The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 12, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 12, 1977
Page 2
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Z—NAUCATUCK NKWS CCONN.). miDAY. .TUT.Y 10, Dance Director Attempts Suicide DREW PEARSON ON WASHINGTON MERRY-QO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: KKK Issues "Fiery Summons Extraordinary"; Major Defects In Politico-Congressional System Cited; Congressmen Predominantly Honest WiiHhlnKton—Tho Ku Klux KInn has Just Issued a "fiery summons" to all KlririHmen In Atlanta demanding that members meet Immediately In extraordinary Konklavc, Tho summons Is on a piece of paper about an big an a pollen Hummons, In the background la tho red figure of a hoodod Kiiinnman, and under tho heading, "Solemn Summons of The Fiery CI'OHH," uppoiirs the following message: "You aro hereby Hcrlously Hum- I ' monod to ho and appear at an Ex-| whfU n miln { , , Washington rraordnary Konklave. Nothing but hc c(ln - t bo dcfCBtcd fo , re . clc ction n [irnvldnntlnl hindrance can logal- , lt h omo ly Juntlfy your failure to bo prcn- Duty, with all thn justlco of nor un<-|iio;itlOfiftblo authority, r.-alls, Tho call i« Impfcrntlve.' "By Mandate of Hi.i I,orilshlp . Thf> Imperial Wizard." An /t rr*.itilt at thl« wiimmonM, Hp"- Two riuoHtlonH have been _.. 1. What nlriitegy to adopt for tho Atlanta vliilt of thin on .July 21; and 2. Raising fumlx !•) him lawyura to provont revocation of thn Klan'ti charter. At. thn Instruction of Governor Klllii Ai-null, „ Attorney fionorat Ktigono Cook hfi;i brought iin action against tho Klun to rnvolcn ItH cnartnr. Alno at thn Inriluncn of Governor Armill, thlx columnist will tlollvor a radio bro«dc««t from thn ateiat oC tho fJtato Cnpltol on Sunday. No Congressman Is Guilty Tho CIIHO of Andrew Jaclwin May and hl« bacl<:<t»Ko wire-pulling for war proritours Illimlnitos two dn- fnctH In nur polltlGo-G'onKi'i.'H.tlnnnl «ynlom whloh .sooner or Inter ho cured, 1. Thn almo.'it-llfo-or-doiith powor f>f 'tho Chairman of any Congress flinnnl Committed ovor executive hrftnchtvi of tho Cinvcrnrncnl. I 2. The f«<:£ thnt certain Congnw- I iilonal (lltitrlot)i /ire <io dominated ' liy political boxai'H -that no manor --..„ M/iy comes from a district In tho Kentucky mountains, many of whoso people now regard him us something of a hero. They believe that Jack May can do no wrong. Prior to Mi-. May's inenm boncy, his district 'sent n Ropubll can, John Langloy to Congress, Ho landed In jail for bootlegging. Bu oven aftor hc had been convicted I..angley was rc-olected to Congress And when It bocamo clear that Langley could not adequately represent hla district while behind barn, his loyal constituents sent his wife to Congroa.M in.Htoud. Eoi+ton, Rep Jnmcs Curlcy, another Democrat, served Itt Congress for some time while under Indictment. Finally, when he was convicted for war frauds. Curlcy was curried through the streets of Bos '.•m on the shoulders of cheering aci- mlrcr.s. In tlco not long ago, the i . Stamford Man Wins Lawsuit Hartford, July 10— (U P)— A Stamford Jjeutoiuint has won a Federal, court case at Hartford. Judge J. Joseph Smith says that Lieutenant Alocrt J. Powell of Stamford is entitled to recover approximately ,{3,000 on tin automobile insurance- policy. The car was involved in 'an accident while being driven by hjs brother when the lieutenant was overseas'. The- insuranoec 'ompany claimed that it' would not' have renewed the policy had it known the brother ' .was operating regularly because hc once had Jiis license suspended. Herbert Johnson To Receive Medal Herbert Johnson, High street, member of the i-eeemplbymcnt committee of; Selective Service Board 1-1-A will receive a Congressional Certificate of Merit and a medal nt ceremonies Wednesday at the Tuttlc House, The award is for service for more ulan two years. Mr. Johnson's name was inadvertently omitted from a list of officials to be honored which was released yesterday by Chairman Harris Whittemore, Jr. Snurling »nd fighting, Hollywood dunce director Busby Bcrkelev attempts to n-slst <.fforts of medical asslstiinco iw « pollccmurJ tries to humliigc the slushed wrists uftor foiled suicide try in /llm c»i>lt;il. Despondency over death of his mother. Berkeley told police, prompted him Iji his attempted suicide action. (International Soundphoto) vlct ongreMman WheVhe ' for soiling postermasturshlps, but local Jury refused to convict. Lat:- when thn Justice Department dis- jovnrctl that Congressman Gene C'ix. also of Georgia, had been paid for lobbying against the Govcrn- "ionL, thn Attorney General, deciding no local ' brought no ' h ° Con 8' 10 « lonal b "»' c ' poto- ons the reputation o£ the rest, That is why this column has Urged Congressmen register Arc their business traXnctions, their purchases on the stock market, their speculations in rye, silver und cotton, and thu chief clients o.f their law firms with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Wall States only otic Senator has been convicted for lobbying roc profit against his Government — Senator Jo-Moplt R. Burton, a. Republican ! from Kansas. Yet newsmen and •others who watch the Capital close, up know of cases where unscrupu- C1 ' nm cnt lous Congressmen have taken mon- ry for working against the Federal Government. Actually, tho groat majority of Congressmen arc absolutely honest inis writer, who has seen some- tiling of foreign parliaments, from the Chamber of Deputies in Paris "• tho Schtinstlnn. in Belgrade, is with the SEC. Every corporation Is required tc disclose Its major salaries to the SEC. Equally important is the need for our legia market operations, fees and b.usi- ncKs connections. Taylor thought this should counterbalance the Case Bill requirement that labor unions rr.akc their financial 'statements public, authored by Senator Byi-d of Virginia. Whoro.upon Senator Eyrd withdrew his amendment ,on condition Taylor withdraw his. Much' as Byrd wanted labor unions to disclose their nnanciaJ transactions, ho didn't want Senators to disclose theirs. Powerful Committee Chnlrmen Second big defect in our politico- BUYKRS' STRIKE Hartford July 19 (UP)—Th'c buyer:;' strike campnign will be launched tomorrow by the Hartford consumers' council. The council plans to distribute captioned "consumer striker" to persons who pledge themselves to back OPA. ' ...... - ••• -••" ..»•,« »u i \jui iij(^i^- >"-.x-^jivi uj^. ui; i uvi k. 11. »jui JJ<71H1CO- lators, most of whom liavo nothing; Contrressipnul syatenl is the powci- to nkle, to disclose their non-Gov- ,' of Committee Chairmen. Rep. May, rnrncnt business connections. ] os Chairmun or t'.ie Military Affairs Had Congressman May registered j Committee can pigeonhole or pass with the SEC his connection with the mysterious Erie Easir. Lumber j company; had ho registered the I fact that A) ' m >' legislation. That was why Undcrscctary of War Patterson t! '°t'cd up to May's office to do e, s flonv need that. outnldo tho British ^mi TfOl.U.VSO.V, I'-n-ttvrlrh It. ,,r ;>. Miiinidc nvoniii-, ,/uiv is ani; | r , XntiKMMb. rV|v,,tr. riin<-r/il Satin<l«y nftcrnoon ut AldMsoii Piinf-nil Home, i'fil Mo/iflon- Httroi. 1-inHul M fflll.ilflf. cniru-tfi-y, P'rlondM MO n.'ikfd to r,,nlt n/.-vorji. no other group of loglsia- "io HO honest pernonally -is tho American Congress. Misguided "I'd li-etiuontly wt-jng they may be but moat oC lliem arc honest': Funerals Krodrtrlck Hiinli'.stv Fllnnivtl services for Fro.lorlclc Hni-dosty, 7(1, of Millvlllo, who died VVcdnf.-sclny nftcrpoon In St. .Mary's hospital, Watorbury, after nr. ill- niMs of Aovornl days worn held ihiu ,u_, .1, ,.^,^ iiLiii tills v.ij, n.ii:. ui-ti UJ rjUL tr.oir pnnr mu',,?, "IX '°,°' C « Cl< tU lh ° Buck - 1|M °" **«>'"* Is Glon Taylo" hc was president of the .' " lvo ''' T for E '^ Basin and why the GrccmbHoi- Manganese Mining Co. | hrass ha '- s litcralfy jumped through hoops at May's beck nnd ca.l!. When this columnist \vas probing the cotlon speculations of Senator Elmcj- Thomas of Oklahoma, the Agriculture Department was ask ofl to investigate the matter. They were united not by mu but by at the lime it wits seeking a war contract, th^n the public woulr! have had a chance to Judge for itself whether interest was its interest 01- May's being served. Self-Protection But fow Congressmcr, will move to require such registration. This columnist has talked to some of the Senate lenders about the problem. Conscientious Senator -Barklcy of Kentucky would favor such amo\ but is an extremely busy man. S would Scn.-itnr Austin of Vcrmon but hc is leaving to join the Unite Nations. Only Senator ?o far wiling take the initiative In requiring h colleagues to nut their cconom Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE ^Telephone 4334 ° °™ntnry. market deals, ; cnmmo.llt 90 BANK ST. WATERBURY Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST, Telephone 4187 ?m t$& '*?$ ^^ high-up mcnts. officials in depart-. however, threw up their hands in horror. Senator Thoma's is chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and car. strangle Agriculture Department legislation if ho desires. So dospito tho r.act that agricultural officials'admitted they knew about Oklahoma Senator's flagrant cotton speculations, nnd despite the fact that he Agriculuro department is charged by law 'with policing tho commodities market, officials refused to do anything about it. Under the present sot-up in Congress the ability of a. Committee Chairman is not important. Nor arc his- ethical standards, nor Jiis honesty. Seniority is all that counts. And as long as a member of Congress has been elected ahead of other collqaguos of his Committee, he can sit'in the all-powerful Chair- Diplomas A warded At Conclusion Of Mothers' Class The final session of tho current Mothers'-Class was held yesterday afternoon nt t.hc Whlttomore Homestead . at 3C1 Church .street, This was the sixth of a series of discussions sponsored by the Naugatuck. Red Cross and conduct^ by Miss Kathleen A. Sullivan, R. N., Red Cross Public Health Nurse. Twenty-three women received diplomas ut this session, presented by lars. George W. Carrol), Chairman Public 'Health Nursing Committee. Supplementing the discussion of guidance in the emotional and physical cure r of the infant, conducted by Miss Gezarian, H.. N., State Department 'of Health Supervisor, in the absence of Miss Sullivan, was a moving 1 picture entitled "Care of the Newborn Infant," The consensus of opinion among the g-rc'up attending these sessions wits that this course presented, a fund 'or information in a very interesting- manner, all invaluable to the expectant mother. Included in the series were demonstration's of ' bathing the baby, malting the formula, and' preparing the layette. Discussions were held 011. the, importance of'a well balanced diet and care of the teeth prenatal care, the hygiene of pregnancy, food.' for th'c family, clothing- for mother and baby, weight control, nursery needs, confinement and care of mother and baby for the first six weeks, and the psychological development of the now- b'drn. A new class is scheduled to begin about August 15, covering six wcaJts. Registration is now open and further' information about the classes may be obtained by calling the Naugatuck Bed Cross Headquarters—No, 521-1. Miss Kathleen- A, Sullivan, ft. "., will duct the- course U. S. Born Princess , .~ , . , AreRagfngln New England Boston, July ">y — »«*-,,_ forest fires nrc raging through N cw En )»nd wood.,. And official., say th * 's no prospect of a letup in , h(v longest drought in the region | B in years. State Fire Warden Jftwph . , Peabody says conditions arc ,„ worst in many years )n .Ma., 3acn V." •••out forests with between 11 » j 20 flrw currently raj^g £ *" d ordered al, forestry"*X£ ^ omj-rgenoy duty until further £ M-onnwhile, the weather reports no satisfactory rain i Fires are burning l n T><* 1 ^' ^' burnjll "n. Grafton. F poi-on. Newton. Westflcld, N or r, Canton, Andovcr * con- PRODUCTION LAGGUfG Washington, 'July 19—(UP)—An aircraft industry report reveals that military aircraft production :s lagging far below what government officials consider necessary for adequate national defense. PrJnccsK Eugcnin.Ruspolf, 75, the former Eugenia Berry of Oak HiJl, Ca., IH pictuj'od after her arrlv/il on the VulcanJa at .Jersey City, X. J. The princess, widow of Prince Knrico Ruxpoli of Italy .said that her oustlc «t Nemi. 20 nille.s .south at Rome had been pillaged and looted of prlc<>IcNS art treasure by the >"ay.l plunderers. (International) Now Available ! EMERSON RADIO I . nrd lions doctors under 45 wore required for s army FOR PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION 'JPhono 4736 LYLE & EARL PORTRAIT STUDIO 11 No. Main St. Naugatuck DONALD DUCK CAMERA S298 Uses No. 127 Film We have a complete a sortment of 8 MM. and 16 MM. movie subjects in silent or sound—For Sale or Rent Just Received PARKER "51" Fountain Pens and Pencils For Your Photo Needs It's mnnship .riding logialation badly executive branch roughshod over nccdrd by the of the Government — unless t.hc department heads kow-tow to him. Agriculture bureaucrats, Syndicate. Ir.c.) (Copyright, 1946, by The Bell STRISIK'S 10 Center St. Waterbury, Conn. '• WE FEATURE GLASSWARE, ' CHINA, LAMPS, GIFTS , Famous Adjustable "Loafer" Chair Makes "loafing" irresistible: Posture seat and back, heavily padded and covered in leatherette tilts to a restful angle. Strong tubular steel frame' Folds compactly. Take it anywhere' NEAR SOUTH MAIN ST. Wntcrbury 413 2Vo. Main .S(Tel. G-JOI $34.50 /' :-T \: , '1 C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 K*si i^'v) ,^.> ! m^ liS^, ?*B ^ " i; tjf>' >;Z$ ! ''i .?'At- f**|>'» ii'ifri* .W i"**w? ; . '.'•~^j*\ ;•»."•'•««'; •. A ,vy,' ;' ^ |£-.J? k^5 "\ J'Sti ^tr.,^ 1 "i'tls 1 ' y& '«W([« IM 3-Wa.y Adjustable SUN-TAN LOUNGE. Brings indoor comfort outdoors! So nice to relax on and absorb the health giving qualities of sun and fresh air. Durable steel frame. Thick, restful pad covered iti' weather resistant 'fabric. Back ad- Justs to 3 positions to suit your comfort. Easy rolling wheels. $25,00 -'Sfe^r-r ^ FLOVKERT^^I For All Occn.iloiis 1'JLOWKKS TK JSVWHYWIUSHE m> ]$&$••• l-^'- : jfe^f'' MELBOURNE'S IB FLOWER SHOP 130 AUBBKR AVKNUK SS2S i I YANKY CLOVER is right wilh coHon- clolhos and with all the crisp, wholesome now summer stylos. It's a clean, spicy seem that suggests frogrom meadow: on a summer day. Bo swoef and frosh wifh YANKY CLOVER in por- fumc\ foilot wator. dusting powdor, talcum and sachol. . . oil in Iho bright new packaging that oxprowos YANKY CLOVER'S light-hoarled gaiety. Perfume, $1.00 Toilet Wqfer, $1.00 Dusting -Powdar, $1.00 Tolcum, 50ff. •fV/c«i Plus Tax fo* ^ - ,f t ^j^S3l -fab ^^•/WBKBWA-' A ^<^ **L^H Outdoor Stimmer Furniture at the Naugatuck Store Only " V*>; RE ° . :. 1760 -WATEETOWN ; A,VE.,: OAKVILLE ., 175 CHUKCHI ST:, NAUGATUCK * f^ l ns u y side Store' Q^ea^Thurs:,-Fri^ and "Saf/ Eyes Until 9 P. 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