Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 8, 1909 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 8, 1909
Page 5
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al Events, See Hull'8 10 cent counter. Wm. Summers, tree prutier and bud- der, Covina. tf Real coffee —Premier Blend. Warner, Whitsel &Co. B. P. Hull's stoves. for Perfection oil "An You Like If—Premier Bk'nd 'coffee. W. W. & Co. "Believe me," no coffee is as good as Premier Blend. W. W. & Co. See. the fireless cooker at Hull's, tf Try it for breakfast —Top Notch pastry. . W. W. A Co. Have your home photographed by C. W. Tucker. tf Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Gustave Dltt- berner, a daughter. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Harris, a son. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fea- ler, on Friday, April 30, a son. ?.ir. and Mrs. Mirley Worrel and tlp son Lawrence arived this week from Reedley, on a visit to their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lemuel Worrel. Kodaks and supplies for sale at C. OUR Warner, Whitsel & (o. Home's dro(ery Pomona Sanitary Laundry Mrs. L, M. Jefferies of Los Angeles •was s, guest yesterday of her sister, J. H. Matthews. Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Munsey of Los Angeles are spending a few days with Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Mussey. Mrs. Clyde Turner of Los Angeles was the guest Wednesday of her sister, Mrs. Carrie Preston. Thursday. Miss Elsie Stayer of Inglewood was the guest of Miss Myrtle Overholtzer over last Sunday. Mrs. W. H. Overholtzer spent several days in Rialto the first of the week visiting her covisin, Mrs. Lizzie Young. Mrs. Carrie M. Preston is entertaining for a few weeks her mother, Mrs. Mailes of Orange, and her niece, Miss Gladys Fuller of Seattle, , *<Ir, Ward Stewart of Tales county, loWa, was the guest Wednesday of Mr, and Mrs. McKirahan. He will locate somewhere in California. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Matthews and family, who have been spending the winter in Covina, leave early next week for their home in Catalina. C. D. Miller, late of Mentor, Kan., and now of Ontario, spent a few days last week at the. home of his brother, Oscar Miller. Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong and son of Bardsdale, Ventura county, were visitors Tuesday and Wednesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. W. MacDonald. Mrs. H. M. Houser entertained a big party at dinner last Sunday, covers being laid for twelve. Among the guests were Mrs. Herskovits and daughters of Los Angeles. •Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sexton of Santa Barbara, who have been spending the week with their daughters, Mmes. D. W. MacDonald and C. H. Beattie, returned home yesterday. O f no te. Mmes. Wallace and McAllen spent Tuesday at Santa Anita with their friend, Mrs. Ida Hicks of Kansas City. Mrs. Hicks, who has spent a year in California, and has been a frequent visitor with her Covina friends, left on Wednesday for the East. Mrs. M. Tatum entertained with an informal dinner party Tuesday evening in honor of her daughter, Mrs. Boschen of Virginia. Among the guests were the Misses Vyvyenne Faulder, Hazel Booth, Hazel Holmes, Messrs. Buller, Pooley and Chas. Harris. : Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Perkins, who several weeks ago were guests of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Forrester, left this week from San t rancisco on a trip around the world. They will visit, Honolulu, Japan, China, Siberia, Russia, the Rivera, England and other points. The Westlake Lodge, O. E. S. , of which Mr. and Mrs. 0. H. Wedgwood are rnembers.invited our lodge to join with them in a picnic; to Eastlake Park today, Among those who have accepted the invitation are Mr. and Mrs. Wedgwood, Mmes. John Coalman, W. W. Nash, Booth, Trueblood, Blum, Bristow, E. E. Leech, Griswold, Benton, O. Dudderar. Miss Effle Houser met with a serious accident last Saturday, while out driving. Part of the harness broke and the young lady was thrown out near the reservoir and her wrist badly fractured. The horse, which is a beau tiful and valuable animal, has changed ownership and Miss Houser will learn to drive the new Buick her father has purchased this week. A large crowd of friends from Los Angeles, A/usa and Covina, met one evening this week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Wedgwood to celebrate the completion of their pretty new bungalow with a honsewarming. The evening was spent pleasantly in playing cards, garner, ai.d music. The guests were Mrs. Matthews, Mrs. Wht-tier and Mr. Wesu'all of Los An- Eastman regu- tf W. Tucker's studio, lates prices. Miss Gertrude Pollard of Los Angeles has been spending a week with her sister, Mrs. C. D. Griffiths of San Bernardino road. Mr. and Mrs. Moses Brubaker of »»»»•*>»»»»»»»»»»*»»»»«»»»»*»**»»»*»•»»**»«*•»»*»«• Experience Counts! Pomona were guests at the home of Mrs. Hannah Overholtzer on last Mrs. Minerva Hepner entertained at dinner on last Sunday, Mmes. America Finch, Henry Brubaker, L. A. Larkins, Hannah Overholtzer and C. E. Hepner, Miss Amanda Flora, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ebersole. Mr. John Smeltzer reports the sale of five acres of vacant land, situated on Bonnie Cove avenue, northeast of Covina, owned by Mr. Culler of to Mr. Ernest Johnson. Price $600. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Goldsberry and children, who have been residents of 3ovina for several years, left Monday or Lakeview, Ore Mr. Goldsberry ias landed interests there and 5n- ,ends to reside there permanently. A second military ball will be given by Covina Canton, I.O.O.F., at the Womans Club House on Saturday even- ng, May 22, for which invitations will be issued the first of the week. The Schoneman-Blanchard orchestra of Los .* ngeles has been engaged, which insures the best music obtainable. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Bashor of Duarte, Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Smith and Miss Kitty Bashor of Prospect Park, Hollywood, were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Miller. Miss Hennie van Vleit, the modest and talented daughter of Mme. Hennie van Vieit, left today for Holland, Europe, where she will finish her musical education under the supervision of her grandmother, who is an artist For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. FOR SALE OR TRADE— 80 acres of flue alfalfa land on Salt Luke R. R., nine miles from Riverside. Address A. H. Collins, Coviun. See Hull's 10 cent counter. FOR SALE— Second cut alfalfa. Hurst Ranch. Phone 166. For Sale — Loose Alfalfa hay. L. M. Swallow, Phone 2103. It For Sale— Vegetable plants. 312 San Bernardino road, Covina. tf Cabbage nnd tomatoes for sale, Covina Floral Nurseries. 4-1 ftp Try it for dinner — Top Notch pna try. W. W. & Co. C. W. Tucker's Studio, Covina, Cal. ft Thoroughbred Cornish Indian Game. C. L. Smith, Azusa, Cal. tf Wm. Summers, tree primer and bud- der, Covina. tf E. P. Hull will soon have a fine line of Queensware. Good mule tenrn for sale. Weight 2400. Coviuu Tinnsfer Co. "MidSummer Night's Dream"—Top Notch pastry. W. W. A Co. Wm. Summers, tree pruner and bud- der, Covina. tf Tucker takes the right expression at the right prices. tf For Sale — Twospan young horses, weight 2600 and 2000. Covina Transfer. For Sale — A family horse, harness S I M M 0 N S W A T C H C H A I N S bitt what's experience without an education? Conceive of a farmer occupying a lawyer's office. Better—conceive of an ex- perienced jeweler and watchmaker, without a watchmaker's education occupying a jewelry store and experimenting with watches. A scientific jeweler and watchmaker can look at a broken watch and instantly locate the trouble. Others must experiment. If you want your watch to be a subject of experi- ment, don't take it to FINCH—that's not in his line. A R E T H E B E S T C H A I N S M A D E and top buggy, $60. office, Charter Oak. A delegation of fifty members of the Christian Church went to Fullerton last Sunday to attend the Martin and Hoggatt revival. They were royally entertained by the church there, and report an exceedingly enjoyable time. Dr. Martin and Mr. Hoggatt will return to Covina for a service Tuesday evening. On Thursday evening, Mrs. R. W. Groom, assisted by Mrs. Wm. Warren, entertained the choir of the M. E. Church in the church parlors. Roses were used profusely in decoration and an informal program and games were njoyed. The delicious refreshments ensisted of strawberry shortcake, marguerites and coffee. I. W. Gilbert and wife arrived in this city from Santa Cruz today to locate here. They say that after wandering forty years in the wilderness they certainly have reached the promised land They say, "We are glad to live in a city where the people are wise and good enough to have no saloons." Inquire at post- 5-15 Lost—A black hand-knit shawl during revival meeting at Presbyterian 'Church. Return to Argus office. For—Choice lot on \V. Badillo. Inquire 110 West College, tf "Tasting Makes It So" — Premier Blend cotl'ee. The beat coffee. " W. W. & Co. We are prepared to furnish Ib tip top berry baskets; also shook for all kinds of fruit boxes and crates; large or small prices. Call fiuantlties, Water stock for sale —A few Hhoron of Columbia Luud and Water stock for sale. Apply Argus oUlce, Coviuu. For Sale — A few shares of Columbia Laud and Water stock. Argus ofik-e, CoviiiH. What is the use of sleeping on the floor when you can get a bed so cheap at E. P. Hull's. Cabbage plants for sale. Five cents per do'/.. Fresh garden voge tables. W. H. McLood, Citrus Ave Tiny For Sale—New alfalfa. ,L W Larmer, former Poolo ranch, Wainu Center, tf "Merry Wives of Windsor"—-al Hhould have used Premier Blond coffee. W W. & Co. If you iinve money in small mount, 8100 and up, to inveHt it eight per cent per annum, wee J. II MutthewB. If you have money in smal amounts, in $100 and up to a J. II al right i oit ' ljt I)l!r celjt per amium or addreHS Multuomah Matthews. Lumber and Box Co., at Pomona. Mrs. Id.. IMttenl.miso, Home Phone WM. :,,.,'• National hank seo FINCH \ •i* The Graduate Jeweler and Watchmaker f :»: 103 N. Citrus Avenue (Cummings 1 Confectionery) $ Phone 42 [i 1 . \ £ Best main springs made and guaranteed for one year, $1.00. .£ ft**+bW'*++********+&&^^ Mower and rake for sale. Phone 085. t f FOR SALE—Wall tent 12x15. Jerome Reynolds. Wanted—Covina Irrigating Company stock. State price, W. J. V/., box 43, Covina. LOST—Lady's white Milan straw- nit, on road between Covina and Po- nona. Finder will receive reward at Pomona Department Store. TO RENT-—After June 1, furnished r )-room house, 224 Cottage Drive, till nlddle of September at $Jfi.OO per month. Privilege of renting unfur- lished after that time. Mrs. W. W. Johnson. 1tp FOR SALE—Our 10-aero orange ranch for Bale. Price $20,000. With , Valencia crop, $21, W,:\. Hi. No trade. One-half cash. ^ H. IIUADLIOY, CyproHH Avenue. OWNER'S ATTENTION, If you have any real estate to ex- chanKO for Panadena properly, Ilwl it. with irif, giving full dH.alln In flrnt letter of what you have and what you want. E. W. SMITH, With B. O. Kendall Co., I'aHa»lena,.(!al May li!) SULPHUR $20,000 TO LOAN inHuinnof» upon clear improved real entitle at 7 p«r cent for one to 4 yearo priTilejce to |>ay tfOO.OO at a»<r interest pajrlnir date or all any time without bomm. I buy trust deed* and mortcM. At 130 KiiKt l-'uei.te Kt. except Mondayn and '1 Mr. II. Westhorp was giVL-n a sur- • prise dinner party at his batchelor's home Wednesday evening, the occasion being in celebration of his birthday. A general good time was enjoyed and a toast to the "merry bachelor" was received with hearty applause. The following guests v/ere present: Messrs. John llrunjes, Tilman, Lough, Taylor, Hoogfjndyk, Wat son, and the honored party. All agreed it was a grand celebration and a most enjoyable evening. interesting and enjoyable nieet- room (i, | . Kirnt »it reasonable Fiist class drtPH making prices, if What are you doing for the flibcaM'" in your orange grov^Y Kvi-r try a grooving knife? TliouuiKun Mfg. Co, iifjo al Kellur- j tf 'H Covina NurHcrien have procured 2500 Valencia und navel orange trwn, first oluHH Htock. Anyone wishing to buy wuiif Hhould call \-l~> for further information. 1 W1IITK AND IJLACK MJNOfiCAS ,--MoHt profitable for both eggs and j dressed poultry. KggH from fine winning cock. We Who first beholds the light of clay In Spring's sweet flowery month of May, And wears the EMERALD all her life Shall be a loved and happy wife. ing of the C. W. H. M. of the Christian !'<-"* beaded by prb Chun h was held last Wednesday at ' * i-00 per Betting. ,be home of Mrs. 10. O. Tho.rason. A j ««ore than 75 per cent fertile. Milnor, :i!2 Han Heruardmo road, tf K. Mr. and Mrs. daughters. (•fee, Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Charle as.d .Mrs. John ('••. Mr. and Mrn. 1'- Mrs. .Mr. \\' >••>},, Mr.;. i:. K. f.f I." 1 .! i. id. ili-. A i r <U>r--in>-r. >]].->. O. (.'. \VriRi.t (,( M ;<!.,(!' lart.e number of winner; were present. Mrs. Van Auken i.-cl the. devotional Mrs. N'ewlan gave a good ii'.is->,ionary work being done Mrs. W. K. Harper of I I.cs Air--' !••:•>. .si;i''- .-.ecretaiy of the :-,o\--\> ••',-. fcavi- an address, on tr.e .'.urx ••,.!-, £i'e;iuy apjjiei-iatf.i by al!. ! l.i l: -- .-i;.'ial h.vir that to!!.-;-.-, ed. ' ".<• ' !!<>.• te.-,.S r-.'-r .'•'.] d.lililV 1 e i [ ••-:.,.•,. ! FOR KA1.K 10 a< res of good Valencia laud, wit.'iout water, but. water- can be iiad. Price $i,t;i>0. FroalleBH belt. See A. Warner.'.LK Pl.ANT.S 1'OK KALI''. (--Tomatoes, cauliflower, beet, ,'bilii ;vi:d n,;-.ii£o |.ej>j,er, eu^^bnit., early ,,l:d );;!e rabba.'- a:.d S'Aeet. |, ( ,l;,!o. >: p>. Mii.:;oit, :;r^ \:. sai, ...... ,•'.:..-< t.t' t We are carrying a surprising big stock of BIRTH STONES. RINGS warranted to pleaso the most fastidious taste. Also the moit modest purse. Headquarters for wedding rings. Mail orders filled same day as received. Cotfina Jertelry Go. Next to Tucker's Covina, Cal.

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