Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 27, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 27, 1943
Page 2
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.. I. Palmw and Aha. H. Washbum) SWf bufWWq. 2)2-2U South Woliui Hope Ark. HOPE STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS Pnbthhtr os second class matter ot the Potfoffk* ot Hop*. Arkansas, under the f Art of Mtlreh 3, 1897. Press Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. •.I, S«fcttri**i«n Bate (Alwayi Payable in By ctty carrier, per week ISc; H»fWHt#«l, Nevada, Howard, Miller ana toftyefte counties, $3.50 per year; else- ,,wheY« Jfl.50. ,'• Mtmb«f ot Th» Auoctattd Pren: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled tc •he use for republicatioh of all news dis- ipatche* credited to n or not otherwise ''credited in trris paper and also the local news published herein. , H«tt«*al AtfVetthriif R«f>menratlvt— - AriMlttdi Stllte, Inc.* Memphis. Tenn.. SWffctc BirfWine; Chicago, 400 North Mlch- , loon Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison Ave.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; ! v Oktahama City. 414 Terminal IBdg.; N*w ''Orleans, 722 Union St.. Hold Everything "Go 'way! You're making 'em nervousl" SIDE GLANCES By Galbroith |RttLEASKNO.H Guadalcanal Diary Book-of-the-Month .Y .ICHMO «l«|f«ft "The sniper was on my track . .." W EDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, Cont.-Thc bush that 1 dove into tar protection was well populated with ants which cnnvltxl.up my trouscr legs, but such annoyances were secondary now. The sniper who hail tired at me was still on my track. He had evidently spotted my field glasses and taken me for a regular officer. 1 searched the nearby trees, but could sec nothing moving. Then a .:5 cracked again and 1 heard the bullet pass. 1 jumped for better cover behind two trees. 1 lure 1 began to wish I had a rifle. I should like ro find that sniper, I thought. I had made an ignominious retreat. My dignity had been "More to the right on the mortars!" offended. The Atataniknu sortie had become a personal matter. It began to rain-hard. A Jap .25 machine gun was sputtering again on our right flank and ahead. Hut the gun hud been spotted by our "point" in that direction. In a few seconds sve heard the rrash of one of our mortar shells, ranging on the Jap. Then a muttered sentence, passed from mouth to mouth, came back from that area: "Pass the word back, more to the right on the mortars." A few seconds later I heard the "thwung" of the mortar firing. "More to the right on the mortars," was the word King Features SyndicaU, Inc. T*.tt copyrluht, 19-13, by Kamlom House, "Smoke mushroomed upward . . "It was a Jap cruiief, Thft B-17 had scored a direct hit." that came hack a second time. And then again, the thwung of the firing, the crash of the exploding shell—a;id grim silence from the Jap machine gun. 1 decided to return to headquarters. Hut the excitement • of the day was not yet over. As I ne.ired Kukum, 1 could see one of our H-17 bombers offshore, swooping down on a ship. Bombs dropped, a mushroom of dark brown smoke rose from a point just aft of the rear mast, and a torrent of smoke followed. 1 could see now that it w.is a jap heavy cruiser, and her fantail was afire. 'I he H-17 had scored a direct hir. 1 could hear the juuilil of heavy firing coming from the Jap and see bursts of ami-aircraft shells in the sky. Hut the bomber had done his job. Now he climbed imo the sky and headed home. The Jap was crippled but not stopped. Me made for the passage that leads to the sea, between Florida and Savo Islands. Clouds of smoke were still rising from the fantail. Kick at Col. Hunt's command post, later in the afternoon, I heard that Matanikau and l\oktimhon.i bail been taken. Only a handful of thv Jap di-fendi.-»-s cscuj'.vd. (Continued tomorrow) Ina. Distributed by Klrm Fnturni SymlloRte In m-opi-rntton with tho Hook-nMhi>-Mniith Chili. Inc. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople WE HErXRD SOUR YTHU6 SOUNDS LIKE Y# FAP/? TAKE fl >APpv/ WA=> COMlWG ] <3OlV\E MOR.& <( VJftRNlNG.HOU ] TO 30IN4 OOR. X DOUBLE-DIP LAUGHS) AODLEPATES / | Drawing* copyright, 1913, by By J.R.Williams OUT OUR WAY FUNNY BUSINESS KWEW V I'LL WE-VER. AMSWER ) UWPER.STAKJD THACV, / WHV THAT 1S-- HERO GETS TH THINK. I'D \ R.IBBOM PIMNED FOOD.' TH MOST lrv\- FDRTANT THIWG IMTH WORLD --FOOD/ MAP- OV.EOM SMP A ARMY TRAVELS CM ITS> ACH, AM' YET HE ALL THE HOMORS AM' GLORY TO GEMERALS, POLITICIAMS, ARTISTS AM' DR.S--BUT NOT EVEN) A THANK VOL LITTLE MOROM COLOMV L/V5T TIME WILL, 8ROOIA BLUR'S -—-1M Hl<=, HE H^S. OF NOOR. BOY- I ( 50UMDLH HOOD DPsSS AS X EDTVJO BP>>O ) VOUM& \\EM VOITI-IODT COAT/ AND A GETS PIMNJEP COOL OFF- FROM. 1M3 BY NCA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF. t "-Oood thing you took that first aid course, mother, be-/ fore 1 started going to the U, S. 0. dances 1 HIPPEM IM HAV ^ w , Ana tnis is my nustoand—ne had a rather blank expression on our wedding day!" By Fred Harmon But Not Both at Once WwMTubbi By Roy Grane Home. Sweet Home YOU FOOLS— rn NO OUTLAVJ- Tn TRTIM 1 TO PREVENT ANOTHER ATTACK..' STOP.' HOLDUR THIS IT /MN'T INJUNS DON'T UKE BUSINESS Ei OF THAT PISTOL CUFF CLEAREP BVIMCHES! LIFTS NOSE IN A LAST 6ALLANT EFPORT 1 COPR. 1MJ ^Y NEA SERVICE, INC. %& Good Horse Sense! T. M. REO. U 5 By Walt Disney Thimble Theater "Courtesy of Port!" Dbriald DUCK RIGHT IN — 4OU'D BETTER HURR.W, < CURTAlN'-S CiOIMG UP ftHOV. I UJftNN^ 9EE THE APRIL MAE JUN6 WI6S JUME DOM'T LIKE -SAILOR'S THANKS -GO ON. TO THE -OFFICE UDDIM&, AlN'TCHA? , AMD SHE'S By V. T. Hamlin What's Cooking? By Chic Young He was the Pouty Type! / MEBBE SO... BUT \ /^OH, IT'S / NOTHIN' E.VEE. Y PCOBABLY HAPPENS ... HEY. HEEES WORSE THINGS THAN PLANTING LEAD THIS, IN THIS AFFAJB, I POTATO PLANTIN AND QUICKC k GETTING ME. DOWN' SO THERE'S V THATS EIGHT. NOTHING THE \ BUT THEBE'S I EXCITEMENT MATTEIi WITH \ LIABLE TO BE WONMUS I IF I DON'T THAT SLEEP / TAKE A HAND WON'T CUR-E? ( DIP FIMP OUT WHAT HE ' WHATS CAJJ6IN' Ann\w ? V THIS SHADOW 4-JS.7 cc P ,_ i By Edgar Martin By Merrill Blosser Taking His Bow Freckles and His Friends BUT YOU CAN CALL ME'SOL' SCUTTLE HAS To KEEP THE CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL- SUPPLIED WITH FRESH VEGETABLES FOR. A YEAR.' MIGHTY SMART WAY TO PUNISH HIM JUDGE" HAY MUST HAVE" BEEN GIVEN THE WISDOM OF SOLOMON / SENTENCED HIM TO y i i -- • n-"

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