The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 8, 1977 · Page 1
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 1

Atchison, Kansas
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Friday, April 8, 1977
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News Want Ads Bring Quick Results atlu 'A Progressive Newspaper For A Progressive Community" j» THE WEATHER Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut— Mostly clear and continued cool tonight. Thursday sunny with pleasant temperatures. Eastport to Block Island—Gentle variable winds tonight becoming cast to southeast on Thursday, Vol. LXX, No. 167 ESTABLISHED 1885 WEDNESDAY, JULY 17, 1946 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Pour Cents Split Over Fire Appointment Two Named To Recruit For Co. F jjieuts. Semrow And Elmore Appointed By Col. Wilfred A. St. Martin Kji'.-.t l.icut. Hui'old U. .S/.mrow, 37,1 KlKh titruul, assisted by Klrsl Lieut. I'a'il Ui-iulluy Klnioi-i!. Jr., who >'.'tH t" 1 " 1 "'' i'" : 'i<lum:u In the boiuurh within a roonth, last night were :t|i|'t'ln'-" tl !l recruiting committee of ofnccr.-i for F Co. ul' NHU- gf.tucjlt, by Col. Wlifrud A. fit.. Martin, tmtiiillori ooniinun'.ler ul' the lU'Jml (nfufiti-y U««ijTii;nt Boon to bu reai.-llv:ileU JIM a Niitlcmul Guard I unit. A tutu) of -U rnli.-ttod men ot Gun- niietlcut Ktatt> Guard wuro signed up nt thu rii'.-otlngs. but did not Include. :iny loi-nl rnun uthur I him Mr. ('roxi-e.i.-i of tin: roCM-ultlrif: com- inltte" will hi- jclvi.'ii next Tuesday evening ut DID \Vuturbury Arrnury «t a mimtlng scheduled for * o'clonk. An Invitation hus bi'i-n eN- temleo to rcii-nnir i-.oldlurs and men who have served In the iii-ni"d ftirrutrM to a(i(»;ai' ut thu meullng for interviews. Tho meetlmc will l)'j open for room enll-.tments of is'.-Ulon-il fiti'ii-il (: mdliL'vti'H in the recruiting ciimpiili'/t I'm biittnilon personnel, enlisted men and olflcni's, V'lsilenil rei-(i|;aitlnn will be Kiunted following the signing »f SO |ier cent rii the pi'i-KOiiriel. Ni'W Armory'.' Metinwhlle, In military elrcles, rr- ; liable le.pnrts said an effort would j be mini'- town I'd th" eimsilriiellon ' or five new iii-inories In (Vuinei:Ll , cut. one (/> I"- In NiiUKiituck. Others | would be nt Koekville. Wlnsteil, i HimuluM rui'l I'ufrinro. The j;ov<i! nmeiil would In- exper't I'd In undertake tin: '.!un:itrucLlnn, at n u..MI ol 1 about. S'JU(l,(J(K) eneh. Bower Attends Meeting To Plan Buyers' Strikes A convention of Connecticut C[O | union leaders ut New Haven ye.«- tiM'tluy mnde pluns for buyers' Nti'lki'.'i, [ilcUi'tlni: of "pronteerlng" ini'i-chunlM, iiuiMM meetings mill pa- I'lifles next week. The iiiei'Miu; WiDi uttiMuled by I [in-old Mriwrr, vlce-presklimt of r.oeal .!,'•, lirtCI. ft I'VVA, reprosent- Inj.' fresiilent Oeorge Kroehlleh. wl'ui i.-i In I'.i-lxtol, K. I., for u union .TOSKl'H F. FKKKMAN . In Wiiterhury the siliitc CfO covin- e(l 1'iilli'd upon other labor orgnn- Ixitliuiix and community gi'oupn to jciln In an extensive pi'ogrum uKulnst rlMlmr prloeH, Tho [U'oKi'dm liH'luden 11 :it:ili'-wUle biiyei'fl' Htrlkc next week. The r.nnipngln calls for picketing •of wlioleMdlerH and retallurn who biiont prices to "InfliitloiHii-y InvelM." 'MUMS rallies laid piirades nltio are At Profits Prooe g^ p^ Parley With Post Leaders To Discuss Plans For "Welcome Home" And V-J Day Celebrations . General Chairman John H. Breen of tho "Welcome Home" committee today announced plans for a meeting Friday night with Commanders of all the Naugatuck Veterans' posts for a discussion of parade and other details related to the joint celebration. Veterans has been going ahead with plans for celebration of V-J Day September 2. The .two occasions will be joined in a single ceremony. Mr. Breen announced that the meeting will be held Friday night at 8 o'clock at the office of the Naugatuck News. Chairman Breen also announced that his full committee to handle ai; details of the celebration wna nearly complete. He said the names would be announced in a few days, Plans will also bo. announced in a 1'cw days for a campaign to raise funds to defray expenses of the p;'jgram. All local military, civic, fraternal, labor, industrial church and other organizations will participate. Chairman Gaston Adams ot the Veterans Council today urged all !<.ical commanders to attend the meeting Friday night. St. Paul's Outing Set For Thurs. State Police Lieut. Victor Clarke To Be Principal Speaker Lieut. Victor Clarke, commanding olllcci- of tho Bethany State Po- llcu Barriicks will be the main •ipi'.-iJier at nn outing to be conducted by the Lutheran Laymen's League and the Young People's society of St, Paul's Evangelical Lutheran church, 12 Curtiss street, tomorrow evening at 6:30 o'clock. Lieut. Clarke assumed his position a.t the Bethany Barracks July 10, bolng transferred Jrnm the Danielson Barracks, where he served us commanding oflicer for the p:ist five years. Prior to this command, he acted as sergeant ,es nppws t-uum „..- ,„.— and olllcor of the old Beacon Falls .iu'> above OPA ceilings In sped-' Barracks for nine and a half years, the state commission and then .' He will explain the training of the couits, i Lll ° state police as conducted by Parade Highlights Feast Day Al.l • •• K... . ••' '•*"•">«*> . •••'.•W&tf&Kri ,KN V. GKI-I-MAN "KxprdlU'r" for tlic Gursson munitions combine, .Joseph F. Frec- niun Is shown (top) as ho told the Si'i'.utu War 1'roflls Inviwtl- gutlng Committee that Hop. An- ilruw ./. May (l).-Ky.) hail always "coujjuriiti'd" when "asktrd to in- ttircuili) at tho War Department." Another ii-ItnuHS, Alien U. Gell- mun (bottom) told the Senate group that he "cut loose" from the Garxson combine "the minute I found everything wasn't wliiit it wu« iTiickeil up to 1M'," (Inter. imtloiml Sounilphnto) Proposed State Rent Control Plan Disclosed Hru-tftird, July 37--fUPV-T5ctnils -oif a proposed suite rent control bill have been disclosed. The measure carries nn^ppropH- atloo of ,?150,OCO. It would c.-eii.te o hl-piirtlmin elKht-rnember c o m- mlH.ilon. H also provides for throo- mi-inhcr local rent control boards. These boards would make udjust- llc c.'iwi.'S. Appeals could be made Thibodeau Photo A large crowd wllnessed the purtulo last night in celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Cnrmel. A portion of the parade !s shown moving along Maple street. Little girls and women, dressed In white, headed the procession to St. Francis' church whore evening services were conducted. A band concert on ilio Green attended by more than 200, brought the ceremonies to a close. ...• John J. Drls- eoll of the CIO council declared-- "ovei'y orgiinlxntlon which actively represents the interests of Jho Iii-ople of this state will want to Join In the fight ngalnst Inflation. We must rniivlMco Congre»s of our determination to have pi'lfli* control rein.itittfd, Our slpjrun IH 'We will reniembnf In November.' IM.ANK CttASHWn Turner. Malm;, July 17 (UP) TUM younj; niiviil VftoniriM have lu'c'ii soi-lotisily hurt when thnlr plan.' enisheil during an attemptei! laiullnt: at -the liotllns riyliijt llnlcl In Turner. Critically hurt WIIM SS-yenr dlil Oliver Murray of Turner, Los.'- ,'U'i-lously Injui-dd WIIM 20-yoiir-old Alex Alni'i-lll of Kiilrlloltl, New Jersey, u Khlpmiite or Murray's 'Hiring the w;ir. They wei'i' taker. to 11 [.ewbiton hospltnl. to the couits, i the state 1» The bill--which Is being discussed the olilcers at the academy, the today by tin- legislative council— \ tactics of criminal Investigation, carries "its own death noticu. It I giving examples of major crimes 1 uncovered by our state police, and the future program of that department. would expire automatically at the viul of Ciunerul thu 19-17 session Assembly. of tht My Hr, -1. U. Warren While most cases of hay fever lire cuu.-icd by rngwooc! pollen, many eases are caused by golden rod. This moii,n.H that many Individuals with hay t'ovor who gut cllscour- djfcid aftin- tultlnK the "ragweed" truatmont iihould bo tested for golden rod or other p-.illon which may bu cnuolng their symptoms, by Cousolldntud News Nearly 4500 Servicemen Due To Arrive Today (Wy United Tress) Five troop ships are exepocted to stand Into New i'orlt harbor roiltiy to disembark nearly -1.500 I troops, Thte.o .ships from Le Hnvro, are bringing 3,t!H service personnel. The ships nre the S<-;i Flier, the Westerly Victory, and the Sea Devil. The MIT Victory from Bremen Is currying some 1,277 troops. And 'tht; William Stewart which sailed from Antwerp has nine soldiers u board, Damage To Tobacco Crops Is Threatened Windsor, Conn., July 17—(UP) — Another threat ia i*min£f to the vnllcy tobacco crop. Dr. Paul Anderson of the Agricultural experiment Station In The outing will be conducted on the premises of the church.' A potluck supper will .be held at 0:30 o'clock followed by volleyball, horseshoe playing, and boxing. Everyone is welcome to attend the gathering. Labor Unions Are Preparing To Fight If The Senate-House Conferees Fail To Restore Price Control Provisions They Are Organizing Buyers' Strikes In Protest Against Rising Prices (By United Press) Labor unions have begun marshal-ling 1 their forces for a fight over wages, should the Senate-House conference on OPA fail to strengthen the agency. CIO leaders are gathered In Washington for a. three-day session W'hich may sot the wage policy keynote for CIO unions when the price ^control outlook is clarified. Philip Murray, president of tho (Continued on Page 8) Republicans Blame Brophy For Delay In Fire Dept. Appointment Republican members of tho board of warden and burgesses, in a statement issued today, said they "refused to U'.kc blame for the failure of the board to make an appointment to nil the fire depanmcnt vacancy last night." Burgesses J. Rudolph Anderson, Domenic DeCai'lo and Jjimos Lyons said the blame properly belonged to Warder. T_,eo J. Erophy for refusal to resume the mooting after a live minutes recess. "Warden Erophy and Burgess O'Toolo were in the corridor when wo walked out," said the minority members in their statement. "We asked the warden to resume the meeting anil he said 'they'll be out,' leaning Burgns5es Klimasxowski and Cullen, who still were in con- "With Warden Erophy and Burgess O'Toole present there was a • Continued on Page 8^ June Construction Value $10,300 named "Wildfire" may become as common us it did 25 years tigo when it ruined manv crops. "Wildfire" Is rcadify carried from one plimt to the next—it could be spread by the clothes of a passing pot-sit*. And—Ironically enough—it Is moisture—so If a much needed rain falls It wsrtrid ot the aamu time bo detrimental. Monthly Reports Filed With Board By Dept. Heads Value of construction in the t'jrough during Juno totalled $10,300, According -to the monthly report of Building Inspector Andrew Bentley presented at a meeting of the board of warden and burgesses last night. Monthly reports of borough officials were not approved at the session :is the matter was not officially presented. Four permits valued at S9.BOO were Issued in the month for new construction of a one family house viUucd a-t $8,500; two garages at SSOO, nnd onu commercial building at $300. Alterations to one house valued nt. 5-100 and one garage at $300 were listed. Two permits were issued for spections were made. Construction was as follows: Fred Miller, East Waterbury road, one room, addition, owner value $300, inspector value, $500; Francisco Chlpelo, 5 Aetna street, five rooms, new $8,000 owner value, $3,500 inspector vuluc, James, 20 Locust street, storage shed, addition, SSOO owner value, $300 inspector value; Warron Booth, North Spring street, garngc. Addition, $200 owner value, $CO() inspector value. Richard Burnett, Christian street, garage, new, $375 owner value, 5400 inspector value; Oswald Geraldi, 2:7 May street, garage, new, ?200 owner value, $400 inspector value. Street Department Payroll of the street department for June totalled $4,316.65, in a report by Superintendent of Streets Harold Murtha. The itemized report was: Street repair, .$2,374.58: stret cleaning, S6C5.20: grading Field street (town aid oil), S629.4S; Pond Hill school, $0.27; painting jay lines, $150.01; equipment repair, $133.23; sanitary sewer maintenance, $56.32; storm John J. Gormley. Of the number 24. were males and one a female. The cases were: Breach of peace, six; breaking nnd entering one; intoxication, five; non-support. one; theft .one; theft from person, one; violation of the motor vehicle laws, 12: violation of parking meters, 26, Disposition was: Bound over to Superior court, two; bonds called (meters), 26; continued, four; not guilty, two; nol'.ed, three; paid fines, eight; sentence suspended, five; turned over to Beacon Falls police, one. A total of 06 days were lost _by members of the regular force, 425 hours of special duty recorded, 11 stores and offices found open and 2G ambulance trips made. Tux Collector 'Tax Collector Patrick F. McKeon reported $2,325.31 in property taxes collected in May and in Old Age Assistance taxes. In June $56,sewer maintenance, $205.31; rail-, 297.87 was collected in property ings, $21.36; cutting 1 brush, J39.36; compensation, $fiti.-t8. Police Twenty-five arrests v/ere made in June according to the of the police department by taxes and $28 in Old Age Assistance report i ing Chief'F. •taxes. Fire Marshal A report of inspections made dur- June by Fire Marshal Michael Shea was as follows: "Manuel Ambulance Makes 26 Trips; Police Report 25 Arrests Sousa, Maple street, was ordered to clean yard and incinerator on pro- tjorty and to keep it in good condition. This property adjoins the Hall Restaurant. 'Orders were given from this office to people burning rubbish on the Jennings property, Prospect street to discontinue this practice. "Several more applications for -the installation of Power Oil Burn- crs have been received. Those arc being inspected. "Propeity on Spring street from corner of Bridge to Anderson streets have all been inspected. "Complaint, was received in regard to condition of back yard at corner of Spring and Anderson streets. On investigation found that tho property was being cleaned up. Other places in the vicinity were inspected and orders given to remove debris. ^Public garages are being inrf- spected in regard to fire extinguishers which arc required by law to be on the premises." Republicans Quit Meeting, Protest Lengthy Recess LATE.. WHEEUSR IS TRAILING Helena, Mont,, July 17—(UP) — Senator Burton Wheeler is trailing: his opponent for the Democratic nomination with about half the votes in. Forme;- Associate Justice Leif Erickson is maintaining a small but consistent lead with COS of the state's 1,156 precincts accounted for. The vole is 32,570 for Erickson, Wheeler 28,892. That gives Erickson a majority of 3,578. oOo- WHOLKSALE PRICES RISE New York, July 17—(UP)—Dun and Brudstreet, • Incorporated reports that wholesale food prices boomed ugain In the past week —an<l have hit the highest general level since January 8th, 1920. -oOo RIOTS IN ITALY Rome, July 17—(UP)—Riots, strikes and violence spread in Italy today—with reports of ;t death toll of at least two and scores injured. The demonstrators arc asking for more jobs, higher -wages, and food. And they are protesting against the Big Four draft peace treaty fox- Italy. AMERICANS IN ACTIOX Trieste, July 37— (VI') —Some COO American soldiers in full bal~ tle equipment are on the trail of the umhushers who liust night killed one American soldier and wounded two other-*. The GJ's arc riding in jeeps mounting 30-cnll- bcr muchfne-gtins. Two light tanks are spear-heading the drive as soldiers search Solvcne homos and stop all traffic. In the area where the ambush occurred, oOo FIGHT AT TRIAL Bad Neuheiin, July 17— (UP)— The trial of Colonel James Killian on charges of brutal treatment of prisoners at the Lich- fie'.d detention camp was disrupted by a near fist-fight today. The fight nearly broke out after opposing counsel accused each other of lying. oOo—— STRIKE IN JERUSALEM Jerusalem, July 17—(€D—A Jewish general strljjo has Iwon called throughout Palestine as, a. gesture of sympathy for moro than 2,000 Jews on hunger strike at British \jpte.ntion camps. The striking Jews are protesting slowness of their release. oOo TEHRAN REPORT Tehran, July 17- -(UP)—Kc- ports from Kbuzistan say that the strike in the Anglo-Iranian oil field appears to have ended after pitched battles in which 4G persons were killed and 170 wounded. James Cuddy, William Mariano Reappointed To Charities Board ANDERSON OBJECTS TO MARIANO, CLAIMS BROPHY"UNFAIR" Supernumerary Policemen Ask Pay Equal To That Of Regulars Apparently provoked at being kept waiting -10 minutes after granting the majority sido of the board a five-minute recess. Republican burgesses walked out of the borough board meeting last night as the town clock struck 11 o'clock. The board had been in session one hour and 45 minutes when thu matter of appointing a regular fireman to the local- fire department was introduced by G, O. P. Burgess J. Rudolph Anderson, At 10:20 o'clock Democratic Burgess An- drew O'Toole requested a. five-minute recess, and although it was questioned by the minority side the Democrats agreed they would return within the allotted time. From authentic sources has come information that the Democrats arc split over the' appointment, which is evident by their deJay in not returning from the recess. The issue of naming a fireman has been pending for several months, but not until last night was the matter brought officially before the bourd._ __ Last year the board wrangled for many months over the appointment of a lieutenant and sergeant to the police department, and it is possible the fire department appointment may be delayed by similar dissention. Convene At 9 The meeting convened at 9 o'clock, one hour after the scheduled time, with Democratic Burgess J .Francis Cullen reminding the board 9f its decision at its last meeting to call the first session held in July a "regular" meeting. Wai-den Lno J. Brophy asked Mr. Cullen if he wanted it called a "regular" meeting in order that the board members might be paid S10, and the burgess agreed. — Lot CIllH'k'H ' Frtrmlly Service Sla- lloii. North Muln »trci-t, map out .vour collri' I'ueiillon ti-li), hi'li-ctlnic the \>tnt coaila, for luuxliuiiio ipjo>-m»ut.— Atv, —Mnny hnntlrwlw of Ni.uL-ul licit cnr iiwncrs nlrtudy huvp viewed the new 10-17 SliiJrbiiki'r, on dlwillny nt- th» Nnii- Kutuck UuHerj & Auto Serrlre,-—Adv. —For viirutlon /iiMhlonH. *hoi» nt Ru- tilnifl'H, ^Vitiik-iilurk'N Fnghinn Centrr which for miin.v yt-urN IIUM brpn Ollt- Nuugutuuk'tf •uiurtcut wuuieo. -^Iliit wpiithi-r lime l* shop lime. At IIIck'H Shot- Stori'. 142 Itnnk 'Mtrfcl, \ViHi;rhliry. th*T*: nrp hnnilrrdM of Ht-ylr* for wear In tbe uumiutr Hciidoa.—Adv. Postal Employes Not Being Paid; Payroll Delayed Thirty-five employes of the gntuck and Union City Post Offices today are among the -150,000 postal employes throughout the nation facing the prospcc^ of a paylcss payday. ; today is the regular bi-weekly j payday, but a ?3,COO.OO,000 Trcas- ;, ury-Post Office appropriation bill, carrying money for the payroll, is held up in Congress by an altercation over the amount to be placed for the sale of government-owned silver. '' I Checks for postal employes wore scheduled to 'be sent in tho moils yesterday, today and tomorrow, but none will go out until Congress passes the appropriation measure. James Cuddy 0,'id William Mariano were reappointcd (o the board of charities for a three year term following a slightly boated argument between Burgess Anderson and the warden. The appointments to ihe board were tabled lust month when Burgess Anderson requested nn opinion iif> submitted by Borough Attorney Martin L, Cainc on naming members to tho bonrd of charities and board of assessors. The opinion was presented at last nignt's session. in which it was slated thai tho warden has tho power to appoint members to the board of charities with the advice, and consent of the burgesses. Following Warden Brophy'a recommendation that the two members be renppoinled. Burgess Anderson said, "Three years ago I suggested Norman Wood be appointed to the board of charities to replace Mr. Mariano. The present member hss not attended many meetings and has not filled tho position to the best of his ability. J think Mr. Wood would be an asset to the board. He has held many responsible positions in lown and has ability. I would like to place Mr. Wood's name for approval of the board as I very much disapprove of your (Warden lirophy's; appointment, (Continued on Pnge 5) MAY BK PAYLESS Boston, July 17 CUP)— So'mc 7,500 employes of the Boston Postal district may be paylcss tomorrow. No salary checks will be issued to the workers unless Congress passes the treasury-post office appropriation bill for the fiscal year which started July 1st. The pending measure currently is held up by a controversy over the price of. silver. —A full liquor llrrnne nt Jpff'H KrftUlitr- ftnt. Churcli Ktrcrt. InniirrN a full rholro of coollnr drlnkM, HO enjoyable In CU« but weatbtc MWKIU.—Adv. NEWS "CLASSIFIED" ADS Get The Best Results Quickly EFFICIENT INEXPENSIVE DIAL 2228 Ask For Classified

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