Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 22, 1909 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 22, 1909
Page 4
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I The Covlna Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Rntered at the Postofficc Covina, Cal., a« second-class matter. COVINA VS. MONROVIA TODAY. Championship Race Finishing Close With Even Chance for Locals. School will meet the by thcco rinaArjfus Publishing Company, Inc. J. L. MATTHEWS... EDITOR SHIRLEY BROS MANAGERS SUBSCRIPTIONS: One Year in advance Six Months Three Months Sin fie Copies 11.50 .75 .50 .Oft ADVKRTISP.MKNTS: Tjjsplay advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. I/incrs 5c per line each insertion. I,egal notices $1.00 per inch first insertion, 5,0 cents each subsequent insertion. COVINA. CAMKOUNIA, May 22, I DO!) Vital to the Coast. Returning from a trip to Panama, whither ho went. perHonally to investigate the progress of the work on the Isthmian canal, Mr. McLachlan, the represot tative In congress from this district, is more convinced than ever of the necessity of a federal steamship lino on the Pacific. It will be remembered that Mr. Alc- Lachlan introduced In the last con- gross a bill that had for IIH object I ho operation by tho government of a lino of steamers between Pacific coast ports arid the Pacific terminal of the Panama railroad. Me ha« rclnt.roduc- cd the measure in the present congress, and meanwhile the whole Pacific coast has rallied to Its support with nil the unanimity of a people long oppressed l>y extortionate freight charges. Through their legislatures, commercial bodies or otherwise;, the people of Oregon, Washington and California exhibited their most decisive approval of the IVf.-Lachlan bill, but there seems !.n have come a suspension of the campaign. In an Interview given on tho day of his return, Mr. McLaehlfin said: "At the last session of congress I introduced a bill which had as its object the acquiring of a fleet of ten 5000-ton vessels that would run from Fuget Sound to Panama. It seemed to me that this would be a natural thing to do and one that would have many benefits. All that I have seen on tho isthmus has only tended to confirm this idea. "It would give the Pacific coast a fair show, and would be a great help to Southern California. The vessels could stop ut points along the coast and it would not, bo necessary to send products GOO miles by rail to San Francisco, the first stopping point of the lines that now run from California to the Isthmus. Ton suitable vessels would Insure a weekly service. "I know that there would bo some sentiment against the government going Into tlila work, but as n matter of fact it is now conducting such n line on the Atlantic const, and there Is no valid reason against one on the other side of the continent." If It Is within tho proper exercise of government power to operate a line of steamships on the Atlantic, there Is no valid reason against the exorcise of the same power on the Pacific,, but however defensible such action might be, It will not be taken unless this coast sustains McLiicnlan's efforts with something more than resolutions of approval. If those states unite and give their senators and representatives to understand that their political lives arc dependent on the sincerity and strength of the support they give to this great measure, we shall obtain the commercial emancipation we seek. One representative Is powerless, however able bis endeavor or just bis cause, but when the stales of the Pacific const present a solid and united front In congress In support of a measure, that measure, In all human probability, will llnd some way to the slat uli- book. There is opposition, as a mailer of course, .\'o robber relishes the advenl of an boiH'Hi policeman. As Mr. Me l.aclilan says: "I am not overlooking the fact that tlic iiiimi-ii;,i- ;iml powerful transcontinental railroads will light my bill. I can only say now I lial all I have Ici.rncd in my study of conditions on the canal /one lias made me see even more clearly ibe neccssiij lor a Pa cilic coast steamship line." The immense and powerful Irans- coniiiieiiial raihoads will light his bill. i\ii'.\ they will beai i 1 unless Oregon anil Washington and California com- I e| ibeir il'-lei'utes 111 congress to rise • a support as persistent 11 as I he op (ID-til ion Mi I .adi la n ha.-; .-.hov f !il I;: H li anil Mil , <. . •• i, 11. r i: Covlna Monrovia ter's diamond this afternoon In whit will probably be the last game played so far in the league series. In the games played HO far this season the jjoyn have played In form, and the slugging abilities of some of the youngsters Is remarkable Riggins heads the list with an average of .COO, while Hprotte's 470. including homers and triples, is not so bad. Hull has easily outpointed all the opposing talent In the pitching line ho has been up against, and also bfi.ts In the 400 class. Covlna lends the league with a straight, record of victories, while the foothill high school has dropped one. Cornpton is the otlK-r school that, stands a good show of finishing strong, as (bey hove only suffered one defeat so far. The local school Is pitted against these two teams in their final games, and It will be necessary for them to trim at least one of these two to win the pennant. "THE SILENT TENTS." Impressive Exercises Being Prepared In Honor of Fallen Soldiers, (elaborate and Impressive exercises In honor of the soldiers who participated in the Civil War struggle arc In preparation by the local veteran association In Covlna, assisted by the pastors of the churches. Memorial Day, which comes on Sunday this year, will be celebrated both Sunday and Monday by the Covlna, A/.usa and Olendora veterans. On Sunday afternoon there will be a union meeting of the churches In the Christian Church, Rev. Hary White of the Methodist church delivering the principal address. Special music has been provided of a fitting nature. On Sunday afternoon a quartet consisting of Henry L. Marshall, Roy Blanchard, William Lee and H. N. Wells will render two selections. The Christian Church will be especially prepared to accommodate tho large audience expected, and the services will commence promptly at 3 o'clock. The veterans from the three towns will march In, taking seats in the front of tho auditorium. On Monday morning at 10 o'clock In OakUale cemetery, full and Impressive exercises will be carried out. The wives and daughter of the veterans from the three towns will assemble In a body and the veterans will bo aligned under the command of President Mussey of the Covina associations of veterans. The Covina High School band will play several selections. A portion of the Urand Army ritualistic service will be read. Lincoln's Gettysburg address will be delivered. Frank S. Forbes of Los Angeles will make an address. The mule quartet will render two select- Ions. Tim invocation and benediction will be given by ministers from A/usa and (ilendorn. The association wishes to Impress Its desire upon the wives, daughters and sons of Civil War veterans to bo present, and extends an Invitation to the general public. Intermediates Entertained. Tho Intermediate Society of the Christ Ian Church was very pleasantly entertained by their superintendent, Miss Nolu Cole, at her home on Cottage Drive, Thursday evening, .May I.'I, assisted by Miss Ruth Poole and the social committee of the Intermediate. Tlierc were llfty young people present, all of whom enjoyed the evening fun. There was a short program, including a piano duet by Loni Alll- j son and Fcrnlta Home; piano solo, i lino Van Atiken; reading by Mrs. i Cotiley; piano solo, Fernita llorne; • story by Rev Coiiley; piuiio solo, Lorn , Allison. After (be program, the even- j Ing was pleasantly spent with games, ; following which light refreshments were served. CHURCH NOTICES. At the Methodist Church the pastor, Rev. H. W. White, will preach at 1) a.m. on "Possfbilitl«s and Limitations," and at 7:45 p.m. on "Life's Harmonies," In connection with the musical program, given elsewhere In this Issue. Other services of the day: Sunday-school at 9:45; Junior League, .'); Intermediate League, 6:45; Senior League, In connection with the other young people's societies of the Young People's Union. Christian Church: Sunday-school 0;45. Preaching, I1;fitibject, "Paul's Letter to the Calatlans." Lord's supper, 12. Junior, 3. Union conference of young people's societies, 4. Union meeting of young people led by county officerrt, 6:.'UJ. Preaching by pastor, 7:4.",; .subject, "IOterna.1 Redemption." 'Jood music. A cordial welcome to all. Services in the Church of the Holy Trinity: K'unday after Ascension Day: Holy Communion, 1 :'.',<) a.m. Sunday school, 9:45 a.m. Morning prayer, 1! a.m.; subject, "The Ascension of O'.n* Lord." Evensong, 7:''.0 p.m.; subject. "The Catholic Church-What. Is It?" Presbyterian services: Sunday- school, f):45. Preaching 11 a.m. by pastor; subject, "Jesus the Christ." Jim ior Endeavor 3 n.m. Y.P.8.C.K. and Intermediate at 6:30. Gospel service 7:30; subject, "fJospel Beacons." Prayer-meeting, Thursday, 7:45; subject, Matt. 5:10. All strangers and friends are most cordially invited to any of these services. Paul O. Stevens, pastor. Woman's Club Notes. A plefi.Kfint. picnic was enjoyed by mf-mbers of the Monday Afternoon Club, Monday, at Puddingstone Falls, rieir the residence of Miss Emma Hf.wl;s. A basket lunch was partaken of at noon and the afternoon spent wandering in t.he woods in search of ferns and flowers. The following ladles attended the reciprocity meeting at A/aisa this week: Miss Hawks, representing the president; Mrs. Broad well, Mrs. Crawford, Mrs. Burpee, Mrs. H. Cushman, Mrp. Prather. Tho meeting next Monday afternoon will be In charge of the reciprocity committee and will be devoted to the subject of California missions and Indian basketry. On Monday afternoon, May 31, the pnnual meeting of stockholders and election of officers will be held. Sunday-School Union. Over thirty were present at the enthusiastic meeting of the Sunday- school Union, presided over last Tuesday afternoon by Miss Mame Brockway, county superintendent. The Primary Union has been changed to a graded union so as to meet the requirements of all teachers. Mrs. W. O. Conley will , be t.he loader next Tuesday. Susan Faulkender. The death of Mrs. Susan Faulkender occurred Thursday evening at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Agnes Hockenberry. Mrs. Faulkender was S!) years old, death being due to a general breaking up of tho system because of old age. She bad been a member of the household of her daughter for some time find tho end came peacefully, surrounded by her relatives. She leave;) five daughters, Agues, Hannah, ICIi/abeth, Kllza and Mary, all of whom arc In Southern California, and one son, Samuel Faulkender, In Iowa. The funeral will be bebl Sunday morning at Kcl'.o at tho (llendora Church of Uivthren. Brethren Leave for Annual Conference. A large party, members of the lire thron Church, left on Thursday \ ia the Salt Lake, for I lurrisonburg. Ya.. to aitenil ibe animal conference of Hull sect. Among I be Ideal delegates were Kldcr and Mrs. A. M. White. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel I'Vsler. Mr. and Mrs. !•'. I., llepm-r. ami Mrs. P. C. I '.ashore. Prominent Eastern Attorney Here. M ;• l.ii I' Knglisb, wife and child. ol' <'!,.. .,: ii. b:i '. e been S|lem!ill.l I be ' v. ei l> ,ii i l i • ! .in.e iif i be former's lire . I Mr V II Kn-hsh. i a.-|,i •]• of i i.r ' t 'm in . \..t it Maul.. \! r i >;:• i; -''. > :-• lie ' ' ' I s li •[' ! be Sai.i.i i V • I • i !.'•' i I'M...'., ;., a.;.pi 11, i... 'i'!.,. ]... i i \ u :!! !--.i\ e i,.r ; I.i I :,i.-i . ;; Moiai.r. Death of an Aged Monrovlan. The death occurred on Wednesday at his homo in Monrovia, of Mr. William Amon, at the advaiued age of 812 years. The funeral services were held on Friday The deceased, a brother of Joseph Amon of this city, leaves a widow and seven children. The beautiful borne of Mr. and Mrs. It. Miller was the scene of a delightful dinner party, which was given in honor of Mr. Miller's birthday, and which w;is a complete surprise to him. The house was decorated with sweet peas and smibix. Daylight was shut out ami the rooms softly lighted by colored li^.bts. In the dining room a mammoth birthday cake, aidow with candles, made a centerpiece for the table. Mr. ami Mrs. Miller's guests ini'ludedrelatives and former friends from the slate of Illinois. Those pi 1 "sent were Mr. ami Mrs. ('has. Hober>on. \M. aiid Mrs. Ceo. Martin. Ml. anl Mrs. W. \V. llelb, Mr. and Mrs. Kiat'k Tucker. Mr. ami Mrs. Lee T>i"U- cr. Mrs. I'll,i 1 .eiiiou of A..U-..I Mr.-'. I 'i ; .i'-ii.l Wii-on. M iss Urea U'i''.-i:-i i -I ( \-\ }i..'.. aiul M r. aliil M I - '-. ! ::• r Mrirr of lr»\ indale. FREE-SOUVENIR-FREE A Japanese vase feee wrth every 25c purchase at Cummings' Confectionery today, Saturday, May 22. Kmmons and Oeorge Cook are home from Imperial this week. They are very enthusiastic about that country and t.he former will probably return with hi» brother to settle there. Mrs. Frederick de Conugh of Chicago, a sister of Mr. Austin Peck, was a dinner guest on Thursday at the home of Dr. and Mrs. O. D. Jennings, on East Hadillo street. Mrs. Klllott. of Frederlcksburg, la., who has been spending the winter with her daughter in Los Angeles, spent several days this week with Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Bishop. The sixteenth birthday of two popular young men, Roy and Ray Kistler, was celebrated with a surprise party by their young companions on Saturday evening. On account of the illness of Mrs. Kist.ler, she was unable to act as hostess, but Mrs. A. Xeil kindly stepped into t.he breach and allowed them the freedom of her home. All kinds of jolly games were enjoyed and delicious refreshments partaken of. Those present were the Misses Potter, Capron. Arthur, Clifford, Graham, Van Auken, nissou; Masters Atwood, Sisson, -Waterhouse, Leisure, Fabrick, Nell. ft*********** #** * * * JACKSON Motor Cars Four, Models From S<?50 to $2150 # # # * * # * * * * * # * * I* i* i* * i * !* i * i * !* * * # * * # # # # # # * * # * * * # * * * * Hnnouncement: Made in Jackson, Michigan, by an Honest Concern. Seven Years of Excellence. Covina Agents STANTON & HARNISH - Citrus Avenue "No Sand Too Deep, No Hill Too Steep." There having been a change in the holding Interests of the Covina Valley Gas Company, the new owners desire to have and will endeavor to merit the cooperation of each and everyone of the present consumers. It will be our gain to furnish a good quality of gas at all times, and will ask your cooperation in that you will immediately notify our office of any irregular service. If your stove or any appliance which you are using is not operating properly, we will thank you to very kindly inform us at once. Gas is the most modern and convenient fuel of today. It can be successfully and economically used by everyone, it being not a luxury, but a necessity. Our mission in this vicinity is therefore to instruct our consumers in the use of this modern fuel. It has been said that a gas range is a coal range with a college education, which very aptly shows that as such it is not out of place in this enlightened community. Our plant will be in the hands of competent men, who will always be pleased to extend to you every need in connection with thesupply and delivery of gas. Watch this space for further developments. Very truly, •** * * * * # * * * * * * * * * * * * # * * Govina W. A. WHITE, Manager * * * * * * * * # * * *** PACIFIC ELECTRIC TIME TABLE. Leave Los Angeles 5:50 a. m. 7:05 8:10 9:30 10:50 12:10 p. m. 1.30 2:40 3:35 4:45 5:35 6:45 9:00 11:30 Leave Covina 5:50 a. m. 6:55 8:30 9:50 11:10 12:30 p. m. 1:40 2:35 3:45 4.35 5:45 6:35 8:00 10:00 Mrs. J. R. Elliott, who was injured last week in an auto accident, is still confined to her bed, but is recovering slowly. It is believed that she has not suffered any internal injury. Jshnssn & INigg BLACKSMITHS Blocksmithing af oil Kin'ds Our Specialty Shop on CitrusvAW This Offer Is Good Until July 3rd $85.00 IN PRIZES 1 I READ THIS LIST: 1st—Ladies' Diamond Ring 2nd—17-Jewel Adjusted Watch . , , . (Gentlemen's Waltham, 16 size; will pass any railroad inspection) 3rd—California Turquoise Solid Gold Ring 4th—Parker Lucky Curve Fountain Pen $40.00 $35.00 $7.00 $3.00 A CHANCE on any of the above premiums with every 10-cent cash purchase or for repairing. We ask you to call in and see these prizes, and if you find they are not as represented or that our prices on all goods and repairs are not right you can brand us as impostors. This offer commences today, Saturday, May 22, and will run until July 3 at 6 p. m. Covina Jewelry Co. u M. WRIGHT, Manager Opposite Hotel Vendome mtm Citrus Avenue, Covina •? \S i 11,

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