The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 8, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 8, 1977
Page 6
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B—NAUGATfCK NEWS (CONN), WEDNESDAY, JULY 17. 1MB On The Air Today (1:00 t>. ni. Wull — Ktiny A.-ci. i.iihur ,st..ii..iiM -.N.-WH I1:M1 |>. ni, WllfiV I!>t»")uill Si'in-B WA'l'U -.liiliTllKl'i II; I." p. in. XvnriY .-N.-|.,n Tlrn... I...,,,.'/, IV AH': Wiinl friiin l.'.nllill WKA|.'--M<Ti.|iiif|i' H"rji; -I'raf. ,MchrtnkT V,' .>/,-• lOthi-l iinil Alhurl V.'nlc (in ttt" t '• ntur> tV,\TII--.\l Vr-lllr.. SfK.rtll !;:•:(! p. in, WAT/! -ficktnll Mcrf/iiiil" fliSIl |.. 111. IVIlllV K. I t.rl*l.v hTk. ,Vi> U'.UII' l.iiro I'.-n-r WKAK .St. •>-. .„!,,(,.. ;l|K»n* 7:00 f. ni. \S'I!UV-\VAII(,' — 1'tittl Clili'lnn WTIl'.WK.M-'— Svipn-i- (Mut) \vATfi-wi <r. — rt«y ncnt« V.'JK -llrinl.lll ' • •' . TT . .,.,- f I ,.,••-*„ ft Amateur League Sets Dates For Postponed Games MAKING THE GRADE - - By Jack Sortfs Beacon Falls Blocks At tempt To Have AH Games Played Here ill !:tiylhni . WTIi'- M]«. i I-.: Ml'"t"i-y WATl: .V..IVH. Inii-rluilu WOrt — unil'-vrnl'T 11:111 n. 111. W,AI-' iviiiii-lhi. .-JI-.MJ. <IM.-, (i, m. u l:flV-V,'Alii' ,N..\VH wnr.WKAr • I...W..H W.1'/, -tlri'itl M' \VI ill -Sti'M I. '.III. IX W.VTI: .Hi-limn.- mni r' THIS WEEK ONLY KVKIIY r.OV WANTS AN IRISH MAIL (KKUUI.AK . SPECIAL BEACON KI'DDIE CKNTKR 71 GRAND STREET \Vutrrlniry , . \V.\TH -N..WJI 7:.'»l a, 111, U'liKV -r.fifirt n. i 'nun. . \V( tj: — rihlilc r.f ( •iiintiH'ntiilurH U'ATIl-.I'd'iiiM YIIIII- Answer W/..I ••- I ,<w l:iini.-<-r \VTlc--Fin- I'ri-v-nniiii •;l." ii. HI, i\'UI;V --'I'o ihu t.'ouniy l-'urinor WTIi 1 ..... Vuiili; WATU \V.ili/. 'I'liiii' IVKAT — v\. V, KiillcnlHiril H:ou |i. MI. W|I|:V.\VA|II'- "Tin: V/hlxlli-r \V HAK-WTH 1 — -Tin' Niirtlm \VATI:-Wjy..--t.uni Mini Ahlllir \\ t '«-• (,';ili V«U T^l> 'J'Jll.^7 H:I3 |l. in. '.V.IX-WATK — I 'all I I'urlur, Of A m:tn u. m. WlillY-WAIIi 1 • nr. I'lirlHllun WTIi'-WMAI.'. ••IviiKUln (looin WATII.IVJX Kinliiiiv. lluntini,- 1 At a meeting of the Natigatxick , Amateur League held at St. Fran- 'cis' school, last night, 'definite plans were made in regards to post poncd games. The circuit also voted to start the second half vaco on Sunday August 4. League President Frank S. Shea, nnr-nincr.d this morning tha-t the games of June 30 which were caller) off due to vacations will be played at Recreation Field on Sunday .Jnlv 2S. '['ho other postponed contest of June 2 will only be played . in tho event .that thr first hnlf i cnd» In a tic for first place, or (could one! in a tie. Arrangements were also made at last night's affair to hold a draw- Ing during the Intermission it .this nv's twin-bill. Prizes will * ALL STAR BOXING at Municipal Stadium CJrorjfn I'', .Mulll^'iin, Promoter THURSDAY EVE. JULY 18th CIIAS. (K. ().) CHANKY nl' I'.nltlmorr, Mil,, VN. mm (ioi;M.\N of New York City In IC»ii:irl.s lit IliJ I'liiintlx VINCTJNT nwi, OUTO of New Ynrl< Clly, vs VVIIISTI.INC; \VM,T,IK HOACM of •VVIIrnlns'toii, ;>/•!. 10 K'liiml.s ill. (,'«) I'diifid.s H:il« l>, ni. WIIHY-WAIH. 1 -MMI| M.ii'k , \VTlr. WA|.'. .Mccinrry :uul Al'mw I vs'i'li ii ilirii-i l|rmii. r I V.'ATI! U'.ii. rl.uiy S|,t.|i:,.H '< !/:!.' |i. Ml. WA'I i: - r. M. AI-IIIJ. ii::m n, m. Will'. Y- XV A I II .'--- I>b I WTIi:.\VKAK- Mr. IHi-i ."ly. .<..\Tlt.WJi>.-l.YMiim(. Curl* V'.'ii/;— Xuvlvr L'tiKiil I I II Mill II. HI, XVIlliY-WAIn:. -Ai:iiil..|ny Awnril U'VU'-U'IO. \K — Kny Kvncr XX'A'I'll-XV.IX— Simrm ISLVILW «'ii':— Kmlnrm-fl In' I'tirnfv lll;.'lll u. in. XVIIUY-WAIIi' U..U.I.I.V I.. I- .Musi.; IV.iill- S'," n ATU-W.IX -\v,>. ihu riuiitr lltdil |i. 111, ' Krnlc (trlffiii of Iturtfiinl, vs, Siuvilri- .Innpn. nf Smith Africa II) IMS nt Kriinkli' Kiilcy nf Ni-w lltivi'ii, vs. I,vt> IIliym>« of ,\'o\v York H Kdiimln nt WATIt-W.r/,--T:iv.MTi i in-li I l:.'«l P. m.' wimv-WAiir-—iimni'iuii in ; WTII,-.\\ I.JAJ,- i'.ivuiiciu urcli, n ,\-i I;-H .//. I;,.,,,, i.i,.I,,.,n Wiii;-.Wi. 1 iiin.. 1 . ' ' ' 11:3.1 n. III. WlHi ..|.',,,,,l [,„• J.-,-,...,,,,,,, AM S,,,,,,,,,,-^:'!, »"""""" '•.••J IIIIIIIHIIM«^«B«nqM SWEEPING COMPOUND With Autl.s(i[itic Deodorant! donated for the event by several merchants. . ' The question of playing all o£ 'he s.-.'-mrt-half mmcs .it Uccron- tlon Field brought a protest from the Beacon Falls representatives. They stated that they would "quit" the loop if not permitted to-play "" Midi- home gj-iunds. A vote was taken to play two games at the balls. The final "players' list" and od contracts was presented to the leaiiiu-. Officials of the league will hold a brief meeting- on Friday to approve 'the contracts. Following the above matters vo-ln v.-as taken for the approva •if the remaining games to be plny- cd in the first hnlf... The schedule was approved »s follows: Sunday July 21 Kl. Frauds v» I:SO ;i. m, St. Mlrhart's vs Mill vlllc—3:30 . in. (Both gomes nt Rwrontlon Field) Sunday July 28 Highlanders vs Rangers—I ;SO p. Willie Pep To Fight In London London, July 17—(UP)—English boxing fana arc looking forward to seeing at loast two American world ti.tlc holders in action during the 1 autumn months. London Promoter Jack Solomons says that loth light heavyweight champ Gus Lcsnevich and feather- wcifrht chump Willie Pep will de- Tend their .titles in London. Lesnc- vich will fro ns-iilnut Freddy Mills n a return match while Willie Pep s slnted to meet the English feath orweight king-. Nol Tarlcton, Dates for tho 'two title fights will be an lounced Inter. Solomons, who is promoting on .in international scale with ' Mike Jacobs of Now. York, says that sev- I era I leading American heavyweight •.-jn-tcndcrs tentatively have been lined up .to appear in London, Shea Strikes Out Seven, Wins Seventh All '1'nxrn I HcUi-lH .Vow mi Siili- nt Millliriin 'I'li'ld-t.M ,\DW mi Sale lit rHlilll«iin'H Kivitiiurrinl Iff 1'lii'i-nl:; Avr.. VVliri-rliiir.v flmiid Wut. 3-mtlH S * In \Vlh.v. tKtt itunk SA\'1A'C.S ST. DIAL 5-0347 All Klmli of TriwMtif; —A.ilii-w, I'.'tf. Krrimvfut McNamara Trucking- Cc. .11 West .Vnui,'iitfi«fc Till. ,'f(h"2 COCKTAILS — National Brands $2.99 J. K. STORES CUT IIATK. LIQUORS, WINES, BE1CU3 »U(I N. Miiln St. Tol. 4979 Uollvcj-y Anj-w.'joro In St. Mlclmcl's vs St. Francis;3:30 p. til. (Both givmos nt Recreation Field) Those attending tho meeting Vorc Proiiidont Frank Shea, Secretary Albert. R. Brewer, Treasurer Theodore Clarcllo, Robert McDormoU. M:Kon Wcissmnn, James Kennedy Cnnrlos Kcvit, Si-., and Harry S'auf- Icaguer, Spec. Shea has u-jn hia seventh game, for Oakland in the Pnoific Coast Lcag-ue.. i- • •• Ho allowed Portland only five hits while his own mates were collecting 12 to pile up an 11-1 score. The 'game was called by agreement at •Die end of seven innings. Shea had. one hit in three trips to the .plate. He struck out seven. The July 17 issue of 'The Sporting NOWK" had this comment on Shea:— 'Frank Shea's 1 spectacular fling- InR has led to speculation that ho might bo recalled by the Yankees, J";.;m whom he was obtained on 24-i hour recall. Shea broozod" to his I seventh win in nine decisions, July ' C. with a flve-hiticr against Port- ' and, U-l." . ; Juniors Play In Seymour At French Field Tomorrow Baseball Standings NATIONAL J,EAGUE St., Louis J5, Biooklyn 1 New York ], Chicago 0 Boston 10. Pittsburgh 0 Philadelphia 2, Cincinnati 0 w. r^ 49 32 49 33 43 35 40 42 37 41 36 45 33 <!3 32 .J8 Brooklyn . ., St. Louis ... Chicago Boston .... Cincinnati .. 3Vew York . . Philadelphia Pltisburgh . Pot .1303 .MS .501 .483 .400 Today's Games, PltcherH Boston at Chicago— Sain C10-S) vs. Chipman (2-4). Brooklyn at Cincinnati (Night) — Barney - (2-4) or Higbe (8-2) vs. Wallers (5-2). • Philadelphia at St. Louis (Night) —Judd <4-7) vs. Eurkhardt (5-1) or raBlc (2-7)' New York fit Pittsburgh—Trinklc (3-4) vs. Strinccvich <3-S). AMERICAN LEAGUE MAN TO 1JKAT . - umsasr wheels lencth to the checkered flair in 'last Saturday night's .feature ruicisrct auto race at the Danburv speedway, Conn., Ted Tnppctt Manhasset, L. I., daredevil hag stamped himself ns the reijjninp ffv rejjnnp ffivorlto and .the lad to beat in this 'wl' 1 , S ,l tm '^ y " [S ^ S * awl at this .quftrtoc-mLIo -sdp. . St. Francis CYO blanks Immaculate Chet. Usezakiewicz pitched a two- hit panne last nl(?ht to lead the St. frnnc-'R 1 CYO team in blankincr the •Immaculate Conception of .Waterbury, 2-0, in ihc opening: game of the .second, round. Score by innings:. Immaculate Con " 000 000 0—0 2 0 > 3t. Francis 000 200 x—2 5 1 Dowlinfr and Murphy; Uszakie- W|CK and San Angrelo. St. Francis' Meets West Sides Tonight .The St. Francis' team or the Nau- Ratuck Amateur Loa^ue will meet the West Side A. C., second place team in the National Division of the Wa'terhury Public Parks "League tonight at G:15 o'clock, rtc- ci'cation Field. Tennis Making Clinches Title FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or NIGHT Independent Cab Co. 1W1 Smith Mil In St, STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 18-20 Park Place Oprii uull.v I'lHIl I A. M. A Nil A i .A CAU'ri'', MK.NT; lUjT Knotii, I'Vmd J!nr M IJoolli Scrvlun Full Liquor License AM, CJIKOMK AUTO .SIGNAL LIGHTS S4.98 ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE Sl» SOr/TU MAIN ST. TEL. 6162 k, Conn. STAINLESS STEEL 3 PC, CARVING SETS $350 Others to S8.50 SCHNEER c 4^rc«eon JEWELERS^ !*t So;ii>l> Main $». — 4.220irl ELECTRIC PERCOLATORS 6-8 Cap BROILERS PRESTO COOKERS STEAM IRONS NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NEA.RY nini-nrNO TEL. 5212 GET A JEEP JMMKDIATK DKI.IVKUY Vciiir W1I.I,YS.()VKKI,AN1> Ilciilr LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. "I llurfNon Avi'itnr. Off KM'hniiiti- I'liii-i', DODGE .NAI.KS — .SKKVICK Hotchkiss St. Garage •17 JIOTCIIKISS STREET Tei. r-.zt .1, I- MAXir.AUSK.AS, T'rop. * SWIM AT ~ QUASSY BEACH LAKE QUASSAPAUG SJ'IIT IX TIIK STATK - CTHAPFJfE'S !! TYDOL GASOLINE I AM) i SERVICE STATION ?;'IH IIKIIK.-r.; SCTKKCT TKf.. .IKI J .Xlr.UH.I.A.V .MflTOK on.s '• NT:W COACH I .Uxorono, Maine-. July 17— , , A new line, coach for the University ! of Jf;iino/roo-lb»ll team .will be Jo- )scp)i P. Zabi.'ski -of .Providence, R; I '• T. Zabilski-—a recent Navy discharge Jj chargee—was a standout guard on ' : the Boston College Sugar Eowl : team of-1940. JOINS EAGT.1SS .Philadelphia, July 17— (UP^— The Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League have ridded a triple threat fullback to their 39-i6 playi_ng roster. ?Ic Is Joe Mulia of Mckces Rock, Pennsylvania, who won Southern Conference honor.-; while playing at the Virginia Military Academy. Mu'ha, a husky 205-pouncicr, was drafted by the Engles in 19-13 but enlisted in the Marine.-;. 'He served three years in the Pacific before his discharge .several months' ago. | Tonnis .'linking: virtually clinched i the U. S. Rubber Inter-Deportment | sol'tball Ica.gue title with a C-5 vic- i lory over .Lhe Boot i^oom Monday. j In another league game the Lab . won f!v>:v. tho Industrial Engineering Office by a 5-3 score. with | Eurkc's home run playing a big: j part in the result. j The scores by innings: ! Laboratory 001102 1—5 Jnd. Ens-Office. ... 0 1 0 3 0 0 0— i Butteries: Pistarelli. Chieslewski, Lynn, Ticciicrt. Umpire—Martinez Tennis Making 2 .3 0 1 0 0 0—G 8 2 Boot Room . . 200210 0—5 6 1 Gallagher, Labriola, Lolo, Gcsseck Umpires—Farrar, Rado ... .. Results Cleveland 6, Boston 3 St. Louis 7. Washington 1 Chicago G, Philadelphia 2 Orily 'g-amcs scheduled. The Standing. W. L. Boston 59 2-i New York <IS 35 Detroit 4,'j 35 Washington 41 39 Cleveland 37 45 St: Louis 37 45 Down-Staters Play Here Saturday Afternoon To Complete Series SPORTS- 2 x I American r.WLKUO Tho American Lc c i on Junior, will travel to Seymour tomorrow to hcRin :i homp and homo .scries with the Seymour Locion Juniors. Tomorrow's; KIIITIO wil he pKyci) at French field and will bCRin at (5 p. m. On Saturday -the Seymour nine will como to Naivtaluck, and a same will be played at the local Recreation field beginning at 2:30 p. m Coach Guhby Cowan win probably call upon Vin Hcaly in uvirl to- monow's contest, and will rely upon Choi. twirl afi-.' the strong Seymour nine. Saturdwv. Frank • San Anprelo will back up both hutlors behind the plate. The Nausatuck aj-(jrcBRlion will l>c sliffhlly favorod to tnk<> the men sure of <he down-state combine as ihc Junwrn arc composed of t-cveral mnmbci-a of this year's championship high school baseball squad. Philadelphia 41 37 37 33 20' 05 .313 Pet. .711 ..VT8 .rx33 .513 . 151 .453 Rado Suffers First Defeat Today's Games, I'Krhcrs Chicago at Boston — (2) _ Grove (-1-0) and Lopat (6-C) vs. Pcrriss (13-i) and Harris (12-)). St. Louis at New York— (2)— Potter (6-4) and Galehousc (3-6) vs Sevens (S-6) and Queen (0-1). Detroit at Washington— (Nig-h.t) -Trucks (10-7) vs. Newsom (6-7) Cleveland at Philadelphia—Reynolds (4-10) vs. Knerr (2-10). Arbor day was first observed Nebraska in Russellvllle was the Confederate capital 1 of Kentucky during the Civil War? ' "' '"• ' ; •• '- ••-••••• NOW OPEN! ! Jean's Knitting Studio » •JO IIUANI) STHBKT J . • Mrs. .lean K:ilukmv.*.kl. I'rfip. J Knlniiiir jiml Crnv-.lii.nint- JiiNlmrllnn } jl V;ini mid, Onitliul Malrtliil fur I \ Stadium Wiiterbury T 0 N I G'H T N. Y. Hiacii YANKEES 'RASSCOS STUART OFF ARMY TEAM West Point, July 17— (AP)— Ar- , my's football hopes received a'Stiff setback this afternoon when officials revcnled that Bobby Stuart will be lost for most of .tho season Stuart, a shifty backfiokl speedster from Tulsa, has had a'hernia operation, and will be sidelined until at least early; November and possibly longer. Fall Term Opens Sept. 3 THE PERRY SCHOOL "The IVrry \Va.v .Mdnnt* Itrltcr l'n,v" SALEM PLAYHOUSE New Admiral PHONOGRAPH With Automatic Record Changer Now Available at RAOIOyt-APPtlANCfS'. 413 No. Miiin St. Union City TeL C4BI ALCAZAR Today - Thursday John Wayne in "In Old California" Also Charlie Chan "The Red Dragon" Bill Rado suffered his first defeat of the season Monday niRht as the U, S. Rubber II Poftb.-Ul team was downed 13-3 by a surprising strons Chemical ream. Uraska and Albie Pvnytkwich teamed up for the Chemical to hit •three for four trips to the plate each. Bill Rado and Tom Edmonds were strong batsmen for U. S. Score by innings: Chemical . 320431 0—13 15 2 U. o. Rub. 002010 0— 331 Batteries: Chemical--E. Urashka C. Terry; Rubber—\V, Rado, J. Cello and J. Umpires: R. Weaving- and E. Nol- dc. Cars Called For and Delivered Our Complete Services Give You Carefree Vacation Driving!! POUST'S SERVICE STATION 144 Rubber Ave. Tel. 4935 Little Hof Brau <.-406 XORTH MAIN ST. "Al" and Vcru Budri.s, Props. Daily Luncheons, Dinners and A La Carte Menu Full Liquor License Today - Thursday Added Attraction,' ! THE ATOM BOMB TEST AT BIKINI Soc tlil.s pro-HtPst of a|J blasts ut » fleet of wnrnli!pn! ! fJONNKCTICUT'S MOST IIANCKARKK MUSIC 'COMKS TO— LAKE QUASSAPAUG TONIGHT 1SV I'OI'L'LAR HEQUKST! "/ '" ^".' PRA'N^IS; -' :.:- ; ' ADELFINO V v 1 JUIS SAXOPHONE ,,!/ AND HIS HKCORD-UJiKAKING ORCIO2STRA 15 — I'EOPHO — 15 . Starring MONROE SPIER DANCING AT H:()0 I 1 . M. ADM. (tax Inc) OOr A fresh coat of paint OQ tb« wood-work and walLi will make that room new agaioj And if you use the right paint, foo can easily keep it clean and new • looking with soap «nd water. We recommend Murphy Paints Sec Our Lnr^o Stock of LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS also All Kinds of Fertilizers TOOLS FOR GAniJEN " nnd LAWN • SHOVELS (long and short tin miles) • GARDEN BAKES • HOES — SPADES • PRUNING SHEARS • GRASS SHEARS CANS, Inc. Maple St. Tel. 3507 WATERBURY — 2ND BIG WEEK got the wrong TRAIN . . . but fho right MAN I Juy Mor« Rood* The Copper Room Open Daily 1 For LUNCHEON And. DINNER odven* tures of cTstronded lodyl She board; a Iroin withou^ reservations . . . meets a handsome man with out reserve...and a Pullman conductor without a heart! DANCING Wednesday — and — Siturday Evenings Only After f) P. M. DANCING FRIDAY, SATURDAY,' SUNDAY Open Daily Until 1 A. M JfSSC I.I GtAUOETTE COISERT« JOHN WAYNE in MERVYN UROY'S production bJ .im DON DcFORE • ANNE .IRIOU „. MISS LOUELLA Prsifucen »,- JESSE t. L^SK.Y s "««n. Hit tt ANO«[ W SOLT For $400 yon can srrt a FURNACE and OIL BURNER Sfi Months To r»y The WATERBURY HEATING Co. lenders In Home Heating 34-36 SrRING ST. 4-647S NAUGATXJCK SPORT & AUTO SUPPLY "RUSS" WEAVING, I'rop. | WInslow Court Tel. SSS4 ; -VUTO PARTS SPORTS GOOOS ; QUAKBR SrATB MOTOR OIL PLAY POOL On First Class Tables R & M ALLEYS Io5 JWAPLK STREET Tonight - T.indon Turk-Tonight IV I'KK>ON! \MKuir.\-i so. I-lll.KA KINO mci )I|K Kiidlo * Kcc-nnllnc Orc.liri.lrn A KVIT.V Weil. I.lnilcn 1'iirk. fnlcul C'llr Kliln or Slilni-—Hill. Srr\lrn llll li:3O ^ Kvcry l-'rl. 10S Grrrn SI, Hull, H'li- li'rbur.v SANDY BEACH LAItK QUASSAFAUG DICK FINI.KV, Mfirr. Open 10 A. M. to JO P. M. Bontlnjr 9 Bnthlnp • Picnic* t "BAMBOO BLONDE" ^ ••:•>:, Frances Langford —'Russell Wade • Darryl F. Zanuck presents IRENE DUNNE — REX HARRISON LINDA DARNELL ANNA AND THE KING OF SIAM - • with- ••• •• LEE ,1. COBB - GALE SOXDKRGAARD - MIKHAIL RASCMNY BENNIS IIOI5.Y - TITO UKNALDO - niCHARD LYON — 2nd HIT SHE HAD A WAY WITH MEN STRANGE TRIANGLE SIGNE HASSO — X'RESTOX FOSTER — ALSO LATEST NEWS — . .._ W A TE RB U.R Y ****** flPPP^"HI poucsa

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