The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 11, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 11, 1977
Page 2
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PAOM 2—NAUGATUCK VEWS (CONX.), THURSDAY, JULY 18, 10-18 Double Killing Tragedy Victims DREW PEARSON rs^ ON "The WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says; 'Other E-Awards Should Be Investigated; Senators Pull Wires To Stop Probe Of Nazi Activities In USA; Goering- Sucked Several U, S. Leaders Into Nazi Trap Washington —It might bo fi hnulthy thing If the Mend Committee Investigated muro of tho K-awiirclii banded down to manufacturing firms by tho Army rind 4 Vnvy, .Sonmor. Meud'.H Committee already ha;; shown how wlron wuri : pulled by top officials to get an E for the Eric HftHln war profituerH ut the .stirno time Kisser Army officials, who knew conclitionM flrnt linrul, woru roaornmondlng against It. Another Mshy CH.IO occurred whftn Nnvy gave iin K to National Industries whun It and U.s ulllllato, .HUi;;o wires to kill the Kllgoi'i! Com- Funerals , ,, . r , fmittee which has botn probing Nnzl lion', wi-.r, unUrilncllcimiint for U ctlv "l« : ' ™<* ^elr link with Am-1 A former soldier, Jolm R. Hoffman (left), 38, ,is: shbVvh^lfta^lrriH- wur 'frauds. Tho company wus not-1 crloans. A brief and confidential town, J'H., hospital, shortly before lu> succumbed from bullet Wiinds. imlly bring prosocutocl by U. S. Din-j Ptok nt what's In the Nazi flics Hoffman iuul Mrs. Holen Saylor Hanloy (right), 22, woro. shot fatally flirt Attorney Alex Ciumptjull ut. j now mak«3 It quite clf>ar why as they sat In a parked cur In n Imio near Norrlstovvn. Police ure»oeU-' inn rnldiilo of the trial, the Navy hui-cl to miuclch Senator Kllgore's| ' ' " ' n a ournc iicrows with l!:i K, Th«i trial had started In Novom- hpr, itr> the Mfivy knew all about l.h" iilluKud war I'i'o.vid when It tho award on Doc, IV, 30.10, Furthermore, tho war was then over, and thuro WHH no nuwtl to Klve tho comr'any nn Iricuntlvit for furt'nur priiduKtlon. [towi'Vur, tiomeono In the Navy afjurcntly jmllod the wire*, uncl tht> r; iiv/aid. RGinlni; at Just* at thn f«ycholo;:lcal momont, had a pow- rrt'ul effect (m the Jury. .Vn/ls' 1'n-T'cnrl Iiurl>or Trup Kur Mome woukH, certala Senators IrwoHtlfrritlon. have been extremely The only nnme on this list whic was tha hiivc -im nklllfiiliy bunk- busy interviewing German officiate, I ° f John ^,. ^. wls ' ?™ ov *\- ° th f from Hermann Gocring down, and|| ?*™™^™*L*^°^*™_* thc resultsi are urmizlng. They show various hlghup American leaders and biislnesamon to be cither woefully milv'o or clNC deliberately | on tho talks supplied the additions, names—Senator Burton K, Wheel cr of Montana, Jim Farley, anc Herbert. Hoover, playing Into tho bands'of a "die'I Obviously, none of the above ha. tutorship which had already start- German connectlona or prob- cd to conquor Europe and which nbly any ldca tho >' worc to bo toola was certain to bt, at war with us. of a P° tcntia! enemy. However Momo of the;n were co.relos.-ii, to nay _,. w , . , .thn Iniist. in tne wt,y they played .•r Rlbbontrop* cupturocl lllog w na ln , o Gcl . man hunda , * y ' found this revealing, memo i-u^um-i „,, , ^ . , ^. Intf America Firster Charles ilnd- Wlwslcr ^"^ N "" Aff011t "ft is buttfr not .to mention 'Senator Wheeler, for instance nami! anymore. Hu'a hclrt various secret conferences to more u.'ieful to ua If wo keep his defend George Sylvester Vlercolt name out of the press—as he has when on trial for sedition, despite ' thc fact that Vlercck obviously was guilty. Wheeler also made a speech I defending .the late Senator uskcd us to." J^ ,Ji'»Ti'U'r«i, Atntrrlchit HANK MTII[:KT JUKI) IIAI'.DMSTV, P'riHlnrick, (if Mlllvlllr, In Wiiti-chury. July 17, lO-lli. Ku- nci'iil t'l-liluy mornlnK ut 10 <>Vloi:l< (l i HucltiiiUlur Kunnral ilitrni', :;i P/irk f'lncc. Hurlal In Orovo Cr-mctt'iy, frlondw may ''"" at Lho fiinni'ii ; /'com 7 to I) hciinc. this ,.,,„.,.. , „ defending .the late Senator Lun- N./I ollcals have Inicn qt.llo clecn , uftor Luncleen. was exposed fw,nk in telling about their opera- fol , c i eHv cring speeches written for tons with American*. Actually, » hlm by a Gel . man t vnT". nUnl)Utod lo Cofirlng, Thc eusc wilh wh , ch intc i ligont published two wr-elw ago, that he An:erictins fell jnto the Naxi trap was rrwly to -spend .55.000,000 to de- , s , of coul . se som(!thinjr thev Nvan t lout Roosovolt In 1040 was an un- hushed up now. But the day may dnrstntomoiu. What Gocrlng renlly oomo when tho samo 80 ,. t of , ]an ,j cr >-.nld, arcordlng to U. S. officials race* thc nation, and when tho who ntorv owed him. was that ho pu& ,, c should have an oxampln bo- Z" ff^ ^ SPOnt $150 ' 000 '- foi'e It of what goes o 000 to defeat nooaevolt If ho could SC enea. That is whv" Senator Kil, , . I " —*.ii*- fc », * utt-i, jj «y n i, *3WHt\l.Ul JLXl I- Imvo boon shown uny good way to \ Korc of Wc!it Virginia is pressing for his investigation. An-jther Gorman, Dr. Horlbort That is also why those groat Von Strompcl of tho German Em- frienclts of the Chicngo Tribune— bnswy In Wnshlngton, %vhen anked which also fell into the Nazi trap— whnt tho Nnxln had done In tho Isolationist Republican Senators way of propaganda, responded: j Curloy Brooks of Illinois nr.d Whnr- "Thi: hlirgnst thing was when Ooor- rv ° r Nebraska, arc trying to kill ng's ;!gont came to mo wllti that tjlc K"i.' 0 !'0 Committee. Even Scn- plun lo defeat Roosevelt" • ator Scott Lucas of Illinois, a Dem- Thl.M wns tho plan Involving tho ' °°bnrl ^^l™"* f h , inks lwice luto W. R. Davis, an indopendcnt oil " bollt thU InbUn ° am! doe ' sn ' 1 wanl operator, who had known GoerlnK for Honif yoai-M, sold oil to .the Ger- inan Xavy, and who told tKt> Gar- mtms he had four Arnericnm; h to vote the committee any real cash. Finally, GOP Senator Styles Bridges of New Hampshire, whose stain is anything but isolationist, t, t r l M r,,T.* T?~ II r Z >....,7 *».n»|s UUL ISUla^IUIUSl, to defeat Roosevelt In j for some strange reason is trying to strangle .the Kilgore Invcstig-a- tion. Maybe it's because Bridges is a buddy of Senator Wheeler's, Lewis' Anti-Roosevelt Speech While John L. Lewis does not pose as an international expert, it wouldn't have required a me'n<ta giant to know that oil man Dav waa playing awfully close to,' th Nazis. Davis was shadowed by the Stat Department and by British Secre Service in Bermuda and portuga on his way to Berlin ir. 1939. An when he arrived back in Washing ton after his talks with Goering FBI men covered.hia apartment a the Mayflower Ho-tel. Davis tol all this to John L. Lewis'at : th time, whereupon Lewi's picked • u: the phone, called Assistant Secre tary of State Eerie, and convplainu. at -the way Davis-was being shad owed. Later, Lewis called at Bcrle'h lome arid discussed the whole mat er with him. Despite this, Lewis tapped squarely 'into the Davis .oerlng trap .to use him 'tc defeat Roosevelt in the 1D40 election and allowed Davis to pay tor his fa- iious $50,000 radio hook-up in •hich Lewis urged labor to desert 'DR. Capital Chuff The chief security oliicer at tho Oak Ridge A-bomb project has given the lie .to Ernie "unti-democra- cy" Adamson of th'e un-American Wood-Rank in Committee. The security officer has informed Chairman Sabath . of the House Rules Committee that he' mode NO hysterical statements 1 charging thc Oak Ridge scientists with being subversive. Tho Oak Ridge security chief ul:-,rj expressed thc belief that Adamson had made up his charges out of whole cloth . . . Louis G. Dreyfus, Jr., now American Minister to Iceland, will be *he next-i American Minister to Sweden Stanley Hornbook, ponont of Jap appeasement "be£or~ Pearl Hartor, will resign soon as American Ambassador to tho Neth erlands. I Andrew Preostrom I Funeral •services for Andrew Free[ qtrbm, 79, of -103 Johnson' tjtreet, •who died Sunday in St.' Mary's hospital, were held yesterday ufter- noon-at" 2'o'clock at the Buckmll- ler Funeral Home, 22 Park place, with" the -Rev. E. Elnar Kron, pas- .tor of ( the'Swcdish Lutheran church, Watei'bury, o'Jlciating, Burial was in; Grove Cemetery. Bearers were: Olttf Larson, Carl -Olson, Edward Sthoi'e, George ^Bonworth. Alftot Gabrlels'on and William Kelly. O'Keo-fo Funeral services for Hugh ;''IQ.'-who died Sunday night at his homo, £06 Scott street, were held this morning at 8:30 o'clock from--the Buokmiller Funeral Home, 22 Park. .Place, to St. Francis' ChuriH, where a high Mass' of re- quiRhi; was celebrated .'.by the'Rev. Albert Taylor at 9 o'clock'.' Interment was in. St. ; .TcCmes' cemetery, with Fr, Taylor .reading prayers Mi'i'sicil service included: Funeral Harch, Panis Angelicas and Lead Kindly Light." Bearers' were: Joseph Heariiij, Thomas Skehan, Patrick 2oatello;" Fredevi'ck' PetorSbn, Ambrose- Daly and George tfulutrunk. Norris FoIIett Enters Rensselaer Norj.ia-'M. Po.llett,.Jr., oC-ii9 .Grove Street, Naugatuck, veteran of World War IT, has entered Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N. Y. He 1 is studying 'aeronautical engineering under the educational benefits of the GI Bill of Rights What's Doing In Naugatuck A calendar of events for today, tomorrow and every day TONIGHT All American Vets Mooting, Y. M. C. A. Marine Oorpx L,engue Mcotlng. July 1!» Dunce, Linden Park, All Amn:-- ionn Veterans. Pond,Hill Community Club. July 23 Local 'ID Meeting. .July iSCth- VPW Auxiliary Card Party. July 27 St. Hcdwig'a Bazaar, July. 28 Waste Piij)ur Collection, Amcr- icJin .Legion. , St. Hedwlg's' Eaaiar. August 31, VFW Family j bake and Outing. SchJldgt-n's. n o. - m. to-(i p. m. Owens At Parrfe Island 'Jwo Njujgatuek- men enlisted in i'! U. S. Marine Corps Monday fo- tv/rj yr:,ir B ;in ,j arf , now at . p arr , B l.'ind, S. C., wjicjv; Uiey will receive boot training. Upon compje- tion cf .j.hc training they will re- c«Ivc a ton-day furlough. The looalllcs are: Clifford A. T* P'«. Jr.. J8 . son of Mr. and C. -A Owens; 70 Cliff s t rce t OPENING SOON For th* first il mf N UU|rat , Ick wll , h uintwui FBA-NUOVs STATKMKNT Madrid, July 38— (V P) —General Franco says that intrigues against Spain soon will bi eak up :igainst his country's unity. Jn a statement marking the tenth anniversary of the ' Spanish revolution, Franco blames activity on thc part of some members of the United Nations against his administration on long standing grievances th«su nations have had -with Spain. .^'L™ NT and REPA '* «'^cn s«u~ tcwons. windows—doors and •window glass—storm w | n . K and tools sharpened iu,d condi- J tlonod. '"^^••t^"— W " :lt/n ' or U "> J° !l «»y >>•' tolJ us at 3309 or "*, -«• visit our work shop at S4 Ward St. doi.-B at your home or In our shop. (VVutch This Paper for Our Formal The "FIX IT SHOP" Tel. 2969 34'Ward St. ! «(4OI'HV, Ml«s Minn!.-, of KM vVr'it Main Sf.. VVatiThury. In Watcr- ^"T -'my IV, l«.|(i. KLi,,..|-fil j H.ihirdiiy nuM-niiur fnmi Mulvlllpi •••'iiH'r!,! rromr, LTD U'e::. .\fuln Htn...t. Wntnrliury. tu Immaculat.- ' '•'•ii.-..|il.-,n llhiu-ch. Hurlal In OKI i .^t. ,loNi.|,h'-i (.:,.m..|,.|-y. [.Vh-ndM ' may cull at tho funeral homo to- ' day froin -I to n> ,,. ,„. ,,,, (1 . BEDFORD ~ 92 BANK ST., WATBRBURY" SAVE UP TO y 2 AND MORE... Clearance Sale Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 !. and 6 aoh is a $£%%&."* "" Ml ° rS ta a " " ems ' but EelM "™ 3 * All Sales Final — No Refunds, No Exhanges LINENS — Downstairs Floor Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 SHOWER and WINDOW CURTAIN SETS Water resistant fabric, color print. Ki'K. «(),«« t&O.UU Kf.. ff . ?15.00 $8.00 WAMSUTTA SUPERCALE SET Slightly soiled. £»., ^ AA K>'K. SI5.IIO ......................... 3)1U.UO SCATTER RUGS Croup Ineliidi's; lilt anil miss patterns, lirai<l«<l rugs, chenille tufted hath nuit nets. iMx-IH, wasliablti m-| F* f\ K'-K. S2.75 ............................ Jbl.Oll WOVEN FRINGED RUGS SI/0 'I fnct X (1 fi-K. 5-Pc. SCARF SETS Culors and white. Ui'g. to S't,.l<). Sot CHENILLE BATHMAT SETS 20XHO. All colors. m-* ui> L-. S-I.OO S2.75 STUDIO COUCH COVERS l«t<> with th)v;e pillows—rose, blu<' brown, natural. I!<!g. to .$15. Now KNITTED DIVAN COVERS T-CusIilOn and regular stylos, Uftg! $5.00 OVAL CHENILLE TUFTED RUGS Stee 2-1 .v 48, ' * £ »_ «' ! ff. Sll.OO &O.UU TABLE CLOTHS Fust color prints on blue background. K'-ff- S3.00 $2.00 "STARTEX" KITCHEN TOWELS RC «- s! » c • 30c GINGHAM CHECK PLASTIC FABRIC 'Mi In. Wide Keg. Yard i)Sc C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 CURTAINS — BEDSPREADS — DRAPERIES SKCO.N'n FLOOR f ++++*'****+**?**+++rir^*m+^r+4*\ FLOWERS? Tfor All Occasion* \ 1TOWK71S TKI.KOIIA^'JIKIJ } MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP 130 KlfUOBR AVIWUK Telcpliono C820 ODD r.MHS DRAPERIES- RUFFLED CURTAINS- COTTAGE SETS Selection of various fabrics nnil colors. M Off TABLE LAMPS Coni|il«td wltli xliuJeN. •• <P/? (\[\ Ri-l,'. $11.00 tPD.UU BOUDOIR CRYSTAL LAMPS Complcto ivltli .shndns. BLANKETS I'urt wool. Iiimowi name manufacturer Si/e •XxM. fiixU'l slnido.s. m . ».A H?K- *0.»3 tb^r-Dl/ WINDOW SHADES Black, without roller.s—for jour «um- -| t" COtt4lgC. Re. 0«C IDC Cardboard Blanket, Hat Boxes Covered with colorful wallpaper. A beautiful closet accessary Blanket Box Reg-.J?2.49— Each ....... . ........ Reg-. $1.50— Each Hat Box I Air Conditioned 9 BANK STREET . ..Waterbury SUN-RIPENED ? - COT TURKEYS J1 1.BS. PER PAIR LB Backs & Necks AV P G O^ S 19= T0 BROIL HAtF * * r or SAUTE POUND 't't Giblets f on STEW L B 3S C QUALITY IWEATS! Turkeys Q "S",'T;fp ad LB 54 c Large Fowl Cottage Cheese Sauerkraut FISH VALUES! Cod Fillets «& L B 35 C Mackerel c^V , n 17° HOMEGROWN IceGream Vegetables ' Orange Juice Sliced Beets £ ionaPeas Wheat Puffs Cider Vinegar White Vinegar OUART Chicken Potted Meats,, Deviled Ham u r/d r sT £ z 18 e Sauerkraut lona Spinach ASP Spinach Rice Puffs NECTAR TEA Filled Buns Iced Twist Rolls V 3 K° Gz 20 n SWCCTHCART WHCN AVAILAOLC r. OATMTAL S £ CCRCAL Streussel Fruit Loaf IVORY FLAKES THE' W £ FABRI 23 CAMAY SOAP TYPE MARVEL • FOR'-TWICE THE'WEAR FROM TINE FABRICS LGE PKG "Whan Available" THE SOAP OF. Bf'AUTIFUL SVQMEN IVORYSNOW IVORY SOAP . LONGER LIFE FOR ALL NICE WASHABtfcS LGE O'Q.C PKG

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