Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 25, 1945 · Page 10
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 25, 1945
Page 10
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SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, am., SUNDAY, KEUUL'AKY 11)15 Dttcii 1] Jtcd Cross Aided )' By Woman's Club First Donation of $40 Made as County Drive Plans Are Ma»le Davis, W. Va., Feb. 24 — The fil Davis Woman's Club met last night ; it the club rooms and voted to donate $-10 to the Kcii Cioss fur tile coming county fund raising drive. Mrs. O, C. McDowell, Miss Anna Bogd'onovich and Mrs. Lola Williams were appointed to serve on the program committee for the Parent- Teacher Association meeting to be held March 15 in the high school auditorium. . : Mrs. Jack Green was chairman of t!ie evening's program, "Club Talent," with the following numbers presented: piano solo, Paderewski's -Minuet" by Miss Anna Bogdonovich; vocal solo, "in the Gloaming" and "Sweet and Low" by Mrs. R. D. Rower accompanied at the ptano by Mrs. Belmont S. Cleaver; Miss Lily Aronson reviewed Nevil Shute's current book, "Pastoral", and Mrs. Katheryne Cleaver rendered an instrumental solo, "Fifth Nocturne" by Leybach. 'The concluding number was a talk . by Miss Hermine K. Bauschard, general field representative of the Eastern Area, American Red Cross, Alexandria, Va. The club voted to spon- H>re the Red Cross drive to begin March 1. .: Shower for Mrs. L. E. Felf j- Miss Lily Aronson was hostess at bridge Thursday night at her home honoring Mrs. Lucien E. Felty, ot Laurinburg, S. C., with a miscellaneous bridal shower. Mrs. Felfcy, before her recent marriage was the 'lormer Miss Edith Louise Wilson [iiughter of Dr. N. McK. and the late Mrs. Wilson, of Davis and a lencher in the high school here for a number of years. Bridge was featured throughout the evening, with prizes being awarded to Mrs. Willis Hull, Mrs. H. A. Meyer, Mrs. K. C. Deahl, and Miss Mildred Eshelman. The bride's table was centered si!h tall candles and a miniature bride and groom. Guests were pre- stnied with small match favors by the hostess reading "It's a Match"— Edith and Lou. Other decorations T.-re In keeping with the bridal motif. . . •. flcncral Meeting of W. S. C. S. The Women's Society of Christian Sfrvlce of the Methodist Church lield their monthly meeting of all circles on Thursday evening. The business session was in charge of the president,.Mrs. Sol Flanagan. Hcporls were made by circle leaders a;ic their committee chairmen, as to! v.-ork accomplished. Mrs. W. R.S Khreve was In charge of the worship' i-frvice, using as her topic, "All Are 1 Brothers", which was in conjunction with Die program that followed "The American Indians" which -was Here To Celebrate Quarter Century in t[. S. Marines the Army; Omar stpimous, Hainblo- ton; Percy Bell. Montrose; Ray Jen- has just completed his "boot" training at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station, 111., and is home on leave at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. McCauley. Staff Sgt. and Mrs. Dale D. Dun:an, Coral Gables, Fla., announce the birth of a son in * hospital there, February 2. The child has 'wen named Richard Dale. The fath- T Is the grandson of Mrs. J. w. Duncan, Thomas. j. . Staff Sgt. and Mrs. Richard Sponaugle, Washington, D. C.. are guests der. Mrs. Mary H. Pricked is a pa- .ient in the Tucker County Hospital.. She is suffering from an infected ?ye. •. . • ••,-•••>. Cpl. and Mrs. Oliver Bonner, Jr.. Baltimore, Md., announce the birth of a daughter on February 9. she has been named Patricia Ann. The mother is the tormer Ocrnldine Maul, of Thomas. The father is now serving with the U. S. Marine Corps. Do you suffer-from tension ll'CEKTMINTS'KlbiMtlli? Sft. John Maclero cuts Anniversary Cake. Master Sgt. John Madero. U. S.j Sgt. Madero, a native of Frast- M. C., cnme from Quantico. Va.,[burg, was residing with Mr. and accompanied by Mrs. Madero, to ob-j^ rs ; La Neve ner <r when he enlisted serve the silver jubilee of his en-ijj e L ] ias ^e"."^ 5 in" th PH? " istmcnt in the U. S. Marines last:Hawaii and China, and is now an Sunday. Feature of the 25th anni-; instructor at the Marine Rase versary was a dinner Sunday after-JQunntico. He is convinced that, the noon at the home of Sgt. Madero'sju. S. Marine Corps is the neatest brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and I body of distinctive fighting men Mr*. T_y>ijj5 i_.a Neve, 190 North'hi the world ' Jentre street. He was ubouL to cut! "if I hwTto do it all over again " his silver juoilce cake when thsi.say.s Set. Madero, "I'd want, to be nhnv.1 «i,«^,»^», ,...,.. *- !_ ^ o!dit . r in the u E Marines ., presented by Mrs. Leon Steyer anil!prayer offered by Mrs. Myrtle Kight. ncluaea these numbers: group sing- A group of Indian articles showing ? S -° .; ' A; {! ej ' lca Ule Beuutifur : !ihe contribution mnde to civilian-! stnn- . 1944 : by Mrs. George C.jtion by the Indian in art and craft 1 .; 'work of the W. S. C. S.j work wa,s on display Hostesses were! the American Indians byjMesdames Hiiabeth Lo^an Edward 1 Heath; location of Indian i McLean, Fxiward Walters, Ruth Hull tnbes, by Mrs. Steyer; Mrs. Kevh- i an d Omer Hinkle eryne Gleaver gave a talk on Indian! : Farm B.reou .Members Added S«ta/!S «,*** loU ? W(!d , ^ ltbe Additional Fann Bureau members pla>ing of imo records, of Indian music; "Cheyenne "war Bance" and "Shawnee Hunting D»nce"; tile I concluding number was nn enlisted since last week include: Denzil Kec, Hambleton, now serving with the U. S. Navy; Henry Way' . . - tn'ight, St. George, now serving wit h San FrancUco, Calif, The paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. OHv- KI.EVE.V IT <=,» ,-. —.--.%-.», ...».., v-"' Ktnuuparrais are Mr. aria MIS. Ullv- klns, St. George; and Ivan Eye, cr Bouner, of Parsons, and former Hendrfckt. residents of Davis. Personal and General Pvt. Frederick Grey Helmick, son of Thomas J. Helmick and husband of Mrs. Elsie Cooper Hchnick, both of Davis, has recently been graduated from an intensive nine weeks course In the maintenance and repair of the peeps jeeps, scput cars, and trucks of the U. S. Army at the Armored School at Fort Knox, Ky. He Is spending a furlough at his home here now. Seaman 2-c- William Mcc-'auley, Miss Idn Mae Llnton, Dayton, Ohio, Ls B ijucst at tlie home of Mr. and Mrs. George Eshelman. W. E. Wiley, Blueflelri, Clwrlc.s Flanagan, valley Head, are RuesLs at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph wra]) up a coat, the sion-kcepers! Primary pilot tralnlne cast 10 thtSing b»^ nnd ~*\lo hut m H of LH,S -"- told police, and the three men government hti been reduced loisibk- the release ot 36,000 mm. <ur- then ran front the store. Tatelbaum is expected to recover. oue-rllili of the fohiUT coal oy farming out cadfts 10 clvlllfin train- •.; us hwn ik bnuicliM of Mir to . •. Miss Flexia Boroskl Is visiting her sister, Mrs, Lena Mamas, San Francisco, Calif. . .••..... . Mrs. Julia B. Shaffer and Mrs. Rose Weaver are guests of relatives in Cumberland this week. ' Norman Hartrnan who is stationed at Chicago, III., with the U. S. Amy Air Force Is visiting his parents, Mr and Mrs. Fred Hartman, Dougliis. Mrs. Earl Phillpps. Baltimore, Aid., her sister, Mr.s. Hugh Knaggs In Douglas, recently. • . , Pvt. George Poster, Little Rock. home by his John Foster, of Pitrce. and sin, Jack Carr, of Elk. of Mr. and Mrs. French Van Dev'en-1 e, r\ c5i der. . ., , .More Owner Shot .;' • By Negro Kohbct-a Baltimore, Fcb, 24 <£';—Samuel Tatslbaum, proprietor of a secondhand store, was shot just below I he heart last night by one of throe negroes who entered his store and asked the price of overcoats, police reported today. • • One of the negroes shot Tatel- bauin when he turned his back 10 'A Hale Cobbler Is o Better Man Than a Sick King" * Through ,he years many vise men have emphasized the tru* richness of glowing, vi- braot health. No or* h « summarized \h« almost uoivcrsal recogokioa of the ,«J ue of health better rf»n Bickerswff, who said, "A hak cobbler i s a better m, n than a sick kin*." _Th« chief-job of tbt ph T sici.o .nd rhe ph*r- «.cist is to keep voc well. To ,hi s ead both are educated' equipped, .ad'dedicaced in purpose. As pharmacists,'we »r< better prepared tJMn CTCT need, of this community. We invi « ?Oa ,„ ^^ modern prescription WALSH, McCAGH & HOLT2MAN PHARMACY "Weiiirn MatjlanJ't Lmding frtscriplitn Ctnlcr" CORHER IEOFORD AND CENTRE STREETS FREE DELIVERY — PHONE 3646 or 943 LOANS Insured Loans F.H.A. G l - "•""''•:••= ; ' ••• Guaranty Loans F.H.A.-G.I. Real Estate 100% Loom Mortgage Loom under our : : FIRST NATIONAL PREFERRED PLAN. Ir will pay you ro finance under thij plan. Business Loans i. : - to Legitimate Enterprises Improvement ° n d Repair Personal Lofcns »o salaried for Payment of Hoipitolixation, Doctoi Bills, Taxes and other needi. FIRST NATIONAL BANK CUMBERLAND, MD. .Member—Krilcnil Deposit In.surantf Corporation s^^SKv^ij^'i,V : ^v^'-L-"> : '( 1 ;**!**t i:T ^ :v '--i*' ^rv 7 '*'-'''^'.^.^'>-,-"i v -"'-i' : i -^'' .' "•'*•'%*•*•£&"•'*&£•* - -jn 1 . - -v-v^ "• '*' • •• \ - L- • , '5^^w^^i^i«*t^^*"'*vH3'fite : Vv^i'**'*" ; "-vtJ £ ''*3y'r *i - v *'"' - -^^i^-^ r :V'^^^'|/'t'-^' r ,- J j"*"' V---' i -.[\r- f ij i -" ^V*'^i""i *"'•-'•'' ^ '•^'' i '*'i '~3s -•'"• •",''•""• '•'«" "-V -- •:" ' WE'VE MADE A GRAND BUY...AND HERE IT IS... l c*~*^-aa The hard (o get is here... ; 3|.S i'-.~* OVE1I 1000 TOTS BEAUTIFUL Wash esses Helps told Up Kt Against Sudi Distmsl n» functional periodic disturbances ciuje you to feel "nervous as a witch " 'y restless. Jittery, btghstnmg, Pfrhapa tittd, 'draggea out" — at sucti times? Then don't delay! Try this great me<l- trmc— Lydia E. Plnkham'a Vecetablo rj!np oun (j to relleva sucU eymptomn i'-s one of tho b«< known and mat f.TccUvf mttllclnes for this purpose. Plnkham's Compound mxrs HATCTIE! Ta«n regularly — ]t helps build up ^•Jufance ngnlnst such distress. A rcry «="nWe thing to ioJ Positively 110 harmful opiates or habit forming In- Ufdlenu In Plnkham's Componnrt *•'•" » BT»nS itotTiicblo toalcl Folloir "^=1 directions. Buy today I VEGETABLE COMPOUND BEST PLACE TO BORROW • BEST M.ACE TO Commercial Savings Bonk Ciimberlnnrt, Sid. Cumberland Sarings Bonk • Cumberland, Md. First National Bonk Cirmb«rl«nrt, Md, Liberty Trusr Company of Ciimlx-rlann', Md. Peoples Bank . of Cumberland, Md. Second Nottonol Bank of Cumherl»nrf, Sid. Only RESCUE™./,, SUGARCANE ~*Dear Bill: . •-;:;•:. '.;-.- '. '•:';• " . . . When I was hit on Tinian (in the Marianas) Nips had us pinned down in a sugar cane field. They were in caves in some cliffs and really were giving us the business. A machine gun slug went through my hip early.and I had visions of being in the field until dark when one of those Chrysler jobs rolled up. : . •• "The driver told me what he was going to do and those treads looked plenty big as they straddled me. He pulled me through Hie escape •hatch which is in the floor of'the tank. If you should go lo the Chrysler Tank Arsenal, find the head man and kiss him on the forehead for me. I Jove tanks and-evervone connected with them." :. • > •' CHRYSLER CORPORATION PLYMOUTH « THWJB • DKSOTO • CIIRYSI.KH Klir ON iUTINO W*« i O N D J McJwal letter from a marine to Si/. Sgt. Wm, JJendrtckt^ Jr., U^S.-Marine Corp, Brcriuffnai Detroit. #v Sizes 3 fo 6!.-2 The Best Value We've Had For Two Years! Mothers .... you will be os happy os we were ... to get these beautiful fine quality wash frocks. They are beautifully styled and made, of fine quality prints, thaf will wash and wash without fading. Light and dark prints suitable for Spring and Summer wear . . . No limit while they las! ' Second Floor . . . NEW WASH i !•;''! !)RES-SKS Only d , I ^ Sizes i fo 3 cotton, Frinft in ligM or doiV pcffc'ns, wearable — Spnny and Summer on<j~whnt qualilv — the tincst vf'»e been successful in getting in Ivo ycara. Seronrf floor OTHERS..,. GIRI/SNEW... Wash'Dresses '0"'y-jQ7 . Sizes 7 to M We . . . Know Mothers will bo here . , . to shore in'these hard- to-get . . v Dresses, Ihe Prints are ail suitable for/Spring and Summer wcor . . . and you can be : sure, (hot they will wash . . , without fading. No limit while thny last, : V : .K:h;42fc

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