Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 15, 1909 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 15, 1909
Page 6
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COVINA GETS BRYN MAWRS. Redlands Organization No Match for Local Slugger*.. .Fairly in Great Form. Covlna, 0; Bryn Mawrn, 2. The Bryn Mawre of Redlands were listed among the "alao rans," after nine InnlngB of baseball on the local diamond Sunday afternoon. Ping Fairly was in form, and If the whole infield had gone to the bad he would have put three fast one« over at the critical moment and pulled out of danger. Tt was by making the Redland- crs hit the ball Into the air that things wore made easy for the locals. The only bad place they could find was Stewart's territory around second, and out of six chances the burly second- Backer mussed three of them. Plilfer went in to pitch for the Bryn Msiwrs, and was touched up for five hits in five Innings. Haslet was then stuck In to do the heaving, but in the remaining three rounds five more safeties netted as many tallies. Fairly was perfect In judgment, not allowing a single free passage, while the two opposing alabstern gave two apiece. In the fourth Inning the end men in the batting order wore « on errors, Kendall hit through short, scoring .Monte, and Pete beat out a grounder toward third, scoring Shirley. Two more came across In the fifth and another In the sixth. Tip to- this time 'iin visitors had been blanked and chances looked good for a shutout. Pete missed one In left, Watson was safe on a fielder's choice, Prink and Hide made outs. Dallas, the old man playing In center field, crime to bat, and after a couple of trys managed to pul, an old-time Texas leaguer over third base, scoring two runs. Pete Agnayo'H foxy work in the field •UK! on the bases worn about the only other featnros that showed up. Hide got a hit In tho eighth which bounded through the long grass Into's oiil.Htrr-l.ched mitts, but the. svlly field- r.'r turned and ran like mud for tho wash. Hide raced for second, and would certainly have been caught when I'etf! slammed It back, but for Stewart's juggle. In the same Inning Pete, took a long load oil' third bnse, and before Ifaslct woke up he slid under tho throw and scored. Ken(hill got his second hit of the game in this Innh.g, Monte running for him. Polo singled to center, Ping singled past, short, putting Pete on third, from whore he executed his daring steal. Stewart singled, scoring Ping, ill-id Stewart scored on on error of Cushman's Infield drive. The score- TOVINA. AH H II SB PO A 10 AKUH.VO, If r, Church, HH <| P. Knlrly, p ;t Wtewarl., I*b r, CiiHlmmn, rl'. ... r, Libiiy, lb ;i Shirloy, lib ;; Kendall, c- -1 1! 4 0 TRV THE TotiilH. . . .,'17 !l lit lirtVN MAVV'll. All It II (ininnrlit. HS <J 0 Taylor, c •! I Wat HOD, L'b 4 1 Krlnk, II) -I 0 \V. Hide, rl' 4 I) Dalian, cf !! 0 Haslet. Uli It I) I'hlper, p H 0 .). Hide, If ;i 0 Hit PO A. 15 0 1! 2 I 1 f> 0 0 I ;; I I 1 0 n n o 11 o »> i it i i i i i Totals. .. .Hi; •>. ',', ',', IM 11 t; SI'.MM Alt Y. l-'lrst on erroiM—Cnvlna, (i; l!ry:i Mawr, -I. I .oft on liases—Co- vina, 10; llryii Mawr, li. HM.H'»; on balls—Off I'hliior, L>; Dallas. 1!. Sac- rillce hits—Church. Struck out —Hy Fairly, , r i; I'lilpor, 4. Hits made, Off 1'hiper, r,; off Dallas, r.. Hit by pitched ball—Fairly. Time of game Hi. 4."iin. i'mplre, (loodrieh. Baseball Tomorrow. The much heralded Santa Monica all-star baseball aggregation Is Bched- uled to tu.nish the excitement on the local diamond tomorrow afternoon. The Santa Monicas have had a very Miccessful season, and have e\ery lohlideiice ill wiping any inland team out til' existence. l-';dlowing is their lineup: Saen/., lib; Marque/, ss; (iania, L'b; Forney, Hi: Dixou. rl'; Yejar or l!r>uni, If; Uinchart. c; Ilewarts, cf; Hub.sell. p; lloyt, sub. Game With Chino. Anntlier ball name hah been secured wiih Chlno, in be played on their diamond, May -•',. Manager t'oveil ha.s accepted the dale and has arrang- • •d I'll' a special liain t.i accommodatr- tin' large delegation of r-mters that v, ill undoubtedly accninpan\ lln- tram. There is a little mallei' :•[ wounded pride connected with this gann'. and i h«. tnwn uilh a sunar factory will pee the -icntpnies'v ball gumr.' ot its hie'tory. r. COVINA FURNITURE CO. FOR ANYTHING IN THE LINE OF Of FLOOR (OVERIIHiS SAFEST PLACE TC TRADE W. Q. CUSTER, Manager MONTE FORFEITS GAME. Practice Game Eaey for Covlna.. .High School Leads in League Serle*. The high school had an easy time of It last Saturday In their game with El Monte. Several of Monte'g beat men were disqualified by the fjcholarahlp eligibility rule, and a real contest was Impossible. The game was forfeited and a practice match played, In which the Covlna boys demonstrated their class by the score of 22 to 2. The high school now holds the lead In the league series, winning every game played so far. A/.usa Is dated for today and should prove easy. The two other schools yet to be played, Compton and Monrovia, are the hard ones. It Is In these games that the local boys must get In and play some real baseball. Fraternal Aid Association. Covlna Council, 525, Fraternal Aid Association, held an open meeting to its members and friends Tuesday evening, at hall. There were quite a number present, if fact, a real surprise was given to the old "regulars" to see so many faces that had not been In the council room for months. There was a great rloal of Intercut manifested. Short, talks on the good of J-he order were made by H. K. lOnyoart and \V. A. Packard. Headings by Mrs. Packard and songs by Mr. Packard received merited applause. Numerous games wore Indulged In by everybody, who m-oiiied to enjoy themselves, after which a banquet was served In the banquet, room. J. W. Keefer, chairman of the banquet, committee, proved himself a genius In that line. Two applications for membership were received, and the outlook for In- croaH.od membership Is excellent. Mr. and Mrs. Packard are organizers for the association and arc working in Covlna at the present time. OBDCB TO SHOW CAUSE WHY OB- DEB OF SALS OT ftEAL ESTATE SHOULD HOT BE MADE. (N't). 14245.) In 'Hi* Superior Court of the Htntt of California in and for the County! of Lou Angoles. I In thr> nmt^r of flic estate of Almir« I,yon, df>o»»asfd. , It is ordered by tlio court Hint all rwrsons intoiflntr-d in the estate of tht> <aid flpppuwrl nonpar hrforr? the ••>iil Superior Court on Monday, the 17th rliiy of Mny. 1909, at 10 o clock n. in. of s;ii<l d-.'V, »t the court room of snid Hupi-rior Court. I)e;>av hur-nt 2 tln;jvof. | in the poiirt house, in said County of Los Angelf>«, Htale of California, to show cmifle wny an order should not be grant'''! to the executor of saiii t/Htiiie to sell all the n-al estate of said deceased. And Hint, a copy of this order be published ;it least four successive weeks in tlie Covina Argus, a luvvs- jiaper printed and published in said County of Ijos Angeles. JAMKH C. TUVKS. .nirlgp of the Superior Court. Dated April I7tli. 1900. K. P. WARN'FIK. Mxei-ntor of saitl estate. A. Af. PK.V.'K, Al.tornev for said estate. LEGAL ADVICE BY MAIL. Fifty Onti. An association of reputable, experienced and reliable attorneys will render written opinions by mall—full, authoritative and promptly on all legal questions and matters. Mortgages, foreclosures, deeds of trust, conveyances, and titles generally. Notes, bonds, assignments, bills of sale, corporation and partnership rights and liabilities, bankruptcy and Insolvency, liens of laborers, contractors and material men, suits for damages. Wills, estates, probate matters, for. elgn Inheritances, guardianship, rights of tjjose under age, patents, inven. tlons. All branches of mining law, water and irrigation rights, homesteads, timber locations, the taking up of public land. Divorce, separation, community and separate property rights, and rights of married women. All branches of criminal law. Send your question with Fifty Cents. Immediate answers. SOUND LEGAL ADVICE CO. Dept. B. C. P. O. Box |3 San Francisco, Cal. The Christ Child in Art. Selections from Prof. Savory's stereopticon collection on "The Christ Child in Art," will be given at the Christian Church next Sunday evening at 7:30 as Introductory service, Mrs. Savory coming over from Clnre- morit to assist. Songs will also be sung from the screen. PASO ROP.I..ES HOT SPRINGS f'u the Coast Line. The equal of any in lliu world and set in the midst of such climiitic conditions as constantly invite in tlie open air. A delightful place for .I. recuperation, constitutional treatments and recreation. The new bath lim--.!!, wiih its superb rquipnu'iU, is unrivaled by anything in this country. Hy- dropathic treatments, mud baths, swim- mini; hritlis, Turkish baths. Particulars at SOUTIIKKN PACING Ol-'RdCS. PACIFIC ELECTRIC TIME TABLE. Leave Loa Angeles 5: SO a. m. 7:03 8:10 9:30 10:50 12:10 p. in. 1.30 2:40 3:35 4:45 5:35 d:45 'l;00 11:30 Leave Covina 5:50 a. in. 6:55 H:3(> 9:50 11:10 12:30 p. in. 1:40 2:35 3:45 4.35 5:45 <>:35 8:00 10:00 Say! . tftancbcr You are conducting a big business- more money invested than many business houses do a good deal of correspondence, don't you.' Do you always have suitable paper handy when you wish tn write? Do you know that we can furnish you with the very best of writing paper and envelopes, neatly printed with your name or the name of your ranch, place of residence and date line, cheaper than you can secure tablets anil envelopes in small ijuau- titie-,' This will make your correspondence businesslike and inure convenient. COVINA AKUl'ri, PKINTKKS **************** * * * * Hay, Grain, Cereals and Fuel WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Delivery to Every Part of the Valley SAN GABRIEL VALLEY MILLING COMPANY Home Phone 1 ( ; COVINA, CAL. AN EASTERN TRIP VIA SALT LAKE ROUTE Is one of comfort and pleasure. 'Tis the Short Line from Southern California via Salt Lake City, with beautiful scenic features and excellent train service. In addition to the famous LOS ANGELES LIMITED, carrying both standard and tourist sleepers through to Chicago in Three D.iy, the Overland Express carries THROUGH SLEEPING CARS TO CHICAGO ST. LOUIS ST. PAUL and many other points via various routes East of Salt Lake City. Your patronage will be appreciated, and full particulars of rates, trains, etc., may be had from Salt Lake Route /\ge-nt *at Romona CITY LIVERY STABLES C. F. SMITH, Prop. SULPHUR BY THE OUNCE OR TON W. W. NASH DRUGGIST LARGE ORANGE SEEDLINGS FOR ORCHARD PLANTING Santa Barbara soft shell Walnuts, Eureka Lemons, Pomelos, Phoenix Canartensls and Washing- tonla Robuata Palms. Camphor Trees, Accaias, Rose*, etc. SOUTHLAND NURSERIES, F. H. Dlsbrovtr. Proprietor, PasaJen«, Cal. Phones: Home 2520 Main 949. Moving Heaven and Earth And also anything- else that will move. Transfering- furniture, pianos, deliver- . ing express packages, carrying United States mail, taking out parties to the canyons and beaches. Hauling oranges and all kinds of heavy teaming. OFFjCE: With Wells-Fargo on Citrus Avenue Covina Transfer Company Res Phone 1108 Home Phone 80 DEGOURDI Reg. No. 3967 DEPUTE Reg. No. 2374 Imported Stallions TERMS: $20 to insure marc in foal; $15 for the season. The above are the best horses of their class in this or any other country. They will improve your stock immensley. If intending breeders would see these horses before making- other engagements it would be to their advantage, as their colts will show. Covlna Horse Breeders Association Off. Phone 54 F. E. DUDDERAR nquire at Keefer's Stables. Res. Phone 146 COVINA "Greatest Electric Railway System in the World" The Pacific Electric Railway 566 Miles of Modern Built Standard Gauge Lines Reaching the Principal Cities and Towns, Mountain and Seashore Resorts of Southern California Luxurious Observation Passenger Cars. Prompt and Reliable Freight, Express, Telegraph and U. S. Mail Service. For information and literature regarding the great MT. LOWE Trip, BEACH RESORTS and other points of interest, see local agent, or address General Passenger Department, Room 2%, Pacific Electric Builiiiny, Los Angeles, Cal. W. Hadillo St.. on the. new electric line. liarti I'houe 240 Kes. Phone l',)S CO VINA. BEN F. THORPE CEMENT CONTRACTOR Manufacturer of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE All sizes carried in stock. Reinforced Concrete Buildings a Specialty J vV.;>t C-/u.v»> Avenue Telephone 4037

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