The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 8, 1977 · Page 8
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 8

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 8, 1977
Page 8
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Labor Unions y-AOK S—NAUCATUCK NKWS (COXX), WK1»'E.SDAY, JULY 17, Ifl-IB | U'tuinco of VViiy JSniplyooH wnrn ! that If prices continue to climb, j ( thr union will be forced to seek | ! no\v wage increases. In Congress "" " ," ' ", "'" ','\ Administration lenders them- 010, luih called the organization M K( , lve!l nuvo oppnull a ncw c( ,. lve to nine vlcc-prusldnnts Into a prollm- | ,. oatol . 0 pl . lCL , ce i|| n ga on those com- (Contlnued from Pnjro One' Imu-y mooting to draft tin agond/i mocllt i 0 ., tno Somite exempted from for CIO executive board no.tslon.i p ,,| ct . ComroJ ln their bll. tomorrow and Friday. Otllclnls ex- They have asked Senate n.nd pect nio.Mt of tho time to bo devoted \ Hou.qe conrerees on the OPA re- to a dlMCU.H:ilun of wages and their I vlval bill to reject the Senate-approved plan to release- specific Items from price control. One administration supporter—who declined to be named—predicts the confei'co.H will agree to restore controls. He also says that Gen. Mikhailovitch ! Men's Brotherhood Was Executed Today By Firing Squad. The conlrovcrnUi.1 Yugoslav lead or. General Draja MIkhn.ilovitch, is bo Dilation to thii pt-lcu control tl«n. A projri'f'MM ropoi'C will rnudo on tho Nouthrrn or^imlzIn tlrlvn, And n clocl.slon will by rcucih «cl on tit li!«int u temporary nor for thci lute Sidney Hlllmiin to ' nine senators who formerly favored hn chnlnrian of thu CIO political ' .-ipi-'clflc exemptions now have action committee, Orifunlxl'ij,' Mu.vrr'H Strllco Kvnn It thi< lulu r>! OPA Is do- sides. Thin would clear the svny for full Somite approval of restoration of controls. cloacl. The boarded wartime chief of the Chetniks died bel'ore a firing squad inside the walls of Belgrade mlll- tury prison shortly after dawn this morning, OflicinJ announcement at the execution -was roluuacd at live o'clock (E-D-T). Thus the oarcnr Of the 53-year- old rccl-hnirecl wartime figure in Yugoslavia has ended.. l^ist nlRht the Yujjoslnv president turned clown the general's petition for a pardon This move ended all hope that j Mildiallovltcb or cijrht dl the other lurrntniit] hufnrti the ijonrd adjourn.*), ' The Senate-House committee Is It's doubtful whether t>e CIO will : r - ix t"- c <«' '° "'•«> "P tllc discussion hnd of 0 . SC apinE the death penalty. maK,. wage recommenda- ' (li "" O^A »omotime today. Moris in Its alllilatlonH, However, HlucU Market union leailur.-i haw: trim-It* It plain that u Nhitrp upswing In thu cost of living will bring demands for mbi-tiintliil wtijfii ineruiisf;. '['In.' labor unions also huvn taken j to organl/lng huyin-'n »li'll<on In prr>tfi:it ai;ainst rising prices. A sv,.,,l<long. muion-wkk. buyer'* ! incl ™^ Vi-flt-cts' "^unnatural' ma." wtrlict. on rr.i;nt pureha.-.-H has b." ;•;,..*.. He pointed out that producers Kim today with the rmcklnj; of CTO | ure rushln K animals to market be- and A. I' 1 of L. union liindors. I fore OPA can bi; reinstated, and ' ] Th(; bl(,'Kt-'St black market Item [ during the rei(,'n of OPA—meat — .1JL11- An Agriculture Department official I says that federally inspected meat will lilt twice as plentiful. i But h« cautions that the suclf'en And leaders of both the UAW and | that the govcri.ment Is not tho Afoff* fiiothurhood of Main-'ing any meat. LINCOLN EQUIPMENT CO. INC 15 Leavemvorth Street — Tel 5-0177 WATERBURY 32, CONNECTICUT SAV SHARPENING SERVICE Our new automatic electric machine will quickly sharpen any kind of saw:— HAM) SAWS « CIKCUI,AK KAWS ft CAItPHNTKK'S SAWN « HUTCHKK'S SAWS « UUCK SAWS ft SAWS ft OX 1C find TWO MA.V SAWS Band Saws Made to Order On Our New Electric Welding Machine! Any Size ! Quick Service! Low Prices! ton persons convicted with him, had of escaping the d State ¥ficiaT Warns Against Forest Fires Hnv-tford, .'July 17 (UP)—A frreat clangor is said to exist now from /h-os, State Forester Raymond E. Kienhol'/ urges persona entering wooded areas to be especially careful. Said he:—"If this dry spell continues much longer, we will be approaching a month or more ahead of time the conditions usually found in latt> August or September when we have many ground (Ires that are difficult to overcome." Already in Connecticut there have been some ground fires. One was reported In I-.cdyard,. unolhrr in Colebrojk. and a third in the : Plymouth district. • Of Salem Lutheran To Attend Picnic Members and friends of the Men's Brotherhood of the Salem Lutheran church have been invited to attend the Hartford District Brotherhood annual outing at the Lynvin Skeet Range, Middlefield, Sunday afternoon, July 21 at 2 o'clock. Those planning to attend arc requested to meet at the Salem Lutheran church on Salem street at o'clock. Everyone is asked to bring his luncli due to tho food situation. Ice cream, soda and coffee will be served. If hot doss can be obtained they also will be served. Durini; the cnrly part of the aft. ernoon there wiil be games for the children nnd a Softball game between the single and married men, At '1:30 o'clock there will be an on*.door service and hymn sing. The Rc-v. Martin Carlson of the BetHes- du Lutheran church of New Haven will be the principal speaker. Truman Signs British Loan Republicans (Continued from Page One) quorum. A motion had been pro rientcd and seconded i'or action or he appointment, The warden ha< no alternative to continuing th meeting. He refused and we loft." Burgess Anderson said thn.t ho •had been assured by Warden Bro phy, in a pre-meeting telephone, conversation, that the appointment would be taken care of, "irrespective of other developments." Chief Gormley Starts Vacation Police Chief John J. Gormluy of the local police department tomor- •ow will begin his annual two week vacation. The chief has not disclosed his vacation plans. Democrats Split (Continued from Page One) EspotaJbts Tablet Fofm-Sugof Coaled 'Take us Directed When the warden told the ,bur- pess he was out of order in submitting the name, Burjresi Anderson asserted, "You are not belnfi- in sub t ,ni^' j ^ig' Mi\ Mariano's name ak'ain. I ;im only asking for consideration, which hasn't been given in three years. There was n bill passed in the General Assembly to take !:are 01' the board of assessors appointments and J guess we'll have- to Introduce another bill to Cover After signing the *:i,75«,0(M),000 British loan agreement at the WhiU; House, i-Tesiderit Tniiiuui /fuvo each offluiul' preneiit ut the ceremony OIK; of the* 26 puns hi; used. Looking on as he tries out one of tin' ))cns iiro (left to right): Chief Justico Fred M. Vlnson; Secretary of Stut« Junius M, Byrnes; Lurd Iiiverchiipul, British .\mhasnador to the United SUiten uii^ Speaker of tlie HOUNII Sam Kuyhurn of Texas. (Iritcr- nn(iiinal) FREEDMAN'S f, ANNUAL JULY STORE-WIDE CLEARANG OF SUMMER MERCHANDISE AND MANY HARD- TO-GET ITEMS NOW IN PROGRESS! ! SPECIAL SAVINGS IN OUR WOMEN'S AND CHILDREN'S DEPARTMENTS 191-199 CHURCH STREET NAUGATUCK, CONN. the appointments to the board o charH.lcs." Naming of a member to the boar of n.sscssors was tabled until th next mooting upon request of Bui sres.s Anderson. The names of thrne resident were submitted by the l^epublicai burgess to. replace John Broad crick us an u<>$isiant assessor for : wo year term. The candidates wort Carl Swiir.son, Eugene Pichulo and -Toward Sagendorf, Burgess Anderson withdrew the list when requesting- the subject be tabled. Supernumeraries Six supernumerary policemen in x petition to Chief John J. Gormley ire requesting- thcv pay printed to eijula.r patrolmen stating- they are underpaid for their work, which as the same responsibilities oC a ocular policeman. The petition was of erred to the police committee, vhich will report on the matter at ",o next meeting. Tho.b oard approved Ihe appointment of John H. Breen as chair- nan of the committee to arrange- a "Welcome Home" program for Naugatuck veterans. For the first time in four years, A petition signed by 13 residents-of a stale 4-H Club ca.-np will be held Alma street requesting the st!^et Sept. 5-7 in Douglas. Wyo. Th he accepted by the bnrouKh. a. fire camp will he in connection with the box and street Ji^hts be installed, state fail- on those dates. was referred to the street, lire and -street light commutes, and bor oug.h engineer. The board sijjned a letter o.pprov ing construction of sewers, side walks, curbs, gutters ^nd roadway on Damson and Birch in ihc Glenridge Housing developmen provided that the Naugatuck De velopment Co. Inc., guarantee tho reimbursement out of tho $33,000 now in escrow deposit at tho Nuu- gatuck National Bank if any fund/rare expended by the borough in repairing defects up to May 1, 1947. Warden Brophy and the street committee were authorised to n<v gotiate for the purchase of two pieces of land on .Field .street from Elbert H. Jones. The borough has secured title to two other small p-ieces of property from Patrick 'onnelly on Field street, where a road is being constructed. The matter of changing the grades on Golden Hill street exten- ion was discussed again, with no action taken. CANADIAN CRASH AND TROPICAL WORSTED TWO PIECE SUITS THAT HELP YOU LOOK FORWARD TO SUM. MER WITH PLEASURE $40 TO $60. There's nothing that makes a man ieel his oats like the consciousness of being- properly groomed in non- wiltmg clothes on wilting torrid days that try men's souls. These gloriously cool temperature reducing clothes for the man who hkes to look and feel spick and span are designed to make a man feel as cool as he looks. To Save a definite portion of vonr Income :md .stick to it! " ' More y:u3 more peopJe are )e;iniin- tho value? of planning- for financial security. Build u reserve fmul— protect your faimly with low-cost Savings K:nik Lifo Insurance, a combination that will help Von face the futin-e with confluence. We will help'you work out a plan. NAUGATUCK Additional Sports Black Yankees Face Brasscos In Waterbury One of the creates! attractions in baseball today, the famed New York Block Yankees of the Ncyro National League, will provide the opposition for Joe Samo- ska's Brasscos tonight at. the Municipal Stadium. The Yanks have won three straight without a setback in the s,oconti round of play in the colored circuit and. boast some of the greatest stars in the colored ranks today, Herbie Barker, one of the lenpuc't; leading hitters, Dick Seay, Jirmtiy Starks, Johnny Stanley anrt a host of other famed "n.i,me" players of the circuit wiU appea in the Yankee lineup when the> show against the Brasscos. Manager Samoska announced last nipht the signing of Tommy Shoe han, brilliant catcher who graduated from Notre Dame a month ag-o Tommy is a brother of "Red" and Jonimy Shechan, regular Brasscos and will probably play third base against the Yankees. Tommy has been offered a $9.500 bonus for hi* signature by the eNw York Giants and Is slated to confer with Man- 1 aj?er Me) Ott, and the other Giont officials when the team returns from its current Western trip. Meanwhile he Is keeping- in shape 'playing independent ball with his two brothers. Jim Sheehan, himself a'former Giant receiver, will be behind the bat tomorrow with brother "Red" in his regular right field position, "Red" was struck on the wrist by a pitched ball while playing with the We.n Haven Sailors Sunday and may not be available, however Either Ray "Dizzy" Decker or Walt • Gathman, Yale University flinger, will be on the hifl for the Brasscos. Gathman has won his two starts to date and is already a prime favorite with the after-dark fans at the Stadium. Decker also is unbeaten while pitching for the Brasscos, having beaten the Mount Verncn Red Caps in his only start a week ag-o, Mike Klssko will be on hand along with either Decker or Gathman for relief duty. The remainder or the lineup will remain intact with "Whitey" Kun- kicwicz or Tom Befferman'at first Whitey Piurek at second, Lud Jas- iluna at shortstop and Tommy Shechan at third. Billy Moore Johnny DeVito and "Red" Sheehan will be in the outfield. RAMES BUY CO.VDIT Los Angelus, July 17—(UP)—The National professional champion Los Angeles Rams have purchased backlleldman M«rlyn Condit from the Washington Redskins. Condit. who starred in collegiate lootbal! ut Carnegie Tech, was signed by the- 'Skins after his Navy discharge last winter. Prcviousy he played with the Pittsburgh Stcel- ers (19-30) and the Brooklyn Tigers (19-11-13). 1870 «VENTV FIFTH ANNIVERSARY 1<?4 C AUDWJOUTS FULLY GUARANTEED «•' ££^%™!feS!^ OXFOKD JtO/VD Te). £049 PERFECTLY PASTEDKIZKI) MILK and CKJKAM Diillvtry Tu All 1'urln of Nuiitrittuok J We have your favorite IKHVH- * paper, iii:i^:iziiii> or other * periodical. ; IVATCII FOR OUR NEWLV ; RENOVATED STORE'S GRANIJ OPENING! CORNEE CANTEEN 392 No. AltUn Street "Dutn" Tcllrrlrci. 1'rop. GOVERNMENT SURPLUS DUNGAREES FOR MEN $1.49 Sizes 29 to 40 (Limited Quantity) NAT'S 410 North Main St. Union City TEL. 0136 — -vww>r-v^%p>^s^^^ DANCE Every Saturday Night 9 P. M. TO I A. M. •t DUFFY'S RESTAURANT WATER STREET j Music By The Famous ; G. I. TWILIGHT TRIO EDDIE'S Corner Spring & Diamond St», GROCERIES - VEGETABLKS FRUITS - ICE CREAM SODA FOUNTAIN SERVICE Free Delivery Tel. 4019 Edwurd Viaskuuckas, Prop. Highland Package Store i 93 Highland Arc. — Tel. 3983 Anthony Farnir, Prop. FREE DELIVERY All Purts of Naugatuck Try NEWS Want Adu.- They Brloe Result*. Chrysler and Plymouth G. M. C. Trucks J. C. Raytkwich, JR. ACCESSORIES Repairing 106 SOOTM MAIN ST. Telephone 4096 BASKETBALL RECORD New York, .July 37—<UP>—Bas- i fletball ruled as kinpr of the sports attractions at New York's Madison ! Square Garden during- the nscal vear from June 1845, to May 31st, .1946, ' .— Garden President John Reed Kilpatrick revealed today tha.t the cag-e sport drew a reoord-shatter- ' til 628,718 fans. SAVE CASH & CARRY . If You Bring- Your Own Laundry CALL WAT. 4-4106 A MERICA i i / \ It if i TRY NEWS WANT AJDS 3 SHOVELS TUU OF COAL A DAY/ WITH THE HONEYWELL anitor Jani /i CON I ACTUAL TESTS prove you con save up to 30% of your coed bill with a Honeywell Electric Janitor damper control. Ttink what this caving means during just on* boating season. Ih addition/ this control gives you 24-hour comfort during cold weather. Arrange now for installation by; calling 1 us. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 CHURCH ST. PHONE 5236 Oir up lea to Chi B.IN am the <>st roo C

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