Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 25, 1945 · Page 14
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 14

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 25, 1945
Page 14
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EIGHTEEN SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MIX, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1945 "And now, Roy.Stoddart, your Air iVaves Reporter." The arm of the mnouncer went down In a sweeping ire, a signal to Roy that, he was >n the air. He began in a. racy ' -Good evening ladles awl gentle- iwn. Tonight your air reporter will jive .you some scoop news. "The deuth of Vivian Sloane,.«ie >f ciur belter dramatic actresses. Is nil! fresh in.your minds; Suicide he police authorities said at nrst— hey changed that verdict to mur- ler! How right: they are,, if ihal. Is he word for lhls; atrocious deed 3ui it WRS more than that. It was n my opinion, a-cunning.- perpetu- Ued revenue. First'; let me tell you lorne hitherto unknown facts, '.. "The Hollywood ballyhoo started is vou know, when a movie scout ipottert Vivian Sloane behind.; a lalM-counter In one" of the larger lepartmeivt stores In If* Angeles It looked to most of us as Just an- Dihcr publicity stunt. But that was 3n the level. So was the fact'tha ihe was not interested, at first She' felt that she, without any slagi tr screen experience, would find th jotng tough, although, she did havi >U the other essentials; beauty •harm, personality, etc. The bally hoo gained momentum — Viviai Sloane came to Southern Callfor nla on the advice of doctors, change of climate. It reached th peak when Vivian clicked, in ». bis, way, in her first picture. Ten Little, Fingers, a drama of mother love. Tt> most of you K was unbelievable that an unknown, without any previous experience, could, enact^a role with such feeling. "The fact was th«t Vivian Stosvne wn3 actually UvVng her life over »?ain. Tills time getting paid for It, She was married and had a COHTUTl strange story bock of th« Hew York;; That the mnr- riatje didn't last long was no reflection on her cooperation. over his failings. So many, women take it upon themselves their men after marriage. This was e-entering the uickly surveyed of eight or nine. daughter. You didn't you? Very few knew know, did that. : The a herculean task for a mere girl of eighteen. He was Irresponsible, a blackguard through and through. Somehow he did get his through even though he drank to excess. "The day she intended to tell her husband about the coming of the baby, he came home drunk, girl companion. He insisted she Join them in a drink. In bis persistent or deliberate gesture he. knocked Vivian over a chair. She lay limply for a. minute, grasping her side. Hot flashes of pain flushed her cheeks. She wouldn't tell him of the baby- now. She decided to leave him. She had an aunt In Canada. She packed her bags and left lor that some evening. Her baby was born there, ft cripple. "It was two years when she next heard of him. Vivian read paper article of his release change of climate was for her eight- year-old daughter, Sxisnn. "It was the clever Curl Sander, In charge of production, who ferreted out of Vivian thl* chapter in her We to mftlce her warm-up to a role ihe could portrn-y. Mr. Sander is orw prison, on a diamond smuggling charge, ft . seems that on. the day of their departure, as bride and groom, from Australia, the baggage- a ble home deep m Hollywood Hills,', the p< man offered a solution. Since heivlvian had one servant: Vivian switch . jvlv had an empty trunk addressed to a. drove her own car. Late Thursday person In New York, why not \isej afternoon, on .the cook's da.y off. a It and let the mim call for rt on man gained admission into the gar- happy past." Roy crouched forward lo the ta,Vw W h«- un-jlbeir arrival? They ,u«cWy trans I (erred the contenu or the smashed trunk, giving no thought U> secret compartments. A review of the case disclosed th»t her husband had tried vainly to get in touch with her to support his testimony about the trunk, and since : she had not Gomt to his aid, he blamed her." Roy Btoddart shifted in his chair, glanced at the ciocfc, ht was "on 'tnlcrophooe «n the desk before hlrn. his hat pushed to the back rrf his head; In that brief second hi* eyes darted about the private broadcasting room. The armoune«r had nl-epped owt. He WT«I Mone. Then Boy continued: "Ten years (v«o, Virian Slo»«e wa* x happy bride. 3h« had met her husband, a. New York newspaper •writer, hi Australia, acxi happily l«ft her homeland with her man to time." "And now ladies and gentlemen the scon* changes to the day of the power lines running into the :h box. Finished with this jo of increasing the voltage, he sprayec the floor with water.. "it was beginning to get dark "age" adjoining her home, slightly The man passed through a dooi suggertng under the weight of a mounted a short flight of steps an heavy box He immediately set lot eased himself into the house. Whil •* _ ... . ;, _!__!.-]« i_ A t.I n ,* »liT-nnrrl-i "ViOlim ^ TITlVflt work, ftrst pulling down the electric switch, disconnecting the power. He replaced the light switch with one that had metal push buttoa-i, a conductor of electricity. Directly beneath the light switch he laid o piece of thin steel on the cement floor, this fcad a wire running along the edge of the floor to the switch box. Another trip to the heavy box and he hauled out a compact boost- murder. In her smnil but comfort-|| n g transformer, attaching this to garage his the scene. eyes Two Over Ohe Hundred' On Birthday List Anniversary Group For Week of Marc h 4 Released by Jaycees One hundred and eight serving in the armed forces have birthday anniversaries the week of March 4, according to ihe Junior Association of Commerce. The list follows: •:•••. March 1 Lorenzo H. Chambers, Jr., R. P. D No. 2, Williams road; Wilbur M Hardinger, R. P. D. No. 3; George W. Hickle, 1510 Frederick street William E. Lewis, R. F. D. No. 1 La Vale; Robert R. McCoy, Tl' Baker street; Albert L. Marple, 410 Pulaski street; Clarence A. Meyers R. F. D. No. 4; Charles G. Orndorff 1005 Lexington avenue; Jack Platt, Allegany Inn; Earl E. Poorbaugh, R. F. D. No. 1, Locust Grove; William L. Rfinck, 20 Harrison street; Theodore Rockwell, 12 Laing avenue; Alvie W. Sweitzer, Lonn- conlng; Carl V. Weakley, 123 Columbia street; Robert A. Ross, Lonaconing; Frank J. Urbas, Vnle Summit; Francis L. Grove, Westernport; and Carl T. Hockenberry, Hyndman, March 5 • • F. William Bibby, 11 E. Prospect square; Earl R. Huff, 445 Central avenue; Warren J. Livengood, R. F. D. No. 1; James A. Loraditch, 1307 Bedford street; Francis I. McEhvee, 407 Decatur street; Edward J. McMillan, Midland; Bernard A. Reed, 220 Beall street; Charles F. Shumaker 41 Race street; Harry E. Smith, 814"Stewart avenue; William H. Stephens, 327 Central avenue; Jack R. Wetzel, 219 Union street; Richard J. Ryan, R. F. D. No. 1, Westernport; .William Green, State street, Lonaconing; and Charles E. Moses, Lonaconing. : • ..;• : March 6 '•':'• Merrill R. Barnes, 437 Ascension street; Richard F. Beveridge, Cresaptown; Robert S. Binnix, 1719 Bedford street; Herman A. Cunningham, 675 . Fayette street; AUNT HET y ROBERT QUILLEN= looking through Vivian's priyat _^ _ _ papers he stuffed everything till. ofr_forever. Good-bye." odiK lay on the floor, electrocuted. Two! He hadn't counted on that. A Who could "The"' girl must have pushed the ch button, Vivian, rushing to aid, grabbed the child's hand, current passing through her wn body. Without giving any more nought 'to who the child might be he set about his work. In a quick tride he was over to the switch, pulling it down, he now worked everishly disconnecting his death nstrument. That done, he placed the bodies in the front seat of the cai- and started the motor. Carbon monoxide gas was filling the garage when he closed the doors. "Nine years of hatred. Nine years of careful planning. Was it worth it? No one but he will ever know. The next day he learned he had killed his own child. His child whom he had never seen or knew of. "And that, ladies and gentlemen, _ the exclusive scoop on the death of Vivian Sloane. After this broadcast I suppose I should go to the police and reveal the identity of the murderer, but I honestly feel he wiV pay for his penalty by his own hand —and soon! This is Roy Stoddart vour Air Waves Reporter, signing Ward G. Hartsock, R. P. D. No. 1; John T. Kesler, 223 Union street; George O. Parker, 9 Eutaw place; Harry V. Reed, 424 Race street; Ramon L. Rice, 100 N. Centre street; Rodney D. Richter, Box 12, Wilej Ford; William C. Wlsegsrver, 614 Oldtown road; Kinscy A. Wolfe 223 Avlrett avenue; John M. Grimes 177 E. Main street, Frostburg; Ezra A. Morgan, R. P. D. No. 1, Frostburg; Thomas S. Blair, Midland C. Edward Beeman, Lonaconing and Don E. Hansel, Eckhart Mines March 7 Milton A. Baker, 110 Independ ence street; Thomas S. Blair, Mid land; Robert R. Everly, 940 Glen wood street; Gilberto Fantino, Y. M C. A.; Robert D. Johnson, EUerslie James Hawse, 510 Necessity street Leonard M. Kemp, R. P. D. No. 3 Keyser; Robert E. Miller, R. F. D No. 2; John Nines, 133 Oak street Harry D. Parker, R. F. D. No. 1 Oldtown; Paul A. Poorbaugh, Cor might prove incriminating into his pockets. His hands stopped in midair as he heard a car pulling into the driveway. Waiting tensely for what wmed like eternity, he heard a, muffled scream, then another. The controlman was too late to cut the sound of the shot off the riganville; Ralph A. Reiter, 80 Memorial avenue; Joseph H. Schel Jr., 560 Patterson avenue: Leslie '\ Van Meter, Raw lings; Carl J. Nede Mt. Savage; Jack R. Brewer, West ernport, and John L. Baschell Keyser. March S William J. Bender, Y. W. C. A Charles R. Bradshaw, R. P. D. N 2; Vincent T. Clark, Box 51, Wes air. Copyright, 19+3, King Futures Syndicate, Inc. Cumberland Area Casualties X VLLED Pfc. Charles Berkard. 318 South Lee street, In Belgium, January 31- Pfc. Raymond E. Shaffer, Hyndman, Pa., in Italy, November 19. Pfc. KlB E. Brown, Jr., Sa*ton, Fa., .in German?, January Z. Staff Sgt. E!m*r ST. Rarvfcin, Cherry Run, W. Va., In Trance, December 21. Pic. Paid E. Forrest., Mcyersdale J»n... kx France, January 13. Prt-. Olyd« Marker, Ro«fcwood Ta., in France, February 2. Pfe, Manford C. Mankamyer L Som- •rset, Pa... in Luxembourg, Cpl. John Hitohtas, Mid4oH*in.B in Belgium, February 2. Pfc. Robert E. Banick, Keyser W. Va., In Germany, February 8. Sgt. Jonah Edward Kellcy, Key- »er. W. Va., In Germany. January 31 Pfc. William Elton Yokum, Peters bur*. W. Va., in the Philippines, las month, Pvt. Harry E.Dlbert, Bedford, Pa on Lcyte Island January 38. WOUNDEB- Pfc. Garland McDonald, 1103 Vir Kinia avenue, in Belgium Jan nary 16. '• '. Pfc. Thomfl.i "Billy" Preston r lome from Long Overseas Service S lamps In The ...- By the AP Feoljcrc Strwx- I reckon the chickens always come home to roost, but you seem to notice it most in family affairs. You take Cousin Henry. He raised sand every time one o' his youngsters got married. The way he carried on, you'd o' thought marryin' was a crime. And now he's gettin' paid for it. Sue died .last year, and he's fixin' to many again, and his young- ens are raisin' the roof. He says it's none o' their business, and everybody's got a right to. plan his own life, but it took him a long time to learn. '.; . v ,1. Johnson, Star Route, Flintstone; Carl F. King, 428 Cumberland treet; Charles W. McCalllster, 22 forth Waveriy Terrace; John Nines, Viley Ford; R. A. Park, 229 Emily treet; Edgar D. Price, • 6 Arch treet; Raymond F. Wigfleld, 518 Bedford street; Frank L. WiUon, Jr., 4 Blackiston avenue; Carl W. Wolf, Oldtown, and Andrew Miller, Char- estown street, Lonaconing. March 10 Charles H. Bonig, 342 Bedford street; Abram T. Brown, 245 Columbia street; Franklin P. Burkett EUerslie; John T. Fey, R. F. D. No 3; Bonton Miller, R. F. D. No. 3; Paul E. Hendrickson, 626 Shriver avenue; Edwin R. Hunt, 546 Nortl Centre street; George A. Kirby. Jr. 938 Maryland avenue; Kenneth P Majihis, 1322 Virginia avenue; Elwood V. Morrison, Long; Cletus H Moyer, Ellerslle. and Richard Grove R'. F. D. No. 1, Westernport. W-'right Develops New Air-Cooled Radial Uni New York, Feb. 24. (JP}—Wright Aeronautical Corporation announ- New Baby Rocket Projectile Pncks Enough. Explosive Power to Blow House lo Smithereens Pfc.' Allen M. Smith After thirty months' overseas duty, Pfc. Allen M. Srriith Is 1 on n 30-<lny furlough at : the home of his father. James E. Smith, Wlllowbroolc road. He wears six campaign stars for service in North Africa, Sicily, Italy and the South of. France war _,ocal Airman Mem her Of Squadron Commended An Eighth Air Force Bomber Sta- ion, England, Feb. 24 — Staff Sergeant Samuel D. Steam, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Steam, 464 Baltimore Avenue, Cumberland, Maryand, is a member of nn Eighth Air Force B-17 Flying Fortress squadron recently cited by the commanding general of its combat wing for maintenance and operational excellence. The unit's bombers had the lowest number of mechanical failures resulting in turnbacks short of the targets of those of any squadron in the wing during a recent month. The squadron also had the fewest bomber turnbacks in its heavy bombardment group in the past ye<y of bombing attacks upon German military and industrial targets. Sgt. Steam Is the mechanic crew chief of h. Flying Fortress. His wife, Mrs. Erma Steam, and son, Terry, two years of age, also live .In Cumberland. Prior to entering the Army Air: Forces he was employed as a loom mechanic by the Celancse Corporation. He has served in England or more than a year and a half. MISSING Pvt. John K. Mackcrt, 312 Franklin street. In Germany, since February 5. A recent its Cuba's orntlve marking the arrival in this country [the first representing sales in the Philatelic Agency, the second sales at post oflices, and the third first three-centavo commem- centenary 01 •he first postage stamp used in the Americas — the famous Brazilian "Bull's Eye." Although a year late, jthe light brown stamp is a handsome tribute to day covers: Poland 2.545,000, 17.455,000, 224,172' Czechoslovakia 2,103,000. 17.897,000, 145,112; Norway, 3,469,000, 16531,000, 155.054; Luxembourg, 4,665,000, 15,335,000, 166,367; Nether- street; Earl A. House, R. F. D. No. 3, Keyser; Carl M. Knipple, 732 Maryland avenue; Elmo L. Liller, 505 Pennsylvania avenue; James C. Martin, 120 South Lee street; Robert C. Morgan, 816 Louisiana avenue; Max L. Thompson, 941 Maryland avenue; Richard C. Wilkinson, 522 North Mechanic street; Lawrence A. Minich, Frostburg, and Henry M. Parsons, Eckhart Mines. March 9 Herman L. Adams, olfi Hill street; Mllnor R. Bruce, 103 Washington street; Howard W. Corathers, 226 Harrison street; Harold M. Dixon 308 Cecilia street; Francis J. Hess 112 Karns avenue; Clarence A r .some nimue L«J uuu,u^«, »-,—-~, , ---•--•• ,,„_-,,. 'the anniversary, lands 5,088,000, H,912.000. H8.763, 4 Belgium 5,545,000, 14,455,000, 154,220; France 6,049,000, _13,951,000, 163,478; Greece 3,135,000, 11,865,000 166553; Yugoslavia 3.195,000, 11,805,000, 161.- ell, 66 Mario • 115 Fifth ced recently development of a new ' - - -- air-cooled radial engine in a power range not covered by designers in the last eight years. The new seven-cylinder Wright Cyclone aircraft engine uses inexpensive low-octane iuel and develops 700 horsepower, said G. W. Vaughon, president of Wright Aeronautical and Curtiss-Wright Corporation. Alrframc manufacturers are expected io design military short-haul type cargo planes and advanced trainers around the new Cycllne seven. The same engineers also designed the eighteen-cylinder engine powering Boerlng B-29's, the Lockheed Constellation and Martin Mars. • " street; Warren With the U. S. Ninth Army in : Germany, cFb. 24— (Delayed)— (/P) — The Germans have been throwing toward American lines a baby rocket four feet long and with enough explosive power to blow a. house to smithereens. This "warkoerper" weapon packs the wallop of a 30-pound bomb and apparently is launched from a. truck trailer or a ram leaned at an angle over the edge of a trench. Ma]. Harry Suf field of Woodward, Okla.. exhibited a preserved rocket of this type that had been picked up in Germany. The weapon looks like * piece of arge stove pipe 50 Inches long and a. foot in diameter with jets at an angle in one end to make it spin as the gas fumes propel it through the air. . "That spinning gives it a terrific screaching noise," Suflield said. "In fact it makes more noise than the old screaming meamies." Calif orn i a-To-Florida Flight Takes 9 Hours Miami, Feb. 24. (/P)—A giant Loch- heed Constellation, largest land plane transport now in operation, flew non-stop from Burbank, Cal., to Miami, about 2,500 miles, recently in 8 hours and 43 minutes. • The plane will be used by the Army Air Transport Command of the "Africa-Orient run. Illustrated here, the stamp plc- ^ tores the continents of North and frozen feet and hands. Stuff Sgt. Terrance Froiitburg. itv Belgium January 28. •, reported, to have suffered j zone ,, w(tn „ tank outfit. Pfc. Smith Byrnes, returned to trie ; States "without . sorafch," but with oh assortment Pvt. Charles Condry, Frostburg, ^ hospitalized Sh France *"- t^nrhf of enemy battlefield trophies, such trench helmets, flags and guns ' — Pfc; Louis Weaver, Hambleton. W. Va., In Germany. January 25. Cpl. Wilbur. G. Fox, Friendsvllle, hospltnll^cd in England for trench feet. Pvt. George-P.- Knisely, 117 Blaul ivenue. In Germany February 7. Pvt. WOUNDED Marvin J ; Calhoun, Everett South America 835; Albania 3154.000, 11,846,000, with Brazil out- 163,275; Austria 3,344,000, 11,656,000, lined and the'172,285; Denmark 3,159.000, 11,841- clates "1843-1943".I(XX), 173,784; Korea 4,020,000, 10,- g At the bottom .of 980,000, 192,860. the stamp are reproductions of the :nree "Bull's Eye" stamps of Brazil's first Issue. ' • * • • Liechtenstein, the little principality located between Germany and Switzerland, is issuing a new set of pictorial stamps to replace the same denominations in the 1937-38 series (Scott's 136-150), according to word resetting J. and H. Scolow of New York, and Switzerland. Values and their deslgas released thus far include: 3 rappen, brown, view of Planken; 5-r, dnrk green view of Bendern; 20-r, red, view of . Lt. Jnck.R. Wetzel, 219 Union ScnBtin . Si. ys Aviation Will Be Large Industry Glenn L. Martin Makes Prediction to Group Maryland Officials Baltimore, Feb. 24. W— Glenn L. Martin, president of the Glenn L. Martin Company, airplane manufacturer, predicts that within seven .or eight years after the war, avia- Vadm; 25-r, dark violet, clew - of ition 'will be the worlds "largest in- Trtesenbcri;; 30-r, blue, view of|dustry" ' . gray Violet, view of Martin made the prediction to ft . . , , street, in Germany, since February 7. Mauren . i.20-franc, brown and tan, tn-oup of Maryland officials who „.,. „ ----- ^ „ ^._... T,.,,^ . . .. ---- .. . ^ Baltimore plant of his Pfc. Kenneth E, Porter, Barton, in Luxembourg, since January 2B. vnluna valley; l:50-f. green blue and tan. Lnwenn; 2-f, brown, Duke of Springs, W. Vft., In the Pacific zone. • : . , Pvt. fklward James, Hancock, in, Belgium January 36. j Pfc. Dnle B. Sptingler, near Som-; Pa., in the European Theatre of Op- t'ratlonx for the second tlihe. . Pfc. Alfred L. Dichi, Mann's Choice, Pa., on the Island of T^yte T-5 Rnymond G.. Shaef er, Somer- "anuary 13. Clark, Baltimore Pike, in Germany February 3. Pic. William R. Pfeitfer, Hyndman, Pa., in Germany during Pfc! Paul J. Flnnegnn.'.Imlar, Pa..| Ucnen _ ste , nj ' sn d 3-f, -green, Duchon nn undisclosed front, since December " 21.. •:. . ' •'•' : : Pvt. John "Jack" DeRosa, Ridce- !ey. ; W. Va.,- : In France, since February 6. i :' ' Pvt. Alton J., Jr.,-. Thomas, . . W. Vs.,'In Belgium, since Decem- her 28. Sjt. Edwnrd Kelley, Keyscr, W Pfc. Ralph VV. Mangold,-Wftstcrn- Pn., on nn'undisclosed war front. Lt. James Villano, Westernport, in n., on nn unflisciosea war• irom- l,. hn Philippines January 22. Pvt. Donsld M: BORS5, 244 North; J,o e D Ick Piedm Centre street, viary 13. : Cpl. M.irtln U Lowcry.-IOS Spring- ds>l<! .»trpct. on WMtem Front. Pfc. Franc^ M.-..Pi»3s«r<?ni, Frostburg, m the Western;Front in Europe. .;:"'' : : '/ :' .- PJc, Robert R. Rhodes,: 202 Elder street, in Frsrit* fr>r the third time. Pvt. Leo M. Everly, 94* Glenwood itreet, in Ocrirmny. ..•'..' Pfc. Alfred Llpscomb, . Kcmpton, W. Vn., in the Luzon island campaign. : v Sgt. Wllltnm H. Brown, Lonacon- Inp, on'Uiion January 24. : Pvt; : WllllBm R, Srlbert, Braddocfc i rarma, InfOfirmany. : ,- StftfT • Sgt.. Peter Paul Evans, Mooreflcld; W. Va., !n Belgium for Uv« second time. Pvt. Charles Price, Saxton, Pa., in m Jnmiary II. Va., In Germany, since January 3! Fli?hf, Officer John .H. ;England. Everett. Pa., over Germany since January 21. . • ; DIED IN SERVICE Capt. William J. Cunningham, native of Ml. Snvage, In Son Diego, Calif. ess of Llechensteln. Still to be released are 10, 15,. 40, GO and 90-r values. . : . • * • • r'rom Australia comes a new two- pence rose violet stamp picturing King Gem-Re VI ^- Bgainst a bnck-fiiiiaUi ground Australia's gum ti trated hern. Another new issue is „-, , , i Pfc. Gnorge Dick, Piedmont. W In Belgium, Jan- Vn Jn Luxern bourg: Fcbniary H. Pvt. Dominic DiGllarmo, ji former resident of CumberlaiiA, in Germany rlurlng December. Pfc.'Clark A. : Iclccs, Mcyersdale, Pa., in France January 2. Sgt. Clarence Ackerman, Meyersdale, Pa., in Germany January 31. Pvt. Charles F. Martin, son Mrs. Genevleve Martin, 611 North Mechanic street, haa been promoted to staff sergeant. He !s a squad leader with the 349th '.'Kraut Killer" Infantry Regiment of the SBth "Blue Devil' 1 Division with the Fifth Army in Italy. : • / ; : : Mrs. Ralph L. Dyer, Eckhart, re- firm recently. The officials included 17 men-' of the two aviation commiti : the General Assembly and representatives of the State Aviation Commission. : • Among thm wns Senate Aviation Committee Chairman R. Fulton Waller, of Wicomico county, who expressed the hope that aviation would unite the Eastern Shore with [the counties across the Chesapeake Bay. 1 ... . Afrr seeing the Martin plant assembly line production and other |plant facilities, lenders among the i of flclnls forecast an alrrritnded fu- jturc for the state based on its nat- lural land and scnplan" Pa., In 25 i,- in "» n « J "™» r * ' "' c . nml>r ^, He Is serving with a Troop CArder Pv:. Ray O. BubAugh, Somerset. .,„__.._., .? t . h . Armv A 7 r Coros PH., in Belgium January Pvt. Max-Fluke, Everett, Pa., in the Philippines January 22. Pfc. Nlnl WlIHnms, Everett, Pa., in France January rniso 3-Ssrt. Kenneth M. Hottle, Kcy.icr, Wj Va., of German government since September. '•.:''. Major Alnx!'Courtner, Boston, Pa., by th« Gcrmftn«. Command of the Army Air Corps Cpl. Dyer entered the sorvlre-Feb- ruary 19, 1943, and trained at Miami Bench,' Fla.: Xavlcr University Cincinnati, Ohio; Scott Field, III.: George 'Field, Lnwrfncevllle, 111. and : Bftcr: Field, Fort Wayne, Ind The'sion'pf Mn«. Mary E. Dlckcn Cumberland, Cpl. Dyer Is a former Promotion Of Mitchell Asked Again Washington, Feb. 24. {/P)—Senator Coincident with the controversy ; Wlley (R wls , renewed recently a over the disappearance of the ttve j reql i csl { ' or "" ' promotion cent "Korea" commemarr.tive from of the late Brig. Gen. William the Philatelic agency, 'he Post Of- , B n ly) Mitchell to the rank of nee Department has lisucd figures i ma j or general. : : on the sales of all 13 of the "Oc- In a g 4n( ,t c speech, Wiley urged cuplad Nations" stnmps. The fiB" rcs recognition of Mitchell's v achlcve- show that except for the Poland] mcntSi rf^crlblng him as "one of stamp, which was given first «">'! America's greatest heroes." • sale In both Washington and Chl- cnpto, the Korea commemorative'led the way In first'day-snles with 192,860 cftncellatlons. .'' ; Twenty millions copies of the first seven stnmpj! 'of the lerlfls—Poland, C/echoslovfikln, !' Norway, Luxembourg, : Netherlands. Belgium and employe. He is the father France:— were tss.ucd. Thereafter of si; : two-month-old daughtrr, Karen each stamp wna cut-to 15.00n.000. The, Post Ofllce's figures, with : Calvert Commissioner Prince Frederick, Md,, Feb. U. (!F> —T, Wilson Hall, Calvcrt county commlsslincr died Wednesday at his home In Hattle Creek, Calvcrt county, of a heart attack. He l« survived by his widow, Mrs. Lucy Hall, one daughter, four sisters and four brothers. The Yank of the Week Cpl. Thomas James Malamphy, Jr.* Field Artillery JIMMY MALAMPHY WEEK THIS WEEK IS Buy War Bond* in Hi* Honor Dear Jlmrar: This w«k of February 35th to March 3rd h«s been ; let ai-ide by. Ptoplcs Bunle »i "Jimmy M«l«mphy Week" for the folVJ here »l hom« to buy VViir Bondj in your honor to speed jour relurn. erf with «mmunltlon to hit the enemy h BUY MORE WAR BONDS AND HOLD THOSI YOU NOW OWN

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