Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 26, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 26, 1943
Page 2
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I* >*.'« 1 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PuMbbtr * tMtoNkl 64 second class moffef of the a..tttofflc* at Hope, Atkonsos, under the r>Atf of March 3, 1897. ?ii..^ { Ap >—Means Associated Press yNEA>>-««ons. Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. *•(• (Always Payable in By atr torrler, per week ISc; , Nevodo, Howard, Millet and counties, J3.5O per year; else S6.50. u, M*mb«f «f The Ainxkittd Pri»: Tht AMCctated PrWs Is exclusively entitled to ithe us* for republkation of all news dis- 'ttotches credited to ft or not otherwise ";,ctedited In this paper and also the local i> ';:nev»s published herein , . National Admrtbihfl R«pr*Mittatlvi— ..•ikonioj Dalllo, Int.; Memohis. Tenn., "' rich Building; Chicago, 400 North Mich- n AvenUe; New York City, 292 Madison . ,.,..*: Detroit, Mich, 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; •nOktohoma Citv, 414 Terminal IBdg.; New AOtleons, 722 Union St.. Hold Everything e mine a pound of butterl" HELEASt Monday, April 26, 1943 ..r. - , - 1-1 *,:. ...— - f~—~-f" -I!-— . —•••-•• >'_JZ Guadalcanal Diary Baiad on the Book-of-the-Month •Y RICHARD ILLOSttATiONS §Y I. B ' "The Japs were sweeping overhead . . ." S UNDAY, AUGUST 16-The Japs failed again last night to launch the counter-invasion we have been awaiting. Meanwhile, we have been planning a large-scale thrust of our own, aimed at mopping up the enemy at jUatanikau. TUESDAY, AUGUST 18-At one o'clock this afternoon, just as I was preparing to join Capt. Hawkins' troops for the excursion to Mataniliau, the anti-aircraft guns on the airfield began thundering. Jap planes were sweeping overhead in two shallow V's of four each. We heard the gutteral whisper of tlie sticks of bombs coming, Drawing! copyright, 19-13, by "Our artillery blasted a path ahead of us." and we hit the ground. The earth, shook around us, hut there was little damage done. Soon after the Jap" planes vanished, the expedition to Matanikau got under way. We traced the route of our previous for.iy against the village, and camped for the night at the edge of the jungle near our objective. "WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19 -Reaching a clearing outside Matanikau at eight o'clock this morning, we wair- ed there for our artillery to blast a path ahead of us. A short time later we heard the booming of the guns behind us, then the soft sighing as the shells passed overhead, and 'We moved forward, with the intensity of the barrage increasing steadily." sharp, loud crashes in quick succession us they landed in the village. We moved forward, with the intensity of the barrage incre-.isinij steadily until the booms of the cannon and tiie cracks of the explosions overlapped in a continuous train of sound. The Japs opened up on us with rifles and cluttering machine guns in a storm of tirini; that lilted the jungle. I dived fur the nearest tree, which unfortunately stood somewhat alone and did not have the protection of deep foliage. As the bullets began to snap olF twigs nearby, I debated whether it would be wiser to stay in my exposed spot or to run for a better 'ole. I was still debating the question when I heard a bullet whirr very close to my left shoulder, heard it thud into the ground, and then heard the crack of the rille ilur had tired it. That was bad. Two Marines on the ground U> or 15 feet ahead of me turned and looked to sec if I luJ been hit. They had evidently heard the bullet passing. That made up'my miml. 1 jumped up and dashed lor a big bush . . . (Continued tomorrow) Klnu Ff*lurc* Syndlcato. Inc. T«xt copyright, 1843, by Random Houa«. ln«. DUtributni by King FmlurM Syndlcau In co-operation with th* Dook-of-th«-Mon(h Club, Int FUNNY BUSINESS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams / OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople 'It's the mortar sqjiuul spending an evening at pool!" WHITE BARNJ PLASTERED WITH THOSE ^ i) r^ ^-^i' ^t &^_ fiiixr»"V.'5^ • ^r- -^iiX v L i 11 T71T« I "> - —_-,—--'' f-r. ,:-:c----T I'M RESTORING SOUR, FREE; AAEM. TICKET BECAUSE: MOLJR FATHER IS COMING/ h\Er <5ENT rAl&TRuNV^.'sO HE MO5T PLAt^ TO FIL.E A HOrAESTEAO CLAINA. ON TrAE PAR.LOR..'—— > BOT LET THE PRECIOUS PAIR } OF MOO TRN AN>S H\3lr-lV< < =., AMD fC VOO AOTOWATICALLN il RoorrtMttres OK^T 1 CITS "DUMP/ 1^ Y^rnjl}' W"^ ^»-— BORKJ THIRTY YEAR.S TOO SOOW , .' MV SiRE \<=> THE- SALT OF- THE EARTH/--HOVO COULD •VOU HlNCTTAT ANiNTHlhiG BOT LOFTV /V5PlRfxTlON6 AMD M06LE OEE.DS FROM A TRUE HOOPUE.' r,^ &Jt -" _'ii &* m 1\TRUE lUOOPLt— >\>! /.•<'2f£St* eon-. i»*> »r MA yavit Tubfcs Hold Everything By Roy Crane Red Ryder No Fooling! AROUND V WE'RE NOW 315". ITS 60HJ6 300 FEET; / TO BE CLOSEJ i PONT DARE 51R J PUT THE WHEELS POWW. CR05S you BOTrf MOTORS ARE V 5HOUUO ATtN*. WJA6LETO \St6HTTHE MAWWNALTtTUOE. CUIFF50F fAUW(tAPPROIlMAT£Ly/COR(JWXU. 40FKTAMINUTE./Pa' AMV OUR / >AOME(«ST I POSffWM? THE HEIGHT OF ,THOSE CLIFFS' H ••-ey^g- --• i y^uR FIU6ERS AMD PREPARE CRASH LAWOIW6; •a^'?»::::-.-^£~vx&;x:xz&«vzi:*~^»SSs»~~- -^A DonoU Duck Rugged Individualists! By Watt Disney <33>-y ^'=x> UNABLE TO FLAG DOWM 1HE SPE.ET3IKX5 TRAll^, RED RYDER LEAPS FROtt A, HIGH BANK — - AND LANDS IN TrlE COAL By Fred Herman A HOLDUP.' "Girl of My Dreams!" Thimble Theater Blondie It's The Policy of the Thing! By Chic Young ^\ ^ &&>- AW • AT LAST. IVE (3OT A FIVE SOME WAM WANTS )!•'" i YOU ON THE x 'PHONE- HE J SAYS IT'S A - v MATTER OF > NO, I'VE 6OTAL.LTME ' INSURANCE [ CAM MANC5LE %^l; dMii ^OOMO X ,X.,.<.- /•" ffmm •••*• — •^-^ I \~ 11 sp STOP/ STOP THIS TRAIN.' •--swM^prKsrasxwws, " &Z\ r —i ^" r-t~!_ H-a6 Cupt t,in, K.ng Tciluit* s',nj..,lt Im , Wf.il.i nylitt u*i^t'l Alley Oop Putting His Foot Down By V. T. Hamlin ENQAGED BV ALLEV OOP'S IN THE EOTH CENTUftV, HAS CX5NE HIS , BEST TO : RETURN I HIM TO MOO .„. BUT HIS BEST HAS NOT ! BEEN GOOD ENOUGH ,,n~,f, w 6AV A VAS5UH! MI5TEB OOC, HE^AV WONMUG GAVE 1 IT WAS SPE5HUL VITVMUMS VOU SOME 6TUFF ) FOB CAVEMEN..ONO/ I FIGGEfir TO PUT IN OOPS / ED MISTER. DOC NEEDED FOOD? / VITVMUMS MOC.E THAN MISTEtt OOP.' ,,,5O I PUT 'EM \ WHY DOCTOC BCONSON/ ^ IN MISTER DOC'S ) I CAN'T IMAGINE SUCH / HMM? VES, OOOLA, VITTLE5..« <L KTHING-THEBE MUST THEGE HKS BEEN, DONE \ BE 60ME MISTAKE.' V & UT 1 GUKftANTEE x IT'LL BE THE \\ t^ b «= ^ Itel V LAST ONE/ -^ irfe. 4. ••V.Irt, -3 r <r.C U. 6. CAT. I §oot$ and Her Buddies By Edgar Martin Freckles and His Friends Burn, Scuttle, Burn By Merrill Blosser OLD SCUTTLE HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO JUSTICE AND NOW IS ABOUT TO BF MR. SCUTTLE,THIS ARMY PILOT RAN OUT OP GASOLINE AMD WRECKED HIS PLANE ./ TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THIS PICTURE / IF HE'D HAD A FEW OF THE 500 GALLONS YOU WERE HOAPDIN&, THIS WOULDN'T HAVE" HAPPENED/ -- 1 SENTENCE YOU TO Buy A « I'OOO WAR. BOND EVERY MONTH, To HELP REPLACE- THIS WRECKED AIRPLANE- / THE GROUND AGAIN, THINK OF THE BOYS YOU MAY BE BURYING WITH IT/ 13

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