Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 15, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 15, 1954
Page 2
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, A RK AN S A S Monday, February 15, 1954 an )s/risore than cool, i" of Los 3f8t last t hailed se sine* £>;. , to s-'i thyth- >B, sweet -* **4*ite |ve as .,-, ^pwji a*. Shep l^-as •wild~Ate>.uke Elllng- **"• -"'^* Stravinsky) '•>* Spike pb'a'nd is ari orfftnger's dream ' tolled a^, He^e'sfplained ' ' fe^a 6 te^«he>f »nf%Ta ,rc- th^W 5 " 8 : 1 <»R duJ W?»F» )ut the band^bufr. ...iJLb-ji ., •? '**•£» »«* tdpbpss ' iin^ ^ A fcc •}i „., ortly In !fi}»%6?>'ln our;-ar- r^Hgif" to. 'bring iSaiHvi^w 1 ^?' |iplt & oAir.i^l • doJn% the' U-)jyt, th&3 band W. Mi»py. times Aim' an,' ..^ipuld' say,' ftalj', Hi morti JricFhadf ta fit 'patter, so, it ... - t rt>/ KityUtipft to, bring ^busfoieffldWe.play' •-••pftfpSttwsrit'iJf'- ^.this ear)y stag* ^li^TJ 1 -*?''$W ' W * M 'tftvd £% j>»$ Concerts ^^Jfc.A^ ^ "'-W' W,v«. BOL'L' SESSION—C- E. Dandy Don seems to be a lot of bull for th&te* two pretty cow gals to be handling, but Marlene Adron, "left, and D&rothy Bauers, both of Red Bluff, Calif., seem to have the situation well in hahd. The dandy specimen will be auctioned • 1 bff*ln a bull'sale in early February for the benefit of the March • of Dimes campaign. MARKETS 8T- MHJIS, LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, Til J5, f —,Ho,gs , 1,500; fairly active; Weights ISO lb up fully, ; 25 lower Friday's average; lighter weights • 25-50 lower; cows fully steady; spots 25 higher bulk choice 18CT-230 lb 2625-65 several loads and small lots mostly uni- -form lots urt^er 225 lb 2675; 240- 27J) lb 2500-2615; few 270-300'lb 2400r!2500; 150-170' lb 2525-26-25; so t ws| <60 f lb> down" 2300-'5;' few 2400 heavier 'sows 2200-75; boars 1550-2000 Pattle 7,000, calves S00; initial s unevenly lower on slaughter mod/ erate. demand for. .acerrfent-- material, and few fes .(his- class about steady, in- idinfci choice- quality.' lightweight i),2ff ( <jOOf dows opening general- •«'st^ady^-utfl(ty4and commercial Sows 1100*1259} \canners apd' cut- utility/ an*d qo'mmercfal 1200',' ciitfeV b'tllls' lOOO-nso • n#r- QUtleJ; for*, faj; he,a,vy hulls; and' cave's steady good , cl}oic4, veaJers 2JOO-2700; few fine, r to ^00,';, commercial and x£largejy 15$lr2100 „ , iheep 600; lambs opening strong fully 25 higher; top 2300 fo.- ice and- prime 100- lb wooled bs; some others held at the j'nice, this being„ naw highi since August; otljer cfaojco, and, prime Svoolskins m'ainly 225,0-75 \ sizable j'ar-t, of run nto sold; aged sheep steady slaughter ewes 300*500 steady; slaughter ewes 300-500 N5W YORK STOCKS YORK, Feb. 15 W Strong rro'ss-surrenls of buying and sell- in a small group of storks — .nsjuding New York Central — Swept the stosk mprket today into an irregular tangle of gains and losses. New. Yqrl? Central failed to open jntil, wejl- into the third hour o£ tradjng as a long jam of boying prders hit the floqr of the New York Stock Exchange and foond JJQ romparable nomber of sellers, Governors of the exlhange bqlted all trading) in the stock on th£ exchange hntil they cohld inatch the orders and.arrlfe at an equitable price. Two honrs and tjventy mindtes after the opening 0t! thiB- market, New York Central opened! on a block of 65,000 shares at 26) 18; Old roosters 17. Butter: 1,080,036, pounds. Market steady. 93 score 65 cents a pound 92 score 65; 90 score 62; 89 score G2y 2 ; carlots: 90 scoore 63.Vi 89, score 62 3 ,.V. J2ggs- 15,454 cases. Market weak. White large extras 60-69.9 per cent A 'and over 45! •> cents a dozen mixed large extras 60-69.9 per cent A and over.45M>; mediums 80- 69i9 per cent A and over 44'/a stan- da,rs 44; current receipts 42^; cii> ties 41; checks 41. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO, Feb. 15 Grains declined on the Boar 8of Trade, today with only soybeans showing resistance to .the downward trend. Hea'vy receipt's oft'cash coin>de^ pressedi both''corn, and/ oats.- Old crop i wheat deliveries sank on •disappointment Oy^i^falljire jsf. B.rwji to"-buy any' whe'at-ifrom the- United 'States,' Possibility of rain-in the Southwest cl-e^iitpd sqljing in : ngw crbp wheat,* t if j, ' •A' ! ' Soybeans rose ab,put 2 cents, ;in eai ly ? djCalings-bu£ sold' off- follo'w- ing announcement'''^', a' lower gpy- ernment support .price for buttiSr-, effective April 1, I^Jwever, Strength in soybean meal , anrfs exports •«jp? soybe,aris ^il(helped,;^ prevent any refil'weak'ness'in'jbQans. ; Soybean w^s'^qfuij^d, pi, $77,30 toj $78.00 , a tojijlajiiew high for this year. f , '{ Wheat closed ^ i n ^ to 2 cents lower, March $2.14V^-?^, corn J /4-il4 lower, March $1.51%. oats —I j /Jj lower, March ,77 ( %-y2, rye I'/i- 1— lower, Mai eh $I.20z and soybeans 1 cent lower to-1 cent'higher, March $3.23-$3.22,- ' ans lard 2 .0 13"- cents' a hundred pounds higher, March $.17.00. Cash'wheat: None., Corn: No. 1 Yellow 1.55V4-55y a No. 1 1.55-56; . 3 l,50>/ 4 -4>/ 2 ; No. 4; 1.47J/4-1; No. 1.1^1> sample 1 grade 1.47— "/i. Oats: No. li heavy white 83-83; No: 2/82; sample grade 77 ] / 2 ;No. white- 80-81M; No.' 3, 77; sample rade 75. Soybeans': None. Barley nominal; .jMaltmg 1,20-62 eed 93-1.18. Field seed per 100 lb nominal: White clover 10.00-10.50. Red top 57>00-58.00i -alsike }6.;5017.50; timothy l&SQ-ia.'iQ, red do er 27,00-28,00, , , , N&W YORK COTTON NEW YORK, Feb. 15 Ofl — Cot- n|fhgures displayed initial steadiness today ahdn'then t«rned>lower on liquidation. Most of the selling VftS^ attributed to profit taking by ftphirmssion houses and-profession- the recent DTI :> "^1 —j .-, ,-,, -.„,, shoit jn" 'near'by r wfar/eht pripr ;tl96-day, along-wJth mill foreign buying. However, the -^, encountered fairly libera} gg. when nearby months reagtie^ the 34.50 cents ? pound Je.vijt ".Qp^ traders were h,?sit9nt »$»#, Ifl^j w«eK carried over- spot rises at the, prjmpiry.mar to almost 1 qenjs a pound ye th? Ifraj) levels fpr those t afternoon- prices were vjn< to QO cents a bale lowei then "the previous close. March •- --' - - - - ' 34>23. Showers Forecast for Arkansas By The- Assopiatftd RPress Arkansas didn't cool off. much ast night from unseasonable tem- jeiatures that climbed into the ligh 70s in most sections of the state yesterday afternoon. The lowest reported temperature •his morriing was 56 degrees at Qzark and Newport. Other low temperatures this morning included 58 at Fort Smith; 59 \at ^qri-llton; ,GO at Walnu Ridge and' Arkadelphia; 61 a kittle Rook-, Fayetteville, Damden and Tj^rdanelle ;62 at Texarkaha; and 63 at El Dovado, Bqtesville and Flippm, The-U. S. Weayje^ Bureau a.t ittlo Rock said 'today that the w.arm spell wilj continue through this afternoon and tonight, but that i will 'b^ a little coer tomorrow afternoon. Scattered showers and lpca,l ^hun- del-storms also are-forecast for the state today. There was no rain repored ye&terday- Destroys College Building LITTLE ROCK W ~ Two floors of a brick dormitory near the campus of a Negro cojjege here were gutted^ by flames yesterday President T W Coggs pf Arkansas Baptist College estimated the loss at $50,900 The fire was *Jj?co,ye,red in the ftfrty Only <rf Uttt- Seven of 14 Deaths Due 6y Th* Associated Press Violent death came to 18 Arkansans during, the week ended last midnight, and seven of" the victims died in fires J*irc took the lives of three otf four persons who died in accidents over the weekend. Jerry Daniels, a 40-year-old ten ant farmer, perished yesterday When flames destroyed his three- room home at Trumarin, Ark Three other 'persons escaped from the burning house Cause of the fire was undetermined Saturday, an aged Negro woman, Maggie Thomas, and' her grandson, Charlie Thomas, died when fire destroyed four homes at Lepanto, Ark Mrs. Maggie Mae Davis, 46-year old wife of a Russellville merchant, was killed early yesterday when the car in which she was riding crashed into the rear of a parked truck at Russellville Deputy Sheriff Lionel Calburn said the accident occurred shortly after midnight i n front of' St Mary's Hospital He said the victim's husband, Garland Davis, was injured critically in the wreck. Davis owns the Davis Fashion Shop, a women's clothing store, in Russellville Union County Sheriff' R" E Buck said 32-year-old Wayne Barnes of Sfnackover was wounded fatally in a nightclub fight near El Dorado early yesterday. Prosecutor Bruce Bennett said he would fil e first degree murder charges against George Harbin of El Dorado in connection with the shooting Spark man in Substitute er By JACK 8E.LL WASHINGTON; m —sen man_ (D-AlaJ. qame. out, -today for a substitute offered, by, Sen i% Georige "(D-Ga) for a,proposed.cprii I amendment, to, limit' trealfy powers, • Sparkman said in an- interview he believes George has/ "put, into sirnple words" what Sen, Bricker (R-Ohio) sought to do in an amend ment proposal which has. ^ijeer criticized vigorously by President Eisenhower "The George amendmer give assurance to- those who ac- tuaily^ .fear that, avtreaty,j-mig&t< infringe upon constitutional Jrignts," Sparkman said ' •George plans conferences .today with Sen Knowland 1 of "/California', the Republican floor /• leader, i and possibly with Bficker on proposed changes- in his substitute' The- Senate resumes discu'ssion of the constitutional change today, --with George, predicting that a showdown, vote may be reached by Xb, ur s- day ' i ' *!• As it stands now, George's'sub- jtMte/ would nullify treaties or international agreements 'which conf liqt r with' the Constitution It also would' provide that' an international agreement, other than a treatyi should not: become-'effective as internal' law except; by act of Congress Such agreements are not now subject to Senate ratification, as are treaties. Underground . Q/FAY. WASH1NC3T.ON.'.<*) — The- high command's atpm. • qz& "underground. Pentagon." built, inside a mountain 65' 'miles from the national capital,, js ready ' ; Defense Department' sflokes- man said today in reply to a reporter's question that the project, which started three years ago to provide an alternate command post and communications center if atomic attack should threaten or destroy the Pentagon, is "100 per cent completed" The cost; of blasting out the cavern under Hock. Raven Mountain, in Frederick, County, Md. building hoHsing for personnel abpve, ground and .installing communications equipment presumably reached, at least the original estimate of 35 million dollars': Available information' indicates a maintenance force of military personal now is at what the Defense Department! cajls its "joint supplemental communications facility" Juvisdiption of the vacility, which includes the former Natjpnal training site of' Ft -Hitehie a_s well as the- manmade cnyern five miles from the-fort, is under fhe Defense Department Its. t use In wartime, would- be by. a)) three services — A r.m,y, N,ayy and' Ait- Force—for central direction of defense, and counterattack even though headquarters $t Washing* ton might be wiped out The Pen, t^gon itself, i s a peculiarly vulnerable t arget for air attack, easily identifiable from the, air by radar ftuge of its stpne-ste«l- construe, and unique shapo and its la- on nwf t- he JMomae RJvpr The undergrowij. >Penjt9gon was and BOARD AND LOGIC —Ger. mah actress Margret Jacobs, at Hamburg, vividly demonstrates the difference between her, outline and that of an ironing board. Why? Because authorities recently declared all "bosom - developing remedies" dangerous 'and forbade their sale. Margret thinks if the order is not rescinded, a lot of; women are going,to look like ironing boards, Rulings in State Supreme Court LITTLOLO ROCK UP) — The Arkansas Supreme Court today handed! down the following decisions: Wiley W Bean vs Oscar Humphrey and others, appealed from Ptilaski Chancery Court, affirmed Nellie A Hill vs Chancellor James A .Rowles, .petition for writ of prohibition to Saline Chancery Court, denied Jimmy G Broach vs McPherson Sice Milling Co, Desha Circuit Court, modified and affirmed Helen M Davis- and others vs John M. Golden, judge, petition for writ of prohibition to Cleveland Circuit Court, denied • •• Woodmen of- the -World Life Insurance Society vs Effie , A Bowie, Faulkner Circuit Court, affirmed T. A. Watts and others vs Dessie Mahon and other, Pope Gh an- cery Courts' affirmed B • and • C Motors vs Elmer Carden Jr, Saline Circuit Court; reversed George Edward Thiel vs Payton Mobley, Greene Probate Court, reversed Ancil Martjn-, and, .others vs Har- Peeks. Ififo ris^ner By JOHN- G. CUTTER WASHINGTON, (UP) - A marine court of inquiry will b?gin Lhe first formal investigation germ war "confessions" by Dairy Price Supports Are Reduced WASHINGTON (UP) — Secretary of Agriculture Ezra T, Benson today announced a cut In ,... dairy price supports, effective O f April 1, which he estimates will 'mean about an eight-cent a pound an , . • . i reduction in retail butter prices. American prisoner .of the Comma-1 BensQn lo , d fl ncws conference nists tomorrow In a case expected | that government price props on to set historic precedents. (butter, cheese and dreed milk will dairy price supports fot the year starting April 1, as more than $350.000,000 w orth of dairy products piled up in government warehouses. He noted that the agricultural act of 1949 requires the secretary to set dairy supports between 75 and 90 per cent of parity, a t a level which he determin- ines is 'necessary in order to assure an adequate supply." A little paraffin added to hot starch will keep the atircn from sticking to the iron. Three generals and an admiral must recommend what should be done in the ore of Col. Frank H. Schwable, .wl-o- broke under Red torture and "confessed'' war guilt. He repudiated the "confession" after his release from a Korean^ prison camp last September. Schwable, who is 45 and lives in nearby Arlington, Va., was the highest ranking .marine c aptured during tho Korean war. He was chief of staff of the First Marine Aircraft Win?. The court'.- proposals and subsequent decision5 by Marine Commandant Con. Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr., may have an important influence on other similar case's under study in the military services. The officinl mnrine crops position is that a 'critical weakness" will develou in military discipline if action In"not taken against American priH.)ttr.. - s who broke too eacily lU'der Re'.l prt j.suriv ry Bratton' and others, Searcy Chancery Court, reversed and re manded Raymond Johnson and others vs Dennie Rbbbiris and others, Garland Chancery Court, reversed i drop from 90 to 75 per cent of parity, the lowest level permitted in farm law. He said dollars-and-ccnts support levels for the three dailry products will be announced later. But he said he thinks "housewives can count on about an eight-cent a pound drop in butter." Benson announced the new Tired of "Almost" Relief From PILES? Then Write For This FREE BOOK! Tired of ointments — diets — treatments that almost bring you comfort — but never quite finish the job? 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Proved B^FOP: they 'rebuilt, AFTER they're get proved powerATfte greal SJJyer Diamond em gine gives you pe^t Berformanee^at^owes^ cost. You get prpyed stamina! Irjtem4tional9 with all-steel pet the NwwI'Alwi Drsier "Mew en, Ihe Go," <J9Jly bodies are bu,i!t for years of service. You get proved comfort! Bide in the famous Comfo- .Vision cab and see for yourself. Get more pickup for your dollar, Come in today. Convenient terms available. Let us show you the new Inter- Rpdlo, jponicu-scj by INTPNATIQNAl Truck TOLE TEX COMPANY HOPE, ARKANSAS PS^Sl|fl|s!iSj®f;:l;|p| ; 3 ''!gm''iMfllS^»fffffW^t:.

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