Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on March 11, 1976 · Page 9
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1976
Page 9
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Mrs. Gandhi is about to turn her new-found toughness to birth control. India has talked the language of family planning for 20 years but the government now admits that its voluntary approach has reached a "plateau." True, the birth rate declined, marginally, from 39 to 35 per thousand during the past five years. But the growth rate has gone on rising — to an intolerably high 2.5 per cent — because of a steeper fall in the death rate. The only way this trend can be broken, Mrs. Gandhi has hinted, is by compulsion. And the most effective form of compulsion, the government now believes, is sterilization two children. A national package of incentives and disincentives is still being evolved by a committee of senior civil servants. But several states are already going ahead with radical new programs which may be used to test popular reaction. Haryana, whose birth rate is higher than the national average, has announced it will withdraw subsidized housing and other benefits from workers with more than two children unless they agree to be sterilized or adopt other approved methods of birth control. ' Last week Punjap followed suit and ordered all people joining government service to Timei Herald, Carrel), la. Thursday, March 11, 1976 *f sign an undertaking not to have more than two children; those already in service with two or more children would be asked to have themselves sterilized or commit themselves to contraception. Other proposals now being considered include a change in inheritance laws to limit inheritance rights to the first two or three children and raising the minimum marriage age for girls from 14 to 18. Independent surveys confirm that the idea of limiting births is now widely accepted in India but the means are not readily available in rural C B Radios Over 40 Different Models of CB Radios to Choose From. 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Reg. $29.95 24 88 Coast to Coast Elmer Friedman Westgafe Mall, Carroll Duane Taphorn Indian families live. One recent investigation in a district of Mrs. Gandhi's home province, Uttar Pradesh, showed that some 80 per cent of adults had never been in contact with any family planning workers. The rise in oil prices is having an effect too: to cut costs the government has cut doton the numbers of vehicles allocated to family planning. The All-India Medical Institute in New Delhi has Play Pinochle At ON Club , In Auburn Tlmet HeraM Nm genrk* AUBURN — Mrs. Catherine Reiling was hostess to members of the G.N. Club at her home Tuesday afternoon. Pinochle was played at three tables. Winners were Mrs. Reiling, Florence Ellerbrock, Herman Schelle and Mrs. Herman Schelle. Paul Kelly had low score. Mrs. Anne Schulte is the next hostess. Mr. and Mrs. James Truelson and sons, Kalona, were guests over the weekend of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Byrhl Gates. Mr. and Mrs. Craig Evans and son, Sioux Leitings Visit In Chariton . > Tlmti HenM N«wi Service ARCADIA — Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Letting and Doug accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. George Carpenter visited Sunday in the Bill Carpenter home. Chariton. Mr. and Mrs. John Kroeger, Mr. and Mrs. Verle Mossman and Mr. and Mrs. Don Berg returned home Thursday from a chartered flight to New Orleans. They attended the Farmer's Grain Dealers Convention. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Brockman and Mr. and Mrs. Lenus Andersen returned home Friday from a month's vacation which took them through 12 states. In Alexandria, La. they attended the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Musfeldt. Enroute to California they visited in Tucson. Mesa and Phoenix. Arizona. They visited in the Leonard Christenson home at Stanton. developed vaccine using hormones generated during pregnancy. Trials on women volunteers suggest that immunity may last 500 days without side-effects. The pill is now being produced in India. But the government is not banking on these things: it looks to sterilization as the shortest cut to population control. Experience in other developing countries has shown, however, that in the long run education has the greater effect. City, were among additional supper guests Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Ribordy, Amaret, Minn., were guests Monday of their aunt, Mrs. Anna Schulte and overnight guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Schulte. They came to attend the "funeral services of Martha Schulte of Carroll. Elm Crest Club Brunch Tlmei Herald News Service MANNING — The Elm Crest Community Club met on Feb. 26 for a brunch. In charge of this event were Emma Rowedder. Helen Horn, Ruby Schrum, Amanda Schrum and Else Struve. Twelve members and Dorthy Kusel were present. Mrs. Max Gruhn. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Genzen. Mrs. Dale Vollsteadt and Larry Genzen attended the funeral of Edward Hinz in Denver. Colorado on Friday. Dinner guests in the Virgil Genzen home on Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Kaspersen. Bella Vista, Ark. and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Boock, Des Moines. NDClub Plays Cards Gandhi Launches Sterilization Program \n ni ,^ n0 M^S^Ti- So-Pi-»l«hmo re ,han — —— areas » here Iour M „, flve develop ^ n ^.p^ncy . \" U UJMl *& If you were an intruder, which light would you prefer? Times Herald News Service MANNING — ND Club met on Feb. 24th at the home of Hilda Peters with Ella Schade as hostess. Card winners were Loreen Sextro. Amanda Bogatzke. and Sally Heithoff received traveling. Hilda Peterson was a guest. Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Kaspersen of Bella Vista. Ark. are spending a few days in the Max Gruhn hpme in Manning. Mr. and Mrs/Alfred Me'nke.' Albert City, were among supper guests in the home of Ella Steen. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Atkins and Amber. Council Bluffs. were Thursday overnight guests in the John Barten home. Fort Dodge Couple Visit In Wall Lake Times Herald News Service ' WALL LAKE — Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wollesen spent the weekend in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Bohms, Fort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Reiter, Des Moines, were weekend guests in the Harvey Reiter home. Mrs. Jesse Reiter was a Saturday afternoon caller in the Dennis Dozark home near Vail. Guests Sunday in the W.J. Geake home for dinner to observe the birthday of Mrs. W.V. Geake were Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hughes. JACK AND JILL LEAGUE Team Standings Points Millers High Life 86 Wilson Real Estate 67'/j Na-Churs 67'/j Pabst Blue Ribbon 61V* Budwelser 54 Chicken Inn 54 Snappy Popcorn 51 Va Carnarvon Oil Co 50'/i Hamm's 50 Hawkeye Natl. Life 47 Carroll Bowl 45 Denny's Lounge, Westside 43V: SchettlerSeed 34 Ron's Saddle Shop 27 High Ind. Single GameWomen: JoyRels 211 Lorna Tiefenthaler 185 Bonnie Aschlnger 182 Men: LyleHeln 206 JlmKanne 516 LyleHeln 503 High Ind. Three GamesWomen: JoyReis ,.... 511 Lorna Tiefenthaler 489 Bonnie Aschinger 454 Men: Myron Dettbarn 557 JlmKanne 516 Lyle Heln 503 High Team Single Game- Wilson Real Estate 757 Na-Churs 731 Hawkeye Natl. Life 729 • High Team Three Games— Wilson Real Estate 2057 Ron's Saddle Shop 2053 Hawkeye Natl. Life 2041 HITS AND MISSES MIXED LEAGUE Team Standings Points Pin Oaks 68 Joe's Paint Center 67'/j Crouse Cartage Co. (4 pts. pend.) 64 Flower Loft 63'/j Walter's Appl 61'/j Wenck Feeds 61 Old Home 56 Pudenz Truck Line 53 Tlgges Trucking 52Vj Ml. Carmel Inn 49'/j Macke Motors 44 Carroll Co. Pork Prod 43'/j Heuton Trucking (4 pts. pend.).. 42 T & E 26 High Ind. Single GameWomen: Elva Bernholtz 191 Joan Schleisman 188 Joan Schlelsman 182 Men: Denny Schleisman 218 Bob Haukap 216 Larry Lasher 212 High Ind. Three GamesWomen: Joan Schleisman 547 Elva Bernholtz 514 PatMielk 473 Men: Bob Haukap 605 Larry Lasher 543 Bill Beidler 539 High Team Single Game- Walter's Appl 810 Joe's Paint Center 752 Pin Oaks 748 High Team Three Games- Walter's Appl 2224 Joe's-Paint Center 2074 Pin Oaks 2058 High Ind. Three Games- Louie Tlmmerman 575 Randy Olson 568 Bob Brown 560 High Team Single Game- Flower Loft »8 Breda Fertilizer 924 Flower Loft WO High Team Three Games- Flower Loft 2W Breda Oil Co 2662 Center Pharmacy 2650 WOODCHOPPERSLEAGUE Team Standings Points Jacobsen Travel Agency 64 Baddlng Construction —, 63'/a Red Carpel Lounge 63 MislerD's 63 Bierl's Pkwy. Furnllure 59 Trausch Ferllllzer 57 Sharp's Florlsls 53 Personal Lenders 51 Foley's Resl Home 46 Best Western Motel 43Vj Hawkeye National Life 38 Old Milwaukee Beer 35 Kanne Construction Co 32 Kennebeck Trucking 32 High Ind. Single Game- Julie Behn 204 Bernie Henrich 191 Lois Copp 182 High Ind. Three Games- Julie Behn 514 FranGute 514 Shelley Willenborg 485 GlnKnobbe 462 High Team Single Game— Trausch Fertilizer 798 Sharp's Florists 780 Mister D's '57 High Team Three Games— Trausch Fertilizer 2248 Sharp's Florists 2215 Red Carpet Lounge 2208 NITE KAPPERS LEAGUE Team Standings Points Weldner Service 79 Carroll Roofing Co. Inc 77 Hicks' Well Co 67'/j Kanne Mobil 67 Renze Hybrids 65 HR Cleaners 58 Case Power and Equipment.... 55 Heislerkamp Furn., Glldden .. 49 Hap's Tavern 41W Whaley Chevrolet 41 Templeton Ernies 40 Wandel Studio 38 Seldl Electric 37 Templeton Co-op ?? High Ind. Single Game- Randy Caltermole 209 Paul Foster 207 GlbGordin 207 Kenneth Hulsenga 205 High Ind. Three Games— GibGordln 570 Ken Sporrer 552 PatShearon 547 Randy Cattermole 547 High Team Single Game— Heisterkamp Furniture 932 HR Cleaners 923 Templeton Ernies 906 High Team Three Games— Heislerkamp Furniture 2757 Renze Hybrids 2680 Carroll Roofing Inc 2652 Classified Ad Information Dial 3573 All copy for classified ads and classified display ads must be In the Times Herald by f a.m. day of publication Monday through Friday. ' CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Per column Inch S1./0 Additional Insertions 11.50 CLASSIFIED CASH WITH ORDER One day, per word 1!c Three days, per word 26c Six days, per word 3Bc CARD OF THANKS 20 words or less $2.50 Over 20 "'ords 10c per word Card of Thanks 3^ CARD OF THANKS Thanks to the Fathers who an- nointed Fred & celebrated funeral Mass for him. For the Mass offerings, prayers, pretty flowers, food, caring for the livestock and to everyone and for anything that helped us accept our loss. Mr. & Mrs. Julian Wadle Ron, Ruth & Sherry Mrs. Julia Schmitz Clyde & Connie Rose Lampe 3-50-He CARD OF THANKS Sincere thanks to friends and relatives who attended our 50th Anniversary and to all who sent gifts, cards and letters. A special thanks to our children and grandchildren and all who helped in anyway. Arvel & Augusta Jacobs 3-50-Up Announcements 6 MUSIC BOXES - Irish colleens will charm you playing tunes. Clementine's. 6-48-tfc Iov\a a place to grow PINSPLITTER LEAGUE Team Standings Points Breda Oil Co 7* Brend's Standard 68 Carroll Bowl 66 Pepsi Cola 57 Reuter Inc 57 Roselle Trio Tavern 56 Flower Lolt 51 Breda Fertilizer 49 Zeke's Place 48 Center Pharmacy 46 Boeckman's Feed'.-.-.' .'... 37 Pabst Blue Ribbon ..' 14 Wittry Tavern 10 Tiefenthaler Repair 7 High Ind. Single Game- Bob Odendahl 224 Ken Steinkamp 202 John Wittry 200 Area Residents Attend Funeral In Minnesota Times Herald Newt Service CARNARVON — Mr. and Mrs. Jake R. Janssen and Mrs. Hilda Tiefenthaler attended the funeral of-their cousin LeRoy Juisenga at Rushmore, Minn., on Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. La Mont Thorpe, Winterset, spent Sunday and Monday in the Roland Thorpe home. They came for the funeral of their sister-in-law, Mrs. Merril Thorpe, formerly of Lake View. Lucille Mohr, Woodward, was a visitor in the Bilda Tiefenthaler home here Friday night. She also called in the Jake R. Janssen home Legal Notices IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF IOWA IN AND FOR CARROLL COUNTY NOTICE OF OFFER OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE AT PUBLIC AUCTION Probale No. 11028 IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF Joseph M. Wiederhold, Deceased TO: LEONA BIELMAIER; CLARICE M. WIEDERHOLD; AND TO ANY AND ALL-OTHER PERSONS INTERESTED You and each of you, are hereby notified that Leona Bielmaier of Carroll, Iowa, as Executor of the Estate of Joseph M. Wiederhold, will offer for sale at public auction the following described real estate of which the Deceased died seized and possessed, to-wll: That part of Ihe Norlheasl Quarter (NE'/i) of Section Thirty-five (35), Township Eighty-five (85) North, Range Thirly-five (35), Wesl of the 5th P.M., Carroll County, Iowa, described as follows: Commencing at the Northeasl Corner ol said Seclion Thirty-five (35) and running thence South along the East line of said Section 22.76 chains; thence running West parallel with the North line of said Section 34.98 chains; thence running North on a line parallel with the East line of said Section 22.75 chains to the North line of said Seclion; Ihepce running East 34.98 chains lo Ihe place ot beginning, containing 80 acres, more or less, excepling Iherefrom, however, easemenl for public highway purposes off Ihe Easl side Ihereof described as follows: Commencing al Ihe Northeast Corner of said Section Thirty-five (35), Township Eighty-five (85) North, Range Thirly-five (35), Wesl of Ihe 5lh P.M., in Carroll County, Iowa, Ihence South 36.5 feet to' the point of beginning; thence South 1468 feet;'thence West 60 feet; thence North 1468 feet; Ihence Easl 60 feet to the point of beginning and containing 0.91 acres, more or less. You are further notified that said real estate will be offered as a unit, Ihe sale lo be subjecl lo Ihe approval of Ihe above entitled Courl and to be on Ihe premises approximately 4 miles North of the City of Carroll, Iowa, on U.S. Highway 71, beginning at 1:30 P.M. on the 16lh day of March, 1976. Leona Bielmaier Executor of Ihe Estate of Joseph M. Wiederhold, Deceased 318 West 9th Street Carroll, Iowa 51401 Telephone No. 712-792-3682 Crane, Pelers & McMinimee Attorneys for Executor 514'/2 North Adams Street Carroll, loaw 51401 Telephone No. 712-792-9277 . March 4, 11,1976 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING BUDGET ESTIMATE Fiscal Year July 1,1976 - June 30,1977 CARROLLCOUNTY The Board of Supervisors of this County will conduct a public hearing on the proposed 1976-77 budget at CARROLL COUNTY COURT HOUSE on MARCH 22,1976, beginning at 10:00 o'clock a.m. At the public hearing any resident or taxpayer may present objections to, or arguments in favor of, any part of the proposed budget. This notice represents a summary of the supporting detail of budget receipts and expenditures on file wilh Ihe counly auditor. Copies of the Supplemental Detail (Schedule 634-A, B) will be furnished any taxpayer upon request. MARCH 8, 1976 /s/ William C. Arts, Jr., County Auditor BUDGET ESTIMATE SUMMARY Tonight, while you are away from your farm, your place of business, or your (blant, what will help keep intruders from dropping in? Area lighting, of course-and you probably already have it. But look again at the two pictures above. Does your present security lighting keep intruders away? Or is it just enough to help them see what they're doing? Maybe It's time to upgrade your lighting for safety and security. You may already be using the IPS 175-watt Sentry Light. However, if you need additional light for more safety and security, consider upgrading your lighting to either the 400-watt or 1,000-watt Sentry Light. For a cost less than you might Electricity here today, here tomorrow. think, either of these units can be adapted to yjDur present pole and IPS will take care of the modification, provide the maintenance and electricity, and bulb replacement. New directional floodlighting too! One of the newer concepts in lighting, that provides controlled area illumination, is the Directional Sentry Light. It can be aimed to illuminate specific areas, putting the light exactly where you want it for safety and security. Available in either 400-watt or 1,000-watt units. For more information... If you need assistance in upgrading your present lighting, for safety and security, contact your IPS office for information THE 'EHVICE PEOPLE Norwalk ; Mr. and Mrs. Kenny and was an overnight guest in Stephens and Craig. Storm the Gene Boeckman home. Lake; Bill Stephens, Iowa Miss Mary Boeckman, Des City, and Mr. and Mrs. Moines, was a weekend guest Marshall Enderlund, Storm with her parents, Mr. and Lake. Mrs. Gene Boeckman. / _^_^ * FUND (Use Whale Dollars) VINYL WALLCOVERING SPECIALS Vinyl In Stock 20% to 40% OFF Vinyls on Special Order Discounts on 8 s.r. or more Over 60 vinyl books to choose from. More than 3,000 vinyl prints. A total of 1 15 books of all types of wall coverings. Flocks Murals Grass Cloth Corks Vinyls " Burlaps Wallpaper Foils For the perfect wallcoverings to fit your decor stop at the COMPLETE WALLCOVERING STORE . . . JOE'S PAINT CENTER West of Court House — Carroll General FICA (Federal) IPERS (State) Emergency Poor M.H. * Institutions Veteran Affairs Court Expense County Bonds Twp. Courthouse Bonds Fair and 4-H Clubs Bangs Eradication TB Eradication Bounty Conservation Farm-to-Marktt Secondary Roads Twp. Road Clearing Twp. 1 Sanitary Disposal Twp. Weed Eradication Twp. Library Contract Twp. Indemnification Election Expense Domestic Animal Civil Defense County School TOTALS ABC EXPENDITURES FOR YEAR it* *"*' 070,31* 43,*15 35.V41 100,505 233,434 407,070 10,140 174,1*2 4,570 40,304 10,500 12,051 2,472 343 '•127,044 350,000 2,1*7,732 20,730 0,050 10,07 10,51 3,27 31, It 4,302 3,50 40,000 S,122,3f m> |&* •rf 5T S So. 013,355 -0•0- 70,454 172,200 474,100 14,474 147,000 5,44* 55,375 7,000 0,500 3,500 500 H.OOO 300,000 1,404,000 21,*40 4,000 13,130 14,000 1,550 24,*5fl 5,151 3,1M 45,001 3,025,04 STgE •»3 »< 1 1 g ° £ .*:£ "S 55 ~ tt 3S -j ' •01,151 7,470 15,445 70,100 241,02! 5*0,7*0 14,474 173,000 5,011 54,454 10,000 12,000 3,500 500 107,300 .M2.000 1,*04,000 33,350 4,000 14,050 14,000 1,MS 3*,I55 4,150 3,175 7»,303 4,134,1*0 Estimated Ca Q Reserve (7-1-77) 100,577 -0•0- •0*0,000 00,000 4,000 35,000 2,000 25,000 75 »,I75 7,020 1,000 25,000 -0- 122,740 1,444 2,500 4,000 •027 5,000 54 2,50 •0527,04 Estimated Bala W and All Othe Receipts (12 m< K = " S 507,214 7,470 15,445 100 219,127 210,343 12,550 42,1*4 2,304 23,774 337 9,175 10,521 1,210 40,47* 442,000 1,354,470 17,*70 5,440 1,032 50 27 14,403 4,204 5,400 7*,3»3 3,)52,7I Estimated Amo u. (C + D— E) To Be Raised Taxation (12 m Kr 1 c •- 5 321,514 •0-0- 70,000 111,1*1 440,3*7 10,111 145/104 • 4,777 55,071 9,738 12,000 •02*0 71,701 xxxxx 474,202 24,011 3,032 17,011 15,*50 1,*05 11,452 •0, * •02,030,152 Taxation Rate per $1,000 valuation —$3.27213 Corporations; $4.0373* Townships March 11, 1*74

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