The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 14, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1977
Page 2
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PAGE 2—NAPOATUCK yEWS (COXJf.), SATURDAY. JULY SO. 194 Nauiratuck Men's Chorus DREW PEARSON ON WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Decision Against Bethany Litigant Drew Pearson Says: KKK Cannot Be Ignored; History After Last War Shows How Klan Waxed Ail-Powerful Overnight: Klan Controlled State Governments Wu.ihlnf,'tori—Vurlcux pooplu, Including my .vomowlmt worried wife, /ft boon looking iiskunei) »t rny bertrdltiK 'ho Ku Klux Klnn in its iuirnu livlr In Atlnntu. Thtiy say i urn Klvlnj; the Klmi too much publicity, th/it thn 1'fc-m clouftn't amount lo anything, thut It should be Ignored. Thut, of roui'HO, wn» whnt folk Wolcou matt sought turn of a TVxoa saddle" bri , , nl.'io wikl alioLitn, Ultler, /intl about tho C'uporu) ;;fin;: In It.i Infancy, itrul tin) old Klnn nftor tho lunt \vni-. Y>:t i>:ich anil iirnny.lnf: nt An n vui'y yountr newspiipurrnun, 7 riim>-riil)iii' KoittK out to Kun.'idy to (.•civor the IlKht which VVillliini Ailed Whlti- W:IM trim rnuklnc tho KM Klux Klun In hl» nicii for Gov- (•I'nor. Wlilt'i wtis on (i tit tho tfrout li-udi.TM fit tho Middle Wo;it. one of thu irri.'Ht IU;urr.'if: of tho mitlo If' 1 .stood for Morn'eth-InK which wi truly itrul finely Amurlciin. Y<-t th Kl'in WIIH loo xti'ont; for lilm, It wi'iipun :iK'iln«t It WIIH honu.-ly phi "Hor.riy, Tin- Kluri'M affuliiHt him wvi-o hiilrecl, and imi' (if tin- niriMf. uirtl;rh( pollt '•»! (ji'Ciiiilxntlfinii Ihu Njillon hn Tiint wit* my first Immh with th Klfin, Thi'i'o wurii runny other.': wtii ftniKht thii f<l«n —Otiv. Henry Allon of Kansas, Gov, John M. Pni'lto of Louisiana, Cov. Hugh M. DorAOj of Georgia. Dorscy reported 13, -D Woonsockot. K. I., j u ]y 20-(UP) A] Costa of Woonsoclu-t i, th, nnorhy ,- technical knockout ta >.« fllfhi Wi,h Kenny J amcs of ^ K'l'bury. Conn. The In Georfrla in onsen of lynching two ycnt-.H. 'In Homo counties the Nc-Rrn ia nt; driven out as Ihouwh he were fi wild heitat," Governor Dor-soy reported. "In other*, he In bc-lni; wold i.-i u Blfivp, In others, no Negroes -omuln. In only two of th(> la'iciaten "Itud la thii 'uauai crlmo'~r<ipe— Involved." Louisiana ApponJed For Hi'lti Governor Pftrkor, who wa.s no fnrporljafi-jsrc.r', h«d to tako the ti.Miia] fitop of npponlfn/r to Fodorul o;flcld!a to holp him kcop order Jn- sldo thn State of This wa.s In 1022, not 1870. Ho reported that striU> ol/lclaln cotild not cope with the "horrifying- crlmus" of thi.- Klnn. A Hujjoi-Gcivcrnmont hud Ijfi'jn crnatcd, rnoro pownrful than the Scafu Government -becmiHe It W(IH Invl.illjlc, Lowil police were It WUM Impossible In some states :o be uiectuti without Joining or lowing beforn the will of the Klun. That It.H r/iernbcrnlilp uniw in 3022 nt hi.- r«tu of 3,500 a day. By 1925 it iftd S.OO'l.avi members. And yet It hrid rntiahroomocl from nothing, Pcoplfi had lii tithed at It, idvl.mid thut it iio iRnorcd, Tho •Clitn will dlu u natural death t.huy :tld. Once It KOI utarlod, however. how Imperial 'Wizard, he oppciHltc true. It .itemed KKK, I,mv« . . jf could stop the power of (ho wen; ;«issucJ forbld- DIKJ) " /ll:iJl!Kr,f., Trunk J,, of (j ci-r Mtnii't, NuuyHt.ucU, In Wutiir I'lifll jiluoi'. Bui-ldl In HlllMlUn hui-y, July 20, 11MU. li'uiUM-ul Mun• il»y afternoon lit 2 o'clock lit LiucUrnllluf fvinerul Homo, 22 I'lirk i>liicn. I'-iurlul Itv HIlUiUUi «i'iiii!l()i-y. Knuitclii tnuy call i tlii' fiiniuTil luirnii tcinUfht from fu 0 o'filcjch iKtfi Sunday rroin fo r, mid 7 to D r>, «i. flense urn riuwrrji, i)I KM HOY. Wllllnm Ad<ln<iv of M7 lv'<iii« li-' 1 !i[r<'ft, N/nurutiich, in NJIIIJ,'II "ic'l;. July 'M, l!J.|ii. I.'iincivil Muii 'l.'iy •'I'ti'MKion nt 2 ,,'el'ic-k from /Mdi.-iwin /''tincnil lining. 'Jf>l ,\f.,;i dim- -trci-f. iJiu-lid i n rirtive c-i-nic f'-r-y. Ki-lctulH nmy call at the fu ll'.'l-'ll lidfni.. ,Sl|ri<|.,y f,. ci f,, y ((J ('. 111. nritl " tn (I p. |7|. Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 - Inj; hooded orders. The Klan was Chatod at the Democratic National .'onvuntlon In 102-1. but In the end he Convention dared not #0 O n ecord specldcally affaJnst it. The Klari'j) sitron/jth lay in the fact that It wa.s the or- Kiinlaatlon in the- USA to adopt the block-by-block system ol securing mi'mbvi-tiMp. The ClO'x Political Action Committee has been credited with orlKlntitinf: the block-by. block system, but the Klein had proved the efllcloncy of this system ' I'rldr to the Klan, lead- era tlioiiRht they were food when tnoy (ii-Kiinlr.ail a county ar even a township, nut the Klan wasted no time with such piddling- methods. It sont Its solicitors to evc-y hoi,*,, i,, the block. Tho member- «hlp drive had a real Incentive, for the solicitor KOt tl cut on th -on also K0t his cut and the Klf and the Imperial Wizard K ot theirs, ft w:w on(1 o( t( ,, wea khlost rackets over operated ' "I *•'**-<'" built on hnte. VVIth this elosi-lcnlt political or- the Klan could t .| cct . ftio;u any man to o.'llce. and once elect,,,,, the Wl« n ,.j s :in<l tho Kk-nii-liw i- ( . ( ,ul/-,..(| juat two pav-offs- I <>»<•': protection and State' con- VVh--n the ), Wlt | ( .d order went out atn Ij^ht, It exp,:cted-,irul ,-ot-im- from tho police. To be sure \'i» me.'.nt a «y.,t eril v/hereby one Oovernment operated inMde an.... Govu.' But that made llflerenc,., for onu w aa elected On., other and the elected Cov- vrnniem. WUH usually powerless i.Mln»t the Invi.vll,,,, Government.' 'Hlrnuiii Evunn of Atlanta jiot into trouble uloiur with Georgia's Gov, Ed Rivera. Everyone knows, of coilrso, thai Evans twice was indicted for his usphalt deals u-ith Govfj-nor P.ivor.s —deals by which (lie Stuto of Georglu. purchased nsphnlt at ?2 a ton more than paid by other Southern states. But nevur have the inside fuels i-L'jrnrdinjr the deal between the Imperial Wizard and the. Governor of Georgia leaked out. After Rivers, himself a Klnns- man, was elected Governor of Gooi't'iti in 1930, various Kluxors convcrffod on Atlant/i to seelt reward. One was Walter Eonssjirt. one-time errand Ijoy for Will H»ys, I former Chairman of the GOP Nu- ! Committee. Kousari represented the textbook combine, and wa.i intunt on selling liookw to thn schools of Georgia, through Ws KKK friends i<i !iip;h omcc. Another who converged on Atlanta WUM Indiana's cx-Klan treuiiiiror, Bab Lyons. Bob, hov/evcr, wa.s not selllnK anything. He wa.': opposing Rivers' chain-store tax. Lyons by this time had left the Klan find become national lobbyist for the chain stores—-at a fee of .?3T5,000 annually. It was up to Lyons to defeat the Georgia .-inti- law. and ho pot busy with ills former fcliow-Klansman, 'Target' Of Truman hen the Imperl.-il Wlxard or "and Dragon /ravo his support to '»l''l««|« tor Governor, he „,,„ i-tted ntiite tfrnvy after election. Governor Rivnrs. TZci/Jlt: Lyons found oi;t a ;ot of tuin^-s bthcr. .than about chnii .stores. The other thinfrs wort stumbluc! on by Accident ami - clude'! tlio lush n.sphalt'.'ifilfts matlo by thp T-Ilan's Tmpcrial Wlxnrd to the Govcrncr of Gcorfria at ,{2 mere per ton than v/ns paid by other utatns. Lyons, a rot'ormed /Cj:ins- rnan, liirnnf! the informntifm over to tho proper authoritieK, Tlin Iin- perlal Wixurd WHS lwi<;e indiort'rl, KOt off with one mistrial, though in ' Large Attendance At AH American Vets First Annual Dance ! More Uiar. 3CO a.l.'.eiuled the All American Vnterons jance last night in Linden Park, at which Grcff Phalen and his orchestra furnished nv.isic for dancing'. The dance \vtia termed highly .successful by Robert La-.vlor, com- manrier, who announced the affair would be (.he last for a fe.w v/eeks. An outing may be held by the POB'J during Aujjust, but no definite Plans bnve been formulated lo rla'.u, ho stated. Funerals Minnie B.vophy Funeral services for Miss Minnie Brophy of Watorbury, aunt, of Warden Leo J. Urophy. were lield this morning from the Mulvillc Funeral Home, Waierbui-y, to Tmmaculatc Conception church, where a solemn hifrh Mass of requiem was celebrated, Burial \vas in old St. Joseph's cemetery. IRENE DUNNE IS STARRED NOW AT THE LOEW POLI Now playinj,' at tin- Loew-Poli theater js "A);na and the Kinj: of Siam" stfti-rinp lovely Irene Jjunne, ICnylJyh Km Rex Hni-ri.son and ]u.'iciouu Linda r>arm;!J. The fanLosiic, fabulous Pity of SuiiKjtok in the 1800's, a. spectacle of en- chantiiifi- pagodas, palaces and minarets rose tier on tier over Ji mystery -The Stransi- Triangle" v.'iLli Si;;no HU.KSO and Preston Foster in the loading- roles. Slai-tiiiK Wednesday will be the technicolor musical you have all been waiting to ste "iiasy lo Wed" with Van Johnson, lovely Ksiher Williams ami Lucille. Bail and a full cu:;t of favorites in a fsst moving love .-..lory with comedy and music for all. P. M. WHISKIES S3.45 J. K. STORES CUT KATE, LIQUORS, WINES, BEERS 390 N. Main St. Tel, 4978 Free Delivery Anywhere Jj» _ Borough FATAL I'l.ANK CRASH Bidcdford, Maine, July 20—(UP) _ ...._ — .,. _„. v . wi ^vt.i Jivi- *-• i w'jji-'ju,*, July U— ( L I J } acres of 20lh Cuntuiy-5'ox's studio j —An investigation is underway i n lot as a scttinL'- j'oi- iliic ^oim.fni i the ei'.'i«ii /-.<• ,. ..,.^^n ...• ,. as a setting Vor this colorful cxolic counu-y of the East used for its locale. Barry] P. 2anvcl{, in reading Martrarel I-andon's had nc-en lossibiJities in U;c splendor und cciinl. of the adventure of an Eng- speetaclc of the bJo;rrap)5jca! ac- C, Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 Plastic Life Belts for Children to 14 Yrs. $1.98 Plastic Rings $2.79 BEACON KIDDIE CENTER 7» GRAND STREET Wutorbury , other ca:;e tho evidence ' \vas such that hi: did no't contest tiiti charjie hill paid a fine of $15. 000. Those are just IL fnw or the undercover operation.-; nf the Kroatest crnn™ of mnwtiticr.idoi's ever to control IL sfxenbln sciction of the USA. Vet in Its oarly sta^s tin- Klan was ignored. Look at the result. In the- humble opinion of this writer, no chances should liri taken bv norlnfr it ag-ain. Cupitiii cii.'ifr For some. time the National Association of Mainifiicturcr'; has been .-leciiHinf, QPA of holding up production. OPA nwilntions ,- lo - coid/n:,' to (ho KAM, throttled in-' ditstry. Umvnvn: Juno L'Oth economic report;: ah aw that business s*»*~ ;; I.KVKL WIND &f) nt , JKKKI.S »2.95 WEISS' Ben Franklin Store CHURCH STKEKT Kcjioinlnntion of lii,j.. ^ v ,,^,,. ^. Slau^litcr (ahovi;), Dotnocrat, of Missouri in stronirly opjiosed by J'ri-Mident Triiiniin. The conxriiSK- inun tu Id r(;p(irtcrs in Kansas City. Mo., Unit: ho tho chulli-njje. The 1'rosident ,s:ild tiiut his opposition to Slaughter inrmlicr of the Iloiisp HM| ( .'S Ci)niiiii|.tci-, un wliie.h Slaughter npliosud (!\-i;ry iniiasiii-i- whicii t\\<: Ciiii^f 'Ivxi.-cutivi! has '/ivorod. (IrifiTr-.utioiuil J-Hinndplioto) F. B. ROIJ.INSON Private funcial services for Frederick B. Roliinson, v.-ho died Thursday afternoon at his Home, 2-18 Hillside avenue, will be hiikl this afternoon at 2:30 at Ihc Aklerson Fu- n.oral|Home, 201 Meuduw street, wilh the Rev. Edward R. H:incc. pastor •it the- Cnn|;."e;r.itiunMl ehurch, i-ill-i- ciatinjr. Iniermenl will |.i c in Hill"side cenietei-v. - Jish gavm-ncsx at the court of King Mon«kut. Accordinyly. the signal was a-iven to s'o all-out in Ihe lai'Rfist budget set for a iilm since piewiu- days. The picture has Irene Dunn« as Die lovely and penile Anna, whoso courage a.Td fiery convictions help the oriental king- to see the ways of the West- err. world. Also on the aamn prosrcnj ,- s the the crash of a Kmall aircraft in Eiddc-ford woods. Two Maine residents were killed in the crash. Vie_ tinis of the crash were Dr. Albert widely-hailed P- Rliames, ^0 years old, of Saco thu ur.limiied | and Nathan C. Redlon, 30 years old of Eiddoford. Oliicials said' Rhames was owner of the craft. Redlon wa.s identified as owner n.nd operator of the Eiddeford airport. mmtmmwiimuL JJKING US VACATION CLOTHES FOR D1JY CLEANING PICNIC JtTGS ICE BOXES CHARCOAL GRILLS PICNIC BASKETS NAUGATUCK HARDWARE tfEATlY BCILDDTQ TEL. 5212 this sprin;,' hit tha hi;:!:cat production re-.-firil.s in histmy. Corporate pniOiu wore up, everything ;v,-iy y.iiHinlnx dcsjjit.) OPA .. .11:' didn't make ihe headlines but tho Navy ^ issued nn air-tijrht order i.ha't vjs.s luiis arc- not to liave private •)ir;j];ines. The juicy junketing r.f :«ljnira.'s in beautifully upbois- terr;d |jri\-,-iie .'ijty-buxlurs is over '. Transfer of Marshal C. K. Khnkov', one-l.inio Commander over J-Jpj-lin, to Odessa is interpreted ,-is part of the KiiKsian wur of nerves. The Heils, aceoi-dinw Lo inlelliyence e> per!;;, want to Ku i Ihe Turk-i woi I'ii-il over tlm D..ird:in,;llo.H, ,-u) hav moved their tup ,,,ilit:u v ra;xn nox coor Whether or not; Senate, McKrllnr oi Tennessee is re-elect i.'d will depend kir;-ely on. whetiier the I'Ul pollous tin.. Memphis polls Tho Clean Election LUC^UB of Memphis LM du:n;nulin,ij- .-.uch pro'ec iion. •s > 10 Center St. \Viiterl)iiry, Conn. I "CARNIVAL" CIRCUS SET > By Libbey Glaiw,- Set of S—$3 00 (Copyright, 7 (M(j, by Snydirate, .Inc.) The Bell The Elk-, lod^e was originally or -uniKuU in Philadelphia In 1870. C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 OPENING SOON FLOWERS Vor AH OceiiNlon.i FLOWKKS TKMtOllAl- 1CV1SRYW11KKK MELBOURNE'S! FLOWER SHOP ISO BUBBKU AVKNlfK Telephone B22S Tor the first time Niiii K ut UC k will have „ rr- renter Umt will solv,> „,] your „„„„,. , o() . Wo will PAINT and 1U5PAIR Kltchc,, Sots- »rnr»lc,, furnlturo-screons, windows-doors u,,u caslnfis-cablnnts- window fflass-storn,' win- <lo»-.s-*j,, vs ail( | toolfi sh:ln ; 0 , le<1 nn<] con tiom-o. Wlmtflvor tl, 0 job may ho call us at 29B9 or visit our work shop !lt :« Ward St. Repairs (lone lit your home or in our shop. (Watch ThlH Paper for Our Formal Opening Date) Garden Hose Lawn Sprinklers Charcoal Grills Pittsburgh Paint GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 IUAFLK STREET (Across from City Bakery) Free Delivery Telephone SUM The "FIX IT" Tel. 2969 34 Ward St. j <sW Gorman - Rupp World's Upmost, Si»If X'rlriiini Centrifugal Pump "The Midget" . oipIis 60 Iba 1'umps 5,000 ff allon» ni-or an hour, at totjil |, t .ad of 20 vet. including 5 /oot suctio,) lift. 532 NOBTH MAIN ST. Union City - Tel. 2683 New Admiral PHONOGRAPH With Automatic Record Changer Now Available at MICHAELS SERVICE Pursuing a traditional-policy, wic refuse • co c»rry »ny other than the vcry'fincs,i vvaahcs in'tach price class. Each embodiw modern styling and assured accuracy to a marked degree; e«ch represents a macchlcss value! .Make Michaels j. out headquarters for fine watches^ PRICES START AT 2J.75 / .-. ' Teaeral Tax Included 'DIVIOIO PAYMENTS IF YOU PREFER, AT NO ADDITIONAL CO$T^ I Michael^ i .JE\YEIERS . . . SI.IVEBSMITHS SINCE I9oo ; 68 BANK STKEE1 1 AT CENTER STREET ELGIN HANILTQUI 6ENRUS imim mm MIDO 'JULES mmrn

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