Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 1, 1909 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 1, 1909
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALSPOP.NIA. Wintered at the Postofficc Covina, Calt, as second-class matter. Published every Saturday by the Cotina Argus Publishing Company, Inc. .1. L. MATTHKW3 '.EDITOR SHIRLEY BROS MANAGERS SUBSCRIPTIONS: One Year in advance Six Months Three Months Slnple Copies fl.SO .75 .50 .O.S ADVI'.KTISI'.MKNTS: T)isplay advertisement ;it reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per con tract. Liners 5c per line each insertion. Le^al notices £1.00 per inr.h first in&crtion, 5,0 cents each :-,ubs<:qiient insertion. COVIXA. CA!,., MAY 1, l!)0:i. THE OLD ORANGE WORLD. Visitors From Florida Express Appreciation of Covina Orange Growing. This practical city of oranges, Covina, of tlie Upper San Gabriel valley, is not employed In throwing largo bompiets at Covina, but the manner in which D, Kymnn Huff of the Covina Kruit ICxchange managed the reception of tlio visiting Florida orange growers on Thursday of this week, refloctH credit on the community, arid credit miiKt fall where credit IH due. Fifty of the far-uway raisers of the golden fruit of golden rctuniB came In on tho Pacific lOlect.rlc cars in the early morning, and wore met by Mr. Huff and oflicorH of the Covina Krnit JCxchange at the ear line, while- over thirty aiitomobiloH lined up on Citrus avenue, waiting for the gentlemen to embark and mako it tour of IriBpecl.lon of this valley, which we think IH worthy of Inspection by any orange grower In the world. The big rnachlncfi were owned and in nearly every case operated by Covina orange growerH, A ride through the groves was participated in by the vlHitorn. Many questions were asked concerning tho method of fertilization of groves, but It was not until the vlsltoro wore shown the packing bouses In full process of sending out the fruit that tho approval of tho southerners became manifestly apparent Covina made a very favorable Impression in regard to the preparation of the fruit for the market. Tho visiting gentlemen were taken In machines to Olendora and A/.usa, arid •wont from thence to Pomona, where they were given mibstantlal courage for tho Inner man at tho tables provided for them. Tho lemon house at Sari Dlmas was thoroughly inspected by the party A Horrible Hold-Up. "About ton year* ago my brother was "held up" in his work, health and happiness by what was belivcd to be hopeless Consumption," writes W. R. Lipscomb, of Washington, N. C. "He took all kinds of remedies and treatment from several doctors, but found no help till he used Dr. King's New Discovery and was wholly cured by six bottles. He is a well man to-day.'' It's quick to relieve and the surest cure for weak or store lungs, Hemorrhages, Coughs and Colds, Bronchitis, La Grippe, Asthma and all Bronchial affections. 50c and $1.00. Trial bottle free. Guaranteed by C. F. Clapp. Jshnssn & INigg BLACKSMITHS Blacksmithing sf oil Kinds Our Specialty ? Shop on Citrus Ave THE BUILDER OF THE BULLER BLOCK, TO WARNER, WHIT8EL & CO. BE OCCUPIED BY Look for the advertisement. Covina Jewelry Co. FOfl SALIO—Second cut durst Ranch. Phono ICC. alfalfa. END OF THE TRAIL. Pioneer Reaches Peaceful Goal After Long Journey In Land of Promise. Like the passing of the cattle gra/- ing on the Illimitable plains, like the coming of thi! grain that superseded the roaming eattlo, like the encroachment of tho fruit rancher upon the grain lands, comes the passing of tho old, trU'd-ln-tho-IIro pioneer of olden days, and among the last, of the old Southern California Argonauts to fade into tho long horl/on of other lands IH J. \V. Marshall ol'Covlna, one of tho splendid exemplifications of tho tlrno when thin country was new and Its future undefined. On Thursday morning be released his hold upon the lift* which he had struggled through, courageous to th< last UH wan his life from Us Inception, K2 years old, KL! long, hard milt'stones on the road of life, lie passed away peacefully al the lust, full of years, and blessed with the bountiful things which had come to him along with the hiiid and bitter things which an tin; lot of the Keeker for a home in a new and untried land. At one time .1. \V. Marshall ownei xo acres of the most fertile land ii the valley, but he sold portions of i profitably from lime to time. lit t\(tt\ owned valuable property at tin lime of his death. Mr. Marshall came to Cm ilia from (•M Monte in 1ST:!, lie, with Mr. C. Vaughn, was one of the Ilrst to advocate the construction of (In. 1 tiilch which broiighi the water to the old Phillips tract, now Covina. lie remained acti\e in the water business for years. His property was at the curlier tit what is m>w Known as Citrus and Cypress uveiuie.-;. Mr. .Marshall lea\es a \\iilou who has shared with hint hi:- lite of sorrows and jo.v.s. lie also l.-a\es two Kraiidchildi'-ii. Albert Marshall and Mrs. Pearl Mauiey. The funeral will be In ul Saturday afti-rnoon at -' »', lo.k M the IVM- deli'-e, Ki-v. S. \V. (Jage tillicialin-;. Mrs. Hello Harris, who IIHH been visiting In Covlna with her Hons, re-turned Thursday to LOM Angeles. We have some good .second hand harness and buggies for fiale cheap. !ovlna Harness Saddlery Co. 10-cent sl/.e graham crackers and VablseoB, "National" brand," Ii for f.c. Standard grades tomatoes 80c, Saturday only. J. F. Home. Mrs. John Coolrnan spent Wednesday as the guest of Mrs. D. L. Peters n her beautiful home at South Pasa- lena. The Rev. David P. Ward, a Sunday- school missionary of the Baptist Church, was the guest over Sunday if Rev. and Mrs. Gage. For Sale—Seven year, 1000 pound mare, works single or double. Set of Ight double harness, used three weeks, cost $36, will take $30. Inquire at Argus olllce or pnstofllco, or olephono 200. The Rev. and Mrs. Harry White spent Friday In Pasadena, bidding farewell to their friends, Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. McLachlin, who will return soon to Minneapolis, after spending the winter at Hotel Maryland. Mrs. J. W. Mttlofiold of Haywards, ('al., spent Saturday and Sunday In Covina, looking after the property Interests, owned by her husband for a number of years In this city. Mr. Llttleflold owns a valuable business lot opposite tho postofllco and would build on the property at once if he could secure a tenant for a term of years. Mrs. Rlley and daughter, Miss Mar- Ian Riley, of Kasl Orange, N, J., spent this week visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. It. Simpson of Cypress avenue. Other guests at the Simpson home were Mrs. McCord of Pasadena and Mr. and Mrs. II. I>. Ileadley of Covina, who worn luncheon guests on Monday Mr. and Mrs. A. Dalln left 01: Thursday for Ashtabula, O.. wher they will spend the summer. The Young People's class of th Brethren Church was most royally entertained by Rev. and .Mrs. (leorge Chemberlen on Tuesday night. Tin young people of the Brethren Church always find a cordial welcome am! most charming entertainment await Ing them In the Chemberlen home Those enjoying the evening were: Misses (liare and Anna Boots. Mar Ian Johnson. Myrtle Overboil/.er.Rutl Chemberlen, (lardner; Messrs. Hay mom! and Tom Kindt, Waller uiu Fred llepner, Kills Laycook, tleorgt Molter, Arthur Huffman, (!len liar nish, and Fred Chemberleli. A dainty ait'air of lust Friday was the entertaining of the Young Ladies' Needle Club by Miss Mamie Kdwards of Rowland avenue. Delicious refreshments were served. Those lire- sent included the Misses .limiuie and Hobble KU'.fUns. Anna ami Charlotte llciTon, I'ooU. Hastings. Klliou. Heath. McKirahan, Faultier, Hansome and Sanders. The small cotiace in the rear ot tin- Dalin resident e has be.-n rented by ChiiS. Anderson and family of \l r. A !n!ersoii is a In 1 ' > !-l T. Anderson and is ,:ii ill the employ of tl.e u •.:-• DEATH OF MRS. D. C. MENSING. Another One of the Old Settlers of the Valley Passes to the Great Beyond. Mrs. Meta Mousing, wife of D. C. Menslng, and one of the oldest residents of the valley, died at her home on Irwindale avenue, Trwindale, at '> o'clock Thursday afternoon. The funeral services will be con- uctod at. the home Sunday afternoon it 2 o'clock. Services at Baptist Church as usual Sunday morning. Preaching by the pastor. No evening service. The weekly prayer-meetings, which are held at the Christian hurch, have been changed from Thursday to Wednesday evening of ach week, until further notice. Presbyterian services: Sunday- school, 9:45. Preaching 1.1 by pastor. Any presenting themselves for mem- jership, by letter or on confession of faith, will be received. Junior Endeavor, 3 p.m. Y.P.S.C.E., 6:30. Union gospel service, Jones and Burch, 7:4") p. m. All cordially Invited to any of these services.. Paul G. Stevens. A. J. ROOKS General ElleiclcsmitHing All kinds of general and heavy Blacksmithing. We manufacture Ridgers, Orange Racks Box Presses Horseshoeing a Specialty Home Phone IOQ7 Shop West Bfldillo St, Csvina * # * * * * # * * * * * * # * * * * * * # * # * * * * # # # Bnnounccment: IF YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING done, see me before you let your job. All work guaranteed and prices reasonable. . Phone 51. C. H. Kistler Try ic pastry. for breakfast—Top Notoh W. VV. & Co. If the party who has heen stealing coal of Mrs. KliiK on ('ollejre street doesn't want name and description made public, there had hetter be no more coal taken. Mrs. King. It Notice of Special Meeting. To tho stockholders of the Charter Oak Citrus Association: Please take notice that a special mooting of tho stockholders of the Charter Oak Citrus Association will lio held on Monday, May '.\, 1009, at the packing house at Charter Oak at '2 p.m. for tho purpose of consider iiiK tho matter of the contract now existing between tho (ilondora Cit run Association and tho Charter Oak Citrus Association. In the Interest of our association a full personal ntUiruluiu".' is earnestly riMiuostod. I f unable to attend kindly appoint proxy. lly ordor of the board of directors, March !:!, 100!>. H, 11. Mtddh'ton. Secretary. COUGH AND CURE THC LUNC8 WITH Dr. King's New Discovery PRICE _ o A $1.00. LDS Trlsl Bottle Free AND ALL THROAT AND LUNG TROUBLES. FOR C8P OH8 GUARANTEED SATISFACTORY OR MONEY REFUNDED. There having been a change in the holding Interests of the Covina Valley Gas Company, the new owners desire to have and will endeavor to merit the cooperation of each and everyone of the present consumers. It will be our gain to furnish a good quality of gas at all times, and will ask your cooperation In that you will Immediately notify our office of any irregular service. If your stove or any appliance which you are using Is not operating properly, we will thank you to very kindly inform us at once. Gas is the most, modern and convenient fuel of today. It can be successfully and economically used by everyone, it being not a luxury, but a necessity. Our mission in this vicinity is therefore to instruct our consumers in the use of this modern fuel. It has been said that a gas range is a coal range with a college education, which very aptly shows that as such it is not out of place in this enlightened community. Our plant will be In the hands of competent men, who will always be pleased to extend to you every need in connection with thesupply and delivery of gas. Watch this space for further velopments. Very truly, de- Covina Dalles (Sasdo. W. A. WHITE, Manager I * * * *• *' * * * * * * S # * # * * * * •* # * * * * * # •# * * # # * * * * * * ************************************ PASO KOHLF.S HOT SPRINGS On the Const Line. The equal of any in the world and set in the midst of such climatic conditions as constantly invite to the open air. A delightful place for rest, recuperation, constitutional treatments and recreation. Tilt new bath house, with its superb equipment, is unrivaled liy anything in this country. Hy- dropathic treatments, mud baths, swimming baths, Turkish baths. Particulars at SOUTHERN PACIFIC OFFICES. *##########**#*### Say! * ttoncbcr PACIFIC ELECTRIC TIME TABLE. Leave Los Angeles 5::H> a. in. 1*:10 p ill. 1..MI Ch:iS. 'i.-i- df A> •liM'l rii-iau niiiliany. Leave Covina 5 50 a. ii'.. (i 55 s .50 ') 50 11:10 12:.'MI p. in . 1:40 -i: 4 5 * _ i *• * * * You are conducting a bisj business — more money invested than many business houses do a good deal of correspondence, don't you? Do you always have suitable paper handy when you wish to write? Do you know that we can furnish you with the very best of writing paper and envelopes, neatly printed with your name or the name of your ranch, place of resi- deuce date line, cheaper than yuu can secure tablets ami •'•ivelopos in small quail- titie.-,.' This will make your con fspundence businesslike aiul more convenient. How Paying By Check Saves Time Instead of running all over town to pay bills, you can stay comfortably in your office or at home and write your checks for the payment of all accounts. The safety and convenience of paying by check, is demonstrated every day. The First National Bank of Covina respectfully solicits your account, subject to check. ot total Capital $50,000 Surplus $40,000 Saturday, May 1 ONE DAY ONLY Rolled Roasts lOc Short Ribs 70 per pound Full line of steaks and chops, with special inducements to buy. See the sports and take home your Sunday dinner from our market. Thanking you respectfully, I am Yours very truly, J. F. KENDALL COVINA AKiifS. PKINTKKS i*********** ******* Market en Citrus Avenue Phone 36

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