Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 25, 1945 · Page 13
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 13

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 25, 1945
Page 13
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SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1945 SEVENTEEN «o ••• ^»*^L From Swanton His Pop Was Killed In Italy Fonr Bittingers and B-in-L IF t A graduate of the Oaklcnd school Coxswaiu James A. Lake been in the Navy since September 15, 1943, serving with an armed gun crew. He recently made his filth trip across 'the Atlantic and was on a 26-day leave at the home ol his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Luke, of near Sw&ntou. Coney Brothers Tho four men in uniform above are brothers, the sons: of Adam Bit linger. 106 Hunover street. From left to right., they are: Pfci Frank C. flittingor, with an MP outfit at Camp Robertson. Ark., the husband of Mrs. Bertha Bittinger, 1H Blaul avenue: Pvl, Luther A. Blttinger, with a quartermaster unit at Cump Butner. N. C., the "nusband of Mrs. May Bitiingcr, Pace and Smallwood streets; Pvt. Hoberl Lee Bittinger. on duty with an niui-nircraft outfit in Belgium; and William E. Bittinger, F., 2-C., with the Pacific Fleet. To the side is their brother-in-law, Pfc. William R. Galford, in New Guinea with the Medical Corps, '.he husband of Mrs. Evelyn Galford, 106 Hanover street,- and the son of Arthur C. Galford, of Ridgeley i r Sep- Celanese. worker before going . ered corps teniber, 1942. He was qraduaied from the- air i craft shec't metal } specialists school Int Ciianutp Field, III., in March, , t , . - TJ. -, '—'—•——• • ••' — - -••——-~——— i 19-13, and -left V. alter Herbert "Spanky" Turner is the 7-montli.s-old 'son of Mrs. [the country the Beverly Hare Turner, Williams road, and the late Pfc. William Earl • following ' D e Turner, who was killed in action at the Italian front last September 24 ! "'"be*'- He is two months after his son was born. Pfc. Turner is pictured In the iho ^ un nf Mr ' corner offset above. . • - - On duty in the Pacific war zone for the past- 14 months, Sfft. George E. OaWiicll put the in Full of Tin-he With the Fleet of Mr. and Mrs. Robert! Calclwell, 48 Gilmore street Keysor : ' W. Va. Five Midlothian Drews and B-in-V into the Army last May, Pvt. Rob-: ert Cameron, left above, is stationed SLi.Salina. Kan.; with the army air: forces.-- His brother S<u. Raymond' Cameron right, has been on quarter- • nuister duty in the Aleutian Islands for two years. They are sons of Mr. _ and Mrs. William Cameron, of Lou-j aconing. Pvt. Robert is the husband' of Mrs. Margaret Jones Cameron, l Weslernporters I A' floor m..lingerat the Gomiuu! iiy MiirkVi, I'vl. Hpiynrd R. Frickt look purl in this_ swell .ol Gfimrr I'Mton's Thlul Army 'iierivis Fi am H| v . enifireil llu 1 Army'April 33. If" ' silled I oi" ovi-rseas fluty il Gv'.'"ili<?i', -He.Is no« n p i> the- Pauqisilrs ai (lit- western froi Pvt, Frii.'key .(-. 'I'.c hu.sbaHil of Mi Howard ft'. Fiicjcey and the MMI Air. -and Mrs. W,' R. Pnckt-y, A It-in-L's Six months after lu-r father put oui tu sen with" the P.iciik fU.-ct,' Janice Lee Crocher.s joined liie family circle of £er<innn Fh.U Class niul Mrs. Homer L. Crothers. Tlini. was last October 11. HIT t\vo hrolhrrs are Homer L., "Butch," Jr., und Bruce, nu-od five, and ihrre. Mrs.; Crothers, the former Miss Beatrice Beiui. of FroMbuii;, iiiui ciillfircn. reside at 103 Independence street. Seaman Crothers i-s shown in the tipper starboard corner of tlie picture above. . ; Deneens Abroad ......_ _ .Ihc firii five men in. uniform in the'above group are sons of Mr. and Mrs Alfred .--, Drew, of Midlothian. They are, from left to right, Staff Sijt.' Edward N. Drew, Camp' Claiborne, La., the husband of Mrs. Marie Drew, Reynolds street- Pvt Raluh Dr-w who 'M was awarded the Purple Heart for wounds sustained Christmas Eve near Strasbourg! Cpl. .^ William Drew, in Holland: Cpl. Alfred Drew, n veteran, of four battles In France the ^-«'^ husband of Mrs". Viola Drew^of.Nikep; and Master S-n Georce R Drew in thp Eurorii>in ^ Theatre-of Openuioas. The'other two servicemen are'brothers-in-law of the Drews On $l the extreme right above is Pfc. Charlton C. Dodds, who wears four battle stars in France the husband of Mrs. Anna Drew Dodds, of Frostburg; and to-Ihe sine, Wil'.ard LaR\ic' S., 1-c., with the Seabees in the Pacific war zone, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard LaRuc' of Frostburg, and the husband of Mrs. Geitrude Drew LnRue, of Midlothian. Zllthna Cpl. Raymond and Pfc. Hdiner In the 113 mUilhs. Pvt.; Walter Geary. Icit overseas ior il^ .mciiiths. H 111 Tho Lambert i brothers are sons of Mr. and Mrs, Sslie F. Lam bert, Sr., San Francisco, Calif, former residents of Westernport. Francis Lambert. Jr.. 5., 1/c., left above, now witl the Atlantic flee* 'is the husbai d of Mrs. Ethel I. Lambert, and the father of six children. Ettrl Lambert, S. 1-c., right- above,, with the Pacific; fleet, is the husband of Mrs. Ethyl Lambert. Cpl. Wilson Lambert, to the side, serving in England, Ls the husband of Mrs. Lena Lambert, nnd the father of two children. A sister of the Lambert brothers, Pvt. Ruth Lambert, is oil duty with the WAC at Hamilton Air Field, Cal. Cpl. William B. Lawrence has Ireland, Franre, never had a furlough home since 'Luxembourg is the , , his induction on N o v e m her 20, 194" 1 . He . has teen stationed in the Panama Canal Zone for- ttto years. He, was trained at t-h e Aberdeen .» Proving Grounds] and New Or-! leans, La. . Hisj father, Anthony) Lawrence, re-j Belgium and i Last' Thanksgiving Day....T-Stt. i Arthur Schusterjiian, this city, onj jilie left in the picture above, madej j a quick trip from Italy to Corsica." I While., there-he bmnped into S^t. • Cyril Lnf ley, of Wcstcrnport.. In 'a letter to "Gibby and the pan?" at tlie .Celanese plant, lie admitted .,that :bmh of them were full of _ .: .-turkey when the picture was snap-1 Deneen are sons of Mr. and Mrs. J. !.. ;. [ped. T-'Sgt. SclULstcrnian has heenlL. Deneo:i, 319 Pennsylvania avenue.. .'.'.'.'.' tin uniform over three years and on I Cpl. Raymond, left iibove. is. in the!.husband of. Mr*;. L»r<iUi Furluw!^ A-::'*'I overseas duty for year.- He Pacific- war none with a sienal corps'Genry. of Mi. Savnpo, and the fiith-i'- •;|;4!has been stationed successively in outfit of the Army Air Forces. His'i 1 '.of a 17-months olr! son. His bro-j 1 -' Pvt, Iliir:v li.'TwIi.'K, l(;lt nbnvc, oil duty in l-'ini'ce. >iis fatl-.e'L- I OUR in Franco-In \\orld War 3. P\ j Tftitij Ji tin 1 Inttbiiml of Mrs. Dol i Hlunh<">H.','IVitig. ru-.d l.h« fivthe'i • j .1 ctuimhter, Biinulc TVl^g. His pa.,] ciit. 1 -, Mr. a I'll 1 . Mrs. Jajnes C. Twin'' vi-.-lili 1 in Oic.ifwn.- He is a brolhe. r •in-lnw oi .Si:i. Ho'.v.ard.G. Phillip'i yu thr; visihl, wlw is :Wl-ying Hi B '- Artny conk it* AuMralfa a fin- » fri '•)!..duty In NF-W uuiiw?n. 1U writ/ thai In: limks forftwri I n mi'.-,! in Tokyo. Hr is tl j Italy. Southern France-, and j i again, with : side trips to Cc i ' I'tily Grove Brothers Pvt. R. Glen Stewart is a recent . Now said • to Pvt. Boi-dcn AV be "on his way," Dolly entered the ii'iny last July 2C. He was trained nt Camp Wheeler, Gn. He Is the husband i ;• of : Mrs. Anna Mae Dolly, La- Valc, and the ,e terrain covered arrival in France with a field ,-so far by Pvt. : . : ... ^g^,^ ., icry. out I it.- H. sides in Barmmi, W r . Va. Dclhcrt U Steckman in his'.cn-j reer at armsj Germany tsj coming up. He, entered the Army! in March, MH-J3.!. arid set sail on' the Atlantic;' s e v e n months later. Pvt.Steck-. man is the son of Mr. and Mr.?. iMeivin Steckii'inn. Reynolds street.i in the Philippine Islands. has been in uni-1 form :.since. last I June. 'He is; the| husband of Mrs.j Wanda rvi.'lson Stewa-rt, 508 Hill I street, .and, the i son of the Rev., J. L.. Stewart,] of CoiTigaiiviUc.j His brother Pfc. George B. art, is on brother is attached to nn inraiHry.ther. Pvt. Russell tii-iiry, is with thr outfit :it the Itnlinn front.. Before;.troops in France. They an:- suns ol' coing into the a lined for<os. Cpl.; Mr. .and" Mrs. G«in;c Geary, '" Mv> iiys. V, Before \ <*V n \ I'hiltiivi, Vcilo anil the iilliiLs ot Raymond worker at. the Their lather is ' riui '- lii nr wus fi:\- plant, and Pfc. Homer HI the A. ir-of World W;ir T. nnd 'Iheir gn in d.-'pl-' i . v| 'd uf Ui P. Supermarket. iiilher a Civil-Wiu-.u-ic-rnn. S A: O. Shops. )li Super rfc.'Allrn Fowlrr is ai tlv? fitrht- Williams Road Wilsons and, B-in-L The first five father "of two! nre First Licllt Firmiln w - Wilson, attached to the signal corps in Belgium: children. His dl!tj " with tnc Air Corps in India, tlie husband of Mrs. Alice Giles Wilson, w I. j brother Pfc.' Ernest ^ kill Pvt. .-' Boston, J men in uniform above are tons of Mr. and Mrs. .George O. Wilsou, Williams Road. They •„,,,„ iv -luiio^,, „»„„!,.„, .„ .,„ .. : ,...»i .._,..._ ...;- V,.,..:..... £ jarf g gt _ w . ?yi , c \vi!,on,"oil . who resides iii Cniiada; T-5 H. parents, Mr. and( p O'''<?r Wilson, serving as a baker, at Camp Hood, Texas, the husband of Mrs. .Mary p'Nc'il Wilson, Woodside Mrs. L. H. Dolly,I avenue, and the father of three children; Pfc. R, Eugene Wilson, with the combat etifiineevs. in'Germany l-^L^ , °1\ ^J!ll tlie nusband of Mrs. Betty Wentling Wilson, 517 Necessity street, and the father of o Wilson. PhM. 1-c., with the Naval Medical Corps at New Orleans. I-a. At the The Grove rot hers are du'ty!ir° lu Wesit-rn- jport. Cpl. Raymond Grove, left above, is nn old C o m p a n y G man. He fights \viih the 2!Jth Division and was at the D-Diiy invasion '.of Friinco and the crucial battle of .St. Lo. Pfc. Francis Grove;, rlfihi' is n member of the Fourth Armored Division at the western front in.Europe. .Sgt. James Grove, to the side, overseas for 23 niontlis, is attached to ;Uie medical!'corps in the Philippine. Islands. They arc .! brothers of.' Mrs. : Sc.oti Kelly, of front in Germany 1 Infantry. In the ! last two months the hns been in jfive different j countries. . His j 17 - year - old i brother, Duane I Fowler, is in the iklerchant M;i- j rine Service. ' They are sons 'of Mr. ami Mrs. Viri;il Fowh-r. i Paw Paw. w. Va. "•"- Hie 3091 h A former etiipkiyc in Uw t-'xHlo .cniuu enciiieerinf; (lepuitiiiiMii ;it |Ci;1rt!AP5r plant. '.I'jil. rtnirr \\. -A.slitiy has bmhj jiti uniform three S.years and over Sin tiie China• Jiuiin ..- Burma flhcalro i'ur sorvini; with thr !air cor|w siimal i t.-n;-pv He Is tin[son of Kubfit i A.shby of Crnllin. :'JVx«.<>. 'III! 1 i lil!)'' Ill 1 •:'', ' } home ins • loiif.'h u \ v j the «i-c :•! '. hours Hut•n! his , tumbi-'ri out ; bod to i-MTt't him '• Cpl. MrK.irluni- •' r ? : ' I lI M! I I brairrs . his vil'i. 1 , Mrs. Aiicwin M. j and im\r riiniehtor^, Dn,-< J<;n:i. Hrfen Rud C.-Miurin! rc:-lfie nt 30J. Pcnj\\v|vnn 1- i Wrsterntxji't, .nnd; graiuisons of . 'J. T. Grove, who iins a son in the armed forces. r; and „. i,,... extremo ri<:iit is a Arrival In the Army since. April 15, 10-13, OVEKSEAS EDITION N'O. 48 SUNDAY. FEBRUARV S5, IP-i- 1 . NO. 4K Home Front Nors In Caj)sulc Form fie Hanh thor Pfc' E-iest A Dolly was| L Wil?on, PhM. 2-c, with the Naval Medical Corps at New Orleans. I-a. At the extremo ri-ht is a L-d on Lflytc. Another brother, | rothcr " m " law of lhe wilson brothers. He is Warrant Officer Holand McGee, a veteran of 24 y purs' Army .. Arlte B" Dolly, is stationed in service now stationed at Lowery Field, Denver, Colo., the husband of Mrs. Anita Wilson McGce, and the ;ton, Mass. ''..'• . fathbr of two children. A sixth son of the Wilson family, Warren Wilson, is awaiting his call to-the colors. Stx- A former employe of Foghtmhn'.s grocery stoic, Cpl. Carl'T. Combs has been in tini- . form since 19-J2. He. is - now on, overseas d u t y .j .He is the son j of Mr. and .Mrs.., F/..C. Combs, 231: Paca street. His' wife, Mrs. Opnlj Lee Bell Combs,! resides in Okla-l h 6m a City, For the Champion ship of on Island of Oiihu (\n\\n in Hawaii. He wius iraini'd at Camp Hood and Camp.Swift, Texas, anil Fort- Knox, Ky., and serves with u tank destroyer bhtt'iitinn. A 101- lil e r Cchiho.sf plitnt eniplnye. Cpl. Hafcr is the K. IliilVr is the husband of Mi's. Eleanor flafi.'r, 4'J3 i Canvn.s ..A dirt tind rock, slide at a mine-j stripping opsraliiiii at Klondike,! near Frostburg.- ciiu'cht U-yonr-olti i Arthur I'nitl Baker 'imdrVnrath and! killed him. . ..-. . _A priest formerly stationed at SR. ( and Pnul Catholic Chtirch j rfi'entjhere, Cnjit. Alan Madden, O. F.'M.. (Cap., of the Chaplain Corps, is iiil>s-i .'ing in net Inn from Gen. Hoi!i;e.i'J j Seventh Army in Fi'aimr. ! j .Twelve more left here UIM wei-k! , for. service in the Navy. i , Dr. William Mather Lewis, pir.-0-j [rii-nt of LafiiyiMte Collogn. Ktii-lon.i Pa., and Dr. Benjamin R. RhiwiildT, • of Alabama Polyu-chnlr- Iiu-.tihUi'.: Auburn, Ala., wero speakers tit Infill : fonini mretiiiK.'i-laM week. : A Inrs-'c part of the old FOUNT! build inc. Sovith Mrchnnlr strri-!, hnsj l)frcil to (hr Rliitr; Trin Hndj nahlmorc. North Centre, strcrt. find thr sini nf Mr.-. Otto Hnt'er, :1G3 Bedford strcut. On iJie 'Arenne. /\.H.8. and Krysrr ! Win Chump Tilki Two riif-irlfil- 'i!ii.-.n<. . I tlii- ciiy crminpio!). hip is ?tfll -, 111!: ti:r- Bowers. Allr[;;u> j.. C'lac-li. ''Bill' | HiuU. C;impors I JMfnyaiKl JMl< : t.<:r)i<M:ts;ic')n:iijiYi']l I. . Illic Kotonr! nici-i-.tslvi! ymn- bv \» -., !l'->|))nc the ni-nl'l Hi«h MouniJIiic?!' i=ii Frrvvtburi; <>n Tiiesilay niRhi. .u-, ' !Co\>>>r \irniv-. llio I'oU'in.ic. Vnih: 1 Ciinfrvenrr crown a. ; n win It o! ;i r'.'F-17 victory n^-r-i IJIdivc.U-y Fu<i., 'niifhl nf H'ii!R<!lf\. I>iRn!l<''.': iliti^ir I Pitted Bsiiliji-iv. •-'.!io flrnii-lji-ii tJifiir winnini: sln-ji '<••> 20 i'.»mi-! by ptiuiiitlnu: i>ui n .Vi- 1 • ' < i.Nii-n ci\'i ! J'iooiii'c.iil. two rhii.', HI;' ,:•! 5o. V:-U;r ,k- I'd ul B'VITI, ;iie ,>-'.a I >• •'•>• nicct. Al!f|i';u:y l-'riflny i-iph! in |r''rni'7i Jon-;!, on llio 'Sfi'ir.Us' N:;i:-ci. Pfc. Jame.s H., ;nnd Staff SRt. C;irl E. nrn sons of Mr. Mrs. Hcnnnn FilsIiiKer, of TX:k.. Pfc. Jnmes i.i nl the Western front in Europe with General Patton's Third Army, He serves as nn *KMstant mnll clerk nlong wilh his "Iher inlliUiry duties.. Ho la the hiw- bancl of ^fr8. Rulh Rcphmiii Fll- " Stair 831; Curl : Jfl'stationed From (he lslii:-.d of BbK Set. Jainps Cniig- sent his conception ui rni'toon above of Frcsjhurt's':"?»o 1, Double-A, Jumbo, Select'' oMzon, Sisnorc : -Ix)ii nijey, dee)) In n frninc of chprkers with nnc'..<if'hls^niimorouK edlicnted dogs, while Alletiaiiy county's raconteurs pill--excclinnt.s. the Mfwrs. Kcur Hoskeu' : -ftnfl William A. Gunter, Indulge the fine art o} nnd Dial will employ V2~> in thi- m;inu- 'fp.rti.lro of Army tents. 1>v !. Cliircncr- \V. llrn,-, rirli ivmndt'lod bmldliiu', HP fViliirni'ire j ! ' le KuiifiM'iiti Th";,' it- :•; O^'-jniiu Slreel, thai. VMS ',.1 \\n\'f !:ci:n.-qr- | "(' i:; nnw oji .n;ity 111 IJ.-l:-;ni!'i h'n copied this wr-i k by tlu- c:\niil>"jland;'iiar airitinir.S'Jon't» II-'- !i'.>r,r !ir and AlleMiiiMiy Gas.Co. . j F'v|-. Tir-an \~ tiin.;«•>!!'oi Mr.-. O! : -:ii Another 48-hotir ban on ihn u.^c or''! lic.ui. An.-'u.--.i:i. v.' \'t . ;x>u; i '•! nrrtAirnl g&f in public liiilldini;:. w:is'bi-(.tlir>r nf Mrs. Tl^-ni... i-;mi!.;<. : j hi t-ffect here last week, mid in HIM'- • NV.rtii Ci-iitri- 1 i-<rr t <?. il.j, riiv. •wives lia'vt 1 . b<-tn n.skod to curtail the;"".' " " •••_-• — | Use of R.I.S. . . . . Tr;i'~niiifr Pi-linol for r,.(ii'i M'HI- i •;• An HVoi'Bgn of 7,000 lotlrrF nre sftil • ](m.i wi!I !:•• fipi-riii"--;! j daily throuph thr post'offlt-r hero i'<>- hon-J nv '..-.on n.s r-- •.>:,.!t--n nr.ri-; !!:cif.-cl»-v r,li<. ihsvi unen and women In. servit-i-, 5.(Wf) of iruti ; i'lioil.c:- uiainr upwi i them beinfr air mnil, a'ccortlinK to'as . Mrmoiinl Ho'-rurd };?.x irrpi,-- J/ d >'' '• T!ir }!:-i'wV;>. ti-;nic | recent survey. . . - - i Ciiinbrrlrtm' Ci'.y C'', U!! ,.- t | -, : ,ri ';),,. |Tnri:.ic!<j M;iu-hii;i-^ I 1 -. .--nlyVmie p i .Oily'Council anopicri nil ordinance: Allrrany c:ounty r...|ii!ni-'inni-i.-: i.::' !V -!'i' s.t'1;:^ 1:i!d :iir liufli'sia i Isiit.; Monday rcdiliillnp iTsin'ur.iii!.s| unite in fjivorini: n swvxio tinim i>.'f' i: i' F\f.'. ""' Muck .-I'l K.n.v :«•• ti'-rsdo thn 1 -iar: r : i[;pr.-r .'ICIH-LSO : <at ',i:r •.> ' lit. M'"-r''Ji"J(| -.vl^n hrnj nn ll-Kliiiir •. i ' ll:i|'ti»"l l>y :(K ilil'l. : »|iiiiil, ji '-.i:, R nl)i-f< ilc. t 'nil ihr tui'y- with nX.' winnfni 1 by n '.'.' in ItiO J»; t !,--:ifri !o ;.•:! Rpainst Kr\ ; it | The a Iwvc picture of the Ru:h- Miapped on the The lasplration for Sergcnnt-nrtlst'Craig's .cnrtoon wns n sloi-j- iii the souvenir "Cuniljc-rlanrt, Fra=;tbnrgi monr j brothers'was .' I Groorges Creek, Almanack" mailed to Allcgnny county servlcrmen overseas by the Alli-gany County Ixittcr i nvr i H1 p O f n Floril sue, As told by Mr. Ilnskcn, it, went wmethini; like this: • . ('„. ,,.„„., , « T "I happened into Lou's place one 'day and the sight. ih:U rro.sscd my ken rtffcriptlon. TIIF?. pi vjis lilpriilJy torn t« piece. 1 !. The'only tliinff in pl.wn van the pl.i.stcr on the" wall, and cvrn f.hnf. wr\s wup f more, .strictly, nrrordiijj; 10 I.'. .S,ij-n<> 'un>h<trir.afi<-<n \>>' •:•»• [Public Henlth Service Miindnrd,';. .Ifnj- :irldi!lfi;ial liii!U=l:i'i; 'tr j William Tl. t^.wis, fovm<--!- Cfiitr:ir •tii.iciu. >iii!-^ ; i. ; . Y. M. C. A. secretnr;.' hfK 1 ; wl!l JiV-.nd \ V.'-'Mr-rn M .1 v y 1 :i :i •'. j'he.county nrd Crnss drive rouf-ildr'. tr.-ij;.- X'-. 1 i.r.'i -I i--!\< j CumljcrlfinriV Cliicl Ji«)•„'•• Williiini!!-. ri ir.rl :.i;ri FU-ii!-- ..r. i A. Hustcr ' hrnds the rnlir- drive 1 ;,,, r--.., ,-, ;; i nii^u 1 • M.u: I v hose sort! is $01.50!). iin:.m- p:--:'-!.I Althoiifih truck tiros nrr- c]-|tli-;illy |'I.:,IIMI-.TUI •! '.-••• \\~r j short., there wrrft.'rnoiii'h pn.<-.-'.< 1 tn;i'r!:-!:il:i- ;ii •>•.,• r., I.-,,,, ., : , j car tires here tn'Mnlic' fiiio n( Frb-i'l-i::;- •••.- ••<•• th'- r.- i|!-'i l; Hrhooi offli:i:il. t ;: nic. contiinilnit •» ;:-li;li-(l l>v compnn'- <,f|i .c.inipal^n lo otiti>in co-njioi-ixlion.ot isuhr-rdlnrtilon iib\tE.t-v-n thcauc nnri.VJ)c-iil rrxun P-iJr f>! Ki: f, , T ,ri -;-• n,- I..-. ...11 ,'.riv fn i'.' 'inr! K('n 8c< , '•r'rr-r-rviv., e-atnc to ! irins,- jivi- ,<-i rnirliL IXMI (">irl]i (juruior to Ir, iniiitiiir-rl - f n,!ini>tft 1 or llii'. 1 ;l!i;> In i.!i< by .^'illilicl:. 4| ID yii. city. Airim.. 1-c., Is Krnest kccphiH chlldivn out of tlvir during school hii'irn and t.s tn ,,ip..T\i >.ncr.<jrf,i-y force nn<l physical iil'nrk on njHiil fui!tiH-<! after [,-ciipral .fnromnii."- . ;H-^.nr:-pl^n-o IK- wiih thr ! ir.i Is p;:t up on uncxprr;^ r <: - /'rt- point.- be. hi'fh<- ilurd (|Uiii Koi lu F 'lif. Jtnal ii« ; A«. H n-*ul! \VMI rnrc lo-,v. But In t.hc:mlridli,' of It jill, (here snt Lou would mnkn n nitive. The dog would mriktv:a m "Finally I .said, 'Lou, that's the most extn checkers. HR must be vory, very smrirt'. .''.' ; :| -:^-"To all of which fx>n replied, 1 'Smart, iinli, Tli<! clog's ntinie, ;lncWcntally ts "Pliisimi." Bolore going into the nvnicd forces, f He has been lu the Pucifio wur zono ^or nlinosl -,* .

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