Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 25, 1945 · Page 11
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 25, 1945
Page 11
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Associated Press Theatres -:- Financial -:- Sports WINDING UP. It's funny when they tell about it now, but- a Cumberland woman and- her elderly mother hnd -a "nightmare" while wide awake a few nights ago. Coming home from a game's party (where they had no luck, as usual) they decided to stop in at the City Hall to look over the service honor roll in the rotunda. The lights were on and they were scanning the long lists on the wall when a man, apparently, the night £ janitor, passed through without | appearing to notice them, went out' I? the door and locked it behind him. By. the time they realized that they ": were "trapped," the janitor was out of sight. AH of the office ucors were locked and they couldn't reach a telephone to summon aid— snci it was-useless- to attract attention, of passerby, because THEY houldn't unlock the door. I The frightened pair finally waii: dered downstairs to the basement; ! and after trying several doors discovered one that let them out to fresh air and freedom. P.S. Shortly after they made their "escape," -the janitor ^returned to the City Hall—he was out to lunch! Some. Cumberland- soldiers who Have come back from the Pacific Leaders Named For Red Cross Campaign Here • * _.... Advance Gifts Committee Has 814,115 Raised; Meetings Slated For Workers SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 3945 ;:. Lenders of various groups in the annual Red Cross campaign, to open March 12 in the city and county, were announced yesterday, nnd arrangements made for meetings this week to outline plans fo'-i the drive, which will be under the I direction of Chief Judge William I A. Huster. . "Work A Day for the Boy Who's Away." i s the slogan for the workers in the campaign, who will urge every employed person to give the equivalent of-one day's pay to the Red Cross. war theatre have had experiences - -ilh. the tricky Japs who are taught & few English expressions to use in ambushing unwary Yanks in the jungle fighting. The nasty Nips, for Instance, will call out "Where are )ou, Joe?" and then let loose a preiiade or a burst of machine gnu bullets if any Yanks are foolish enough io answer. Tallest tale along that Hue is told by a returned veteran who said a South Carolina doughboy discovered {irt r * of Advance Gifts Committee yesterday showed $14,115 of its $39,000 quota has been contributed, and it is expected that the goal will be reached before the genera! drive opens. William A. Gunter is chairman, and Attorney-General William C. Walsh is co-chairman of the committee. .. ' To Meet Friday . The next meeting of the committee will be held at 4 p m. next Friday at Mr. Gunter's office. 7 Washington street, and the final! Man Critically Hurt Walking Along Highway • Struck by an automobile while walking along u S Route 40 just beyond Claryville. George P. Dean, of Dunbar, Pa., wns admitted to Allegany Hospital about 11 p. m. last night unconscious with a shattered leg and other injuiies of an undetermined extent. He was struck by a. car driven by Hurry Hinkle, of Dawson, who told state policemen that Dean was walking on the wrong side of the road and apparently fell in the path of his car. A state police ambulance took the injured man to the hospital. Dean did not regain consciousness before admission to the hospital, according to State Trooper G. M. Rotruck, n-ho took him to the hospital. The accident quickly drew a crowd ;of .bystanders and traffi^ on Route -50 was kept in motion by Trooper A. M. Spioch, .who assisted ia (he investigation. meeting will be held there at, 4 p m on March .1. : The women's division of which Mrs. Jim McQuown is chairman, has a quota iof $12,500. The district chairmen are: -Mrs. Henry A. Mnckey, District 10, West Side, quota 53,100- Mrs Violet Karns. 11, East Side. $410; Mrs. J. 1. Vniidegrift 12. North End 52,650; Mrs. R. A. Compton, 13, South Cumberland. 32,800; Mrs. j. ------- _*.. -- .-.I* \**ji.i*,ins^,j UJU5tu\t:JUU c; /-.„«? 1 J -r-. ,. -,i*^. u, a Jap huddled in a fox hole durins? f. Co £, K ' 14 ' B ? wll »g Green, S475; a night foray. "Rej oriine the inci- K " C ' He »ienian, 15, Crcsap- oka io his sergeant later, the Dixie L own ' S4 " ; D - LU!e Jenkins, 16, fehter said the Nip 'squealed! F 1 " 11 *'- S225 '' «•. - W. J. 'Don't shoot, buddy. I'm from j Brooklyn." "But that didn't stop me." added 3 ihe Carolina man, "I plugged the || tiamyankee anyhow!" »•' - o According to the ' al m a na ck. i;.iring doesn't arrive.' officially for jii.i-fe weeks, but many a Cimiber- T,\*.i.d lad: knows' better. Yesterday, :jwi;h the wnrm sun'and rising mer- '- , ,' . - . . Lloyd, 17, Eilerslie. S42o; Mrs. D. Smith. 18. La Vale, S500; Mrs. O. R Day, IS. Picardy. 585; Mrs. Jos. Pollock, 20, North Branch. $U5; Mrs. Edward Matthews 21, Town Creek, S85; Mrs. Kathleen Summers, 22 Oldtown. $175: Mrs. R. Taschen- berger. 23. Spring Gap, $150; Mrs. T. Stegmaier. 24, Williams Road. S100- Mrs. R. Johns, 25, Mexico Farms, ?S5; Mrs. R. Gilson 26, Little Orleans. S125; Mrs. H. Bender, 27 Former Resident Wounded in Aclioii . Albert Delbrugge Fell in Battle Feb. 5; Eck- ' Soldier Captured A former resident of Cumberland. Pfc. Albert Delbruege, was wounded in action in Germany, February 5, according to word received by relatives here. Pfc. Delbrugge, 28, and now llvine at Bridgeport, Ohio, served with the Seventh Armored Division of the Seventh Army. He entered the service in March, 1842, and went overseas in June. 194-5. A brother Charles Delbrugge. is serving with the Navy in New Hampshire. They are brothers of Mrs. C. C. Moore, 37. wempe drive, and Mrs. C. L. Twigg, 726 Baker street. Pfc. Delbrugge played with Keegan's Gas-sers softball team when that- club operated here years ago. Reported missing in action at the Western Front- since December 16. Infantry Staff Sgt. Robert R, Lancaster, of Eckhart, is a prisoner ol' the Germans. The fact of his capture was revealed in a card he wrote Second Section—Pag* IS FBI Nabs Boy, Who Tried To, Wreck Trains Missing And Wounded Three Allenipts Near Fair- go on B. and O. Lines Fail; Faces Juvenile Court Hearing Several attempts to wreck trains on the B. and O. Railroad line at Fairgo, near the Cumberland, race track, in recent weeks were discovered by agents of the FBI to have been the actions of a 14-year- old boy of that neighborhood who had professed a desire to "see a train wreck", according to John W. Vincent, special agent in charge of the Baltimore office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. - The youth, whom tlie FBI questioned during' the last week, admitted placing various objects on the rails in-an attempt io derail trains but none succeeded, Vincent said. The youth will be given a hearing in Juvenile Court Tuesday because the Federal authorities determined that would be the best solution in view ,of his extreme youth.......'..-;.:: Three different attempts were made by the youth to cause a : wreck; '••-•:• - •-., -.;: , : - • . ;. I "On the first occasion the youth [Placed an obstruction on ihc rails", 'Vincent said, '-but the switch engine which came along ran over the 'obstacle in such a direction that- the object did not' cause n derailment". . . ; On the second occasion a piece of angle . iron had been jammed into a switch which led into the main! railroad line to the: Fairgo race track. -'••-. "This attempt wns discovered by railroad men before any train passed over it and no derailment occurred", Vincent said. On other occasions the boy had placed metal objects on the rails but they failed to cause the huge engines to derail. After an investigation of several weeks nnd the questioning of many youths of the section the boy finally admitted his "*-. FBI agents and railroad police/' - - - - ... t „ ~«.. ».. u ..^u 4& lljv. - -• •"• -.' *-w , *». Aj._4.m:i , i, . -••""•*--'-""<.. Jllo-l-tlluutr Vl 1L>LU c-.iry melting the last vestiges of |Fiintstone. S200: Mrs. L. E. Hinkle'.ito his sister, Mrs. Ernest Riffcy. 213 and snow-on vacant lots and in 128. Pleasant Grove. $85; Mrs. W.JMaple street. Frostuurg. On the card « .,.*v.« vn ttit-.iLii, uiiu IEII- U . A "-<i«^nitj vjiuvt., coo; .Mrs. v I!!., city -parks, they were out IniBowman, 29, Valley Road snO: Mr '•••rce, "knuckling down" with shoot- H. Cessna, 30 Bedford Road. S125 ,:., ,mrt Ti-frl, i«,,rt • en™,.- ~, ...,„ Price Heads Division Henry w. Price is chairman of i it:.- nnd with loud shouts of "no ihurichin'" •. as they opened the ir..-:rbles season. '••'" '•• ^ ^id, even though they know there vij- be some more snow and frigid w.r.cis during the next few weeks, hi- lads will brush such incidental hinss aside' 1 as temporary set-tacks ihe time-honored pastime, which i.iys precedes the beginning of .:• baseball season for the very ;>ungest, set. -- • ... . the classified C. Robertson under ^ Perhaps you, like us. never knew }'.• before—but for 150 years-it was |::!ecnl for Marylanciers to go out- Jo the state to be married. One out locnl legal lights who likes :lelve into the hooks for oddities discovered [I:: 1777 by the jt'irp. and not jprovided. a fine . jrcr.tracting party [ nnd Maryland ,. jfiKither state to he vedded. Another act, still on-.the .books, tempts Quakers from obtaining n I'.arringe license. A Quake couple Jr.erely signs a contract, in the p're- •i-r.ce-of 12 witnesses, who also .sign •—nod they are legally United, o v j,|.iv. aituci. rn.'si.uiu £. vjn me care -s.lStaf.J Stic. Lancaster stated that- lie Court Hearing!Man Is Found For Cliildress; Dead In Front Due Tomorrow Public Library Cumhcrlnmler Aroused Of,-Motorist On VTay H o in « Violating I>a col <• To Bti Arraigned In Circuit Court Charged with violating the terms Discovers Ho<ly of Ashby SpomiUjxlc. 77, This City, On Sidewalk j '^~ - ~ ~.,.«. r ,vvi muii tiisiuiuijg me u.*jvi)]^ - An elderly .man wns 'discovered iitei; !°7 his parole, granted more tluui a'lyiup on the sld<;wiilk In" front of ?jj;f I year ago. Cortcz "Jimnile"' i Cumlx rlnruj Frt-c Public Library "&I 'ornier ixixcr. ol tlie .lOO-Mock polk,*- llol ' tl - v "^ or s P.'rn! ye.sterdny nnd *» street, will be nrnilghpd at IMS p.>' nA pronoiiiK-nl dintrl at Allegnny 5!S :'»• tomorrow in Circuit Court U>- jHtisiiliaS where h« .was Uiken by si <«* ;fqre Chief Judge William A. Huster'II^^l'iK mou>rfsl who' noticed 'the :and As~ociri«! Judge ; Wnlfer C. mni > whllt 1 on lib, wiiy home. ; Ca ''' x ; r ' : | : The limn. Ashby Sponiiutrle, 77, who has a police rec-,nf L>3 North l,w street, was on his i iiiiiniMnjat ~~-™-~.,.«.-~»~>» i » =o«l...was- schwUj»ed.-',)o. receive, njwny homr when -'titrkcn with a :r on the left. Pvt. Johnj Sgt. Carl F.'Boggs, (rlghiv was:" 1 ', nri!1l; y^terdHy, but his aitorney.jlietiri nitiic-lf, iicconiln'p in Dr. Uuriit ^. * .»n-. ,,»& been missing in action!wounded last Ini^ . rc ' J Ryan, wo.i- cnlled 0111.0/111 C'm.--.'!). dcmity itninty liiedicfil' in Germany since February 5. He is!France with the Seventh Army. Lnsti • ntv - unri tllp "rnuiyninent wiujcxniiiincr. Tin ilni,' t) f ilpath' wa* Uie husband of Mis. Betty R. Price, January 3, he was reported missing[ix^'poned. Assistant State's AHor-l-si't »t nlwut ,s-]5 p m. by Dr. Cor- 219 Maple street, and son of Mr.tin action, but th« notif(ration w'iks|' u ' y Paul M Fletcher, .potwtivejson. ' . ; and Mrs. Edward^ Price, Bedford,] erroneous, his piirents, Mr, and '.Mrs.!": B • p .'' n "k O.illuev iiti'd'-Ofriefrrii Sponaniile wa-. «.(•• -i, iironr on the Pft. He entered the', service last Herman Hoggs; 321 Peiinsylvaritajp '"'°- Po «-r--f. Frnnk A. ShothTJstrm by Hrivrnv MHvLvri 10 North August and arrived overseas with avenue, and wife, Mrs. Riith iDbi-1 J l. lost M - Po "' r i' »»<1 Arthur Kcn-iipc stivoi xvhi, vv.,.:"-^!-..:,,.; • !.„.„„ The soldier Price, has •JH> w;i: : drivinjj.' homo. ....D.UJU ...... i».»i,i.v> w»vtatao »LLII d%t;iiui:, mm \\IIl-, ivtl^i. ItulJl IUOI-| .. .».iij... jx^ j t- ; Lff .stl''tl \VJU> W!l' : CtrlVm* 1 hOIOl? the Ninetietli Infantry Division of an) . Hoggs, Kcyser, W." Vn., hnvci", won ' '»'<•"'"•' yesterday, 'al'ont!JM.-,ylip!i Piopiiecl j'u'i car nnd then Uie Tliird Army. He served withjsince been informed. He entered the wllh «vrrn! other witniwes kio); \h, ; utrickei: mun' 10 the hos- »—•— .&4*»»u > bt >ii^ , i*i- ov^i ten n{*iiv.i; IA. t 11 imiJ?lJIt;i.i. nt nil t i l"U til t: Pvt. John K. Mackert, 312 Fi-anklin|seiTice June 8. 1343, niul went over- street, who is also missing in action, [.setts in November, the same year Pvt. Price is Uie father of two child- The .soldier has also seen service rcn. . in Africa and Italy; •*•""< •-"•"'•i "1IIKV-M-.S kio); Hi,; utMckei: mun 10 the hos- Scntcncr Sii^'rniJrd . ))»;il. At flfSE'.-pcrsoiwI rflivts fomut He was given a -Aiisjiendtici soiit- ° 11 Si^iiiiugk- piw Ills-iiddirss' ns enco In October, lfi-t-1..on chm pi'SMifi 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' 11 " 1 V^t'ivtburs; or Krnnklm, \V. larceny and rptoivine stolon pmxIfiP' a ' !l!l ln!pr city pnllce contacted on condition th'nt.-ho RO .t6,-hi<; for-'j tw> k '' t ' lL> ' -WiiN.wlui rrsidc! hero. luiif \i IM-»T.I i.^ .' i*:--..: „: . .__:-- _ f •. - i THt'i" t iid^ti J I (iu.W « \ i ..i i- * r. * V*«i-'., u^.).. Revenue Collectors To Be At Local Office The local office of the Internal Gimps In Currying Out Service Program I .-.. • *-•" <-vuuuiuii t.n;xv-nr po to-rils ior-i .i*.m:>-.«*u> U-MW: nfri 1 . Fill I Si-flff Will Will Aw-it'il Pl-i/im-. mer !lomo in Virfjiniii Hhd refrain T1 "' v ""•milled ttk-ir fnther's body A. II.AI Ljtctl.l TT 111 >T 111 /V>>tll(l J ItKIlie frnm drinklnc : i11 ""' bi-ipilnl. v Handle Taxpayers To Woodmen Here Seven Depuly In I er n aliO n e of 50 Outstanding 1> ./•»!! . n-. r* , ,, . .. C . In' the petition by Sinte's' Attor-j ; Sponniuile hnd lvvi' retired for liey ArorKnii c. Harris to have liim i nianj '• y '"' rSi au(hr.i !Ufs said. He Is arraigned'on n charer of violntini: i ^" IU ' rlv imin Wi '^ Virginia. His his. parole. Cliildres.s wns accused of :Wl . fc - N!rt , N1 '« r - v c - Spr.niniRle, died disorderly rontliict on the n!t;ht ofi lllr ' 1 ' y^i's ^»i"February 11. when he was nrrestedj ..He Is sur.vH'r-d by five ,<ons. Glenn. Mountain City Cninp, No. G.'n -,.,,._. . f , M 4 n,-, . in; ^ iv ,-, MI i T..^ It'll i . *n t^i .^m.'Hi^i u \ ,l\i' F-OI1S, Li lr III I by pffjcf-rs Kennel! :uid Powell. JorjHqyd, Miirliii, oiid Jinhrn, (ill 6r -'iL'-int? vile and vulgar luniiuaR^ 1 oniCumbt-rliiMd, und \V:t:in C. Spo- BaUlmore^sU-eet in thr prusi'nrp nfj nauul-:, Frnsiburq; U:i ' -- • •• -- -•- ^ mj *••>- '^-"> viuuc ui UIL- iiiicriiiii Aiuuniain uity cjdinp, NO. G.'n vuuiie In'dv nnr olhr- rmren-is "Ulr<i vinlri ' Tni-r Pi',.. <«.,» ^ttz&isxss&si ^ssa,vsss ste&& r ^ "-Hss;,5; .,K,.?S= .. -..».. «* ^^. v.ii t,v^,ii._\ ^wnuvwi.>; i.uiLj. JHU, wtrtji iiuLinpti ov r.urflr beginning tomorrow niorniu? and!Newberry. imtional president, that they will be able to handle between i>. qualified as one of the fifty out- 800 and 1.000 persons daily in preparing tax forms, according to Richard J. Stakom. division chief. Stakem UVRCS all persons. to file their 1944 tux forms. us soon as pos- standing- Woodmen Cumps' in the I country In the fraternal and civic! sen-ice pro?r:im it curried oiit in! 134-!, according to S. S. DowlBn.J . . jbrothery, l.vichfr n'i:t{ Herman Spo- '""'^ 1 ' 1 . '«' 1! » <>' Cirr l.villo. \V. Va , ' ^ """ lw . finnnciKl , S, nrt - v Rcht ; " ' nf ihr> Ijvn! in.innji o of Ihc local slrnnc( , nlcd , ls ,., in , t of n sible nnd he also stated that with;camp b«««. *m uguuu, a;lu j-auroan DOIICC the large staff 'on duty waiting The „.,.„., ...,„ --.-.:..„ . Tvi^r.,,1 ! X,"" " quu: . "<--Ri'.s« IO-..MC cooperated in the probe. The tracks time will be of short duration and S J V L A ™M tnnn P V ,^'nt 1°, 8pter ' Miiit<ir >' <*•<*" or U . ... which had been obstructed are part unlike last year when taxpavers headouitterll. On^hn » nU °Pf i>'e Heart, nt It.s home. 770 C.rwn, of the West End of the Cumberland stood in line for several hours'/ '!! J ,^ l J iI 7. lcl : s .. 1! ] Onl : >il . 11 u ? ^'.'^Hsi'-W- ..The division.- « arristrt In IP44 ™" h ^ , street, while ;< .HoW. jwliw wild. Thr botl.v b «t KieWs P.i n er«l 1 « 1 .<1. tomorrow nficr- j Home. Funeral arranKRinriils nro " ""' «'"«- ! ""••'«'l>l«c. <»....,;•„, ,..^u .i^aiiir.t UVjUrtJIt); Ol H. • ~ Iclub liquor HCRP.SP to Moiintnlii: .- • -. i :r " i °""- ""•' -^ ' '-—h" piii-il>tnMnal rorre is Banquet Climaxes Heart 5 Week Here unlike last year when taxpavers ^" ri ' rr 1 ^ 1 ', •, i>le H{?nr ^- nt: lt - s hon *- 7 ™ Or^npi , _..-.,-. stood in line for several hours'/ 0^^^ ?'r?^ n ^"S",'- «treet. . .Th, applioition. wns made; Kvi>e ( .» ( ./{ A I IM'lllI The new W-2 tax form* on which 1 °L n , «ood ,\it>ik in the Wood-iby Oeor'irc M. Leib. of this citv lyA [" l l< " -^l * lalll i *. " , imcu I'Tiiternitv In ACT inn ' umprrinv ct^f« ~r*i~, 3..... ..*- .,._ • ., ~ . The Jiev,- W-2 tnx taxpayers can make separate returns or else file jointly, as in the' case of both husband and wife working, are easily filled out. If desired the forms can be mailed to the Baltimore office for final check and a bill will be rendered _..--_,— ..-._^.,*.^— v% . ul , .,,*. ^ lldlim^ \M!| IX' nCiCl scope and quality ol their.1'raternnljon the rerrionstniueo filed ?1Tlri »»T«'T/i nrtlijifinr- ^41.1.;.-.',. i\, ~ •_..*,- •- . _ _" . .._. Arthur G. Fuller is in charge of Section 40. automotive; W. D. Timmons. 41, foods; D. Clifford Goodfellow, 42, general;' Charles I/- Kopp, 43, educational. Roy C. Lottig, co-chairman, has the following captains: Paul Meyers. 49, mercantile; G. L. Storey, 51, public service; Earle F. Bracey, the Rev.j i Ramsey Bridges and the Rc-v. G ' Stanley Schwind, 52, colored. j Miles G. Thompson, co-chairman. 1 has .the following captains: John J.i Robinson, 44, financial:. Joseph H.I ad. S125. i wns well and requested a shipment i Gnr»«ts lli"ii- l~)»ci<.-;i.>;>ii. ,»f for nil >" taxes due and notice of anv on |of food, especially candy bars. IT- i" \\ riplioil OI irebntM ^ u bc &]so made stnkel ,-, . _ .! The son of Robert C. LancnKter. of >Vork Done :il IN'tMston D. suld. . ji,y; p , I Eckhart. Staff sst. Lancaster has: IJqkcr Hnmiil-il Tll( -' local U 11 - 61 '" 81 revenue office wun t-a-i|been in uniform since July. 1942. . ' "•«-•' imajtiuu wiil ^ Qfwn c ,, lj[v {rom g: 3 0 - a m iino' 11 ! 118 - 11 Prlor to ' llat time '1° WBS employed : to 5 p. m. from now on until March t \ S i by the potomR c Edison Company" A fulsome description of the reha- 15, the last day to file a tax return. Jtomotive; _ • bilitation processes, both physical Elevator service Saturday after- Collecti Starts Tomorrow Outlying Area To Bc Covered First Day nnd West Side Section on Tuesday A fulsome description of the rehabilitation processes, both physical and mental, practiced at the Newton D. Baker General Hospital for wounded wsr veterans was given at the banquet last night in Queen City Hotel which climaxed the observance of Purple Heart Week here. Tlie description was made by Capt. C."\V. Lament, special service officer at, the Martins burg, W. Va., army hospital, who cited that of the total wounded in battle, only three i! discovered that- an act passed , and one-half per cent failed, lo sii utilities; G. L -John- His remarks was suppiement- . auditor of the campaign. The area to' be covered Monday Gifts Announced includes Bedford road from Nave's Tlie .largest contribution reportedIcr'ossrond to the state line. EsUti- yrsterday by the advance gifts com-;more pike .to Miller's service . sta- miuee was $5.000 from the.CeiancKJHon, Locust.'Grpve. Cowman's aririi- Corporation of America. Other gifts ition and Corri^anville. of S100 or more were: ~ j. The schedule for the experiences, .as did al?o Lt. Col. John C. Gold™, this city, who is home 6n : leave frdin the Third Army in EStrope'. In Action" nrocrrimjstale 'commander of the breanba-; the (ion. composed of voirran.s who lia\v C; , ,.: i. .. i,':.,!,. ... compete. I been wounded in w: vice. '-i i cnmps were scored on the| A linarine will lx> held Thursday " lt " '" ( ' r(1 :»'n !^ iNuni- nsnmec ie nitMt and cidr activities during file past issuance nf a club license to the Al' ^ year. These included the meetings held for members and special iwet- gonquin Pigeon Racir.g Club, s'tatej Opr-rn;io'n,i at sarrs-siffstis ir'^?5-gs^c.-?aK teErS ™ ! i» .Hit plnnt nf the npprnnflvvd verage. attendance; the ^rvice ST e A%*»} C^i? Kct-U! J mn r r 10 ''" 1 " 1 y ^T^ tt ' llr " B W " :kl!!f enderecl to members in Illness orineaicrs '• l^il H on^ ill',- u^i, K ' ?< ' PqU! " *° ilt>om ' S - »>" r ^>" '" IstWM and the contribution!. and'^W.-v Stwlev BuVV n y 1 u nwmttl .»j>"«««l ^ ^>' "» ^ '< emces io outside charities, nnd the rom™.»™^ * ' 1 " l p " nl »""?• Stakem said. Bridge Explosion Probe Continues services to outside chiultics. and the civic nctivitiei in which the cnmps took pari. Their participation in pa- trotlc activiUs. such as the purchase of war bonds, donation of blood to their local blood banks, and assistance in scrap salvage, Red Cross, USO. Community Chest, Navy and Army Relief and other civic drives also were considered. Officers who directed activities , .for the local Ciunp last year were Vincent H. Bergman, consul, com- noons has obo been pro^d fir so ^ud activites. such „ the pur- ^f m ^nd 'v^i of th™'^'" !\" that the third floor offices can be f llns ? of war bonds, donation of f° r ^""t^ ",' * j™ 0fT , cr lin reached with a minimum of effort, b ood totheir local blood .banks, and ''! r ««"P' "on. In it «t ^ > .are ramonstrancc: Tlie n,<woclatlon contends ' there are now 32 club licenses in the on Sunday and after hour*. Stolen Cars Are Recovered Here Tlie force comiiij; on nt. H n m. .. .it •• -, * rt/ift 1^^.^*°"™"^ ™; F: ! Yoiilhs fo, Valfe ^oTtoldVc'Tw'wccta aeoS^ 11 ^^-'" ^mnnls escort; F.j y olllll? is progressing but will take about ;^ ni " or ';; ) ""^' 1 ™ in R - u Hirrr ' Tlwft* 10 more days,- according to Ralph; SCIUrj ' "'__-_--.,-"''• sccrctar - v -1 * ht lt ' L. Rizer. city engineer. . Ri;:er said enough debris has been I T> .-||./ Ml I -. 1-1 removed to indicate that one of the' "' '- "*S> 1.1 ( arches to the span has been dam-! aged. City officials are awaiting com-| ple;ion of the probe tx'fore takincTj,> any steps to repair the sinicuircj*•'{'!• T-f/^Aoti-I IVCj>cill 1 e All Umlani- . i • . J Olllj. Three ears stolen from Cumber- •~f\*i wjv-- . 0*1,1 .TX-I; j jz* \v i up [in ni 17 .'MLIULIHWI •-•[•-• j-«-- »--IJTT^.*I« *j.xi.ii.«»ti; Mrs: Beatrice Donovnn. president or. to provide a lemprorarv crcx=s-i P-iiiLivo Wi-iioc ir,.,.,,, the MnrvlariH Denni-tmpnr. ^.ivil- line. " V,.l|HIA«, >\ rilfg 1 roill .bud s'.reptjs in the ...„ „.,.., iwere recovered yesferririy; afternoon.i>">"<- IA foiir-iloor black sediin owned ln-jfii?fc! ,-. ' , ,jn"y<i Hariwr, 118 South Meclinrik-lp^Rf. . li.xrlianjicd.sirea, st'ilen from near his ,. every Indention u niirmnl vompic- tnent of emplnyes will !>.' on tile job <onioni>w. Full jirod'uction i* expected tat seven days. The end of the? unauthorised strike, which slarlprf .Tlmrsdhy m protest dsainst, the dismLwn! o! a union shop chuirmmi whn nllhgedly .siriick n plant supervisor, l.vgnn Friday and the rciurnlng force •4r>ndily increased. ^ Kmployrs are ?olnp back to their jnte with n.vitirrmcc ihat no dwcrlm- Iruuion will \»\ i-hown. Employes rc- .MUiif-d their v\ : ork lit the' reqiicsl of lo<'ul nnt 1 . nnfional ofllcinl* of the Tcxtlf \Vurkc!> Union ol America. Prom i ho llr^t, iinlnn ofTiclnlt i lie coiitracl. provides' mn- tn ,'ettle pi U'vnnces anri n-<' sar.rtlon any work stop- of the Mfiryland Depnrtment Auxil-iing. Most Cumberlanders in the "flood! Cumberland Brewing Company,P ve . e Tuesday—West the North End, far from pany, $250; Dr. and Mrs. A. H Haw r* menace of Old Mar. River's 'i.'itli, one j-oung housewife was •^ipy about last week's thaw—but r : a different reason. Said she: "Our lawn Is a regular Censure : JVB since the deep snow disap- t-ared. My daughter found a dime ft lost on Christmas Day, and '•-t's sure Santa Glaus arranged ••• the recovery of the money. We ' ~ discovered somebody's upper '- of teeth,.part of a tire chain an empty bottle that indicates •'me-passerby is able to enjoy a ?rade of rye. That's quite a for a half-acre!" National Bank. S150; Second Nation-! and !eft on curbs b >" s n - m - xt - ^ "^ °f the Purple Heart decoration iu ^ ontl . JVI|> " 1 ""' C strcct ' lias ite>, the parents wore the recipient.' al Bank, S150; B. Benneman nnd h °P e <' that at least SO tons will be from Miss Dolores Donovan pre?i- P urcllIU!e tl Ule building at H North'of a telegram from thn government Sons, $150: L. Bernstein Co S100- collected. dent of Baltimore Chapter No 122 Mechanic.-ana wil] eventually move stating that Cpl. McDowell would SOT. DETER GETS MEDAL *«t: Gnrland E. Deter, son of Mrs. J. Deter, 112 Mnple street, has ••:i awarded the Combat Infantry- J;'fi Badge in Belgium with the F 1 '--I. Airborne Division. kins, 5250: Dr. W. Royce Hodges, $200: Chief Judge Huster. S100; Judtre and Jvfr.s. Walter C. Capper. S100: Attorney-General anri Mrs. William C. Walsh, S150; Mr. and Mrs. D. Llndley Sloan, S125: First street and . Thursday—South of Baltimore street and avenue arid north of Oldtown road and La'Vnlc. Friday—South of Cldiown road. Paper and cardboard should be ticd in bundles according to type rest of the Bowling;Maryland Department Ctimmander. --. . [with a travel in the. name, of the Wills creek [state, auxiliary in rccoRniMon of his iary. of-|thp Order of the Purpiej - '- — lenrt, pre.seiite'i Gcorce M. Leib.j Porler He.slanr.inJ to O|)(?ral« Ono Sid(? Only in-ices ns comnuindrr Porter's restaurant last night Clive Brant, commander of Moun- clawd Ule side'operated at H North i« /-n,o«f«*. >»„ tci i Mechanic street, and will rnnr^n- sen'ices ns comnuindrr. , tain Chapter No. 161, was presented ,wlth a framed picture of the national emblem by the State Department' Auxiliary;. On behalf of (he Mountain Chapter. Mr. Brant also received a hnnd-painted replica of the Purple Heart decoration Tri-State Paper Compnny. $150- Mr and Mrs. William A. Gunter, $100- Mrs. R.icka Rosenbniim. «125: Charles J-. Bnice. S100: Wilbur V, Wilson, S100: Da\-id J. Lewis. S100' Charles A. Piper, S100; Mr. and Mrs'. Henry SwearJngen. S100; Cut-Rate Shoe Store, $125; Buchanan Lumber Company, $100; Crystal Laundry, S100; Cadillac cocktail lomme,-$100; Pcskin shoe store, SI00; James C Shrlver, S100; D. R. Kltzmlller. $100- Station \VTBO. S100; Mr. nnd Mrs. Somerville Nicholson, $100: nnony- 'mous, $100. Suggest!ojj,s >rt Hill Student Body To Erect Unique War Memorialist Somerville Nicholson was toastmaster at- the banquet which was . Mechanic street, and will concentrate all its business, starting today, at 20 North Mechanic, where an enlarged kitchen hn.s been built in tlie rear. The Diamond restaurant, how at Mr. and Mr.s. \V. L. McIXiwcll, Bowling Green, yesterdn'y received a letter from their son, Cpl. Wiiitcr L. McDowell, Jr.. who arrived in the United stntes Wednesday on the exchange liner Grip- l:isl, niiilu. wns found Ijy .severJil bo.vs ! on Siii-iver's Hill oil I^-iper street. Indications were that a pKny-of- young- boys had t-nken llic mnrhini for a joy-ride. The cnr of David FV)lk. Corrinfvn- vllle. stoleil Friduy.:riisrht fnnn In! front of Al leg any HnsjiiUil WHS dls-i coverrd yesterday nfterncion bv ! Lieut. Detective B, Frank. Giifrneyi ^holrn nf Ur ivri ,J im,,V «A,,ru V,^" ?m ' ^'^"^ B, • Frank. Onfmr-y; in His Inwrr lip ywterdnv nfte7- r££L£ f ' , ? r ?'i , <R " <1 OITicer Frnnk A. Shobr.r on!'""-in'whrri liq tripped over a nip at Germany since last Ocloter. it was v,-n*™~, c^,.«,. <„ n,_ __^_ ., .,__'in= i,,,,, /! *Ji_...,_: . , k . • i r fl lhllS I I'fa J • Misiiap ^ icd'ins .Robert Powers, 2'-i,.sr>n <>r Mr. nd Mr 1 -.'- ^Hownri! Pmi(>;>. 71B Vivaii ;ivenue,-suffered a <l'ee'|i K'lsh Inwrr lip yivsterd'nv aftei- Germany since last the first word they „ . him since ho wns imprisoned. Simultaneous with their son's let- i n V i" IKI wmci-r rrnnK A. stiooiir on;'""•'» wnrn nq tripped over a nip at LSI uctotxir. it was Prospept Square in the rear of thci'ii-s liome iind fpll aunlnst. » c.linlr liey received from court House, - : : :Hk itilurv wus 1 Uentert nt v AIJcLtnnv is tnitinsoned. A *ii»^^ ...... ^^ »,L. ™ -,.,,.. -.u/^.ti,.,: . ' attended by 100. including ns iruesrs! four patients from the Newton D. Tr^-jf p i i- i Bnker Genernl Hospitnl. DaneinR "'" llll)l '=" followed with music furnished by Brill's. Commandoes. The orig'lnal Porter restaurant was at 20 North Mechanic "stret. Of Carriers in Srrvirc The next tin cnn collection is scheduled for Mnrch 23 and 24. Teacher Designs *,.- ' Seliool Play Sets Kccapturing tnc loniance and *^..*iit/i.jiii*Lii i»-iw uttvi: m^ wurm::- iniie.^-iNt'ws carrier, ooys wno are cclor of the days of the old West, [premiere ; of "A '• Treo Grows in|in the nrmed -services'. Today's in Miss Chloris Benson, suige director (Brooklyn" vat. the. Strand theatre •-• ' ' • • - ' ...--..-• for the play.."Arizona." to be given!next Friday. Originally this city wns by the Senior Class of Fort Hill j to share 1 world premiers honors wltli High School; March Ifi, has designed New York, but Uie Brand way en- ntirr ovprnfi>H crt<: Thnt. orp HriHi fl r-I E?noonirnf • Vine ^^/w.n - rv^t-f r^r\r,fiA »« Starting totlny-. the Sunday ,Tjmes IV/»J?I II T»I? T7^rm> r it »-T> r- " •—T---. 1 . .-•— u...,u..j ,. j.i.i.., »ORI-r) TRE^rrEKE m.nF. ^g^ .publication of pictures of Cumuerinnci is to have the world:!'times-News carrier.boys who are l ns are under way . among the r: nts nt Fort- Kill high J«chool to 'i memorial to former students : 'JS the supreme sacrifice in this | -,- Thirty already have been re- r -Pf! killed in action, beginning |p i earl Hnrbor when Victor C. Tam- Auburn, avenue, was U. S. S. Arizona. lost . . Jointly by the school's Council and newspaper, Sentinel", the plans for the rifli project are still in a ten"'•. stage. It was definitely decid- • pwrver. at ft recent meeting of sponsoring groups, that the mi will not take the tradl- , iorm of n scunnured .statue ;'»>,cieslgn poured fonn a mold. . • ; was agreed Lhnt the memorial ' more for r ' rn t. nnd future sCutlents If n • «. coa^tatu living reminder ''"i'lcs? 1 -- ° C - ft s - vmb pllze.s.. ; A "<-n « nouse nn nn ,, ' Sfove were smonR the s * nn ever- !Pr« nt l "e meeting. i(, •-- •-•• w«<i, Ati«i.iiiir^ r - '• I) i, , nt tlle wctJnp were VJc- I... Hetfiey, principal, Robert C. -. • '- . HnmW TJ- A »_.. -r ...... i, ,« rill the . le Crcegnn, secretary of ". 1 of the Student Council; ' V|B J% eecretarj- of war nctivi- ties of the Student Council: Bentrice Unn. war bond chairman; Chd.ittnc Yeager nnd Ethel Wnllis. Student Council, and Normn Lee Cole. • r Students of Port Hill nre urged to submit suggestions for tlie form of the memorial.'" The person whrvsc plnn is adopted will hnve his or her name"-engraved--ion a dedicatory plaque at the site of the mrmorini. Suggestions may be submitted to Miis Christine Yenger or Mi<« Ethel Wallis, news editors of the Sentinel, on or before noon Mnrch 1C. Other Fort Hill students besides Tambollco who have made the supreme.sacrifice in the war thus fnr are. Frnnklln Lehman; Joseph O'Neal, LeRoy Chnse, Marshall Fletcher, Homer Snrver, nonnlcl Kc- secker, Kenneth Dohrer, Claude Weaver, Glenn Armbruster, Rniph Huffman,-Maurice Crabtree, Milton Crown, Melvin Redhend, Wllllnm Kirby. William Thorpe. Clyde Golden; Earl Wilson. Charles Hcnsel, Chnrles Lindner, William Lchmnn, Floyd Kunes, WIHlnm -Turner, George Poolc, Dale Buscr, Hnrold BnumRnrdner, Donnld ; - Lnthnim, James Johnson, James Bucy nndi Rlchnrd Wlegnnd. : : : '. JTH^JI ounuyi. itiium in, ii«» ucAjguuu ji>u>v iuift. F . uui. uiu ijroniiway en- nnd executed.sets thnt are both r.r- Brngcnient' .has' been -postponed .to tlstic nnd realistic. Especially effee- |Mnrch 9,' -while the March 2 opening live. are the sets of the Palnce Hot el, j here still stands. and the cnv'c in the mountains. In the.latter scene, the sound effects of thunder, wind and rniri,• heighten the dramatic effect of the death .dance of the'Nnvnjo Indian maids. I who in mourning costume perform the tragic ceremonial ritual of death. : MLs.5 Benson who was the 13. OUlCr pilge.= will nppenr. Mnrclj 4 and 11. Families of former carriers not yet con- stating t!mt Cpl. McDowell would be confined to Halloriin General Hospits!. M. Y.. for 12 hours, after which he would be transferred to an undisclosed surcical hospiwl. Tlir> locnl soldier wrote to his parents ihat he was exreedlnply happy now ihat he is back In the United States. Except for his eyes, for which lie underwent, nn A tliird cur owned by Bcrnrr Win- jHoppliai. ner, 521 Bonn st'r'ret. . stolen two! Arlejic Hall. 5. daughter pf Mr. days ngo. was discovered by Winner i !*"d Mrr.. Honnnri Ilnll. Oldfown. pnrked In front of the Southern!suffered a. deep laceration nloni! thr Hotel. North Mechanic: street, yes-; riftht side of her forehead yesiiirday tcrdfiy nftrnioon. Police bli\me' •"•fternoon when n lan?c rock fell youtlis for all three theft.-; and nn -rom a pilr nt her home nnd'Xtruck Intr-nsive invesllentioh of the civses! her. She WM treated al Allcg'nny Is ujidprwny. None of U;e <-ars «-iisi T1 —'""' dnmngcd. rAI'TAlN IN I'A." William .Keriu.. 37. OldtORii nnad. nn injury, in hi.<, left-kiwo afternoon .when purl, nf -..,_...- ,» •-..-L* i VMI » IT.I t^n uiA'K ^;iri« IJlilt- r H R John R. Hall, nnlive of Cumber- [tree ffll on him vrluie ho WHS nt of Hnrrisburg. work He i * »-.-. »..,^i. ijv wiiLiL-ii>viu. nil tj(.M:ia- umu. ijow u rrFiri^ni ol nurnspurg fworK He tlon in n German luvpital. he snidjPn.. has been comiiilsslnrird n cap-'; n 'aiirt O his rmviltlnn . ic ,.rvn,i *-,<„ ;„ .> 1( , Qnarlnrmiislfr nn'd'nt Mfjm-n K Compnny of tlio Prrin-; Mi.-^ Mi , .. his physical condition- is «ood, ..tain Cpl. McDowell.- while -serving In . . Italy wns taken prisoner. The fact - tmrk fin-nniti " rl nnd WM Maintennncn sylvunln State Gunrd .rij rm Molli c Ni'.v „ " nf tncted may cnll 4COO (extension 7) norm-im- for Informnilnri r>n nlnrlncr nift.irnc. - • men. I p« m •" ' "•" '«•>«•" jni.i-Jin.-j. jiiv lm .i .tviviiiuu ouup ouarii. l*tjy(<! i-imfnvl « ;>KI"|I)/- /rnriiir/- ,-ct con- ? f hls "P 1 "' 1 *'. . wni V »':« rrvralecli Capt. Hnl] is n ijrmnmtc of Cnr-lol i!,e li-ft. foVarni vAiu.rdav nf er- slon 7) ^ - a .. sl «>n wave, broadcast fromjyer Hich School. He 1*-vlsltinp- his j noon whm ,hi< f,.« ' on ,[; w «lkm pirture.v rmal ! y - fT1 ' c "T"!'' r « celvct ! ^j^ nnd friends here, over -llir'! Iron; t,f hr home. f?ho waV troHtrri f World; IT "'^ R B CS -J r01 " rn «' 0 l^leners In !•! : wprki.-nri nt 2.ia South, tee • street.'al Mrmorlnl HiKpitu). manager for "My Sister. Ei!>ien." "Murder Mansion" nnd "Papa Is All." has had wide, experience in stage-designing, '. nnd. is making elaborate plans for Arlr-ona. Assisting her are the Technical Stnff:! Billy Hiner, electrician; Edwnrd | Alderloiv. carpenter;. Kermit -Van I Survey Shows Service Men's Wives Help Win War At Home In Yiisl -Majority of Cases Thoy Shun Brieni Li- nnd iVifilit Life. Thon»li Small Niimlx-r of Tlirn Hriii" DisrrpnN; On Others Who Work Towards I'carnlime. Fninily Snlidnrilv the briiaclcast; Of fit-In! word of thoir* ||-- t 71 , , . son's cnpttire cime Inter from Uii; ft (IT Aufi l.jOVP />// V War Department. ' :• : • ,'.)'. : •• : The soldier i-, the hiisbnncl of Mrs. Lonn McDowell nnd father of two children, ono born last weok. i . (Board 1 To Tndiiel Eight j\ren iMonday Soldier With Giicrnllas Weds Filipino-Spanish Girl Pelt, sound effect. 1 ;, and Design Class. A Cuml-crlnnd .inkilcr who rsrap-j The RoWnf-tlrf, hnvt- not yet. reed frrm-, the ,)«p,' ! 10 tlnvs nftct ji-nH'pd nn official notific-alIon from '-" lhr rhili l" )in « *••>«! Army that their lion'lf K ef«- but " a. rrsnlt nf hi.' nif letter recplvoi by them yestW- Singc\ Contrary to belief in some qtinr-fdobt on homes built before the wnr ? h " •.rs.-Mini war wives nre cnreLss,jOthers nre buying bulldlnp lol.s '!ar< ,.-' ,, ~~ n „ • ,.,/-»i4i.r-..i , _-_„_,,_.! . • . - J b ."«»iifc i«w iui j f.^goup Johnson. 22H Pnen cslgn Clnss. .i tors •• that war wives nre cnreIss,,Others nre buying bulldlnp lol.s for' t-' ,1 The entire production is directed negligent, imfnithful, urn! generally postwar homes''paying Into credit K.rfi i ^ S °'' by. Miss Knthleen.Ciimbce. Senior jindltTerent toward their duties, a nllowanrns for fumitim. nurPimBincr! iM" 1 '" 1 ™ />• ^"s, Clnss Adviser. :HehrnrsnK were bc- survey just completed gun last week. HTRTTIS ANiNOIJNCEl Mr. nrid Mr.s. Rupsrll Appold, P;iw Paw. W.: ; Vn., nnnbuncc the birth Of n dnughter ye.slcrdny afternoon In Memorial',Hospital. The father Is servlnp in 'the U. S. Nnvy sicn! Iriit. Srplpmhcr. IDCC. senior '"""»«•"-'"• i»wwiu incir auues, n allowances for furniture purchasing i AM , H n an »• ^—K. ">".. ils were bc- survey just completed nmone scr- silverware, dtshcs nnd other house- „„.' ,V> ;,'[•« . > ,', o ^ l '™' 1 ! I * vice men's wives in the Cumberland hold necessities. Manv of the VOUIIK! „ , ' c ln> ; ns *•: N , iclt! ' ll3 Orand SK-IK last s area shows that the gr.'nt majority wives, married since their huAnnds JJ r sht.,wnv PI?,!tiht ,^°n P \M i' i "^"'«?'l* JiVCFjl) ^ ( ' p thnmselves.bHsy with n var- entered the .service, keep np'arL- w'nrr M it, "i rf ? ; , v 1»« -t the • J "^''" |icty;of coiLnnictive- interests. • Tlicyimente—aiuUwoik nurd nl lt-<o that 0 L'< »"mUl«J - Mrrrt: .fcrnc.M ;'' H - nl :" lp ^^"•^T "? .«"«'" *<*"<•«* "'•» ^ «** « t.vir\L^r d «et' Vffi: nL i,,i Bt ^ b '. u l! h -, ™;?! w ™*. .^.li!" 1 ^, .^" Local Drnft Bosrd No. I will rend eight men In Baltimore tomorrow j.. momlnp for Inriuclinn into tlie arm-j lsr n "ridt kl , T . 1I:LIV1 , V i. I ,,, t , i s , v U,<'MI \ r , cd forces, nccordins to . DoLifkMdRrl.riB net. II *•«£ l^opicd yrster-'day WM Iwttcr thnn » rnrmiil KW ,- Clmnry. chief bonrci rlrrk. They day. . '= jenimenl 'fcl^riim R, it wns In hi, Tin- soldi-r Is Pvt. nirilr Robineltr! (ro -,, iinndwrttliis. „.,.. »'»" wrote Ills parents .that he rnnr-j p v -i.' Rcil.liK-ttc *nvs his wire "I* nwn rlrd H (?lrl of Pillplno-Sprinlsh. de-J no , tonullfi.r by our Mumlnrd*'btil is nice Iixikltitr .and «hc eomes Hi rnptiireci Mnyi 7. frot ,, „ R(XKl , amnv . — .„._.._._ ..,.,,„.*. ..., t ,^.,,.,. .,,tj | i,,, i.u-, »uu««(nK I1HIU nr, U—FOIiattr CH.inKnunl, -110 «n..'« n . • .1 nre nc Ivc in women's club nnd sew- if their htubnim* fi« furlouRlW:^/^'"" B . h -. ' n,,!" 0111 "''^.; ine circles, church, .societies nnd there.will be n place'to cnll "homc"ifrom nSinl \ 0 a iiA^'r-? un choirs. Tiiey serve nsmiiic's nldes In —nnrt thov nrr- th,ic ,,«t,\™ - ifrorn nonid No. 2. HftKcn-umn. . w W. choirs. Tiiey serve ns mitic's nldes In Jot-nl hospitals 'nnd'help nut. in scr- jvlcc centers: They knit. sew. crochet •nnd they nre thus (jetting Miriic| . prnctlcnl knowlcder of housekeeplnc: i T n t problems. " n'.i birth of n . ... In Memorial Hospital. •'• • • l"":*- .*.*•"«•*•••-. ".jn.,1 nii*i-, ni: Y» « \-1 UL i M;IJ A. Doweti.ftind embroider; write to their hus-j' Most, of Ihe wives nre wklnif a> iinnounw theibniids almwt, dully; keep scrap- common-sense njipVonch' to thei ['fans yesterdny mornliiRJIwok.'; of subjrct>, Iri'which shpy nnd StatT Spt, ami .Mrs.'Ktnen'.w.jterpst.-.v-'' their hiisbnVids hnvc h common Iri- hlrlhiof n fon Ffbninr;, ; 1.0 nt Memorial^Hospital. SRtV Kny'- lor is serving with Ihe Army "in Frnnce. Mrs. Kn.vlor Is Ihc former problems of ttielr husbands' rrorlrn-j Cumberland Knrampmrnt Nn 23 Intlon to ;pMcettni(; Hvlng. niul I.O.O.P., will meet .TurXdnv T30 n Icnrnint' how to tin t))lnfj>.<s thn(. —•"'— . ;. _..-_.. - . fnll of Corrt-Rkk.r, cs-1 1If> „«,,,, ,„, () , (mi i.«,- t<l Jr , hlm thr 'Mnrch of Dcnth"'"know cvcrythlnc Ihat has hnpr trimnfer nntl joined thp pui/irillfl -forces iiiit y|lr 'ri In the. Iiist tlirco. yenij;." ' thr Phillpplnr btnndf. |._ Roiiinr-Ue's pnrems nn: Joyoun dt By 8<iriiii(t the wrfldltiK to of niTompH.'hmeiit.*. yoimp iK'Comrj :t.lie firsf . Cuinti'^-- lamler. ns fur n.<; V* known. i« hovel WMi B Fillpplno In thlit wur. wlfh'liljf'lirtrf*'. He !«. n former Fait Hlil HlRh stu- nnd try to ."s«vc n little on ihe.Mcl' 1 ..'-; S:nni> have rhllriren. hnd :ire kept..biisy Inking cnre 1 of them; others, work In Industry, flores nnd '.; lenrninir how to dn lliiniffl t.Jint «-lll:m.- ni.'thc Odd.'Fejlnws" Tfmplr' HK pnreni, Mr nnd Mrs n-hu biiy|rrtlc-w their returning men cf lln - Soiilh Mrclmnlc sticr-f; lo c,» m ,, rtc!\V Hn^bnoUe':"o7 Offm"'^',! on necewiirv inentHl ilrnin "Homi>"' inlnlnm.- f/.r i»in n iii.» ,,.;.i«^, .< .1- .,;, . ..,'..- . • \ . .'• • •••* •• »• • w ~\rtint,t \'\ 11^ i i- r*\ci A 141 iinji4.^tij, r l\j| Lx> HI Hi Miss Mnry Connor, Mils city. : ;: ; :; otllces. A few nrr paying oft the :.--- >' Ilientnl .".train. "HoniB"' t. 1 ;!plans for'liiliirKlng H clfiV: Ihc. wonJ.thai, rnvcrs nil of the In- 1 Mnrch 2-1. :' : . 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