Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 8, 1909 · Page 7
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 7

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 8, 1909
Page 7
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DIVINE HEALING. Addrttt B«fore the Convention of £f«rgyirt«n of the Christian Church of Southern California. The following, published by request, is part of an address given by Sumner T. Martin, pastor of the First Christian 'Church of Santa Barbara, at the Southern California convention of the ministers of this church, held in Los Angeles, March 1, 3909: Evidently there Is a question mark over this entire matter. There is a, question mark in Brother Smithers' jnlnd as to whether It would be all right to present this paper and there is evidently a question mark in the minds of those present in regard to this matter but I do trust that this is the spirit of all who are present—that Ir this is the will of God, I want to know it. If it is ngt God's will, then we ought to be shown so plainly, and so It is with that open mind that I come before you this afternoon to present this question. No truth is more Important than to know the will of God in regard to the healing of the body. Some years ago I heard A. McLean in a missionary address, relate how the early preachers he had heard at "Old Bethany" read and preached the Great Commission. "Go ye Into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptised shall be saved." There was a tremendous emphasis on "Baptised," none on "Go," and "every creature." But even now there is none on the last part of the commission, "And these signs shall accompany them that believe, in my name they shall cast demons * * * they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover." We are coming to the time when the church will emphasize and use all the commission. The loyalty to Christ . that obeys the "Baptism,, and the "Go," will also obey the "lay hands on the sick." The first ought we to have done, and not have left the other undone. Brother Craig, of Denver, referring to Divine Healing, well says: "When the Christian church ceases to hold and teach any important part of Christ's doctrine, it will lose,'and deserves to lose, the place of leadership and power." That this doctrine was a part of the Apostolic message and ministry is perfectly clear, and admitted by all. It is not, the whole Gospel, but it is a part in the preaching and practice of Christ and his accepted messengers in the Primitive church. We are set for a "restoration of Primitive Christianity; its doctrine, its ordinances and its fruits." Healing of tne body must be restored to its rightful place. When it is, the church will thrill again with its old-time sense of power, and people healed and helped and saved by its holy ministries will witness with great power to the Lord Jesus and great grace will be upon them all. God, stretching forth His hand to heal gave His servants all boldness to speak His word in that olden day. So He will again in our day. And how much the church needs this new-old evangel. On every side semi-religious, semi-medical schools of thought have sprung up, offering healing to body and mind. They are having a tremendous vogue; for nearly everybody is sick or thinks he is. He has been dosed to death. In the deluge of drugs that has swept over tfc'3 world hardly more have been saved than in the ancient deluge. People were ready to listen to any voice that promised them relief. This condition offered easy picking for quacks, empiricists and charlatana. It opened wide the door of opportunity to a motley crew of healing cults. They were quick to enter. Christian Science, Mind Cure, the New i nought, tue new spiritualism, all araw away many disciples after them. Some estimates of the numbers in these cults reach the amazing figure of three millions. Seven-eights of them were once in the churehes. The spiritual unrest is revealed also in aueh movements as Dowieism; the Salvation Army; Socialism, as a religion; the crowding into philanthropic and reform campaigns, industrial, municipal and national; and iu social settlements, and other efforts for social betterment, all mostly or wholly outside the church. What is the meaning of all thiF? Men are seeking something the ehureh does not give. What is that something? It is a r- ligion that touches a man's whole he- ing, comes int.o his business and bosom, heals liif> body, r'-s's his miii'l. mid savt'.s his sou!. The ehureh lias dealt with spirit, but sent bin; auav to (jthi-rri for body and mii:d. And she lias lost, mightily because »!:•? did. The early ehuivh did not .-o. She look hi-i 1 stand in tii'- mid.->t of lilV with both hands full <d gins oi all men':-; needs. She must do no now and ever. Tims will she displace these false claimants Jtot the throne of dominion over men'§ lives, and receive from God a scepter of power to rule the world with mercy and truth. Healing in the name of Jesus will swallow up all the rods of all the magicians. The new candidate for the church's favor, the Emmanuel movement Is better than the others, but it is not the best.lts popularity, the real service io those who come under Its tre*at- ment, only show that humanity naturally looks to the church for Its ministry. While 1 rejoice in the good it Is doing, I have somewhat against it. .1st. Why classify diseases Into functional and organic, and apply the church's help to the former, and turn the latter empty away? Is God partial to neurotics? Or has he power to heal the nerves only, and not all the rest of the body? 2nd. Has the church no word of mercy and hope for the vast body of incurables, who suffer not only their pains, but the gloom of the physician's hopeless verdict as well? Is there no balm in Gllead? Is there no physician there? 3rd. Shall we mix and mingle hypnotism and religion, autosuggestion and prayer, and call this strange Jumble an appeal to God for healing? Either let us have more God, or less. 4th. Why a scientific diagnosis before the help of God is invoked? Why hitch up the doctor to a Job confessedly too big for either alone? "If he is not Lord of all, He is not Lord at all." 5th. Is the church called to adopt a movement that offers help to only a favored few, and to these few by only a few rare souls especially equipped by psychological gifts and training. But this is exactly what tne high priests of this profession gravely tell us. They warn with solemn earnestness the average preacher from undertaking a Job so i delicate and dangerous. Were we to venture into this esoteric circle our ignorance and zeal would harm the church and harm our patients. My New Testament, says these healing signs shall accompany them that believe—you and me and all—not Dr. Worcester and Bishop Fallows alone. My God is no respecter of persons. 6th. In the last analysis, then, is the Emmanuel movement anything more "than mind cure? Does it rise one whit above the two lower planes of healing; Physical and Mental? Does it take its stand boldly on the immutable proniisefe -of God, .and declare for Divine Healing by the power of the risen Christ? It does not say, "All things are possible to him that believeth," but it says some things are' possible to him that bath nervous ailments if he can find Dr. Worcester or Bishop Fallows, or some other rare soul who has taught psychology in some college. Just here let me say with utmost frankness that I am not denying or despising the good in all other forms of healing. Cures are wrought. Many are made stronger and better by them. No doubt of it. Cares are lightened. Faces are brightened. Life is sweetened and enriched. In all this I rejoice, yea, and I will rejoice. Yet, show I you a more excellent way. Let me illustrate by the lame man at the Beautiful Gate of the Temple. See him stretch out his hand for help. Modern Medicine says, we have no help for you. We are sorry. We are sorry. Your case is incurable. Em- manmiesm says, if your trouble were in your mind instead of in your leg, we could cure you. Functional nervous disorders are our sphere of operation. Christian Science says, you have no lameness in your leg, because you have no leg to be larne in. Resides, there is no such tiling an pain and weakness. They are simply delusions of mortal mind. Hut early Christianity says, "In the name of Jesus Christ of .Va/.areth, rise up and walk, and he enters with them Into the temple, walking and leaping and praising God." Yes, the early church had power, tremendous power, power with nod and power with men. It laughed at position, and exulted at. obstacles. It. carried everything before it like a mighty flood. It arna/ed all beholders and .silenced all cavils. Who that, hears I)r. Oye tell of the wonderful works of God 01: I he Congo does not yearn to s>ee HIH h things in the church at home? What, zeal, what devotion, what transformations of life •.'. Iril magnificent giving, what, a sensf iif obligation to carry the Gospel to th< iv-miins beyond. Oh. it is all bcauli r'ul. it is like the story of the Jeru .- t'.-iu church. Kc.-;t.ore t.h<. union of ••|'i-'-;<cli the word," "Heal the nick," in our churches, and the .-,tory ot' Jerusalem and Jjolenge will \>>: p-peated. K 1 . >-r.'where (',<,<[ hath united th>-m. ',\'l;;: t 'Jod hath joined together lei no luan put asunder. Adapting Dr. Dodd'a word about the Provldental movement toward unity, etfne say, "I,see nothing half so svr- )ernaf.ural in this dny of ours as this mpulse toward the Gospel of Healing. We are caught In nothing less than the flood tide of the Holy Spirit's fulfilling will. It is impossible to resist It. I look upon it as the spiritual miracle of the times." In view of this marvel one of New England's greatest physicians said the other dny: "If the religion of Jesus Christ could find its way down into the heart of every man, woman and child, and have its rightful sway there, lawyers and doctors could go to farming." A man Is not renlly cured till his character is changed, his sins pardoned, and his conscience at rest. When Christ comes int.o the temple of a man's body, pence, joy, love and courage come in. He drives out fear, hate, worry and sin. "Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." "Trust in God," says Dr. McComb, "draws together the scattered of the inner life." SCHOOL BOND ELECTION NOTICE. E. P. HULL DRALER IN Ncw and Second-Hand FURNITURE Queensware, Granite and Tinware Cash paid for Second-Hand Furnitere SEWING MACHINE. ROLLER BEARING. HIGH CRAOI. Notice Is hereby given to the qualified electors of Hudson School District of thn County of Los Angeles, State of California, that In accordance with the provisions of the political code of the State of California, an election will be held on the 21st day of May, 1900, at the schoolhouse In said District, between the hours of 1 p. m. and 5 p.m. (during which period and-between which hours the polls shall remain open), at which election the question of Issuing and selling bonds of aald district to the amount of ten thousand Dollars, for the purpose of raising money for purchasing school lots, for building or purchasing one or more school houses, for insuring the same, for supplying the sanio with furniture and necessary apparatus, for improving the grounds, will be voted upon. The said bonds thereunder to be Issued and sold, shnll be of the do- nomination of one thousand Dollars each, and shall bear interest at the rate of five per cent per annum and shall be numbered from one to ten consecutively, payable as follows: Bond No. 1, one thousand Dollars, to run one year. Bond No. 2, one thousand Dollars, to run 2 years. Bond No. 3, one thousand Dollars, to run 3 years. Bond No. 4, one thousand Dollars, to run 4 years. Bond No. 5, one thousand Dollars, to run E> years. Bond No. C, one thousand Dollars, to run 6 years. Bond No. 7, one thousand Dollars, to run 7 years. Bond No. 8, one thousand Dollars, to run 8 years. Bond No. 9, one thousand Dollars, to run 9 years. Bond No. 10, ono thousand dollars, to run 10 years, That C. D. Howe will act as Inspector and W. R. Hudson and G. .T. Gilly wjll act as Judges of said elec Lion, and conduct the same, said in spector and Judges being competent and qualified electors of said School District. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, wo have ' hereunto set our hands this 9th day of April, 1909. OEO. E. CROSS, E. RAMBAUD. J. W. HUDSON. Trustees of Hudson School District, Los Angeles County, California. May 21 by buying thto reliable, hqnert, ' high grade new* • ing machine. STRONGEST GUARANTEE. National Sewing Machine Co* Bclvlderc, III. ^ RANCHERS, WE OFFER YOU AN OPPORTUNITY TO SAVE MONEY: I have for Bale a quantity of secondhand harvesting tools, mowers, rakes, harvesters, almost anything you neod In this line which can be had at, one- half thfjlr real value. They are all in excellent repair and were purchased now by me when farming on the Baldwin lands. W. L. GRIFFITH, Tel. 199. tf Covlna, Cal. Select Your Route TOURIST CARS To the EAST Via New Orleans, El Paso or Ogden Personally Conducted Tourist KxeursioiiK from Lou Angeles to New Orleans, Washington, Ciin-imuili. Louisville, ChiejiK". St. Louis Kansas City, l)cnver, Omaha. Minneapolis, St. Paul and other points in the F.ast without change of cars. Thronjfh the wanner climate of the South, with its rice and cotton fields', or over the route of th<: Pioneer:, of '•}'.», and across Great Salt Lake ..... "tfoiny to sea on a train." 1). IJ. SCJIKNCK, A (ft-nt. Covina Home phono 144 or G. L. TK'AVIS, Commercial A^ent, Pomona Home phone f,1; Suubot Main 70 Southern Pacific J,o Office, <«00 S. Spring St., corner Sixth THE DEPOT GROCERY AND MARKET will serve jou with the best. Our stock is carefully selected and cannot fail to please. OUR BLRNDKD COFFEE Twenty-live cents per pound, roasted and blended for the Depot Grocery is unrivalled. OUR MEAT MARKET is noted for the quality ot its goverment inspected meats, hams and bacon. Fresh eastern oysters in bulk a specialty. ROBERT CRENSHAW Our motto: Prime goods and moderate prices. Phone 22 C. H. Allen F. M. McHugh Ask the Bbys for Prices McHUQH & ALLEN Reo Garage and Machine Shop Storage Batteries Charged Phone 1121 Die, Pattern and Model Making 107 West College Avenue COVINA, CAL. AMERICAN SAVINGS BANK LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA ASSETS OVER $1,800,000.00 4 PER INTRHPST CPNT I>AI " °N SAVINdS *''-" ' ACCOUNTS WRITE FOR INFORMATION ^•^ » l*IN I i 'lltl. ' L- IfUJl k /»***kM It takes a yood deal of Machinery to run your ranch, doesn't it? Something- need fixing? That's what we do— WE FIX THINGS Thoroughly equipped for all classes of machine work. Patterns made. Estimates furnished. We manufacture the "KT" valves and gates. THE KELUR-THOMASON MFG. CO. Shop and Office opposite S. P. Depot Home Phone 289 Covlna, Cal. J, N, WILSON The Blacksmith With the most skillful mechanics and the best equipment we can do your work in the most workmanlike and best manner m shorter time and at a reasonable cost to you. 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