Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 8, 1909 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 8, 1909
Page 6
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DOWNEY NINE LOSES TO COVINA HIGH The Local Ball Team Wins Great Game and Maintains League Average of 1000. High School, 5; Downey, 3. If then; la anything that will put a crowd In a good humor, It IK a good, ncrappy ball game. That IB Just what they got In the May Day content, and it. would be hard to have found » happier bunch of farm than the big crowd that cheered when Hull slipped acronn hlB last atrlke-out. It was a game full of features from start to finish, and as It put Covlna High at the head of the league, the satisfaction was doubled. Kistler had Hull In the box to nerve across the benders, and the way he did it was highly satisfactory. The Downey men were all good stickera, and the masterly way In which Hull mixed his curves, and changed hfs speed, accounts for the local victory. In the vtii-y first inning tre visitors looked dangerous. After two men v/ere out, let nri easy one through him in right field, two runs scoring. For H!X rounds the Downeys were blanked. they got a man as far an third; but a little snappy work all around and there was nothing ntlrrlng. In the seventh a. walk and a hit brought arroMH the third and last run they gathered. At the critical moments Hull was very effective with the nl rll'foiit. dope, arifl managed to make monkeys of nine sluggers that faced him. The home boys started to get l.heir's in the very first Inning. Hull walked, Ttlggins lined out a. single, and Hull came homo on Allison's infield grounder that was handled too slow to get iiiiii out. at first. At this point 'Klsl.ler flew to second, doubling HiggltiH out. The third started well, but. poor work on the bases accounted for two men getting out lifter being passed to first. Illgglns was bettor than ever, and h\c- ed out. a two-bagger, scoring on Allison's poke to loft. The two runs gathered In this way tied the score, but It did not look like a cinch by any moans. The fifth frame was a lucky one. Ohomborlen was hit by pitcher, and was scored by Daniels' two-bagger. Hull nnd Illgglns l!ew out, arid It cnrno up to Allison again to score a run. In his first throe times up, Sam did not got credit for a hit, but each time he managed to bring a runner over the pan. In this case Daniels came In on his grounder to first base that was juggled long enough to make the runner safes. In this Inning the visitors pulled off another double play; Hives , to Oraham, to Hipilres. i-'imitli! got a neat single in the sixth after Wall went In t<> pitch. Kirby bounced one toward second base, and was safe. Adslt and Daniels walked, forcing Sprotle In. With the bases full, and chances for a sensation, Hull made the third out. After tills rally there was no further scoring, both pitchers settling down and pitched gilt edged ball for the rest of the game. The principal feature of the game was the wiy Klgglns slammed the ball around tl't; lot, making three runs In four times nt bat. Hprotte was next with two to his credit.. It In the first, time that tin' high school has had the opportunity to perform before a large crowd, and the style and snap they put into Iliolr performance was much appreciated. Following is the official score and summary: COVIN'A IIKill SCHOOL. All H II Sit I'O A K Daniels, '2\i It 1 I 1 (i I! 2 Hull, p U 1 0 0 0 '2 0 Iligglns, If 4 1 It 0 0 0 0 Allison, c 1! 0 0 0 !) 0 0 Kistler, ss 4 0 0 (I 0 1 0 Sprotto, rf 4 I '2 0 '2 I I Kirby, Ib 4 0 I l !:> 0 1 Adslt. cf :i 0 1 0 It 0 0 t'hemberliMi, lib. I! I 0 0 1 '2 0 Totals. . . .'Jit fi X '_' '27 DO\VNMOY IIIOIJ SCHOOL. All |{ II SII I'O Church, If f, (i 0 0 (l Phillips. HS 4 1 0 0 I? Onihani, rf -1 0 1 0 '2 Iv Hives, lib. ... 4 i 'J 0 L' H. H<'eves, cf I! 0 0 0 (I S<|llitVS, 11) I', 0 (I 0 0 0 II Shaw, lib 4 0 1 0 7 It 1 Woland. c I; 0 0 0 4 2 ,'! Wall, p It 1 0 I) 0 I! (i Totals... .;tt it r> (i ji; 10 r> S I'M.\1AUY Two base hits iiuiiii-iis, lUtt.uins, K. Hives, Wiihiiid. First base on errors Covina ."., Downey fi. Left on bases Coviii;" '.i, Downey ;">. liases on balls — off Wiilt 1!. Hives It, Hull _. Smirk out by Hull it, Walt L', Hi\es li. Double plays -Shaw, unassisted: Wall. Shaw, to Squires. Hits made off Hull .". off Walt It. off Hives :,. Wild pilches- Walt. Hives. Hit by pin heel ball Chemberh-ii. Time of name-1 hour, 4-"i inin. I'mpiiv—Williams. TRV THE GOTO TURNI TUBE CO. FOR ANYTHING IN THE LINE OP FURNITURE or flOOR (OVERIIKS SAFEST PLACE TO TRADE W. Q. CUSTKR, Manager COVINA TAKES EASY GAME. Store Clerks from City Put Up Rather Poor Exhibition of Baseball. Covlna, 11; Outfitting Company, fi. The homers did not seem to take much pride In themselves last Sunday when they lined up against the bunch of counter Jumpers, that came out to try their luck at the great national sport. Of course Covina did what was expected of them, and more than doubled on the visitors, but the men played with a lack of ginger, notwithstanding "Hllly'fl" glaring reference to a game that slipped away from the locals Just a short time ago. Aguayo was again the hero with the stick. After a brief Interval of looseness by Ping In the opening frame when the urbanltes had annexed three runs, Pete came to bat with the bases full and slammed one over the left fielder's head. Three runs came over, leaving Pete on third, Church scoring him with a neat bit past short. Ping whlx/ed them over In a bewildering fashion, and blanked the visitors up to the ninth. In this last, Inning a pinch hitler went in and landed safely, bringing two runs home. C-nahl was the box artist for the opposition, and was really a poor specimen in the department. Ills wearisome vvindup must have cnnulcd the boys; for the best he could do wan to slide them straight aeroi-is, and trust to luck and the umpire. That he was not. lanced oftoner will always remain a mystery. Hits in the sixth and seventh netted two runs, but. the eighth was the inning that brought the windfall. Llbby and Montague singled and scored on Cushman's double. Kendall was safe on an error, Aguayo Rot to first by a fielder's choice, Cushman scoring. Kendall was enught at third. Church singled, scoring Pete. After stealing second, and being passed to third, he came homo on Stewart's fly to first that Terry misjudged. A feature of the game was the bat work of Cushinan, who v/orked out around third base. After he lost the fear of the pitcher in two times at bat, he landed for a triple and a two-bagger. Church was the only other man to got more than one hit. Santa Monica !s dated to play here the 10th, and a rattling good game is anticipated. With a few more teams out here that can class with the Los Angeles Athletic Club, the game will be boosted In Covlna, and a little more "pop" can be Instilled Into the players. The score: COVIXA AB H II SI! I'O A ]••:, Aguiiyo, If H '2 I Church, ss 5 I '2 P. Fairly p 4 | f Stewart, L'b 5 0 0 Doc Fairly, rf. . . r > 1 | Lihby, Ib 1 '2 1 Montague, of. ., . > ;\ \ Cushman, .",b. ... I 1 \> Kendall, c t i) o Totals. .. .:;s 11 !> ;! 27 KASTIOHN OUTFITTIXO COMP All H II SI! I'O Hussell, !f ^ o i) o 1 Hobert.s, us ", o •» |) -, l-lml, lib r, I () 0 I! Youngblrd, rf... 4 I :> 0 n •Van!, cf 4 | o o 1 Husse, L'b 4 0 0 0 | Terry, Ib 4 0 0 o 7 (ioddard, c 4 o o o r, <!iwhl, p 4 1 1 0 1 7 S ANY A K 0 0 t! 0 0 I 0 I 0 0 I I) Totals. . . .;i!) 5 5 0 L'4 S fi SUMMARY Three-base hits Aguiiyo, Cushman. Two huso hits — Cualunati, Hoberts. First base on errors—Covlna f., Company f.. liases on bulls off Fairly 1, (iiiahl I. Struck on 4 --by Fairly S, (inahl li. Passed lialls--(!i)ddard It, Ki'iulall I. Hit by pitched ball P. Fairly, Montague. Time of game—:! hrs., |."i mill. I'mpires—(iarrison ami Ciewell. flULGIN STIRS OKLAHOMA. California Revivalist Who Awakened Shawnee Moves on Okmulcjee. TKCl'.MSKH, Oklu., April L'S-Hev. K. .1. Hulgiu of Hiverside, Cal . with a record here of securing sixty conversions ami the, indictment of thirty tour alleged prohibition law violator.-,, will close his revival meetings in Shawnee tomorrow ami immediately begin a series at Okinulgce. where an assistant lii'.s ' :i!:viuly arranged the preliminaries. Among those indicted as a result of Hev. Kulgin's charges were District Judge W. X. Malicn and County Attorney v. <;. Higgers. for aliened conspiracy in (onnertioii with liquor law iolat unit). Sunday-School Orchestra Concert. The concert given by the Christ- Ian Church Sunday-school orchestra, Friday evening, April 30, wan largely attended. Under the leadership of Robert Philleo, the orchestra has ,become a very efficient body of musicians, as wa« demonstrated by Its rendition of three selections of the program. The violin and clarinet duet by Hen Slssen and Grant Chapman was heartily applauded, and an encore was given. Mrs. Gllmore's reading was finely given. The following was the program In full: Overture, "Knoch Arden," Orchestra. Violin solo, Melody In F., Arva Reetx. Short address, Mr. Conley, Romance, "A Mother's Love," Orchestra. Violin and clarinet duet, selected, Ben Slssen and Grant Chapman. Reading, selected, Mr«. Gilmore. Piano 3olo, Miss Anna Reynolds. "The Old Church Organ," Orchestra. K. P,'« Attention. Next Monday evening, at 7:30 o'clock, In the A.O.U.W. hall, a meeting will be held to organize a lodge of the Knights of Pythias in Covlna. The grand deputy will be present. All members of the K. P. are requested to be present. Choral Society Will Meet. The members of the Covina Choral Society wlirmeet on Monday evening, May 10th, at 8 o'clock, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Walton. A full representation of the membership IB desired aa important business will be brought before the meeting. a *-.-.-i SULPHUR BY THE OUNCE OR TON W, W. NASH, DRUGGIST LARGE ORANGE SEEDLINGS FOR ORCHARD PLANTING Santa Barbara soft shell Walnuts. Eureka Lemony Pomelos, Phoenix Canarienais and Washing- tonia Robuata Palma. Camphor Trees, Accaias, Roses, etc. SOUTHLAND NURSERIES, F. H. Disbrow, Proprietor, Pasadena, Cal. Phones: Home 2520 Main 949. Hay, Grain, Cereals and Fuel WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Delivery to Every Part of the Valley SAN GABRIEL VALLEY MILLING COMPANY Home Phone 10 COVINA, CAL. :-x-XK«:-X">xK«x«x~X"X->X'<~^w<~x^<"X«^XK'<-X'^x«XK-:»x-:» To Argus Advertisers: Y i i We wish to inform our advertisers who take their space by the month, that hereafter four issues will be counted a month, and in months containing five publications, a charge will be made for the five Issues at the regular rate of 121/2 cents per inch single column per issue. We think all will sse the justice and fairness of this, as by the old scale we were entire losers on one edition of the paper in months having five Saturdays, inasmuch as regular display advertisers were to be counted on, in many cases having to set new advertisements as well as giving the space gratis. When it Is considered that the Argus advertising rates have not been advanced since the paper was founded, although the circulation has increased four or five times at least, It will be seen how reasonable our rates are. We do not know another paper of the circulation of the Argus which sells its space at anything near so low a rate. The rates are: 15 cents per inch per one column width for single insertions; 12 1 2 cents per inch for more than one insertion... No discounts except on half page ads or larger. We are giving this notice the first of the month so that any advertiser not satisfied with the charge may have his advertisement inserted only four times reduced in size for five issues, or discontinued, as he desires. Moving Heaven and Earth And also anything-else that will move. Transfering- furniture, pianos, delivering- express packages, carrying United States mail, taking out parties to the canyons and beaches. Hauling oranges and all kinds of heavy teaming, OFFiCE:. With Wells-Fargo on Citrus Avenue Covina Transfer Company Res Phone 1108 Home Phone 80 •* & DEGOURDI Reg-. No. 3967 DEPUTE Reg-. NO. 2374 Imported Stallions TERMS: $20 to insure mare in foal; $15 for the season. The above are the best horses of their class in this or any other country. They will improve your stock immensley. If intending breeders would see these horses before making other engagements it would be to their advantage, as theincolts will show. Covina Horse Breeders Association Off. Phone 54 F. ft. DUDDERAR nquire at Keefer's Stables. Res. Phone 146 COVINA ^Creates! Electric Railway System in the World" The Pacific Electric Railway 566 Miles of Modern Built Standard Gauge Lines Reaching the Principal Cities and Towns, Mountain and Seashore Resorts of Southern California Luxurious Observation Passenger Cars. Prompt and Reliable Freight, Express, Telegraph and U. S. Mail Service. For information and literature regarding the great MT. LOWE Trip, BEACH RESORTS and niiu-r p..ints of interest, see local agent, or address General I'r^scnger Department, Room 2 { )(>, Pacific Electric BuiKiiug, l v o^ Angeles, Cal. BEN F, THORPE CEMENT CONTRACTOR Manufacturer of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE All sizes carried in stock. Reinforced Concrete Buildings a Specialty • v -' - - •' .->•'-'> > A .- j:i i .• Ttlephone 4037

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