Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 15, 1909 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 15, 1909
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Entered at the Postoflfice Covina, Ca!., aft second-class matter. Published every Saturday by the Covina Argus Publishing Company, Inc. J. L. MATTHEWS EDITOR SHIRLEY BROS MANAGERS One Year in advance Six Months - . Three Months Single Copies . 11,M .75 .SO .O.S . T)isplay advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. Joiners 5c per line each insertion. Legal notices ?.1.00 per inch first Insertion, 50 cents each subsequent insertion. COVINA, CAL.. MAY I.",, I!t0!>. Navel Season Completed. The biHt hanging Washington ria- _vel In being hurried to the packing houao. The Boason IH old. All dur- the months paHt the Htrearn of heavy wagons, laden with the winter's fruit •went on endlessly through the balmy air of spring. The rancher gave little thought to leisure, waiting for the clone of the "navel season." The packing houses have been humming with Industry, sometimes far Into the night. Now the season Is closing, the HOiiHon of Washington navel oranges. The last ones upon the tree fall fit the touch of the hand, full of t'.ie ripened sweetness of the long warm days of California's winter. Hut, may the rancher rest from his labors, now that the hint nave] Is speeding Its way to the eastern markets? It used to be that, he might relax for a time. Not that, he lives under the preHHiire of a nervous strain at any time. He does not worry or overwork himself, this orange rancher. It Is not noeesHary, except, that he work quietly and easily and with Intelligence. nut when the navels are gone, comes the summer Valencia orange, treading upon the heels of the winter fruit. Especially is this true this year. Some ranchers' are already asking that the Valencia season be their trees arc breaking down with fruit, In spite of props beneath tho branches. , The packing house manageni say they will rnakti no 1,rwitr. i bi?tw.e""-'.th<i, two fWiSOV-''^' 1 ** Valencia must bo sent on In tho wake of tho Washington navel. And, as tho last navel Is clipped clouded in a mass of snowy blossoms. A blizzard of eddying petals swirl across the orchards before the fresh wind of morning, and In the somnolent afternoon the roar of an hundred thousand boos till tho air of tho grove, until to walk between the rows is like being shut within an enormous bass viol while the master's hand bore upon the strings. Tho seasons have become continuous, lllessings shower as beautifully as the drifting ntorin of orange blossoms In tho groves. Argylc- Shroder. At the homo of Mr. and Mrs. 0. ,1. Flatt on Italia street, an Interesting •wedding took place at 4 o'clock Monday afternoon, Thomas Argylo of Ocean Park, a descendant of tho famous Scotch family, marrying Miss Adeline Schroder, whoso father was for many years Holland's vice-consul at Sari Francisco. Tho families on each side wore present, and the guests, numbering over twenty, Included a number of the bride's girl friends from I,OH Angeles mid Ocean Park. At the sound of I he wedding march, played by Miss Lillian (ill)- bo;is, the parly came into the drawing room and look their place under a i anopy of I'eruK and orange lilusHimis. The groom was attended by his father and brother, Walter, and the bride by her sister, Nellie. The bride, who in a niece nI' Mrs. Halt, ami a lull, handsome blond, was e> p <|ii!siir|y <|n--w(| in a while embroidered -.'.own. The ceremony was pcrl'urmed by the Rev. Alfred Kleleher. The bride received many line pr. senis. A Tier i he cere inony and con^rai illations, the party adjourned to ilie diiiiin-'.ronm, where the li-lde. decorated willl pink rose buds, was load'-il with delicious eal- abh-s. Later in the day (|u> happy couple led for a huiii-A nmoit trip to Sail l)ie|L-.o. They will laier srtile al I'arUer, Ari/.ona. All iLi"' ncuesl male's in millinery \sil! lie ii'tind ai Mi••..-, Itcckai'd's milli in-r.v Mm e. al.-.o a i ai id v of si i eel hats in medium M.-I- as «,-'! as i !;e l.ll't-'.e. ('iiildl'i n's !-:i'-, ,:! . , r V !"','•. Ili.; in <•••••. l.el'(." a.:-soi I II.I-M id' b.'aids lor Ilii' ladies of I he |!l ' !,-eli I', li. Al.--o cap ^i;. ''.-i--. .-'i MI I..1,1 i'Mibuiis I'll :;."<• pel' \.llll. '.''.i I-'i you r u ai' l.i s to .M . \\'i'iL',iii Jle can j"i'air liiem rixiu. CITY BUSINESS, Important Communication Received from Highway Commission. Street. Names Changed. The trustees of the city met in regular session on Tuesday evening. *'. VV. Potter was the only memh'.-r absent. The following demands were allowed and ordered paid: M. L. Mehnert, $20.00, salary and fees; F, H. Fa'orlck, $i!.10; Covina City Water Co., $6.00; A. Carlisle, stationery, $14.10; Pacific Light & Power Co., $-11!.00; Covina Valley Has Co., $1.00; W, I/. Hurley, $5.10; Sarn, street work; Kerckhoff Mill street work.12-1.-10; M. L. Mehnert, Cook, street work, $4!).00; ./. Harden, and Lumber Company, $.70; ]',. ('.. Prentiss, street work, $i!4.r>i); Hutch- IriHon Uros., twun work, $6..10. A f.rnall ntr<"-t running north from the S;in Hcrnnrdino rood, on the west line of the Curtis tract,was changed to Curtis street, as Its former name conflicted with one of the principal resident streets of the city. The name of School street was also changed to Orange street to conform with the name of the westerly portion of the thoroughfare, The following letter was received from the Los Angeles County Highway Commission: Los Angeles, Cal. May 8, 1000. To tho Honorable, the Hoard of Trustees of the City of Covina, California. Oontlemon :--The Los Angeles County Highway Commission is desirous of ascertaining the pleasure of the people of Covina with respect to tho road from Los Angeles, via fOl Monte, to the City of Covina, and particularly that portion east of the Intersection of Maine street of Vinelaiid With LOH Angeles Interurban Railway. The old San Bernardino road running westerly from Covina to Vineland has a very narrow right of way and In one or two places tho right of way Is not dedicated at all and In order to promptly Improve this road It will be necessary to secure a through right of way of at least fifty feet In width. There has been some disposition to eliminate the Jog In this road at Vineland where four right angle turns exist, by securing a new right of way along tho old Rancho property lino. There has also been some disposition on the part of many of tho 'Covina people to have this road rUianeed to Puente avenue, which would Involve the acquisition of a new right of way for some little distance from tho west end of Puento avenue to the Southern Pacific right of way. As to whether or not. the two changes In the right of way mentioned above, and especially the latter, can be legally made Is a matter which has not been fully determined as yet. We will take- this matter up with tho District Attorney and aecure an opinion. In the meantime we would be pleaded to have the people of Covina Indicate to us through your honorable body, or by petition, or otherwise, what Ihelr wish-en may bo In this mat- tor. During our preliminary estimate work last year, the Commission took up this road from 101 Monte to Covina, on condition that the people of Covina would provide a right of way of the rc-(|ulslln width and directness, con- f,e(|uently wo are expecting the people of C'ovlna to make good in this particular. Respectfully, Ray L. Cliesebro, Sec. Elks' Field Day. ThniHday, May Ii7, will be a great day IP. (he Lordsburg race-track. Pomona Lodge. It. P. O. K. will run a monster Held day I hero, with a program of sports that sounds alluring to say the least. The auto races are to be a feature, and already there are a large number of entries. Besides these there will be harness horse racing, motorcycle races, bicycle races, and "Dare-Devil Dnrlumi," a well known motorcycle performer, will he a feature. Kntries for the events close Sal unlay, May :.':'. All entries may be placed \uili c. I-;. Kngleliardi of I'o moiia. G.(t\t-C.\sey. .Miss Ai'.nes \|. Casey, youngest daughter of M,'. and Mrs. ('. M . Casey of West Ceni-T si reel, and Hurley D. Haul v. ere married, SVodin's-day. May '••'• at '•'• o'clock, in Los Aniu'les, hv Rev. C. I-;. Ford, at his residence at \'o. I ;:.".."> i .. Soeih ilraml avenue. The bride \\oiv a ti.r.vling suit of bnexn. with hid ai'd f.-lo\i-s to match, 'i'i.e voi'li;.'. eoii|'|e !,'!! immediately tor l.oim Beach. They uill be al home to I heir friend.-- al No. : ! .", W. ('.-i-.i-,-! si reel aller M,.\ :.'li. Christian Church: Bible - nchool ft: 4.1. Preaching by the pristor, 11; subject, "Measure for Measure." Junior ?,, Intermediate and Senior Endeavor fi:45. Preaching, with stere- optlcon prelude, "The Christ Child in Art," 7:ir.; subject of sermon, "By Our Words Justified or Condemned." Good music. A cordial welcome to all. Services in the Church of tho Holy Trinity, fifth Sunday after Easter: Holy roiiirnuriion, 7:- n >0 a.m. Morning pr.'iyor, II n.m.; subject,, "Absolution :i c » Adinlnis-itf-red in the Anglo-Cathoiic r'htir'-b." Kverisong, 7:30 p.m.; sub- jec.!., "The Diocf-san Convention." COVINA STILL LEADS. COVINA CHORAL UNION. Plans Being Prepared For Future Work. The decision of the members of the Covina Choral Union to begin In the coming fall on a larger and more satisfactory basis, meets with the approval of the lovers of music in this vicinity. 'At the meeting held Monday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Walton, it was decided to prepare for the opening of the season in the early fall, after the vacation season is ended. It was also suggested that a concert of patriotic songs bo prepared for the Fourth of July celebration, and the Idea met with favorable attention, but it since has been decided that this plan would not be feasible, as HO many of the chorus are planning to be away during that week. The union will hold a meeting on Monday night and discuss further plans. The concert given recently under the direstlon of H. N. Wells proved a success In every way, and lends courage to the society to branch out on a more definite scale. After having successfully launched the society, giving it a fair start for the future, Mr. Wells has tendered his resignation as official director, and will act In the capacity of an active member only in the future. It Is Mr. Wells's belief that much can be accomplished In Covina In a society of this kind, and It is his desire to see the chorus placed under the leadership of tho most competent man that can be procured. For this reason his resignation was read at the meeting Monday evening. At the coming meeting It is expected that the matter of an Immediate selection of an Instructor will be broached, as It is thought, necessary to get one before tho opening of tho season. Resolutions were offered and accepted thanking Alec W. Anderson for the splendid work accomplished as pianist and accompanist. The coming season will undoubtedly see an Increased membership. It is the desire of the society to put. on some standard oratorio to be given about Christmas time, possibly the full score of the Messiah, by Handel. w. s. sn> t :s Monday Afternoon Club. Last Monday afternoon tho ladies of tho Monday Afternoon Club enjoyed a practical demonstration of cookery for tho sick, by Miss Knapp of I .OH Angeles. Gruel, beef tea, lomon Ice and other appcti/.ing dishes were quickly mado and sampled by the ladies present, who pronounced them delicious. Next Monday afternoon there will be a picnic to rnddim;ston:> Falls, near the home of Miss lOmnia Hawks, who will send a bin wak r on to the clul, house. Free S f ereopticon Entertainment. In Heed's h.dl ncx! Thursday, at 7: ISO o'clock, Prof. Savory and wife of Claremont will .uivc an entei tainiuK lecture explaining the poetic symbols concealed in beautiful (Jivek art and mytholot-'.y. All vi ho aim at a broad culture should hear this new interpretation the U'liversal l;i!iv.nai,e o,' poetry, nature, mylh and scripture. Though not iniemled for children, the stranne siory of she abduction ol Helen ol' I'aris. (he Trojan war n-sait illK. the l.aoeoon. will 1).- ileai'i;. e.\li|ail:e-| e\ en for I lie lllieche aleii. Adlilis-ji-:, fi'ii-: i ollec'ieii ''.ir i.\ pells--.. Olfve of Company Moved. Til'' oiiiee i>f ille Co\ina \':Mli-y (las l'""i|'- ; ^ v IMS been mo\ed Ibis Week '.I'l'- I ' e nrsi rooui Iie.l I ii of III- t ook ft Many l:rrors and Heavy Hitting Make Things Easy for Local School. Covina High. School had an easy; time of it on the local diamond Friday afternoon and scalped the Azusa team by the score of 14 to 4. The seven- inning game 7/as hardly a contest after the fierce combination of hits and errors in the first netted seven runs. But It all counted In the league series, and besides making the local school's fifth consecutive victory, It gave the boys a great chance to fatten batting averages. Hull was a little wobbly at times in the box position, but generally received good support. He managed to keep ; his hits well scattered, except in the ' H'xth, when a pair of two-baggers to- j gether brought In three runs. Johnstone and Jackson alternated in the battery points for Azusa, the colored boy doing very well after starting to pitch. The local high school boys, though slow on the bases, managed to steal second at will, twelve bases being pilfered In all. It would hardly have been possible for the foothill boys to have piled up. more than thirteen errors in the seven innings played, but. the only reason Is that the opportunity was not given. The game wao featureless In most respects. A pretty double was executed in the third; Hull to Daniels, to Klrby. Jackson, the dusky twirler, was a feature, netting two of the visitors' tallies. It would be difficult to recount the hitting capacity of each Covina player. Chemberlen made two mistakes in his field position, but managed to connect for a double and two singles. Special prices on portraits at Tucker's studio. tf STOCK TAKEN FOR Pasturage will take only limited number—plenty feed- shade and running water. Phone 119 A. J. ROOKS General Blaclcsmlthing All kinds of general and heavy Blacksmithiug. We manufacture Ridgers, Orange Racks aad-Box Presses Horseshoeing a Specialty Home Phone IOQ? Shop West Badillo St, Csvina I 1 I i I If You Owe Ten Dollars to a frit'iul is it right that you repay him promptly whon it is duo. If you are the right sort of "a man you will exert every etl'ort to meet the obligation. Has it oiTurred to you that you owe something to yourself that it is due you and thnse depenent- on you that you lay up Siime of your earning.' 1 , for the future? To do so requires but .small effort on your part but it is necessary thai you have the deli rmiiiatioii to DO it and then lie persistant in staying by your resolution. A bo nk aeeount with this bank will ar-isist you to accomplish the desired result, more than any other method. We are v, illing to help. Covina Valley. Savings Bank i: # # *###**##****#**#**»#****' I Bnnouncement: # * # * * * * * There having been a change in the holding Interests of the Covina Valley Gas Company, the new owners desire to have and will endeavor to merit the cooperation of each art! everyone of the present, consumers. It will be our gain to furnish a good qua'lty of gas at all times, and will ask your cooperation in that you will immediately notify our office of any irregular service. If your stove or any appliance which you are using is not operating properly, we will thank you to very kindly inform us at once. Gas is the most modern and convenient fuel of today. It can be successfully and economically used by everyone, it being not a luxury, but a necessity. Our mission in this vicinity is therefore to Instruct our consumers in the use of this modern fuel. It has been said . that a gas range is a coal range with a college education, which very aptly shows that as such it is not out of place In this enlightened community. Our plant will be in the hands of competent men, who will always be pleased to extend to you every need in connection with thesupply and delivery of gas. Watch this space for further developments. Very truly, Covina ****** •* * * * * * * * * * * * # * * # * * * * * * * * * * # •# * •* * # * * (Sasdo. W. A. WHITE, Manager * * * ft*********************************** Money Talks! Listen! trade at HORNE'S GROCERY BRADFORD'S BREAD AND PASTRY Best and cleanest bakery in Los Angeles. All goods stand- [ ard weight. * ' i Phone 43 Did You Ever Think of It in this way? If you save $100 from your earnings during a year it is the same amount you would receive on a $2000 investment for one year at 5 per cent. To save, one must sacrifice. The beat things of life are gained this way. If you want to lay aside a part of your earnings, come to this bank and open an account. .A bank account will assist you greatly in the undertaking. We welcome the small depositor. The Covina National Bank Capital $50.000 LFH'S l!G(i MAKCIi SUCCESSFUL tv ~ ^ NiJ I0k iKul - «-AIAI.UUOU POULTRY RAISERS USB Los Angeles Incubators liVHRYTHIVfl IN POULTRY SUPPLIES Acme Roup Cure—5()c Postpaid H!;\RY AU5HRS CO. 53-1 S. MAIN ST. LOS ANGIiLES IF YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING done, see me before you let your job. All work .LTtKiranteed and prices '•• reax.nable. ' Jshnssn &. INigg BLACKSMITHS Blacksmithing sf ail Kinds Our Specialty .M. C. H. Kistler Shop on Citrus Ave F. E, WOLFARTH , , Jeweler , . [,argc anil oiiuplcte stock of everything in the Hue. Hejjciirint; of all kii:il». Ku.e -.v:i'c'.i w.>rk u specialty. Avenue Cuviua, Cul.

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