The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 8, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 8, 1977
Page 2
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2-xAuoATvcK (CONN), WEDNESDAY. JULY IT, i»4 Jewish Vets Group Meets Truman DREW PEARSON rx^ ON °lhe WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Gen, George Marshall Asked ,A Missionary Be Made Ambassador To China; Truman Got Pendergast To Defeat His Chief Congressional Opponent In K, C.; Australian. Foreign Minister Subdues Gromyko. Washington "-Here's the insld'i story on the sudden appointment of John LeiKhton Stuart as thn new American ambassador to China. Originally, (TOMldont Truman planned to appoint Lieut. Gen. AI Wedernoyw tirnbOHnndcti' to Chi mi. AM a matter of fact, Wedcmoycr's nomination had alrniidy liuon typed und wu.-i on the President's de.slc. 1 iowfiver, liiHt week Gunorul Marshall .sent Truman an urffcnt cable nrlvlxInK tiiat he had finally found one rnan who could net as ambassador and who wa» on ffood term?! with both the communists and the, <:t>lnnn Kftl-Shok croup, Marshall abo pointed out that Stuart had lived In China for .10 years and spoke fluent Chinese.. Hn, 21 hours) later, Pi'i'.'ild'.'nt Trii-| mini nornlnatefl J. LulKhton Stuart I fiskfd him point-blank whether hn In In. 1 Ain'irlcon Amba.-fciudor to ' was for Slaughter of thu president China. . of the L'nilod States. Truman Cets Ills Man j The: note, brought results. Pende:'H w.-i < the direct h»ml of the | f^ii.i'. hopped n plane and was in president r>f the United Stateii: Washington next day. After ho re- v/hlrh brought the Itlssi ot death to . turned, democratic Iciadcrw .lonrnt'd Row C. Slaughter of Kansas City, I Hint the 'soat' faction of the Domo- Deinoeratlc Con^i imsuum i'roin the I cj'atlc party would baclc Enos Ax- illytrlct next to Truman's. SlaiiKh- j H'H. former assistant county promoter hiiH opposed almost evory pli.'co i en'.'ir for Congress, I The 'rabbit' Democrats, headed by Frank Shannon, several niomhs tiKO indicated they would support Jerome. Walsh, former OPA attorney who has utronK labor support. Most 'rabbit 1 loaders, however, none too .'itron;,' for labor, favor backing Axti.'ll. iVote--The Democrats In Kansas City Ion).: have been divided into rival Krnupft—the KOCUK and the rabbits. Aixi'iitliic Atom HoniliH The fascist Argentine government tins just completed elaborate pluiiB for Kointf Into tlic atomlc- bomli hu.-ilni'ss '.m a scale parallel to th'it nt tho United States. The Argentine scientific associa- tlcm has proposed and received the approval of tho Argentine war and navy departments to finance the Importation and operations of the bust nuclear physicists in the world, Including German refugees, Thn Argentine jrovernmcnt is < these scientists un- funds, complete scientific of 'I'nuiuin before Con- ! lirsiplti' <|i;nlul.M from Dnmfjar.'itlfr hi'i'.'ltiinirturr, hure'tv what actually luippfnod Prf'tildimt Trumun lust rnurith wrntv to Kryoc H. Smith, n /'(•rffii-r mayor i,t KHHMIIM City. Mf.nlInj: th'it !:of[ii!thln>; find to In.' dour' n.'tr/u'tllnjr 'hn tlfth con|.:rp.sslona raci' and tluit tho ulnctlon nl' T'lfuii^htt-i was alj.H(*!utt;ly Iinpo:i- .•ill)lc. Thi.' chief nxncullvf iwlil (hat hi/ ^^'Oiifcl [vtihur Nf.-'j n J l»iitllf';> n (,']»'(;ti'fl tiiun hiivr? HlalU' to confer with James M. I 'enilen.'aiit, head of the county's "final" faction. f'i-rj'.f"rj;nst W/IM hare) to find, but tittur there <lay,v Smith llniilly fMij.'ht nf' with him. "Why .thould 1 do ii.nyi.hlnj,- llkn lh;i.t!" I' snorted. "Tru- iniiri h/ii dono notnlnj; for me." Smith rppwterl this hack to thft VV'iil/' noii.-io, /ind n fnw [lays later received a Meconil letter from Triirnun who tiald that, piobnbly wlmt IViKlfj'tr'i'it tni'iirit WHS that Ihn pn/Hldent hiidn't dune anything I'M- him "lately." Trnru»n then sent, n note dli-eci. to PemlcafnM ,'ind j ll«Iiircs(;ntln(r thousands .of • Jewish; w,nr;.,Vcter«nn, a usNiirus I'roslclcnt Truinnn tliut a division of Jewlslvvoluntecrs would be reeriiiti'd if U. S, troops ever wem'needed to fuctlltu'tc Jewish Immigration to Palestine, They were among the S,(X)0 Jewish 'vets from ov'ury .section of the nation to Anther on the Wii'shington'MoMurncnt firounds (bottom) for n nuiss protest against British policy lii tlm>. In l'rr>ht row ui'u (left to rijrht): Benjamin Aronsohn, ton, 11. C.i I'resWunt Triminn,'und Lt Col. Milton Illcliman, Hartford, Conn. Roar row (left to rlpt) are Lt. Loonnrcl Morlbc-r, Miami Beitch, Flii.; l''j-«cl S, Harris, Mcrl(l<>ti, Conn.; Capt. Ilorsuhcl Auerlmch, New Vork; Chaplain Shopurd 7,. Ualini, New York, and Paul J. Kobln, rrovlclcnce, Kliodc< Island, (Iiitcrnutlonal) ' Talbot Commends Green On Message To American Workers Wuslilnjyton. U. C. — (Special'' —Representative Joseph E. Talbot today sent c o n K r n t u 1 a- tions to William Green, AFL president, on his recent "Mcssujje to American Workers.." Green's measure wus published in "Labor's Monthly Survey", AFL publication, and advocated increased volume of production as a means toward curbing inflation, played the Funeral" March" at the'; "* um « UI-e Lhlit the thought and Funerals Dennis .1. Gorman Present and former borough ofll- cials ware in attendance this morn- ins' at funeral services for the late Dennis J. Gorman, who died Saturday night at the of 82, at his homp, 241 Cherry street. Tho.f uneral started at 8:15 a. m. fro'm the C. H. Green Funeral Homo, 62 Oak street, to St. Francis- church, where a solemn high Mass of requiem was celebrated at 9 o'clock by Rnv, George Dunn, assisted by Rev. Albert Taylor, deacon, and Rey, John McTeafruc, sub- the 'AFL President's message with the,mcnt that it advocated "Aincrlcuri temViwbrk between industry, and labor 'as n. means of checking thre.'Ucncu Inflation." deacon. Miss Franc-Is Higpins, organist, processional, Pie Josu at the offertory, One. Sweetly Solemn Thought spirit of your words constitute the most sane and the' most sound ap- WOMAN KILLED .Brunswick. July 17 (UP)--A 48- ycur-old Oaltland woman hn.i perished In a highway accident, Mrs Ralph Wentworth was killed when a Kaaoline truck—operated by her husband overturned and caught fire i In Brunswick. The victim's husband—thrown clear of the barninj' truck—was unable to rescue his wife. G CAKES And Other .ggjclju Kuklng CITY BAKERY B. K STOPPANI, Prop. Mupl,. StnMt Telephone 3878 HUDSON LES — SERVIC l Automotive R -M MOTORS INC SO-82 SOUTH MAI.V ST. ' Telephone 6441 SALES — SERVICE General Automotive Repair* TEX-KNIT M********* al'lei; Mass, and Abide With My" at prouch to,the nation's present prob 1 recessional, lira.' Al ff rid .Kazn.-1 lem u>llt has' been offered by any ' " mekas 'and^Mlss An'rt Dowllnfi-'were soloists^ ','"'. • ' ' , " . '•-'•• Bcn.rers were John Clifford 1 , Richard' O'strom, Frank Green,. William Nurbutaltis, Hurdle! . JVfurtha and Joseph.Dinno>iy.' ' ' . ' ' '' Burin.! was' 'in St. Ja'mea' cemetery, "with' 'committal services by Father Dunn. •••''' ' • '• " Hugh O'Kcnfe Funeral services for '" Hugrh O'.Knefe, 40: -who' d'lftH' late Sunday night'at'his home, 206 Scott street, vill'be' held (ofnorrow morhinjj at ,:30 o'clock from the " Buckmiller funeral Hom'e, 22 Park place, to St. Francis'. churh, '• wh'cre ' a 'solemn high Mass 'of requiem will be cole- American 1 e a d e r," Congressman Talbot said in his letter to Green. "Our 'nation's 'greatest threat today is its danger of'succumbing to the pressure of certain groups' who would create disunity amonK us," Talbot wrote. "I know very well that you and your' orfranization have fouyht vnJianlly atrainst such attempts and have succeeded in fostering a traditionally and truly American 'labor indvemcnt. Your words have 'charted .1 course and established a. meeting jjro'jnd, on which no honest Americans could 'and eveh.n^rom 2 ,o; 10 The Connecticut Congressman, ar. avowed supporter of the full- production theory to defeat in- I'lation, also commcndod Green's to Timothy M. Collins, IKOA'INC BOARO COVKHS J-a*t» for years— Fit a) standard liour<J« WEISS' Ben Franklin Store J32 ciruBcii STREET Onni RKSTAUKAXT J44 KANT MAIN STUKFT .1IKJV Ana Olhor J'ood To II:.k<! lion,,. dully ij „. , n , . , , .Sulnnltiy la 2 a m Sundiiy 12 Noon tn j ,' m Andrew Freestrom The funeral service for Andrew Preestronii' 7'6V' of " 153'"' Johnson •ti-eet, who .died Sunday In St. fury's _ hospital, b'e heid ;: this ' now steps down as I ments v/ere. .served. Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C.H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS For All Occnttlon.s I'%O\VICKS TlCLKr.llAl'lIKU KVKHYWIIKllK i MELBOURNE'S I ^|P«**v. FLOWER SHOP ISO ItUBBKn AVKNUK Telophono 632(5 lib.Tty and absolute pfirsonal security ft-jm polltru terror. The head ril' uni? important ArKon-tlne sclcn- tll'lc Ki'oup informed the Pet-on fvcviirntnoftt that iViizI scientists nre tloin;; \vi;ll but are still not operating rapidly i'r.ou(;h -to satisfy the Atomic Hat It4ic<? U. K. atomic dcU'Kato Bornle Rrirucli has confided to friends that h« Is much opposed to havlntr the rhulrmiinship '.jf tho utomic com- iuln:ilon I'otati: each month. This rnoans that Australian foreign mln- iMtrr l-ti-rbiirt Kvatt, a United Nations dynnmo, nlininnnn. The Australian Is about the only member of tho atomic commission who hud Sovlot enjoy Gi-omyko nfralcl -if h!f?i. The other dny fJromyko opposed a decision by n\a- Jority rtilc, pi-oposlnf; ;l two-thirds t': iiiMti'ad. IGvntt was on tlie iH.'iian in a flash, "tl'.'i not finc'i'H«;irily true, Mr, f'iromyko, that thd majority Is iiN i wi-onj:," rubukiul thu Aiuilrn- I linn. On .'tonthur occasion. Gnmyko WH;< pi-olu.itlnj,' UKuliiNt the Bariicli plan. Inslnad hi: proposud linniudi a'f ili'utiuctlon of all cjilstinj,' atomic bombs and tin; n:lua«o of thi iitumk' burnh sccrut by the Unite Stat«, B. Whi-n Klurnio Hai'ueh, listi-nlnj, throiiKh his uar phone, hoard t.hl lie li'.'came apoplectic. Hut bi'fnri- I.-itiriich could spcnk, Kvutt took ,,n tho Russian ajraln, "You l«nou-, Mr. Gromylco," .said Kvatt, "not nil thn parliaments :i lhi> world would approve all the proprisrilM tiiut you make here. I; 1 thi'.v did, it would hi; n different world." "lint," protested Cromyko, "world public opinion demands It. U do- iiinnils thi' destruction of this iiot'- rlblc weapon by mankind." "World public opinion, did you say'. 1 " a.sked Kvatt. "Of course,, you know that there (in: certain NOC- tlons of public opinion in tbi.'i world which are nut in a position to drmand anything, 'md I am sure you know what noctions I mean." Gromyito xmlled ^vealtiy, said notliliiK- Hut Kvatt wasn't throuRh. "-fin afraid n'hnt you want, Mr. fJromyko, i-i for ttir Uniteil States to throw uwiiy Its bomb and -Klvo everybody ulso the secret so wo could all start evenly. I think thn United Stati's has been extremely KpnuroiiN. What you want to do Is to change » haiulienp race 'to a Ncrtitch I'nco, rather than a race to .-Hive the peoplo of the world," Sttnnt Gromyko nat, scowled, r.utlns i'rotcst to Ityrnox SnerotHty of State Jimmy Byrnes ri'turi'r'd from Pan's to find his of- llci- lltcnilly bombarded 'with pro- ti'.its from Latin-American dlplo- nuitH .".1, the concessions Uyrtin made to Russia at tho for- I'lj.-n mlnlitors 1 conference in Paris. The Latins have been virtually iiiiiinlmo'.is In protesting to Byrnes iiKainst what they call the "harsh armistice" imposed upon Italy. Both Arjrontlna nnd Brazil have m:u!c protests. Top State Department ofllclal.'i sen the hand of the Vatican In-hind the Latin move for Italian uppcnscmcnt. CapitHi amir . President Ti-uman will appoint TVA Director Diivld Lllilonthal to head the PresldentliiJ Atomic Commission bolnp set up under tile Mc- Mtihon Bill .The unexpected death of Sidney Hlllman wns costly to a number of Republican Congressmen nnd senators. Tons of campaign literature nttsicking- Hlllman personally will now have to be destroyed, and various candidates who have built their cnmpiiiRns around Hlllman must begin all over a^'ultx. . John Thibodeau Delegate to Y's Men's Convention Youngsters Find Cost of Ice Cream Cones Objectionable The Y's 'Men's club elected John Thlbodeau, local photographer, as) a a delegate to the international convention of that organization to be hold in Bradford, Pa., Auftusl. 18 to 2,1, at a meeting held last. niRht at the home of Edward Mullor, 48 MOOTO tivenue. Contributions totallin;,' ,$2,C7n have been rncolvod in the Y's campaign for $5,000 tor npcratinp; expenses in the corninfc year. During the recreation program :i horseshoe contest was held with the tonm of Thomas .Paulas and Allen T.rask winning. Rofrcsh-1 Half a dOKen youngsters' stood in group on Church street last gl'.L waiting for the parade. Each lickccl an ice cream cone with enthusiasm. Bui. they weren't as happy ns kids generally arc v.'ith ice crunm cones, "Seven cents lor .1 cone," murmured one. Why don't 1 they bring back the OPA?" r> 11 t-|-_.. - n/UDUer Patent Rig-hts Theodore W. Jr., of Sey- Tayloe Ross or Wyoming thi' .'li'.st woman to be elected Governor StiLtPS of a state in the United m-jur has been awarded a pate/it for an _ insecticide, according to Hnrold 'O. Manning, 2-1 Conirnl avenue. Rlj;-)it.s have ben assigned to U. ' !3. Kubbcr Co. .Itcrnoon 1 nt'.2 o'clock at the-Buckmiller Funeral Home, 22 Park, with the.. Rev. E: iiiinai Kron, pastor of th'e 'Swedish Lutheran church, Waterbury, officiating. Burial will be in Grove cemetery. Mrs, Mury Mengan Funeral services for Mrs. Mary Meegan, "83, who- dieij at'. Her hpme, 85 Highland 'avenue,' Sunday, were hvld this morning" at" 30 o'clock from he'r'lale residence to St. Francis' church'; where a sol'emn.'.hrgh Mass of requiem was celebrated at 10:30 o'clock! " •'• ; •' The' Rev. 1 Albert Taylor was celebrant, the Re.v. George Dunn, deacon, and 'the.'Rev. John McTe'ague of Prospect,'subdeacon. 1 'The musical sei'vloe/'was _ln charg'(r~of Miss j Francos Higginis and included: i Funeral March, processional; Pic Jcsu, offertory: My Faith In Tliee after Muss sung by James Gorman Hock of 1 Ages, recessional. Representing tho local bonrd of educa.tioi: were Samuel I. Lyons, chairman, and: John Ash. Honorary bearers were: GeoVgc A. Kelly, Daniel Callahan .and Martin £.' Caine, Bearers were: Warden 'Leo J. Brophy, Charles Daly, Jr., Arthur O'Donnell, Frank Smith, Francis Feelpy and Peter Crowe. Prayers at.the in St. James 1 ccmutiiry were rca.d by Father Taylor. '' whic)i ho suggested tha.l Connecticut members be urged to read thu labor luader's mcKsajre. Representative Talbot Saturday haci brought Green's message to the notice of -fellow members of the House pf l^epresentativcs. Jn a short speech on the House floor the Naugatuck legislator praised R&P METAL WORKS 99 SO. MAIN STREET (Kear) Expert Welding: of All Types Forging, Sheet Mutul and • Ornamental Stenl Work Telephone 6377 BlakeAleeb FOR FURS! I — BUY NOW AND SAVE — U9 N. Main tit., "• Field St. WnU'rliury Tp|. S-2727 nr 4-JJ12S ROB'T H. CLARK Co.' Tool Holders Adjustable Cutters RADIOS AT SWAN'S Tel. 2574 . 15 Churcl — Kst. JOSG — M'"-SUPPLIES Our policy is to give Iho s; conscientious cvary family we servo. do tins ;H n cost \vhidi you CHI) a fiord n o inaTTer whnl your mprnvinc-Hts ina We invite consult; ALDERSON FUNERAL HOME, INC 70 CENTRAL AVE. 201 MEADOW ST. TEL. 2253 TEL. S-5112 NAUGATUCK r • JHE ELECTRIC VACUUM CLEANER, one of'the most popular of all electric appliances for the homo is in tremendous demand. Hundreds of thousands of these great time and labor savers for American housewives have been nursed along during the war years -and since — serviced, repaired, rebuilt nnd repaired again in many cases to keep 'cm going. Women everywhere look forward ro tho. day when they can replace their faithful old machines with brand new models. Countless others are ready to buy the first electric cleaners they ever owned. Under very discouraging circumstances a few cleaners are turned out by manufacturers now and then. They disappear almost as soon as they reach the retail dealers. Some customers, long on waiting lists, are slowly having their desire fulfilled. Your dealer will 'do everything he can to sec that you get the new cleaner you are waiting for as quickly as possible. If you have not notified your electrical dealer that you .want to buy n new. vacuum cleaner you. should do so. About the best possible advice we could give you is that it is bscrer to wait for .fh'e machine of a reputable manufacturer than to buy an unknown-product. Royal Electric Cleaners are received from time to time in limited numbers. It is expected that greater quantities will be.available soon. ; peaches go with cream r THE .30 This printed "Bemberg" rayon sheer dress will go with you . . . on every summer date aond weekend jaunt. Designed with U-neckline . . . full cape sleeves . v. belt with bow-tie. Pink, maize or powder blue ... 9 to 15. DRESSES — SECOND FLOOR -fl^ —g. _Q JL a^ MUSLER-^IEBESKIND 33- 35 EAST MAIN STREET, WATERBURY

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