The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 23, 1998 · Page 44
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 44

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 23, 1998
Page 44
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IB SATURDAY. MAY 23. 1998 THE SALINA JOURNAL Tune in Tomorrow Soap opera summaries for May 18-22 By Nancy Reichardt • United Feature Syndicate • ALL MY CHILDREN: Janet bolstered Trevor's confidence in his ability to defend Brooke. Janet and Trevor came close to kissing. Trevor rejected Janet's suggestion that she and Axel postpone their wedding, then he told the minister about his plot to win Janet back. On the witness stand, Trevor hinted that Dlmitri could have killed Jim. Janet began having conversations with her dead sister, Natalie. Jack reacted with anger when he caught Erica and Mike in what appeared to be a romantic clinch. Jack let Mike know that he intends to fight him for Erica. Mike's partner, Adrian, nixed helping him out. Opal was puzzled by Palmer's panicky reaction when she said Jack caught Erica with a 007-like spy (Mike). After a surprise visit from an immigration agent, Ryan suggested to Gillian that they start sleeping together and make the best of their marriage. Adam warned Stuart that Camilla, who disappeared again, is up to something. • ANOTHER WORLD: Jake rescued Martey when a fire set off an explosion in the hospital ICU. Rachel was devastated when she was told that Carl was dead and his body had been burned beyond recognition. Carl, who was on a private jet, vowed to someday return to Bay City. Mariey, who was badly burned, went into cardiac arrest when she learned Jake and Vicky had re- said their marriage vows In the hospital chapel. Convinced Jake is the only person who can make Mariey want to live, Donna talked a reluctant Mariey into helping her split up Jake and Vicky. It was revealed the FBI took Cameron out of prison and teamed him up with Josie on a secret mission. Matt told Amanda that he's glad Carl was shot saving Rachel, who was the real target of the hitman. Cameron told Josie that • Rachel would be dead if he had been the one who shot at her. Grant told Cindy to get out of his life after learning she lied he wasn't Kirkland's father. • AS THE WORLD TURNS: Carfy panicked when Hal said he was going to sue John for malpractice after the Chicago doctor found nothing wrong with Cariy's heart. John warned Cariy that he would reveal she had artificial insemination if Hal tries to sue him for malpractice. A worried Camilla canceled an appointment for a mammogram. Ben held off proposing to Camilla after realizing she wasn't ready to tie the knot. Holden confronted David with a gun when he and Lily suspected David was behind Luke's short disappearance during the boy's birthday party. Lily and Molly learned Holden's gun wasn't even loaded. Lily and Holden left town when she became worried that he might harm David. Lucinda stayed in Oakdale after Molly said David wanted her to leave so he could take over her company. Jack told Cariy that he isn't returning to Oakdale. Margo was upset Tom accepted Emily's job offer. Eddie got off to a rocky start after moving in with Tom and Margo. • THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Sheila was upset that James didn't think it would matter if she went to his partners at the clinic and told them he cured her of her mental problems before they were married. Macy was upset when she learned Grant punched Thome and warned him to stay away from her. Macy said goodbye to Thome after he heard her tell Grant he isn't going to lose her. Brooke rejected Taylor's offer to help find Bridget. C.J. found Bridget and then hid her in a storage room at Spectra when she nixed going home. Bridget phoned home at C.J.'s urging, but refused to return if Ridge wasn't going to live with them. • DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Franco wined and dined Sami right into bed with him as part of his plan to get her to fall in love with him, then marry him so that he won't be deported to Italy. While searching the bayou for Bo, Blllle passed out in her car after stopping for gas. Wayne and Earl took Blliie to a woman, Eriene, who told a stunned Blliie that she was in labor. At gun point, Wayne and Earl forced Bo and Hope to leave the bayou. On the plane to Salem, Hope realized the mysterious swamp girt had stolen the compact that could be a clue to Hope's forgotten past. Eric and Nicole almost kissed. Nicole received a mysterious letter. Austin found Carrie and Mike asleep at the hospital after the two spent the night preparing Mike for a chief of staff interview. Lucas was happy when Kate admitted to his suspicion that she hired Franco to break up Bo and Hope. Stefano told Kate that he has big plans for Vivian in the near future. • GENERAL HOSPITAL: As part of his plan to kill Helena at Katharine and Stefan's costume engagement party, Luke loosened a stone in the parapet using Stefan's letter opener. When Katharine spotted Laura, she locked her in the guest house but Laura escaped. Realizing Stefan is Nikolas' father, Katharine ran off, then tripped over the loose stone meant for Helena. Nikolas was upset the engagement ring Stefan •P (gave Katharine had been Laura's. Audrey was upset that Liz and Lucky left her home to go out on their own. Jax and Brenda made love after she stalled his suggestion that they get married. Spotting Alan and Amy together, Monica wrongly thought there is something romantic between them. Mac and Felicia had to go along with the wedding plans her children are making. Sonny told Jason that Carlos and a mystery partner are going to be trouble. Not wanting Robin around Michael because she's HIV positive, Cariy asked Bobble to take care of him. • GUIDING LIGHT: The clone Reva decided that she had to kill Reva after Reva's tips on how the clone could seduce Josh didn't work. Reva had hoped the clone Reva would lead Josh to her. Later, the clone Reva couldn't go through with her plan to kill Reva, so she left her locked in the lighthouse basement to die. Josh decided to accept that Reva is dead this time. Josh was upset that Michael said he is going to make another clone. Alan nixed getting involved when Michael told him about his cloning project. Hariey and Phillip learned the man Lillian hired to get rid of Carl was committing another crime at the time Carl was murdered. Ben and Beth made love even though they know they each love someone else. Hariey was upset that Phillip wants her to leave town. While Hart and Cassie were attempting to reconcile, Dinah slept with Rob in hopes she would get pregnant so that she could get Hart back by passing the baby off as his. • ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Mel and Dorian tied the marital knot in an impromptu ceremony. Viki gave Dorian away. Everyone welcomed David, who came to the reception with Cassie. A happy Cassie accepted when Kevin asked her to marry him. Sam and Nora learned from the autopsy report that Georgie had been pregnant, and the baby's blood type matched Bo's. Rachel is worried that Drew, who is haunted by Georgie, had something to do with her murder. Sam and Nora argued when she refused Tea's offer to help defend Bo, but Bo convinced Nora to let Tea join his defense team. Todd tricked Drew into revealing Georgie was pregnant, then had Blair cozy up to Sam to get the autopsy report. Nora walked in just as Sam and Blair were getting romantic. Andrew ran into Todd at Georgie's grave. Drew saw Joey and Kelly kissing. Blair and Kelly made up after Blair admitted stealing Kelly's inheritance from Ian, which she returned. • PORT CHARLES: Kevin took Victor to Garcia when he said he saw Grace's killer. Kevin was surprised a sketch of the person Victor saw resembled Julie. While Scott is worried that Julie might really be the killer, she collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. Scott and Eve discussed whether Frank could be the killer. High on the regeneration drug, Frank Injured Lark's arm when she refused to sleep with Jake to get the formula for the drug. Lark ran away after Frank, who quit the drug cold turkey, went bananas. Lucy is upset that she can't find any dirt on Eve. Karen met Courtney, the mother of her cancer patient Nell. • SUNSET BEACH: Ben was furious when Derek talked Meg into making love at the warehouse. After making love with Ben (Derek), Meg sensed something was amiss. Derek taunted Ben, who suddenly broke his restraints and attacked Derek. Ben knocked Derek out, but couldn't kill him. After Ben passed out, Casey found him and got him to the hospital. Derek later sneaked Into the hospital to kill Ben. Ben went into cardiac arrest before he could tell Meg about Derek. Joan convinced Sara not to show Meg the photo of Ben and Derek since (everyone thinks) Derek is dead. On theirJirst-meeTingT Cole slugged AJ and was angry that he stayed away for so many years. Cole suspects AJ is the person who has been after him. Olivia was furious when she caught Gregory and Annie making love. Annie was upset that Gregory later gave her the cold shoulder. Olivia went to see Tyus after AJ suggested she get professional help for her memory loss. • THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Chris told the committee hearing Michael's case that she wasn't for or against him getting his law license back. The committee reinstated Michael attar Chris revealed Michael had donated a kidney to save Danny's life. Jack urged Diane to hire a sharper lawyer than Michael, who told her that he has to check Into just what she can legally do regarding Victor and their marriage. Diane still hopes Victor will come back to her. Phillip was devastated when Jill explained that Ryan and Tricia love each other and are planning to marry. Victoria had Olivia run a second pregnancy test which was also positive. Victoria doesn't know what to do now that she loves Neil but Is pregnant with Cole's baby. Nick and Sharon admitted they love each other, but she was upset that he thinks he got married too young. When Nikki accused Sharon of using Cassie to get to Nick, Sharon admitted Cassie is her daughter. DAYTIME May 25-29 LATE NIGHT 1:30 QD (1:45)Mouseterplece Theatre (Won, Thu) (1:45) Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met (Tue) (1:40) Legend of Johnny Ap- pleseed (Wed 69 (1:45) Movie (Thu) **X "My New Gun" (1:39)50228165 OD (1:36) ABC World News Now (Mon- Thu) (1:38) Viper (Fri) QD Donald Whltaker (Mon) Jubilee (Tue) Eastman Curtis (Wed) Mario Murillo (Thu) Highway to Heaven (Fri) (5) (1:37) News TMC (1:40) Movie (Thu) *'/, "Night Eyes 4" (1:45) 78366788 (1:55) (:55) (Fri) **K "subUrtaia* (2:05)78403635 2:00 B Geratdo Rivera (Tue-Wed) 8418992 Q News B Gayle King 9202065 Q Community Bulletin Board (Tue-Fri) O (2:06) Dating Game 13 (2:11) ABC World News Now (Mon- Thu) IB (2:12) CBS Up to the Minute (Mon-Thu) (2:12) More Than a Game (Fri) ID (2:10) NBC News Nlghtslde (Mon, Thu) (2.05) News (Tue-Wed) ID(27) Two Men and a Wardrobe (Wed) IB (2:10) CHIPS (Thu) IB (2:10) Movie (Tue) * * The Dogfight- ers" (1:36)32117089(2:15) (Fri) * "South Beach Academy" (1:31)94317837 ffl Crossfire 551794 S) (2:15) Movie (Mon) ** 14 "MisterCory" (1:45) 13332862 (2:15) (:15) (Thu) *** "The Big Clock" (1:35)13367558 ED Happy Days E After Hours (Mon) 63 Tompklns Square (Wed) EB Christopher Closeup (Mon) Faces on Faith (Tue) Lifestyle Magazine (Wed) Scriptures Alive! (Thu) Our Family (Fri) ED Up Close (Mon-Tue, Thu) Racehorse Digest (Wed) Inside the PGA Tour (Fri) m Auto Racing (Mon) NBA 2Nlght (Tue- Fri) CD (2:05) Movie (Tue) * * * * "The Quiet Man" (2:55) 86662973 (2:10) (:10) (Fri) * * * "Where Eagles Dare" (2:50) 82403566 ED (2:01) Boris Karloff Presents Thriller (Thu) (2:01) Sci-Fi Entertainment (Fri) EQ Gentle Ben B) (2:15) Movie (Tue) ** "The Last Word" (1:50) 13300263 (Wed) *X "Oregon Trail" (:55)2974225 m FOX Sports World (Mon-Wed, Fri) Last Word (Thu) EQ Law & Order EB Jazz Scene (Mon) Jazz Central (Tue- Thu) Jazz Discovery (Fri) ES Sin Ti 135404 m Movie (Mon) **x "No Deposit, No Return" (1:52) 829268 (Tue) ** The Boatniks" (1:40) 4500089 (Wed) -k-k'A "Charley and the Angel" (1:33) 4569732 (Thu) **x The Brave Little Toaster" (1:20) 4734981 (Fri) ** The Mighty Ducks" (1:41)4434092 m (2:20) Movie (Wed) **K "Homage" (1:36)92305225 QD Praise the Lord (5) (2:07) Martha Stewart Living (Mon-Thu) (2:07) Walker, Texas Ranger (Fri) (10) America's Store (Mon, Wed-Fri) TCM Movie (Mon) * * * Ji "David Copperfield" (3:00)5684355 TMC (2:20) Movie (Tue) ** x "After Mid- nlght"ii :35) 83299263 (Wed) * X "Wild Bill" -" (1:40)6309138 WGN Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (Mon) Adventures of Sinbad (Tue) Movie (Wed) *** "Die Hard 2" (2:00)575935 (Thu) * * The Adventures of Huck Finn" (2:00) 225349 (Fri) *K "Captain America" (2:00) 756566 2:15 IB Movie (Wed) *** "...And Justice for Air (2:00)61606022 2:30 O (2:35) NBC News Nightside (Mon, Thu) (2:36) Friday Night (Fri) § Sally 675607 (2:37) CBS Up to the Minute (Mon-Thu) O Plctionary S Port Charles 1228249 (2:42) Almost Live) (Fri) (2:40) NBC News Nightside (Tue-Wed) (2.35) American Athlete (Fri) iO Bao-Chl(Mon) (2:45) Movie (Thu) ** "Liar's Moon" (1:46) 18639184 (Fri) *** x "Atlantic City" (1:45)58151479 IB (2:45) Laveme & Shirley (Mon) (2:35) Movie (Fri) **X "Streets of Rre" (2:05)76418363 IB (2:35) Movie (Wed) ** "Sins of Desire" (1:27)7077867(2:40) (Thu) **The Presidio" (1:37)87483368 El Movie (Mon) * * The Greek Tycoon" (2:00) 1646249 (2:31) (:31) (Tue) *** The Deadly Affair" (1:59) 1606621 (Wed) ** "Power (2:00) 1673393 HI (2:35) Animation, Anlme and Spawn: Movie ratings **** Outstanding * * * x Excellent * * Not bad *** Very good * 14 Fair **x Good * Poor Cartoons Just Grew Up (Tue) (2:50) Movie (Fri) ** "Back in Business" (1:29)61439721 B9 Sports Tonight B) Movie (Wed) ***x The Ex-Mrs. Bradford" (1:30) 574995 (Fri) * ** "Blunderhead: Son of Flteka" (1:30)974189 HI I Love Lucy Hi Music Videos (Fri) BD Stanley Cup Playoffs (Mon-Tue, Thu) Fishing (Wed) Up Close (Fri) B) Motoworid (Tue) Inside Drag Racing (Wed) Bowling (Thu) Motorcycle Racing (Fri) ED (2:45) Outer Limits (Wed) EB Inside Space (Fri) EQ Sklppy ED (2:55) Movie (Wed) * "Buckaroo Sheriff of Texas" (1:05) 71441577 (2:35) (:35) (Thu) **X The Highwayman" (1:25) 16747207 (2:40) (:40) (Fri) ** "Mystery Broadcast" (1:05)51587566 EB FOX Sports World (Thu) BD (2:35) Movie (Mon) ***"10° (2:02) 8554238 QD (2:38) In Concert (Fri) (5) Gayle King (Mon-Thu) 1884171 (10) America's Store (Tue) (27) (2:35) News (Fri) TMC (2:35) Movie (Mon) ** "Alphabet City" (1:30)7652171 3:00 B (3:05) NBC News Nightside (Tue- Wed) B Community Bulletin Board (Mon) B Headline News (3:06) ABC World News Now (Mon- Thu) (3:08) In Concert (Fri) 10 (3:12) Fishing the West (Fri) IB (3:05) NBC News Nightside (Fri) |Q Movie (Mon) ** The Last Word" (1:45)12307152 Many Happy Returns (Tue) IB (3:15) Laveme & Shirley (Mon-Thu) IB Movie (Mon) *x "Nemesis 3: Time Lapse" (1:31)596607 IB Movie (Thu) **K "Strangers Kiss" (1:45)60816184 ED (3:05) Movie (Mon) * x "Men of War" (1:43) 40329442(3:05) (Tue) ** The Crossing Guard" (1:54) 40396114(3:25) (Wed) ** "Boomerang" (1:58)76773157 (3:15) Comedy Hour (Thu) 0B CNN International B) Movie (Tue) * * * x "Foreign Correspondent" (2:00)215027 IB Acapulco H.E.A.T. (Tue-Wed) Sirens S u) Reel Wild Cinema (Fri) Mary Tyler Moore Stanley Cup Playoffs (Fri) Drag Racing (Tue) Equestrian (Wed) Man From U.N.C.LE. (Mon) (3:15) Kung Fu (Thu) ED Tales of Tomorrow (Fri) EQ Jeff's Collie S3 Movie (Mon) * * *"$ (Dollars)" (2:00) 324442 (Tue) + *X "My Dear Secretary* (2:00) 822331 (Wed) **X "For Pete's Sake" (2:00) 377138 (Thu) *** The Captive Heart" (2:00) 735455 (Fri) *** "Fail-Safe" (2:00)259382 EB Success N Ufe (Mon-Thu) 00 Esmeralda 317171 B9 Movie (Tue) * * * % "Leaving Las Vegas" (1:52)493843(3:15) (Fri) ** "Midnight Blue" (1:35) 13824127 03 (3:06) Movie (Fri) ** 14 The Family Man" (1:54)27785214 (5) (3:07) CBS Up to the Minute (Mon-Thu) (3:07) F/X: The Series (Fri) TCM Movie (Tue) **x "Susan and God" (2:00) 4596737 (Wed) **X "Desire Me" (2:00) 4563409 (Thu) * * * The Actress" (2:00) 4450981 (Fri) **X "Rich and Famous" (2:00)4427653 TMC (3:25) Movie (Thu) * "Sexual Outlaws" (1:30)8597962 WGN Xena: Warrior Princess (Mon) 3:30 B Geraldo Rivera (Fri) 8489112 Jenny Jones 670152 Headline News (3:42) KwikWHz (Fri) Movie (Tue) * * * The Trouble With Angels" (2:00)7270992 IB (3:45) Corner Pyte, USMC (Mon, Wed) Laveme & Shirley (Tue, Thu) 03 (3:50) Movie (Tue) *** "Strawberry and Chocolate" (1:51)91790027(3:50) (Fri) **X"Flashdance" (1:35)91628856 IB Hollywood One on One (Fri) 50147769 B9 Newsroom (Mon-Thu) Diplomatic License (Fri) m (3:50) Movie (Thu) ***x The Farmer's Daughter" (1:40)44820455 HI Taxi GO Billiards (Wed) fB Bowling (Thu) EB Lights Out (Fri) EQ Timmy and Lassie B) Unicyclist (Mon) (3:45)Facade (Fri) B (3:45) Saga of Wlndwagon Smith (Tue) (3:40 Pecos BUI (Wed) (3:35) Dad, Can I Borrow the Car? (Thu) (3:50) Hockey Champ (Fri) B Movie (Thu) ***x "My Side of the Mountain" (1:40)8824417 TMC (3:55) Movie (Tue) *** "Article 99" (1:40) 74400534 (3:40) (:40) (Wed) * * X "Ju- manir (1:45) 16355119 4:00 B Headline News (Mon-Thu) Movie (Fri) *** The Most Dangerous Game" (2:00) 262769 B (4:15) Abbott and Costello (Fri) B (4:15)Klllln'Time (Wed) (4:15) Movie (Fri) **X "Lifeguard" (1:45) 55472905 B (4:15)lntentttlal Fill (Mon, Wed-Thu) Gomer Pyte, USMC (Tue) B (4:05) Movie (Wed) *x "Farmer & Chase" (1:37)40458664(4:20) (Thu) * "Raw Target" (1:32) 10919558 fiD BramWy Hedge (Fri) B (4:15) Movie (Thu) ** "Crosscut" (1:36) 61533523(4:25) (Fri) ** The Secret Agent" (1:35)85774130 B CNN International .Q) Movie (Mon) *x "Winds of the Wasteland* (1:00) 825997 (Wed) **X "Lady From Cheyenne" (1:30) 406886 (Fri) ** 14'Lawless Valley" (1:00)750837 B Bloomberg Television (Mon-Thu) Street Sharks (Fri) — Newhart Karate (Tue) Auto Racing (Wed) _ Gllligan's Island (Mon) Man From U.N.C.LE. (Wed) (4:15) Our Gang Shorts (Thu) EB Boris Karloff Presents Thriller (Fri) ED Lassie EG) Asia Market Wrap (Mon-Thu) B Movie (Mon) * * The Last Word" (1:45) 9950084 (4:05) (:05) {Tue) *** The Showdown" (1:30)7980422 Two Men and a Wardrobe (Wed) Toys (Thu) Fedora (Fri) EB FOX Sports World (Tue) Coin' Deep (Wed) Aussie Rules Highlights (Fri) EB Miracles Do Happen (Mon) Divine Plan (Wed) Abundant Life (Thu) § Primer Impacto Extra Ink & Paint Club Movie (Wed) * The Forbidden Dance" (1:37)5636916 (5) (4:07) Due South (Fri) TMC (4:05) Movie (Mon) ** * "Blazing Saddles" (1:35) 48367268 (Fri) **X "Heavy" (1:45)7131924 WGN Adventures of Sinbad (Fri) 4:10 ED Movie (Thu) ** "Brotherly Love" (1:40)75502165 4:20 EB Movie (Wed) ** "China Gate" (1:40) 98425008 4:30 O (4:35) NBC News Nightside (Fri) B Vibe (Mon-Thu) 493930 Nick News (Fri) B First Business (Mon-Thu) S (4:45) Pastor's Study (Fri) (4:45) Movie (Mon) **X "Young Einstein" (1:35) 39781084 (4:45) (:45) (Wed) ** "Every Time We Say Goodbye" (1:45) 39701848 B Headline News (Mon-Thu) B Movie (Mon) **» "Joe's So Mean to Josephine" (1:29)616201 B Hollywood One on One (Mon-Thu) 5333336 Movie (Fri) **x "The Journey of August King" (1:45)62659450 31 Sports Tonight B Bloomberg Television (Fri) B Teacher to Teacher With Mr. Wizard (Mon) Nick News (Tue-Wed) Mr. Wizard's World (Thu) Dick Van Dyke (Fri) B After Hours (Tue-Wed) HD Scholastic Sports America (Wed) Racehorse Digest (Thu) INHL 2Nlght (Thu-Fri) Gllllgan's Island (Mon, Thu) Ripper Before the Bell (Mon-Thu) Perfect Moment (Fri) EB Creflo A. Dollar Jr. (Mon-Thu) R.C. Blakes,Sr.(Fri) EQ Notjclero Unhrislon Edlclon Noctuma B (4:35) Movie (Mon) * * "Princess Cara- boo" (1:36)75926220 (5) AgDay (Mon-Thu) TMC (4:55) Movie (Thu) **x "A Family Thing" (1:50)41820287 4:31 B Silver Maiden (Thu) 4:40 B Interstitial Fill (Fri) 4:45 B Teacher to Teacher With Mr. Wizard (Mon) EB Movie (Fri) *** "JFK: Reckless Youth" (1:35)42156769 4:47 B Movie (Thu) * * x "Lifeguard" (1:43) 39698320 4:55 B Gllllgan's Island (Fri) We'll always be there for you. Jean Curry Xn«!I£ u om£ 27S? Belmont _Colurnbla. uo_ '_____ 823-5129

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