The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 12, 1977 · Page 3
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 3

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 12, 1977
Page 3
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On The Air Today Garbo In Sweden (!:00 p. in. t—Kn«y Aces Otliin' Stations—-Nowtt 0:10 p. in. JVKHY---Baseball .Scores (I Sir. p. in. WBHV--Nylcin Time, LupoK VVABC—Wimhlnjfton Report WEAF—Hui'umulu To Amui'lca WTIC-- Prof. Schenhor WOK--On The Century \VJSS--Ethol nnd Albert WATH—Al Vcstro, Sports. fi:l2D ]). in. WATR- -Cocktail ctarunndu <l:30 p. in. WBKY--E. Christy Hi'It, New« \VABC—Lurry Can- WTIC—Strictly Sports VVATH -.V<iwx; Interlude WJZ -News; Sportu WOR—News (i: 1C p, m. WBRY-WABC Robert Trout WTtC-WKAF" Lowell Thonuis WOli— Stan I^ornax WATK---r j li!asiirt! inul PToIlt WJ7,• -Hern's Morgan 7:110 p. in. WfiriY-WABC -1'atti Clayton WTIC-WMAf- 1 -- Supper Cluli WATK-WOK Pultun J^jwlti, .Jr. WJZ • Headline Kdltlon 7: IS p. in. VVf-;r:Y.-UrasM City Vctoruri'i WAIiC Skyline Roof WATR AdvfTituruM In Uhythm v/KA!>'-WTIC -News WOU-Answi>r Man 7:",'; p. m. VVATIi -News 7:30 p, m. .Tommy UlfrKH Our Diamonds ura vnrt'/iuJ /vr culor, tf n iff Jit, t/uu/iti/ . . . your dunrniitvo i-Hi lulu qu.ilily your n«ifiiiMnt,'o of *iiti«lii«;tf on WILLIAM SCHPERO IHO oilmen ST. , Conn. WEAK—Clulms --„-... WTIC— Qulis of Two Cities WOR—Mows WATR—Phono Your.'Answer 7;>ia p. in. WISAK—Morgan Beatty WATR—Waltz Time; Nows WOR—Inside of Sports 8:00 p, m. WBRY-WABC—Aldrlch Family WATR-WJ5S—Sam Spuua WOR—Passport To Romance M:30 p. m. WBRY-WABC—Sweeney & March WTIC-WEAF—Easy Money VVATR-WJZ—FBI H:f55 p. .m. WERY-W ABC—News !!;<)<» p, m. WBRY-WEAF—Pays to; be Ignorant WTIC-WICAF—People Are Funny WOR—News WATR-WJ2—Break Tho Bank 9:15 p. in. '.VOR—Real Stories 9:30 p. in. -VBRY-WABC—Wayne Klnfi WOR- -Hurry James Orch. WATR-WJZ—The Sheriff WTIC-\VKAP—Waltz Time 0:55 p. in. ••• WATR-WJZ—Sports 10:00 p. in. 3HY-WABC— Mercury Theater •VMAI-'-WTJC—Mystery Theater (VATP.-WJ2—Boxinjr Bout -VOH- Tommy Dorsey 10:SO p. in. VERY-WABO—Jim Carter ,VTIC-W;5AF—Sipoi-l.s N'ew.srcel . Film star Greta Garbo Is shown after her arrival :it Stockholm, Swcdcn< ubourd this liner Grlpa- holin. 'The Swedlsli-korn actress told .nowtfinon that nho did not kliow If she would r(!inaln in hur niitivn land "for good." II she does she will often be u visitor to the United States. (Internu- tioiuil) Women's Activities-Personal and Social Leaving- For Vacation In Maine STYLE VENETIAN \ BLIND SHOPPE M Spi'lntr St.. (,'ii!(m City J Tel, NHIII;. 0111 — Wat. "l-HflUH * I'-Kl.IX NAYtl)I<;U,n. M«r. j l-'nlt Ndii-k or -frrl n nil ii-iiiiil lillnili i JllliiiN ri'pulrril, tv-titi'i'il. etc. V 11:01) p, in. 11 Stations—News • 11:10 p. m, VJJRY—John Daly, City Nows 11:15 p. in. VBRY-WABC-Mooney Orch. VJX—Joti Hustil. Spoi-ts VTIC-WICAl'"—HarkneHs VOR—News. Financial Reports 11:30 p. in. 'BRY--Nlf,'lit Club of the Air ABC •Melhtyre Orch. VATU-WJH-Corns; Cool Orch. VOli •• Weather; Lomljiu-do Orch. /TIC-WISAF— Scrvlee Tales 'INE COMEDY IS 1HOWING NOW AT STRAND THEATER iiVtsadventuri! galore oel'all a party f thref people on their trip to ulifornlu. in Morwyri L,eRoy'y ^n.y o m n n t I c production, "Without ki!.i(;rviitloiiN," CliiudeUo Colbert .mil John Wayne are starred in thin liKO Radio release, and Don He /'Vice heads the supporti/iff cast. Wu.vne and Do Fore, protrayinR two [-(-turned Marine flyers cn- J :oiinti.-r ^Mlss Colbert, a novelist on tho train, When n. lively Interest develops between tho three misadventures be;;ln to jfrow. Miss Colbert fulls for Wayne and wants him to lie the linro in the Him version o!' her novel. At Chicago, where the ladii change trains, she abandons her own reservations and stows uwiiy aboard his train. The conductor ta.Ues her for "no lady" and (hrows lu-r o:'f. Gallantly the Mar in us join her and the trip continues 1'ioni there in a wheezy second hand e/u. Then ...well anything can happctt—and does, from play- Intr targets to a triKKnrhnppy Mexican patriot, to a sojourn in a local clink. The companion feature is Bam boo Elortde" starrinj; Frances i Mr. and Sirs. Clarence E. Fenni. I man, 17-1 Cliff street, are leav- I injf Sunday for a two week vuca- •tlor, in New Harbor, Me. Catholic Women Plan Picnic At Laurel Lodge Plans are near completion for a picnic at Laurel lodge-, New Haven road, Sunday afternoon. July 28 at 1 o'clock by St. Francis' branch of the Connecticut Council of Catho ic Women. Miss Catherine Brooks las been named general chairman of the event, which will include sports and entertainment programs, The sports committee includes: Frances Cuddy, chairman; Phyllis Vest, Rose Herb, JMoreno. Fratesl, 3!ma Trofacanti, Rita' Burns, Helen Fratesi and Eleanor Herb. Entertainment will be in charge of Jean Pistarelli, Ceil , Reynolds and Mary Ellis, and the food and ables by Mrs. Alda Piatarelii, ihairman; Mrs. John Deegan, Mrs. ffh Biown, Mrs. John Jackson, Mrs. Helen O'Connor, Mrs. Margaret Morris, Mrs. Mary Neal, rfrs, Manuel .Mru, PhHo- •ncna Tummerelli, Mrs. Doris Pereira, Mrs. Rose Poreira, Mis.' Virginia Guleski, Mrs. Helen Christie, Mrs. George Carroll and Mrs. Angi Marinello. I Ruccio-Hogan 1 Bridal Yesterday I. Arlene EKen I-IoKan of Johnson I street, and Jerry Edward Huccio, JUL' High ytrcet, wore married yesterday. <'»ilir<-lln , FISHERS S, MAIN S'l\ ,-,.|H1 > III s, .MA NOW OPEN! ! Jean's Knitting Studio 20 nr.AMO.Vl) STRKET Ti)l(>jihonc 8172 .^IrN, Ji<un K/lilllnc inul , . [n»I rurllnn 7 itimuiik lulu i roi'nriiinK lllMrui'ilii s ^'urii iinil Crorhi't Muti-rlal for Sul ~ GARSTON SUMMER CLEARANCE STRAW HATS $1.89 formerly to $5.00 Hotly arul ;i(iff /tlriiwK, Coconuts. Tnniimnsh nncl Pnna- wi-uvi'H. ctf. Slv.i'.t li-'.i lei "'.._. but not nil jilxos In rill stylos. SHORTS 79c ... 2 for $1.50 While only. HrcMUti'lath uiul nainsook In button style, Balloon nrjit. Soirii' with clustlc Inserts, yomc with tlu sides, Slxi'M SO-32-;M onlv. -NECKWEAR 57c ... 2 for $1 00 Regularly $1,00 \Voll known bnuubi In stripiM, pUUtls, foulards, checks, allover putU't'iiM niul Holltlji. Sonit! WfisluiblL's iticludud. GflRSTOn'S The Man Who Knows Wears Garsfon Clothes 99 BANK STREET — Waterbury News Carrier In Hospital LJernie Oar:-:;.-; of Plendar.t Vie\v avenue, a carrier for The News, is a patient at St. Mary's hospital where he has undoriTone an operation for a foot injury. In Bedford, Mass. For One Week Miss Beverly Wilcox. daughter of Mr.i.and Mrs'. 'Harold Wilcox of Beacon Falls, is visiting-'In Bedford,, Mass. . . • :.,..- Beacon Falls Girls At Walnut Beach 1 Mary and Catherine Mennillo, and Sophie Pilkewlch, all of Beacon Falls, arc spending a two ;weeks vacation at Walnut Beach, Milford. Scranton, • Pa, . Visitors Mr and Mrs.-Louis Esposito of Feldspar avenue, Beacon Falls, are visiting in Scranton, Pa, for a week. , . • Ralph Floyd In. Meriden Hospital Ralph Floyd of New Haven road, is a patient at "Undercliff Sanitor- ium,. Meriden. Home From Visit At Hampton Beach Miss Ritij. 'O'Brien of Woodbine street, • is • home from-'a visit in. Hampton Beach,'.Long: Island-, N. Y. Lyman Hod&man Hospital Patient First Dance Of Millville A. A. Tomorrow Night The initial clance of the MillviJle Athletic association will be held tomorrow night from 9 (o 12 o'clock at the Millvilic Library with Ray Anderson and his Hayseeders fur• nishlng music for dancing. Besides up-to-the-minute dance melodies, the band will feature several polkas and waltzes. Tomorrow nifi-bt's dance will be the (Irst of a scries of monthly entertainment for the public under the sponsorship of the Mi!)ville A. A. Efforts arc underway to bring .several outstanding features to the boroue-b. Joseph Daddano heads tho com mittee in charge of the event, assisted by liirry Stuuff'cr, Robert Mariano and Mr, and Mrs. Albert Brewer. Refreshments will be on sale during the dance and prizes will be awarded in the recently conducted contest of the association. NAUGATCOK NEWS (CONN.), FRIDAY, JULY 1», W4«—PAGE 3 Novel Test Race Planned Hartford, July J9—(UP)—Which will be most efficient for the business man of -tomorrow—automobile, train, airplane, or helicopter. The United Aircraft Corporation is arranging a race to find out. The test will be staged next Wed- Hartford of course, thV plane will make the fastest time, but tin pas- I songers must be taxied to and from the airport, since the tc»t will be door-to-door. Therefore,-officials ara predicting? that the helicopter—which will travel straight between the two point;! concerned—will be twenty- five per cent quicker than.its nearest competitor. • Lmah' A.' :Hodema'n. 173 Cliff . assistant •.-•director of tho Aldei'son Funeral ; Home, 201 Mea- do.w .street; !B-a. surEical .patient at the Hartford, hospital, Hartford. Hi» condition is reported as improved. .'. -.•;-..'--, Vacationed At Virginia Beach Miss Ruth Shopis of Stanley street has returned after vacatloninK at Virginia Beach, Va. Returned From Moosehead Lake, Me. Jane Woxniak of Woodbine street, lias returned from a two wecle vac.'ition at Moosehoad Lalui, Me. MANY KIIXKD Quito, Ecuatioi', July 10—(UP)— 'I^v'L'nty-sovnn jjcj'son.s wore reported killed when a Curtiss bi-motor of thu nuu' Andes Aviation Co. crashed in landing at Cuenca Wednesday. Couple Home, From Tour Mr, and Mrs. Harold Wilcox of South Circle, Beacon Falls, have returned from a one week tour to Detroit, Mich., Canada and Chicago, 111. The Office of DR. FRED W. WEILE 270 Church Street CLOSED FROM JULY 22nd TO AUGUST llth . M. Barry Keegan PHOTOGRAPHS OF 108 Bank St. Waterbury; Jones Morg-aii Bldff. Tel. 4-5384 ; SAVE 10% CASH & CARRY If You Brinff Your Own Laundry CALL WAT. 4-4106 A MERICAKJ i.M'MJK* m . r* Movie Film Castle Film 8MM - 16MM Sound 8MM. - 16MM Reels Kodachrome Film NOW IN STOCK Keystone 16MM Projector $25.00 Electric Paint Dryer .... .$13.50 Eastman Kodaslide Projector $37..45 Adjustable Enlarging Easel $6.35 Eastman 35MM Enlarger $48.55 Vokar Slide Projector ...$13.95 Novex Viewer and ; Projector $56.85 Chemical—Papers—Trays : Developing: Tanks $2.83 Hollywood Kodaslide . Viewer $3.00 Photoflood Lamps — Your Photographic Dealer — SWEENEY'S ART and STATIONERY! Neary Bldg.. Church St. STOP Naugatuck ; JUST ARRIVED! In Time for Your Enjoyment! • BARCA-LOAFER — The now nd- justabJo rooliiiiiig chair Tor sitting- Juui'ing- - snuo/iny. It's the ultimate in comfort! • FEATHERWEIGHT ALUMINUM CHAISE on wheels with put'i'y car- tritlyo-soctibnocl pad, CJioicc of blue ov rod. • ALUMINUM SIDE CHAIR— Weighs abo.nt b pounds.' Tho lacy plastic wc'bbing is wcntlier-proof. • PLASTIC WEBBING LOUNGE CHAIR—Use;-it indoors or put-of- door.s. Its Jiglitness will amaze you. Eod, yellow, bine. • SELF-ADJUSTING OUTDOOR CHAIR—Foi 1 complete comfort on . lawn, porch or at the bench you need this now "Siesta Chair". • ALUMINUM COCKTAIL TABLES with colorful p.lastic tops. For your playroom or Juwn. • ' CLOSED MONDAYS During July & August METROPOLITAN • VRNiruKc COMPANY IMC. 27 Center St. Waterbury Phone 3-1101 B RE EN'S Neary Building Naug-atuck. Conn One Group of Dresses S10.95 Rog\ $14.95 - ,$15.95 . . .NOW One Group of Dresses $14.95 Reg. $10.50 - $22.50 - $25. . . .NOW One Group of Dresses Keg. $27.50 - $32.50 . . .' NOW «19.50 All Spring* and Summer Dresses Are- Included In This Sale

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