The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1968 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1968
Page 3
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ttyflievtne (Ark.) Courier News — Monday, June 10, NW — Pap live HOLLANP NEWS By Mrs. JM Lmtn- Mr. and Mrs. Denver Woods of Campbell, Mo., visited recently with Mr. and Mrs. Willie Webb. Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Stivers have moved to Annada, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Channel! of St.'Louis recently visited with his mother, Mrs. Jessie Walsch. Mrs: Gladys McArthur is a patient in Blytheville's Chickasawba Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hicks of St. Louis were supper guests recently of her father and step- mothtr, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jackson. Mrs. Jeff Northern recently visited in the home of A. A. Allen and Mr. and Mrs. John Allen of Van Buren, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jackson recently visited his daughter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Louie Campbell of Wynn, Ark. Library Memorials Following is a list of memorial contributions, recently received by the Blytheville Public Library. In memory of Roy "Arnold — "Just as I Am," Miss Mary Janet Taylor. In memory of William L. Austin — "Condensed Books and Harvard Classics Vol. I," Wife and Sons. In memory of Spencer Bunch — "Aritiriques for the Modern By Lines You (EDITOE'S NOTE: This column Is for use by the readers. Material submitted will not be returned. . M ™ 0 ^\j?JL e ; ceased persons will not be printed. All material should be typed and double-spaced and is subject to editing. Writers should sign their names and, in the cases of students, should give their age. Names will be withheld on request.) ..(Editor's Note: The following was submitted by a reader who first saw it in the Pocabontas Sat Herald.) The following taken from the Memphis Commercial Appeal some years ago published by request of a reader, is said to be a letter written by Christ Himself, to mankind. History of the letter follows: • • Mrs. Fannie Wortman of 'Marion, .Indiana,. knows some thing of the history of the letter. According, to her statement it was first found under a stone at the foot of the cross upon which Christ was crucified. On the stone was written, "Blessed is he who shall turn me over." No one knew what this inscription meant until a child turned the s>ione over and discovered the letter under it. The letter came into the hands of a man who had been converted and who kept it as a sacred ordinance of his Savior. He, however, refused to have it published, according to the order o£ Christ, and consequently he never prospered. He kept the fact that he possessed the letter a secret and on his death,.gave it to the oldest son. Thus, the letter was kept in the family.- for over a thousand years, and was brought to this country by the early settlers. It was kept a secret by the family while they lived in Virginia, but they never prospered and ill luck continued to follow them, as it did their ancestors, until on the death of the only daughter the letter was turned over to a lady by the name.qf.Townson who not wishing to. disobey the order of Christ,had it published at once in the Tribune of Rome, Georgia, October 31, 1891. The citi- the article and Mrs. Wortman, who lived there at that time, clipped, the -'letter and has had it in her possession, she believed^ years. She never had it published for some time and says that she had bad luck all the time while keeping it in her possession arid she believed that her misfortunes all came from the fact that she never let the article out for publicat- }D. In the letter was written the ten Commandments Of Christ, signed by His angel, Gabriel, ninety - nine years after the Savior's birth. The letter follows: "Whosoever works on the Sabbath day shall be cursed; I command you to go to church and keep holy the Lord's day without any manner of work. You shall not idle or mis-spend your time in bedecking yourselves in superfluities or costly apparels and vain dressing for I have ordered it a day of rest. I will have that day kept holy, that your sins may be forgiven you. You will not break my Commandments, but observe and keep them, they being written by My hand and spoken by My mouth. You shall not only go to church yourselves but also your man servant and your maid servant. Observe My words and keep my Commandments. You shall finish your work every Saturday at 6 o'clock in the afternoon, at which hour the preparation for the Sabbath begins. I command you to fast five Fridays in each year, beginning on Good Friday, and continuing the five Fridays following, in remembrance of the five bloody wounds I received for your mankind. You shall love one another and cause them that are not baptized to come to church and receive the holy sacrament that is to say, baptism, and the supper of the Lord — arid be made a .member there of and in so doing, I will give you long life and many blessings. ened and unrepentent unbelievers. He that hath given to the poor will find it profitable. Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day, for the seventh day I have taken as a resting day unto myself. "And he that hath a copy of this letter written by my own hand and spoken from my own mouth and keepeth it,.without publishing it to others, shall not ; prosper, but he that pub- lisheth it to others shall be blessed by Me and if their sins : be as many as the stars of the night, and if they truly believe they shall be pardoned; and they that" believe not this writing and my Commandments will have my plagues upon you and be consumed with your children, goods, cattle and other wordly enjoyments that I have given you. Do but once think of what I have suffered for you —if you do it will be well for you in this world and in the world which is to come. Whosoever keep it in their house, nothing shall hurt them, neither pestilence, lightning or thunder, and if any woman be in birth and put her trust in me, she shall be delivered of her child. You shall' hear no more news of me, except through the Holy Scripture until the day of judge- ment." zen of Dalton, Georgia, copied Your land shall be replenished and brought forth abundance, and I will comfort you in the greatest temptations, and sure he that doeth to the contrary shall send them, and especially on hard- be cursed. I.,will, also hardness of heart upon JUDGE RULES FROGS NOT WORTH MUCH HONOLULU (AP) - Circuit Court Judge Allen R. Hawkins had to decide the value of 200,000 baby bullfrogs in his court. And 300 mother and father frogs, and some carp and some water lilies and some water chestnuts. He met the challenge, and declared the colony of croakers, and others, worth ?3,746.55. The whole thing started on June 20, 1963, when the state sprayed weed killer around a pond in Waimanalo. It ju s t happened that particular pond belonged to Kwai Ing Hong who used the pond for breeding frogs. The weed killer killed the weeds and it killed almost every living thing in the pond. So Hong filed a $100,000 damage case against the state, claiming the frogs and the tadpoles in the pond would eventually have been worth that much money. • Judge Hawkins ruled the state was negligent all right, but nly in the amount of $3,746.55. the most .in PJKCtf M ^ PROTECT YOUR TREASURED FURS THE BERNARD MANOR WAY Thru special arrangement by One Hour Martinmng Laundry - Cleaners you can give your valuable furs summer long protection. Bonded and Insured Cold Storage. BLYTHEVILLE PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER Mon. Thru Fri. 7 A.M.-6 P.M. Saturday 7 A.M.-7 P.M. FREE WINTER Garment Storage Store your winter Garments the worry-free, professional, insured way. BEWARE of moths, silverffeh and mildew ! ! ! Why take a chance 77? Fay nothing 'til fall and then only tegular cleaning charges. DRY CLEANING SPECIAL GOOD THRU JUNE 13 ANY PLAIN | GARMENT Ladies & Mens Pants, Sport Coats, Skirts, Sweaters & Light Jackets 45' FULL GARMENT Ladies & Men's Suits, Coats, Dresses and Blankets 89' OR25c EACH ON HANGERS OR FOLDED W« Aho Do Khaki and Other Work Clothn Home," Mrs. B, A. Bugg; "Animal Lite and Lore," Mr. and Mrs. Dan Biirge; ."Letters to an American Lady," Mrs. T. I. Gray; and "Jefferson Square, Mr, and Mrs. Calvin Hollingworth. In memory of Henry G. Davis — "Freedom of Choice Affirmed;" Mr. and Mrsi • 'Albert •Taylor; "London. British Museum," Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Fendler; "American Heritage Mrs. Harry W. Haines and Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Haines; Donation to the building fund, Dr. I. R. Johnson. In memory of Mrs. E. D. Ferguson — "Prayers from the Bible," Mr. arid. Mrs. Oscar Fendler; "Leonardo Da Vinci," Mr. and Mrs. Wm. M. Jontz. In memory of Thomas Ira Gray — "The Imperfect Dis- ciplt," Mrs. Neta Bunch and Miss Mildred Raniey; "Inside the FBI," Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Kirshner. . , In memory of Harry W. Haines — Donation to the building fund, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Huffman III and Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Huffman Jr.; "Paris. The Louvre," Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Kirshner; and ."Rickenbacker" Mr. and Mrs. Wm. M. : Jontz. In memory of AmmUt Newberry —Donation to the building fund, Mr. and Mrs, Dan Burge. In memory of 0. A. Roush - "Mexico," Mr. and Mrs. Albert Taylor, In memory of Miss Selma (Bailie) Saliba - Donation to the building fund, Mr, and Mrs. William M. Jontz. In memory of Pleas A. Secoy — "Barretts of Wimpole Street," Mrs. Peggy White Sims. In memory of Lagrone Whittle — "Air Force: A Pictorial History of American Airpower," Mr. and Mrs. Leon Oenning. In memory of Mrs. Hiram W. Wylie — "The Great Singers," Dr. Hunter Sims Jr.; "Best Plays of the Early American Theatre," Mrs. Chester Caldwell Sr.; "1001 Questions About Birds," Mr. and Mrs. Charles Langston; and "Quick Key. to Wildflowers," Blytheville Duplicate Bridge Club. In honor of Mrs. James N. White and Family — Donation to the building fund, Mrs. Elma Queilmalz. In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Price and Family — Do- nation to the building fund, Mrs Elma Armstrong and Mrs. Lucille Queilmalz. Quick Quiz Q—When was the Bible divided into chapters and verses? A — The Geneva Version was the first English Bible in which the chapters were divided into verses..It was edited by William Whittingham in 1560. Q — Who founded The American Sisters of Charity? A—Mother Elizabeth Ann Seton, at Emmitsburg, Md., in 1809. Mother Seton was beatified in Rome on March 17, 1963. Q—Is the prairie dog a species of dog? A—No, it is a member of the ground-squirrel family. It received its name because it has a shrill bark milch like that of a dog. Q — When did pipe organs make their appearance in America? A—In 1700. They were imported by the Episcopal Church, Port Royal, Pa., and the Swedish Lutheran Church at Phila- delphia, Pa. Q—How many times has Norman Thomas tried unsuccessfully for the presidency of the United States. A — He has been the Socialist candidate six times, the last time was in 1948, Q—Which of the great apes is native only to the islands of A—The orangutan. Borneo- and Sumatra? Q-With what custom is the name Peter Funk generally associated? A—The custom of using the name for a person employed at an auction to offer bogus bids in order to raise the price. Q—What fruits were crossed to produce the loganberry? A—It is a result of a cross between a variety of.the wold blackberry of California and a cultivated red raspberry. It receives its name from Judge J. H. Logan who originated the fruit. Q—Why do we speak of 40 days of Lent when it really lasts over six weeks? A—The 40 days refers to the fast days. Sundays are feast days. Taking out the six Sundays in .Lent, there are 40 days of | Lenten observance. Q — What college did President Lyndon B. Johnson attend; A—Southwest' Texas tate Cqj- lege, San Marcos, Tex, Vinegar >lgneltes from SPEA5 Vinegar-Old-Time Cannon Cooler Vinegar has played an important role in history, through war and peace. Louis XIII used vinegar to cool his cannons. He knew ths unusual properties of vinegar,.. and Speas knows more about vinegar than anyone ... as they have been In the business since 1888. 1 SPEAS pj VINEGAR 3 -APPLE CIDER FREE GIFT WRAPPING ••• oiid it's JUNE 16* LARGE SELECTION OF GIFT ITEMS! MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS REGULAR CUt WITH 2 POCKETS NEVER NEED IRONING SOLIDS & PLAIDS $350 & $450 NEVER IRON DRESS SHIRTS Button Down or Regular Collars. 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