The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 11, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 11, 1977
Page 5
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Heirens In Criminal Court Flunked l>.v uttornpys, Wllll ChlcJiX'", td HIIHWIT twenty' Kli»ry, rnbbrry uiul ii.iMIiult, G. Wiird »re (left to right Tiinhy, iittornry f"r the Ui im llelrens, 17, l.s shown In Criminal Court, rilnf indictments churning him with bur- rioturctl from the tench, of Judfre Harold front row): Stiite'.* Attorney William J. fense John CoRhlan und Holren.s, (Inter- nuttoiuil) To Take Marriage Vows At 81 Mitcher Gets Flattop Citations Saw Heirens Near Degnan House < ; 1 ;rui?r i«,' Thl.s need couple hcllnvo ill' all the comforts of homo. They arc NVjr- nuin B. Wine, Sr., 81, u'nd.his l>rldo-to-bt>, Mrs. Mary Juno Moricin, SI, hoth of Akron, Ohlu. They will he. murrlod within ;i fnw days. They hiivo known each other for almost Nixty-ftve ycurs (Intei'iuitloiml Soundphoto) President unit citations awarded to eight U. S. Navy aircraft currlnrs, :sro riiceivorl by Admiral Marc A. Mitcher (ripht), famed commander of T:i*k Force 08 in the Taciflc, from ('resident Truman lit tho 'White House. The ships honored worn the curriers Bflleau Wood, Bunker Hill, Cubot, K.ssex, Hornet, Lexington, San Jacinto and Yorktown, votcran.s of heroic sea buttles. ^International Soundphoto) Pninllnp to a picture, <>x-Gl Georpp SiihprunskJ, Chicago, Identified' William Helrenti, 17, onllepe student, as the person he saw otyriock from the DeRium home the night of the murder. SubRTitnskl Kind hlR car h(MidllcI-Cs shone full on a man he i>T;oj;ni7.C(l H H Heirens cai-rylnif in a brown IHIR or sack at the time- "{Tnternsitlonul Sound- photo) • Tj' HEALTH ALL FOR Ki:r<plng 'Cool Kncplng cool In the summer IH fin nrt. rt'.t »n iirt well worth cul- tlvntlnR when tho rays of tho mm tif-iit down «t their hfjttowt In mld- Hiitnrnor, It'n fvn nrt which cvin bo l«irned If one thlnfr l.s kept In rrilnd • moderation. Moderation In- eating, In pluy. In all types of. physical exertion will mukc the summer heat spells more bciiniblc. Getting all "hot up", about tho weather will only make us moro uncomfortable. Since we cannot change the weather and muny of u.'i ennnot move on to cooler climes, when hot clays approach, It I* a.s well -to rnslpn our- wnlvos to the heat and to try to bo us comfortable ns possible. More ui'o a few simple rules which, It' followed, may help make tho Hummer more pleasant, 1 — Drcs.s cornf'ortahly. Light clothes that fire not too confining should bo worn on hot days. ENGELMAN'S FURTHER REDUCTIONS IN OUR JULY FOR GIRLS DRESSES Kuy. $22.00. Sixes 7 (o Hi \\t:^. (.<> $MM]0. Sixes 7 to Ifi SHORTS M :f to Hi. .Chubby «l/.'!!i Includiid. COTTON DRESSES BATHING SUITS 10 l(i"JI), IX'I.M;. [o $,"),7." WOOL SKIRTS BLOUSES tti-X. In ^.f) ['lulcbi, iidlirls. ,!il/,C!i " to 1(), COTTON UNDERWEAR tly linp('i'fect) ' Shirt n tul Punts .serfs.,12 tn fix t '+**+^*r**+**++*^+++^***+*^++^*+^^'+*^~+^+^+**^^+++++^f^++4h+^f* \ GIRLS' WOOL SUITS I JIIMI 28 of Ilirin MidiiMy li^'ht !ilmdr;:i, iihios 7 to 1G. flcg. sip. FORBOYS 2 — Eat sensibly. Heavy foods, cli(!lou!t to digest, Khoukl bo avoided. This does not moan living on sandwiches' and. salads •throughout the summer, A well balanced diot is necessary at, all times, and hot meais, if well planned; will not add to the discomfort o'f summoi-. Rich, heavy foods, however, cause the body to work overtime in tho digestive process and should be omitted from 'the diet in hot weather. 3 — Drink plenty of water nnd fruit juices. Because 'the body porapirea more in the summer thnn in the winder, it is ncccs- jary to consume nn extra amount of liquids. Cool water and lemon- ndo fire particularly good on hot '.lays. Extra salt is needed, too, because the foody loses much saM In perspiration, Thin salt may ho obtained by adding it to fruit drinks jr by eating salt tablets. '(---Be careful to avoid over- .ixposurc -to. the sun. Many people look forward to retting extra doses of sunshine iu.'-inj,' the summer, hut too much inn may prove a hca'.th hazard. It may cause n painful sunburn >r It may lead to sunstroke, which ivvlftly brings on unconsciousness intf may cause death. Sunstroke occurs most frcquent- 'y among people exposed to the lircct heat of the sun and who are too heavily clad. It is more common among men than among wo- nen and children. It may come m suddenly, but usually it is the •usult of long exposure nnd may .onic on gradually. The symptoms ire a pain in tho head, dizziness, vfecling of oppression, the absence ".n' perspiration arid, sometimes, lau&'ca and' vomiting. While a doctor is being sum- 7ioncd, tho patient should be removed to a cool spot. His cloth- ng should be loosened and an ef- 'ort made to reduce his tempora- '.urc rapidly. If ha is conscious, 'ic should he given salt and water .o 'drink or frui-t juices. Moderation practiced during the .summer months will make these months pass more pleasantly and comfortably. SWIM TRUNKS AII wool. .KI--, (fi'j.-j.'i SEERSUCKER OVERALLS '2 In S. , K(!•,'. to $!.">!) WASH SUITS CAN'T KEEP GRANDMA IN HER CHAIR She s as Lively as a Youngster— y Now her Backache ia bettor Mnr.y aufTcrcrs relieve nnfrrrinp bnckacho quickly, oncp they discover that tho rcnl CAitftn nf their trouhlc mny be tirccl kidneys. • The kldncyn arc Nuture's chlof way of tnk- Inx the cx£c«jt nclda And miste out of the blood. They help moat People puss about 3 pints n, diiy, When dipordcrofkfdney function pcrmitfl poisonous matter to remain In your blood. It WASH SHORTS (ffilianline. .4 (o .).('! SAILOR SUITS KNIT SUITS 2 to fix. h'ei;-$l..08 SLACK SETS our neys or Mnddcr. Don't wftitl Ask your drupfrint for Donn'n rilln, n HtimulAnt diuretic, used nuccernfiilly by milllonji for over -iQ yenr«. Dtniii'n KJVO happy relief nnd will help tho 15 miles of kidney tubes fiuoh out poisoncu:i wusto irom your blood. Get Doan'u Pills, SUN SUITS ;j to 8, Kc.!-. $1.1 n • POLO SHIRTS Solids, slripcs. Ke#. $1.2." RUGBY SUITS "KOHINOOR" TROPICAL SUITS 'Snnrori/.ed, washn'tlc—Tun, blue, brown, ETON 2 to & K'e-. $10 RUGBY 4 If) Ml. He-', $11 SHIRT and SHORT SETS K'e<v. $2."8. Sixes '•! fo 12 f. WHITE WASH SUITS KYtf. to $2,25, Sixes fi to 12 enc€Lmfln 685 BURKS ^SUPER TURBINE: PUMPS ONE ' MOVING PART WATERBUBY Put n«w life in your water tyiteir by replacing your old pump with « BURKS Super Turbine PUMP. Only one moving part—nothing to we«r out—gives you more water at lower co»t. Come in and see the BURKS Super Turbine Pump. 5S2 NORTH MAIN ST. Union City - T<«1. 2(583 Rain Is Needed In New England Bo-ston, July 18 (UP)—No relief is expected in Now England's protracted drought which is threatening crops throughout the area.,. No rain was predicted today by the weather officials us the drought pasBcd -its 40th day. Meanwhile forest fires continued ',o break out in the six state re- ipion. And officials termed ,ihc ili'ought the v.'irst in years. Farmers predict n loss of crop unless a '.icavy rain rainfall occurs with a week. 7:3 u I weather officials predict only scattered showers tomorrow. A number of larprc American cities have produced films depicting the various municipal departments nnd services, and how the lax dollars are spent. Convicts Helped To Put Out Fire San Quentin, Calif., July 18— (UP)—Tw(j hundred convicLs at San Quentin prison have been praised by their warden fov their part in lighting a lire fit the prison yesterday. But, despite the prisoners' efforts, flam.TRo from, the blaze is estimated at $250.000. The (Ire destroyed 2500' bales' of Jute and 80 tons of poultry and Dairy feed which werfl consigned to the prison, > Felix J. Poulin Out Of Navy Fireman First Cla-ss Felix J. Poulin, 3 Church street, was discharged yesterday at the U. S. Naval Personnel Separation Center, 'Jdo Beach, L>. I. OPPOSING PLAN: ,..London, July 18—(UP)—Militant master baiters in. Britnin' have united in defiance of the government's now bread ra.tioninp pro- ftram. The Bakers warn tHpy will refuse to put the government's rationing plnn into effect' until some simpler system than the proposed one is suggested, Commons is debating the bread rationing today. Two-fifths of. the world's .power supply in generated In the U. S'.. He hides his head in shame—who seeks gas for a'bone-dry tank! Such a pity, with so many Tydol stations along the way, ready to fill 'er up with long-mileage Tydol Fiying-A. TROUBLE SHOOTING This motor's "shot." But any Tydol dealer can help prevent trouble. With a Veedol Safety- Check Lubrication, at no extra cost, he'll inspect 18 vital points where breakdowns often begin! BLIND MAN'S BUFF When (he driver's lost, his family sees red. Too bad,'cause a trip to the Tydol dealer would've rrmde things clear. He'd tell about lo<al routes, short-cuts and road conditions. THERE'S REAL SPORT! TAG! WHO'S IT? Should've seen the Tydol dealer hcfarc getting tagged!-He'd have made a thorough check of lights, tires, battery, radiator, windshield wiper, etc., and got him off to a good, safe, running start. You saw your Tydol dealer before ynii started! Tank's full of Tydol Flying-A . . . the gasoline of smooth, purring power! Motor's running cleaner, fmoothcr —on Improved Vcedol Motor Oil! Car's set for a safe trip after a Safety-Check Lubrication. You're set for a swell, safe vacation! Here's the man who gives you that VACATION SAFETY-CHECK SERVICE To miss the gremlins that mess up a vacation, head for yoizrTydoJ dealer's before you start. He'll get you ready for smooth sailing. Then,'for a good safe trip, stop in at the Tydol Flying-A sign coming and going. And please —"check your driving...check your car...check accidents!". /. TYDOL FLYING-A GASOLINE Every drop packed with true Tydol quality. Smooth! Powerful! 2. IMPROVED VEEDOL MOTOR OIL Gives your motor extra prelection against summer heat and dust. Always 100% Pennsylvania quality —now finer than ever. 3. VEEDOL SAFETY-CHECK LUBRICAVION Includes, at no extra cosi, expert inspection of ] 8 vital points where many car troubles start. ^. LOCAL INFORMATION SERVICE Tydol dealers keep posted for you. Ask 'cm about short-cuts, road conditions, catinj; places, sleeping accommodations. They're glad to help! .For a F/y/ng-A SfdVf • . * ** ' • s ' ' "• '' • t .'i. and a Safe Returfi > see your TYDOL DEALER i

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