The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 8, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 8, 1977
Page 5
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Important Meeting Of Pond Hill Club Friday Ni; Important mattem pcrtiijnlnff to community offali'H will bo trammeled at a mooting of the Pond Hill Community club Friday ovunlnn at 8 o'cJock, according to an announcement today by President Mfthlon Hoars. . . All odlcoi-n and committed mom- bcra aro rotiuostocl to aUnncl. Plans for membnrfhlp drive promotion will be dbcusntd /'i well a« preparations for a card party, During the .soclnl program inter- tnlnment and musical selections will bo prr.ient.ofl. Tho club hn« been proffroiwilnjr In IU prOKt-am to Improve thu physical condition of tho Pond Hill school property, .with a .nlflowulk having been laid lasit Sunday. Tho cellar of tho building ha« boon clcnnntl and wiring Installed. In its social activities tho club has orKanlxod t'nam.i for a horae- .shoe pitching tournament. Local 45 Meets Next Tuesday Lnciil •!.';, UUCUtPWA will lic.kl tlu-lr noxt meeting at Llndun Park July 2,"!.at 7:30 p. m. P.lta Bartolo- muccl announced today. Latest Photos Of The MacArthurs HEALTH ALL FOR « Our Diamonds i mra varifiaj for color, » Itaipht, quality.,. { O TJii-so studli'S ol General of tho Army Douglas Mnr.Artluir and his wife were imiclo wlu-i: they tittcnctcd tho iMitllpplnc Independence Day cele- tinttlon In Munllii when the now Republic was born, The general looks Norlnu.s while SJrs, MneArthi.r rudhites a smile. (International) Industrial Council C.L-& P. Offers Conducts Meeting The NatiKatuck YMCA Indus- i.rlal Council held Its bi-wcclcly rrU'otlnjr at tho Y cafotnrla Monday after a lay-off In the first two weeks of July due to vacations. A buHlno.M.i session was conducted with Otto Jnn.ten. president. Those attending wore Edward McCrath. John Flt/Konild, Joseph Carpenter, Ronald R Jones, Fritz E. "Klambt, Herbert E. Brown. William Swan- MOn, Albert C. Hampson, Harry Potcr.xon, and Edward Mullcr. Next will be July 20th. */ your iunrnnU-o of l,t,n« tiuo quality */your nMurnncn of • ritlri faction WILLIAM SCHPERO ISO CHUIICII ST. Nrtiij-ittuck, Conn, .1 A Man Near Here Felt Like Swollen Balloon; Full Of Stomach Gas Uocently n man living near hci'O stated that he used to feel ifae a .iwollon balloon after every meal. He would bloat Cull of fra.s and spit up acidulous liquids for hour's after nntlng. Was terribly constipiit- i-d. This man in one of the hun- ;lredx In thin vicinity svho now priiiso ERB-HEI..P. Ho states he \viis nrmiKccl at the results when he took thin medicine. Now he oats what hp wantu without RUM or blnnUni,'. anrl bowels are regular for the first time In years. He feels Ilki! a new'man. ICRP.-HELP contains 32 Great Koi-bs; they clnnnsc bowels, oienr ^,-as [rnm stomach, act on sluggish llvui- and kldnnys. \tlscrablo people soon feel different nil over. So don't go on suffering! Get ERB-, IIKI.P! Sold by all drug stores here i in. Naiigatuclc.—Adv. t. .. | Eight Scholarships At Connecticut U. Two permanent scholarships n' $300 a year, each for a four-year course in the College nf Agricultm-r of the University of. Connecticut have hern established by the Connecticut "Light smd Pownr Co—' nany. It was annonncod tori.iv hv Dr. Albert. Jorprftnsen, president o' the universltv. Two seholai-shin- wlll he awnrdnd tho Drpt venr and two more In each succeeding year. Tn the fourth vcor nnd lhc:'"ift"i' o[:rht scholarship students will be enrolled at the university each year nnd the power forn"T"'s contrlhnrlnn will he S2.-100. Aulhorlzo'd at the June moetincr ->f the power compnny's board of directors, the scholarships win ho known as Thn Connecticut. I,i<rht >ind Power Companv Scholarships. Thev v/ill be awarded bv the Scholarship Committee of the University -n tho basis of Amoricnnslm. character, ooopcratlvencss, likclinoss to succeed, scholarship, and financial need of applirnnis. The scholai^hips nre onen to sont •ind daughters of Connecticut fami- lleo actively engaged in farming, with p"oforcnce to applicants who hnve clemonstrated Initiative and •ihility in <t-H Club work and who :-e«ide In The Connecticut Light and Power Company's rural terrr'^ry, Tn cooperation with the Scholarship Committee of tho University, the Executive Board and Directors of the County Farm Bureaus will be asked to suggest nominees tor the .scholarships. Continuation of the scholarships after any year will be •subject to review and action by the Scholarship Committee. HELPING THIC TR Sometimes the family and friends if a tuberculosis patient, with tho best intentions in the world, actu- iliy hinder the patient's recovery. Not understanding the nature of 'he disease or tho treatment, they fail to offer tho patient the kind r>l assistance h'c needs to get well. Comp'cto he^I rest is essential to the person aftlictcd wilh tuberculosis. The only known euro for tuber fail to offer tho patient the kind culosla Is rest. Such rest Is r.>'rt possible, however, unless the patient Is ahle .»n relax both mentally and physically. All too often the family o:- friend,' will fail to grasp the significants of rest and its importance to th' patient. Even if tho latter is i: bed, they go to him with familj problems which may disturb the patient mentally and make him restless. They fall to understand '.hat the worries they bring to his bedside have an adverse physical effect on him. HIE restlessness, oven a bed, places a strain 'in the di- easecl lung, thereby retarding the e.-iling process. Often, too, when, tho pfitiont he- Tins to lonk hotter after a few .vecks in bed and gains weight, his amily thinks ho must bo p we!l. Re- 'narks about his lying in bed when '•ic looks so well may -make the pa- 'icnt fee! guilty. Then he is torn 'letwccn following the doctor's advice and getting up to please 'the family, Families should remember that it 'akos time for a diseased lung to heal. It takes time and rest—and plnn-'.y '-it patience on tho part of the family as well as the ill poison. The doctor docs not judge the patient's progress by his outward appearance. He forms his opinion by certain t-csts ho makes and by studying X-ray pictures of the lungs, which reveal whether, tho lung is healing or not. The family can help the tuberculosis patient greatly by understanding that he must undergo a long period of inactivity and complete rest, that ho will be unablo to obtain real rest if ho is constantly worried. The family can. help the patient by doing everything- possible to make his adjustment to a period of Inactivity easy. In tho next article, sunburn will bo discussed. UOBBEBY IN BOSTON Boston. July 17 fUP)—Two men have escaped with 1-vj-dollars after tt holdup at a Boston hotel. The men carrying guns—made their iscapo in a parked automobile after demanding tho money from a clerk at the Huntingdon avenue Hotel. The Illinois river drains about one-half the state and is navigable ilrnost its entire length. . THE NAUGATUCK NEWS Remarkable Offer! For Only Monthly Read All The Latest Best Sellers and Most Popular Bool^s Without Purchasing Them Read The Best SelBen; on Fiction—Non Fiction—Mystery and Adventure! Undor THE POSTALENDING LIBRARY READING PLAN you will receive all thoso famous best sellers at quickly and as fast as you aro able'to rsod thorn. No limit is placed on the number of books you can receive monthly — because as soon as you finish ono, return it — and what's mors under THE POSTALEND- ING PLAN YOU ALWAYS HAVE A BEST SELLER TO READ WHILE ANOTHER IS ON THE WAY. 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Your newspaper will send us your enrollment and wo will immediately sor-.d you THE LATEST MASTER LIST of over 300 populflr and current best sellers, ct which about ISO aro FICTION, 50 NON-FICTION and a selection of over 100 or more on MTbltKT flnd ADVENTURE. 3. Each month you will receive a NEW MASTER LIST •from which you will select 15 to 20 cf your first choices, thereby enabling us to immediately send you the first 2 books of your selections. 4. Thoso 2 books will coma to you in separate cartons delivered by mail diroct to your door posl-ago paid. 5. When you have finished one, return it in its original carton using our solf-odcircssed label and paste over -fha OPD addressed to you, with tho some amount cf postage indicafccJ. When we receive this book, we will promp-ily mail you another; so under this rotating plan you always hjvo a book to read while another is in tho mail for you. Brinr/Or Mail This Coupon With Your Remittance It Is Easy To Become a Member of the Postalending Library Club The signing and mailing tho coupon to your newspaper verifies your enrollment at t'.iis special price of only $1.25 monthly, AND REMEMBER YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO BUY ANY BOOKS — on tl-.e contrary you can discontinue your momber- ihip at any time simply by notifying us ono week in advance. NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS ](!fl CHimCH ST., NATJGATUCK, CONN. Gentlemen: Plca« enroll me ns a member of THE POSTALENDING LIBRARY CLUB, Inc., .it the special rare of only $1.2$ a month, with the following membership .privileges. 1. Thai THE POSTALF.ND1NG LIBRARY OF NEW YORK CITY will immediately send me their latest monthly MASTER LIST" consisting of nearly 300 of the most popular books nnd best jellcr 1 ! to cn.iblc me to select from 15 to 20 of my first choices. 2. That you -will immediately start my membership by sending through the mails, the first 2 books of my selections. 3. Regardless of the retail prices of such books, whether S2.JO or more, it is agreed that the membership will b= only J 1.2>" monthly.' 4 It is further agreed thnc I may discontinue my membership at any time by simply notifying THE POSTALENDING LIBRARY CLUB, Inc., one week in advance, and my obligations and membership stops. Name (Mr, Mrs. Miss) Addre Date Citv. NACGATUCK NEWS (CON Y N), WEDNESDAY, .rtTLY 17, 1945—PACE 5 President Truman Honors Nisei Veterans At a curcmony on tlic White House ffrounds, President larry S. Truman pins the Presidential Unit Citation hiu'ncr to the colors of the famous Japanese-America i Hind Regimental Combat team, whose fiRlitinp n-cord in Europe was on>_> of tile \viir's proudest. The President's decoration followed a parade down Constitution Avenue of tlic 500 Idialii-clad, helmetcd officers aril me.n of the 442nd. The unit has been tagged "the Purple Heart rejriment" for its li.fiOO citations in Italy, Southern France and the Rlilnclund. (International) Several Attend Sportsmen's Meeting ON STHIKE Porland, Maine, July 17 (UP)— An Mfficlrt! of fl.n AFI-. union reports •JO drivers and mccli.inics Ol Die Boston nnd Maine transportation company went on strike early Luday. The men arc employed In ihe Portsmouth division of the bus .transportation company—which includes Portland. Ttoports on the state convention .'it Torrinfrlon June 29 were presented. VISIT OUR 2ND 1T.OOR •' |/-V:ifurin(r Watorbur.v's Largest Selection of Kiddy Knrnlturc ' • I'-UM. $17,1-: CKIBS 4 YOUTH BKIXS • SANO BOXKS • SWING ON MRTAL STAND • HIGH CHAIll-S • MKTAI. BABV CARRIAGES BENSON'S i:iO SOUTH MAIN ST. Wnterbury Scvorol N.-ivtgatiick sport.-.mcn :ii 'oiiclod u mfifHjng jii£hr, i?; ,W.'»- 'erhury for the purpose of forming an organization to seek larfrcr •ippropriations for fish and game atocks In Connecticut. Another meeting will be held July'30. Hillside Ave. Land Sold Two pieces of land on Hillside avcivue have been sold to Conrad S. ind Rue' duPon-t Ham by the J. H. Whittemorc Co.. according tn a -warranty deed filed in the office of Town Cleric Raymond J. St. John. STRTKK CONTINUES Portland, Maine July 17 (UP) — \ strike of AFL employes of tho Portland public works department went its third day today—but for the first time, the possibility of a settlement has arisen. Joseph Gazy Has Leg Amputated Joseph Gazy of Oxford, well- known in the borough, was admit- L -"l to St. Mary's .hospital, Waterbury, Monday following an accident in Oxford, a,nd has undergone an amputation of the right log: below tho knee. Suggests Ice Cream For Alcoholics At The County Jail New Haver-, July IT—(UP) —Ice croam for alcoholic* In the New Haven county jail Is tii'c recommendation of Sheriff J. Edward Slnvin. The Hhcriff siiyi that If the prisoners cat ice cream they'll have more sugar in tlx'lr hlood and consequently will h:iv<> less of u craving for alcohol. Merchants Bureau To Hold Special Meeting Tomorrow A special meeting of the Nauga- t.uck Merchants Bureau will be held tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock at Carlson's store, Church street, President C. Fridolf Carlson announced today . Mr. Carlson said that two mat- tors of major ,'mportancc would be discussed and urged all members to bo present. Tnr.-ir.cVi frogs aro found in South Cameroons, Africa, according to tho Encyclopedia Britannic;!. FISH IS MEAT!! Genuine Rhode Island Little Neck, Cherry Stone, and Chowder CLAMS! ! FISH SPECIALS!! BABY MACKERKI, SARDINES — BLUE FISH — BUTTERFISH 1'ORGIES — SQUID — Z'OLLACK — HADDOCK FRESH COD and TRAPPED MACKEREL FILET OF SOLE — FILEX OF HADDOCK FILET OF COD — FLAT FISH — SEA BASS WHITING LOBSTERS — SHRIMP FREE DELIVERY TO ALL PARTS OF NAUGATUCK White Fish Market JOSEPH CABRAL, Trop. 8 SOUTH MAIN ST. TEL. 5004 Lincoln 61 WEST MAIN ST. PHONES 5-0177 3-1011 »**»»»»»• BRIDGEPORT BRASS SAFE — SURE INSECT KILLING BOMBS 95 N*ECTICID« . OM« D.D.T. Bombs LONG LASTING Famous nationally advertised product. Srvfely and quickly rida homes, offlcos, stores and factories of annoying insect peats. Works like magic. Quickly teaches tables to walk. Usually $12.95 SALE PRICE NEW 1946 MODEL RADIOS IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Come in! Make your choice from our fine stock of Philco — Zenith — RCA Victor — Admiral — Motorola — Fadtt — Emerson arid many other fine radios and phonographs. EASY BUDGET TERMS POWERFUL 6 TUBE BELMONT RADIO Has automatic 5 station push button toning. 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