Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 9, 1969 · Page 11
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 11

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1969
Page 11
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 9, 1969 THE REGISTER-NEWS — AIT. VERNON, ILLINOIS 3-B They Love Junk Mail By HAL BOYLE .. ..' NEW YORK (AP) — Junk mail is regarded by most people as one of the major nuisances of our limes. Or so they say. "Why does the postman clutter up our mailbox with this tripe?" they say. They say, "It must cost the government millions of dollars to deliver this junk." That's what they say—but do they really mean what they say? In most cases they probably don't. They are simply kidding themselves. Secretly they love junk mail. For junk mail serves a needed purpose in our rut-ridden civilization. It bolsters small egos and acts as a cheerleader in starved lives. For example, let us suppose you are Henry Quietus Abernathy. You don't really amount to much in the big world's eye. You haven't done much in the past, and the likelihood is that you won't do much in the future. At office or factory your boss regards you as a small cog, a chair filler or wrench turner. At home your frowzy wife eternally berates you for not earning more money. If you try to order your kids to do something, they laugh at you. Even your fond mother in her heart thinks of you as the dullest of her brood. Yes, poor Henry Quietus Abernathy, you are a human nullity, pretty small potatoes indeed. You are, that is, until you come home and pull out a double handful of junk mail from your crowded letter box. Ah, then you come into your own, Henry Quietus Abernathy. You are not at a last-place runner in the human race to the junk mail people. To them Henry Quietus Abernathy is Mr. Big —a VTF, a Very Important Fellow. They ask your help, don't they, Henry? They need your help, don't they, Henry? Corporations asks you to test their new prodocts. "What do you think of our new plastic walnut wipers, Mr. Abernathy?" Politicians beg for yur support. "All of us together, Mr. Abernathy, can bring back the old-fashioned pioneering spirit and make this again a land that will serve as a beacon to mankind." Charities and philanthropies by the score appeal to you. "How can we let so many cases of anemia go untreated in Samoa, Mr. Abernathy?" "Won't you send us a bundle of old clothes, Mr. Abernathy, so that the forgotten poor in Scarsdale, N.Y. and Beverly Hills, Calif., won't have to mow their lawns in rags?" There are millions of Henry Quietus Abernathys across America and they need junk mail as a drug addict needs his narcotic. Junk mail tells them that somebody thinks they are somebody—as indeed they truly are. But it's nice to be told. In earlier times, farriers treated wounds and diseases of horses and were the first veterinarians, according to the En­ cyclopaedia Britannica. Sears 3 DAYS ONLY Tremendous Savings Buy First Gal. For $4.99 Second Gallon FREE • Applies smoothly, evenly with brush or roller • Dries to a beautiful flat finish in Vi-hour • Hands and tools clean with soapy water • Choose white or fashionable colors GUARANTEED 1-COAT LATEX FLAT Regular 6.99 Gal. 2 Gallons $^Q0 • Once over covers any color • Washable and stains resists spots • Dries in '/2-br., soap and water clean-up # Choose white or decorator colors SEARS. ROEBUCK AND CO. &I9 Broadway, Mt. Vernon, III. Phone 242-3000 Store Hours: 8:30 To 5:30 P.M. Daily Friday 8:30 A.M. to 8 P.M. THE MIDEAST IN ARMS BARBS By PHIL PASTORET It's not polite to eat with your knife, but it's a wonderful party trick if you can manage it without cutting your throat. Latest reliable estimates of Mideast military strength give the Arab nations a strong numerical advantage over Israel in standing forces. But Jsrael has a secret weapon in its well-trained reserves which can be mobilized on 48 to 72 hours notice to bring its total strength to about 275,000. Egypt and Israel have the only mojor warships. Other navies consist primarily of torpedo and patrol boats. Goldwater Speech Writer Now Stands With New Left By HARRY F. ROSENTHAL Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) — Barry Goldwater's chief speechwriter in the 1964 presidential campaign— the man who wrote the famed "extremism" speech— now speaks approvingly of the New Left. "Technically," says Kai'l Hess, "I am an anarchist." Hess, who helped draft both the 1960 and 1964 Republican Party platforms, said in an interview that, "I take my stand with the anti-authoritarians, and so does the New Left." "I'm opposed to authority, to state authority at every level and in every area," he said. —"I think people should have the absolute right to their own lives and the control of them and I thought this is what the Republican Party stood for. I think it's turning out not to be the case." As Goldwater's No. 1 speech- writer, Hess was assigned to draft ' the Arizona senator's speech accepting the GOP nomination. The final version contained a phrase "extremism in Don't have the blahs, ju$t come to f ERTHERSTUI) today and purchase the latest records at discount prices Forly-Fives—88e I HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE—Marvin Gay* FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE —Stevie Wonder I'M GONNA MAKE YO IOVE Mb —Diana Ross & The Su­ premos & The Temptati,ns SOULFUL STRUT—Young-Holt Unlimited WICHITA LINEMAN—Glen Campbell CLOUD NINE—The Temptations LOVE CHILD-Diana Ross & The Supreme! STORMY-Class cs IV WHO'S MAKING LOVE —Johnnie Talyor HOOKED ON A FEELING —B. J. 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He also insisted that his thinking on extremism hasn't changed, and thta his progression from the Political Right to New Left, involved merely a return to his basic philosophical position—"liberatrianism.'' "This is one of the reasons I find many of the statements and actions of SDS (Studetns for a Democratic Society) very satisfying. Because they're following the precept of the Declaration of Independence." That precept, said Hess, is "that if the government steadily enci-oaclies on the freedom of the individual . .. that it's the right and the responsibility of the people to overthrow the government ..." As Hess' words echoed opi- -o- -o- -o- j nions popular among campus radicals, so did his appearance, i notably a gold turtle neck shirt, lumberjack boots and sideburns at ear lobe length. He granted the interview in offices from which he and an old colleague in the cause of conservative politics, columnist Ralph de Toledano, put out a Washington news letter. It should be noted that de Toledano, who wasn't present, has shown no sign in his writings that his convictions have — altered. Elaborating upon his own change of viewpoint, Hess argued: "There used to Ix; a very strong libertarian tradition on the right" even to opposing imperial foreign policies on —the ground that "you can't have the state so powerful that, it can go rampaging around — the world without having a state so powerful that it can coerce people at home." "The rise of the Soviet Union, however, introduced this really fanatic anti communism ... so that a lot of people, including myself, said: 'Look, because of the threat of Soviet Communism we've got to forget all of this tradition and we've got to have a very powerful state now to combat this monster.' That's where conservatism grew up to what we now know as the conservative position." This position. said Hess, "says that it opposes the state and it does, theoretically, but .. . when it comes to anticom- munism, the conservative position is that the state should have every power in the world, up to and including the right to execute people." HAMBURGER PLATTER 90 Delectable to the last bite, '4 lb. lean beef Is cooked to your order . . served with french fried potatoes and tomato slice. Best of all, It's budget priced. I «;e box eream . . • CHEESE CAKE 30* Slice Whipped cream cheese ml*> rure amid tasty crumbs. So moist, rich. Generous portion. Flavorful... SIUIIEIIV NE 50 « Juicy strawberries with-court-, ty-fresh flavor. Generously covered with whipped topping. Restouront Open Doily 'Til 8:30 P.M. Plenty Of Free Parking — 9:30 To 9 Worth 50 Extra This coupon is worth 50 extra Top Value Stamps with a purchase of $3.00 or more at *fw CLARK Super 100 Station 1515 West Broadway — Mt. Limit one coupon per customer Top Value Stamps Vernon, III. Coupon Expires Wed., Jan. 15, 1969 Mercy Flight Fuel Is Banned GENEVA (AP) — The International Red Ci'oss Committee said today that the government of Equatorial Guinea has banned its flying motor fuel to Biafra halting the Red Cross relief airlift to the besieged territory. The Red Cross explained that it has to fly in fuel for its vehicles that transport the relief supplies from the airstrip at Uii Ihiala to more than 100 points in Binfra. Unless it can fly in the fuel, which is about 2.5 per cent of the relief shipments, the supplies will pile up at the airstrip because the Biafrans have no transport, the committee said. Food and medical supplies have been flown daily since last August from the Guinear. island of Fernando Poo, then a Spanish possession, to the Biafran at- strip near Uli Ihiala. The Guinean measures do not affect the relief flights to Biafra sponsored by Roman Catholic and other church organizations. QUICK QUIZ Q — What is the nation's tallest monument? 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