Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on March 10, 1976 · Page 12
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 1976
Page 12
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New Hand-Held Radar Units Offer Versatflity to Iowa Highway Patrol D«* DniVj**^ V_.l «> * . . • *^ ^^^^^ ^ By Robert Kolarik (Drake University Journalism Student) DES MOINES — A key feature of new radar units being used by the Iowa Highway Patrol is versatility, said Capt, Tom Godfrey, director of planning and research. In October 1975, the patrol purchased 136 of the hand-held "gun" radar units for use in the fight against highway speeders. The units cost $440 apiece, and are manufactured by the Decatur Co. of Decatur, 111. Godfrey said that since so much of the state's road network consists of two-lane rural black tops, the patrol was looking for something that could be pointed any way, rather than being in a fixed position on the side of a patrol car, as older model units are. "A trooper can back into a farm field driveway," Godfrey said, "and clock cars coming from either direction. All he has to do is point it one way or another." The units work on the same principle (hat governs more conventional systems. A signal is sent from the unit, strikes an object, then bounces back. The speed of an oncoming vehicle is calculated by the time span between sending and receiving. The major difference between the hand-held model and traditional units is the gun's signal can be narrowed to pick out just one vehicle coming in a crowd. An older unit will read erratically if several oncoming vehicles are bunched. Also, the guns can be taken apart — with the sending and receiving device hanging outside the patrol car's window, and the digital speed readout indicator mounted wherever the trooper can best see it. New Beef-Grading Confuses Shoppers Tlmei Harold, Carroll, la. \ f% Wednetday, March 10, 1976 I 1 The patrol has also acquired a few radar Units that are capable of computing the speed of other vehicles while the patrol car is in motion. "They're the best," Godfrey said, "but we have to figure the cost factor into each purchase. The moving units cost in the neighborhood of eight-to-one over the (guns). By Gaynor Maddox (NEA Writer) Housewives are bewildered. The new Department of Agriculture grading standard for beef leaves them only the^ butcher and their own untrained eyes when they select a wrapped package of beef from the meat display. They want the best meat for their money so they bought Choice. Now, however, they learn that Choice includes from 10 to 30 per cent of what was formerly graded as good. There are other considerations. The leaner young cattle are no longer required to show as much marbling (a sign of tenderness) as before. Agriculture officials expect this lowered demand for less marbling (little spots of fat threaded among the lean) will encourage cattlemen to raise less fat animals, those with a minimum of marbling. It takes less feed to bring them to a salable state, thus a saving to cattlemen. Nutritionists and some doctors believe less marbling will be more healthful for the cholesterol prone. According to experts, lowering age requirements for marketable beef will have little effect on eating quality. Consumers and restaurant owners deny these claims. Restauranteurs say that widening U.S. Agriculture's Choice grade will prevent _ Radio/hack SBRNBTT CROSS-COUHTIIY BUILD VOUR OWN CAIffE 44«v* STROBE LITE KIT SAVE 33% ArctitrKtt. BRIGHTfNS UP ANY PARTY! MAKtS DANCING fVIN MORC fUH/ "FREEZE MOTION' IN A FLASH! 29- . RAPID-FIRE BURSTS OF LIGHT CREATE FLICKERING EFFECT • MAKES MOVING OBJECTS SEEM TO STAND STILL * EASY ONE EVENING ASSEMBLY IIIIIIUHHIIIIW SAVE3O 00 \ 3 STATION, 2 CHANNEL WIRELESS INTERCOM SYSTEM * WIK ON ONE CHANNEL WHIU YOU LISTEN ON THE OTHER * "CALL" BUTTON SIGNALS WHEN YOU WANT TO TALK * BUILT-IN SOUELCH ELIMINATES LINE NOISE DURING STANDBY REG. 69* 39 W JUS! PLUG [MIH AND IAIK' REALISTIC OPTIMUS 2B HI-FI SPEAKER SYSTEM SAVE 3O°° Superb sound at an amazing low price REG. JB9 9 * » 8" ACOUSTIC SUSPENSION WOOFER . 3" TWEETER » FULL 30-20,000 Hz FREQUENCY RESPONSE » SWITCH ADJUSTS SPEAKER BALANCE TO ROOM ACOUSTICS • BEAUTIFUL GENUINE WALNUT VENEER ENCLOSURE . REMOVABLE GRILLE FOR EASY CLEANING ARCHER SUPER COLOR SPECIAL 3 ANTENNAS IN 1 VHF UHF FM COMPARES TO ANTENNAS COSTING 35% MORE! * REPLACE YOUR WORN OUT ANTENNA * IMPROVES COLOR & BLACK-AND-WHITE * FIGHTS GHOSTS & INTERFERENCE * GOLDEN FINISH RESISTS CORROSION i INCLUDED!: | 3" VALUE ' _ US' "'•"" »«iin»'MrWMii» mi. uni AND IM SIChAlS Al VOIIM ill- ONI V ONI UA.OIH IHUM ANIIIfNA Rl QnlRI U' W.UJM'll'l Radio /haek them from guaranteeing the flavor and tenderness of the beef they sell. Many housewives agree. Consumers groups are pleading for a new standard, half way between the old Choice and the new Good. This new standard would cut the cost of the Choice and raise the price on the new Good. So where does all this leave the woman standing at the supermarket? She wants the best she can get. But who will guide her? One thing she might consider is the wisdom of trading regularly in the same store, with the same butcher. As a regular customer, he might give her his best beef. He knows. The next best thing is to learn a few marketing guides. Our butcher, Edgar Friedman, noted for his judgment and devotion to top quality, gives this advice about selecting the best quality of beef: The nutritive value of all cuts is the same. But the taste, texture and method of cooking differ.. You don't want to pay more for a lesser quality,-no matter wliat grade is stamped on it. Grain fed beef (where the best beef comes from) is a pinkish red and has fine marbling. White flacky fat surrounds it. Grass-fed beef, of which 30 per cent is now permitted to be graded not Good but Choice, is a dark red with practically no marbling and the fat is yellow-tinged. So study assiduously. Popps Visit Friend In Hospital Tlmei Hcnld Nm Service ARCADIA - Mr. and Mrs. Lester Popp and Brian visited with Dorothy Brandt at the Iowa Lutheran Hospital in Des Moines on Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Miller and family, Gait, spent the weekend in the Elmer Noelck home. Visiting Sunday in the Mrs. Rita Sundrup home were Mr. and Mrs. Bob Sundrup and family, Council Bluffs. It's better to purchase the less expensive models and spread them out more, rather than tie up that much money, when you only have a limited amount to work with, in just a few units." Godfrey said that with its current number and variety of radar units, the patrol has the capacity for each trooper to have one while he is on the road. "Of course they don't always have one," he said, because . .. "we have to relay the units back and forth between officers, and sometimes they just can't make the right connections." He said the goal is to have "enough units for each officer to have one issued to him as part of his standard equipment." Even better than any of the radar units, Godfrey said, was the patrol's use of airplane spotters to time vehicles moving between lines painted on the surface of a highway at given distances. The spotters in the aircraft can calculate the speed of an automobile or truck by convertine the time needed to run the distance between the lines to the vehicle's speed. The main purpose of the surveillance, in whatever form, is to cut down on the number of violators on the road, Godfrey noted. While not quoting any statistics, Godfrey said, "It seems to be working. Our arrest rate for speeding is down, not because we've cut back on enforcement, but because people are driving slower. They know the 55 mile per hour limit is here to stay, and you know we're going to make them obey that limit." The Iowa Book Shelf Edited By Mary Ann Riley CHANEL. By Edmonde Charles Roux. (Knopf $15.00) If you enjoy rags to riches story, 48 pages of remarkable photographs, and an historical overview of France and its adventures from 1792 to 1971, Chanel is for you. Gabriel "Coco" Chanel revolutionized the way women looked forever. She shortened their skirts, bobbed their hair, threw away their corsets, and dressed them in women's bathing suits, fake jewelry, and the basic little black dress. Coco began life in a poorhouse as an illegitimate child, destined to be raised in ! an orphanage. During the time spent trying to become a cafe singer in the provinces and her years as a rich man's second string mistress, she began to absorb the values of the middle class. Funded by her lover, she became a backstreet milliner. And through her discovery by the rich war refugees in Deauville who literally bought her clothes off her back, to her ultimate establishment as the high priestess of haute couture, Chanel became a force and a legend. She had an historical impact as well. In 1943, she volunteered to go to England as a representative of the Nazi government and negotiate to end the war. She had love affairs with the greats: the Duke of Westminster, the richest man of his time; the Russian Grand Duke Dmitri; Reverdy, the doomed poet. She conquered the world of art and intellect. Cocteau wrote her poems, Stravinsky played for her, Picasso collaborated with her, Collete was catty about her. And her triumphs in the fashion world culminated in "le comeback" at seventy-one, bringing tne Chanel look to the granddaughters of her original clients. What made her tick is minutely examined by biographer Edmond Charles Roux, prize winning author of To Forget Palermo, and former editor-in-chief of the French Vogue. That Chanel chose this woman to write her official biography and yet repeatedly told Roux contradicting stories about her childhood, her poverty, and her first loves is but one of the many mysteries of Chanel that Roux seeks to unravel and illuminate. She succeeds in revealing a radiant personality and a glittering era. — Kay Riley Replace your old gas water heater with a new gas water heater Your old gas water heater gives enough hot water for a great shower. flPPUflnCE CERTER The new gas water heater gives enough hot water for a great shower. A comfortable shave. A washer full of clothes. A dishwasher full of dishes. And all the other things your growing family needs hot water for. f Energy saving tips A drippy faucet wastes water, energy 4 money. Fix that drip now. 30-Gallon Water Heater With Glass-Lined Tank 4 Days ONLY! • Economical gat water heater has built-in thermostat, 100% gas safety shut off if pjlot flame should go out Pilot filter helps keep out dust. 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