The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 11, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 11, 1977
Page 6
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PACK ft—NADGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), THURSDAY, JULY 18, 1940 Sports Chatterbox Uy JAC« I>ARDY VS. OYM Wo have brim unitulccl to hour inich fiivonihlfi comment on Ihu Sift- 000 vVflccmu: Homo" article thu wiw f'-n.ttirod In this column Inti wonh. Although w*> do not wlnh t' rnako n habit ol 'mixing politic) with .ipr/rt.-i, we bcllovp It ncccH'jiiry to kc-f'p the dr.T>l"rabto luck of upon facUKIr.s in thf' borough hofofo lh.n public rye, Thnroforo wo auk liguln, how can our locul politicians think tit appropriating the hugo .sum of $10,000 for ii f,nhor Day "Welcome Home f'.iiwlii." while on:- votor*imi huvn (won plondlnj; fur n new Gym- Auditorium am] whlln our High School b».'ilfr;tball iiquud IH bolnf; ;«int to Watoi'hiiry In order to so- euro fi KiiUablo playing mirfnco? | NV>t only votfriind hiivn boon telling us to keep plugging thlH Hltuu- tlon, but high Kchonl puplln nnd older cltlxcnn UH wfll. One v<;t aik- they decorating the buildings nnd float'i with dollar bills?" White »n- other told ill "We'll decorate our own cars iind floats, tell 'em to usu tho money for our Gym.' 1 One ox-GI even wont HO fur n;i to s<ay "Wo vots should rill get together nnd rc- fufle to march on Labor Day until our Gym-udltorlu.Ti proposal Is approved." And so it went all over tou'n, no mutter who you talked to It was the namp. Well there you have It, "we've tin voted our entire column to this] St. Francis Tops Ansonia 9-4 In Free Scoring Game Locals Use Several Members Of Rangers Club In Downriver Game S£ - Francis, of •iltuation again, In the hope thut Amateur League, It will stir up enough public sonla, c;mie from behind to troimrc the Naugatuck playing at An- opinion to got some action. Action th'it will bring our basketball ;:nmos back homo, and action that will iihow our vet's we appreciated thoy did in a sincere material cclobi'UtlnK "Horn way, not In a lilowlng" way. ODDS AND ENDS Local nmntnin- league officials ins'o boon dlsiippolntod In U\R way tho iittcndnnco hna been dropping off for their Sunday double-head- With so many people spending What* By Tho MAYOR OF "Pop" Shoi'tell's Ar.fonin. Alumni team, 9-4, as the locals staged a big rally In the fifth to win, With the aid of several members of tho Ranger Ball chib, Pcankie, — • * • «•Furs, Boil McDermotc, and Johnny viously heralded as the "Ford'ham •Galcskl, who were the cutstrtnding Flro-biUler" has been labeled no TIBS AND THAT— * Sullowfacod Hank .Boro^vy, Baseball Standings [Great Interest In Playground Games NATIONAL LEAGUE Results Philadelphia 30, St. Louis 7 Cincinnati -0. Brooklyn 2 Chicago 10, Boston 0 Plttaburgrh -8'. Now York C , , the Standing' .. W... IA Pet Brooklyn ............ 49 33 .598 St. Louis ............ 49 34 .5.00 Chicago .." ........... 4435 .557 Boston .............. 40 43 .182 Cincinnati ........... 3841 ,481 Philadelphia .... ____ 3443 ,442 New 'York ........... 36 46 .439 Pittsburgh 33 48 ,.407 "Haw (lir> hcic.'k cnn they cvor .510,000 on <i par/ttlrf? Aro hot weekends at the shore, thoy are now seriously conKiderlng Installing lights tit the Rocreatlon llrld nr>xt year and scheduling wonkly ai'c conteatH A new ALL STAR ^ BOXING at Municipal Stadium OriirK" f> Mulligan, rromrjtn TONIGHT CHAN. (K. O.) C'MANKY of Itiiltlmorr, Mil., v.i. ISO1S OOKMAN of New York City Hi KntmdM lit K13 I'immlH- VI.Vf.'/'J.VT f)KI, OKTO of .Vrw 1'tirlt <.'ltv, VH VIMST/.jNf; >VIJ,I.IK KOACJI of Wlloillifftnn, Del, li> It'xiiid.t at. j;ii) rouadM Krnlr- f;pirrin F Iliirtfiml, VN. awdi-c ,Ja|i(i|t f Siuitli Afrlrn III KniitnN ul .; f'dtirid.i Krunkln J-'olcy or iVi-w riiivi-ii, V.M. f,l-(l IIiiytH-N of iVcvv Vork K ttoiiud.s ut Mfi IViiuidx softbnll team hit'the hoadlney last v/rek, they cnlt themselves t!io "NI3WS Bloomc c-hoys," What next?? .."Spec" Shea Is not only pitching gi'oat ball with Oakland •.uf on the coast, but hitting -too. H|H IOOK line drive douhJc alonjr thr third brvao line In tho 8th inning I won him a recent 0-2 victory ovci 1 ffcuttln, Tr-t] Williams and tho Amrrlcnn I.enA"ue really shamed tho .Vatlnnuta In that 12-0 All-Stai- tilt. Al'ttr picking the A. L. to win, wi< can fiiraln ymllc nnd say "I told you so," hope the good luck con- (Inii'Ki .Thilr.ston'.'i .xofth«llor.s will niMunic netkin lh.ts'. week after the holiday lay-off and arc still looking for jfamrjii with nil loading .•loftlmll clubs ir. thl.-i arnn . .Boh MoDormoU'a Ran.'.'oi's cllnchncl the Hi'.it round title of tho local ama- t.i'iir hasoball loop with their 3-2 victory over St. Prancls Sunday. The .Sulnt." almost pulled It out with a two run uprising in the flth but fiiuUy base; i-unning co-u them rtinH. Si. Francis who stars c>f the contest, tho Saints add ed alngle tallies in the first, thii'd and fourth innings to overcome a two run lead by the I/nvender. , In the sixth the Konnedymen put the contest on ice with three more, markers driving Marchand to Hie showers In favor of Love, who lln- ished the contest. The Ansonia club scored two markers In the first and tsvo In the fifth with "Boots" Jnrvls and Joe Staffari lending tho attack for tho down-river club. Furs, Mariano, an Curran led both teams at the plati Lefty Curran on the mound I'D tho second straight time for th Saints, was thu complete rn'usto kooplng four hits scci.ttored, Curra struck out eight and walked four The score by innings: St. Francis ... 101133 0—9 0 Ansonia 200020 0 I 4 Batteries—Curran and Mariano Pistarelli, Lcsns, Marchand, Lov and Sttiffari. d,. ,5;;,7r,, OiimNtund Ui .served ,fi3.,-h and Hush All TIIM-M Iiii-Iudcd '•uhi-lM Now on Sale at. Miilij;un TlrUi-li ,\nw on Sain at MtilllgHn's Ki'staimint Hi I'lHM-ni.v Avc.. Wiiti'i-bury J'liiiiin V.'ut. ,'!-H7(iy wan (,-ivcn tbn edge In pro-season ron:c:a:,t.H certainly mls:i their pilch- Ing aco "Rod" Mariano, who under- wont a kncp .operation recently. Hope your biiok. In .shiino for tho conil round ".Red," SWIM AT QUASSY BEACH LAKE (jUASSAPAUG f'.li.M,. HIIHII-H Hun Illrri-l In Ili-nV rf.KANKHT SI'DT rN Till; STA'I'i: Millville AA In Bethlehem Tonight The Mi'llvlllo A. A. will Invnrto Bcthlehom tonight to clash with the strong Pomporaug Lo.-iguc nine of that place. This contest is scheduled for six o'clock nnri will be pla.wd on the spacious American Legion Park, nt BMhlehom. of •-, ••- -^> t. 1 J I, . II; 111, l^JJI.' fastest dnmonds In tho state The local club will leave Nau-a- tuck at (Ivc o'clock. All players are requested to moot at. Walter's restaurant. Manager Stauffor will most "k«ly use Frank Shillnkaus or Cat-1 .Bonttgor on the mound. as tho "Fordham .Flop" due to h dismal mour.d showing with th Cubs.'.Muybo MacPhail knew wha he was doing—aftcrall!... .Wo sin coroly hope thn.t tlio Sunday Ama lour league has some luck'with, th weather man next month. . .If no they will be staging the playoffs in October. .. .Hey Spec! Dust off them snowshocs. .. . DO YOU REMEMBER DEFT.— Lou . Gcbrig Day at . Yankee Stadium?. .. .And the night Hcnrj Armstrong hammered the gallan little'Barney Ross into a mass of raw meat, his face resembling' a misshapen cantalopc?., .And again tlic time when Gunda." Haag spell ed "finis" to the careen' of Gi'eg Kice, the most courageous little track star we over saw?....And there are many others that just recollecting makes us fool older lhan "Father Time".... IIERK ANT) THERE— Manager O'Neill of. tho Detroit Tigers hns protested last Saturday's Rod Sox victory at Boston However we doubt if ho will get .any further than local managers who rotost umpires' judgement. .. .Toduy's Giunes, Pitchers Brooklyn at Cincinnati — Hlgbo (8-2) vs. Hcusscr (G-6). Philadelphia at St. Louis (Night). —Raffonsberg-er (4-G) Vs. Brazle (2-7) or Barrett (3-2). New .York at Pittsburgh—Koelo (10-8)'-vs. Bahr (4-2), Boston at Chicago—Lee (6-5) vs. Passcau (7-5). ... ..AMERICAN LEAGUE . ... Yesterday's Results Boston 3, Chicago I (1st) .Boston 6, Chicago 1 (2nd) New York 3, St. Louis 2 (1st) New York S, St. Louis 4 (2nd) Cleveland 8,. Philadelphia 2 Detroit 3, Washington 2 The Standing Hop Brook Juiors defeated tl in a onesided softball gam at Recreation Prold ycstorda morning, Hop Brook got off to flying start, scoring two runs in th first inning, but the Gianta. com back with seven in the sncoric and nine in the-third ta virtual' end the contest. For Hop Brook it was Ellis an Sobcraski on the. mound and Jo behind tho plate. Hcnr and A.Icdgi tossed 1'or the wintic: >.rid Piccull caught, "All teams interested in playing £-«mcs Jn a!) sports arc urged t contact Peter J, Folcy' at Rccrt-a tion Field. In playground bnssball game Tuesday, the East SIdcrs beat th. Yankees 3-2 and Hop Brook bea Salem 9-6. In the morning jjame, Woostcj was" the winning pitcher for the East SIders. with Pete Brennan catching. Charlie Alodgi pitched n fine game for the losers but errors cost him tho win. Tom Hotchki'ss caught. In the afternoon game, Welch pitched Hop Brooh to victory with Ed Strcyacy doing the catching. Hank Horn and McCann were the losing" battery. W.. L, Pet. lUinnosotfi quarterback J?il) Gar \n:<a h.i.s signed to play for "pay 1 •/ith the Chicago Cardinals.... 3nsltotball attracted H28.718 to Madison Square Garden, last full... 'no Cordon, Yankee kcystoner, is not for siilc" ...There should be large crowd at Recreation Field or the Highlanders-Rangers elas- io on Sunday... The Rangei-s are Ip.nnins- "KOOC! football" for local ins this fall....The Sunday Ama- eur Lun/riic playoffs arc scheduled or September 8, 15 and 22. GALLAGHER and BURTON WHISKEY (Black Label) $3.48 Tho name Gallagher & Burton has been noted since 1877 us sigTufying 1 high excellence of whiskey, The traditional integrity and skill upon which this reputation was built are maintained today as they have boon since the establishment was founded in 1877, FIFSHERMEN: Come in and get your Gallagher & Burton Fishing 1 Calendar, FREE. It tells you just when to fish to make each trip a success. ftlCHElEID Boston 61 2'i ,718 Now York 50 35 '533 Detroit 46 3f,' .568 Washing-ton 41 40 .506 Cleveland 38 45 .458 St. Louie 37-17 .440 Chicago 33 49 .402 Philadelphia 25 50 .309 Today's Games, Pitchers' St. Louis at Ncw York (NighlJ — 'crens (1-4) vs. Marshall (2-2). Detroit at Washington (Night) — 'owhousor (17-3) vs. Leonard (7-3) Cleveland at Philadelphia—Web er (0-1) vs. Christopher (5-1). Chicago at Boston—Hayncs (3-G s. Harris (12-1). St. Michael s Play Indians Tonight The St. Micho.c!'s ,club of Beacon Falls wil play hosts the strong Brooklyn Indians of tonig-ht to presents • LITTLE FOXES July 16-20 SKATS': 75c, ,$1.00, 51.50, $2.00 plus tax .CURTAIN. S .••!£) Tel. Litchfiold SSO Week: Separate Rooms Homers Highlight Waierproof Win Homo runs by Boi'zino, Yankowski and Summa of Wntorproof Packing ."parkod t.'.e team's 10-8 win last night over tho Gayt^os in - -• /^..... n;, an Intor-DapdTlmcnfsbftbi..ll game. ," al P la y bc 5'ns today in eastern Wateclbury in a practice contest Manager Kevit of the down- river nine will use this contest as a "pattern" for Sunday's affair with MillyilJn. The FnJls pilot o.\- pocts to bis lineup in ordei 1 to get back into winning-ways. A Jarcrc foJIov/ing of Beacon Falls fans nro expected to be on hand for this contest. The game is scheduled for 6:35 p. m. +t ' 9l »t anil WHISKIES! ! [ CARSTAIR'S P. M 3.45 A fresh coat of paint on tb« wood work uncf wall* will make that room new again* And if you use tie right paint, you can easily keep it clean «od new looking with soap •nd water. We recommend Murphy Paints Cxforio* . 2nd BIC WEEK Claudette COLBERT John WAYNE Pall Term Opens Sept. 3 THE PERRY SCHOOL Tui- llrmvii lllilB. (Vi.lrrliliry "TIM- I'trry \Vii.y .Mp»n» Hi'tli-r I'n.v" DON DeFORE 2nd HIT BionoE Frances LANGFOKD Ralph EDWARDS WCbMCCDHT «>« uenir i men or GREAT CUV ion TE>'NIS TOURNEY Ncw York. July fi (UP)Quailor clay court; tennis to-i-ni.-... Those still in the running include Oard- nar Mulloy of Miami, Florida, Seymour Grecnborg, of Chicago Elwood T. Cooko of A T cw York, Alejo Russeii of Argentina, Don McNeill of Orange, New Jersey and national champion Frankle Parker of Los Angeles. Parker started late in the tourney and has to win another match before entering the quarler- llnal i-ound. Industrial League Action Tonight Two important tits are scheduled for o.ction tonight in the YMCA Industrial League when tho Risdon Manufacturing engajrcs the Synthetic Division on the North diamond and the strong U. S. Rubber Kcds combat the Naugatuck Gloss company on the South. The Risdon Synthetic game is considered a fairly even match, but the Kcds-GIass gamp .should be a walk-away for tho rubbermcn. Billy Ratio is scheduled to pitch for the U. S. boys with Lefty Farrar catching them from behind the plate. The Ktds are considered the strongest softball team in this area. In 1030 Japan produced 36 million rounds of rayon. In 1939 the total was 535 million pounds, or 25 per cent of the world output CHAPPIE'S' TYDOL GASOLINE Willie Roach, Dell Orto Co Tops Waterbury Bill Black Yankees Top Brasscos, 1-0 The Ncw York Klu.dc Yankees lived up -to thcli- advance notices at the Municipal Stadium Jast night. Touted as 0130 of the greatest clubs ever to appear here, tho Ncw Yorkers nicked Pitcher Mik Kis.sko for a run in the fouritt inning, then protected the margin the remainder of the way with .some of tficg reat- cst fielding- Rams of the year to Sivc rangy Bud Barber the decision over the likeable Torrington right hander. The final score was 1-0. Immediately after the contest Joe Snmosicn. manager of the Brasses and Herb Barker, Black Tan- tee mentor, went into a huddle opes of securing another op (itc on the Yankee 1 schedule f Promoter George Mulligan Arranges Classy Card For Municipal Stadium Waterbury, July :R—An "all- action" boxing program has been arranged by Promoter George Mulligan, of the Walcrbury A C for this evening n,t Municipal RUdlum. Three JO-roundcrs and an cijrhL featuring "club flghtors" with n punch, will be on tap for Nutmeg fans. " Two-nsted Willie Roach of Wilmington, Del,, returns here to provide the opposition for Vincc Do)] 'Orto, New York, in what should be a slam-bang contest. Doll 'Orto recently dropped a decision to return contost. Samoska a ounocd the signing of the No York Cubans before last nigh on tost for a game here next We osday. The Cubans nosed out t rasscos, 3-2 here a month ..„ nd since that time, Samoska h icon dickering with Die club off als for a return contest and /ina received the confirmation yesto ay. The Erarscos play host to th rong -Miami Stars of the Negi Southern Association here Satu day in their next home attraction LESNEVICII MATCHED London, July 13 (UP)—Britis promoter Jack Solomons says tha l:ght !ioBvywofgl]t champion Gu Lcsncvich of Cliffsido, New Jei soy will fight E.-uce Woodcock o England September J7th in London Woodcock is the heavyweight title holder of the British empire. I will be a non-title match SALEM PLAYHOUSE ,'i.l |f SERVICE STATION 248 imrnr.K ST. TEL. 4800 . .MOTOR OILS J > - «' -- — ".-v-».3,vjl LU Irish Pat Brady at the Stadium but put the classy Bronx boxer on the deck in the ninth round with .1 hard right to tho head. Vincc will iry a.nd ban the aggressive Whistling Willie from Wilmi.igton Bob Gorman, who won the middleweight title in the Navy two year,, ago. faces Charley "KO" ° r BaJlim °'-« I" another in u » . oer 10 while Swade Jappa, South Africa heavyweight, shakes hj.s debut here in taking on Ernie GrilTln, Tampa iVPCTft QlilrVrr^., ;„. * \^ . .... ._ er, in tho third 10 rounder. The oponins eight shows Pat Folcy. N c w Haven, and Lcroy Ha,ne. ? New York, in action at 8:30 o clock. Jn the event of rain Thursday Promoter Mulligan will -n.igc the' Phow Friday evening. Indications point to a banner crowd nttcndin- tho second outdoor offering of the -•onson bore. ALCAZAR TODAY ONLY TONIGHT « O'CLOCK ST. MARY'S HALL tJnlon cHy AiisnIcMi n r Allor and FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or NIGHT Independent Cab Co. 100 South Main St. GIN, 00 Proof (Grain) .., . $2.89 Sco Our Liirjro Stock of LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS also All Kinds of Fertilizers All Kinds of Trucking—Ashes. I£tc. Removed McNamara Trucking- Cc. 31 West Naiiffntuck Tel. 8052 TOOLS FOR GARDEN nnd LAWN SHOVELS (lon<r nnd «hort I. WINES, California- Half Gallon $1.79 [BUMS, Cuban— (While They Last) 52.79 XO'I'IS: \Vn w'll l>olil thf prlco linn without clianRc? • afc long n.-i posslbli' In (•(Kiprriitlon with. I'rc.HliU-nt Tnunun. J. K. STORES CUT RATE LIQUORS - WINES BEER 396 North Main St. Union City, Conn, Kit IS K DKMVKltV ANYWIIISUE IN NAUGATUCK Toloj)liono '1979 • GAUDKN KAKKS • HOES — SPADES C PRUNING SHEARS • GRASS SHEARS CANS, Inc, Maple St. Tel. 3507 THIS WEEK ONLY KVKUY HOY WANTS AN IRISH MAIL (RKGUI-AR ?19.!>8) SPECIAL THAJV A Mil I ,OA OWM HS THAJV A MI I RIEM,s - L. P. RACKE 600 High Street , CONN. Added Attraction! : — THE ATOM BOMB TEST AT BIKINI Sec thi.s grottiest of all blasts jit -v fleet of warships! ! Friday - Saturday "ABILENE TOWN" "DANNY BOY" Little Hof Brau 5 *06 NORTH MAIN ST. } and Vcra. Budris, Props. * Daily Luncheons, Dinners} and A La Carte Menu — 2nd FEATURE — John Wayne in "In Old California" ^ i Friday - Saturday A Thrilling Ice Hockey Story "GAY BLADES" 'Treddie Steps Out" Cars Called For and Delivered Our Complete Services Givn You Carefree Vacation Driving 1 !! POUST'S SERVICE STATION 144 Rubber Ave. Tel. 4935 Full Liquor License IMNCIXG FRIDAY. SATURDAY, SUNDAY Open Daily Until 1 A. M. BEACON KIDDIE CENTER » GRAND STREET Waterbiiry ... I SWEEPING I COMPOUND I With Antiseptic Deodorant! SANZERI'S $%SWZ ISOSAVWGS ST. i>r.\r. 5-0347 ROLLER SKATING LAKE QUASSAPAUG PAVILION EVERY AFTERNOON, 2 TO 5 MONDAY, TUESDAY. THURSDAY, FRIDAY NIGHTS 8 TO 11 P. M. The Coolest nnd Best Skating Surface in Connecticut' • BUSES LEAVE PARK NIG-HTLY.' AT 11:30 P. M. , FULL LIQUOR LICENSE DINING ROOM and BOOTH FACILITIES Friday and Saturday ."Nite" Specials CAPE COD CLAMS ON HALF SHELL — STEAMED CLAMS — — CLAM BROTH — featuring MIDDAY MEAL of HOT DINNERS and SANDWICHES Served from 11:30 to 1:30 • Also Open Sundays, 12 to 9 P, M, RUPPERT'S )•' BEER For $400 you can get A FURNACE and OIL BURNER Sfi Months To Tny The WATERBURY HEATING Co. Leaders In Home Heating 34-36 SrjftKVG ST. 4-0478 NAUGATUCK SPORT ! & AUTO SUPPLY "RUSS" WEAVING, Prop. WInslow Court Tel. SS94 ' AUTO TARTS SPORTS GOODS QUAKER STATE MOTOR OIL PLAY POOL On First Class Tables R & M ALLEYS 155 MAVLE STREET SANDY BEACH LAKE QUASSAFAUG DICK FINLKY,,Mur. Open 10 A. M. to 10 T. M. Boating • Bathlngr • Picnics Darryl F. Zanuck presents IRENE DUNNE — REX HARRISON LINDA DARNELL ANNA AND THE KING OF SIAM with |, LEE .7. COBB - GALE SONDERG.VARD - MIKHAIL RASUMNY DENNIS IIOKY - TITO RENALDO - RICHARD LYON 2nd HIT SHE HAD A WAY WITH MEN STRANGE TRIANGLE SIGNE HASSO — PRESTON FOSTER. -i ALSO LATEST; NEWS — •- ' : " ;: ••''•' * • • =. WATER BUR V '.' i—^ i^^ rf • 'flPPP^PPPV DEWS POUC23

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