The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 11, 1977 · Page 3
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 3

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 11, 1977
Page 3
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On The Air Today 11:00 p. in, Olh««r SlilMonH — N'nw* diin n, m. wrillY — IiuKi'tnilt Hcorcn •\VATU— imnrlmlu ' , . (1:13 c>. m. VTIltlV— Nylon Tliim. I.opua WAHC — My opinion wort— On th" Ontury \VJ'/, — Kth"l nml Alnort U'ATH— Al Vpjiirn, Xilnrtu WKAI' 1 — HnroniHln WTIi:— Cih'ii Clilli «:.'<() p. m. WIIHY--K. Christy Krk, .NVwn WTIl.'— Strlplly .Minimi \VJ/, — N'rw*; Himrtji WA'I'H — Mown vvolt — VMml'?v<«ntpr WKAK— HU'vrtn WAlli: — Lurry Oarr (l:lr, |i, in. WIIHY-WAIK; — NVwii Till Nnw WTIC-WKAI''— Lowiili Thr.nma WON— Htlin [.onmx WX— (.Iri'iil Menu W'ATK— l'1'.'tinurn lind Profit 7:00 p. in. \V tilt Y- WAHC— I'M til Cliij'ton WTfC.U'KAl' 1 — XuppiT C'lul) WJX— IIMiilllnr Krllllnn \VATU-AlhiTl \VurniT WUU— t'uliun 1.1'ivhi 7:in ii. m, WHflV — I'wuirlHK Qulrii.'t WAIII!— Xkvllii" [lr,,,f W K A I' 1 --- l"h n Vu n<l» rci ink WOK — Amiwvr Man WATIl.WJX— llhytnm A'lvfniumn 7:'J,1 p. in. WATft — N-wn 1;'-W |i. in. WimV — I'liWIr IIi<xrlliK WTU'-WK.U' 1 — Ji.hrmy Mnmm tt'Allf- .Mr. lii..-n WATll- WJH — l'ror. Quiz WOU— N.-WH Til". l>. ni W10AF — >lurkn»™ U'urt — In.sliln of Hprirln 8:D|) p. m Visitor In "" "" • : - ' Cleveland, Ohio Stephen Soltes of the borough hn» been visiting 1 relatives in Chagrin Falls and Cleveland, Ohio. Women's Activities—Personal and Social NAUGATDCK NEWS fCONNO, TJIURSfcAV, JULY 18, I9*<J—VAGE WTHJ— Olinatnul PluytuiuHK WATR-WJX— ii nil Alii X:15 ii, ni. WJX — 'l'hi> O'NVillH WOK— Kenny IJnkiir WATIt — 'Ak'uhnn unmym ocr Tlmo DANCE Every Saturday Night 9 I». M. TO 1 A. M. lit DUFFY'S RESTAURANT WATKB STREET Music By Tho ICnmoun G, I. TWILIGHT TUIO WTU.'.WIOAK— Cnffi-c WATF1-WJH -Town .Mivtlru: WOU— Vlr unil Miuli. H:5S p, in, U'imY.U'AriC— .NV«-« 0:00 ii. m. wimv.W.uic— mck linymi-H WTIC-WKAK— Manic Hull WOH— (iutirM llputtpr l),-:)0 i), in. W lift V- WAHC— llobiiy Lobby WPIC'.WliAl.'— Kvo Ar<l»n WA'I'/l. WJX— fwti'fC unil Cnlluct WUH — l:y 1'opulur ftrnmm] lljfiS p, ni. WATft-WJ!',— wlMiniT'H Sports 1(1:011 p. m. wim r- WA iif. 1 — ThiifM ;,iro WTIC'-WKAF—AIiinroi. Orel] W,\TR-Wjy,— KoK-r, Orch. U-Oft — CnllfnrillfL ,Vi,|nrf|pH 1O:;I() p, in. WII1IY— I'hnni- Aiiiiln flnni-min . VfJ'/.—Htm'H .Mnrinui WTH.'.WKAK— To- [<•• Announmil WATH — rnmJIj- Afflilr Wdll — Syinphnni'lli: Hls-Ci P. rn. WJX— l-'imlimy In KlfKaly 1 1 :IM n MI All Sdulun.H— NLWK ll.'IU p. In, WIIIIY— Julin Duly, .svwii 11:1,-, „, ,11. wimr-wAiir:— I'Vixii-r o, X n. W ATI'S- WJX— Hi.rk-y Orch. WTll'-wp.v.|.'— Hurkncmi Surgical Patient Returns To Home Mrs. Aclclc Somers, ' 278 North Main street, r.ji's returned to her home from the Griflln hospital, Dcr-, by, where she was a surgical patient. 1 I :.'H) p, m. WIIRV — Htuillri I'luyhnuH" WTIl '- WKA I' 1 — Ciiln-.. r i WA no — Ciivnllvru Orch, WATIl—liuiiin; IJimi-n O|v|i \Vl.iK — Wvulhor; l-Jnnc' 1 <"Jrch l-';f)(l ,M| l (nlrh( All -Hlullun.H — Nc;iv.i Immanuel Lutheran Picnic Saturday The annual plor.ic or the Im'man- 1 uel Lutheran church Sunday school will be held at Lake Qunssapaug Saturday afternoon, July 20. A bus wjll leave Naw;'.i.tuck center at 1 o'clock, making a stop at the church on High street at 1;10 o'clock and leaving the lake in the cvoninfj at 7 o'clock. Junior Date Official Visit Made To Last Evening An official visit by District Deputy President' Mrs. Ada Williams •' of j Seymour and her staff was made to Columbian Robekah lodge, No. 3S, I. O. O, F,, lost night at a meeting; held In Odd Fellows hall. The session was Conducted by Mrs. Eleanor Monroe in the ab- isence of Mrs. Marie Ashford. noble grand, who is recovering 1 from a To Be Nurse, TOTK TJio Cnniploto Outdoor Ar.r, rvi'Ks or RADIO nicrAiu WORK Order Your Hot Point Electric Appliances HAWLEY HARDWARE 102 CHURCH ST. Telephone 408fl KM5CTKIC HHVKKAOK COOJ.KKS FOU STORKS Electric Appliance Co, Ul-l Hnlilwln St, >v»t, — TI>I. .i-i\j.rj I-AXI)ING PI.ANNJSI) Boston. July 18 (UP)—The Navy nnnouncoH that the LST 115.1 will bo launched tomorrow ru the Boston navy yard. The ship will be chrlstcni'tl by Mrs. Wilder D. Bn- kcr, wife ot the commandant -of the btiae. STYLE VENETIAN BLIND SHOPPE «S HprlnR St., t'nlrin City ; Tul, NIHIK. dill — Wilt. 4-DMd SAVE 10% CASH & CARRY If You Bring Your Own Laundry CALL WAT, 4-4106 A MERICAN I. l-\VR ) • • ^ NOW OPEN! ! Jean's Knitting Studio 20 niAMOMJ STREET . Mr*, ./run Kaliilcmrnkl, ITnn. KnIltliiK mill CriirhMHilK InMnnMlim Viirn mid rniflift .VafiTliil fur Sn/c recent surgical operation. Following the business meeting a program was presented' by Mrs Johanna White, entertainment chairman, which consisted of skit, movies and- group sinking. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Lorclln Newman and her committee. No plans were made for the I August meeting. ' I Entertaining- Guests Here Mr. and Mrs. Chester Underbill of Park avenue, are entertaining Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Drake of Charlotte, N. C., and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hensley of Passnic, N. J. Left For P'bpham Beach, Maine Mrs. William E. Hill, 150 Meadow street, has left for Popham Beach Me., where she will remain until Labor Day. Opened Cottage . At Lake Waramaug Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Murtha of City Hill street, have opened their cottage at Lake Waramaug, New Preston, for the remainder of the summer season/ • Registered At .-. . New York Hotel Mr, and Mrs. Raymond Paul and daughter, Barbara, of Walnut street, are registered "for a week .it the Hotel Bristol, New York city. : mi.rx NAnniirjA M«T, < Kllll Hlnrk iir nti-i'1 mill wnnil lillm * Illhiili rrpnlri'ij, rc-l,u»ril, ct.r, ****** f^***^f~^rr*>*^+*~^* S SKK I'M t'OU YOt'K VACATION I LUGGflGE rOK I'OKTRAITS LYLE"& EARL PORTRAIT STUDIO 11 No. Mnln St. Naugntuck. I'nihrrlliiH ivrrpil, Itnmlri'il FISHERS 111 .M, .MAI.V ,HT. XIM .STRISIK'S 10 Center St, Wntcrbury, Conn. WE FEATURE GLASSWARE, CHINA, LAMPS, GIFTS I'ATTKUN M85 This exquisite junior date dvcss is as demure as an old-fashioned bouquet, yet as new as tomoiTCAv, Low round neckline, wide figure- slimminjj ff't'd'.c atop a full skirt are details iliat rale tops with every ytylc-w!.se tccn tLg:cr. Bai-hani Bell Pattern No. 3'ISS is dc-siKned for- sizes 11, 12, 13, 14, 16 and IS. Sii;e 12 requires 3 yards of 35-inch fabric, For this pattern, send 25 cents, Hospital Patient Reported Improving Mrs. Paul Passeck, 7T6 Rubber avenue, who is a pa.tient,at the Watcrbury hospital, is reported as improving. Miss Henrietta' OldukowsW, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Wlllliim Oldnkowskl, »9 Calpln street, who was a member of the 1M6 atlnfi; class of Naupatuck school, bus been accepted In the September class at the Waterbury hospital School of Nursing. About. 30 per cent of all the milk •produced in .the U. S. is used as a beverage and for cooking. Reception For Bethany Man Sunday Morning A reception in honor of Nathan F. Mansfield of Bethany, in celebration of his 86th birth anniversary, will be held Sunday morning immediately following the 9:30 o'clock service at Christ church, Bethany. The event will be ^ifld on the church lawns, or in cage of inclement weather conditions, in the town hall. Mr. Mansfield, a native of Bethany, has resided th the community his complete lifetime and is well- known in Nauffatuck. A faithful attendant at the church and keenly interested in its affairs, he has held many church offices and upon his retirement as senior warden was made honorary senior warden. The Rev. Wfnfded B. Lang-horst. rector of St. Michael's Episcopal church, will be in charge of the commun-lon service Sunday morning-. WATERBDKY 1 So. Main St. 45 W. Main St. NAT;GATDCK 156 Church St. 21 S. Main St. AND ACCESSORIES Hartford Resident Borough Visitor Mrs. W. H. Brown of Hartford, has been spending several days with her childhood friend, Mrs. W. H. Pa.ul, 55 Oak street. Movie Film Castle Film 8MM - 16MM Sound 8MM - 16MM Reels Kodachrome Film Seventy-Five At Church Picnic Th'o annual church school anrl parish picnic of Christ ' church. = , ,.„, OU11U ^ „„.,«,, Bethany, was held recently ,-u Lake in coins, your name, address, pat- i Q lla ssapaug, with 75 in attendance, tern number and size wanted to I A tru = k ' donated iy Mr. und Mrs 1 . Stanley Downs, carried 32 children. A supper was served and swimming and other, sport events,hold. Barbara Bell, care' of Naugatuck Daily News, P, O. Box 09, Station ", New York 10, N. Y, The SUMMER Issue of FASHION is brimful of ideas for every woman who sews — school girl to nome-maker. Special pattcrrjs by top-flight American designers.... contest designs by America's talented juniors.,. .freo shoulder pad pattern printed in the book. Price 25 cents. (Released by nc.) 7he Bell Syndicate, NOW IN STOCK Keystone 16MM Projector $25.00 Electric Paint Dryer $13.50 Eastman Kodaslide Projector S37..45 Adjustable Enlarging Easel : 56,35 Eastman 35MM Enlarger $43.55 Vokar Slide Projector ...$13.95 Novex Viewer and Projector $56.85 Chemical—Papers—Trays Developing Tanks $2,83 Hollywood Kodaslide . Viewer $3,00 Photoflood Lamps — Your Photographic Dealer — SWEENEY'S Neary Bldg... Church St. ART and STATIONERY! STORE Naug-atuck SUNTAN CREAMS AND LOTIONS JAN SUTRA . . . GABY .... NORWICH TAN OIL ...... .59c-90c . . . .65c-$I.OO .25c, 47c, 89c . . . .31c-53c LUX OR LIFEBUOY SOAP . 7c PEPSODENT WILDROOT Steady, interesting- work making- our famous Keds, Gaytees, and other quality footwear Now Available . FOR WOMEN Apply at our Employment Office Rnbbor Avc, at Water St. UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Footwear Plant Naugatuck Conn. .Sure Success POPOVERS When you put these 8 to 12 popovcrs in the oven, how satisfying it is to know — especially if you're baking for guests —that they're sure to turn out just right. That's because the ingredients of TOPOVA, the new popovcr mix, are precision-mixed. Just add eggs and milk. FUKO PRODUCTS CORP. Milltowrt.N.J. SEE OUR COLLECTION CASUAL, SPORT and DRESSY SHOES $1-98 to $5.95 WE ARE NOW AIR COOLED THE PRINCESS SHOP --FIRST In Fashion -- - FIRST In Service Peodcranr TaScs Amolin. ,31c-53c Spiro . . .29c-49c Sno-Mist . . . .49c Z. B.~tr~2Tc-43c Quinsana . . . 47c Imperial RUSEO Cologne. . S1.30.S3.7S Lucion LeJorg Cologne... S1.75 lo S4.50 April Showors Cologne... 55c-$1.00 Frolic Cologne SI.00 c'-lj Cappi Cologno 55c Cheramy Cologne. .SSc-Sl.OO r$W Ard^n's Cream Cologne $1.50 iV 1 j)-- RELIEF FOR HOT, TIRED FEET fgj| M5NNSN *&} 39c PERSOHHA *1 pwboiof 10« Olft»««•»50.»ij ^iWl""" 1 * ' 10POVK ,' » H O'l > " 209 Chtitch St, Ne'ary Bldg. 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EEACHBAGS . . .$2.27 up 1HAVING BRUSHES. , 59c iHOWER SPRAYS . . . 98c Cigarette Lighters. . ,39c up •LAYING CARDS 50c TOOTHBRUSH HOLDERS . . .- 25c DEPILATORIES JMRA . 65c V^HMH^^M^^M»*^^^M ( NAFR 49c ZIP CREAM 37c, Bellin's Wonderstoen ... ( $1.2S-$3.00 JEAN LaSALLE LEG LOTION ...69e LEG MAKEUP APPLICATORS . . 15c CURFIT RAZORS $1.00 FOR A 'REAL SHAMPOO 1 THRILL-TRYNEW \IMPROVED SPSC/AC] DKENE f SPECIAL IT'S KOW 20% COOLER INSIDE OUR STORE!!! HAIR CONDITIONED HAS BEEN ADDED TO SPECIAL DRENE TO LEAVE HAIR THR1LUNGLY SMOOTHER AND SILKIER AFTER A SHAMPOO. 60c Size SI.00 Size

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