Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 1, 1909 · Page 9
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 9

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 1, 1909
Page 9
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[local Events, V)t^===^rf«>F======r==« Mull's 10 cent counter. Everything guaranteed at Covlna Jewelry Store, M, \Vright, manager. Wm. Summers, tree primer and bud- der, Covlna. tf Real coffee—Premier Blend, Warner, Whitsel &Co. E. P. Hull's for Perfection oil stoves. "As You Like If—Premier Bk>ud coffee. W. W. &, Co. "Believe me, "'no coffee is na good as Premier Blend. W. \V. & Co. A splendid hat box given with each hat sold for $5 or over at Mrs. Jenning's, Azusa. 5-1 Mrs. H, D. Blanclmrd and little son of Pomona are visiting relatives in Covina. What! an Elgin watch for $5.00 and guaranteed? Yes, at Covina Jewelry Store, -M. Wright, manager. Mrs. C. T. Blanchard is spending the week end with Mrs. Jeremiah Houser of Sawtelle. Mr. and Mrs. Lyman A. Craig and Mr. Will Craig spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Clay H. Beattie. For Sale—250 young hens, Leghorns and Plymouth Rocks, one year old. $7.50 and $8.00 a dozen. Albert Nottingham, Charter Oak. It Moonstones, turquoise, agates and all kinds of stones cut and polished and mounted at Covina Jewelry Store. M. Wright, Manager. The Rev. and Mrs. P. G. Stevens, Mrs. J. A. Ennis and Miss Pomeroy were luncheon guests Wednesday of Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Atwood. Mrs. H. M. Houser and Mrs. David Foster were amang ladies who entertained informally at afternoon tea on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. The Rev. and Mrs. Harry White and the former's parents, the Rev. and Mrs. J. A. White of Pasadena, were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Hodges. Much Interest has been shown this week in the orphans' home fund. The Monday Afternoon Club has contributed generously and subscriptions have been taken up at Clapp's and Nash'a drug stores. The old residence of J. H. Adams has been moved from the ground It has long occupied on San Bernardino road and Mr. Walters has the lumber on the ground for another of the handsome residences which he has been erecting in Covina. The beautiful residence which is being built for Mr, and Mrs. J. H. Simpson, on the southwest corner of Sierra street and Cypress avenue, has advanced sufficiently to show that it will be on completion one of the handsomest homes of the valley. Mr. David Forter has resigned his position as caretaker of the Dalin estates and has accepted one with the Prosperidad Company of Mexico. Gus Anderson of Ashtabula, O., will take charge of the Dalin property. Mrs. Foster will visit relatives in Los Angeles, until her husband is settled in Mexico. Mrs. D. W. MacDonald entertained Wednesday evening with a surprise to her husband in celebration of their ninth wedding anniversary. The taste ful decorations included a center piece of beautiful bride roses, which the guests carried home with them. The pleasant gathering broke up early to go to church. Those present were Rev. and Mrs. Stevens, Mr. arid Mrs. Walter White of Charter Oak, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Armstrong. One of the most pleasant meetings of the Five Hundred Club was held last Friday evening at the home ol Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Griswold. The house was a bower of roses. Pri/.eH were won by Mrs. C'rook and Mr, King. A dainty and appetizing supper was served. Those present vorf Messrs, and Mines. Crook, Given. Kl liott, Griswold, Clapp, Prather, Potter, W. H. Collins, Atwood, Douglass, Dana King of AZUHU, Misa Griswold and Miss Waye. The beautiful home of Mrs. I. I. Cook was the scene of a gay thimble party on Wednesday afternoon. The present floral glory of Oovina furnished plentiful de'-'-.ration, and the 1-jauiifui K;i!K-:-:u.-iv,ijif-d i,a France roses, which are the special deli^M of the hostess, wt-re in conspicuous evidence. The invited quests were Mines. B.-.-Uc Harris. Louis Harris, Atwood. ('handier, Steams, H. L. Cook. Booth, Douglas*. Tatuui. FJos< h>-n.s, Coiiloy. ('ralitrt-i-, .It-nnison, I'ratiier, Clapp, ('apron, and the Mi-..-:e.s l'(,n;e roy, A. Cook and M. Cook. See the flretess cooker at Hull's, tf Look for the Covlna Jewelry Co. advertisement. Holy Trinity Church Guild met this week with Mrs. Wm. Thome. We have some good second-hand harness and buggies for sale cheap. Covina Harness & Saddlery Co. Mrs. H. O. Heath returned yesterday from Vina, 111., where she has been spending some months with her parents. • Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Heath left Thursday to spend several days with •elatives in Pomona. , Mr. Fred Caldwell of Pasadena spent Sunday and Monday with Mr. ind Mrs. D. W. MacDonald. Mrs. Fannie Cushman is spending he week with her daughter, Mrs. H. J. Cushman. Mrs. W. B. Broadwell entertained at nipper Thursday eveir.ig, the guests being the teachers of her sons, Sam- tel and Robert. Emmons Cook left Sunday for Im- }erial valley, where he will spend a week or more with his brother Jeorge. Miss Hazel Booth, accompanied by her friend, Miss Hazel Holmes of Romeo, Michigan, spent several days ast week visiting friends in Corona. Take your work to the Covina Jewelry Store. The watchmaker there has had years of experience and can make your watch run right. Mrs. A. R. Evans and Miss Ethel Houser have been spending part of the week with their aunt, Mrs. Jereniah Houser of Sawtelle. H. H. Cushman, Wm. Warren and son William left Tuesday to spend a week camping and hunting in the Ventura mountains, near Newhall. Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Mussey returned on Thursday from Los Angeles, where they spent a week with relatives and friends. Mrs. L. Smith and son Carl arrived in Covina this week from Kansas City for a lengthy visit with the mother of the former, Mrs. Elvira Willoughby. Mrs. Plant, Mrs. Jennings and Miss larolyn Jennings were luncheon guests yesterday at San Pedro, on joard Captain Coming's ship from San Francisco. Guests lately at the home of Mrs. Alice Leisure were, last. Sunday, Mrs. Geo. Ostrander, formerly of ' Covina, and on Tuesday, Mr. L. L. Clay of 3alexico. 'Harry Stearns of San Francisco,, whose mother is visiting friends in !ovina, the Cook, Prather and Clapp families, arrived Thursday for a week's visit. Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Huff and Mr. Alec Anderson attended the performance of the Ben Greet players in "As You Like It," in Los Angeles Saturday evening. Mrs. Ida hicks and sister, Mrs. Mattie Fay, of Santa Anita are visiting Mrnes. Wallace and McAllen. This is the farewell visit of Mrs. Hicks, who will leave soon for her home in Kansas City. A house party making an Indefinite stay at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Smiley, consists of Mr. Smiley's uncle, G. T. Prosser of Oakland, Mrs. K. J. Staton and daughter Alice, and Miss Callle Bennett, all of Los Angelos. Covina people among the guests at a picnic luncheon given Thursday by Mrs. Dana King of Azusa were Mr. and'Mrs. R. M. Douglass, Miss Lilian Douglass, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ennis, Miss Pomeroy, the Rev. and Mrs. P. G. Stevens, wold. and Mrs. W. M. Grls- Walter Sturnpf arrived home from Mexico City last. Wednesday to spend several weeks with his parents in Covina. He was accompanied by his friend, Dr. M. R. Slough, with whom ho is engaged in learning dental work. Before returning to Mexico, they propose visiting the Yukon- Seattle exposition. Luncheon guests at the home of Mines. Wallace and McAUcn Thursday were their guests, Mines. Hicks and Fay, also Mrs. Robert D. Emory and little son, her sisters, Mines. Dan Haze and .Joe Ha/e HI Missouri, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred McCartney and little son, also of Min- Kouri. Mrs. F. H. Fal,ri<-k was "at home" Thursday afternoon to old friends of C'-dar Falls, Iowa, in honor of her new daughter-in-law, Mrs. Fred Fa brick of Lo.-; Ai^'Hes. Aintcig the ^ue.i's were Mrs. Coe, mother of the bride, Mrs. M Thilieo, Mrs. Frank 1'hilleo, Mrs. Hen Thorpe, Mrs. L. H. Thorpe. Mrs. Va.w, Mr.-:. Hubbard, Mrs. Cooper. OUR AtfflTS: Warner, wutsei & (o. Home's Grocery Pomona Sanitary Laundry For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. FOR SALE OR TRADE- 80 noros of fine nlfnlfH Inntl on Salt Liiko R, R., n I no miles from Riverside. Address .\. IT. Collins, Coviim. See Hull's 1.0 cent counter. Did you sec hnby's photo from C. W. Tucker's Studio? tf For Sale—Loose Alfalfa hay. L. M. Swallow, Phone 2103. It For Sale—Vegetable plants. 312 San Bernardino road, Covina. tf Cabbage ami tomatoes for sale. Coviua Floral Nurseries. 4-13p Try it for dinner—Top Notch paa try. W. W. & Co. C. W. Tucker's Studio, Coviua, Cal. ft Thoroughbred Cornish Indian Game. C. L. Smith, Azusa, Cal. tf Win. Summers, tree pruner and bud- der, Covina. tf E. P. Hull will soon have a fine line of Queensware. Good mule team for sale. Weight 2400. Covina Transfer Co. "Mid Summer Night's Drenm"— Top Notch pastry. W. W. & Co. Citrus nursery stock for sale. Call Home plioiie 3085. Money to loan on approved real estate. R. B. fiidwell, Glendorn. 327 Wm. Summers, tree pruner and bud- der, Covina. tf Tucker takes the right expression at the right prices. tf To Rent—5-room house furnished. Large lot and lawn; $25 per month. J. H. Matthews, Argus Bldg. For Sale—Twospan young horses, weight 2600 and 2000. Covlna Transfer. For Sale cheap—Choice lot on W. Badillo. Inquire 110 West College. ••- tf "Tasting Makes It So" — Premier Blend cotfee. The best coffee. W. W. & Co. Water srork for sale—A few shares of Columbia Lnnd and Wator stock for sale. Apply Argus office, Covina. For Sale—A few shares of Columbia Laud and Water stock. Argun ofllco, Covinu. What is the use of sleeping on the floor when you can get a bed so cheap at B. P. Hull's. FOR RENT—Furnished house of 5 roomb, beginning May 15. M. B. Clifford. 4-1M Cabbage plunts for snip. Five cents per do'/,. Fresh garden \um>.- tubles. W. H. MoLeod, Citrus Avo. Hay For Sale—New alfalfa. .1. W. Larmer, former Poole rauoh, Walnut Center, tf "Merry WiveH o? WludHor"- -all should have used Premier JlUsnd coffee. W W. & Co. If you have money in Binall amount, 8100 and up, to in vest ut eight per cent per annum, BOO J. II. Matthews. Mrs. Ida Rittonlioiue, room fi, Firht National Hunk Hldg. 1< irHt ohiNH druKH making at reiiHouunln prices. tf What are you doing for the "gum clincuw!" in your orange grovo? Kvor try u grooving knife? 2fJo at Kollar- TiioniHHoii Mfg. Co. tf Ulack Minorca, White Minorca and White Leghorn egRH for Betting. MHH. J. VVHKKLKR, 5-1 Cypress Ave. Phono I0!i8 For Halo or Rf.nt Largo yards with HhuiiH, on main ulreet, HiiituMo for any wholesale biiaineBH, Argus Finch's Jewelry Store I want you to get as familiar with the word FINCH, as you are with your sweetheart's name. The instant you think of jewelry or jewelry store—think of FINCH'S. I'll take good care to serve you and in such a manner that you'll never want to think of any excepting FINCH'S and also, come in, look over my shoulder and sec the work I do. That'll convince you that you'll never need to watch me. I'll do just as good work without being watched and do it in such a way that you'll talk jibout me in your sleep. Try it and see! ., JV >H :f\ FINCH The Graduate Jeweler and Watchmaker has the best of everything, watches, clocks and jewelry. I want your trade. I am going to get it. Once I get it, I'll take good care to keep it. Don't throw that watch away because other watchmakers (?) couldn't fix it. Any old watch that's a watch will run. Let me prove it! That's all. FINCH'S JEWELRY STORE 103 N. Citrus Avenue (Cummings 1 Confectionery) SIGNET RINGS BY THE HANDFUL. Phone 42 K^ Your advertisement in the Covina Argus is seen by the most people. &&&Q&b&W&&WW&WrtfW^ Ranchers Contractors Horsemen ONE THOUSAND SWEAT PADS piled in my window for the Saturday sale. Regular price 50 cents, On Saturday I will sell them for 75 CENTS PER PAIR You couldn't got a better bargain. They are the best grade cow-hair sweat pads, guaranteed to be worth the regular price any time. ANOTHER SPENDID BARGAIN In order to advertise the business I am going to sell 200 buggy whips, regular 50 cents each, for 20 CENTS EACH Take your choice while they last. I shall aell them all on Saturday. Remember, 20 cents buys u fine buggy whip. f 1 ! ? New line of Carriage Robes FOR HALF: 10 acren of Kood Valencia land, without water, but water can he had. 1'rice $UJOO. FroHtlenH i | holt. Hoe A. Warner, j j FOR HALK-Lot ',0x120 on Italia ! St.., Hherwood Tract. J'ri< e |i2. r , j cash. Apply to Mrrf. French, An'UH office. 11 ' VKOKTAULK I'LA.NTH FOR HA1.K —-Tomatoes, cauliflower, I,<•<:!, .chilli and mango pepper, <•»-•;/plant, early \ and late cabbaxe and rw-ect potato. K. Ji. MH.NOR, :JI2 K. Han lid dino road. tf just in. Also new line of the finest light and heavy harnesses, Best stock on the coast. I want to show 'you the WAGONS AND FARMING IMPLEMENTS. PLANO MOWERS AND RAKES. HORSE CLEANING GOODS. "EVERYTHING FOR THE HORSE." Covina Harness & Saddlery Co. CITRUS AVENUE, OPPOSITE HOTEL VENDOME ••x******* ^•>'><-^':»^-^^-fr^<'<">^-i'<"> t ><'^<-v-> **< *****':•':•****+*****•: | I I 1 ! •!"J">

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