Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 15, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 15, 1954
Page 6
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ifr^i';;' •vfiv.i **i* ' MOM STAR, HOPS, ARKANSAS Monday, February 15, 1954 ling Mean aid About iithower MAftLbW W» — While,Pres- sfands aloof fFttm political strife, bis jjftfialii!',/g6 i around'" ktioettlrts hOci-ais* hats off. it's *£et- die fJehioerats' nelfves; , tiiey're Calling on * Eison- 'to'halt, the Republican at- f Tie •disapmoves, o r say he endrrscs theitt, ft 'he i this.,e£fcit tt put him-oh ct, >the\ Democrats' 'raftu&h- Ith him has taken a/s'tfd'den public statements defilin,? riOcrals Eisenhower <• Has icd the precept —"with mal- 8rd none" — laid down oy fo 'Uncoin, whose birthday __ the Repjiicans ai^bjisy [grating. "V*. " |inJse of this, or because they 'a' healthy respect f or his pop- ~t f Dehiol'rats g eneraliy !3iflve ^.othing mean about him.'-» |fe B rare relationship which "Hfitt danger of disappearing In election>-y«ar for. if the Re- lean . attacks continue along present lino, the Democrats let .Eisenhower stand partisan brawls. Dehioc-i dts started calling say whure he stood •fcweekend Wasi at. them by i*-T, White House assistant, Tri ""Adams. ^ _..'''in a speech Saturday .climaxed the Republicans' Irritation over the harping On the pres- '<fcus*ines£ downturn. He said: b Derate "who talked abbut de- a launch of political ' trying to hand the coua- ..Pear Deal." This, coming fo1ne<?ne so close to Elsen- jfti^.ut^j se ^ ^ e ' Demo- Wtdhfesday, Fibruary \t The West Side ttame Demonstration Club will meet Wednesday at 2 o'clock in the home of Mrs. Robert Peachey, The choir of the Presbyterian Church will practice on Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock. Wednesday night the Men's Fellowship of the Presbyterian Church wilt have their monthly supper meeting. R. W. Reynolds, president, Has announced the following committees: Menre, T. M. Bcmis i*'^a8n't 1he only match -the _,^r:._: allied to. them. f. Democrats --A'orc ablaze over POLICY -Issued by -• , )WE SECURITY LIFE f ' .^'^"Bfrth' tojop years' USKante?,- premium ' will ijyer 'Increase / . l-anyHpspital or Doctor . Sail, or wrjte your reliable .*.„, ^Iqqal agent JECfl WEAVER 7-3143 P. O. Box 104 PRESCOTT NEWS anoliioi question Af'.er ail the Republican talk in the if M' campaign about Commu- nistS'in-aovern-.'.'.ent, jus t how many Communists did the Republicans find when they took over from the Democrats Eisenhower him.self announced J,2QO government employes had been "separated" from their jobs uhder his security program. Under that program a person could be fired not only fr.r being a Communist or Cpmmun;st sympathizer but for being a drunk, homosexual or a gossip. How man y of the 2,200 were found to be actual Communists or fellow travelers or otherwise] subversive and how many were lei out for the various other reasons Eisenhower didn't say. In spite of demands by Democrats in Congress, ' and repeated questioning of the President by newsmen, the tdministration still hasnt said how n.any of the "S.JP- arata'-t' people were subversive Democrats pr^e^rt 1 in tho Soc ate Uial Repurllcans inside; .r.iKi outside the White House have been implying most of the "separated" employes were Coiununisls. , Tha question about the number of Communists uncovered y the Repuhcans is not academic. Some powerful Repuhcans have insisted Communists-in-government would be i> main issue in this year's congressional elections. Ei- senho'ver has said he hopes any fear of Reds ''actively undermining" the government will have disappeared by November. If the administration ever provides a breakdown showing none or only a handJul of the 2,200 were subversive, the Republicans will have lost a lot of ammunition.-The Democrats will have gained it. If it turns out tne other way, the Democrats will be sorry they ever i;aiscd the question. Last year Democrats helped Ei- "aenhower on certain pieces of legislation. 'Even more ;this, year, when the Democrats 'outnumber Republicans in the Senate i'and are almost 7 even with them in the Hous'c Eisenhower will need Democratic help on nis program, But while the Democrats may mutter about not giving him continued suprort ,on a matter of national welfare t 1 e Democrats will have difficulty opposing an Eise.n- howjr program on partisan political grounds Walter Hirst and Tommy McRae; .Program chairman, N. N. Daniel. Mrs. R. F. Yarbrough Hostess To "47 Club Members of the '47 Bridge Club were entertained on Wednesday afternoon by Mrs. R. F. Yar- farough at her home. Dainty arrangements of violets and jonquils gave a spring note to the occasion. In the games the high score award was won by Mrs. C. R. Gray and the cut prize by Mrs. J. V. Me- Mahen. Mrs. John Pillman was a bridge guest and Mrs. Carl Dalrymplc a tea guest. Other members present included, Mrs. Bob Reynolds, Mrs. J. T. Worthington, Mrs. E. R. Ward Mrs. Glenn Haidslon, Mrs. Charlie Scott, Mrs. O. W. Walkins, Mrs. B. A. DC La mar, Mrs. Jim Nelson and Mrs Charlie Dews. A tempting salad course was served . Garden Club Plans Flower Show The Prcscotl Council of Garden Clubs held its regular quarterly necting on Thursday, at 2 o'clock n the,-home of Mrs. D. L. McRae c. The flower show, to be held in pril, was the chief topic for discus- ion. Tuesday, April 27lh from 2 un- ill 9 p. m. was the date set for Ihc how, which will be staged in the iducational .Building of the First Wcthodist Church. Mrs. N. N. Daniel, fcouncil prcsi- ent appointed the following com- millee chairman for Ihc show. General Chairman, Mrs. J. T. (Vorthington; Schedule, Mrs. D. L. McRae Jr., slaging, Mrs. J. R. Bemis; Property, Mrs. Frank Gilbert intry and placements, Mrs. Jake Underwood; Classifications, Mrs. (corgc Cashman; Judges and lerks, Mrs. Vernon Buchanan; Hos Vitality, Mrs. J, B. Hesterly; Rcgui- stration, Mrs. Dawson Henry;. Pub icity, Mrs. Archie Johnson; Conser- alion and Education, Mrs. A. M. Rctlig; Lighting, Mrs. Ellis Stevart; Awards, Mrs. Bob Yarbrough leanup, Mrs. Walton White and Mrs. N. N. Daniel.' The Flower Show will not be limited -to Garden Club members Anyone wishing to submit an entry s encouraged and urged to do so. All entries will be judged by qifali- ied judges from out of town. Doug Gordon Celebrates Birthday Doug Gordon was honored with a party given by his parents/Mr, and Wrs. Ralph Gordon, on Wednesday afternoon at their home in celcbra- ion of his second birthday. The rooms! were decorated in he Valentine motif. The dining ta- sle centered with a styrofoam Valentine, outlined with red hearts and centered with red and white flowers Jff, ^ .DR; JIM McKENZIE •*< ^ t *** ' 5 ',? j^'i ^pnnounees the rernoval of his offiqe from the 'JOSEPHINE HOSPITAL if^' TQ HIS NEW building at Sixth and Elm Streets K* IS- ,j -< Don't Miss This Offer ^Through an unusual purchase we were able to get *,-,,' a limited supply of fDU FONT'S FINEST COTTON DUST V v 3-10-40 •'V/e can offer this for only 10c a pound for early ;,sale. Get your orders in early as we have a limited •/supply of this cotton dust, ' •; ' Coll or Write MID-SOUTH COTTON & SUPPLY * /I02S. Walnut Phone 7-4655 WORLD'S NEWEST BIG SHOW ^' M '. U O U S I. V \' H i. S, BEO^t.Si A . b t M 1 I W G T HE W O H L D ' S ND G fit" A "JEST FEATURES was overlaid with a lace cloth. After the guests, Ellen Gordon He len Tanna Murry, Mike Simpson, Roscoe Franks and Charlie Fadjo Cravens of Fort Smith, arrived. The gifts were opened and the afternoon was spent playing with Doug's toys. The while birthday cake embossed in blue and ice cream were served. Each guest received a valentine favor. Mrs. Gordon was assisted by Gil and Phoebe Johnson and Alec Gordon. Mrs. Clarence Gordon Sr., paternal grandmother, was also a guest. Reagon Opens Vegas Stand Reluctantly By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD UPl—Tonight Ronald Hoagaon of all people opens at a highl club act In Las V egas And though he likes the loot, he deplores the now Hollywood system that sends movie stars to other mediums Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Gordon have 13 I talked with him before he left returned from a visit with her sis-if 0 r his Las Vegas date, and he tcr Mrs. K. L. Loudermilk in Ida-!j s a fellow who is vocal about his ho, Oklahoma. opinions One thing he decries is the way studios have pared" down their star lists to a minimum Mrs. T. E Logan and Mrs. S. O. Logan attended an Executive Board meeting of Ouachita Prcsbyterial in Camdcn on Wednesday. Mrs. Daic ttrown anci children of Shrevcport arc the guests of her paints, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Me Braycr. Scott and Steve Stuart of Louis- Among those who will soon be hitting the tree-lance road are Clark Gable. Grcer Garson rond Richard Widmark "I think it's a great mistake," says the onetime president of the Screen Actors Guild "This business was built on the basis of - offering the public stars they could villc, Ky. arc spending several]sec nowhere else The stars of weeks with their grand parents, Mr and Mrs. Adam Guthrie. ly think twice before paying to see a movie star hs has seen so often in other mediums" Reagon is unabashed about his night club debut, despite the fact that he is no singer or dancer and could scarecely qualify as a comedian, tic has teamed with an act called the Continentials and they do some knock-about comedy, soft-shoe and barbershop singing Reagan will also give out with a monologue such as he has delivered at countless benefits AFL Opens Meet on Hard Times Note By NORMAN WALKER MIAMI BEACH Fla. (.V) — The AFL Teamsters Union opened Executive Board meet- ling to.'ny with President Dave Never afraid to tackle a con-JBeck sounding a "hard times" trovcrsial subject, he has led his j warning nnd questioning labor fellow actors in a campaign against pea cc moves the flood of benefits t hat actors are besieged with "Mind you, I'm not against worthy causes," he remarked "No single group in America has given more lime to h elping to raise money for charity than have ac.- tors They have given unselfishly of their lime 'But I am aginst the benefit Mrs. J. O. Colcman is the guest of her daughter, Mrs George Pakis Jr., and family in Little Rock. Mrs. Tom Ross Young and children of Malvcrn were the Thursday guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Fore. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Lee had as their Thursday overnight guest her brother, Mr. DC Queen. Roy Cunningham of Mr. and Mrs, Roy Loomis and Mrs. Ester Griffin attended a TV each studio became trade-marks which the movie goers recognized and admired "But now the studies are driving us into other mediums Few actors arc supported by the studios alone The others have to spread themselves i nto radio, TV, kit theater, night clubs and wherever their services are in demand "The result is that there's no novelty in seeing most actors on the screen A person will certain- Dupont Co. meeting in Little Rock Thursday and a banquet at the Marion Hotel. bureaucrats' who make their living—and a very good one—by lining up free talent for charity ap- Beck, chief of the 1.300.000-mem ber Teamsters Union, hit at Secretary of thn Treasury George M Humphrey's money policies and said they are responsible for the present unemployment situation "Our present economic siutation can be traced right back to tha 'hard money' policy launched by Humphrey nearly a year ago, Beck said "This search for hard money has brought on hard pearanccs These individuals aclu-j times" ally become producers, promising! The Teamsters Union's Interna- to set up shows and deliver scores jtional Executive Board was ex- of stars to appear without charge | peeled cither to reject, outright or Hq added that the biggest abuse of talent is the telethon: "When you consider the hundreds of performers thai appear over an 18 or 24-hour period and the size of the audience, the net return comes to something like a nickle a head That's a pretty puny amount "Whatever happened to the old American custom of simply giving for a worthy cause Why does entertainment given in return" have to be Modern Berlin includes 341 square miles. throw so many conditions into accepting a proposed AFL-CIO "no raiding" agreement as to place its effectiveness in jeopardy AFL President George Mcany chirf proponent of the AFL-CIO peace plan, left Miami Beach to day ahead of the opening session of the teamsters board Meany has been trying to persuade labor unions to agree to peaceful settlement of their rivalries New York City, with an area of 320.26 square miles, has a waterfront of 578 miles. Hospital Attendants to Trial Soon BENTON. I/PI —Four white men, former attendants at a unit of the State Mental Hospital near here, will be tried next month on charges of maiming a Negro patient The men were indicted Saturday by the Saline County Grand Jury in connection with the beating of Mose Gregory Gregory reportedly beaten severely with a rubber hose He is being treated at the Little Rock unit of the hospital _ Indicted were Alonzo Hill, William O Harvey, Ellis Thompson Jr, and Lloyd Wcmpfler All foil* arrested Saturday night, are free on $1,000 bond each for appearance at the March 15 .term of Circuit Court Hospital authorities discharged the attendants after Gregory was beaten for creating a disturbance at a dance given lor Negro patients A physician said the Negro, who has a 'long record of unruly behaviors at the hospital, was "sub- clued in a manner not according to Hoyle" A Three Cough Is Your Danger Signal Creomulsion relieves promptly because; it goes into the bronchial system & „ help loosen and expel germ laden j| phlegm and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial membranes. Guaranteed to please you or money refunded. Creomuisioa nas stood the test of millions of users. CREQMUirSION lilievet Coughs, Chest Coldf, AcuU *ron«W«», Legal Notice NOTICE OF ANNUAL SCHOOL ELECTION IN WASHINGTON SCHOOL DISTRICT NO, 12 OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS Notice is hereby -given that the innual school election in the above la'mcd District will \be held on March 20, 19J54, lor the following jurposes: To elect one director for a term of 5 years. • To submit the question of voting total schooltax of 34 mills, as set out in the Distrcit's budget, which includes, in addition to 16 mills for operation and maintenance of the schools and 10 mills Dreviously voted for payment of >onds now outstanding, a building 'und tax of 8 mills annually, beginning with the taxes collected in .he year 1955, to be voted for the jurpose of paying the principal and nterest of a proposed bond issue of $30,000 which will run approxi- mately'20 years, to be issued for the jurpose of erecting and equipping lew scheel buildings for Negroes, and said proposed building fund tax will constitute a continuing an- uial levy until the principal and nterest of the proposed bonds arc paid in full, with the provision that .he surplus each year arising from the building fund taxes, after providing for . principal and interest maturing that year and the next ;ix months' interest on all the out- tanding bonds, may be used by the District for calling bonds for payment prior to maturity or for other school purposes. The polls will open at 8:00 o'clock A.'M. and will close at 6:30 o'clock p, M. on March 20, 1854, at the following polling places in the District, to-wit: Washington School Gym. GIVEN this 10th day of February, 1954. BOARD OF DIRECTORS, WASHINGTON SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 12 OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS v By C..E. Messer, President And Carl Martin, Secretary. Feb. 15, 22, March 1 Legal Notice No. 7502 In the Chancery Court ot Heropstead County, Ark. Linnie Crews et al Plaintiff vs. Charlie Rosseau et al .... Defendant The defendant, Charlie Rosseau, et al are \varned to apper in this court within, thiity days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, nie Crews et al Witness my hand swd We seal of sa$d court this 12 day pf February JB54. Garrett WilUs, Clerk (SBAP AWr^d Featherst.on FOR PASSING SWITCH TO.'NEW "TOTAL POWER" Try this great NEW. gasoline in your car Jom POWER The best gasoline you can buy! You can have absolute faith in NEW "TOTAL Powicu" Esso EXTUA. It is a new product development of the famous Esso Research Center. It has peak octane power ... plus great additives that give you protection against knock and protection against valve sticking. Here is a gasoline engineered to meet the total power and anti-knock requirements of even the highest-compression new cars. No other gasoline now available to motorists has a higher octane rating than "Total Power" Esso Extra. For millions of older cars it means better working horsepower and better total engine performance. If you've tried it, you know what we're talking about. It is the finest gasoline made by the Esso Standard Oil Company in its many years of product leadership • • • it's by far the largest-selling premium gasoline in the area served by Esso Dealers, See your Esso Dealer for a tankful today. 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