Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 1, 1944 · Page 19
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 19

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 1, 1944
Page 19
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SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, AID., SUNDAY, QiUTOBER 1, 1944 NINETEEN, ••n^'' f T[ »''•-• Radio ,' OCTOBER i ., t.m w*r Tlrnt piM.— Subtract On* our for CVVTVZ HM. for MWT. • iiot* ** iirojjrow«.:.o*.;Itifed-d«» <• rrecdoi'* W networks' mod. too ' ™ ' •-' •.—i »•*• Paul' taVallk* Cone*f t-r-nbe Frani-Atlantlc'-Call, Exchange—cb« indrlnl and His ,.6pnllnentals-blu. • eraii Half-Hotir ' 6e c vlc»«—mbs Josephine Houalbn, sopranp^i-bju . Volea of the' Dairy -Farmtr-^-noc ,«' Church of tha Air Sermons—cbs , 0 hn B. Kennedy -In ;Comment—|» u Stanley Dlxon In Commentary—mbi •i£-?Au NBC is-mins. Becltal—nbo 3eor« .-Hie** .' From , Ov«r«a*-4blu ien'a' Choir; -and : Girls'- Trip—mb» XO—U.' at Chicago ralks .Time lot 15 : . srilnutes— cb« Bamm? K*y«'s Serenade; Newi—blu Tuilc t or ^Hall-Hour ; Concert—rob. " ~~ 1'Murrow's ^ornmentary-rcbi 3'Be A-nnatmcea (Sfl.m.)—nbe Yours, Vic.Jpry-—CDS Riders. Servicemen's'Quiz—mbs - in Chas. Thomas .& Bpng^nb; To Play Salome -"JUHU W*J«*-*»* j. nw^ ••••••* — ~X"'«^ . , ' .^<=,V« ot the .World: Bongs Snot-cb« f Sunday Vespers via the Radio—blu r Half-Hour lor-Danelne Muslc^-mbs i:00—-\VorM Parade, Union Close—nbc I N. T. Pbilharomic; Symphony—cb* ' "- , -Women'. Discussion—blu the A.A.F., Cpmedy—mbi . .^ ....^.^THoyr by the Army—nbc i Ethel Barry more'a Miss Haul e—blu I Mysterious Traveler,- Dramatic—mbs '4:00—Quiz Show via Microphone—blu i Half-Hour for Danclns Music—mbs 4:3O—siuslo America Loves Best—nbc j The. Andre Kpstelaneti Concert—cbs The World of Sons with GuestiT-blu J What's Name of the Sons Qulz^ymbs If iOO—NBC Symphony, Dr. Black-^nbc i Family Time & Patrice Mu.nscl—cbs Mars- Small in a. Music Rcvue^-blu Can't Take It With You, Play—mhs 1:30—Hot Copy, Newsp'r Drama—blu The Shadow, Mystery Drama—mbs 1:45—Bill Shlrer In Commentary—cbs COO—The Catholic Iladlo Service—nbo CBS Sunday Theatre Dramas — cbs Hall of Fame, Paul WhUeman—blu Quick, as a Flash, Quli Show—mbs ,«:30—Great Gltdersleeve.Comedy—nbc I Fanny Brlce & Comedy Show—cbs pton-Close_and His Coromenti—mbs j5—Dick BrcrtTmvlth-Hlo-Song—mbs :00—Jack Benny Comedy Var'ty—nbc Kate Smith Hour-for Variety—cbs Drew Pearson and Commentary—blu I An Hour by /Ewp Dance Bands—mba 7:15—News Summary for 15 mln.—blu ':30—The Bandwagon Orchestra—nbc Quli Kids and Joa Kelly M. C.—blu j:00—Chas. McCarthy, B. Bersen—nbc Blondle-Dagvrood Comedy Skit—^bs The Greenfield Chapel Service—blu Alexander & Mediation Board—mba »:15—Dorothy Thompson Com'nt—blu J»:30—One Man's Family, Drama—nbc Crime Doctor, Dramatic Series—ubs To Be Announced (30 mlns.)—blu 8:45—Gabriel Heatter Comments—mbs 6:55—Five Minutes News Period—cbs »:00—Sunday's Merry Go.Round—nbc Magerine Drama, Conrad Nasel—cbs ' Walter Wlnchcil Broadcasting — blu 1 Horizons, New Musical Series—mbi 1:15—Basin Street and Its Music—blu 1:30—Album of Familiar Music—nbo James Melton, Alec Terapleton—cb« _ Cedrlc Foster'?. "War Comment—mbs j»:45—Jlniml* Fldler^ Hollywood—blu The Columbus Boys' Choir — mbs «:00-i-i?hll Spltalny & Girt Orch.—nbo Phil Baker Take It or Lcavo It—cbs ! Life of Riley and Wm. Bendlx—blu Anthony's Good Will Advice—mhs >0:30—Les Tremayne, J. Gleason—nba We the People, a Guest. Show —' cbs Freling .Foster Dramatic Series—blu 50:4S—To BE Announced (15, m.)—mbi Si :00—Variety and News to 2 a.m.—nba News, Variety, Dance 2 hr.—cbs-blu Calif. Melodies; Orch. (3 h.)—mbi Rushed tbvWar" Zones Wanier- Bros. Is . rushing v prints f the just-completed film, ''Rhap- ody in ? Blue", to -W« theatres throughout the' \^oi'ld foreshowing f<? Uiied troops: V .!•••/..."•;•:•'/.'. • The armed forces will see'.''Rhap- «dy in Blue".far In advance of do- mestio:showings.. ; ', .,.',. - : . / . . Robert 'Alda portrays the compos-- r, George 'Gershwin,, in- the;film; Others in. the cast are : Joan Leslie, Uexis Smith, Charles Coburri,.'Julie "ishop' and 'Albert B.asserman. :~, Curt Kreuger On Visit to See New York Shows Kurt Kreuger, • sensational Hollywood'"find", .who is currently fea-. iired in support of Simone-Simon i 'RKO Radio's "Mademoiselle ifi", has arrived in New York from Hollywood f .or a brief visit.-Kreuer's trip was made principally to (Chinese Screen Stars give him an. opportunity to see the urrent stace hits; -He expects to eturn .to in about two weeks. "Mademoiselle Pill" is only Kreuger's' third picture, yet he has made such a deep impression on the Producers and the public that he Is!the "find" of the seasc-li. \\TRO HIGHLIGHTS 1:55 News. , .: • • : 8:00 Old Fashioned Rcvlvi! Hour.' s:00 World Nen's Round-Up (NBC). 9:15. Commando Maty (NBC). ' S:30 NBC Siring Quartet' (NBW.. 110:00 Natlonil R«dlo Pulpit (KBCJ. [10:30 Words & Music (NBC). 111:00 Church Service from St. Paul's Lutheran Church. [12:30 News. 1:15 NBC Recital. 1:30 University of Chicago Round Table (NBC). 3:&o The Ave Maria Hour. 2:30 News. 3:00 Vesper Service. 3:3S The Arir.r ITcur. (TiSC). <:30 Music America Lovei Beat (NBC). £-.00 General Motors Symphony (NBC). 6:06 The Catholic Hour (NBC). 6:30 . News. • :45 Frantic Master's Orchestra. 7:00 jack Benny .'(NBC). 7:30 Pitch Band Wagon (NBC). 8:00 Soldiers .of the Pren. 8:15 Today. .In Bports...,. .,, .. . . 8:30 Wake Up America. ' • : SU/v Manhattan Merry-Go-Hound i •' • ' (NBC); • -"••' ' •••'•• • • S :30 • American Alburn of • Familiar . ""Muitc (NBCK : 0 • The Hour of Charm (NBC), o Moods In Poetry. 0 Ne->r« (NBC). • S BVpry Behind the Headlmei . > (NBC); : . - ' » •<^5JI:30 The Pacific Story (NBC). Yvonne De Carlo, above, of Vancouver, B. C., is. a girl:.ln 20,000 She was picked from that manj lovelies by producer Walter .Wanger to play title role in his forthcoming film, "Salome, Where She Danced," and 'he styles her "the most beautiful girl In the world." Walter Brehnan Starts in "Nobody Lives. Forever' Walter Brennan has ' checked in at the Warner Bros. Burbank studio following three months' spent' on his Oregon ranch. He will begin work immediately in "Nobody Lives Forever," film based on the W. R. Burnett story John Garfleld, Geraldine Fitzgerald and Faye Emerson head the cast. Mark Hellinger To Begin "The Life of Will Rogers' Mark Hellinger has returned t his desk at the Warner Bros, studl following a -week's vacation afte his four-and-a-half months tour o battle fr,onta as foreign correspondent, • - . Bellinger's .next production for Warner Biros, will be ."The Life of Will Rogers," based.on'.the career of the late beloved humorist. Marguerite: Chapman -in ; '>Count(Bi'!«ltack v Lead Columbia - yesterday' past Mar-, Buerlte ''.• Chapman in the feminine lead;opposite PauVMuriJ tn "Couh- terattacy," wh.lch Zoltan: K<?rda will direct, >s bne.'/of- trie company's tppfilBht.produ?Uons. Miss Chapman's rote; is ?the--' only*, feminine part in'the. picture. ''Larry Parks gets. an. Important' featured spot. Miss Chapman.vwhb .made: a'spec- tacular ' f iso : t'o - st-ardom In three major. Columbia, ^productions, last year; soon be seen In ^''Strange Affair,.'..In v^hich ;she shareis .top honors 'with; Allynv Josiyrr and. Evelyn Koyos. Her/ ' three ; previous starring roles ; were In—Destroyer! 1 opposite Edward G." Robinson: "My Kingdom For A : Cook," which she made with Qharles, Coburn, ;arid "Appointment In'-Be'rlln," which had George Candors in the leading male role. . ' • . U. S. Blanketed with "Battle for Marianas" '.The greatest number, of prints ever prepared on a. subject of Its cind .has been .ordered by Warner 3ros. to blanket the nation's thea- s'- in- distribution' of '-The' Battle r the Marianas", official U. S. Marine Corps film edited by Warners-for OWI. ' ••••-. The spectacular fiun,. which portrays the dramatic conquest of Sai- pan and Tiniari Islands and the recapture of Guam, is being exhibited under the auspices of War Ac- bivities Committee-Motion Picture Industry. • 'Jauie" Sweethearts In New Warner Movie Jpyce,. Reynolds ai. Robert Hutton, current romantic leads in \Vainer Bros.' comedy, "Janie," have been assigned to co-starring roles in "The Time Between," forthcoming Warner film based on the novel by Gale Wllhelm. In "China Sky" Cast GOING TO SCHOOL Hollywood—If Robert Clarke, new RKO R'adio player appearing with Tom Conway in "The Falcon In Hollywood", isn't the world's champion film-goer, he'll .do till a better comes along. Drafted from radio, he's been .seeing, two movies a night regularly for many weeks, in order to study film acting. China has : invaded ' the RKO Radio lot in Hollywood but with a vengeance. Go where you will and you will hear the rattle of chop sticks, for the studio now readying for production the famous Pearl Buck story, "China Sky", has signed up 87. "name" oriental : actors each one of whom will 'have a speaking part In the picture. Top stars in .the jroup, and famous in the oriental theatre trade, are Ching Wan Chow, Lanye Tom, Jr., Jung Llm, Bob Chinn and Oweri Song. Barry Fitzgerald In "Flying Yorkshireraan" RKO/Radio has purchased ."The Flying Yorkshireman" as a starring vehicle for Barry Fitagerald. Storj is planned' to go in production following "Bar of Music" .which wil feature Fitzgerald in support of Blng Crosby, directed by Leo McCarey. Fitzgerald's current RKO Radio stint is in "None But the Lonely Heart" which stars Gary Grant and Ethel Barrymore. . t MOVIE BLIND MEN Hollywood — When it comes to showing a blind man on the screen today has it all over 20 years ago At that time, In the silent screen version of- Sir Arthur Wing Pinero' "The Enchanted Cottage," co-star ring May McAvoy and Richar Barthelmess, in playing the blinc man Holmes Herbert kept his eyes tightly closed. But in RKO Radio's forthcoming version of the same famous storj Herbert Marshall as the blind man will wear contact lenses painted U give a glassy stare—yet letting him see through the lenses. • IN HOLLYWOOD He Looks Just Like Ernie .By ER'SKINE ..Correspondent" looked, like Ernie f Pyle. He like Eru'le' Pyle: Same height, velght and build, B,utr<hls name was Mbert 'Kennedy Rowswell.- .. ',; • "Just call m&' Rosey," he 'said. • : ' He had .Jusl-stepped out of ;a rfari.o into Ernie AVestmore's make-. ip chair. We'stmoro. : looked at ; a ihotograph of Ernie 'Pyle and then ooked at • Rosey. ' '; . .; -'Hrhmmm,". . .said ••',•: Westmore. There isn't raxicii to do.',' . . • * • "• • He brbaderied ' Rosey's ., nose a Sttle with liquid rubber, highlighted his cheek bones" arid fluffed up his ia'lr 'on. the sides, ..': ; "Tha t's i t, "• • Wes tmore ; sa Id . :Prbdiicer Ltster Cqwari beahied.' "Tlie coat— the cba't." Cowan said. Somebody handed Cowan an undersized coat with ragged holes In the elbows. : It was the coat: Ernie 'yle had worn to the .White House ast winter. It has been hanging in he office of Producer Cowan ever since -he purchased the film right's o Pyie's book, "Here Is Your War." Whoever played the role of Pyle h; the 'movie had to fit the : coat, 1 Cowan said. It was' Rosey's turn to beam. The coat fit' perfectly. "I feel like Cinderella,"- he Bald. First To Test , Albert Kennedy Rowswell, who lew in from Pittsburgh, was 1 . the llrst to take a screen test for the role of Columnist Ernie— Pyle— for '.G. I. Joe," the movie version of his book. There will .be other tests, probably of Walter Brennan and Jimmy Gleason, of a New York actor named Teddy Newton and, prehaps o) one of two of a thousand "write Jn" candidates. It's Hollywood's toughest casting problem of the year and Producer Cpwan has to be careful. Twelve million readers of Pyle's column stand xeady as a jury to push Cowan off the nearest cliff If he doesn't do right by their Ernie. 'Also, Ernie himself has threatened dlr" things if he's pictured as a "movie reporter." A couple of Ernie's pals, including United press writer Chris Cunningham, still think Burgess Meredith would be the ideal screen Pyle Burgess doesn't look as much like Pyle as Albert Rowswell or even Walter Brennan', but they, figure he could do.'» better acting job, Tlje Army, they believe, would loan frlnv to cowah. •;;/'. ":•>.. '- . ' • : But Producer -Cowan, it s«ms, has ^different ideas. : : , Kftspar Monahsn, drama editor of the Pittsburgh' Press, .sent Cowan a'-• photograph' pf ";Albeit Kennedy Rowswell. : Cowan "Immediately in- •ited Rowswell to Hollywood to take i screen test.- . ;..;.' \ Homespun Hiimvriit "Rosey" has no acting experience. io is a "humorist, philosopher and author," .Also an after-dinner speaker on such subjects as "The Value of a Laugh" and "From $ie Heart of .he Poet." Also a radio announcer .the Pittsburgh-baseball .games, sey has been married for 30 years, ;ias two sons, 25 and 17. The former is a lieutenant in the Air Corps. •Albert Kennedy Rowswell hasn't got the 'role of' Ernie Pyle yet. But naturally, he'll be a Uttle disappointed If he doesn't He's the spit- in' image' of Pyle and the same kind of homespun guy. Pat O'3Brien Signs Pact With RKO Radio Pat O'Brien, one of the screen's top stars, has signed a new long- term contract with RKO Radio, Pact commits O'Brien to star in six major pictures to be made by RKO Radio within the next, three years. First under-the-new, contract will be "Man Alive," an'original by Jerry Cady and John Tucker Battle. Robert Fellows will produce. Preparing Short for Recapture Philippines Warner Bros, is preparing a two- reel short subject, "Pledge to Bataan," which will be released when General Mac Arthur re-takes the Philippine Islands. Gordon Holllngshead will produce NEVER HIS AGE Hollywood—Walter Brennan, onlj four-time Academy Award Winner In Hollywood history, though a com- partlvely young man, always plays old gents in the movies. Currently he's Featherhead, a truly ancieni cutthroat, in Samuel Goldwyn's "The Princess And The Pirate". Send 4,000 Movie Films Overseas for Army Shows More than. 2,200 prints of 91 feature films and approximately 1,800 prints of 100 short subjects—a'total of more than 4,000—have been con- I tributed by .Warner Bros, since February, 1942,'to the U.' S. Army Over-, seas Motion Picture. Service. The prints, all in 15mm; siaa, are shovm free to fighting men In makeshift! theatres'in combat: zones.- A. GRACE M. FISHER THEATRE EMBASSY WALTER WANGER fti&settti. . ^ ; THE SCREEN'S / ™ GREATEST GLORY / ~ STORY1 ^ ' - : TWO BIG HITS Wednesday October 4, 1944 MCA PRESENTS "MUSIC . CTDftlIp , W.THTHE r STRONG STRONG I AND HIS ORCHESTRA APPEAL" .' -.TOMORROW Muslcml Ch»tterbox. -.-•" News. •.-•-.'.' Reveille Round-Up" (NBC). £t:00 World N«ws Bouni-Dp . (NBC). 3'«:15 Do-You Remember? (BC). «:4S "-News. '.•••'• «:00 Mirth "-end -Midnees (NBC). J*:30 Corning Meditations. SMS Peg Coulehan. SO:2S News. Finders Keepers INBC). Road of L»e (NBCJ. 1:30 News. B:00 Word »nd Mujlc (NBC). 42:30. .Newi. - - - ..... lSM5 TJ."S. Navy Band (NBC). |l:00 Sketches In Melody (NBC). 11:30 Echoes of the Tropics (NBC). |I:« Moiian Beatty (NBC). 11:00 The Guiding Light (NBC). Today's Children. (NBCI. |3:30 Woman In White (NBC). 83:45 Know Tour America. Ma Perkins (NBC).. "Jig 3 ** Ri « h i *» Happlneis fNBC). Arsenic and Old Lace" Has, Record N/Y. Run ["Arsenic and Old Lace," Warner tos. screen version of the.long- Snnlng Broadway comedy hit, trill •'Sgcome the first picture in • twelve , Clears to -be held for seven weeks at jihe N. y. Strand Theatre. • where ^e film Is now In Its fourth week, [Decision/to "hold over the Gary |rant starrer until October 19 was psed upon the film's box office faw during the third week —the •rgest in the history of the Strand. ] Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra endline the'accompanying "in per- pn" show. Kay Starr, Peanuts Holand and Phil Barton are featured lith thb Orche>tra. West and Lex- Tig, comedy, 'duo, and the Edwards EXPECTANT, FATHER ; Hollywood "— Wh'lle working in RKO Radio's "Two O'clock Courage", Richard Lane was like an expectant father pacing the corridors of. a maternity hospital. He already has adopted two babies, was planning to adopt a third—as soon as it should be bom. The .prospective mother who promised Dick and Mrs. Lane the child, was "expecting" within a few weeks. CELESTIAL COUBSE Hollywood—Jim Jordan, 'Jr., son of Fibber McGee .& Molly (the James Jordans, in private life) feels his career is pursuing a celestial course. He was loaned by RKO Radio to play one of Christ's Disciples iri. the great outdoor spectacle, "The Pilgrimage Play ; " Only recently Jim junior completed a role with his parents in "Heavenly Days"., '. . «.___«__^^^__ ^ "The Visitor" For Screen Jack L. Warner, executive producer, has acquired for Warner Bros, the picture rights to the forthcoming .Broadway production, "The Visitor,".'by Carl Randau and Le'ane Zugsmlth.-' " ..-.;•'• Herman Shumlin, who will produce and'direct the play on Broad T way this fall, also may. direct the film for Warners. -.".-.: THt BATTLE CRY OF THE MARINE RAIDERS! RANDOLPH SCOTT NOAH KERY, Jr. AUN CURTIS Ptter Coe David BfucB Sam Levent J.CarrolNaish Richard Lane MiibufnStont GRACE MiDONAID AND TWO LAUGH HITS GARDEN IT'S A MIRACLE Now Showing >,, k LEON ERROL GRACE MCDONALD WALTER CATLETT | RICHARD DAVIS - RAMSAY AMES- JIMMY CASH ! MILBURN STONE MARY CORDON George Washington was the first president of the Society _of Clncin- jti, "originally composed of officers the Revolutionary war. In the Quest of Beauty... , You'll 'flnd that our trained .beauticians can live y«u » more glamor- ow hair-do and a finer facial., Ifon't yon m»ke your, appointment to- momw? : Virgljihi Larry • i»jij«ity Y , Salon- , ' 135 S. Libe GRACE M. FISHER THEATRE NOW SHOWING ...out of a "rut* in Benton, Cal.— intoa"foxhole",ii the South Pacific! ' (Confidentially, be killed 44 Japs, singfehone/ed?) LATEST NEWS X.' ":•"•" f ROBINSON , in I'oluinfiui ("icluio* \ Mr. Winkle Goes to War RUfHWWK -[OTIONnlOSflN BOBWYMIS ~^ 5<rMnr1tybyWaW«$<ilt,' itducWI ky JACK INKS • KfKM by MFKO I. WEEN SCREEN SNAP SHOTS That So Many Laughs Could Be Packed Into One Picture! "THE MIRACLE OF MORGAN'S CREEK" STARRING BETTY HUTTON EDDIE BRACKEN with "McGINTY and the BOSS" ••••• PLUS •••••• RADIO'S TOP-NOTCH FAVORITES FIBBER McGEE and MOLLY EDGAR BERGEN and CHARLIE McCARTHY The Great Gilderslecve • Ray Noble and Band in "HERE WE GO AGAIN" wirh GINNY SIMMS Doe? War After' Day's Acting Stint i= First of hundreds of applicants for the role of Ernie Pyle, tuned Scrlpps-Howard ^var correspondent, In the forthcoming film, "G. I. Joe," is A. K. (Itosey) Rowswell. He's pictured before a 'portrait of Pyle, wearing torn coat the correspondent wore on a visit to the While House before going overseas Cumberland Concert Association 1944-45 SEASON (AONA BRADFORD, Contralto Tuesday, November 14 Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra FABIEN SEVITZKY, Conducting Thursday, December 7 BALLET RUSSE de MONTE CARLO Greatest Sfars — Complete Company — Symphony Orchestra Thursday, February IS EGON PETRI, Pianist Great Dutch Master Monday, March 19 FORT HILL HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM, 8:30 P. M. Adult Season Ticket $5.00 Fcder»i ¥»i 1.00 Student Season Ticket $S.M redenl T>x 1.0C Season Tickets On Salt October 2 Through Oclobtr ^4 Headquarter: — 59 Baltimore St. (Potomac ftltsan Co.) PHONE 4668 — Mail Orders Promptly Filled Mak< Chocli Payable to Cumberland .Concert Aiiocloticn . HoUywootJ, Sept.,30 — Robert Clarke, rejected by turned from the Broadway stage to Hollywood lor a reason not solely concerned with the movies. % He's Itx U»e movies aU right, de. butting in an important role in supjtort "of Tom Oonvfay In "The Falcon In HoHywood.". But also he figured Bollywood a good place for an actor because ot its .numerous war plants, Sry.vrhloh Ho could do Ills b'lt for the war effort. "After h!s day's' -camera «Unt tie works at night fts a m&chtalst's nelper In one such plant. : Mexican Comedian Signed For "San Antonio" Film Crispin Mai'tln, roly-poly Mexican comedian, has been signed for tho comedy role of a stnge-cdach driver In Warner Bros.' forthcoming Technicolor production, "San Antonio." Errol Plynn and Alexis Smith have the lending roles in San Antonio". David BuUer directs for producer Robert Buckner. . ADD WAR'S ; HORHORS Hollywood—The, old smoke-pot method of making movie'fog, abandoned years ago in favor of oil vaporized aver dry ice, had to be resorted to in the filming of RKO Radio's Lee -Tracy picture, "Betrayal Prom The East". Reason; No dry ice available, until after tha Army and Navy finish shipping Christmas feast supplies to soldiers and sailors all over the world. The foods are packed in dry Ice. ^f^ ^ tZ&ii'nef+ie&ite A STRAND* #£* \\ f O.Ut-YEAt-tUH ON THt STX«t ArWTHE MCTUtrS fVCN FUNNIHI tAYMOMD CARSON* LANE> M ASSET PETER LORRE fDW. EV. MORTON COT.OR CARTOON "THE FROO AVn THE 1-RIN'CESS" IX THE NEWS ALLIED AIR ARMY INVADES HOLLAND! SENSATIONAL! i NOW Whan Wistful Vista -lobby on LAUGHSI POOTBAI.I^-OREAT t.AKEB HEATS F.D.R. orr.NR IM.US: DIKKKV COLOR CARTOON . n

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