Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 8, 1909 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 8, 1909
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Kntered at the PostofHce Covina, Cal., as second-class matter. Published every Saturday by the Co- vlua Argus Publishing Company, Inc. J. I,. MATTHEWS EDTTOR SHIRLEY HROS MANAGERS SUBSCRIPTIONS: OBC Year in advance Six Months Three Months Binple Copies II.SO .75 .50 ,05 ADVKKTI8KMKNT9: T)t8play advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. L,iners 5c per liria each inHcrtion. Legal notices £1.00 per inch first insertion, 50 cents each subsequent insertion. rOVfNA, HAL., MAY 8, 100!). To Be Our Pride. Two local organizations having to do with rrniHlt: recently ftpflfiftred In concert before ft pleased public fit f.h« Womans Club House. I-Hie notice was published r,< tho affair. Uut aa thp JnemberB of both Hoclel.le's, the f'ovlna Hchool orchestra, rind the Covina Choral Union, aro volunteers and ,'imatoui'H, giving timo and pains to undertakings which, If t.hoy succeed and In iiroportion to thoir HIICCCHH, will bring credit to the city and cult.nre and pleasure to Its people, ruslflorits of the city and vicinity may be glad to know what, aro the Hpeclnl aims of each organization arid what the prospect of HIICCOHH. The study and practice of the orchestra.-- speaking first, of the; first corner- is given particularly to instrumental music; its nlrn and hope Is to reach such an acquaintance with musical form and correct performance that Its members will bel.ter and more thoroughly understand and enjoy all kinds of music and musical performances. Being only young people of schoolable age, Its members will not have time to re'.ieh the perfection of a- dulls !n great and complete orchestras. But every little of knowledge helps appreciation. Ho that has learned to distinguish among the Instruments of a small orchestra the voices of violin, clarinet, cornet, etc,, and follow tho melodies they play In turn or all together, will come nearer to knowing •what is doing In a Tchalkowskl Hyrn- phony, or following the woavli g of the vocal parts in a Mendelssohn chorus. Meanwhile tho school orchestra wi)l give pleasure to Ha fi'le-nds by t,hg intelligence and spirit that may appear in Its occasional public performances. This In one of Its hopes. An. other Is the increase of Interest In school work as a whole. Kvory teacher of even moderate experience has observed that not the same subject of study seizes the comprehension of all scholars. With some It Is one study, with others another, that loads to the light. Often It Is music that scorns to open the doors to understanding both vivid and general. What are the chances of success for our school orchestra? With the present teacher continuing, I foci sure that It will not be surpassed by any of Its Imitators. I will not. catalogue my reasons, Prof, (iroom is not only a muslcan, but he has the faculty of obtaining the willing attention of liln band. When his corncltt played a duct recently, remember how, before it was time to bcK'n to play, both men threw their instruments into posit Ion. They were then both ready to begin playing on the Instant. I have ween many players only then brinin lo K''t ready to bc^in. Prof, (-room has taiiKht his men to net ready In season. That is a useful habit in life. I noticed that at the concert first spoken of the vv'uile orehi-i'.tra were always intent and ready. That is no Ki'eut part of musical performance, bill, it is an csHciilial driail without which there can be no K'">d performance. Prof, (iroom, I repeal, secures willing iittujitioii and ol<edicn<-c. Tluil insures I lie success of the school or chest ra. I don't know upon what fnotini; tin- orchestra stands in the scheme ol our school work. II iiimhi to have such a pliice !is to eliiitle il lo some aid, iis. for instance, to lie supplied the use' ol sueli insl runienis as may lie desired in an orchestra, lint which are not ordinarily owned by individuals unless pi'dlcssiiiiiiils. The line (»i' sindy and pr.iv I ice- by tin ('iioral I'nion, a^ we may reasonably ^aiiier froiii ii.^ name and the |IM> f^iani ill ils lii.',' appeal aine. is vocal and culture of tha city In which It \ William Hoogendyk, manager of the shall exist, and pursue Ha cournn. j house, suggested at the meeting that What its 8UCC088 may be depends t he be given until August 31 to prepare on more conditions than In the ease |for labels for boxes showing Charter or young people whos"S time for prac- j Oak packed brands. tlee IB limited. The singers may de- j vote more years. They should reach Goble-Enyeart. nearer to perfect performances. Tho } M!«s Grace Knyeart, the eldest service of a director of musical know- jdn.ighter of Rev. and Mrs. 8. II. En- ledge, wide reading, good taste, tact, (yeari. became the brfde on Wedries- patience and unwearying endurance, ; d«y evening of Mr. Fred J. Ooble, n Is essential, but BUCCCHU even then, will depend on the singers. They muat be willing; they must h<^t,ten- live; they must, be ready; they must act, not each one In his own way, but, all in one and the same woy, the way chosen by the director. Not In Inten- prntnlnent. young attorney of Berkeley, Cal. j Tbe marr'age took place at the home l of the. bride's parents in Huntlngton | Port, the father of the bride offleiat- j-ing. Ovr.r eighty invited guests were I present. The parlors of the home were tlon, but In deed. Not sometimes but. , beautifully decorated. The young cou- all the time. It. IK a great and good | pie will make their home in Berkeley, thing to do, and is worth the pains, If | Ti/e bride Is known to many in Co- the singers wl«h to cum the dlstinc- 1 vlri;;..- an her father was pastor for tlon of success. ' several years of the Methodist Church Tho concert two weeks ago indicted . of tbiu city, that the union, oven with only Its present membership, under Mr, Wc-lls's lead, can expect to win the approval of musical auditors. I see no reason j gregatlon to doubt of such a result, marked and | held last Matlsfnctory. Monday Afternoon Club. This week'8 meeting of tho Monday Afternoon Club was In charge of Mrs. Gage, who arranged a most admirable program on current events. She herself gave some good selections on science, and was followed by Mrs. I. I. Cook, who spoke on politics; Miss Herron, on literature; Mrs. Stevens, religion; and Mrs. Grlswolrt, social economics. Next Monday afternoon at 2:30, there will be a demonstration by Miss Knapp on cooking for the sick. The hostesses will be Mines. .1. L. Matthews, I, I. Cook, Whltsel, and Clapp. The following week a picnic will be held at Fuddlngstone falls, near the residence of Miss Emma Hawks. Further notice of thia wll] be given next week. Tht) (iiK!.inotion which a school orchestra, Kuch as ours will be, and a Choral Union, such as ours should be, will bo not merely gratifying; It will be .1 pride to our people and a valuable asset. People seeking new homes, among other considerations, desire t.hotn where schools aro good and plenty, churches Influential, a library convenient and fresh, newspapers bright, and of moral purpose, clubs and societies and all the means of culture and moral and social Improvement abundant arid cherished. Among all groups or societies none counts for more good influence than a high class society for the culture of vocal music. We ought, to have such a one In Co- vlna. Its members who sing will have more to do In making good its musical name and fame. But usually others have gladly become auxiliary members and helpers In such societies as have lived. I hope Covina people, not singing members, will cooperate In this, as In all good and profitable undort.fikings. S. P. JBNNISOM. Charter Oak Orange Growers tn Ship Fruit Under their own Brands. Charter Oak has left off swaddling clothes. No longer Is the neighboring village to Covina to be known as a portion of tho country supplying oranges for Olendora shipments, At a mooting of the Charter Oak Association this week, at which a large proportion of the stock of the association was represented, it was voted •unanimously lo sever connection with the (llendora association and form an association shipping under the Charter Oak name. i ! The reason for this action came about. In the first place through a request coming from the Olondora association for a severance. Tho Glendora stockholders considered that they were not getting quite as much satisfaction from their own house as would be the case If the territory was limited Tho orange industry has grown to such proportions that the house In (ilendora could not successfully prorate the fruit from both houses, and there was some frlctloii arising from a statement Unit the Charter Oak house wan not putting up a satisfactory fruit. Tho directors of the Charter Oak Association were equally desirous of making the change, and for different reasons. As it was explained by Mr. Mowring. who presided over the mooting this week, It was thought by the Charter Oak directors that better success could be obtained by prorating the fruit independently. Tho scheme ivas tried during I ho past month and proved, entirely satisfactory. Carloads of fruit went into market and the reports showed oven bettei than they had in the past. The directors having taken il upon themselves to try ibis plan, it only remained for the members lo ratify it if they saw !it. which was done. The Charter Oak packin.n house will probably lie considerably extended and improved shortly, altiunu'.li nn dclinatc action has yet been taken It is ItnillKll! to build I lie present house onl lo the road, which \\ill be a very appreciable addition. The acreage in Charter Oak is constantly bein.n extended, and the proves are .urnwint.', larger and bearing more liea\ ily each \ear. This splendid orange commu- nily li!ci^ lair to be one of tne lines! in l I.e S..n i ;.il>> id \ alley. I-Vr I I;.- liene.'l of I hose wll.l d> Church Meeting. At the annual meeting of the con- of Holy Trinity Church, week the following were elected members of the vestry: Rector, Rev. A. Fletcher; senior warden, Wm. Crook; junior warden, 0. N. Atwood; clerk, W. H. Collins; treasurer, A. R. Evans. Th? annual diocesan convention will be held next week. The following were chosen delegates to the convention by the vestry: Messrs. O. F. Platt. Win. Crook, A. R. Evans, R. M. Given and A. E. Pooley. At the meeting of the Woman's Guild, hold on Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Flatt, the following were chosen delegates to the Woman's Auxiliary convention: Mmes. Thorno, Atwood, Tatum, Damorel, I. I. Cook, Flatt, Kvans arid .Miss Herron. There will be services at the usual hours In Holy Trinity Church. Presbyterian services: Sunday- school !):4ft. Preaching 11 a. m. by Rev. Cyrus B. Hatch, D.D., field secretary of Occidental college. Junior Endeavor 3 p.m. Y. P. S. C. E 6:30. Prayermeetlng, Thursday evening, 7:30. All most cordially invited to any of these services. Paul G. Stevens, pastor. At the Methodist Church "mothers' day" will be observed In the morning service. All who attend are requested to wear a white flower In honor of the day. Mothers aro Invited to bring their babies and leave them in the care of competent young women who volunteered to care for thorn In the primary room. At tho closo of the morning service an opportunity will bo Riven for those who desire to do so to unite with tho clnivch. The evening service, with sermon by 'the pastor, will bo resumed. Other services of (lie nay as usual. Mrs. \V. P. Watts, who 1ms been ill during tho last, two weeks, is impr iving. Christian Church: The Sunday- school will observe "Mothers' Day," and all mothers of pupils, members of the cradle roll and homo department are invited to be present. Preaching service II. Junior ">. Intermediate and Senior Mndoavor r»:,'!0. At 7:30 Grant K. howls will glvo Ills steroop- ticon lecture, "Uncle Johnny Aplo- seeds; or an lOvenlug With Home Missions." Good music. A cordial welcome to all. On Tuesday evening at 7:::0. Or. S. M. Martin will deliver an address on the "Brotherhood of the Disciples of Christ," lo which all aro Invited. A Kn-'it deal of Interest is boin™ shown in the meetings of the Sunday- school Teachers' Primary I'nion. not only by the primary touchers, but by touchers of older classes. Ai t lie meet- inn lasi Tuesday a r.mst masterly exposition of the .subject, "Saint Pauls Missionary Journey," was .ni\en by Mrs. W. II. Collins In future the meetings \\ill be hold promptly at li-lfl p. tn. each Tuesday, in the Hupijsi Church. At (lie business lllectil.i; of the Kp- worth League of the M. K. J'liuivli, held on Tuesday evening, the following otiicors uere elected for the MI- year 1 President. Chas. (lass; i: Walters Secures a Prize. Edward Walters was the fortunate winner of the $10 pearl decorated fountain pen, given away last Saturday by T. L. Finch, Covina's latest jeweler. Mr. Finch gave a chance on this pen with every 50 cent purchase made on Saturday, Covina's bargain day. The pen makes a handsome and useful prefc-nt. Walter.s is a Covina high school student. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sexton of Santa Barbara are guests at the home of their daughter, Mrs. H. C. Beattie. Mrs. Sexton is allending the meetings of the Womans' Parliament in Los I Angeles. KKPOKT Ol' THK CONDITION OK THF, Covina Motional Bank AT COVINA in the State of California, at the close of business, April 28, 1909. (Charter No. 8222) KKSOL'KCES. Loans and Dmcounts $9C,855.31 Overdrafts secured and unsecured 407.08 U. S. Hondo to necure circulation 50.000.00 PremiumM on U.S. Bonds 1118.75 Bonds, RccuHtlcs, etc 28,765.43 Banking house, furniture and fixtures 5,533.57 Due from approved reserve agents 31,208.06 Checks and other cash items 65.15 Notes of other National Banks 15.00 Fractional paper currency, nickels, cents.... 12.56 Lawful money reserve in bank, viz: Specie 6,332.55 6332.65 Redemption fund with U. S. Treasurer (S* of circulation) 2,500.00 Total 222,808.46 1.IADII.ITIHS. Capital stock paid in $50,000.00 Surplus fund 2816,62 Undivided profits, less expenses , and taxes paid •... 2469.38 ' National bank notes outstanding 50,000.00 Due to other National Banks 2,500.00 Individual deposits subject to check 69.318.93 Demand certificates of deposit. 81,941.00 Time certificates of deposit 13,587.53 Certified Cheiks 75.00 Cashier's checka outstanding 100.00 Total 222,808.46 State of California, County of Los Angeles, as. I, V. O. English, Cashier ef the above-nnmed bank, do solemnly awear that tho above statement ia true to the best of my knowledge and belief. V, O, ENGLISH, Cashier. ! Correct-Attest; J. D. Reed ) J. L. Matthews > Directors J. H. Coolman > Subscribed and sworn to before mo this 30th day of April. 11KJ9. E. P. Warner. Notary Public. Jshnssn & INigg BLACKSMITHS Blacksmithing sf all Kinds Our Specialty Shop on Citrus Ave A. J. ROOKS BlaiolcsmltHIng All kinds of {general and heavy Blacksmithing. We manufacture Ridpers, Orange Racks aad Box Presses Horseshoeing o Specialty Home Phone IOH7 Shop West Badillo 8t, Csvina IF YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING clone, see me before you let your job. * * # * * # # * * * # # * # * * * # * # # * # >**** * ***** *************** Bnnouncemcnt: There having been a change in the holding interests of the Covina Valley Gas Company, the new owners desire to have and will endeavor to merit the cooperation of each and everyone of the present consumers. It will be our gain to furnish a good quality of gas at all times, and will ask your cooperation in that you will Immediately notify our office of any irregular service. If your stove or any appliance which you are using is not operating properly, we will thauk you to very kindly inform us at once. Gas is the most modern and convenient fuel of today. It can be successfully and economically used by everyone, it being not a luxury, but a necessity. Our mission in this vicinity Is therefore to instruct our consumers in the use of this modern fuel. It has been said that a gas range is a coal range with a college education, which very aptly shows that as such it is not out of place In this enlightened community. Our plant will be in the hands of competent men, who will always be pleased to extend to you every need in connection with thesupply and delivery of gas. Watch this space for further developments. Very truly, Covina tDatlev. <3asdo, W. A. WHITE, Manager **#*************#**********#**** ««» * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * # * * * * # * * * * * * * * * * * * # * # * * * * # * * * # * * # * * * # * *** Compound Interest Increases Your Surplus The steady saver who deposits his money regularly in the bank is build- ing well for the future, and realizes what a faithful friend compound in- terest is. An account with us will aid' you to increase your surplus. 4 per cent interest paid. Accounts of SI and up received. Covina \Dalley Savings IBank Covina, California All work "•uurauteetl and prices Phone 51. \v C. H. Kistler The Splendid Returns from our full psipc ml of last Saturday lias cnoouragfd us to run our sale our week longer. All special prices continue. 2(K) holts new fancy rihhon. No. 120 lo 21 id. values up to $1.00 at ' 25c f Many shoes at reductions and many new linos to offer at prices fully f>0c per pair under our city competitors. 1'J new men's suits-- hy express—the very newest. Los Anireles stores would ask you sf'^d.dO and $:{">. 0. V/e can sell them at ' $20 and $22 It pays to trade at home. It pays in more ways than one. It will mean more stores, \>\^<n-r stores, a larger assessed valuation. ci\ ic improvements and less taxes. Stniv* wil coin" if vou show vour lovalty. The Broadwell Stores COVINA HEMET IMPERIAL

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