The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 12, 1977 · Page 1
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 1

Atchison, Kansas
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Tuesday, April 12, 1977
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News Want Ads Bring Quick Results A Progressive Newspaper For A Progressive Community" i; THE WEATHEE Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut—fair, very warm tonight. Saturday, fair but becoming partly cloudy in the afternoon with scattered thundershoweiw in the interior during the. evening. Continued hot and humid Saturday. Vol. LXX, No. 169 ESTABLISHED 1885 FRIDAY, JULY 19, 1946 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Centi Painter Wrong, Appointment Legal, Brophy States « Plan Buyers' Strike Parley Monday Night Strategy To Be Worked Out At Meeting Of Leaders Tomorrow Afternoon pn'pnrnllonM for n mans in'K'tlng in In- h"ld Monday evening ut 7:?.0 fi'nloek In Linden Park In protest of thn rising fin'cc.H of food nnd mer- rhfind'-n "/III hn discussed toriior- row nftcrnoon ut 3;3ft o'clock In the 1 fiHirlfiiuu-K-rM ol' r.oenl .15 nt Main nnd Muni' 1 Nti'nets, It WHS announced l/ night by Hnrold Bower, vice pi'i-sldc-rH of r.ooal -\r>. URCr, and f'VVA. lit n srM.sInn iittondcd by union meml>"rH. civic-minded rosil- dcntn nnd the public In genciriil, At tnmiirrow nflcrnoon'H gnther- Ing will be representative!! of thr hocongh'M lending (irj;unl/nt • >ns, union hcii'.'.i and mnmhwn utul other elvlorrtlnded residents Intnr- i-Htfil In the cnmptilgn UKiilnnt ln- flatlnti. The local riici'tings urn nn nul- I'dmn n' n He.itilon held this week In Ni"w Mnvcn' hy Connecticut (".TO li'iiflfr.i. ut which planii were timdn fur fuiyi-i-H 1 striken, picketing "I 1 "protUoi'i-Ing" merrhiintft. rniui rneeUnuM and pnrndeN, At night's mooting volui tm-rH wi-rc soliTt'-cl to ^upprone. )"ii(lei'N "t the b.irnujch'.M orgnnl/.i tlfin and the clnrgy to .Hollolt thi 1 ! fiHKlMtitnr:<: nnd dutwmlno ,'ient rni'nf conn-mlng . tho propo.Miil t utilkc ngnlnMt pticM I'ai.son. Mr. l.owrr hlis Maid, "wn Wfiill tic willing to g;i without pay In rriiiuicii If the pricew wtiuid rmnnln ut u normiil level. VV« do not wnn .HtrlkcH, but feel wv muni lot th mri'r'tmnts knnw (hut we cimno nfj'ird 'to cnntlruifi finyiny; h prlcc.M nnd do not Intend to do no.' A>i it [inrt of tnu cnnipn!gti, iVau gntuck M'nldiint.i wmld he n 1 t|ili'strd Li) pilrchusH finly lurccs^nrj Itcnifi iinrl ri'fu:ii: to jjuixltusc high A rf'ftnlUfl(;n wn.*J fiduptcrl If' li.ll 1 all vricriitiii. rlvlr nnd frnturnn gi'diipn t'> tii-nd rnprfwentiitivrti t< tniudrrow'ii rnci'llng. Mother of Local Resident Dies If.vlm/n- /./iififisfi/i) HwiLii.'ifiti, 7,'t, mi>thri- of Mi':i. Klini'r T. Aiiflerson nf Oxford rond. died yentei'dny nl IHT hriiiii-, ^7 I'nwti .Mtrimt, New Iliivi-n. A nntlvo of Sweden. Hhe WILM horn In July of 1H7.'! and ciimc to thin c'ninti'.v mill I'.riinfnrd In ISM. Shi 1 re.tided In nranf-irrl for live yi-nix liffore moving to New Mnvrn. Khi- WIIM tin- w|f» of tho lute Mfrecl All Americans Dance Tonight Deadlock On OPA Revival May Be Ended New Compromise Plan Is Being Submitted To Conference Committee Rescue Workers Search For Resort Explosion Victims I.AWUKNCK HUNN WILLIAM SCHMELCKE Ail iiUrmltinrr of mure Hum HIM) Is expected tonight at the first dance i.f this All American Vfterims, according to Chairman .Tackj Aslitnore of tlii' arruritfi'Hii-nt.H ci)iiiinitt«>i>. Tbe (lance will take place at Linden. Turk Hall, with, music by Greg PhHlcn's orchestra. Members oft the riimmfttc Include l.uwrcnce Dunn. William Schmelcke. Frank Johnson and Don Harvey. I'.C'ildi'M iMis. Arulei'.'Kin >'\\<- l:< miivivcil l>y ihree other daughters, Mr:i. I,OH|M Avery and Mrs, llnw- iii 1 '! Avei y, Imlli of l«'orrentvUhi, and Atr.'i, John Klli-y of New Iliiven; tliri-i- HIUIM Alfred of J'tirn-Mt vllle, (mil Tlnin' arid fOdwurd, both 'if New lliivrn; IS gran<lchlldrnn and one great granddiuightor. (''lliii'i'nl sci vices will ho hold lo- innrrow afternoon ut 2 o'clock at (hi 1 Walker fi'iineriil Knnip, Chapel Mi-ri't, New [Invnn. Inlnniinnt will hn In Davenport, cettietory, Now Hnvcii. li'rli'nd.i may call at tho furi- iM'iil hdtiii' thin afternoon and oviTiln^; from 3 Id 0 o'clock. TO Iliirtroi-il, July in (UP)- A iiecond IiS'l 1 IH <• lining to Hfutfoi'd 'Ijut nnly for n brief vlnlt, Thr< navy HMiioiinri'M ihiit It will visit late text month HH n flouting muiinum nnd iTcinltlnK center, It will he "pen fur puhllr %* ?£?" UJt^ ^-<-O' &&d&&?~* Ily nil. J. Jl. WAHUKN A.i trmny Individuals think they should have one or two bowel move- ttiontu dully they rush to tnlui liixa- tlve.i or purgatives, This rniikflf the bowol movement Irritable and they liuvr peiv.uls of constipation lind (llnrrliocii with Hometlmos nausea mid vnniltlng, When the bownl Is I'Tltuhle purgatives nnd rough foods should be avoided, Bonding exer- cIsi'M with knees Htrnlght will give « iiatunil bowol movement. A rogu- liir bowol movement every two days may he nil that IK nccosMiiry (Released by Consolidated News Fonturew, Inc.) Kelley Honored By More Than 100 At Testimonial Former Chemical Co. Official Hints Possible Candidacy For Congress More thun 100'is und eni- plfjyi's of thi^ Xnugauick Chcmica Company nttended n ti'sUmonla night In honor of Patrick H Kelley, who recently resigned at plnnt supervisor- of IndustriiLl rola- '.lOHM. Tonstmiistr-r John Ash presented Mr. Knlli-y a purse, a gift from 'h»:i(! nttunding. Acknowledging the gift, Mr. Kelley, In ;i ma.'iterful talk expressed his appreciation to all t'hosi: present nnd said in- was proud of the friends he had mtult 1 in "eight ;ilciiMiinl yi-ars at tho Ch'-mlcnl Co," Hi- snltl It was possible thiit he would he erjiuing to those friends Cor nid mid !<ii['[i"rt in Die near fuIndlcnllnj: that he may seek tin- fii'mwi'iulo nomination for Con- •c.iiimiiii from the Klflh District. John l\ Cov. victi-jiri'sUU-nt of thr U. S. Rubber Co., spoke wnrm- y of liis iiNHORiiitinn.-t with Mr. Kel- \i'ou,'d always be Chemical Co. "I it will succeed In undortiikos," said •y, find Haiti tn welcome ut tin 1 I sure thai [• uiy venture he Mr. Coe, Other speakers whn commended Mr. Kflley were Donald TJ. McCol- nrri, ruet.ory manager; Erlwnrd 'li-llly, liictnry consuHant, formerly nduHtriiil rrliiUons manager: and riinrniis .1, KIrrmin of the' I'.ew Vnfk InclUMtridl relations office of fContinued on Pugo ft) Meeting Tonight To Discuss Plan s 7 or Welcome Home Chairman John H, P.rcen will reside tonight ut n meeting In the lourt rtnoin to discuss plans for he "Welcome Home" celebration. Clmli'nmn I'.rcen IIIIM asked oom- rin.idci-N f>' all the loe:il veternns' mst.M to ntti'nd the session, to (lls- U.IM miillors relative to the parade. The celebration will he held here •September 2, Tonight's meeting Is liiti'il for S'o'rloclt. Granted Delay On Traffic Count A continuance of one work was rmtH"d I'iobcrt VVInehestnr. fi() 'rrnve nvenue, Watcrbury, who wn. — Mill «'Cut )>('!• Him. |H KllllP tllllf. At IIU'k'N .Slim- .stori', 112 liitnk nlrri'l, Witlnrhnry, tlii.n. iirp liuiiilrrilx of »ir\r* lot wcur In llin nunlnivr »on»un,—(Wv. :<Mii't this mornlnp before .Tudftc iturtln L. C^'lne on « charjrc 01 msslnc (i red llsht n: the mter- ectlon of Mn In and Maple streets ednrxdfiy night. robation Officer lans Vacation Probation Ofllcer Mrs. Edna C. i Fennlman will be on vacation from ' July 2.1 to AuKUst !j, iiccordinB to i«n nnnpuncement 'toriny. Joseph C, Rnytkwlch, (isslstinit prosecutinp iitlorn«y. will be in charge of the probation olllcc Friday nlRhtsfrom 7 to 0 o'clock. Trustees Elect Harold Roberts Harold W. Roberts, secretary- treasurer of the Naiiffntuck Savings Bank, was elected vice-president of the Connecticut Snvlnjr.s Bank Life Insurance Fund yesterday at the annual meeting of the Fund's seven •trustees In Bridgeport, Italy Is In The Throes Of . National Unrest (By United Vrcss) The entire gasoline dlstrlbullot industry in It.ily Is tied up by a strike, and vehicles throughout the country arc becoming- idle by the thousands. The. Italian cabinet Is meeting In Rome to try to settle the walkout. The ^distribution of UNTi'RA' relief supplies'"has been cut. In half. No newspapers will be printed today. Editorial employes huve joined the. printers on strike. Demonstrations arc spreading in the north—where workers arc demanding higher wnpott, more food, and steady employment, There's trouble of another kind in the section of Il/t!y that's to be •iwarded to Yugoslavia . Reports from the city of Pola, which the Bl;r Four foreign ministers have given to Yugoslavia, say that thcu,- stmds of pro-Italian residents are preparing to leave their homes. There arc S'1,000 residents of Pol.n, nr.d 2fi,000 of them arc said to have signed up for evacuation, i In London In London. T.'inaton Churchill has lost a ma.jor parliamentary battle. The wartime British lender—now on the front bench of the opposition -- demanded that the labor government rescind its order to start bread rationing throughout Britain or. Sunday. The debate ro.'tched what amounted to n verbal free-for-all before tbe quo?; Ion was brought to ii vnt.o. The government was upheld and Food Minister John Strae.hey says bread will be rationed from Sunday on, The move isn't expected to bo very pop- uinr. tincl thn bailors of Britain have threatened to refuse to accept ration coupons. But Strnchcy snys such a course will only provoke coercive action on the part of the government, Gold StarPosT Outing Sunday At ABA Grounds Final plans have boon formulated for an outing by Uic Gold Starpoht. Catholic: War Veterans, which is scheduled for Sunday .afternoon, July Ol at 1 o'clock on the American Mruss company Country club grounds, according to Commander Mnrtln I-uciis. Guests of the post will be Gold Star mothers and members of the Ladles' auxiliary. An extensive program has been prepared Including sports nnd many other events (By United Press) The four day deadlock on OPA ovival may be broken today in the Senate-House conference committee. The committee will get a. compromise plan which may do the trick. The plan is ba.sed .on both decontrol and re-control of prices. Briefly, the idea is this. It calls for a board—a de-control board— vj> do away with price ceilings in the event they become unnecessary. That is, when supply and demand are balfl.ncecl. And this same board would also re-establish ceilings if and when they become necessary. That is, when food prices jump to high levels, The plan has come out of a senate sub-committee of three consisting of Senators George Radcliffe of Maryland, Robert Taft of Ohio, nnd Chrai-lcs Tobcy of New Hampshire. The subcommittee was given the job of finding a way out of the deadlock. And thoy hope this will c!o it. ! Senator Radcliffe makes clear, i however, that this plan is only be- j ing submitted to the 14-mn.n confcr- j enr.e committee today, and that no| body Is committed to it._He says I it's something for thc^ committee to | work ivi'.h. i The work so far done by the | committee has been done against a. background of rising* food prices. A labor department survey shows that retail food prices went up during the wccjt ending last Tuesday. Thn department, say that In -the -11 cltlc.-; surveyed, more -moat was available than in the previous month—but prices for the meat were much higher. CIO May'Tuko Action And higher- prices may be the peg upon^which the CIO will hang its demands for higher wages. The (Continued on Page 8) Insists No Violation Of Charter Speculation On Further Action By Minority Side; Anderson Mum Scattered debris remains after a 2 1-2 story frame (wilding housing a restaurant had blown up at Onset, Muss, The blast Is believed to have been caused by eticapfnft Illuminating gas. Six iwrson.s won- killed and forty injured In tlio cxpln.slon which rocked the Cape Cod summer resort town about noon. Rescue workers are shown nigging In the ruins for victims. (International SoundplicXn) -Last-Minute News- \ ling ton, DENIALS MADE • liilv .19— (UP)— Two Funeral Services Tomorrow For of the most portant muii in Congress—llio .Democratic loader* of llio Ho une ami Senate—have taken the witness stand of the Mead War Investigating Coromit.toc. Both Senate Ma.jor- ity Leader Barklcy and House Democratic Leader McCormack testified at their own request. Both said they have never telephoned the ofi'icc ol' a mkhvt'steni munition* combine whose war profits arc under scrutiny. Frederick B. Rollinson, 70, of 2-!8 Hillside avenue, took his own life yesterday afternoon by inhaling 'illuminating KIIS. Medical T5x- aminer Dr. William E. Hill report- Warden Brophy od the man ,i suicide, nftor he bad I to make the appointment, subject to been found in the kitchen of his home by a son-M-Jaw, Joseph H. i Little of tho same address. Warden Leo J. Brophy today rc- jostcd as "erroneous" a statement by Senator William A. Painter who yesterday said that trie appointment of William A, Mariano to the board of charities was an violation of the borough charter. "The appointment was curried out according to the law of tbe charter, which clearly stales that the warden shall appoint the members of the welfare board by and will! the approval of the burgesses," sain Warden Erophy. Senator Painter contended an amendment of 1345, .of which he was author, provided that minoiity appointments to all boards, by the. board of warden and burgesses, should be selected from n list of three to five candidates submitted by the minority burgesses. Ho contended that Uio charities board was included under the terms of the bill. The appointment was made at the recent meeting: of the board aller Borough Attorney Martin L. Cainc had given an qpinion that empowered W.'LS Legion, Firemen Plan Carnival In Beacon Fails A 1 carnival under the auspices of Beacon Hose Co. and American Lo- glon post. No. 25, of Beacon Falls will be brought to Beacon Falls from Bridgeport August 16 through August 2-1 ut Noe's Field, it was announced today. Harold Bcnx has bec.n named chairman of tho firemen's committee, and Charles Gandarillos for the American l-icpion. Games, nmunfi- PLANE CRASHED Topeku, Kansas, July 19—(UP)—A C-4-7 transport piano is rovcalod'to have gone down in a heavy^thunderstorm last night 10 miles southwest oi ! Goodland, Kansas There' is no report from the crew and it is not known if th ore-, were any casualties. WILL CALL REP. MAY Washing-Ion, July 19—(UP)—Chairman Jam as Mead announces that he has been ant.horixed by the Sennle War Investigating Committee to subpoena Representative Andrew May ol: Kcntuckv. | When Mr. I^itile arrived home at i 5:-!0 o'clock ho found the house locked, and, forcing his way into the kitchen discovered Mr. Rollinson. ),-5e controcted Dr. Vincent P. Duffy, who notified the local police and Dr. Hill. A respirator was sent by the police, but it was found 'ch;xt Mr; Rollir.fon had already succumbed. Born in Nnugntuck ,T;m. 31, 187fi the son of John K., nnd Addie (Bnrnhnml Rollinson, he WHS n mcmher of the Congrrgntionnl church. Prior lo his retirement in the PLANS COMPLETED Off Bikini Atoll, July 10— (Utf)— Vice Admiral W. I-L P. -Blandy—Operations Crossroads commander—announces that all preparations been completed for the underwater explosion of the atomic bomb in Bikini lagoon on July 25th. mcnts and other show events will bo available to the public. Two New Members Join Marine League Two nt>w members, John Bou'rtms and Thomas Bains wero -admitted to Nnugatu'ck Valley Detachment. Marine Corps League at n. meeting last night at the Amcvlca.n Legion Home. Plans were discussed for the sttite convention to he held in New Hfiven August 10 and 11. A report on the dance to be held at. Linden Park August 3 indicated that more than 400 would attend. Appointfnent of delegates to the convention wns deferred until the next meeting, next Thursday, July 25. . .'-,.. Nine Killed; Many Hurt By Gas Blast In Massachusetts Wnrohnm. Mast).. July 10—CUP) — Nine persons arc dead as result of the illuminating pas explosion in Onxnt Sixteen other persons are hospitalised—five of thorn in critical condition—as result of Injuries suffered in yesterday's crash., Damage was set at $150,000 todaj follou'infi- the fata! blast in the plncide Cape Cod village. Victims of the explosion included five men and four women. Listed ns victims were F. R, Al beach t, 67-years-old of Somcrvillc Mass.; Mrs, Elizabeth' May Ward (iO; of New Bedford, Muss.; Raymond Bruno, 33-years-old, of Sandwich, Mass.; William H. English 51-yoars-old, of Fall Fiver, Mass.; Gaetano Rizzuto, 41, and his wife Catherine, 3ff-ycars-old, o' Bclmont, Mass.; Cecil Barrett, TiS-ycars-old, Mrs. George Hcald—M-years-old, and Mrs. Johanna Rose, 60-ycars- old, all of Onset. More than 60 other jjcr/sons were slightly injured by the • blast.' Rescue workers have completed a search of thn area and expressed doubt that additional bodies would be recovered. Meanwhile the entire village was without gas pending an investigation. Official's believe the blast was Caused cither by p. lighted match' or a spark from a defective refrigerator unit. The gas first began escaping from !>. feeder line when a workman broke a pipe in the cel- ar of an ice cream parlor. approval by the honrcl. Judge Calne presented the following statement to vh« board Tuesday: "In view of the wording of the quoted sections (of the charter), and with particular reference to that' of section 16, viz:- .. . 'who shitll be appointed by the warden, by, and wjth the advice and consent of tho burgesses .. . .," I am of Uie opinion that the amendment of 194S does not change the power oi' the warden in making appointments to the hoard of ciKirities, "1 Mm, however, of the further opinion thnt tho amendment of 3D-15 docs give the minority pnr- 1933 he wn.s a.n employe of Dunham Mills in the horough. I '.v the rig), lo submit names in 7Ic is survived by his wife, Mrs. «'j;h its provisions, and Florence (Webster) RoJlmson of Naugntiiek: n s.'iii, Lewis W., of Chatham. N. J.; one daughter, Mrs. that from such names one must he selected, in making appointment.-* to other boards." Litlle of Naugntuck; four sisters, i Meanwhile, there wa-s speculation Mrs. Elizabeth TJnvjs of Wood- I thnt the minority might take bury, Mrs. Clara. R, Davis Mount Sinai, Long Island, N. of Y., further action in protast of the appointment, liurgess J. Rudolph An- ECONOMISTS' WARNING Washington, July 19—(UP)—Govemmont oconn- !;? warn that numerous price increases on food items will lut'trm retail stores in the next few chiy.s. The fcdcr;i) ofi'icials predict that increases in the pi'ice of clothing, wtisliing 1 machines, radios, refrigerators and' other such -u-c a.-ked to omit flowers, oon.sninei- items will not he felt until mid-September. WANT CONFERENCE Watefhnry, July If)—(UP)—A request that President Truman call a labor-industry conference t.o discuss the high cost of living has been made Ivy the- CIO. YALE GETS' GADGET Nc\v 'Haven, July 10—(UP)—^ T alc university lias received a latest-type radar device .from the Xavy. The gadget—which enables anti-aircraft guns lo hit unseen targets —is a model developed too lute for use in the war. Tt will be used for instruction and research by the engineering department. Mi.--s Adelaide A, Rollinson of dcr-son, who led the light against Mount Sian.i, and Mrs. George 15. ] renppointmcnt of Mr, Mariano, de- Huff of Atlanta, Gn.: ar.d four I dined comment, however. grand cbiJd]*on, Private funeral services will be held tomorrow a.ftcnioo:) at the Ak!ci>on Funeral Home, 201 Meadow rlreot, with the Jlev Edward R. Hance, p.islor of the Congregational church, oIllcialinK. Burial bo in Hilsido cemetery, asked to omit flo\ Labor Leader Says Rep. Talbot Stimulated Unrest —Lei Chuck'N Friendly Service Station, North NiUn Ntrift, map out your rut iff vnontlon trip* nrlcctlnip the hc«t roudtj, for m tut Imam enjoyment.—Ad T. CONNALLY REPORTS 19_-(T-p)—Chairman Tom Con- AVashington, nally of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee says the United must maintain powerful armed forces 9nd' stonily oppose aggression by Russia or any other nation. Oonually is importing- to the Senate on tbe recent Foreig Ministers conference which he attended. Fatal Auto Accident In California San 'Dicgro, Cal,. July 1!) (UP) — Two .Massachusetts marine officers have been killed in a highway accident. A .woman rese.rve from Maiden, Massachusetts and a Wcnham man were included among the five victims. ' . ' ' The two bay state residents wore dcntiflcd as Lieutenant Benjamin E. Cole—23 of Wcnham, Mass., and jleutcnant Eleanor J. Jenson, 22, of Maiden. The sedan in which five marines were ridinp was in col- i'sibn with an army tfuck. rcni etao ctao shr —Mno.v humlriMta of Nnueiitiick car tiwncru ••alrrmly have Tlewrtl the new 1047. 8tuilr.bnkcr. on dlnphir nt the Nitu- tutuck Butter}- & &vu> Service.—-Adv. Rep. Slaughter, Pres. Truman In Political Battle Kansas City, Missouri, July 19— (UP)—A Missouri neighbor of President Truman — Democratic Representative Roger Slaughter— is battling for his third term ' in Congress today despite the president's opposition. Mr. Truman had accused Slaughter of hindering the administration. And in a radio address last night the congressman said he accepts the president's challenge to a fight which might determine the future course of the Democratic party. i Tn a letter to Representative ! Joseph E. TiUbol, candidnic for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in the state. President Timoth M. Collins of the Connecticut Fed oration of IjxbOr <AFL>. asserted thru. Talbol had "helped to slimu lato unrest amonp the workers." Collins, a frequent critic of Tal bol.'s record in Congress, said the federation is "mjiking no bonct about the fact that wo shall vigor ously oppose all who .prevented en actmcnt of the sound legislative program which labor advocated.' He accused TiObot of "completely disregarding the legislative program of the AFL, nnd instead have been associated with the reactionary elements. Thus you h«vc helped stimulate unrest among the workers when wise statesmanship would have counseled cooperation with the AFL." —>Por vacation fiuthlon*. Nhoi» at Rn. Dlmrl'B. Nnucnliick'n Fnnhlon Cwtrr 'which for mnny ycftra , Im* brrn oiit~ flttloc >'au«ratuck's smartest women. Smoke Scare Brings Firemen To Woodbine St. Smoke in tho home of. Joseph Piiwlowicz, 85 Woodb.ine street, caused a fire scare, yesterday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, according.lo a report today by Fire Chief John J. Sheridan. Apparatus from the fire department responded to a call from the house. Investigation showed that two small boys in the first floor, tenement hud been burning paper in a stov.e in which a tack draft had occurred. The house was filled with smoke, but no fire resulted. Local Teacher Employed By Seymour School Dept. Mrs. Florence McGralh of Manga- luck has been employed by thn Seymour school committee to teacli in the high school commcrcinl department at an -annual salary ot $2,500. Mrs. McGrnth previously,, tau^-hl in the Seymour High school for 1* years, but resigned when the family moved to Michigan. She 'received her training in Bryant college and Rhode Island College of Education. At present she is employed at Grass Points school, Michigan. BODY RECOVERED West Brookflcld, Mnss., July Ifl— (UP)—The body of seven-year-old Martha Ann Roche of Worcester hns been recovered from T^akc Wicknboaff. Mennwhile, grappling opcrntions are continuing for the victim's companion—eight-year-old Curol Riberdy, also of Worcester. Both children arc believed to have drowned while swimming. NEWS "CLASSIFIED" ADS Get The Best Results Quickly EFFICIENT INEXPENSIVE DIAL 2228 Ask For Classified —A full Itauar UrraM »t Jfoff'K unl. Cliurch Rtrrpt. Inmirmi n full rhalm or ooollnr drlnkii. no i-njoynble In ilic Lot wmlh«r Bn»on.—Adr.

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