The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1942 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1942
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, 1942 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS EDSONIN WASHINGTON Patches And Pieces Harlequin Accessories By PETER EDSON Courier News Washington £ Correspondent ~ WASHINGTON, April 15.—The Guthrie case—remember it?—will get its second and official airing in a few days, this time before the Truman committee investigating national defense. Robert R. Gut^rie of New York and Paducah, Ky., will himself be the first witness and he will again be 'invited to explain how and why he resigned after serving ssven months on his dollar-a-year job as head of the textile, clothing and leather goods branch of the War Production Board. There he battled for speedier conversion,.of the radio, refrigerator, wool, cotton duck and nylon industries from civilian to war goods manufacture. Guthrie told this story in mid- March to a subcommittee of the Houss Military Affairs Committee headed by Rep. Charles I. Faddis of Waynesburg, Pa. The Faddis committee, kicked the ball around for several days, then recessed. It isn't through with the Guthrie case yet. and will call in more witnesses before making any report. A third investigation of the Guthrie case is the War Production Board's own probe, being conducted on Donald M. Nelson's order by the WPB chief counsel, John Lord O'Brian. Nelson has indicated that I the O'Brian report is about com- Lftleted but won't be made public ^[>nless the Truman committee wants to give it out. The Guthrie case has therefore! become a three-headed calf and | like all post-mortems on Washing- j ton monstrosities, it isn't likely to prove much beyond the fact that it died a horrible death and it is dead. NELSON DID IT Th2 ghost of the Guthrie case is officially laid by Nelson's ne\v orders prohibiting the use of iron and steel in hundreds of civilian durable goods items, and confining new construction to defense work. Those two orders signify that American durable good? industries are now well on their way to total conversion to war production and therefore all this confusion stirred up by the Guthrie case is a lot of stuff over the thing.' What started out to be a surging flood of expose on the slowness and unwillingness of private business to convert to war effort now dries down to a mere ugly wet spot on the record of mistakes that have, gone before. That happens so often. In the cm-rent rubber investigation, it looked at the beginning as though an attempt were being made to hang on Secretary' ,of Commerce Jesse Jones full responsibility for American failure to build sufficient stockpiles of raw native rubber ov " £r Tmrra DEITHS UP IN BRITAIN WASHINGTON (UP)— The Federal Bureau of Investigation reports that a study of a huge traffic death increase in Britain shows war has a tendency to encourage reckless driving. figures recently received by the disclose than 'in -Britain's sec- PAGE THREE ond war year, September, 1940, to August, 1941, 10,073 persons were killed in traffic accidents an increase of 51.9 per cent over the corresponding pre-war period. Fifty-three per cent of all victims were pedestrians. Deaths of this type, involving persons over 15, jumped 81.5 per cent over the pre-war year, while the number involving children 15 years and younger increased 52.3 per cent. Causes Listed "The English traffic statistics," the FBI reported in its law enforcement bulletin, "reflects that while accidents were fewer they were more deadly and generally resulted from five factors in addition to the recklessness which war has a tendency to encourage." These factors were listed as follows: 1— Heavier character of road traffic. 2 _ Faster driving (frequently necessary on the pnrt of the military). 3— Lower driving standards. 4— Fewer traffic police. 5— Bad mechanical condition of some vehicles. The FBI now is conducting traffic schools throughout the countrj for the purpose of instructing \K\\ enforcement- agencies in handling wartime traffic. All the factors listed as contributory causes in Britain are receiving special attention trailer camp or tourist court building permit lias been made, the City Engineer, not earlier thiui thirty days after the first insertion of such notice, shall Issue the per,mit requested unless otherwise prohibited by law, except where petition is filed by one or more itizens, owners of property in the nmu'dlatu vicinity protesting the ssuance of such permit, and sshow- ng that if said permit is granted and said trailer camp or tourist ourt is erected, the conduct of ame will tend to decrease the •alue of property in the immediate vicinity .for residence purposes, said petition to be subscribed and sworn Patches and pieces and a little sewing patience can make this three-way accessory set for you a triumph of feminins ingenuity over wartime scarcities. Cotton remnants, left from your summer dresses, your curtains and your aprons, can be salvaged for this effective accessory group, or, you can make it of silk .scraps, which will be an ideal way to get the greatest value from the few bits you have left. With one yard of the patchwork fabric (which you make first) you can achieve this figure-hugging waistcoat (.which will "look like a million" with a dirndl outfit or any blouse and skirt), the mathcing pill box and the clever top-handled handbag. Pattern P156 is designed for sizes 12, 14, 1C, 18 and 20. Size 12 set, may be made with 1 yard of patchwork (back of vest 5-8 yard plain fabric). To order P156 send 15 cents plus 1 cent for postage in coin together with pattern number and size wanted," your name and full address to Courier News Pattern Service, !()(; Seventh Avenue, New York, N. Y. o be owner tht or complaining owners. property SECTION 4. Any party aggrieved by any act or order of the City Ingineer with reference to the Issuing of permits for the establishment, erection and maintenance of any trailer camp or tourist, court under the provisions of this ordi- lance. shall have thirty days from the date of the first insertion of notice fo such application in which o file his petition for review of such actor order of the City Engineer, with the City Clerk of the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, which shall be referred to the City Council of the City of BlythoviUe, for hearing on the first regular meeting, or a special called meeting for the purpose of hearing same after ten days from the date the said application for review has been filed with the City Clerk. Aftei hearing has been had upon petitions for and against such establishment, erection and maintenance of such tourist court or traile cam]), the City Council shall grant, or refuse issuance of permit as it may be deemed best. SECTION 5. Upon said permit being issued, the said /permittee shall be required by this ordinance to maintain the said premises so used for a trailer camp or tourist court in accordance with all sanitary laws and ordinances of the illy, of Blytheville, ana.the State of Arkansas, and that said permit- tec shall mtUutnin a minimum of one shower bath house and one oilet for men, and one showei; bath house and one toilet for women for each four house-cars, or triillers, maintained in sukl .roller camp or tourist court, and hat adequate means of garbage lisposal be furnished the tenants of said trailer camp or tourist court so permitted inkier this ordinance. SECTION G. Any person'violating any of the provisions of this ordinance shall be deemed guilty of a nlsdemeanor and upon conviction, shall be fined In any sum not less han Ten Dollars ($10.00) and no nore than. One Hundred 15100.00) Dollars, and each day any tourist court or trailer camp is allowed .0 remain in violation of the provisions of this ordinance, shall constitute a separate offense. The imposition of the above fine, however, shall not be held to prevent the enforced removal of prohibited conditions. SECTION 7. This ordinance be- ing necessary for the health, peace and saifety of the Inhabitants of Blythevjllle, Arkansas, an emergency is hcrejby declared to exist and < it shall t>3 in full ; force and effect from ulnd after its ; passage. ' PASSED AND 'APPROVED'this. the 14 : day .of April, 1»42. E. R. JACKSON, Mayor. FRANK WHITWORTH,,City Clerk, 4/15-22, Cooperative Official Volunteers For Navy NEWPORT, Ark., <PD)—Henr,y. "Walls, ; acting .superintendent. of; the Farmers' ,E'litotrie Cooperative Corporation" herV, hau enlisted in the U. iS. Navy. &c completed his examination this* week and was placed on the inactive list. He will go into the construction corps/of the Navy, on : 'ciuty outside the) United States. ; Walls is the .'second key man off the cooperative; to enlist in tlije Navy recently,.; Carl Cross, whoiii succeeded, enlisted some time and is now awaiting call to Active service, Top Miay Niibt dob* For Akikin Yontlu Alaska <UP)-.Too niuctt liquor, too many night clubs and too few: healthful recreation ffacilities for the youth of the com- n^lunlty was cited by Joseph Fisher, ippresentaUv© of the Federal plan- Uing Council, as being responsible for much of the delinquency cred- jlted to Anchorage. 'Fisher, during a visit here recently, told metnbers of, the city- council. that lack of a large recreation center was reacting to the detriment of the city's younger set. womb MINOR CUTS •MNS musts 3331 chairmanship of WPB. He and for reluctance to develop a big ugh synthetic rubber industry: fones was heard, and the charges fizzed out. Before the Truman committee, therefore, the second coming of Outline will probably be nothing more than a stepping stone to other things. WERE WE PUSHED? It will be disclosed that some of thess, industries were slow in ccnvertirig. The whole record of conversion will be spread on the book,, from National Defense Advisory Commission times, up through the OPM era and on into the "WPB activities of today. Whether or not there was any definite program for conversion, or whether the country just drifted into conversion will bs. gone over. What the whole thing will lead up to is the moot question of clollar- a-year men, and whether they have hindered the defense program more than they have helped it. This was one of the first big issues that faced Nelson when he took PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores appeared before the Truman committee on this question and asked for time to work out a policy. The committee, expressing confidence n Nelson, granted the request. o appear in the forthcoming Guthrie hearings. If Guthrie and the man who was his superior in WPB, Philip Reed, board chairman of he General Electric Company, give any indication to the Truman committee that government responsibility cannot be put into the hands of executives retaining interests in private business, then the whole question, of policy on dollar-a-year men w,ill.,bs. right back in Nelson's ap, and due for a public airing. A Cordial Welcome Awaits You at The Beauty Bar One of the finest, most modern shops in Northeast Arkansas. Phone 3202 Glencoc Bldg:. Colonial Pa,ll Still in Use KITTERY, Me H (UP)—An 18th century jail, used for the funeral of Sir William Peppsrell, who was a. colonial hero of the attack on Louisburg, still is used at services for prominent members of this village's government. Full-Blooded Indian Pilot of Fighter Plane TACOiMA, Wash. (UP)—Leonard (Farron, a full-blooded Puyallup Indian, has gone on the warpath for Uncle Sam in a speedy fighter plane. Farron, who majored in aercT- natical engineering at the University of Washington, has been commissioned a second lieutenant in the U. S. Air force. The lieutenant is a great grandson of A. V. Kauzt, who once served; as a general in the Unfon army. His grandfather, Augustus Kautz, was one of the original 18 iPuyallup Indians to enter the Indian school at Forest Grove, Ore., forerunner of the Chemawa Indian school. For Sale" SPEED BOAT. DEWITT BUILT, 20 ft. mahogany hull, 81 h.p, grey motor. Excellent condition. $750. See John B. McClanahati, Caruthersville, Mo. 15-pk-22 The syndicsras was a curious deer-like animal, that lived in North America millions of years ORDINANCE NO. 447 An ORDINANCE REGULATING THE ERECTION, MAINTE NANCE AND OPERATION OF TRAILER CAMPS, TOURIST COURTS, ETC. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS: SECTION 1. For the purposes of this ordinance, the term "trailer camp" or "tourist court" shall mean, any place in which one or more house-cars or house-trailers is allowed to park and to remain overnight, provided, however, that noth- ' ing in this ordinance shall be con- j strued to apply to any house-car or house-tjrailer stored in -any public garage. The term "residential, district of the City of Blytheville", which is referred to in this ordinance, is hereby defined as being all of that/ portion of the said city lying outside of the fire limits as is now established by law. ! SECTION 2. It shall be -unlawful for any person, firm, corporation, or association of persons to build, | construct, erect,-i.maintain< or.-.per.->| mit to, be constructed erected, or: maintained, any trailer camp or tourist court, upon any lot, or parcel of land owned by the said person, firm, corporation, or association of persons, situated in the residential section of the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, or so close thereto as to create a hazard or nuisance to the health, peace and safety of the inhabitants of said residential district, until after having filed an application with the City Engineer for a permit to do so, along with all plans and specifications therefor, -and the payment of a fee . of Ten Dollars ($10.00) to cover all costs of printing notices, etc., said fee to be paid in cash to the City Clerk at the time of making application for such permit. SECTION 3. When proof of publication of the application for such U. S. SENATOR HORIZONTAL 1 -Pictured U. S. senator who investigated defense contracts, *~—- Answer to Previous Puzzle Have just gotten several tracts of nice land for sale, close to Blytheville. 160 acres, good improvements, IV!: miles off 61 Highway. 3-80 acre tracts two miles off 61 Highway. 1-80 acre' tract south- w-sst of Blytheville. These farms arp cheap and will not be on the market long. You will have to see these farms to appreciate them. Alfalfa on each of thess tracts as fine as I have ever seen grown in Mississippi County. Riales Land Company, Blytheville. Phone 2858. Office at 111 North Second Street. 15-pk-lB 'Special to Housewives' We Repair— Girdles, Baby Pants, Hot Water Bottles, Ice Bags, Rubber Boots or anything made out of rubber. Call us. Phone 2201 Blytheville Tire Co. Highway 61 North 9 Tiny. 11 Exclamation. 12 Before. 13 Poem. 16 Part of -"be." 17 Institution. 1 of higher' learning. 18 Either. 19 Native of Sweden. 21 Abatement. 24 Great Lake. 26 Pieces' in position. 28.Rodent. 29"Paid notice. 31 Born, 32 Era. -33 Music note. 34 Bright color. 36 Upon. G R A S S MM S 0 R E R R 0 5 T £_ R P — U N & N fli T $ O N E f\ N m A G t|t C f\ R O T E t L si H E L D 1 T A L £?i w A ^ sl E R A I E K M p cr b T i M \ N T D n T S I E D 48 E D R £ ^ - *g R A D B £* N 0 H M A L C Y F E T $ S N 0 W # O E R 1 N 5 E T $& L T ^ n o A T T O N $ O L 1 T ^Sj s^ 0 A D S ^ S T R D|l 0 R P ^1 1 I [ VlEi KACIE 1ELDS 37 Unit of. electricity -(abbr.). 59 Paradise. 41 Otherwise. 42 Approaches. 45 Weighing device. 48 Near. 50 Pillagers, 51 Mother. 52 Pronoun. 54 Also. 55 Fish eggs. 56 Sun. 57 Entrances. VERTICAL IHim/ 2 Speed contest. 45 Dry. 9 Fluid. 10 Print 14 Accomplish, 15 Efface. 19 Be seated. 20 You. and I. 22 We. 23 Writing .. implement. 25 Graded. 27 Conditions. 29 In the past. 30 Skill. 34 Recompense. 35 Lair. 37 Beverage, 38 Punitive. 40 Compass point 41 Cloth measure 43 Exclamation. 44 Sodium oxide. 3 Genus of shrubs (pi). 4 Eli. 5 Stagger, #. 6 Impel. 46 Black bird, 47 At sea. 49 Toward. 51 Month (abbr.) 53 Above. 7 Get together. 55 Steamship 8 Negative. '(abbr.). ii YEARS AGO, HOME NEEDS At Anniversary Prices! LAVISHLY TUFTED CHENILLE SPREADS 4.98 Magnificently designed . . . combining /"baby" chenille with heavy tufting; Beautiful color combinations; s.olid tones. E'nsy to launder. women wore muslin drawers with lace and embroidery- trimmed ruffles. Each pair had yards and yards of material in it, and ironing them was a real chore!" ... Smart Women Wear A D O N N A PANTIES Knitted of Rayon Medium length—or brief. 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