esserts Had Their Stand-ins At Studio Actors usually have "stand-ins' but for the first time in motion picture history, a studio had to have 16-"stand-ins" for 16 gelatin desserts. - . ; During the lavish oriental banquet scenes for Columbia's Technicolor spectacle, "A Thousand and One Nights," Cornel Wilde, Evelyn Keyes, Adele Jergens . and Phil Silvers were served a sumptuous repast. One course was a series of colored aspics, molded as peacocks, doves and hawks, "hese dishes were made of gelatin. . The great heat of the Technicolor cameras rapidly melted the jellied dishes. So, for every one of the sixteen shots .takeu .of the long sequence, director Alfred E. Green used a "double" for each individual sculptured dish of gelatin. Del Lord Will Direct : . '"Gertie From Bizerle" Del Lord will direct -'Gertie from Bizerte," the musical which Ted Richmond will produce. Lord recently completed "Rough, Tough and Ready," the Chester Morris-Victor McLnglen co-starrer. • Showing A STORY OF SHOCKING EMOTION AND DANGEROUS LOVE! MIUHTV MOL'SK CARTOON" J.rS: MUSICAL -VOVELTV WITH Cil.KS GRAY — .SKIX.S'iVl' EX.N'lg — MH.T BRITTOX IN THE NEWS: THE BATTLE OK LUZON* STARTS — WEDNESDAY 2 BRAND HEW HITS! MARTHJk Si'o'DRiscou NOAH BEERY, Jr. LEO oCARRILLO •T™* _A[Sctune f jkeai>ie * STRAND* NOW FEATURES lAT 3:0(1 — t:SS 1:00 — D:M SMD _and now f on iheif -'••' r=££sH| MA joins ronH« wilh 'Air font'and'Sgt. Y*rk' f^ ERROL RW WILLIAM PRINCE • JAMES BROWN • DICK ERDMAN • GEORGE TOBIAS • HENRY HULL - WARNER ANDERSON • O ., a ,t v, Racul WALSH [STARTS FRESriERR SHOWING AT THE STHANn FRIDAY Radio Today SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25 E»*tern War Tim« P.M.—Subtract Oni Hour for CV/T., 2 Hr«. lor MWT. Changci In froorami as Hated dut to correction* by ncii&orka made loo late to incorporate. 12:30—Th« Paul Lavalte Concert—nbe Trans-AUantIo Call, Kidiauee—ebi Andrinl and His Comlnentules—blu Lutheran Half-Hour Services — mbs 12;45—Stopak'< Concert Orchestra—blu 1:00—fifteen Minutes Newscast—nbo Th» Church of the Air Sermons—cb« John B. Kennedy aud Comment—blu Stanley Dbton in Commentary—mbs 1:16—America United, A.F.U —nbo George Hicks Weekly Comment—blu Singing Canaries Program—iub»-bas. 1i30—U. of Chicago Koundtaule—nbo Guest Sneaker for 15 Minutes—cbs Sammy Kay* 1 a Serenade; News—blu Detective Mysteries, Dramatic—nbc 1:45—lid Murrow's Commentary—cbs 2:00—Those We Love, Dramatic—nbc The Matlnea Theater, Dramatic—cbs Chaplain Jim. U.S.A., Dramas—blu Sky Klders Servicemen's Quiz—mby 2i30—John Olios. Thomas & Song—nbc News of World; O!in Uowneu—cbs National Vespers via the Radio—blu Bill Cunningham in Comment—mbi 2:45—The Canary ret 1'rogram—nibs 3:00—World's Parade, Max Hill—nbo N. Y. Phllharmonlo Symphony—cbs Th» Charlotte Greenwood Show—blu Itoosty of the A.E.t\. Comedy—mbs 3:30—Official Hour by the Army—nbo Ethel liarrymora's Miss Hauls—btu Nick Carter Detective urama—mbs •4:00—Darts lor Doush. Quiz—blu-weit It Is Set to Music—blu-Now England Your America, Variety Guests—mbs 4:30—Music America laves Best—nbc kelson Eddy Concert and Guests—cbs The Andrews Sisters ProKr^n—blu « hat's Xame of the Song (Jute—mbs 5:00—\BC Symphony Orchestra—nbo Family Time t 1'atrlco Munsel—cbs Mars' Small In a Sunday Hcvue—blu Let's Face the Issue, a Forum—mbs 6:30—M'tropollt'n Opera Presents—blu Tha Shadow, Mystery Ui-aina — mbs S:4S—Dill Shirer in Commentary—cbs 6:00—T|\e Catholic Iladlo Service—nbo Adventures of Ozzle and Harriet—cbs Hall of "ame, Paul Whiteman—btu Quick as a Flash, Quiz Show—mbs 6:30—Great GUdcrslecve Comedy—nbo Fanny Brlce and Comedy Show—cb» Upton Closa and His Comment—mbs 6:45—Dick Urown with His Song—mbs 7:00—Jack Benny Comedy Show—nbo Kate Smith Hour Jor Variety—cbs Drew Pearson and Commentary—blu The Cles-eland Orchestra Hour—nibs 7:13—Xaws Summary for 15 Mln.—blu 7:30—The Bandwagon Orchestra—nbc Quli Kids and Joe Kelly. M.C.—blu fi:CO—Chas. McCarthy, E. iSergen—nbc Blondle-Dagwood Comedy Skit—cbs Tho Greenfield Chapel Services—blu Alexander & Mediation Board—mbs 8:15—Dorothy Thompson's Talk—blu 8:30—13. Bracken Comedy Show—nbc Crime Doctor. Dramatic Series—obs Stop or Go with Joe E. Brown—blu 3:45—Gabriel Hcatter Comments—mbs B:55—Five Minutes News Period—cbs S:00—Sunday's Merry Go Mound—nbu Magazine Theater and Guests—cbs Walter Wlnchell's Broadcasting—blu Horizons, Sunday Cone. Show—mbs 9:16—Hollywood's Mystery Time—blu 9:30—Album of Familiar Music—nbc .lames Melton S; Alec Templeton—cb» Ce'.!rlo Foster's War Comment—mbs »:45—Jimmlo Fldlefs Hollywood—blu Tho Jerry Cooper Show of Sons—mbs 10:OO—Phil Spitalny & Girl Orch.—nbo Phil Baker's Take It or Leave H—cbs Life of RIley and \Vm. Bcndli:—blu Earl Wilson Tells of Broadway—mbs 10:15—Ramona and Her Minstrels—mbs 10:30—Comedy, Harold Lloyd MC—nbc We, tho People, a Guest Show—cbs One Foot In Heaven, Dramatic—blu Columbus Boys Choir Concert—mbs 11:00—Variety and Xews (3 hr.)—nbc Nntvs, Variety, Dance (2 h.)—cbs-blu Music Depreciation; Ore. (3 h.)—mbs 8:00 9:00 9:15 8:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 12:30 1:15 1:30 2:30 3:30 1:30 5:00 6:00 6:30 6:15 7:00 7:30 «:00 s:10 3:00 8:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:15 11:30 12:00 7:00 7:30 . 7:«5 S:00 8:15 8:30 S:<5 9:00 0:30 9:45 10:30 11:00 11:15 11:30 15:00 12:30 12:45 1:00 1:30 i.-« 2:00 3:15 3:30 3:<5 3:15 3:30 WTBO HIGHLIGHTS TODAV Old Fashioned Revival Hour. World News Round-up (NBC). Commando Mary (NBC). NBC String Quartet IKBC1. National Radio Pulpit iNBC). Wonls and Mnslc ((fBCI. Church Service from l^mmsnuel Episcopal Church. News. America United (NBCK University of Chicago Round Tnble INDCi. Ave Maria Hour. News. The Army. Hour (NBCi. Music America. Loves Best (HBC). General Motors Symphony (NBC). The Catholic Hour (NBC>. News. Musicals. Jack Benny (,VBO. Bandwagon (NBC). Ferrone Trio. News. MRnhattan Merry-Go-Kounfl (NBC). American Album of. Familiar Music (NBC). The Hour of Charm (NBC). Music Thru The Years. New* (NBC). Story Behind the Headline* (NBC) The Pacific Story (NBC). News. MONDAY Morning spotlight. News. Reveille Round-Dp (NBO. World News Round-Up (NBC). People Know Everything. Do You Remember? (NBC). News. Fun and Folly With Ed Bast and Polly rNBC). Morning Meditations. Dartlme Classics "NBC). Finders Keepers (NBC 1 Rood ot Llle (NBC). Previews and Reviews. News. Words and Music (NBO. News. Royal Air Force Band (NBC). Sketches In Melody INBC). Echoes of the Tropics (NBC). Morgan Beatty INBCi. The Guiding Light (NBC). Today's Children (NBCi. Woman In While (NBCI. Portrait of a Lady. Ma Perkins (NBC). News. to Happiness (NBC). State Senator Gets Role In Frank Morgan Film Leave ft to Frank Morgan! Now he has even turned talent scout for IHolljTvood. Morgan arrived at Lake" Chelan, Wn.shlngton to begin his role in Metro-Goldwyn-Mnyer's "Hold High the Torch," and was met with ap- pro'priiite dignity by the locnl State ! Senator, Harold Hull. During the four-hour boat trip from Chelan to the location site, Morgan and the Senator developed a strong friendship. • . Upon joining the M-G-M troupe, Morgan suggested Senntor Hall for the role of n. judge in the picture. Senator Hall will play several scenes of his role at Lake Chelan, and then go to Hollywood to complete his part. . '•••••. - .:••' After Sarongs, Clothes Leave Lamour Cold SAHON'G—In 11 films it never came down. GOWN—A Hevolution for Dorothy Lamour. By BOB THOMAS ..; ,?r ! Hollywood, Feb. :>4 — lliere is revolution at Paramount. They are putting clothes on Dorothy Lamour. , For "Masquerade in Mexico," the queeu of the sarongs is being clothed in some startling gowns that will shield large portions of :ier famous body from public scrutiny. r encountered her on the set in a dressing robe and asked: "Do you think you look as sexy in a gown as you do in a sarong?" "As a matter of fact," she replied academically. "I think 1 look more sexy — or rather, sexier. The effect is much more suggestive if something is . left to the imagination, which the sarong obviously doesn't do." Not that she is hitler toward :he sarong. She wouldn't mind that little patch of cloth if the studio bossess would let her act in one, instead of merely display. • . » * * You .must be warmer playing in on location for John Wayne's new RKO Radio picture, "The Invisible Army." Colonel Clarke, technical adviser on the picture, became so engrossed u & scene being filmed that he fell from the camera raft into the deepest part of the lake. Philippine- born Havier promptly dived in and pulled Clarke out. Havier then reminded Clarke of an incident he had long forgotten. As lieutenant on his first tour of duty in the Philippines, Clarke had rescued. Havier's grandfather from drowning when his native canoe upset in Manila Bay. What Havier didn't know was that Colonel Clarke is an expert sivim- mer and could easily have snved himself. the picture since you have some clothes on," I suggested. : , "No, I am just as cold in these found out more than gowns," she said. I they were somewhat flimsy and the form-fit, required that she wear nothing underneath. I asked Director Mitch Leisen's opinion on the momentous. : sftrong- gowr. issue aiid he handed down the decision that "the stockinged leg is much more suggestive 'than the bare llesli." Next I polled Paramounl's dress designer, Edith Head, on whether Dotty looked sexier in the gowns.' "I think she looks much more seductive," she replied, altering the adjective, she showed me the sketches for Dotty's costumes. They were Lulus, but I manifested more interest in the sarong, * * * . Observing that I was losing interest in the clothes. Miss Head answered by breathless queries about the saiong. It consists of a pair of shorts to allow the wearer to move with a minimum of worry. Then Film Producer Enacts Role In Chm Piclurc comes the sarong'., proper, or: I should say, itself. 'Die whole pir- meiit could be cut into two ruht- sizec! handkerchiefs. The sarong seemed to be an engineering achievement ranking with Mt. Riishmore. the tryloti and rx'ris- phere and the Triborough Bridge. What holds the darn thing up, I asked the designer, "That is a military secret," she said, but she revealed that proper cutting, darting and insertion of elastic here and there were part of the reasons for success. I understand other elements include an ability to inhale often and favorable construction of the sarongee. "in 11 pictures Dorothy has appeared In approximately 150 sarongs, all different in design, style and cloth," Miss Head said proudly. "She has plunged in jungle pools, swam, ran, danced and been carried off by apes, but never has her sarong como down." , . . Beautify YOUR FIGURE! Stay Young! Stay Beautiful! . Los* unwanted poundt and mchci, win new pep end poi&e, from our scientific method of reducing. Newest and best electrically op. crated machine! lor exercising and reducing. Vapor baths and ttpcrt masseuse. Learn haw easy ii is te gain o girlish figure this modern woy. Lady Attenrfonl. MOVER STUDIO 231 S. Mechanic St. Phone 796-J ALWAYS 2 HITS TODAY or>d Tomorrow EVEN THE HORSES ARE LAUGHING AT HIM! EXTRA M-G-M "NEWS" COLOR CARTOON 2ND HIT—MUSICAL LAFF HIT "SAN DIEGO I LOVE YOU" JOK HALL — LOUISE AMSUITTON — EIMVAK1) EVERETT HOKTON — ll!.'ST!:K Jil'ATUX Hollywood, Feb. 24 — Producer I Arthur Freed has turned actor! •• It's for his own production at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, "The Clock," Judy Garland-Robert Walker star- rer. ; The noted producer and song writer U playing a successful business- I man who meets Walker in New | York's Grand Central Station. j It's the first appearance before! the cameras. Freed lust acted shortly before the first World War. At that time he appeared with the Marx Brothers! and Gus Edwards on the vaudeville stage. PAUL'S FLOWER SHOP We haven't had much to say in the papers about our flowers, because each day we would sell out. Now as the days grow longer, giving more time for flowers to bloom, we have more of them. So if you want the best in flowers and A-1 service . .. GIVE US A TRIAL Filipino Aclor Pays Debt of Honor in U. S. Hollywood, Feb. 24—A family debt more thnn 30 ycnrs old was wiped out wlien J. Alex Havier, Filipino actor, pulled Colonel George S. Clarke out of Baldwin Lake while There Is No Substitute FOR NATIONAL LOAN GO'S. Friendly Service AUTO LOANS IN 5 MINUTES Household Furniture NATIONAL Loan Company 201 S. Genrne St. »t IlnrriMin rhone 2017 CumherUnrt ;.:•' loiter Mltlfmon, Double Feature Starts Today GARDEN PAT OBRIEN Marine Raiders" RUTH HUSSEY — ROBERT RYAN ADDED ' A Guy ... A Gal . . . And a Dream ... He Built Ships and Broke Hearts - — In Record Time! MICHAEL O'SHEA — I.V — MAN FROM FRISCO — WITH — ANNE SHiRLEY — GENE LOCKHART DAN DUBVEA — STEPHANIE BACHELOR i KAY WALKER — TOMMY HOND Today Last TimesI GRACE M. FISHER THEATRES The Bright Spot in rrte BroWnout MffSKFOR •/'AN M-G-M riC7u*E" ——— ADDED - MGM 'NEWS' "PATROLLING THE ETHER" iwvsuiU. -\ovi:i/rv • STARTING TOMORROW AT NOON* ^^ pf«Ktoi - ^ -•• leave it ert ffte Bu-Bstobds rtxm wpon th« comic rtteir riotoos way . >*rip *Blondi«' created thc - r byChkYo»r>9 h "* ! *;* PEItNT SIN6LETW ARTWW UIKE • URRT SIMMS KAKI8KIC WCAVtt • 10«ATHAK (MM.E • OHIST s«>_ rw^. t, r Co—, i., . rrotm* br ton «UT - ADDED DELIGHTFUL SHORTS - M.G.M. "NEWS OF THE DAY" LATEST WORLD FLASHES : COLOR ; SCREAMING CARTOON COMEDY STARTING , , . THURS. . . . AT NOON VAN-JOHNSON in "BETWEEN 2 WOMEN" wilh LIONEL BARRYMORE GLORIA DEHAVEN — ALMA KRUGER _ It's Van's Greatest Role. .In Love With 2 Women MARILYN MAXWELL

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