Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 13, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 13, 1954
Page 2
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'ttt j^pciJETY & J*h«ftB *<3431 Ifttweep 6 A. M. and 4 P, M, ftd tar will have a meeting. STAR, riOM, ARKANSAS m. on Tuesday. V »*;£«* j «, ^^ Wimn <z Workers Auxiliary oi Valetftlne dance will the Unity BaptM Chrch will have a - l*4t Ihe Hope Country Club r night, February 13,from , Hosts wili te-Mr. and Mri. Auxiliary oi the Church will meet at dniMoaaay afternoon, Feb ' £ 't-f' * "" , . efifof Avodifery of the Gar- Baptist Church wlli fefte -noon al 2 o'clock i ./on. the Church will ', February -15, in the , First Presbyterian meeting on Monday night at 7, The Choir of the First t>resby'tc«r- ian Chuich will practice a,t 7 o'clock Monday night. , Monday night at 7.30 the Olrls Auxiliary of the Garrett Memorial Baft'st Chttrch will meet. Monday night, February 15. from J? until 9 o'clock the Second Sen- Kion of the Training School will behold nt the Fit it Methodist Church. The Third and last Session A tho Training School will be conducted from 7 till 9 p, m. on Tuesday. February 18, at the First Methodist r:hUrch, West Second at Pine street. •; The Intermediate R; A.'s of the First Baptist Church arc to meet at 7 p. in. on Tuesday, Februray 16. Wednesday February 17 Tho executive board of the Hempstead County Cancer Society will meet in the home of Mrs. E. d. Wingficld on February 17, at 7:30 p. m. Hey Kids! Cplor in this Picture and Free Movie Ticlkets td\the Saenger J^adiMMMiMg^iEMMM^MMBjaaaiMMMiM^a^AdEia^a-iii-t-t-^^ .?,. — . A --- :.;._....._. . ,,. ...... . ;._ . " _ ' . : . - Saturday, February 13, p. m. on Monday aftcrrioori "tnnef a(id Primary Sun< the First Baptist Church ON-GANCELLABLE POLSCY v.i * u y 3ME" SECURITY LIFE IHS; co, f jrtl;i f to 100 years ' WtMitm will tr fnere^se •" Wp^ta/ or Doctor reliable aflent PT'O. Box' 104 The Junior G. A.'s of the First Baptist Church will meet for completion of the mission study book. "ChaitihQ With Chews," taught b.V Mrs. S A, Whitlow al 4 p. m. Monday, February 15. , .The Little Men's Brotherhood of the CJnrrplt Memorial Baptist Church will meet on Monday, February 15. nt 7:30 p. m. Tuesday, February 16 Poplar Grove 300. WOW Circle, will hold its monthly social at the hprne of Mrs. Joo Stone at 7:30 on Tuesday evening. February 16. All members arc invited to attend. THe Hempslcad County Medical Auxiliary will meet at the homp of Mrs. J,ud B. Marlindale, Tuesday Jnqrning at 10 o'clock, February 18. The First Baptist Church Intermediate G. A.'s will meet at 4 The Daffodil Garden Club wlll.be hostess to the Hope Council of (Jarden Clubs on Wednesday, February 17 at 0:30 a. m. in the home of Mrs. William Roulon, 150S S. Hcrvcy. Mrs. II E Luck, president of the council, urges each president to attend or have her club represent ed as important business will be discussed The G. M. A.'s o£ the Unity Baptist Church will have a meeting on Wednesday night, February 17. at U:30. At 4 p. m. Wednesday the Carol Choir of the First Baptist Church tt'ill hold rehearsal. 2 SWELL FEATURES ... ;'">)-• , . f' 3 ' t,,. T. , BARRY SULLIVAN JOCELYN BRANDO 'f ijpr^ J?f Chapter of New Serial ?r <.<} Ht i/»t; ' '"' ' "' • " ' * ' T I- . 1.K IT'S RITA HAYWORTH and MEN! MEN? MEN; i| IMfews^ ^ircu§ Pond" Musical i%?e'J»^>*£| \* if ^ The Adult Choir oC the E'irst Methodist Church will have practico at 7 p. m. on Wednesday. The Youth Choir of the Garrett Memorial Baptist Church will havo practice at 7 p. m. on Wednesday. Thursday February 18 The American Lecion Auxiliary will meet with the American Legion at the now Ltgion Hut on Thursday night, February 18. Thursday, February 18 The Ladies Pentecostal Auxiliary will havo a meeting at 2 p. m. ori Thursday. The Junior Auxiliary of the Gar rett Memorial Baptist Churrh, Mi's. Lyje AHen, prpsulent, will meet Thursday at 7:30 p. m. At 4 p. m. on Thursday, Februarv 18, tuc. Concord Cnoir of the Firs't Baptist Church v."ll rehearse. The Choir of the First Christian Church will practice Thursday night at 7. THE LOST PLANET A COLUMBIA SUPER - SERIAL , \ r. Federation Asfes Farmers to Back Plan By OVIb A. MARTIN WASHINGTON UP) —The American Farm Bureau Federation is reinfpm'ng. Secretary, of Agriculture Benson in a' drive to get farm- Name Age Address ; ; ;- , p.hons •,<W-f,T ere f y. our , chanc e to see the 2nd Chapter of the new serial, "Lost Planet" at th"e"s'aenger"fhe- urrta« I'.hm, HI?" '".^eabove scene.and leave at the Saeng<rr~Theatre boXbffice before 9 p. m., Sat- of Ih^'nPw ^?! i h' I: "?S st ent 5 y o ll J e 3 ch age g f° up w "' wln a free movie ticket The first chapter °i * BI w s f,? a l, shows Fr i da y and Saturday and a I kiiids .and groWn-ups, too) are eligible ! for a "Lost Planet" Club 'card" which will entitle them to see the last chapter free? eugime for a The men of the First Presbyterian church will meet for supper Thursday night at 7 o'clock in the Fellowship Hall. ' T|ie Chancel Choir of the First Baptist Chureh will have 'rehearsal at.7:30 p. m.' pn Thursday. Notice . v The American Legion Auxiliary meeting originally scheduled for Monday February 15, has been postponed. There will be a meeting with the Legion at the new Legion Hut on Thursday, night, February 18. tl L Sunday School Class Has 'Business And Social Meeting Mrs- Nell Hankins was hostess' to members of the LLL Sunday School Class \vhen they met on Tuesday nn/ht, February 9, at her home at Pmccrest. Assisting Mrs Hankins were Mrs. Shirley Hervey and Mrs. Vr.lla poan Mosley. Mrs. Homer Beyerly, president opened fie mooting with prayer followed by a short business session. The class scnp, "Love Lifted Me" was sung bv thn troup. Mrs. H. A. Syraggins presented the devotional using scriptures from "Psplms" concerning the heart. Mrs. Hervey sang ai solo, "A Chapel In My Heart " Several games wtro played with Mrs. Spraggins winning the Bibjp guiz on thp heart, and MJS. Lucy Colem.in winning the Valentine puzzle ^uiz. The hostesses served cherry cake Russia'Fqx' Has Become „.», IAYWORTH TURNS IT LOOSE in Columbia pictures•Miss Sadie Thompson," m 3-D and color by Technicolor, opening Sunday at the Saenger Theater. Miss Hayworth co-stars with Jose •rerrer n the tropic island romantic drama. lAdo Ray, behind : and tg the left of Rita In the scene above, is featured. The film is based on W, Somerset Maugham's famous story. ' • TODAY & SUNDAY • OPEN 12:45 SUNDAY ROSEMARY LANE HOQSIER HOTSHOTS SLIM SUMMERVILLE PINKY TOMMN in "SING ME A SONG OF TEXAS" trianfmiaimiacmmfaisim^»aaam<ii -"i,^Tv.»<i^SiKaBrii'*"'>.? >- VSSK- "^nmmmmp JON HALL defends ALYCE LEWIS in a scene frpm "EYES OF THE' JUNGLE," released bv Lippett Pictures. decorated with rod icing and valentine candy, punch, nuts and candy 'to 12 members. The dining table which was covered with a lace cloth held a . centerpiece; arrangment of flowers and red candies. Sweetheart Banauet Held 'By'Baptist Training'Onion Forty people attended the Sweetheart Banquet held by the Training Union of the First Baptist Church on Thursday night, February H, at 7 o'clock in the Educational Building. The banquet tallies were attractively dpcoratec 5 . with story book dolls, red heart 5 , .and arrangements ~" j'4pomc"a an;' white narcissus. After the banquet the group sane several songs folowed by the crowning of the queen. Miss Ruby Sue Cornelius reigned *is Queen of rlearts. A skit entitled "The Meeting of the Broken-Hearted Old \faids," and, conducted by Mrs. Trances Reynerson, was presented by Bil\ye Baker, Judy Moses, Jo- Anne Ensjmjnger, Joyce McBay, •RnHy Chamberlain, Wanzell Nix Jeaneite parr, _,.ie.st speaker was Reverend Sdmvind Pendleton, pastor of the First Christian Church. Serving at the banquet were Miss -\Grant,"-- "--'-™ Television Awards Are Handed Out By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD \Ki — Edward R, Murrow, Eve Arclen and PonaW O'Connor, won the top awards of the Television Academy last night, but a pudgy Englith professor stole the frhov.'. Muvrow, who rose to fame with his broadcasts diirinp. the London blitz, was nan-ed the outstanding la.'ity of 1953 by the Aca Television Arts and By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON W — The .Western foreign ministers', have been walking; in ciroies.i : ;with the ^Russian bear. It has been a 'dull'dance. Sudde/ily Russia \ tries to "'quicken the music to " $ foxtrot,' witli'. the bear playing the fox. ' ! ' But i his fox is i<s clumsy as the bear . ' ' ; For almost three weeks Russia's Foremen Minist'?.- Molptpy has been meeting in Bevlir. with the three Western minister's;. The United States' Dulles,: Britain's Eden, France's Bidault. There was no progress, nothing new. Thn four ministers acted like men reciting lilies they had long "since memorized ' as they hac Both sides took their positions years ago. Thpy restated .them a Berlin . ' : Then suddenly, in a ' change of uacc, Molotov unveiled a new plan, Russian-style, which was the old plan really, but in fresh dressing: A plan for European peace, iReports from Berlin said st one point Molotov himself had to laugh al what 1 'he war saying. This was his 'jlan: Trie United States would have to clear out of Europe;. And her allies in the Atlantip Pact would have to give, it up. Russia had been trying for year's" to get the United States out of Eu'ope. Ahil for years it had been" trying to lirealr up the Atlantic Pact under' which the Allies pledge to iielpoaoh ether if Russia fittacks on.3 of them. With '.he Atlantic P^ct out of the way, all the European countries would make a pact of their own pledging to help one another in case of attack on any of them. But this would leave Russian an her satellites the military master^ of the continent. The rest of Europe couldn't stop aii attack without United States help if Russia broke 'he new pact. In fact the West Europeans, without help from the United States couldn't even arm themselves well enough to stop *. IliiSsian attack now. TViis was a pi-rUy thin plan. But Mblotov cut it thinner. He would let East and West 7 Germany itjiite but in such a way that the German Comtnunisis could' take over. There \va? more, but thalt gives a general iden of tht plan Mblo- tov dur.iped en the' conference' tabk!. Dulles. Eden and ' Bidault picked it up and handed it back to him Although there has been no progress in the conference there has been un air of amiability about it which may seem to some a' sign that over a/lcnsrtimi- maybe the two sides Will pot closer together. There is another view: If both sides appear n little relaxed it's because both kii.)\v' precisely what they want and; boing strong, see no reason, fr:- yielding an inch, sines an inch tod;iy may be the fatal margin tomorrow. ; Germany is a good example. Under the Russian plan for' reuniting Germany, Communists could ; take over both Eastern- and Western zones . •" ' : ' . With Germany p Russian satellite, and eventually rearmed, thert'd be no force in Western Europe strong enough to withstand that combined power. So the Allies won't buy ihat. Nor will Mo.'otov buy the Western rl:»n which would unite Germany Kind pretty surely mean a non-Communist and remared Germany Ibed up with the West. Both sides therefore play a waiting force in Korep but were blocked and »nay not try that in Europe. But Russia can depend .on : local Communist pazUes to try to disintegrate-Western Europe by taking-'over- from within. In Italy, for instance, - ' '•..•:• - • :.'• •.--. A world de.pre«-sion would nelp the Russians too. It's up to the West .to see that these things don't happen while, it waits for Communist crackups or: a Communist about-.settling- down and making pe^ce. .-.' . i ers themselves to push for the administration agricultural program. Be-v-ion, in .a series of fralks explaining the pro;: Jied shift to flexible prut: supports, has been call- ing'on 'arilhth-«! 1o "make your voice heard." Tiic federation is planning to work'through its local and' state units. Against this background, reports have been circulating that the Ag- rictiltvinj Dftpiilmeni may be shaken up to reduce .the influence of "moderates" and of officials held over from the Truman administration. . ! •'• Modorates w?rs- defined as those who would? go Slow in-changing the , present program Cited as an example was Howard H. Gordon, administrator of the Cpmmod'ity Stac-n Scrv c.e and president of the Commodity Credit Corp. (CCC). Reports which could not be con-, firmed in Benso.i'r, absence from Washington wcrr: the Gordon might resign and be replaced by New York state Airm leader James A. McConnel. Gprdpri has been criticized by < tome. Republicar meinbers of Cori- ;res.5 on the ground that he leans leaVily nn hoV.over employes in carrying oul policies. Both Benson nnd the Farm Bureau here decklrH thct if the flexible support plcn is to get through Coritfre&>, it murt be throfugh effort* of indiviriutil farmers. 'The House; Agriculture Committee, after .touring .farming regions last year, reported that most farm-.£\ firs' want" tho ; prc.'-ent rigid, high- level 'price supports continued for major crops. These supports will expire at- thoend of 1954 crop< year ..unless Congress extends them. Benson explained the program before a Stria<r Agriculture Committee hearing t\vo weeks ago, but hieriibers "agreed he "made little headvvay in .winning the necessary support in that group. __..„, - HtT ^ ^ ..__.._ . ~~~" T Negro Teachers Seek More Pay HOT SPRINGS itf) —The policymaking commrltoe for the Arkansas Negro Teachers Association meets here tonoi row to talk over progress in th^ir figh 1 , to equalize salaries for while and Negro teachers. •At p'r'rvey Harold Flowers of Pine' .will repo-t 1o the committee, ii was flier' recently by Flow„„, n an elfort to force the Gould School '.District incerase the pay pfw'ts Nftgro teachers to the same level, as salaries ptid .to white teachers. A si ers. Utah has no natural boundaries, such as rivers, but-is bordefea by five state: Arizona^, -Colorado, Idaho, Nevada and Wyoming. PRESCOTTNiWS Saturday, February 13' • . . Members of the E. S. A. sororitj will Jiavc; a Valentine par ; ty on Sa urday evening in the home of Mr and Mrs. '. Frank IJaltom Jr. . Members>oi. the.- Jr. B. T, U. o the.First Baptist Church and tliei- guests will have 4;'Valentine part} in the home of Re'v.--arid'Mrs. Wer, ley Liridsey Saturday evening a 8:30. - : :: Monday, Fbruary .15 The W. S. C. s;;of the Metho dist "Church met at the church oh Monday afternoon at ?:30 for a study. " . ' ' • The monthly Royal Service program of the' W. M. ,U. 'bit the First Baptist'Church wiU be held on Monday afternoon, MiVrrow's Sec It Now was also named the best news or sports program. < MJSS Arden. the glamorous sqhoolmiirm of Our Miss Brooke, was announcer! nsjhe best female star of a regular series at the galft dinner in the Hollywood palladium O'Connor, ov>i .of the comedians on the Sunday niphl Comedy Hour won the academy {. Emmy as the sist male star. None of: the top winners «« present. The Uggest ov»Mon wei to Dr, Frank C. Baxter, Universit of Southern Ce^'tornia professo who delivers Shakespearian le tures on KNXT. He won two loca iiwi'rds for the htst public affair program, and as outstanding mai performer, 'Continuing o". a highbrow level -4e academy named Omnibus a ttye best variety program 'over thi shows of Sullivf.n, Jackie Gleason Sid Caesar and others.' The tvyt most popular arcgrams in thi country repeated their wins of las year, I Love Lucy was selectee the best situation comedy pro gram and the tight lipped Jack Webb's Dragnet .'.cored as the best mystery, action or adventure program. The other national awards or bests: Pramatic program: U. S. Stee Hour. .Public affai's program: "Vic tory a| Seg." Children's program: Kukla, Fran & Ollie. Ney program Make Room For Paddy ?nd U. -S. Steel Hour (tie). Supporting actor in a series: Art Carnfy of the 'Jackie Gleason Show. Audience participation^ quis; pr ianel program: This }s Your Lite - J What's My Ljjje ^ie). "-- actregs of 9 serleg; ^ ^M *;t «• _\*_. •> » * "i Euzelian Class Has Business and Social Meettni} The Euzelian Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church met on Tuesday evening in the home of Mrs. RoyLpomis fpr -a business and social meeting with twelve members present. Mrs. Morrison McLelland was associate hostess. The rooms were decorated with cojortut -banquets of japonica and daffodils. . The president, Mrs, Howard Graham, presided. The,devotional talk was given by Mrs. Watson Buchanan and she led in prayer, After the business session, games directed by Mrs. McLelland were enjoyed 1 ; ' A dainty salnci course was served. JrKG.*'A.'S Meet The Junior Girl's Auxiliary of the First ^Baptist Church met on Thurs- 4ay> afternoon in- thn home of the . counselor, Mrs .Wesley Lindsey, f or W the regular meeting withjteri members present Betty Linrisey opened the meeting with prayer. Mrs. Lindsey conducted a univiwo t)««r» pigcaw devotional tiiat was' answered with Bible re ference with aU members taking' part. Carol Sue Ferguson presented the program on. '"Migrants" and was assisted by "-Frances'Howard, Manett Lewis, Betty. Lindsey, Marilyn ,•> Buchanan, Norma Jean Grifford, ' Linda Scott, Caroline Sarrett, Caroline Rains, and Caroline Wilson. 'Valentine place' cards were made for the hpspit'al. . 'The meeting .closed with prayer by Norma Jean Grifford The delicious dessert was-served . Has Valentine Party The Iiome of Mrs. W. C. Woosele was decorated in the Valentine nio tif on Tuesday evening'for the aii nual Valentine party of the Bus Jness and Professional Womeh f Club. Mrs. Vernori 'Buchanan wa associate hostess. A brief business session was con ducted by the president, Mrs. Jess Hays, after which a number of gam es were enjoyed; ' '•'• " Mrs. Servell Munn was a new member. • ! A delectable s'alad course in the Valentine theme was served by the hostesses. Mrs. S. B, Scott Hostess -To '37* CUMb tpvely arrangements of nan- dina narcissus and jonquils decor, atecj the home of Mrs. S. B. Scptt op Tuesday afternoon when she en- frtainecl members'of'tUe '37 Con- ract Club. Hunting and Fishing Holds Annual . The annual meeting of the Pres- ^ cott Hunting and Fishing Club was held Tuesday night, February 9th at he : City Hall No ^ changes were nmde in the) 3oar<J of Directors, who are T. E.' Logan. C. H. Tompkins, 0, W. Ells- Vprth, J W. Gist, Rucker Murry Jess Hays, Clyde. Hesterly, J. M, Stripling..- .;••;••..-. 'Elected as 1954 officers were- J. V.-Gist, president; C. H. Tompkins nee president, and O. W. Ellsworth/"* eei'etary-treasurer. • ' Byrd Tippett was retained as care iker and commented for his splend d work in the past. thl \ Tw S y ° ted ' among other thl "gs that tpe annual dues for 1954 which ?nfo n .? w fiue ' remai 'i the saine'as 18.53 dues. Reports of the past year were re£ p ?«x? nd - e'« h "siastic anticipation for 195^ was voiced . Mrs. 'Mettle Robinson has had as Mrs. J H. Bemis is in Little to be. with her sister, Mrs. Li)- Mrs. Johnny Hooks is the guest of her daughter Mrs. Orvllie Keeley and family Commerce, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gee Sr. mo- ff ° l Spring5 Tuesday for Mr, and Mrp. Jesse Porter spent Monday and 'Tuesday (n Memphis ind attendeij a* 1954 Frigidaire Show ie|t Michian. After a,

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