The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 11, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 11, 1977
Page 4
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i>AGK 4—NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.). THUH8DAY, ,U1LY-18,-1MO Publlnhed Every Evening (Except Sunday) by THE NAUGATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAUGATUCK, CONN. RUDOLPH M. HENNICK, President and Telephone. 2238 and 2220 —All Department* Mintorod »» nocond claas matter at tho post office In Naugatuck, Conn. _ I month SUBSCRIPTION KATES Payable In Advance $1.00 1 Year W2.00 Member: The American Newspaper Publishers Aas'n Tho N. K. Dnlly Newspaper Pub. Ass'n Tho Conn, Newspaper Fublshera Aas'n TIIUKSIMV. JUI-Y IX, IMC Another Achievement The Tnited Press informs us that for tho first time in history, «n overseas telephone call lias bct'ii marie from a moving vehicle. Chicago jJiidio Kn^ineer Rogvr Piereu x,at iti a car in St. Louis Tuesday ami talked to someone hi Honolulu on tho telephone. . He was in Southwestern Moll Telephone; company's specially equippei ear, talking to executives ol' the Miilua Telephone company in Hawaii, more thai 4,000 miles away. His call was carried b\ radio to the telephone exchange in Si: Louis, then by land wires to Sail Francisco by radio to'Honolulu and nyain by win- lo the parly called, Some years ?i,if" Ibis news item would have caused a sensation. Hid today the so-called impossible has, through mail's inventive e-eidus, become a reality in so many instances, that only passing attention is paid'-to numerous inventions and discoveries (hat. promise to re.volutkm- i'/e old methods ol' doin# things. Do You Remember? From the Files of the Naugatuck Newf 20 Years Ago Dr. 1. W. Baker wtis on vacation at Lake Wlnnc- pesaukee, New Hampshire, o—O—o James Graham and Richard Kioly attended the boxing- matches nt Ebbet's Field in Brooklyn, N.Y. o—O—o 30 Years Ago A suffrage meeting was conducted In Naugatuck at the Meadow street playgrounds, o—O—o John Murray resigned as sexton of St. Francis' church. ;QU[l;ET,, PLEASE! \ Around The Clock Vacation Chronology From The News Files (Continued) Women Aware Membership of the National Federation of Business and Professional "Women's (Hubs has reached 102,000, witTi a tfjiin of 10,000 in the last year. In Cleveland .'',000 of t.hoso women have been af- tOTulitiK a con\'ention at which lln.> pnlilU 1 issues of the das' were their collective concern. Politics, labor, jobs for women and international responsibilities: have been the topics of famous speakers brought before the convention. The members themselves have held forums and •passed resolutions on such subjects. These pariiculur women have a head start as leaders of public opinion. Their business and professional experience k'ives them first-hand knowledge of innumerable fields of national activity, Within their ori^anixalions they can pool tlii*- information and pass it on tu others. Such a I a rye ami ^rowin.n 1 <^n>np, with representatives in communities all over the I'niled Slates, can e.xei't a threat influence—by Ihiakini;- clearly and thoroughly about, public problems, by usin.u 1 their votes intelligently, and by helping other women to do likewise. WEDNESDAY, JULY 10 Kldon Rohs of tlic-U. S. fiubber company spoke at the 'Rotary club luncheon concerning a munitions plant 'in Dos Monies, Iowa. Supt. of Schools Harold Chittcnden, and chairman of the Board of Education wore invited by Warden Brophy to sit in on the planning board meeting concerning the proposed auditorium, to be held week of /July 14. Survey of borough auto dealers reveals that a wait of 1'J months faces anyone who considers purchase of a new car now. Kichard PI, PodoIoI'F, Bethany, was discharged from the Navv. Home Canning Week reminded by our Housewives ai'e liein,^' ^overnmi'iil that I his Ts week. The week is inlein tenlioii on the n'eeessily nitijL!; and preservation o J'or the winter timntlis, There is no ijiteslioii lhat £rnm is ui'^eiilly needed. Home ('aiming ed to focus at- I'or home can- food supplies Expensive Vacations Vacation costs this year are at fantastically high levels. Seashore and lakeside cottages which rented for $,")[)!) he- fore the war. now bring $!,">()() a season. ilnn.s have lifted their weekly rates, .American plan, from $,'>S to $(i.'>, and day nit os in many hotels are up from $8 to $-U. Costs of overnight lodgings at tourist. homes, of bicycle, boat and golf rentals, and 'food sold alon are all skyrocketing in price. The ania/ing thing is that people pay these prices. They are going on vacations, whatever the cost. National Pai-k Service officials estimate that twenty- five million Americans will visit, park ureas this vear. THURSDAY, JULY 11 Corporal George litiylis end" four years of service with United States Marino Corps. Youngsters in Pond Hill Community lib form new organization for teen-age nembers in organization. Warden Brophy sets dnto of Tuesday, July ](), as date for special meeting of Warden and Burgesses. 'Heports lor the school year just ended were reported ready at the local High School. Hugh M. Copelaiid,- of Bethany, was released from the Navy. Miss Maivr-arct H. McDermolt married Adolf J. Sodloski in Winsted. James W. Reilly married Miss Catherine I, Hi ley of Hartford. The \augatuck Rotary club way defeated in a special golf match against tho \Vatcrbury Rotary, held in Waterbury. Tho St. Francis CVO was defeated in a close contest, 4-3, by the St. Francis Xavier of Watorburv. Bostonians Lay Claim To First Baseball Game £&£?/&)«*.* WALTER WINCHELL Coast—To—Coast (Copyright, 1946, by The Hearst Corporation) the highways FRIDAY, JULY 12 President Ilildinj;- N .Olson, other officers, re-elected by Xauyatuck Savings School Board asks full report on West Side bus problem, and have det'errcu action until report is made. iM.ontauari-Rado post schedules special meeting to be hold Monday ni-ht July 15. School report shows that recently closed Day Nursery cost townspeople wily $Gl:.5() after total credits lo the or- itfmixation were subtracted from the total expenses William White and James Boiirhas left to attend the New Kn-bind Boy Scout rendezvous, being held this year'at New London. More than MO tickets were announced sold to the All-American Veterans dance to be held 1'Yiday, July .19. Highlanders defeated MiMvillc f)-i> In league game. Kanwrs_derealed 5-4, by Micldlclniry, iu Middiebnry. St. Francis defeated the Millville Cul)s 1-0, in the Junior Baseball Lea or. -VOTKS OF A NEWSr.lPKK.HAN More than JSIdO.OOO in jewels (.square cut diamonds, omcrals ind rubies) are owned by a former ^iegTeld follies beauty. Hur name is Goorfria Frederick. . .The widow of On.jit. Frederick Clay USN ... Z'hc grandson of Henry. C!ay. who u-ould Rather Be Right Than President ...Tlje ffems' (including i six-karat canary diamond) was given to Clay in 1817 ii/id handed •lown to the lovely widow who inherited the Clay estate ...I'll bet! •ou arr> proud to own those Kcms,"- .•omconc said,.. ."No," "s"hc replied. 'All that matters is' the ?250 J, J. 5-hubei't promised to me as soon as C fix the seccnd act of my new •>lay Tho Title is .'You, You and Tin; r<H:ord proves Gerald Jj, K. Smith's support is a kiss of death. After a 'candidate for Confi'es.s in Wis 1 . (Lawrence H. Smith) was endorsed" by Gedald, he informed reporters: "I'm in ihc position of the fellow .who. fjot smallpox. I didn't it but I irot it." Incidentally, no direct descendant of Honry Clay was ever ntimod after him.. There fs. a! Genera! Lucius D. Clay and there are La Frederick's three soiis, Don, Everett and Herbert. .. .So (.he former Follies dolly <-i NorthorneiO s insisting the next boy boi-n h named Henry Clay -or-else ,:.Oi else no doutth Donald' Clay, the oldest lad (now in Mneon, 'Ga.), and i;s wife expect an heir in Sept. gue opeTi- We. had. completely fortrottor. liout Senator Wheeler (honest!) vhat with being sooo busy lately .Forprolten, we mean, until n wire cume from Montana sfnting Wheeler's campaign spi-cches.' there -ncluded: "Winchcll is behind these attacks on me! His cash oontrf' .mtion.s arc aimed to defeat me". Well, the. Helena you.say! ,1 never "itui the pleasure of meeting hi:-- ipponent, Lcif Erleksor.. .. .The. only thing I ;im financing, alonff with millions of other taxpayers, 'is the 0', S. ^Treasury, which pays Wheel- '.'r his -salary. Land Of Inflation which can tell the world what, real inflation means, is now h-yiniv to lot Iho air out of the Imjjj by restoring and price controls and nit ion ins;. Those WCM'P done away wild a year a Simto thon prices have not doubled tripled, but increased hy the million. No one expects the American story follow this pattern, but rlnnyary's tei fc rii'ic. experionce with finance offers a •warning, and possibly somp'praclic»il.sug- or to SATURDAY, JULY 13 KMT employes stage buyers' sf.ri.kc caused by increase of cost of bottled milk, delivered into the plant. The local school board requests any comments or suggestions on the proposed closing of Grovesidc school, next year. Talbot for Governor clubs announced that they will hold state-wide meeting in "Waterbury, August 3. Thaddcus Grabowski was reported attending Georgetown University. The Crusader Post, VFW, named five delegates to represent themselves at the National encampment in Boston in September. The five being: Harold Lewis, commander; Gaston Adams, past post commander; Fred Burke, past department commander; Frederick Clay and Raymond Baker. (END) ; BroHdwji.vites know the .._,,_. the hcaj-l,the easier the- tni-pol,'The srtmc cynical philosophy .seems to apply to tho international jungle. . Tho British came )iat-in-hnnd for a loan. And Amoi-ica' Ravi- Britain the Jarffost credit ever granted one nation....So what happens? Some British srnzettes are nttacklnR the !oan, and others accepted the moola' jrrudffinsly, saying the "United States made a business deal Instead of helping out a deserving friend .Uncle Sam can't win. If he ha refused to firant the loan, he \voul have hccn called a Scrooc/c. Ar.c after he civcs the money, ho. i called a Shylock .. It recalls''nn "Id political maxim: "Every favo makes a. dozen enemies and one in . Sudden Tlniwt: We hope the Brit 'fh loan included thirty nieces o silver for Bcvin. Bo.rlnrd Baruch, on his Central Park bench, evolved the plan' for atomic power that he believes may alee 1 the entire world safe ' Now if only. Mr. Barue'h'•;, cari ' 'OlVfl something: to make Central safe. i ' .-' •The Sovvy propaganda falsifiers are now usinp; Uie technique perfected by Goehbols.' When an American nii\vspa.perma.n toils iho truth jbout fliem^thcy rcp'.y with .ah-'-o'rgy of lies -and • namcca sprees ...It reminds us of a Goob- hnls Lalo that was- popular during '.he war: Gocbbelt, after nil, did to Heaven. One day while ivalkhig .ii-our.d up there he come to a hujrc telescope pointing' downwards through a rift in the. clouds. The .iig-n said: "See Hell. Only live icnts". .. .When Goebbols looked Lhrquffh the" tfiieacopc he saw luxuries, wine, women and sons—all '.hat 'he had been cravnj; for in the t'egpcctability of Heaven.' ..So Joe got a transfer and descended. On his arrival below he tortured with fire and pitchforks. When ho iskccl his torturers about what he had seen through tho telescope all tell rOfired with laiifrhlcr. .. . "Oh," they ha-hn.'d, "that's just propaganda for foi-eiffn conpumplion!" A newsmiiK reports that a Mississippi paper (which, foug-ht Bilbo on its editorial pa^e) stated: "Those individuals who -won with Bilbo arc happy. Those who lost arc happy too, for they have the satisfaction of knowing; that Walter Winchell and a lot of his ilk (mean- iiiK. we presume, nearly a dozen national mafrsl) failed to impress Mississippians." All of: which sums up what's wruni; with thut Mississipplan:' He would ra.tlicr keep DgJninp; the Civil War than fight to protect'civillib- ertins. He would isolate Mississippi from the other M states —' when Bilbo and Rankin sJiould be isolated from all -!8. ' - Boston—(UP)—It's Kencrnlly accepted thut. Abncr Doublcday starter the. from'; 'of fonocbnj) in 1839 nt Cooperatown, N. ,Y. But a handful of stubborn sports enthusiast^ hero claim that the first'p/ame .recognizable a« baseball was played on Boston Common one sfi.r earlier. This historic contest, they muln- ta/n, wns played in 3838 between two sets of tcamstcrw, eight to .i Bide. The' Boston' toam'sters marked out an oblong by driving four-foot | slakes into, the ground to mai I first, second • and third "hound There were only two outfielder three infieldcrs called "scouts, pitcher and two catchers on eac side. The second catcher took car of the bad bounces. The ball was a tiny thine; com pared to today: (5 1-2 inches arount weighing 2 1-4.ounces. The moder regulation ball is 9 inches aroun and wcijjhs 0 ounecs. The frame on the Common lasted two hours, but only two inninj? were played. There were no callcc strikes and apparently the pitcher, wer better teamsters. Final score was 2^ aces to :9. ' : ' ' So much, the' Bostonians say, to Abncr DoubJcday's claim to fame Way Cleared For Legal Marriage In Connecticut DOrt, J(,)y ;])J been cleared for FAVORED Now York. July is (UP)—Cbal- cnfi-er Rocky Graxiano has been mnde nn 21 to 5 favorite in pre- ig-ht bet-tins on his middleweight itle flffht with champion Tony Znlc one week from tonight. Both flffhtoi-s came to New York from heir traininR camps ycfiturdny IT ign a formal contract and V!~3 o through preliminary physical hookups. Both were pronounced in xccllcnt shape. R&P METAL WORKS oa so. MAIN STREET (Rear) Expert Welding of All Types For^inc, Sheet 51eU«l and Ornamental SU-el Work Telephone. C:)7T IN POMT1CAI, RASP T the levins poets for the is belfcvco TEX-KNIT Burn-I'roof BOARD COVKRS leasts for Fit nl standard Iwards WEISS' Ben Franklin Store 152 CHURCH STREET RADIOS AT SWAN'S Tel. WHITE FISH MARKET •JOSEPH CABR.AL, I'rop. 8, South Main St. Choicest selection of salt and fresh water fish at lowest prices. FRANK L, Kliickholm, llic Times 3uonis Aires .boy, reports out- nam- by-pamby kttit.u<lr toward Pcron hasn't changed his pro-Nazi poli- ies. It socnis that appeasement is halting 'anothor lacing — which -.hou'ldn't surprise ,-ny sane son. An umbrella is K0 od ipainst rain — not rats. per- protection Reports To Senate W. C, Bullltt's book contains amazinR- statement. He writes:'"Let us reject n-itl) absolute, flnality the Idea that we should attack ' the' Soviet Union." And then he adds' This docs not mean that wo should hesitate to use the atomic nomb to stop now crimes of Soviet imperialism." ' Imagine dropping an •-atomic- bomb on the Russians -Jiist to remind thorn that we .don't wish.'to attack them. Sc.rainhlo.d ICcrKs: Oiuntess. Cus- s'ini, m:itor-it)-l;nv of Gene Ticrnr.v, is writing a book .-ihout lier RT.'iml- father, the orig-inal Count Cnssinl. Advjmcc boosters say. it ivil) ont- Ambi-r "ForcviT" ' '.Joe Louis' .-inloMoj* (duo June, '1BI7) will be fiiildislicd ' b.v. Dui-ll,. Sloan. iu> .Pcarco. Chcstor Wn.shinfitcm ant 1-IasK-r.ll Cohon collahhcd CB.' sfrross Pa to. Clayton, .says. Conp Mny is from the IJluo Grass hu appears to prefer "the Long- Green Alec Templeton says Centres socms. to favor raising cvcr.vthiup; but Amerlf-u's hopes The cas of "On Whitman Avenue" adopted a French warphan Isv Shnhert threatens to lease all' h(s tho: to dim companies boauiso of -cx- cos.sivc demands" hy the Authors Lous-lie Comm. W:ill:mdcp ma> bo amused by tho alibi of a chap cauprht in a store on W. 71st nt this .vawnlii.ff. ' He alibl'd: "I was •erlad to src tho police rescue me. I broke in to o.Kc'npc stlckups follow- inc; mcl" Hunt Stromt>crc:, Jr., and Miriam Hopkins, tho star, arc not talking shop!. Her. rstranppd crroom. Ray Hrock', war correspondent, may next wed Amy Crane In Varls Eloiso Kumnicr, NBC actress, xvr-ds Ray Jones, Actors' Union official, on Aupr. 3 Several mld(owii(>rs a'ro tryfnR to buy the -X. Y. Giants an.:',. Insfull.. Hank Grcoiibpre; as manager-. Isn't. Bor nard Gimbel in tlw "syndlciitc"'. rn, Horht-ntacArthiif. re vival of "Front "auje." „ drama critic (composite of all N'. V. reviewers) will he u-rlt(<-» into the hilarious script. Duo September 3rd ROB'T H. CLARK Co. Tool Holders. Adjustable Cutters Mill SUPPLIES •M'WERTMt? 22 SAVINGS IT. TEL. 5-2241 FREE DELIVERY TO ALL PARTS OF NAUGATUCK J. K. STORES CUT RATE, LIQUORS, WIN'ES, BEERS S96 N. Main St. Tel. *979 Free Delivery An^v.^iere In Borough WEDDING CAKES And Othr-r Sp<xlul • Buklnff' A Spocmlty. CITY BAKERY B. 1>. STOrrAXr, Prop. .Huple .Street Toloplionp SfiJI f PROMPT WATCH and JEWELRY REPAIRING Wijliam Schpero .TEWKLER .180 Churcli Street >"nufr»tuck i , Michigan is pictured at ?'tfe. Washington, after ho had elivered an elaborate report on the . I R p our -. Foreign Ministers' v meeting to the V S Senate. He, tolrf the Senators that Russia wnnfe the July 29 peace conference to he dominated by the Ci.'S.l, Russia, Britain and ' (International) CLEARANCE ON MERCHANDISE SUMMER BUY HERE nnd SAVE! ! NAT'S 410 North Main St. Union City TEL. 6136 CHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY Tel. MI!) 24 SOUTH MAIN STREET (OplWHjf<» N'uuimtiiek Fdrnlfnri* Cn.) l'»rtnr.v Itn'iilr lirrvtfr nn All MnVrn of HnHIn Sct>t. l*rnnil>t SwvlfM* nt Kruhnnahl*' I'rlor^. T^tlrvt ^tllnni Inr Hinlln K.-milr Work. Arrnry \\r-llnKl.o.i.r Snilln :lnd l:irrlrlc .\ inlliil nn-« Adnifml KiiclM* nnrt rimniier»ph» Mc\>nrl-\V;irnrr und Snnnrn KndliK • I'hllni Cur Kiulln* Sold. tnMalM nnrt Srr\')crd VENETIAN BLINDS Stock. Thi-r* >nj Prllrrrr. LEBON'S TE.N'KTIAft RLIXD CO. .TO Mo. MiilK 81 Tel. 8-7331 R&P METAL WORKS nn SO. MAIN STREET Expert WcJdlnff of All Type* Forging, Sheet Mrtal and Omaniontal St<>cl Work THrpbonf (JS7* • V: FOR FURS!! BUV XOW AND SAVE — 00 -V. M.iln St.. T« riold y Trl. ELECTRIC PERCOLATORS 6-8 Cup BROILERS PRESTO COOKERS STEAM IRONS NOW! You Can Get An EMERSON NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NEABY BCTLDINQ TEL. 5212 ALL CHROMK AUTO SIGNAL LIGHTS 3 WAY POETABLE Flay on. AC-DC-or Buttery. Ways Anywhere - No Outside Connections. 7 Tubes. ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE SO SOUTH MAIN ST. TEL. 6162 Xaugatuck, Conn. THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson N T 0«ry Building Nau'catuck. Conn, REGISTER NOW J-'AU. TKKM ItKClNS SEI'T. l»«i.lnr«« AiluilnlmmHon. tswrrlurlal. POST Avc. <S£S& • H'atcrbury HUDSON SALES — SERVICE '. . General Automotive Rcp»»* *• B-M MOTORS INC 8(H» SOUTH MAIN ST. , Telephone. 64*1 «3 No. Main St. -'. Union City i • • • J.TCL 64ju 1 r+rrrrrrtfru+f^,* KKSTAUBANT J44 KVST MAIN STRBKT tMOW 1SIK1S And Olhrr Cbl»»« food To HKke Horn*. 11 n. m. «o ! •• "'. nlay lo X ». n». , 12 Noon (o I n., m-

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