Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 15, 1909 · Page 2
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 2

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 15, 1909
Page 2
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GOV. FOLK WILL SPEAK. "The Era of Conscience" the Theme of His Address. Womans Club House, Friday Evening, May 21. The series of entortainmnnts giv^.n under the auspices of the Covlna Lyceum Association will he brought to a close on Friday evening of next week by a lecture In the Womans Club House, Covlna, by ex-Governor FVjJk of Missouri, All are Interested in the llfo arid •work of this man and we produce below a concise but complete outline of •what he has done: Governor Folk lifiH had a remarkable political career. Hlnce his advent Into the arena of Mlssourl'H po- llt.ical life the state has been revolutionized. The things he has accomplished are difficult of brief enumeration. Here are some of (lie things he has done: An Circuit Attorney of Kt. I,oui« he exposed more official corruption than was ever laid bare before in the history of the world. When ho commenced, bribery wan the common arid accepted thing. It wits regarded as merely conventional. The revela.f.ionn he made awoke a slumbering public conscience, and the moral wave now rolling over the land Is the result. Meeting with the fiercest opposition in his work of eradicating corruption, denounced and vilHfied by corniption- Isl.H of every kind, he took his fight before the people. In the face of the bitt'-rest. contest In the history of American pollt.lcs he won the nominal ion of the Democratic party of his Ktatw for governor by an overwhelming majority Again In the campaign for election every venal Influence combined against him, and again In; triumphed, lie was elected, while the others on the ticket, who were not fought as he WII.H. were defeated. In thin campaign lie announced t.!io doctrine known as the ''Missouri Idea," which Is familiar In every part of the earth today. r| '!ila Idea l« Hint 'cltl/enshlp !» & " V( ' ( ' country implies a civic obligation to enforce !he por- /onnance of every public trust; that bribery Is (mason, and the Klvoi'rt and takera of bribes are the traitorn of peace; that laws are made to be enforced not to be Ignored; that officials should no more embezzle tho public power entrusted to them than public money in theh' custody. His was the first of the great battles of. reform before the people, und the principles ho declared are tho Inspiration of tho crusade for higher Ideuls of public llfo. As governor he put an end to boodling in legislative affairs. There was no crookedness or scandal in the three legislatures held under him. This was it wonderful change from conditions that existed prior to that. He abolished tho practice of legls lators and officials riding on free passes. In the first legislature under him ho procured the enactment of a law giving a right of action for I lie negligent, death of adult unmarried persons. Until then there was no remedy in siicli cases. lie signed a maximum freight rate bill, tho first relief In that direction for twenty-live years. Hi! caused Hie exhorbltant fco system, whereby the excise commissioner of St. I,mils received more'than forty thousand dollars a year, to be changed and I ho commissioner put on a salary I>HH|H. Although tho Governor appointed tho commissioner he did thin because he believed It right. Hi' procured tho pannage of a law after a hard loglslaUvo tight, repealing the rare t.rack law, whereby gambling was legali/.cd. and put the most powerful and insolent racetrack syndicate in (lie world out of business, lie broke up tho attempted defiance of law by race-track gamblers, who had I lie assistance of und enforced the law of I he local iillicials. l;ii.> institutions mi a ami I'linii uated i;r;itl Ill' local ollicers, OVcr I In' Ili'ill lie pill Ilii' business haul f mi 11 I In'Hi. He Ion < il ji's, \\ I tile i "IN 1 ;i ml pul I hem mi Service alolle. I li- Sl Mill pl'll I'UI I hi- ['(slice de|::i I ' in Mi- rc\ ell!I iniii.-i I !• • pulji '• in tvle in.ul IIIIIK :' I he lari'e or appoinls nl of piiliiii-s, basis of public He closed up the gambling dives In .St. Loulo, Kansas City, and St. Jos oph, and ran the gamblers from the Htate. Ho exterminated the wine rooms In the metropolitan rifles where so many young girls had been ruined. He has made the large cities unhealthy for crooks, and has brought about a reign of law arid order never before attained. In St.. Louis, Kansas City and St. Joseph, where he has the power through appointees, he enforced the law closing the saloons on Sunday, In the fare of Intense opposition and denunciation. This wan the beKin- nlng of the movement for law enforcement, that Is now going on in ;ill the large dries. The brewers find iiiiloon-ke'-p'rrH boldly announced th;it, they would repeal this law a*, the next legislative session, but. when (hat. t.ime caine the people saw Ih' 1 b<-n<TitH of Sunday closing, and not a legislator dared propose the repeal of the law. Fought. by grafters, gamblers, brewers, saloon-keepers and venal corporate Influence, he went before the peopift asking for an endorsement by an election of a legislature In accord with hla policies. The Democratic convention endorsed his policies, find the people approved by electing a majority of the General Assembly plogded t.o hlH reforms. When tho (Jonoral Assembly met every hostile Influence in I he state was arrayed to have legislature;; faithless to their pledges to the people. Some of them did fail, and proved untrue to their constituents, but. in spite of organlxed wealth and of tho llmior and gambling interests he fought for and secured the passaga of more good laws than were ever cna<-t,«d in the history of the state before. Here are some of tho important measures ho recommended and which became laws through his efforts: Reducing railroad passenger rates to two cents. Maximum freight rate law. Oeneral State Primary Law -providing for the nominations by all politic-ill parties on the same day all over the state, wild tho same number of polling places and with the same penalties tin to Illegal voting in the general election. PureKood Bill—In conformity with the National Pure Food Law. Anti-Lobby Law—making professional lobbying a felony, except upon the lobbyist registering with the Secretary of State, and statjng what he represents, the bill he is lobbying for, and filing with the same officer statement of expense. This does not apply to appearances wholly before legislative committees. Law making operation of bucket- shops a felony—whereby this vicious form of gambling has been run out of tho state. Child Labor Law—-applicable to the entire state. Anti-Trust. Laws—providing for prison punishment for violation. Kiglit Months School Law—applying all over tho state. Domain! for convention to propose amendments to the Federal Constitution—-first, made in legal form by any stale. Constitutional Amendment, separating sources of .state and local revenue, providing for radical change in taxation .system. (lood Roads Laws—providing for slate iMid county highway engineers, $r>00,nn<) appropriated for good road fund $1,0110,1x10 appropriated to be (linlrlhnted amongst, the counties for road purpoKes. Amendment to the Constitution providing for the Initiative anil Referendum. A n I i I >i scrim in a I ion Law—prohibiting a concern from selling goods higher in one part of the state than in another, cost. () f transportation be in.-.; considered. Law cn-atini'. Hanking Department. Law Ki\ing Railroad Commissioners power lo |jx railroad rates, and ni:il;iiiLf ! their orders effective until overruled I'.v a court of competent jourisdiciiou. I'a role Li i \\- for all llrst utfemler.-i. I nil'oriii Te.M Hook I ,nw. ] There were ul her K>>'lcl I.IV. S I !;;;! ! \M'ie not passed. lie tohl i he <;. !, | '•ml Ass, nihlv that il had dime a niv-'l ' U'M'k. I'll! there V..IS me",. In I,,, ncei.lil- ', 'I'u eai ry out I he pl.-iL-.e.--. ui : 1 I"' I"'' !'l" he e.'llle.l ||,e I .e - ; s 1 .( i U IT 11,lo >• liM s,-.. .i,,i,. .mil M-.C.-ceded, Hi"l|:-,U I \ el •• ||i.,\e U ,, : ; contested. Ill :i ''' Ili'lll.. ! !'.e .-l-:n ' i|-e!ll of la\VS li'i v -!'.:•' i'!' »'- l:ii II 'n I I..- people is ill, .;! '•ulal'!'-. 'I I. i,.>.| ,. iiui-orl.' nt M..-.I - II,V,-' ll,;,l n :, .,..,,,.-ii,led I,. ! he e\! i; . '...iun ;,i,| ; : |,, . .,,,,,, | :iu s u ,.,,.. -\'> a. ' : ,,'.!.];. i!.e r;i|.-s ei ,i -, Ingly defeated, and the people given a law that will Have them millions of dollars. An act curing the defects In the race-track law, whereby the scheme of the race-'rack gamblers to open up again was thwarted. An act providing for th removal of every mayor, prosecuting attorney, sheriff or other officer falling to enforce the laws. Under thin act any citizen can file suit In court to have the derelict official removed for neglect of duty. The proceeding Is a civil one, and If neglect of duty Is shown the official Is ousted. This law affords the people a long needed remedy against officials who In their public duty forsake the service of the people. An act prohibiting brewers or diiitillers from owning an interest in H;I!(,O;;H. This will clone nearly two thousand saloons In the .state. Thin act also provides for a bond which the saloon-keeper must give before he can obtain a license. This bond can be sued on by any two citizens, if the saloon-keeper violates any law regulating saloons. Under this law, which goes into effect August I Ith, no saloon keeper can violate the dramshop laws if there are two righteous citizens In the county to file the suit. This is the most important dramshop law that haa been enacted In the state. An act extending the fellow servant law to miners, thus afford I/IK that class of men a great relief. An act. extending the Jurisdiction of the Factory Inspector prohibiting child labor, with provisions for its enforcement. No special session ever enacted 1 so many important laws, and few if any regular sessions prior to Governor Folk's administration. Me lias brought about a reign of law, with the result that, crime is decreased, Immigration has increased, and t.l.o htnt.fc is enjoying a prosperity never before experienced. He has incurred the bitter enmity of all law-breakers and their allies. He has become the most hated man In Missouri by crooks and outlaws, and brewers, saloon keepers, gamblers, grafters and corporate monopolies who break the laws or oppress the peoplo, curse him and denounce him. He Is villified by all who hate right and sympathize with vice, crime and monoply. All he has is the support of the law- abiding people of Missouri, who believe In him and support -him. The enemies he has made prove his sincerity. He ''refuses to permit the police departments and boards under his control to be a political machine. He has no machine except the heart and conscience of the people. Ho is conservative in charging wrong-doing, and would not oppress lawful capital or legal business, but once sure of an evil he IB radical In its extermination. Throe years ago he said he wanted no boodler's vote. Today ho says to the insolent outlaw, liquor dealers, race-track gaiubiors and criminal wealth—"I do not want your support. I pro for your enmity to your good-will. If I can succeed in pleasing the lawless. I shall be entirely satisfied." Those 1 are a few Ihiiigs Folk has done 1 . Filxd'oiald & hurry of Piisiulenn loan money on rancbcH niul improved real cslato at Imvtst current rates. Write or telephone thi-m at PiisiuJona or call up J. W. I'rciitiHH, Covina phono '2111-1, HnO nsli to Imvn a rcprn- Heiitative, of tlii' linn cull on you. tf SEWING MACHINE. ROLLED BEARING. HIGH GRADB. 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